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Query Date: 24 Nov. 1996
Researcher: Douglas L. Hatto
Query Text: TOMPKINS/STEFFEN. William H. Tompkins and Emma Harriet Steffen were married 15 Feb 1918 in Ann Arbor, MI. In 1926 they were in Klamath Falls, OR. In 1956, at the time of my grandmother's (Ida Amelia STEFFEN HATTO) death, Emma Tompkins was in Vancouver. Emma died in 1981 in Camas, Clark, WA, according to SS index. William Tompkins and Emma were great uncle and aunt of mine. Wish to find their family information, descendants.

Query Date: 22 Dec. 1996
Researcher: W. M. Fleet
Query Text: Am looking for information on Clinton FLEET B 26 Nov. 1909, Clark Co. Parents: Lorenzo and Mary Fleet.


Query Date: 3 Jan 1997
Researcher: Linda Spurrell
Query Text: Researching Clark County names: SPURRELL, William et al, WOODHAM, George et al (had the Grist Mill at Cedar Creek -where did he go after he went to Centrailia??. Also Joseph PIGGOTT, B.S. BROOKS, Josiah BUTTRUM and descendants (Carrie Buttrum at Amboy area was one). Help!!

Query Date: 8 Feb. 1997
Researcher: H. Andrew Brown
Query Text: Seek contact with descendants of John FORD b.1869 Clayton Co. IA & living 1925: Clarke Co. WA. He was the son of Henry FORD & Ellen DARROW

Query Date: 9 Feb. 1997
Researcher: Joyce Sinnett
Query Text: Allen Stuart(Stewart)REED, b.11 Feb 1861 Calhoun Co., WV d. 21 Apr 1938 WA m.[1] Elizabeth PARSONS, WV m.[2] Ida E. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV Mary J. REED b. 1847 William REED b. 1850 George M. REED b. 1857 m.[3] Isabella PRITT, WV, divorced Elizabeth Daisy REED b. Aug 1883 m.[4] Gilla F. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV 17 Apr 1885 Allen Stewart REED Jr b. Aug 1890 m.[5] Julia L. O'DELL m.[6] Enid SCOTCH In 1884, Allen gave his daughter Elizabeth Daisy REED (my great-grandmother) to William & Charlotte Cottrell for adoption. In 1896, Allen moved to Washington State where he reportedly remarried and became rich in the timber business. This information is from a handwritten history by Elizabeth written about 3 years before her death.

Query Date: 9 Feb. 1997
Researcher: Betty VanLear
Query Text: Looking for information on William D. MCCABE b. Ripley Co., Ind in 1847. He and his mother and father (Alexander and Rodah Knapp McCabe), and a brother Perry Hill McCabe came west after 1860. Perry H. Died in Polk Co., Ore in 1903. I know by old genealogy that William died in N.W. Wa., and he had at least 2 children Ivy Pearl and Ed. Perry was 7 years older than William so he may have died earlier than 1903 or later. Can anyone be of assistance? I realize I have very little info but I am hoping someone will help.Perry left an estate in Ore., so William probably did also. Is there a database online? Thanks for you time.

Query Date: 17 Feb. 1997
Researcher: Matthew Moore
Query Text: I am looking for information relating to my father's family. I am afraid that I don't have much to start with. My father's name was Walter Emerson Moore. He was born somewhere in the state of Washington, (he was very proud of that) and his father's name was Joseph Longfellow Moore. Joseph's mother was a Blackfeet indian. The family moved to New York during the Depression. I believe that my father was born around 1919. Sorry for the paucity of information, but that's all I have. Can you please help me? Thank you.

Query Date: 20 Feb. 1997
Researcher: Linda Dolby
Query Text: Researching JUDSON surname; would like to exchange data; presently have 8500 names in database.

Query Date: 3 March 1997
Researcher: Donna Duren
Query Text: WOOD, Minnie Belle born 3/26/1872 in Vancouver. Looking for a birth record and parents for her. She lived and died in Oregon. Appreciate any leads.

