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Submitted by: Nina M. Giusti

I, Nina M. GIUSTI, married Seaman Nathan M. SHUTT on April 19, 2002 in Silverdale Wa.  We are both from Texas and met just out of highschool.  He inlisted into the Navy, and two years later, I moved to WA marry him.  We were married at the JP in Silverdale.

Submitted by: Amber McLeod

Gwendolyn Gertrude LEWIS of Bremerton, Washington, married Albert Daniel ROCHELEAU, of the US Navy, on 19 May 1947, 7:45 pm.  Witnesses were John and Nancy PUGH.  They were married
by a Superior Court Judge.

Submitted by: Dorothy Hinkey

Mahala (Fickes) Wright married on 8 May 1917 to Mr. Robert M. Callison in Seattle, King, Washington.
Her husband, Richard William Wright was in the Civil War.
After Mahala married Robert Callison, they made their home in Retsil.

Submitted by: Lisa

Mr. M.J. Chancelor of Interbay and Miss Ruth Boyle of this city will be united in marriage tonight in Seattle by Rev. Bushell of the Episcopal Church at 8 o'clock. They will reside at Interbay. Miss Boyle is highly respected and her friends wish for her and her husband a bright and happy life.

The Bremerton News-June 2, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

Mr. William Bunce, of this city, and Miss Frances E. Ellis, of Tacoma, were united in marriage in the latter city Monday morning at 10:30. Mr. James C. Foley was the best man and Miss Violet Frye bridesmaid. Immediately following the ceremony an elegant breakfast was served. The happy couple left for a short trip to Victoria, after which they will come to Bremerton reside. Mr. Bunce is well and favorably known here, having been employed as an ironworker in the C. and R. for several years. His many friends join the News in extending congratulations and extend to him and his bride a hearty welcome.

The Bremerton News-June 2, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

The What So Ever Club entertained at the home of Miss Erminie Clader on Thursday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30, in honor of Miss Minnie Deitz, who on next Tuesday will become the bride of J.E. Foss, of Portland. The house was beautifully decorated with wild roses and a wreath of the roses, woven by the guests, each furnishing one rose, was made and placed on the head of Miss Dietz. In the center of the dining table was a large "fortune pie." Each guest drew from this pie a "wild rose," in water colors, with their fortune written upon the back. Miss Dietz then drew a white ribbon from the center of the pie and received a shower of handkerchiefs. A short program was given and dainty refreshments served. It was certainly a pleasant afternoon and the guests on departing expressed best wishes to the guest of honor.

The Bremerton News-June 2, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

Mr. and Mrs. McGlothlen have announced the marriage of their daughter, Josie Lola, to Mr. CLarence Calvin Wolfe , on Sunday June 17, at 12 o'clock noon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. McGlothlen on Fourth and Washington streets.

The Bremerton News-June 2, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dietz on Tuesday at high noon, when their daughter, Miss Minnie, became the bride of J.E. Foss of Portland. The house was beautifully decorated in red and white roses and in one corner of the parlor was an arch of roses, under which the miniter, Rev. C.A. Williams of Kent, stood. The bride was dressed in creme crepe de chine and wore a veil, with wreath of orange blossoms and carried Bride's roses. The bridesmaid Miss Mamie Davis, wore cream dotted silk mull and carried pale pink carnations. The bride entered the room upon the arm of her father, attended by her bridesmaid, to the beautiful strains of the wedding march, played by Mrs. C.E. Beach, and was met at the alter by the groom and his best man, A.W. Rasmussen. The ring ceremony was used and was very impressive. Immediately following the ceremony an elegant luncheon was served.
The happy couple, accompanied by Mr. Rasmussen and Miss Davis, and Miss Olga Dietz, left on the 3 o'clock boat for Seattle, where Mr. and Mrs. Foss immediately took the train for Portland. The out of town guests were: Rev. C.A. Williams, Kent; William Bremer, Mr. and Mrs. Martin and daughter, Miss Vernie, Seattle; Mrs. Gus Mathties and daughter, Marta and Heimenia, and Mrs. Bernard Leon, all of Stanwood, and Miss Foss, sister of the groom, of Starbuck, and Miss Sophia Beebe of Sedro Wooley.
The presents were numerous and costly.

