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Miss Edith Hash

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The Seattle Daily Times
Monday, October 3, 1927
Page 3, Column 5

Girl Pours Gasoline On Fire, Is Fatally Burned by Blast

When she mistook gasoline for kerosene, Edith Hash, 17-year-old Enumclaw girl, suffered burns from which she died yesterday in the Taylor-Lacey Hospital at Auburn.

The accident occurred Saturday in the girl’s home when she was about to light the kitchen stove. She went out to the woodshed beside the house and brought in a can which contained gasoline, but which she thought was kerosene. When the fluid was sprinkled over the burning kindling, an explosion followed and the girl was burned.

Funeral services will be held tomorrow in the Presbyterian Church at Enumclaw. Dr. M.J. Lacey, Deputy Coroner, is investigating the accident.


Generously contributed by: Sheila Simpson