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Miss Suzanne Conklin

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The Seattle Times
Saturday, September 2, 1961
Page A2, Column 3

Holiday Tragedies: 5 From Seattle Area Die in Traffic

Three 18-year-old Auburn girls were injured fatally at 9:15 o’clock last night when struck by an automobile as they crossed the Seattle-Tacoma Highway in a poorly lighted crosswalk in front of the Spanish Castle Ballroom, Midway.

Suzanne Conklin of 107 C Street Northwest, died in Burien Hospital at 4:20 o’clock this morning. Her companions, Heidi Schubert of 1509 E Street Southeast and Frances Griffin of 1411 F Street Southeast, were dead on arrival at the hospital.

State Patrolman Roger Cook said the girls had just left an automobile driven by Frances’ mother, Mrs. Frank Griffin, when they were struck by a car driven by Audrey Lester, 21, of 19816 Des Moines Way South.

Cook said Miss Lester apparently did not see the girls in the crosswalk until too late to avoid striking them. Cook estimated her speed at about 45 miles an hour.

Cook said there is no overhead light in the crosswalk, a short distance north of the highway’s intersection with the Kent-Des Moines road. Other state patrolmen said a privately maintained light at the crosswalk was knocked down several months ago and has not been replaced.

“They have needed a light for some time,” Cook said. “There have been many near accidents there.”

The girls had just entered the crosswalk on their way to a dance at the Spanish Castle when they were struck by the northbound Lester vehicle. Miss Lester was in a state of shock after the accident, Cook said and could not give a statement.

Suzanne was apparently thrown about 100 feet by the impact, Cook said.

Suzanne was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Conklin. Heidi’s parents are Melvin Schubert and Mrs. Robert Hillistad.

The three deaths raised the 1961 King County traffic toll to 76, of which 44 have been outside Seattle and 32 inside the city.


Generously contributed by: Sheila Simpson