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Date(s) in Kitsap County
Town in Kitsap County
1910-1978 Silverdale and Bremerton Charles E. Carroll
died in 1944 unknown town Patricia Muncy
ARMSTRONG 1950-93 Port Orchard/Poulsbo
Tom Armstrong
BERG, Harry Charles d. 20 Sept 1945 or 1948 Bremerton Darillyn Posey Doss
BERGHER 1899-1905 Port Blakeley Cathy Larkins
BERQUA, W. J. 1927 and 1935 Charleston and Bremerton Rebecca Ballard
Unknown date Port Orchard Philip R. Freimann
BRANNEN 1912 - 1913? unknown Emily Brannen
BROWN unknown date unknown town Denise Downey
1910 - present unknown town Richelle Buckles
BYRNE/BYRNES, Patrick Henry 1910-1920 Bremerton City Karyn Zielasko-Westre
CAMPBELL, Dr. George Bennett 1900-1913 Bremerton Nancy Holt
CARBAUGH, Caleb H. 1883-1889 (at least) Mitchell (now known as Annapolis) Larry Roehm
CARBAUGH, Jacob unknown date unknown town Larry Roehm
CARD 1890-present Manette Robert Batson
CLAY 1889 Tracyton then Bremerton Sheree
CLINE, Thomas 1893 Port Orchard
Gail Saunders
COFFEY 1907-1990 Bremerton Tammy Wild
COLE 1920 Retsil, Bremerton Sherry Martin
COTE, Leo 1943 - died 1/11/1988 unknown town Dorene Paterson
COWEN 1900-present Bremerton, Tracyton, Keyport, Manette, Poulsbo, Harper, Port Blakely, Kinston, Silverdale Donna Larsen
CUNNANE, John 1920 Port Blakely Bill Abbott
DICKERSON about 1923 Bremerton and Manette Sheree
After 1930 through 1982 Bremerton Mark Brown
DOUGLASS 1900 -  Harper David
DOYLE 1890-Present Glenwood Michelle Moore
DRAPER 1920 - Bremerton Jana (Hawes) Robertson
ECKROAT 1907-1990 Bremerton Tammy Wild
EGGEN, Gunder Nilsen Oct 1898 Dog Fish Bay Janet Aunan
ELLIOT, Hiram 1905-23 Charleston Lori Huser
EMEL ca 1889 to present Seabeck, Seattle Victoria Emel Harrington
late 1870's
Poulsbo Kim Rodriguez
FARNSWORTH 1900-1910 to present Bremerton Doug Farnsworth
FOUNTAIN, Marion B. 1913-42 Fragaria Lori Huser
FREDRICKSON / FREDERICKS 1910 - Bremerton / Port Orchard Jana (Hawes) Robertson
GARRETT, Hugh October, 1891-d. abt 1894 Port Blakely Hugh Garrett
GOLDSTON, Henry possibly 1918 - 1921 Bremerton nathan_yampolsky
GRANT 1882 Colby Jo Ann Grant Lorden
GREAVES 1889 to present Silverdale Victoria Emel Harrington
HANSEN 1880-1930 Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island Bill Fossum
HANSEN 1903 Brownsville Lise' Kirk Ohlson
HARMON, Clara mid 1800's - 1900 unknown town Carole Harmon
HATCH unknown dates Bremerton, others Lisa Burnham
HAWES 1910 - Bremerton Jana (Hawes) Robertson
HOLLY, Clarence A.
20 January 1954 Bremerton Carole Graham
HUBBARD, Grace 1920 & 1930 Retsil Betty
Kane/O'Kane, Dominic 1902 Port Orchard Tim Kane
around 1910 Waterman Fred H. Kinney Jr.
KLEIVEN 1980-present Kingston Adam Kleiven
HOLDRIDGE, Martin Luther 1907 - 1930's Silverdale Karen Finney
HOLMBERG 1906 -1931 Poulsbo Jonathan Snyder
IVERSON, Iver U. 1900-1928 Bremerton Patricia Lindgren
abt 1900 + unknown town
JOHNSON, Albert and Elmer
1892 to 1978 Long Lake area, Colby precinct in early 1900s Diane Pearson
JOHNSON 1910 - present unknown town Richelle Buckles
JONES 1900-present Bremerton, Tracyton, Keyport, Manette, Poulsbo, Harper, Port Blakely, Kinston, Silverdale Donna Larsen
KANE / O'KANE ca. 1899-1904 Port Orchard / Bremerton Tim Kane
KIRKLAND, Josephine Brown 1919 Retsil
KOONCE, Jeannie Hall 1973 Port Orchard Pam
LARSON 1900-present Bremerton, Tracyton, Keyport, Manette, Poulsbo, Harper, Port Blakely, Kinston, Silverdale Donna Larsen
LAURITZEN 1912 - 1913? unknown Emily Brannen
LUNDEEN, Adolph W Lundeen 1918 - 1963 Bremerton
LUNDEEN, Eva Viola Haseltine 1918 - 1963 Bremerton
MABE about 1930 Suquamish Sue Keen
MCARTHUR 1910 - present Silverdale Richelle Buckles
McBANE, Gilbert b. 21 Aug. 1914 - d. 13 Nov 1994 Annapolis, Colby, Colchester, East Port Orchard, Fernwood,
Forest City, Harper
Carol McBain
McCOLGAN, Walter Thomas 1934-died 6/17/83 Port Orchard Dorene Paterson
McKENZIE 1910 - present unknown town Richelle Buckles
McKINNEY 1939 - 1943 Poulsbo, Indianola Beach Carlanne McCrystal
MCMULLIN, Keith Stanley
died Dec 1966 Gorst, Kitsap, Washington Kevin S. McMullin
MELIZA April 1910 United States Navy Yard Mary (Meliza) Berg
MERRIMAN /MERIMAN 1890-1960 Bremerton Kay

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