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Anderson, Sally Jo,          1-16-1948

“Mrs. Fred Anderson (Sally Jo Nollsh), who passed away at Glendale, CA, following a short illness with spinal meningitis, was an old-timer in this district, having come here as a child of ten with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Williams. She grew to womanhood here, and was married to John Nollsh. They homesteaded land near Harrington and resided on the farm 21 years, moving to Glendale 27 years ago. Following Mr. Nollsh’s death, Mrs. Nollsh was married to Fred Anderson. Mrs. Anderson and her husband made their annual summer trips to Harrington to care for her land holdings here, and to visit relatives and renew friendships. Seven years ago, Mrs. Anderson visited friends in the East whom she had not seen in…” (excerpt Citizen: 1-16-1948)


Anderson, William A.,       10-16-1958

“William A. Anderson of Spokane passed away last week after having suffered a heart attack earlier while on a trip to the coast. Funeral services were held Saturday, Oct 11, in Spokane with the Rev Orn Hutchinson officiating. Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Vinnie M.; one son, William A., both at the home; two brothers, Homer F. and John K., both of Spokane. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge at Fayetteville, TN. Mr. Anderson graduated form the Creston schools with the class of 1956. He lived here at that time with his uncle W D Riddle, who was superintendent of schools.”  (Davenport Times: 10-16-1958)


Barry, Charles Bud,         1-10-1936

“Charles (Bud) Barry, 21, son of Mr. and Mr.s Tom Barry, Little Falls, near Reardan, was instantly killed on Monday and James Rogers was slightly injured when the open car in which they were riding went out of control and plunged over the embankment on the Reardan-Long Lake road. Barry was pinned under the car in several feet of water. When Rogers crawled out of the car he saw Barry with only one foot out of the creek. Rescue was impossible because of the weight of the car, but Rogers struggled to the nearby home of Lester Ellis and summoned aid. Barry, survived by his parents, was a graduate of the Reardan highs school. He was an accomplished musician and a leader of an orchestra that played for dances in that region.” (Odessa Record: 1-10-1936)


Beneke, Fred D 1922

"Fred D Benneke Dies in Well. While digging a well at his homestead near Garwood, Idaho Tuesday, Fred Beneke, who married Barbara Lamparter of Harrington, was overcome with gas and died and a man named Johnson, who endeavored to aid him also lost his life. They had put in a shot of picric acid to loosen up the hardpan and when Mr Benneke went down to start work he was overcome. His companion called their two wives and went to his assistance and the women hauled them up near the top when they lost their grip and fell back. Three other men soon arrived and one of them was nearly overcome before the men were taken from the well. neither recovered. The funeral was held in Spokane Thursday. Mr and Mrs Leslie Gold and a number of the members of the Lamparter family attending." (Citizen: 8-04-1922)


Cornwall , John J.,          5-03-1934

“John J Cornwall, age 64, of Mount Hope , a former Davenport resident, died Sunday at his home. He settled at Mount Hope 55 years ago, and later came to Davenport and was in the butcher business here. He is survived by his widow, Nannie, a daughter, Mrs. O. L. Fletcher, and a son, J. W. Cornwall, of Mt Hope, one brother and four sisters. The funeral was held Wednesday from the Mt Hope Community Church, with burial at Mt Hope.” (Davenport Times-Tribune: 5-03-1934)


Davis, Llwellyn  1939

Word was received here Monday of the death in Seattle Sunday of Llwellyn Davis, age 74, pioneer of this city who passed away at his home....He suffered a stroke last spring and never recovered.  Born at Neath, Penn, May 24, 1865, Mrs. Davies was graduated from Cornell University at Ithica, N.Y. in 1892  and then came west to this state practicing law at Ritzville and Davenport for 17 years.  He was state diary and food commissioner from 1905 to 1913 under Governors Mead and Ray.  He moved to Seattle in 1911 and purchased an interest in Berqoust-Davies company there in 1913 , remaining until 1817when he moved to Everett. He was city and dairy commissioner there for 20 years.   He moved to Seattle again last June.  He is survived by his widow, Belle H. Davies, one son, Wayne and a grandson, Frank, all of Seattle and three sisters, Libby Williams, Eunice Davis and Edith Jones in Pennsylvania.  Mrs. A. E. Rude of Davenport is his sist4er-in-law.  Funeral services were held at Bonney-Watson parlor in Seattle Tuesday at 1 p.m. Cremation followed. (Davenport Times-Tribune Sep 28, 1939)RG


