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Seattle Star Birth Announcements 1907

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Surname Location Date
of Birth
Parent Gender
Stevens 2812 22nd av. 01/16/1907 to wife of V. Lewis Stevens daughter
Harris 2629 Puritan st. 01/29/1907 to wife of Clark Harris son
Floursey (sp?) Pacific hospital 02/02/1907 to wife of A. G. Flourney son
Gordon 719 27th av. 02/08/1907 to wife of Percival C. Gordon daughter
Meredith 1010 E. Columbia st. 02/08/1907 to wife of Charles E. Meredith daughter
Mangan 125 16th av. 02/09/1907 to wife of Wallace H. Mangan son
Lundy 606 17th av. 02/10/1907 to wife of Ira Lundy son
McClelland 149 29th av. 02/12/1907 to wife of Ernest McClelland daughter
Anderson 905 5th av. 03/20/1907 to wife of M. J. Anderson son
Baughman 132 13th av. 03/23/1907 to wife of K. G. Baughman son
Carter 7505 Latona st. 03/25/1907 to wife of J. H. Carter daughter
Harris 1211 Howell st. 03/25/1907 to wife of Bernard Harris daughter
Hawkins 1524-1/2 13th av. 03/25/1907 to wife of E. O. Hawkins daughter
Reynolds 6012 4th av. NE 03/25/1907 to wife of J. S. Reynolds daughter
Snyder 417 E. Denny way 03/26/1907 to wife of J. J. Snyder (not indicated)
Warren 1412 6th av. 03/26/1907 to wife of F. H. Warren son
Kahlow 504 28th st. S. 03/27/1907 to wife of Daniel Hahlow (sp?) daughter
Graham 803 Pike 04/21/1907 to wife of Albert Carl Graham son
Burglehaus at Hillman 04/25/1907 to wife of Fred Gurglehaus (sp?) daughter
Rayner 1109 Fifth av. N. E. 04/26/1907 to wife of G. Rayner daughter
Jensen 5821 Wallingford st. 04/30/1907 to wife of Jeus Jensen daughter
Jones 1208 Seventh av. 04/30/1907 to wife of Lewis A. Jones daughter
Little 3052 22nd av. W. 04/30/1907 to wife of Frank W. Little son
Cundy 1909 Minor av. 05/01/1907 to wife of U. S. G. Cundy son
Thomas ??58 East Green Lake 05/01/1907 to wife of Joseph E. Thomas son
Connor 1412 E. Pike 05/01/1907 to wife of Arthur J. Connor daughter
Rogers 715 Spring st. 05/02/1907 to wife of G. Rogers daughter
Arabolod? 511 Minor av. 06/18/1907 to wife of George Arabolod daughter
Preem 4027 12th av. E. 06/19/1907 to wife of Albert E. Preem daughter
Ray? Ravenna 06/20/1907 to wife of Arlando B. Ray son
Anderson 2132-1/2 Sixth av. 06/22?/1907 to wife of Andrew Anderson son
Gaine ??? Jackson st. 06/23/1907 to wife of Thomas Gaine daughter
Flinn ??? Third av. 06/24/1907 to wife of J. F. Flinn son
Koipflt (sp?) 1818 18th 06/25/1907 to wife of A. E. Koipflt (sp?) girl
Siegfriedte 4502 11th av. N. E. 06/27/1907 to wife of T. A. A. Siegfriedte boy
Austin ??? Woodland Park av. 06/27/1907 to wife of L. F. Austin son
Wilson Raenna 06/28/1907 to wife of Winfield S. Wilson (or Nilson) son
Jobe 66th and Aurora av. 06/28/1907 to wife of E. L. Jobe girl
Bohlke ?42 22nd av. 06/28/1907 to wife of H. B. Bohlke daughter
Benson ? Federal av. N. 06/28/1907 to wife of C. D. Benson son
Moody 5719 16th av. N. E. 07/01/1907 to wife of A. A. Moody boy
Tocco 1125 N 20th av. 07/01/1907 to wife of Alfonso Tocco boy
Johnstone 1114 E. _owell(?) 07/04/1907 to wife of R. Johnstone girl
Sheffer 728 64th N. 07/05/1907 to wife of T. B. Sheffer boy
O'Hern 112 50th N. W. 07/06/1907 to wife of ?? O'Hern girl
Wilson Pacific hospital 07/06/1907 to wife of George F. Wilson boy
Blackstad 230923rd av. 07/07/1907 to wife of K. Blackstad girl
Peterson 4th N. and Hayes st. 07/07/1907 to wife of A. Peterson girl
Johnson 225 Second 07/08/1907 to wife of Jacob Johnson boy
Olson Seattle 07/08/1907 to wife of Carl Olson girl
Acteson 2525 Brooklyn av. 07/09/1907 to wife of Albert E. Acteson boy
Loy 1015 Union st. 07/09/1907 to wife of Martin Loy girl
Moore East Seattle 07/09/1907 to wife of F. D. Moore girl
