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Mary E. Twichell

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Seattle Star
August 26, 1907


While watching by the bedside of her paralyzed husband, Mrs. Mary E. Twichell, wife of Fred Twichell, died in her chair sometime early yesterday morning. If the husband, who is unable to move or speak, realized the predicament of the wife, faithful even unto death, he was unable to so inform those who discovered the woman's body later in the day.

The Twichells live at 913 Fifth av. It was not until late in the afternoon that E. J. Shaw, a neighbor, called at the home of the couple and learned of the death of the wife. The remains were taken in charge by Butterworth & Sons. Death is ascribed to hemorrhage of the lungs. Mrs. Twichell was 54 years of age and had been in ill health for some time.