Dussaq, Katherine Applegate 1944 

"Katherine Applegate Dussaq Killed in Plane. Miss Vivian Witt, with the Bell Telephone Company in Chicago, sends the following clipping from the Chicago Times, December 1. 'Mrs Katherine Applegate Dussaq, 38, former Chicagoan, noted hand writing expert and former wife of Leonarde Keeler, inventor of the polygraph or lie detector, was killed when her Army plane crashed at New Castle, O., friends here learned today. Mrs Dussaq, a member of the Women's Auxillary Service Pilots (WASPS) reportedly attempted a landing after the plane ran out of gas and struck a tree top Sunday. As a document examiner she was credited by police with being instrumental in the solution of a number of murders, kidnappings, bombings and frauds. Mrs Dussaq's testimony was vital in the trials of more than 250 election officials charged with vote frauds before County Judge Jarecki. She appeared as the handwriting expert in these cases for State's Atty. Thomas J Courtney. She also appeared in several important Lake and Dupage county hearings. Until she moved East her home was at 850 Lake Shore. Born in Walla Walla, Wash., she attended Washington State College and Stanford University. She wrote advertising copy in Portland, Oregon, for a year, and became assistant to Keeler in the crime detection laboratory in 1930. For a number of years she and Mr Keeler were associated in the Northwestern University Crime Detection laboratory, which he founded. Northwestern sold the laboratory to the City of Chicago. She then headed her own firm here. The Keelers were divorced in 1941 and she married Lt. Rene Dussaq, an Argentinean now in the Army. Their home was in Washington, D C., prior to their enlistments. Besides her husband she leaves her parents, Mr and Mrs Arthur M Applegate of Walla Walla.' Spent Girlhood at Harrington. The Applegate family resided here many years and Katherine attended the grade and high schools. She was graduated with the class of 1922 and gave an oration, 'Universal Democracy' at the commencement program. She had won first place in a Northwest Oratorical contest held at Harrington with this oration several weeks prior to her commencement and she received high praise for the writing. Miss Vivian Witt was a member of the class. Miss Witt included a note with the clipping in which she said she had originally received the word of her friend's death from Mrs Dussaq's sister, Mrs Dorothy Applegate Eckert of Washington, DC, by telephone." (Citizen: 12-08-1944) Buried in Dayton, Washington Cemetery) --


Fowler, Maud (Not Dead) 

"Used a Knife. Miss Maud Fowler, who carried the mail from St Andrews to Jean post office, Douglas County, was attacked by Mrs Bertha Fowler with a sharp knife and severely if not fatally wounded, one day this week. Though of the same name the women are not related. Jealousy was the cause of the attack. The assault took place in the post office at Jean. According to the account received here Miss Fowler had carried the mail from St Andrews to Jean and had entered the post office and flung the mail pouch on the floor. She then took off her jacket, and, it is stated, sat down to rest from her journey. Mrs Fowler entered the room and accused the girl of meeting Mr Fowler in private. She followed the accusation up by calling Miss Fowler names, and then attacked her with a case knife which had been sharpened as keen as a razor. Miss Fowler is said to have been unaware that Mrs Fowler was angry at her and was unprepared for the attack. Mrs Fowler succeeded in inflicting five wounds in the breast of her victim. Four of the wounds are not serious, but the fifth is stated to have penetrated the left lung near the heart, and may prove fatal. The doctor who was called and attended her stated that the fifth wound was a bad one, and that Miss Fowler was in a serious condition." (LCT: 4-14-1905) --


