Index to 1988 Obituaries: Battle Ground Reflector

Rose Marie Harshman has donated an index to obituaries found in the Battle Ground Reflector in 1988. She will be happy to send you an email copy of any obituary listed in this index. Email her at Copy her email address into your email template, and please put "Clark County Obituary Lookup" in the subject line. Don't forget to thank her for her time.

Atchley, Glenn
Davenport, Arthur
Davenport, Arthur "Bahney"
Dixon, Don
Fiscus, LeRoy
Fiscus, LeRoy & June
Fiscus, June
Frasier, Louise
Gendron, Mary
Hudson, Lillie
Hunnicut, Minnie
Irwin, James
Kanooth, Leonard
Karvoen, Rudolph
Karvonen, Rudy
Larsen, Dorothy
Maxwell, Alice L
McAndrew, John
McKie, Sarah
McPhaden, Clara
Owens, J.W. "Bill"
Patterson, Ross Willard
Reis, Frankie
Robison, Arnold
Samples, Steven
Sawyer, Lester
Starkey, Nathan
Tregaskis, Betty
Van Atta, Martha
Wagoner, Lucy
Watson, Lloyd G.
Wilson, Hazel
Yankee, Wallace

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