Query Date: 11 March 1997
Researcher: Jane S. Flannery
Query Text: I am researching descendants of Bartram ROUND(S), a Revolutionary War soldier who has some descendants who migrated to the Washington area before it became a state. Nelson ROUND{S}, a Methodist minister settled in Pioneer, WA. His son Alfred Lynde ROUNDS died in Clark Co., WA in 1929. He had children by 2nd wife, Ursula Lendi, Mary Alfreda, Nelson Comfort and Francis Lendi. Any info helpful.

Query Date: 27 April 1997
Researcher: Allen Gray
Query Text: Seeking information on U. G. WEIDMAN reported to be living at Camas, Clark County, Washington in September 1923. Believe his mother was Diantha Clarissa Butler.

Query Date: 27 April 1997
Researcher: Craig W. Kinder
Query Text: Looking for the family of John Sears HARRIS & Theodocia HARRIS. This family was in Clark county after 1902. This family was said to have lived near an Indian reservation. Does anyone know of one in the area?

Query Date: 2 May 1997
Researcher: Jeanne Lawson
Query Text: One of my Uncles, Andrew Lewis MCCOY, was born in 1879 at Fort Plains, WA which I have been told is NE of Vancouver. Can some one please tell me where this might have been. Andrew was Indian. His father's given name is unknown. His mother was Inez MORELL. Andrew's sister Anna married a REED. There was another sister named Josephine and a brother, Ralph. There may be 2 or 3 more children in this family. Any information will be appreciated.

Query Date: 27 May 1997
Researcher: Jana Sanders-Humphrey
Query Text: FIRST GENERATION 1. Emil Benjamin FRISK was born on 10 Oct 1902. He died on 5 Aug 1978 in Prineville, Crook Co., OR. He was married to Artemissa CLARK. Artemissa CLARK was born on 5 Dec 1902. She died on 20 Mar 1993 in Woodland, WA. Emil Benjamin FRISK and Artemissa CLARK had the following children: +2 i. Ray FRISK. SECOND GENERATION 2. Ray FRISK was born on 19 Jan 1938 in Afton, Lincoln Co., WY. He was married to Nona Renee SKELTON (daughter of Stanford Walter SKELTON and Alice RAFTER). Nona Renee SKELTON was born on 29 Aug 1943 in Vancouver, Clark Co., WA. Ray FRISK and Nona Renee SKELTON had the following children: +3 i. Ray Daniel FRISK. 4 ii. Jodie FRISK.

Query Date: 28 May 1997
Researcher: Grant Thompson
Query Text: I am looking for a Judy Burple or Judy Hardt that lived in Vancouver, WA in 1966-1968 and had a son and two daughters while living there. She was also married to Gustav Hardt for a short period of time. Son's name is now Rick E McCown - originally Rickie Hardt Daughters' names are now Trudie Sjogren (McCown) - originally Trudie Hardt, Denise ?

Query Date: 23 June 1997
Researcher: Walter Cary Graham
Query Text: What was my father's blood father's name? My father's mother's name is Amelia GRAHAM. She was married to George Graham. My father's name is Walter Carroll Graham. Thank you.

Query Date: 1 July 1997
Researcher: Margaret Hall
Query Text: Idah ALWER was born in Oberhausen Germany and came to the U.S. in about 1884, she married John HERZIG and lived in Washougal. John was the postmaster there. They had four children together : John , Carl, Flora, and Idah. Idah was born July 2, 1895 and was the youngest. I do not have dates for the marriage or the older childrens' births, deaths etc. John (the postmaster) died sometime around 1903. Idah Alwer Hertzig married William BERGER in about 1904 and sometime after that they moved to Portland. William Berger was also born in Washougal 9/8/1876 and had one sister named Rose. Rose remained in Washougal and married Bill MCCALL. They had one child Clara, born 5/3/1895. She later married Sim NYSTROM also of Washougal born July 1. 1976. Clara died sometime in 1988 and Sim died in about 1976. I do not know if they had any children. Any information anyone can provide would be of great help to me. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Query Date: 5 July 1997
Researcher: Margaret Hall
Query Text: Additional update to previous query: The correct spelling of one of the names listed in my previous query is Herzig, not Hertzig. In 1900 there was also a Fred Hertzig living in Washougal born in Switzerland in Jan. of 1860. I suspect this person is also a relative. In later years, there was a Harold and Maud Hertzig that lived inl Camas. Wa, which are also probably relatives. Maude was born in Eugene Oregon on Apr. 24, 1895 and died on Aug. 7, 1938. John Herzig ( the postmaster) also had a sister named Mary REICHEN and a nephew Jacob Reichen living with his family in Washougal in about 1900. Mary Reichen was born in Switzerland in May 1858 and Jacob was born in Oregon in 1891. There was a Samuel Reichen also living in Washougal at that time, which I believe was the brother in law of Mary. Samuel was born in Switzerland in March of 1857. Sim and Clara Nystrom, mentioned in my earlier query, also had two sons named Stanton and Elton. I suspect they may still be living, but I don't know where at present. Any information anyone can provide to me will be greatly appreciated.