Froman, Isaac R,           1922

"A telegram was received Wednesday morning by H T Froman telling of the death of his father, Isaac R Froman at Albany, Oregon at the age of 92. Mr Froman crossed the plains from Danville, Illinois in 1850, settling on the place which he still lived on at the time of his death." (Citizen: 11-17-1922)


Gilliam, Wallace,      1922

"Wallace Gilliam dies. Wallace Gilliam who was taken to Spokane Saturday suffering with pneumonia, died at Sacred Heart hospital Thursday evening. His age is given as 63 and it is reported that he will be buried in Harrington. Mr Gilliam has divided his time between Harrington and California for several years and is well known here." (Citizen: 8-18-1922)


Harkoe, John,                  12-11-1947

“John Harkoe, age about 70, for many years a resident of Davenport , died in Spokane Wednesday of last week. He had been in poor health and in a sanitarium in that city for some years. Funeral services for Mr. Harkoe were held Saturday at 1 p.m….” (excerpt, cut off obit copy, Davenport Times-Tribune: 12-11-1947)


Hinckley , Henry,            4-30-1926

“Henry I Hinckley, 70, pioneer of the Edwall district, died Sunday evening at the Reardan hospital as a result of burns incurred a week ago while burning tumbleweeds. He is survived by his widow, a son and a daughter.” (Odessa Record: 4-30-1926)


Mrs Sylvester L Houck  7-0-1915

"Edwall. Mr and Mrs W J Ryker received the sad news of the death of their daughter, Mrs Sylvester L Houck. Her demise happened on Wednesday of last week at Post Falls. She leaves besides the husband, seven children, two of them are twins only two weeks old. A mother and father and brother reside here, a sister in Spokane and a brother at Ephrata. Mr and Mrs W J Ryker went up to attend the funeral." (Citizen: 7-09-1915)


Hughes, J W                        1922

"J W Hughes, a former resident of Harrington some 20 years ago, dropped dead in his office at Ocean Park, California some two weeks ago. Mr Hughes was a brother-in-law of Marion F Adams." (Citizen: 6-30-1922)


Jans, Rev. Carl    1950

Reb. Carl Jans, for many years a circuit rider for the German Methodist Church, passed away at his home in Edwall, Washington last Wednesday, October 4, at the age of 89.  Starting in 1888, Rev. Jans, as a circuit rider for the German Methodist church coveed a wide territory from Douglas to Whitman county on horseback, with only an Indian trail to follow.  He was married in 1892 in Spokane to Anna Mielke, the daughter of pioneer family who homesteaded in the Sassin district, \after coming there in 1883 from Minnesota off the first Northern Pacific train over the Rocky Mountain.  Over a period of 23 years in the Northern Pacific German M. E. conference appointments took them to many parts of Oregon and Washington including Harrington, Rosalia, Walla Walla, Ritzville, Portland, Salem and Tacoma as well as others.  They later moved to a farm north of Sprague and in 1920 retired to their present home in Edwall.  Rev. Jans was born March 15, 1861 by Hamburg, Germany.  He is survived by his wife Anna; two daughters, Mrs. W. R .Miller and Mrs. G.W. Olson, both of Spokane; four sons, Dr. Detlaff of Forest Grove, Oregon, Henry, Fred and Charles all of Edwall and five grandchildren. ( Sprague Advocate, Oct 12, 1950) RG


Johnson, Lizzie,               2-01-1962

“Mrs. Lizzie Johnson (‘Grandma’) of Seattle died Sunday and last rites were held Tuesday. The matron was 102 years old and alert and responsive during her entire life. Mrs. Johnson owned farm land in Lincoln County, rented by the Walter Zellmers which they operate in conjunction with their farm.” (Citizen: 2-01-1962)


Knapp, Ida H 7-29-1955

"Pioneer of Davenport Died. Mrs Ida Hubbard Knapp, one of Davenport's early residents, passed on in Eugene, OR, July 12, at the age of 89. Her late husband, Henry William Knapp, was operator of a drug store in Davenport for many years. He preceded her in death Feb 10, 1914. She was a member of the Presbyterian church and Order of Eastern Star. Her survivors include a brother, Rolla C Harbord (also an early resident of Davenport now living in Spokane); a son, Eugene Harbord Knapp, Seattle; two daughters, Mrs Ruth Prochnow, Coquille, OR; and Mrs Constance Mortvedt, Everett; three grandchildren and one great grandchild.—Davenport Times." (Citizen: 7-29-1955)


