Creston Cemetery Burials and Obituaries 

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Introduction:  This Lincoln County cemetery is located in the SW 1/4 Sec10 T26N R34EWM. It was dedicated January 31,1900.  At the West limits of the town of Creston on Highway 2, turn North onto Mountainview Road going .2 miles to the first cemetery entrance on the right hand side of the road. There are two entrances, one at the bottom of the hill and one at the top.  The cemetery is fenced and the lawn is well kept. Posted by the flagpole is an alphabetical cemetery roster with a block/lot map. Several of the headstones are missing from the prior EWGS readings of 1974.   A combination of the above information was used along with our actual physical reading. Earliest burial listed is 1890 but this is a fairly new cemetery with most burials in the 1900s.  Walked and read by Rella and Jim Gleaton September 1 & 11,1999.  Transcribed and submitted by Rella Gleaton December 14,1999.  Death records are a work in progress, the following are compiled by Marge Womach.  Please contact with corrections or additions.



Alberg, Doug;   (no marker, listing) {Edit: Duggie Alvin Alberg was born 10-01-1877 at Pataha, Lincoln Co, WA, son of Peter Alberg and his wife Marie Signal Alberg. In 1930 he resided in Creston with his mother, a widow, and two brothers: Edwin R and Andrew. Duggie died March 17, 1953 in Multnomah Co, Oregon, certificate #3153. He was not known to have married. Burial not confirmed.}

Alberg, Ed;  (no marker, listing)  “Edwin R. Alberg. Died: 3-16-1950. Birth: 6-21-1885, WA.  Spouse: Never married. Father: Peter Alberg. Mother: Mary S.  Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Alberg, J. A.: Added; “J. A. Alberg. Died: Spokane, WA on Oct 5, 1899; age 28 yrs. Buried: Creston, WA. Informant: Peter Alberg.” (Funeral Home ledger)

Alberg, Peter;  (b. 1845; d. 1924, listing) {Peter Alberg was the son of Andrew Alberg. He died July 30, 1924, aged 79 years. He married Marie, daughter of Thomas Signal. Marie Alberg died May 31, 1943, at the age of 87 yrs 8 mos and 28 days, in Seattle, burial not researched.}

Allen, Donald;  (b. 1928; d. 1929, s/o H. C.; listing);  “Donald Arthur Allen. Died: 19 Nov 1929, Creston, WA. Birth: 11 Oct 1928, Fort Benton, Montana. Father: Howard C. Allen, born Markle, IN.  Mother: Myrtle Lee Edmondson, born Damascus, VA.  Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Alm, Joseph W.;  (b. 1874; d. 1969; s/w Nena; listing)  “Joseph Alm. Birth: 9-08-1875. Death: March 1969, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index; burial not confirmed)

Alm, Nena Houger; (b. 1878; d. 1951; s/w Joseph W.; both on Houger headstone; listing) “Nena Alm. Death: 10 Aug 1951, age 72. Father: Sorn Jorgenson. Mother: Helena Momson.” (WA State Death Records);

Anderson, D.;  (no dates; listing)

Anderson, Inga Bertina;  (b. 4-01-1904; d. 3-01-1912; d/o Nels & Marie)

Anderson, Karen Lee;  (b. 1944; d. 1949; listing)

Anderson, Marie;  (b. 7-19-1869; d. 12-30-1926; s/w Nels; listing); “Marie Anderson. Died: 30 Dec 1926, Creston, WA.  Birth: 19 July 1869, Norway.  Spouse: Nels Anderson. Father: Paul Paulson, born Norway.  Mother: Marie Kristen, born Norway. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)

Anderson, Nels;  (b. 4-08-1864; d. 2-19-1934; s/w Mari; listing)  “Nels Anderson. Died: 19 Feb 1934, age 69, Soap Lake, Grant Co, WA. Father: Anders Haugen; Mother: Ragnhild Stalaviken.” (WA State Death Records); {Edit: Nels Anderson was a section foreman for the Northern Pacific Railway in 1910.}

Anderson, Paul;  (b. 5-02-1872; d. 11-18-1930; listing)