Query Date: 17 Aug. 1997
Researcher: Julie
Query Text: Looking for MCELRATH, with additional spelling of MCELWRATH, MCELURATH, orignally from Londonderry Ireland. Came to USA via Boston, MA aprox 1849, were also in Scotland for short time, are unknown.

Query Date: 30 Sept. 1997
Researcher: Merle R. Price
Query Text: I would like to find some of the relatives of Charles GAUSSOIN who was an Oil Distributor in Vancouver , WA. He was, at the time I spoke to him , several years ago, living on the Golf Course in Vancouver. He was working on the GAUSSOIN family history, which was a family prominent in France and Belgium about 1830 . I have been working on the family for several years and hope to exchange information.

Query Date: 7 Oct. 1997
Researcher: Linda Nelson
Query Text: Searching for relatives of Alonzo Franklin STEPHENS b. LaPorte City, Iowa August 7, 1861, d. Jan. 17, 1947, in Vancouver, WA, buried in Rose City Cemetary in Portland, Oregon. Wife was Lottie Core Taylor Stephens, born Iowa Aug 24, 1864, d. June 8, 1928. Alonzo was my father's uncle.

Query Date: 19 Oct. 1997
Researcher: Janie Grant Puckett
Query Text: I am orginally from Clark county and spent most of my childhood in La Center. My stepfather Walter SOEHL was postamster of La Center for many years. My step father and mother Winnifred BENEDICT are buried in la Center. Many of my ancestors settled in Clark county around the turn of the century. My natural father was James GRANT, son of William Grant and Ethel Nora WOODS. His father and mother were Byron Grant and Melissa OSLIN . Byron was a veteran of the Civil War. My mother's father is Winnifred Benedict and her mother is Pearl Emerick Benedict, who is still living. I have done extensive research on the GRANTs, BENEDICTs, EMERICKs, CHITWOODs, OSLINs and PFAUTZEs and am willing to share information.



Query Date: 16 Jan. 1998
Researcher: William & Audrey Bryan
Query Text: Looking for information on a Fred J. Bryan born in Indiana 2-10-1898 and died 9-1982, Vancouver Wa. His father was Norman Bryan. His mother was Minnie Brower Bryan Freds Grand-father was Willis Bryan. Fred had two brothers and one sister, Hale C., Paul, and Wanda Naomia Bryan Any information will be of help

