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Grant County Courthouse
35 C Street NW
Ephrata  WA  98823
509.754.2011 or 509.765.2160
County Auditor has Marriage & Land records from 1909.  County Clerk has Divorce, Probate, Civil Court records.

Washington Marriages prior to 1938 had both a license and a separate document called a "Return". The Return was filled out at the time of the wedding and sent back to the courthouse. It gives the actual date of marriage, place, witnesses and often listed birth dates and parent's names. If your marriage was before 1938, ask for both items. Beginning in 1938, marriages were recorded on a single document. Also, keep in mind that marriage licenses issued by any Washington county was valid for a marriage performed in any other county in the state.

Beginning in July of 1907, the State of Washington began keeping BIRTH and DEATH records, and in 1968, MARRIAGE and DIVORCE records. For information on ordering certificates see the Washington State Department of Health:

Certificate Ordering Instructions
Center For Health Statistics
1112 South Quince Street, Room 1
OLYMPIA   WA  98504
Information: 360.236.4300
Phone: 360.236.4313
Fax: 360.352.2586

Washington State Archives
Central Regional Branch
Bledsoe & Washington Archives Building
400 East University Way
Mail Stop 7547
Ellensburg WA 98926-7547
Telephone: 509.963.2136

Grant County Genealogical Society
Ephrata Public Library
45 Alder Street NW
Ephrata WA 98823-1663
509.754.2920 (President)
Society Library collection at Ephrata Public Library.

Ephrata Public Library
45 Alder NW
Ephrata WA 98848