Kollman, N. E.,               12-28-1939

“The body of a man was found on the bank of the Columbia River, about five miles below Peach, on Tuesday, by William Thornburg. Badly decomposed, it had been left by high water some time previously. Through a social security card and driver’s license it was identified as that of Norman Earl Kollman, 19, Marcus, drowned last March. The body was taken to Davenport.  Coroner Howard E. Phillips, Deputy Sheriff Frank Rambo and Undertaker Bumgarner of Davenport investigated.” (Odessa Record: 12-28-1939)


Marler, Thomas H            5-14-1948 

"Thomas H Marler Dies At Madigan Hospital. Frank Marler of Seattle sends word that his brother, Thomas H Marler, 52, passed away at Madigan General Hospital Monday, May 2. Tom, son of the late Mr and Mrs John Marler, was a Mohler-reared lad, and was an enthusiastic player on Harrington's baseball team. He enlisted in the army from here, and served in World War 1. During that war, The Citizen kept in touch with the community's boys in service, and Tom is often mentioned in the soldier's column. In the Citizen of May 17, 1918, appeared a letter from him dated Aug 7 in which he says: 'I am still in the hospital... I gave my sweater and scarf to a poor old French grandmother. I told her my mother knit it and sent it to me from the States. I hated to part with them but could not carry them with me and she appreciated them. I am in the hospital from being gassed. I was knocked out by a big shell. I was at the front in the trenches since the first of the year and in the big drive from July 18 to 22.' Mr Marler was a member of the American Legion and the Masonic order. He is survived by two sons, Harold and John Marler, Seattle; three brothers, Luther, Frank and Ochs, and three sisters, Mrs Adelia Meyers, Mrs Wilma McKinnon (Mrs Archie) and Mrs Ruth Young." (Citizen: 5-14-1948) --  --


Melville, Mrs. Jno I. (Dsisy)

The community was grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. Jno I. Melville who passed away Sunday June 16th at the me of her daughter , Mrs. Sidney Connell in Tacoma. In August of 1893 she was married too the late Jno. I. Melville, In Spokane.  They made their home in Cheney, moving to Sprague in 1902 where Mr. Melville entered the law practice.  Mrs. Melville was an active in community work here for a good many years having served the school district as clerk for the past nine years and was a member of the  Henrietta chapter of the Eastern Star  and Phoenix Rebekah Lodge.  ....Surviving are her mother Mrs. Martha E. Dean of Cheney two sons William D. of Tacoma, and Kenneth of Bend, Oregon; two daughters, Mrs. Gladys Connell of Tacoma and Mrs. Janet Schrader of Seattle,; a foster son, Aubrey Blake of Seattle; Grandchildren and great Grandchildren.  (Sprague Advocate June 20, 1940) (Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Cheney, WA.)RG


