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  • The Morning Oregonian, 
    • February 20, 1887, "Mystery Letter." (Surnames include Dunlap and Price.)
    • March 27, 1890, "Grays Harbor - The Future Terminus of the Hunt System of Railroads and the Future Point for Shipping the Coal and Wheat of Washington."
  • The Centralia Chronicle, November 20, 1907, Interesting and strange case: "Todd's Slayer Ends Life" in Montesano jail.  (Surnames include:  Able, McKenney, Normal, Steele, Strong, Todd, Van Dyne)

  • The Weekly Vidette (Montesano), February 25, 1898 (Friday), "Pioneer Life in Washington, A Story of the Early Days." (Surnames include: Anderson, Brady, Byles, Campbell, Casto, Done, Douglass, Ford, Franklin, Gleeson, Goodell, Hegerman, Hill, Holbrook, Karr, King, Mace, Medcalf, Milroy, O'Leary, Peterson, Pilkington, Scammon, Smith, Taylor, Ward, Williams, and Young)

  • Reno Evening Gazette
    • March 12, 1884, "Charles Gibson of Montesano."
    • July 3, 1910, "Train Falls, Many Lose Lives."  
    • January 5, 1915, "Two Complaints Out for Kinny: Police Think Prisoner May be Wanted Elsewhere." (Grays Harbor County surname includes Kenny.) ("Kinny" in the heading appears to be a typo.)

  • The Perry Daily ChiefSeptember 14, 1902, "Forest Fires in Washington, Men on Horseback are Rescuing Women and Children."

  • The Evening News, February 7, 1896, "The Collett Boy's Adventure."  (Surnames include: Collett, Valentine, and Wade)

  • The Newark Daily Advocate 
    • November 14, 1894, "An Uncanny Photograph: A Newly Wedded Couple's Picture Marred by a Ghostly Intruder." (Surnames include Rogers and Merriweather.)
    • January 16, 1906, "The Death of Quiack.

  • Oakland Tribune,
  • August 12, 1895, "Washington Woeful: A Fire Sweeps Over Chehalis County Doing Great Damage." (Surnames include Gililes, Medcalf, T. Z. Slater, and Wright)