The Bremerton News-June 9, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

A very pretty home wedding was solemnized at the residence of Mrs. Henry Maxum, on Sisth street, Tuesday at 4 pm, when their son Mr. L.V. Maxum and Miss Elle A. Cooper were joined in holy wedlock by Rev. J. H. Carter of the M.E. church. The house was beautifully decorated in June roses, but were not half as fair as the dainty bride. She was attired in a traveling suit of gray, with large picture hat. The groom wore the conventional black. Immediately after the ceremony, dainty refreshments were served, then Mr. and Mrs. Maxum went to Evergreen Park and took a launch to Pleasant Beach, from there the steamer to Seattle and on to Spokane for a few days visit. A reception will be given for them on their return. They are both well and favorably known. The groom being the proprietor of the New England Bakery, and their many friends join the News in extending good wishes for a bright and happy future. They will have apartments at the Gorman building, where they will welcome their friends.

The Bremerton News-June 30, 1906

Submitted by: Lisa

A marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Arney of Bremerton on the 28th of September according to his return filed with the clerk, the contracting parties being Oscar V. Brown and Annie Wayso. The groom hails from Island County and the bride from Jefferson.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, October 4, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

F. A. McGregor, gunner in the Navy Yard, was married on Saturday the 16th to Miss Lydia Schmidt, daughter of Henry Schmidt of Bremerton. The ceremony took place in Seattle, and was performed by Rev. Damon, in the presence of immediate families and friends. Mr. and Mrs. McGregor will begin housekeeping in the house built by the government in the Yard for the special use of the gunner, as soon as the house, which is already built, is furnished.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, August 23, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

Mrs. Lillie M. Olsen, a sister of Mrs. A. L. Spray, was married on the morning of July 5 at the Spray home, to Mr. August F. Scherbart. Justice Fuller performed the ceremony.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, July 12, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

On Monday, June 30, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Slater was married their daughter Lylleon A. to Mr. Edward E. Hope of Van Assalt.
     On Monday morning the steamer Eagle brought from Seattle a number of friends which with the many guests assembled at the old farmhouse made one of the largest wedding parties in the history of our little community Charleston).
     A little after noon the notes of Mendelssohn's wedding march, played as a duet on cornet and piano by Mr. and Mrs. Earnest McDonald, summoned the bridal party. The groom entered escorting his sister Miss Myrtle Hope as maid of honor. They were followed by the best man, Mr. Leon Slater leading the bride who was beautifully dressed in a gown of "mousseline de soie" over cream silk, bearing in her hand the much coveted bridal boquet.
     They took their stand in a corner filled with flowers, roses above them, roses strewn in their pathway, beautiful roses everywhere. There the ceremony which made them husband and wife was performed by Rev. Joseph P. Carey. Then the couple amid smiles and tears received the congratulations and best wishes of their friends.
     The guests were invited to the dining room, which ordinarilly a bright and cheerful room was made exceedingly attractive by the elaborate and tasteful decorations, and the great table groaning under the host of good things. The divine blessing having been invoked, the bride broke the icing of her cake with her new carving knife and all fell to with a right good will and disposed of the good things provided.
     Many valuable and useful gifts were received indicating the high esteem and affection in which the young couple are held. Gifts were admired, photographs taken and the pet Alaska deer, Baby Dick, petted, and a pleasant time spent until the scream of the Eagle called the party to the shore where under a shower of rice and roses the farewells were hastily said and the party embarked for Seattle.
     Many guests were present among other: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Prouty, parents of the groom; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Snyder, the grooms grandparents, who recently celebrated thier golden wedding; Mrs. H. C. Nugent, Misses Pearl, Lulu and Clara Prouty, sisters of the groom; Mr. J. W. Thompson, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Maude Slater, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, relatives of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Burwell, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine and son Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Williams, Miss Lilly and Mr. Claude Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Clate Williams, Mrs. Wakefield and Mrs. Cleo Wakefield, Mr. Carl Fickeisen, Mrs. H. Parry, Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Atkins, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Harris; Misses Maybelle Ware, Grace Schekels, Mame Kunkler, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cary.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, June 28, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