Query Date: 25 Jan. 1998
Researcher: Doug Hall
Query Text: Can someone tell me how I go about finding copies of citizenchip records that may be on file somewhere for John HERZIG. He became a citizen through the Clark County courthouse in Vancouver in the late 1800's. I know her came from Switzerland, but I don not know what city there, and I am hoping county court house citizenship records may have information as to the city of his birth so we can determine where he and other relatives which emigrated from Switzerland came from. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Query Date: 25 Jan 1998
Researcher: Brenda Sorensen
Query Text: I am looking for information on my mother (Melba E. HUTTO; dob 6/8/15) and her natural parents (John and Marie OTTOSEN) as well as her adopted parents (Charles "Howard" and Ida Hutto. My grandmother (Marie) immigrated from Norway and upon the death of her husband (John) put her daughter (Rhoda) up for adoption in 1915 (and her name was changed to Melba Hutto). I understand that her adopted father was a Clark County Deputy Sheriff and lived 8 miles south of Ridgefield. Prior to this they had lived in the Portland area and had a hardware store (which Ida continued to operate after they had moved to Washington). My mother did speak with someone who either worked for or owned the Vancouver Furniture Store in her late-teen years and was told that her natural mother had moved to Tacoma, WA. We have not been very successful in finding any information out about either her adopted or natural parents. Ida and Howard both passed away in the 1940's and are buried in what was formerly the Manor Cemetery. Any information regarding Hutto's or Ottosen's would be greatly apprecited (sorensen@linkport.com) Thanks.

Query Date: 14 Feb. 1998
Researcher: Cheryl Blum
Query Text: Surnames: YINGER and RAUCH. My great grandparents, Henry and Christine Yinger, were once parents of the largest family in Clark County, and the family was featured in a 1936 article in the Vancouver Columbian in 1936 -- 15 children, all healthy, and they all lived on a farm outside Vancouver, probably near Battle Ground. I have the obituaries of Henry Yinger, who died of cancer in 1957 -- and Christine Yinger, who died in 1962. What I am looking for is Christine's mother, surname RAUCH (or a variation..), who went to live with them after great great grandfather died in Oregon. I don't know her first name; I do know that she lived with the Yingers until she died, sometime in the late 1930's or early 1940's -- there should be an article about her as well as an obituary, because my Mom tells me she was hit by a car while walking on the side of the road. Anyone with any YINGER or RAUCH information, or access to the COLUMBIAN during this time period and can help, please let me know!! Thanks!! Cheryl Blum

Query Date: 6 April 1998
Researcher: Sue Heaton-Cooper
Query Text: seeking information and exchange on Francis Heaton, born in Lisbon, Ransom County, ND, father Thomas Heaton, mother Anna Lack - Francis came to Vancouver area as a young adult, more than likely in the 1930's from North Dakota. He is my grandfather's cousin, am seeking any descendant information, am more than willing to exchange ancestoral information.

Query Date: 16 April 1998
Researcher: Nancy Alexander
Query Text: I am looking for information on Floyd Williard GRISHAM and Arleta O. KANOFF, who may have lived in Clark county prior to thier marriage on 16 October 1929. Arleta had a young child when she married Floyd. It states on thier marriage record Arleta is from Spokane county while Floyd is from Clark county.Floyd and Arleta are my maternal grandparents. Any information will be appreciated.

Query Date: 18 April 1998
Researcher: Sue Lawson
Query Text: Please register the Surname Cornwell, Albert b.1890-1891 in Ohio moved to Washington , was at one time married to Mamie Tibbetts. had at least one child Loretta June, b. 06/09/1922. Albert remarried and had more children do not know the names of the other children. Loretta`s name was later changed to a new spelling of Lauretta. Thank You.

Query Date: 8 June 1998
Researcher: Linda Thomas
Query Text: I am looking to find info on Rose Smith and L.A. Franklin who gave birth to a daughter Irene Francis Franklin June 5, 1902 in La Center WA then divorced soon after.

Query Date: 9 July 1998
Researcher: Cherie Wetzel
Query Text: JONES Searching for descendents of Daniel M. JONES 1859-1925 and Eliza A. GEHRES JONES 1864-1948. Lived in or near Amboy, WA. Children are: John D. 1884-1968, Margaret H. 1886-1976 (m Ben Reed & Oakley Winton), Carey "Walter" 1887-1975, Jesse G. 1890-1953, Ross G. 1892-1975, Josie M. 1894-1966 (m John Leonard), Clara M. 1897-1951 (m William Zickler), Irvin W. 1899-1940, Myrtle G. b 1901 (Wiliam McKee & Leland Kigen), Pauline b&d 1903, Robert M. 1907-1975, Edith P. 1908-1981 (m Arthur Griffith).