Melville, Jon I.,  1939

Jno I. Melville local attorney nearly 40 years. Death comes Tuesday after long illness; admitted to bar in 1896; was active in civic affairs.  Jno I. Melvile, 70, attorney here for nearly forty years, died Tuesday afternoon after a long illness. Despite his affliction, he was active up to the latter part of this month....He has been an attorney for 43 years, having been admitted to the bar in 1896.  He was born in Elfeshire, Scotland , September 14, 1868.  He attended public school there until about 17 years of age when he came to America, landing in Cheney in what was then Washington Territory, August 14, 1883.  He obtained employment in the Bank of Cheney, first as a clerk, then as bookkeeper and from 1890 to 1894 as cashier.  He resigned this position in June 1893, take up the study at law.  He received his final naturalization papers and then married Miss Daisy C. Dean in Spokane, in August, 1893.  They made their home in Cheney and he conducted a real estate and insurance business in the meantime, studying law.  He served as justice of the peace and clerk of the school board in Cheney.  He was admitted to the practice of law at Olympia at the October 1896 session of the supreme court.  In March, 1903he sold out at Cheney and moved to Sprague, where he had been since that  time.  He was president of the board of directors of the Sprague school district  from 1907 to 1917 and with the exception of four year (1920-1924) when he was mayor for two 2-year  terms had been city attorney of Sprague since the year 1906. He was president of the Lincoln and Adams county Pioneer and Historical Association in 1929, and was chairman of the local golden jubilee committee for this year.  He is survived by his widow, two daughters, Mrs. Sidney Connell, of Tacoma, and Mrs. Wm. F. Schrader, Seattle, two sons, Kenneth, Ben, Oregon and Dean, Tacoma, and a foster son, Aubrey Blake, of Seattle.  He also leaves 12 grandchildren, two great grandchildren, a brother Thomas Melville, Glasgow, Scotland, author and a nephew in Canada. (Sprague Advocate May 11, 1939)(Editor note: John and Daisy both buried in Fairview Cemetery, Cheney, WA)RG


Moritz, Adeline 1919

"Mrs Adeline Moritz Dies. Mr and Mrs A M Applegate were called to Dayton last Saturday by the illness of Mrs Adeline Moritz, mother of Mrs Applegate. Mr Applegate returned the next day but Mrs Applegate remained and was with her mother at the time of her death which occurred Wednesday evening. Mr Applegate returned Friday and was in Dayton in time for the funeral which was held that day at Dayton. Deceased was over eighty years of age and was known to many in Harrington as she had visited here several times in the last few years." (Citizen: 5-09-1919)


Morris, Jesse G.,           10-02-1953

“Jesse G. Morris, father of Mrs. Leonard Schultz, died shortly after midnight Monday, at Deaconess hospital in Spokane. He had been poorly about a year and his illness became serious this summer. He was hospitalized about six weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Schultz visited him Monday and when they left, early in the evening, there was no indication of his passing so soon. Mrs. Morris stayed in a downtown hotel much of the time the past few weeks, to be near him.  Jesse Morris was born March 3, 1881, in Illinois. When he was six, he went to Pomeroy ,Wash. , with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Morris. This was to be the Morris home for 32 years.  As a young man he engaged in a hardware and implement business. In 1912 he married Etta Alexander, a young milliner in the town. In 1922 the Morris family moved to Spokane,  Mr. Morris was interested in buying farms. In 1928 he purchased two sections of land south of town (the land in pioneer days was known as the Tom Cardwell place). Mr. and Mrs. Morris and their daughter, Jeslyn, lived on the farm until 1933 when they returned to Spokane, although Mr. Morris personally supervised his farms until two years ago.  The Morrises bought the Arthur D. Jones property at Liberty Lake in 1937, and established a lovely home site in that picturesque district.  Mr. Morris was a charter member of Liberty Grange, and although he visited other granges often, he kept his membership at Liberty . He took pride in promoting this local group. Mr. Morris was also a member of Spokane Lodge 161, LOOM.  Funeral services were held at 11 Thursday morning, in the Alwin chapel, Hazen & Jaegers, in  Spokane. Rev Francis T Sturtevant was minister in charge, and was assisted by Lodge 161. Organ music was played during the service. Interment was at 4 p.m., in the Pomeroy cemetery where the parents and other relatives of Mr. Morris are buried. Among the pall bearers were three men who had been employed by Mr. Morris in the hardware store.  Surviving Mr. Morris are his widow, Etta, at home; daughter, Mrs. Leonard Schultz; grandchildren, Loryn and Carol Schultz, Harrington; brother, W B Morris; niece, Mrs. Harold Shepherd, Pomeroy.” (Citizen: 10-02-1953)


