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Mr. Ole Nervick

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The Seattle Daily Times
Thursday Evening, November 15, 1917
Page 24, Column 2

Says He Can Beat Anyone; Sailor Slain In Fight

Ole Nervick Meets Death in Early Morning Brawl on Seattle Street Corner

One Man Held by Police

In a street fight in which four men were concerned, Ole Nervick, 40, a seaman, address thus far undetermined, was killed early this morning on First Avenue South and Railroad Avenue South. Two of the other three men are still at liberty. The fourth is in jail.

Nervick was identified by papers found in his pockets. His death was caused by a blow over the left eye, possibly with a bludgeon. He lived but a few minutes after he fell, being dead before the police arrived with the ambulance.

The man held is S.E.Cook, 35, a laborer, living at the Crystal Hotel. He works at a soft drink establishment at 206 Occidental Avenue.

According to Cook’s story, he left his place of employment at 1 o’clock this morning in company with a man whom he knows only as Jack. They walked around the streets of the wholesale district until about half an hour later they found themselves at First Avenue South and King Street.

Look for Liquor

There they met Nervick, in company with another man called Mickey. The four got into a conversation while walking south on First Avenue South and finally, as they arrived at Railroad Avenue South, Cook thought he would be able to find some liquor for the crowd.

According to his statement to the police, he went alone to the office on the second floor of the Triangle Hotel, leaving the other three on the sidewalk. He failed to get any liquor and when he returned to the street found the other three in a fight. He tried to separate them, but in a moment or two Nervick went down, struck by one of the other two, Cook says.

Mickey and Jack both ran. Cook stayed with Nervick until the police arrived.

Cook describes Mickey as 60 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, with gray hair, “an old timer” and a well-known character in Seattle.

Jack, he says, is 35, a teamster, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a light moustache, gray overcoat and a light soft hat.

Tells Different Story

S. Kelly of 911 Alder Street gave the police a slightly different version of the fight that ended in Nervick’s death. Kelly is booked as a witness, but was released on his personal recognizance.

He says the four men entered the Triangle Hotel together and left together. He was in the upstairs hotel office and on looking out of the window, heard all four men talking loudly and saw the beginning of the fight.

“I heard Nervick boast that he could lick anyone in the crowd,” says Kelly. “I saw him grab Mickey, after they had wrangled a few moments and then fists began to fly. I couldn’t determine which one of the men struck Nervick.”

Nervick’s body is at the public morgue.


Generously contributed by: Sheila Simpson