A very pleasant home wedding was celebrated at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Smith, Highland Avenue, Bremerton, Tuesday morning, June 17, 1902, when their eldest daughter Miss Helen Freeman Smith was united in marriage with Mr. Robert Wesley Callaham of Buckley. Rev. J.T. Smith of Buckley officiating.  Mr. George Gove of Tacoma and Mr. Albert Case of Buckley acted as groomsmen, and the Misses Annie and Lottie Smith, sisters of the bride, as bridesmaids.  The bride was very becomingly attired in white organdie, her mother's wedding dress of thirty-five years ago, and carried brides roses. The bridesmaids wore white Persian lawn with pink and silk and pink chiffon trimmings, and carried carnations. After the ceremony refreshments were served. Many nice presents were received. Later in the day the happy couple departed for Buckley, where they will be at home to their many friends after July 1st.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, June 21, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

J.D. Brevall and Miss M.M. Beaulieu both well known young society people of Bremerton were united in marriage Saturday evening at the home of the bide in the presence of a few relatives and friends. Justice Byrne performing the ceremony. The young couple will make their future home here, Mr. Brevall being an employee of the Navy Yard. The well wishes of a host of friends are extended.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, June 14, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

A pretty wedding occurred at the home of Mrs. Cochrance on Wednesday evening. Miss Wilhelmina E. Bohn of Golden Lake, Ontario, was united in marriage to Samuel H. Creelman of this place (Bremerton), by Rev. George Arney. A few personal friends were present to witness the ceremony and to enjoy the delightful repast prepared by the hostess. Mr. Creelman is one of the government boat builders. The happy couple will make their home in Bremerton.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, June 7, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

On last Wednesday, May 28, occurred the marriage in Cle-Elum of Julius Lawdinsky to Miss Augusta Steik, of Tracyton. The young couple will make their home in Cle-Elum where Mr. Lawdinsky is a successful rancher.
The best wishes of Tracyton friends are extended.

The Bremerton News-Saturday, June 7, 1902

Submitted by: Lisa

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Fuller request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Ruth 
to Capt. Charles W. Call Saturday, October twenty-seventh nineteen hundred at five o'clock p.m. 
First Christian Church, corner South E and thirteenth streets, Tacoma, Washington. 

Thus reads an invitation just received, one of 300 issued. As will be noticed the happy event transpires at Tacoma today, Saturday. 

The bride is an estimable young lady residing in the city of Tacoma and has by her engaging manner and winning ways made hosts of friends in Tacoma where she has resided the past nine years, having come from the state of Indiana with her parents in 1891. 

The happy groom is well known on Port Orchard, in fact is well and favorably known throughout the Puget Sound District. 

Capt. Call was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin something over twenty-five years since. His father is a sea faring man and has been a ship captain for over thirty years and young Call started west when but thirteen years old, arriving in Tacoma August 20, 1888, and at once went to work in the line of steamboating and has followed it ever since. 

He has been on the Fairhaven, Multnohmah, Bay City, Dode, Mary F. Perley and was at one time quartermaster on the Tacoma when that ship was in the Oriental trade. 

He is now part owner and master of the Mary F. Perley, plying between Seattle and Port Orchard and Washington and is well liked by the residents along the route. 

The happy couple will leave for Victoria Saturday evening and will remain a few days and will be at home in Seattle after November 10.The maany friends join us in wishing a long happy and prsperous life to the young couple. 

Submitted by: Jfhort@aol.com

Jacquelyn Faye Perkins to Walter Gerald Horton   31 Dec 1955 Bremerton First  Methodist Church 

Submitted by: Jfhort@aol.com

Sandra Kay Perkins to Floyd Leonard (Pete) Bland  18 Apr 1965  Bremerton Star of Sea Catholic Church 

Submitted by: Jfhort@aol.com

Sharon Darlaine Perkins to Kenneth Parolini 9 Sep 1959  Bremerton Star of Sea Catholic Church 

Submitted by: Jfhort@aol.com
Lori Jo Horton to Steven Hannawacker  1 Dec 1979 Star of Sea Catholic Church Bremerton 
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