Patton, Clifford,               3-25-1955

“Clifford H. Patton, 55, a long time resident of Sandpoint, Idaho, died at his home at Sunnyside, March 11, of a heart attack.  He had resided at Sandpoint since 1921. He was born in Spokane, graduated from Odessa High School in 1919, attended Washington State College and later accepted a position as teller in the former Bonner County National Bank. About 1938 he resigned to manage a service station and auto agency. Sometime later he sold his interest in the station and joined the staff of the Sandpoint Motor Company. In 1945 with Vernon Anderson, he established the present Patton & Anderson car agency and garage.  He was active in civic, church and Masonic affairs. He was a member of the First Presbyterian church, the Kiwanis club, and the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce. He was the first western-born member to join the Lakeside Masonic Lodge No 42. He was a past master of that order. He was also past Commander of Sandpoint Commandry No. 14, Knights Templar and a past High Priest of Sandpoint Chapter NO. 17, Royal Arch Masons.  At the time of his death, he was Grand Marshal of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Idaho, and had recently been appointed Representative of the Imperial Potentate from Calem Temple. Survivors include the widow, Esther; two daughters, Mrs. Peggy Kluver and Miss Patricia Patton; one son James; one grandchildren; father, W. F. Patton of Portland; one brother, A. C. Patton of Harrington and one half-sister, Mrs. Wanda Winston, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Funeral services were held March 14, at the Presbyterian church in Sandpoint, Idaho with an honor guard from the Commandry and Grand Officers of the Masonic Lodge in attendance. Grand Officers of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Idaho had charge of the graveside services at the Sandpoint Cemetery.” (Citizen: 3-25-1955)


Plaster, Luella              July 1948

"Sister of Mrs Kennedy Follows Her in Death. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at Smith Funeral Home in Spokane, for Mrs Luella Plaster, a sister of Mrs Emma Kennedy who passed away July 5. The Rev Louis Buckley officiated and burial was at Riverside Park cemetery, Spokane. Born in New London, Iowa, May 29, 1867, she came west with her parents when she was 16. She was married to Albert C Plaster in 1888. She was a member of Starlight Eastern Star chapter and the auxiliary and the American Legion Auxiliary. Two sons, Roy and Edward Plaster of Reardan, seven grandchildren, one great grandson, and three sisters survive." (Citizen: 7-23-1948)


 Rosebaugh, Velma Jean              1932 

"Miss Velma Jean Rosebaugh Called.  The untimely passing of Velma Jean, daughter of Mr and Mrs J P Rosebaugh, at Colfax, California at 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug 18th,brought sorrow not alone to the brave parents, hoping against hope for her recovery, but likewise to their many friends who mourn with them in their deep affliction. Our hearts are responsive to the sorrow that has entered this home. Would that there was something we might do to lessen that sorrow. Nor love, nor tears, nor words, nor flowers—the only comforts at our command—though the world were filled with them, have any power to repair the loss. Yet they speak the language of sympathy and express the deepest human feelings for those whom Death bereaves. Miss Rosebaugh was a charming young lade, an accomplished musician and pipe organist, the pride of her parents and the delight of her friends, and to all appearances seemed in the best of health after returning to Harrington, following the completion of her education. But that dread malady tuberculosis lay hold upon her young life. Everything that fond parents, friends, money and medical skill could do, throughout the past two years, was of no avail. But the Angel of Death was kind and called on her in dreamland. She peacefully went to sleep and wakened not. Burial was in one of the beautiful cemeteries at Sacramento, California. She attended the Broadway and Roosevelt high schools of Seattle, graduating from the latter. She attained a fluent command of the English language and graduated with high honors in music. Modest, sensible, sympathetic and cultured, her lovable disposition gave her a charm that endeared her to all who had the privilege of her friendship or acquaintance. What to our dim sight is a loss, in God's clear vision is a triumph over which the angels rejoice in a kingdom where moth and rust do not corrupt. A fair ambassador in that mansion not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, ready with celestial smile and outstretched arms to welcome her loved ones whene'er that transformation discards this human shell of clay for robes of immortality. May He, who stilled the waves of Galilee, who could read the minds of men, and walked upon the sea, heal these wounded hearts. So may it be." (Citizen: 8-26-1932) --- 


