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King Co. WWI Heroes, Surnames A-M (M cont. pg. 2)

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Allen, William
Auten, Lawrence
Benson, Christ
Bird, John
Bjorkland, Axel
Bradford, Alfred
Bragdon, Harold
Brattstrom, Allan
Brending, Christof
Brendle, Charles
Busse, Joseph
Cameron, Thomas
Clausen, Guy
Cochran, Lloyd
Drissler, Walter
Eller, Carle
Fairbanks, Lester
Farwell, George
Ficklin, Harvey
Fletcher, Charles
Glick, Samuel
Gough, Arthur
Hamlin, Glezen
Hansen, Victor
Hanson, Henry
Harvey, Lloyd
Hoiby, Alfred
Howell Fred
Huabris, Paul
Hubbard, Harold
Hughes, Howard
Hughes, Thomas
Hunsinger, William2
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Gay
Kaysser, Chas
Kerley, Lindolph
Keyes, Clarence
Kildow, John
King, Richard
Kinney, Clair
Lamb, Paul
Lancaster, Herschel
Larsen, Ferdinand
Lee, Walter
Leibly, Louis
MacKay William
Martin, Louis
Mazzone, Dominco
McCleverty, Adelbert
Menge, Edward
Moore, Orell

Reference: Soldiers of the Great War, Author: Haulsee, W. M. (William Mitchell), 1889- comp; Howe, F. G. (Frank George), 1890- joint comp; Doyle, A. C. (Alfred Cyril), 1893- joint comp; Volume: 3, Washington, D.C., Soldiers record publishing association, 1920 (not in copyright)

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