Anyan, Everett H; (b. 2-21-1914; d. 7-05-1983; US Army WW II; listing)  “Everett Anyan. Died: 5 July 1983. Birth: 21 Feb 1914. Last Residence: Creston, Lincoln Co, WA.” (SS Death Index); “Everett H Anyan. Birth Year: 1914. Nativity: WA, Lincoln Co. Enlistment Date: 16 Sept 1940, State of WA. Enlistment City: Spokane, WA. Branch: Infantry. Grade: Private. Component: National Guard. Education: 4 years of high school. Tractor Driver. Single, without dependents.” (US Army Enlistment Records);

Arneson, Alvin G.;  (b. 1902; d. 1949; listing) “Alvin C. Arneson. Died: 1 Nov 1949, Okanogan Co, WA. Age: 47 years.” (WA Death Index; Certificate 19647);

Arneson, Arney M.; (b. 1899; d. 1983; listing); “Arney Arneson. Birth: 28 Oct 1899. Died: Dec 1983. Last Residence: Blanchard, Bonner Co, Idaho.” (SS Death Index);

Arneson, Catherine; (b. 1929; d. 1978; listing) “Catherin L. Arneson. Died: 15 Nov 1978, age 49 yrs, Spokane City, Spokane Co, WA. Residence: Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate 026963);

Arneson, Elmer; (b. 1931; d. 1975; listing)  “Elmer Arneson. Birth: 7 Dec 1931. Died: Dec 1975. Last Residence: Newport, Pend Oreille Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);

Atterberry, Tollie John;  (b. 5-17-1921; d. 1-09-1998; US Navy WW II; listing) “Tollie John Atterberry.  Died: Jan 9, 1998. Born: May 17, 1921, Rosebud, AR. Spouse: Divorced.  Father: Nathanial Atterberry.  Mother: Hannah Lester.  Burial: Jan 13, 1998 at Creston Cemetery.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) 

Auritt, Charles;  (b. 1862; d. 1929; listing)  “Charles Auritt. Died: 6 Oct 1929, age 66, Medical Lake, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Auritt.”  (WA State Death Records) “Chas Auritt.  Died: 6 Oct 1929; age 66 yrs; heart disease; Creston Cemetery.” (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger); 

Auritt, George W; (b. 1891; d. 1903; listing; son of Chas and Rosa;)

Auritt, Rosa Sillman;  (b. 1875; d. 1932; listing)  “Rosa Auritt. Died: 23 May 1932, age 56. Father: Mathew Sillman. Mother: Christina Werner.” (WA State Death Records) “Rosa Auritt. Died:  23 May 1932; age 57; IL; dynamite explosion; Creston Cemetery.”  (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger)



Creston News and Notes  


(Misc. Ledgers: B-108) Presbyterian Church of Creston, filed Dec 6, 1899, with J. W. Maib (Pres) W. R. Foster (Sec), and D. F. McKay (Treas).

Alberg:  “Dec 26, 1917, Emery O. Alberg of Okanogan and Daisy L. Boyles of Lincoln County were married at Davenport by David W. Ferry, Minister of the Gospel.” (Lincoln County Marriage Certificate-U2443) See 1920 Creston Census:  Emery, 37; Daisy, 28; and infant Peter, 6 months.

Alberg:  “A Supreme court remittitur was received by the Court Clerk May 26th, reversing the decision of the Lincoln County Superior Court in the case if State vs. Duggie Alberg and Edwin Alberg.  The defendants plead guilty to possession of liquor in the justice court at Reardan and were given a sixty day jail sentence and fine of $100., the jail sentence to be suspended upon payment of the fine.  The defendants appealed to the Superior Court which affirmed the justice court decision and an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court. The case was reversed by the Supreme Court on an improperly verified complaint.” (Citizen: 5-30-1930)

Amos:  Thomas Amos. #879. Probate file May 16, 1906. Death at Creston on April 27, 1906. Survived by Mary A. Amos, widow, 57, of Creston; Jean G. Amos, daughter, 28, of NY; Andrew T., son, 27, of Spokane; and Tweedie W., son, 22, of Creston.” (Lincoln County Superior Court: probate notes file #879)

Anderson:  H. C. Anderson, of Creston, recently sold the Blackfan farm to Bert LaFaivre, for $3,000.”  (LCT: 8-07-1896)

Anderson:  “Miss Florence Anderson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Anderson, died last Tuesday night, at about 12 o’clock, at their new home on the Columbia River. She was sick when they moved from Creston, a week ago, and grew worse in spite of medical care until the end came. She was a bright girl of fourteen years.” (LCT: 10-01-1901)


 Creston Cemetery, Creston, Lincoln county, Washington

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