Roth, William Sr.,             3-25-1955

“Last week Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. John Roth and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Loeffelbein, Mr .and Mrs. John Roth Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. William Roth attended funeral services at Warden for William Roth, Sr., father of John Roth Sr.  Mr. and Mrs. John Ottmar attended the funeral services Thursday at Warden for William Roth Sr. They drove down via Ephrata and stopped at Moses Lake to see the new EUB church being constructed, and visited the Henry Ottmar family and son Edwin. Returning home they came via Ritzville and called on the Eddie Larmers.” (Citizen: 3-25-1955)


Secord, B.C. "Charley"  1916

B. C.. Secord, a Northern Pacific engineer for 33 years and a brother-in-law of Steve Burdass died in Spokane Sunday after 7 months illness of cancer of the stomach.  The funeral was held Wednesday from the Smith and Co. undertaking rooms in Spokane and the body interred in Riverview cemetery.  Charley Secord was 66 years old and had been in the employ of the N. P. Railway since 1883. He lived in Sprague when the shops were located here and is well known to many Sprague folks.  He was a sober careful engineer m which his superiors reposed much confidence that he wss after selected to handle special trains requiring extra care.  During his service of over 33 years  his train was never wrecked and only one  man, a drunken Indian , was ever killed by is train.  His family consisting of the widow, three sons Harvey L., a Northern Pacific trainman, George W. with the Arthur D. Jones Co. in Spokane, Edward O. a traveling salesman of Portland and a daughter Mrs. H. Wraight of Seattle were at his side when death came.  (Sprague Advocate, July 28, 1916)RG


Smith, M E 7-31-1936

"Friends were shocked Monday to learn of the sudden death of M R Smith, formerly of the Harrington region, where for years he farmed, but of late years of Smith's Furnished Cottages, Soap Lake. he had undergone a surgical operation at Wenatchee on Friday and died there Sunday night at 8 o'clock. Jake Hopp, Jr, Glen A Biggart, M V Yale, J E Kriegler, Dave Sheppard and Darrel C Turner, members of Laurel Lodge No. 119, F & AM, Harrington, of which order Mr Smith became a member in 1909, drove to the Apple Capitol where they were pall bearers at the funeral services which were held from the Jones & Jones chapel, Tuesday. Mr Smith was born at Blaine, Nebraska. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Mr and Mrs Smith were visitors in Harrington and he seemed in the best of health at that time. When the news of his death reached us, his friends were shocked. For many years before engaging in the cottage business at Soap Lake, the Smiths farmed here, where they made many friends. These friendships which have been kept green through the years of their absence by frequent visits back to this section, or by people from here calling on them at Soap Lake. Surviving Mr Smith are, besides his widow, one brother and three sisters at Nebraska. While in town Wednesday Mrs Smith expressed her deep appreciation for the part the Harrington Masons took in the services. The widow and other relatives have our sympathy in their sudden and irreparable loss." (Citizen: 7-31-1936)


Spencer, Howard,             10-16-1958

“Howard Leroy Spencer was born Sept 22, 1898, at Creston and passed away Oct 8, 1958 at Chewelah, after an illness of several years. Funeral services were held Oct 11, in Chewelah, with the Rev Jefferson Smith officiating. Mrs. Robert Steele played the organ and also sang. Burial was in the Colville Valley Memorial Park at Chewelah, with the Masonic Lodge in charge of the committal service. He was married to Nettie Haight, Jan 7, 1922, at Davenport. In addition to his widow, he is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Eloise Burke of Colville, one son, Harold Spencer of Spokane and seven grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Ethel Parry of Seattle, Mrs. Rosella Ball of Wisconsin ; and one brother, George Spencer of Babbitt , Nevada.  He operated the local Union Oil Station and café some years ago after which he operated a grocery store at Hunters for 12 years. He was a member of the Hunters Masonic Lodge.” (Davenport Times: 10-16-1958)