Smith 131 Earl st., Ballard 07/09/1907 to wife of C. J. Smith boy
Twombly South Park 07/09/1907 to wife of William H. Twombly boy
Brown 250 Fiorentia 07/10/1907 to wife of Finley Brown boy
Murchie 340 Ross Place 07/10/1907 to wife of Alexander Murchie girl
Madson 6th W. and Mercer 07/11/1907 to wife of A. Madson boy
Webb 119 Washington st. 07/14/1907 to wife of M. V. B. Webb daughter
Falkenberg 717 68th av., N. 07/21/1907 to wife of E. Falkenberg son
O'Flaherty Columbia City 07/23/1907 to wife of John O'Flaherty son
Gleandy 813 Eighth av. 07/25/1907 to wife of C. J. Gleandy son
Andersen 233 Post st. 07/28/1907 to wife of A. G. Andersen son
Ashby Rainier Beach 07/28/1907 to wife of Jack Ashby daughter
Powers Hemlock st. 07/28/1907 to wife of J. A. Powers son
Shourd 1407 47th av., N. 07/28/1907 to wife of B. A. Shourd son
Dearing 147 Pike st. 07/29/1907 to wife of R. M. Dearing daughter
Rodenhauser 1318 Howell st. 07/29/1907 to wife of J. O. Rodenhauser son
Santich 315 29th av., N. 07/29/1907 to wife of Paul Santich son
Washburn Hillman City 07/29/1907 to wife of O. O. Washburn son
Butler 1937 Fourth av., W. 07/30/1907 to wife of J. W. Butler son
Smith 821 Tenth av. 08/08/1907 to wife of H. W. Smith son
Axling 928 31st av. 08/14/1907 to wife of P. L. Axling daughter
Roffe 1012 King st. 08/15/1907 to wife of L. Roffe son
Duncan 1210 Weller 08/16/1907 to wife of James Duncan daughter
Martin 1334 18th av. 08/16/1907 to wife of T. Martin son
Nelson 722 Summit av. 08/16/1907 to wife of N. P. Nelson daughter
Yoshokato 665-1/2 Main st. 08/16/1907 to wife of S. Yoshokato ??
Niles Interbay hotel 08/17/1907 to wife of G. Niles ??
Walden 146 Riverside 08/17/1907 to wife of P. Walden son
Dempsey 615 Union st. 08/18/1907 to wife of J. Dempsey daughter
Clave 841 17th av. S. 08/19/1907 to wife of C. C. Clave daughter
Pederson West Seattle 08/20/1907 to wife of M. M. Pederson son
Engstrom 723 15th av., N. 08/21/1907 to wife of N. Engstrom son
Woselin 4009 Stone av. 08/23/1907 to wife of C. A. Woselin son
Edwards Seattle General Hospital 08/??/1907 to wife of E. Edwards ??
Owens 1922 Fourteenth av. south 09/17/1907 to wife of S. O. Owens son
Ikatz 1228 Jackson st. 09/17/1907 to wife of N. Ikatz daughter
Kime 502 West Mercer st. 09/19/1907 to wife of J. B. Kime son
Shields 5803 Twenty-fourth av. west 09/19/1907 to wife of William Shields daughter
Malone 333 Ninteenth av. 09/20/1907 to wife of J. Malone son
Schram 2231 Sixtieth av. north 09/21/1907 to wife of A. A. Schram son
Harrington Pacific hospital 09/22/1907 to wife of C. W. Harrington son
London 102 Sixteenth av. north 09/23/1907 to wife of J. W. London son
Pearl 1100 Terrace st. 09/23/1907 to wife of M. Pearl daughter
Solmonson North Main st., Ballard 09/23/1907 to wife of J. T. Solmonson son
Reynolds 935 26th av. S. 10/02/1907 to wife of William C. Reynolds son
King 1706 Twenty-second av. 10/06/1907 to wife of H. S. King son
Bergh 1310 Sixty-ninth av. northeast 10/11/1907 to wife of A. Bergh son
Ritter 1133 Fifth av. south 10/13/1907 to wife of J. Ritter son
Winchill 522 Aloha st. 10/15/1907 to wife of F. Winchill daughter
Windall 2306 Western av. 10/15/1907 to wife of J. Windall daughter
Beach 1815 9th av. 10/16/1907 to wife of B. B. Beach son
Morrison 513 Denny way 10/17/1907 to wife of J. Morrison son
Muffay Renton apartments 10/19/1907 to wife of H. A. Muffay son
Bendas 924 Washington st. 10/21/1907 to wife of M. Bendas daughter
Lunner 509 Westlake av. 10/23/1907 to wife of D. Lunner daughter
Mathews 408 23rd av. S. 10/23/1907 to wife of O. J. Mathews daughter
Spear 1933 Federal av. 10/23/1907 to wife of E. Spear son
