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Mr. Harrold L. Leeper

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The Seattle Daily Times
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 9, Column 3

Drivers Freed In Fatal Crash

Drivers of two automobiles involved in a crash in which Harrold L. [sic] Leeper, 27 year old Settle school teacher, was killed September 22, were exonerated by a coroner’s jury today. The jurors held the accident was unavoidable.

Leeper was a passenger in the coupe of Robert D. Eckman of Portage, Vashon Island, which side swiped a stalled truck in the Vashon Heights Road, half a mile north of Vashon. The truck was operated by Harley S. Hutchinson, 3645 Phinney Avenue.

He Was Attaching Chain

Hutchinson testified at the inquest that he switched off the lights of his truck a moment before the crash in order that the glare might not prevent him from attaching a tow chain to his truck from the machine of a passing motorist, who stopped to aid him. He said it was not quite dark, although automobiles had started turning on their lights.

As Hutchinson leaned over in front of the truck to attach the chains, he told the jury, the crash occurred. He said he was knocked unconscious by the impact and suffered an injury to his thigh.

Truck Loaded With Bushes

Eckman testified he could not see the truck because its lights were out and its load of huckleberry bushes obscured it. He said an automobile was approaching him and he was forced to go to the extreme right of the road, striking the truck.

Eckman said a piece of pipe exhaust extending from the truck smashed the window of the coupe. Glass from the windshield struck Leeper’s head, inflicting a fatal wound, Eckman said.


Generously contributed by: Sheila Simpson