Query Date: 15 July 1998
Researcher: E. Stoner
Query Text: I am looking for a date of death for my Grandmother. Her name was Estelle Chloe (Smith) Bowman. She was born ca 2 Apr 1902 and died ca Oct 1969. I think she was bured in the Park Hill Cemetery in Clark County Washington. I need to get a Death Certificate for her, which I'm having trouble doing without the date of death. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. E. Stoner

Query Date: 11 Aug. 1998
Researcher: Edward Stephens
Query Text: Looking for any information about my mother Theresa Felner Dunlap who died in 1936 or 1937.

Query Date: 30 Aug 1998
Researcher: Sherry Woods Kaseberg
Query Text: Seeking information about my cousin Ronald McLachlan, born The Dalles, OR ca. 1950 to William E. and Mildred [Samson] McLachlan; first lived at Moro, Sherman County, OR; had 1/2 sister Darlene born 9 May 1944 Camas, WA to William McLachlan & Frances Davidson McLachlan; had sister Karen McLachlan 1950- 1952 buried Moro, OR; brother Donald James McLachlan born 1949 The Dalles, OR, died 1972 in mine accident Kellogg, ID. Mildred Samson McLachlan left Sherman County, OR after William McLachlan died in a fishing accident in 1955 and married again, name unknown. Last known residence of Ronald McLachlan was Camas, WA.

Query Date: 18 Sept. 1998
Researcher: Loreen Gray
Query Text: Does anyone have any information on James Albert HUTESON. B. Oct. 18, 1910 D. Dec. 1978, Vancouver, Clark Co., WA I would like to find out his wife name and his childrens names.

Query Date: 23 Sept. 1998
Researcher: Joan Bell
Query Text: BAIN, Robert (Robin) David, also used name as David R Bain b. 1854 in Mercer County, Missouri, m. Zidana Alice HAMILTON b. 1855, Mercer County, Missouri. They were married 1876 near Modena or Princeton, Mercer, Missouri. Came to Washington State about 1902-03 first to Goldendale, WA and then to Etna, Clark, Washington where they had a farm. Children: Olive Albina, Lilburn Arthur, Spencer King, John Franklin, Perry Sidon, Clyde Garrett, Jessie Annie, Gracie Lela, Lucy Armina and Robbie Earl. Would like to share with cousin's, friend's, Medical information on my grandparent's and my father's and his sibbling's. Please contact me if you have any information on them.

Query Date: 23 Sept. 1998
Researcher: Mari Aitken
Query Text: Searching for family names Mannay or Manney John and Jane arrived in Vancover w/ children abt.1883. Would like to know more about my Washington family.

Query Date: 3 Oct. 1998
Researcher: James A. Cross
Query Text: Seeking information on John F BORST and his wife Mary E (maiden name unknown). John F was born in Apr 1856 in Germany, immigrated c1874 and farmed first in Yakima Co WA and later in La Center Twp in Clark Co. Seeking marriage data for sons Fred E, George H, Frank, David and Neil and daughter Helen S. Interested in exchanging data with descendents. Especially need death and burial data for John F and Mary E and her maiden name.

Query Date: 5 Oct. 1998
Researcher: J. Donan-Privett
Query Text: Search for Record of marriage for Everett St. John Donan & Anne Lorraine Miller estimated date-1920-1928 Thank You.

Query Date: 29 Oct. 1998
Researcher: Jack Francis
Query Text: Kruse family tree

Query Date: 29 Nov. 1998
Researcher: Elizabeth Ellis
Query Text: I'm researching my family tree and I'm needing information on Amos Shryock. All I know is that he was born in Vancouver,Washington we think. He was born around 1895 and he died about 1960 we think because all we have is a letter to my grandfather from the county stating that he died and they buried but we don't know where or in what county he is buried in. If someone can help me I would deeply appreciate it. He has 13 grandchildren and alot of greatgrandchildren.

Query Date: 9 Dec. 1998
Researcher: Jeff Hoff
Query Text: Looking for info on Roy Hoff said to have been living in Vancouver, Clark Co. WA in 1912. Had sister Susie Living in Portland, Oregon. Father, Jacob E. Hoff and mother, Lavina lived in Prosser, Benton Co. WA.