Durham 129 20th av. 10/28/1907 to wife of A. Durham daughter
Dasrille Seattle 10/29/1907 to wife of J. S. Dasrille daughter
Eastman 122 40th av. N. 10/31/1907 to wife of D. P. Eastman daughter
Larson 1210 Lane st. 10/31/1907 to wife of A. Larson daughter
Garvey 921 Yakima place 11/01/1907 to wife of G. M. Garvey son
Farrar 1114 15th av. N. 11/02/1907 to wife of Bert Farrar daughter
Moon 444 E 73rd st. 11/02/1907 to wife of J. R. Moon daughter
Rudge 1019 16th av. S. 11/02/1907 to wife of J. Rudge daughter
Ward 1816 Boylston av. 11/02/1907 to wife of H. Ward daughter
Webb 5508 N. Terrace 11/02/1907 to wife of C. T. Webb twin sons
Weshem 403 Dewey 11/03/1907 to wife of P. W. Weshem daughter
Wotherspoon 523 11th av. S. 11/07/1907 to wife of J. Wotherspoon son
Meyer 5161 12th av. 11/10/1907 to wife of H. Meyer daughter
Hodge 174-1/2 Thomas st. 11/12/1907 to wife of H. Hodge daughter
Bast Seattle 11/13/1907 to wife of L. Bast daughter
Hicks 442 22d av. S. 11/13/1907 to wife of F. W. Hicks daughter
Lyons Wayside Emergency hospital 11/17/1907 to wife of John Lyons daughter
Duton 425 62nd st. 11/23/1907 to wife of L. Duton daughter
Lauson 1635 5th W. 11/23/1907 to wife of T. J. Lauson daughter
Weston Wayside Emergency hospital 11/25/1907 to wife of C. W. Weston daughter
Towey 923 E. 72nd st. 11/29/1907 to wife of M. Towey daughter
Albertson 2909 Third av. 12/01/1907 to wife of Judge R. R. Albertson son
Gaunnitz Seattle 12/01/1907 to wife of P. Gaunnitz son
Pacht 1535 19th av. S. 12/01/1907 to wife of P. Pacht son
Sharp Minor hospital 12/01/1907 to wife of W. E. Sharp daughter
Carlson Minor hospital 12/03/1907 to wife of J. Carlson son
Carlson Ballard 12/03/1907 to wife of J. Carlson son
Compton 3803 Whitman 12/03/1907 to wife of H. E. Compton son
Doren Seattle 12/03/1907 to wife of G. A. Doren son
Scott 1416 33rd S. 12/03/1907 to wife of G. W. Scott daughter
Hitchison Seattle General hospital 12/04/1907 to wife of A. Hitchison daughter
Huff Seattle 12/04/1907 to wife of J. W. Huff son
Kriegel 2586 4th av. W. 12/04/1907 to wife of W. W. Kriegel son
Burnell Minor hospital 12/05/1907 to wife of L. M. Burnell son
Franklin 1834 27th av. 12/06/1907 to wife of B. L. Franklin son
DuBoy Columbia 12/08/1907 to wife of H. A. DuBoy son
Bangt 2611 Fourth av. 12/09/1907 to wife of B. Bangt daughter
Dawling Seattle 12/10/1907 to wife of J. N. Dawling daughter
Morris Seattle 12/10/1907 to wife of J. C. MOrris daughter
Olson 4226 Corliss 12/11/1907 to wife of A. Olson daughter
Daly 3212 23d av. W. 12/12/1907 to wife of William Daly daughter
Wyckoff 1009 25th N 12/13/1907 to wife of L. J. Wyckoff son
Reed 1806 W. Broadway 12/14/1907 to wife of T. D. Reed daughter
Dixon 2012 Twenty-fourth S. 12/15/1907 to wife of J. W. Dixon daughter
Ripley 415 Belleview 12/15/1907 to wife of E. Ripley daughter
Gambee Seattle 12/16/1907 to wife of I. C. Gambee daughter
Gondo 708 Maynard 12/17/1907 to wife of S. Gondo daughter
Newman 115 Twenty-third av. south 12/17/1907 to wife of E. B. Newman daughter
Blackmore West Seattle 12/18/1907 to wife of J. F. Blackmore daughter
Dreyer 512 Twenty-eighth av. south 12/18/1907 to wife of A. Dreyer daughter
Hynes 612 W. 49th 12/18/1907 to wife of T. Hynes daughter
Wilson Renton 12/18/1907 to wife of R. H. Wilson son
Larson Columbia 12/19/1907 to wife of C. Larson son
Bight 315 Eighth N. 12/21/1907 to wife of Earl Bight son
Williams South Park 12/21/1907 to wife of C. Williams son
Kellogg 143 Madrona place 12/22/1907 to wife of O. B. Kellogg twins, son and daughter
Peterson 523 Twenty-seventh S. 12/22/1907 to wife of O. Peterson son
Romstead 529 N. 62nd st. 12/22/1907 to wife of H. Romstead son
Make Seattle 12/23/1907 to wife of A. Make daughter