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Dr. Daniel E. Bartlett

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The Seattle Star
December 20, 1907


In a fit of despondency following continued ill health, Dr. Daniel E. Bartlett, 29? [blurry] years old, committed suicide in room 56 in the Tourist hotel, Occidental av., and Main st., Wednesday, after registering under an assumed name. The body was found in the bathtub several hours after death by Charles Norris, a bellboy, who had gone to ascertain whether the room was unoccupied in order that it might be made up. Beside the body on a stool was a pocket case of emergency surgical instruments, which all physicians carry, together with a hypodermic syringe. Coroner Carroll was notified and the body removed to the Bonney-Watson morgue, where an autopsy this morning disclosed the fact that the victim had died from some unknown poison, probably cocaine, hypodermically administered.

Dr. Bartlett entered the Tourist hotel at an early hour Wednesday morning with no baggage and was assigned to room 56. Charles Smith, the elevator boy, showed him up, and when he opened the door, Dr. Bartlett remarked that it looked like a good room. With no further words, he closed and locked the door, and this was the last seen of him alive. Smith, the elevator boy, finding the door locked and bolted at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, climbed through the transom and found the body lying in the bathtub in about four inches of water, the face upturned and the head drooping forward.

Dr. Bartlett had offices in the Empire building and resided with his young wife and 4-month-old baby at 606 Thomas st. He came here 18 months ago from Cambridge, Mass.