Weisenflut, Herman,         5-10-1934

“Herman Weisenflut, age 50 years, employed on a road construction job near Creston, was fatally injured about 3 a.m. Sunday when the car in which he was riding collided with another machine seven miles east of town on the Sunset highway. Weisenflut was taken to Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, after being given first aid treatment here by Dr C. S. Bumgarner, and died about noon. He was traveling east in a Ford coupe with Fred West, Creston grain man, former Cheney Normal and Whitman College athlete, when West’s car crashed into the rear of a Hudson coach, owned by Jess Burnett, road work foreman here, and driven by Glen Cassels of Davenport. Lights from a car approaching from the east are said to have blinded West so he did not see the machine in front. After the crash, as the ford began to swerve to one side on the road, Weisenflut either was thrown or jumped from the car. His clothing caught on the side, and he was drawn underneath the machine and was dragged some distance. He suffered a fractured skull, fractured left arm, and severe burns about the abdomen and thigh, received from the exhaust of the car.  E. E. Boyk and Carl Aldridge of Davenport and C. E. Martin of Creston, traveling east behind West’s car, were the first ones to arrive at the scene of the accident and helped lift Weisenflut from beneath the Ford. They rushed him to Davenport for medical attention and then took him to the Spokane hospital, making the trip in less than half an hour. Both cars involved in the accident were damaged badly. Little is known of Weisenflut, except that he was hired through the national reemployment office here several weeks ago, and had lived in Spokane for some months. He was born in Switzerland. Floyd J. Underwood, county prosecuting attorney, interviewed all the witnesses Sunday afternoon, and decided that no charges will be filed against any of the persons involved. Boyk, Aldridge and Martin all stated that a car with the blinding lights passed them just before they arrived at the wreck.” (Davenport Times-Tribune: 5-10-1934)


Williams, Martha,           6-22-1951

“Mrs. Otis Williams suffered a heart attack, at her home Wednesday evening, June 13, and died very soon after she was stricken.  Martha Louise Schultz was born at the Lake Creek ranch, near Odessa , June 5, 1905, the twin of Sam Schultz. She attended the cottage school there, and later enrolled in the Harrington schools when her parents moved to this district.  She attended the academy at College Place, near Walla Walla and in September, 1931, was married to Otis Williams. She made her home in Spokane most of the time since then. She was a member of the Seven Day Adventist Church in Spokane.  Funeral services were conducted from the Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home in Spokane at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 16. Rev J. G. Gjording, of the Adventist church, was clergyman in charge. Byran Swanson sang ‘Safe in the Arms of Jesus’, and ‘In the Sweet By and Bye’. Both of these hymns were sung at the funeral services of Mrs. Williams’ mother.  Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery.  Mrs. Williams is survived by her husband, Otis Williams at the home, S 2808 Wall, Spokane; her father, Chris Schultz, who was 90 years old in August, 1950; sisters, Mrs. L. E. Samuelson (Mary), Olympia; Mrs. John Bibioff (Catherine), Seattle; Mrs. Emil Flath (Lydia), Dryden; brothers, John Schultz, Grandview; Jake Schultz, Glenwood; Herman Schultz, Newport; Adolph, Sam, Albert and Delmar Schultz, Harrington; Carl Schultz, Davenport; and Dan Schultz, Odessa; 24 nieces and nephews, and 9 grand nieces and nephews. All members of the immediate family were present at the rites, also Mrs. Amelia Gravy of Grandview, sister of Chris Schultz, and aunt of Mrs. Williams. A number of Harrington friends attended the funeral services.” (Harrington Citizen: 6-22-1951) 


Young, Mrs Grace Jennie  1945

"Mrs Grace Jennie Young, sister of G G and Dick Doggett, passed away in Spokane, and funeral services were held Saturday at Hazen & Jaegers Funeral Home. Dr H A VanWinkle officiated and cremation followed. Mrs Young had lived in Spokane 40 years. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs Fay Jensen, Cannon Beach, OR; son Ray A Young of Spokane; two grandsons; four brothers, Dick and G G Doggett of Harrington; Isaac, in CA; Harry in Nebraska; and two sisters in the East. Mr & Mrs George Doggett, and Dick and Dolly Doggett attended the services in Spokane Saturday." (Citizen: 3-02-1945)



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