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Mr. Charles Udell

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The Seattle Daily Times
Saturday, October 3, 1931
Page 7, Column 1

Boy, 8, Struck By Rainier Auto, Reported Dying

Woman Driver Swerves, Kills Elderly Pedestrian Near City Limits on Seattle-Tacoma Road

Skull fractured when an automobile struck him……

He was struck about the same time that Charles Udell, 70 years old, was fatally injured on the Seattle-Tacoma Highway, south of the city limits, yesterday afternoon by an automobile driven by Miss Irene McKibbon, 48 years old, of Tacoma.

Udell was walking along the highway and as Miss McKibbon’s machine approached he smiled and started to step out of the way. She swerved to avoid him, but he dodged back and was struck, she reported later. He died in Harborview Hospital without regaining consciousness. He resided at McMicken Heights, south of the city. Miss McKibbon posted $5,000 bail to insure her appearance at an inquest next week.

The Seattle Daily Times
Thursday, October 8, 1931
Page 8, Column 6

Coroner’s Jury Says Carelessness Resulted in Killing of Dunn; Girl Driver Is Exonerated

Carelessness on the part of Charles L. Henry Jr…..

The jury exonerated Miss Irene McKibbon from responsibility in the death October 2 on the Seattle-Tacoma Highway of Charles Udell, McMicken Heights.

The Seattle Daily Times
Tuesday, October 6, 1931
Page 13, Column 8

Vital Statistics


Udell, Charles, McMicken Heights, 70, October 2.


Generously contributed by: Sheila Simpson