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King Co. WWI Heroes, Surnames M-Z

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Please note that not all WWI casualties have an image. Also, please click on an individual photo or select slideshow. Additionally, using mouse over image reveals veteran's name.

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Morehouse, Wilmot
Norguard, Omer
Oliver, Matthew
O'Rear, Merle
Pairlone, Wilson
Parker, Paul
Parker, Samuel
Patten, Charles
Perrine, Fred
Peterson, Alfred
Peterson, Wm
Polley, William
Pond, Philip
Renton, David
Requa, Harry
Root, Dan
Rose, Clarence
Royce, Eugene
Rudolph, Ulrich
Rutter, George
Ryan, Logan
Setwick, John
Shields, Arthur
Shonahan, John
Simpson, Guy
Smith, Bert
Starr, Frank
Starr, Fruman
Stearns, Peter
Steed, Jessie
Stomner, Martin
Strickland, Bert
Swift, Claude
Turley, Otto
Usitalo, Henry
Willard, Squire
Williams, Larry
Wilson Austin
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Robert
Wm Allen
Worsham, Lige
Zanoni, John

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