Query Date: 31 Jan. 1999
Researcher: Josh Martin
Query Text: I am looking for any link to find Ronald Cross, who was born on October 11th, 1945 and died May 24th, 1993. My boyfriend, Joshua Martin, is looking for him because it was his father. He never knew him and he would like to know if he has any brothers or sisters, or any other relatives. It would be very helpful if anyone could help. Thank you.

Query Date: 2 Feb 1999
Researcher: Cathy Page Jennings
Query Text: Searching for descendants of George S. Boyer and Lydia A. (Page) Boyer. Children's names, Ida M., b.NE - Francis, b.MO - Orey V., b.OR - William C., b.WA - Ralph, b.WA. Lydia's father was Alexander Page, died 1896 in Vancouver, WA. William C. Boyer married ? M. Prutzman. The Boyers appear in the 1880 and 1890 census records for Clark County.

Query Date: 2 Feb. 1999
Researcher: Linda Sanford
Query Text: Surnames: SANFORD SIDNEY LUTZ ROSIE Looking for family members related to these people. Thank You Linda

Query Date: 17 Feb. 1999
Researcher: Dennis Carroll
Query Text: URL: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Village/6116/ Seeking descendants of Jack (Jackson)ARCHER b abt. 1885, West Union, Fayette Co. IA and Charles C. ARCHER, b abt. 1874, West Union, Fayette Co. IA,brothers. Jack ARCHER and Charles C. ARCHER lived and died in Vancouver or Clark County, WA since migrating from IA. Parents of the ARCHER brothers were Lorenzo Dowe Archer, b 1829,Centre Co. PA, d 1905, Fayette Co. IA and Jane Graham, b 1831 England, d 1831, Fayette County .IA. Siblings of Jack and Charles ARCHER included Mary, Ada B. Amelia, James, Roy, Minnie, Maud and Mabel. Planning ARCHER/KYNE family reunion in Portland, OR in 2000. Jack and Charles were cousins to Harry H. Archer whose granddaughter and other cousins live in Portland.

Query Text: 28 Feb. 1999
Researcher: Jim Hutchinson
Query Text: Locate or contact Gary BEAIRD, a cousin. Last know address (1985-6) was 501 NE 123rd AVE, Vancover, WA Doing family research on the HUTCHINSON/BEAIRD branch. Thanks, Jim HUTCHINSON


Date: 19 Jan. 2003
Researcher: Carlene McKillop Email Address: mcfuzz@mtaonline.net
Query Text: I live in Alaska and need some assistance. For 20 years I have tried to locate a grave site of my grandmother's baby. She was buried in Camas in a very small cemetary. Her headstone was wooden. Her name was Frances (Francine?) Crandall (Bagby?). She was born (I don't know where) in 1904 and died about 1914. Will someone please attempt to help me? I want to purchase a headstone for her grave in honor of my grandmother. Thank you very much.

Date: 22 Jan 2003
Researcher: Carlene McKillip Email Address: mcfuzz@mtaonline.net
Query Text: I live in Alaska and need help finding an old grave site in Camas, Washington. Will someone help me? My grandmother had a little girl B: 1904 D: 1914. Her name was Frances Crandall (Bagby?). She was buried in a small cemetery in Camas. Her little grave was marked with a wooden marker. I believe the cemetery was very small. I did find a web site of a cemetery that listed two graves with unreadable wooden markers and listed as "probably a child" but now I cannot locate that web site again and neglected to mark the site. The list of graves also had several "unknown" listed. Can someone please assist me? I am coming to Camas in June to look for the grave as I want to purchase a headstone for Frances.

Date: 17 April 2003
Researcher: June Carroll Email Address: june@kalama.com
Query Text: I'm looking for someone that would help me with a couple of obituaries. Nathan Powell died 28 April 1914 and Effie Ann Powell who died in March of 1920. I would be glad to pay for copies, postage, etc. Also I would like to know if the old obituaries are kept in a Library in Vancouver and if so I would appreciate a name and address of the library. Thank You, June


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