Kitsap County Registered Surnames N - Z

This page is to register you as a researcher of a particular surname for Kitsap County ONLY.  If you wish to include any additional information beyond the surname, your name, and e-mail address, you need to submit it as a query.

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Surnames N - Z

Date(s) in Kitsap County
Town in Kitsap County
NEX or TUNIS, Mabel Mary 1973 Silverdale Fern Mason
NEYHART unknown date unknown town Denise Downey
unknown - 1973 unknown town Vickey Baker
OLSEN 1912 - 1913? unknown Emily Brannen
PALMS 1899-1905 Port Blakeley Cathy Larkins
PASLEY/PASLAY unknown date unknown town Denise Downey
PEARSON, James E. and Marie(a) Margaretta
1892 to 1940s Long Lake area, Colby precinct in early 1900s Diane Pearson
PECKHAM, Mary E. 1928 Retsil Betty
PEOPLE, Sami 1898 Kitsap Peninsula
PITT 1885 1930 Tracyton and Manette Robert Quay
PUGH 1909 Charleston Mary Harris
1930 Manette Robert Quay
REES, Decatur Stout d. April 1970 Port Orchard Peggy Contreras
around 1919 in and near Retsil
1900-1910 to present Bremerton Doug Farnsworth
RUNYON 1910 on Bremerton Gregory Brown
SCHONEMAN 1945 to present Bremerton Roy W. Boylan
SCOTT 1910 - present Silverdale Richelle Buckles
SELBY unknown date unknown town Denise Downey
SELFORS 1910 Port Madison Pat Fitzgerald
SHEFFIELD 1920-1975 Bremerton Penny Peace
SIBON 1873-1986 Silverdale Julie A. Lamoureux
1911 South Colby Jan Chonzena
SKINNER 1900 Glenwood Laurel Johnson
SLATE unknown dates Bremerton, others Lisa Burnham
SPONOGLE, J.D., Dr. ca. 1900-1910 Port Orchard Tim Kane
STAPLES, Mary Grace unknown dates Colby Peggy Contreras
STICKNEY 1920 Retsil, Bremerton Sherry Martin
STOTTS 1939 - 1943 Poulsbo, Indianola Beach Carlanne McCrystal
STREUTKER 1904 - present Bremerton, Port Orchard Alise Streutker
SWANSON 1940 -
Bremerton Jana (Hawes) Robertson
SYVERSEN 1884 Crystal Springs on Bainbridge Island Sheree
after 1900 and possibly after 1929 Bremerton Sandra Tennyson
THOMAS new! prior to 1900 Holly Lois Skoor
THORNE, Francis Edwin, Lulu Carrie Ingersoll, Frank E., Emma L.
1919 - 1928
Retsil Betty
THORSEN, Todd 1959 to present Brownsville Lisa Thorsen
TISHER 1916-present Silverdale, Bremerton Lester Tisher
Unknown Date unknown Town Southwick
TUCKER, Samuel A. d. 15 June 1946 unknown town Clara Jaramillo
TUNIS or NEX, Mabel Mary 1973 Silverdale Fern Mason
VAN HEE, Alphonse and Louisa about 1905 and 1930's
Port Orchard Emi Fredlund
WAGNER 1910 on Bremerton Gregory Brown
WILLIAMS, Julia Sharp Died Sept. 14, 1887 unknown town Larry Roehm
WILBUR, Edwin, Ethel, Edward, Robert 1920 and later Bremerton Sherry Martin
1940-Present Bremerton & Port Orchard Doug Rusher
WRIGHT ??-December 1945 Bremerton June Balster

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