Kitsap Census Page

Census 1857 -    onsite State census
Census 1860  -    offsite Federal Census
Census 1870  -    onsite Federal selected fields transcribed
Census 1871 -    onsite State census
Census 1880  -     onsite Federal selected fields transcribed
Census 1883 -    onsite State census
Census 1885 -    onsite State census

In addition to the links above,  try these links to census info to search for more info.

Once you click on a link below and the resulting pages are returned,  you can narrow your search by entering names in the  first and or last name fields on the left hand side of the page and then clicking on the 'Update' button.
Census 1900   offsite
Census 1910   offsite
Census 1920   offsite
Census 1930   offsite
Census 1940   offsite

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