Creston Cemetery Burials and Obituaries 

                Submitted by Marge Womach


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Bailey, Cletus L.; (b. 3-20-1900; d. 10-20-1902; s/o G. W. & M. E.; s/w Orval A.; listing)

Bailey, Orval A.; (b. 4-08-1898; d. 10-09-1902; s/o G. W. & M .E.; s/w Cletus L; listing)  “Orval Bailey; #178; d. Oct 9, 1902, age 4 yrs.” (Lincoln Co Auditor)

Bales, J. Calwell;  (b. 1855; d. 1944; listing)  “Jason Caldwell Bales, #179, d. 5-04-1944 at Spokane; age:  88y 6m 22 dy; single; Place of funeral: Creston; Ordered by Rev E. Mitchell. Interred Creston on 5-07-1944 at 4 p.m.”  (Strates)

Barbre, Bonita V.; (b. 1925; d. 1926; listing)  “Bonita Virginia Barbre.  Died: 25 April 1926, Creston, WA.  Birth: 18 Jan 1925, Creston, WA.  Father: James S. Barbre, born VA. Mother: Florence R. Jennings, born NC. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.”  (Lincoln County Health death card) 

Barbre, Florence R.;  (b. 1880; d. 1956; s/w James S.; listing); “Florence Rebecca Barbre. Died: 18 June 1956, age 76, Omak, Okanogan Co, WA. Father: Leonder Jennings. Mother: Victoria Jan Elledge.” (WA State Death Records);

Barbre, James K. ‘Jim’;  (b. 1917; d. 1995; m. 2-14-1946; s/w Lila Bell; listing) “James K. Barbre. Died: 12-21-1995, Ephrata, Grant Co, WA. Birth: 8-30-1917.” (SS Death Index);

Barbre, James S.;  (b. 1870; d. 1957; s/w Florence R.; listing)  “James Barbre was born Dec 22, 1870 at Loves Mill, Virginia. He married Florence Jennings in 1903 at Jefferson, NC, and in 1908 the family came west to Creston, which thru the years was ‘home’ to them.  The Barbres came to Harrington in 1935 and resided here seven years. Mr. and Mrs. Barbre moved to Usk where they lived about three years then returned to Harrington. In 1952 they went to Omak to make their home with their son Paul who farms there.  Mr. Barbre was a member of the Christian Church at Creston, and an early-day president of the county Farmers Union. He belonged to Liberty Grange during his residence here.  Mrs. Barbre passed away in June of 1956.  Surviving Mr. Barbre are his children, Vern, Ephrata; Ralph, Harrington; Paul, Omak; James, Soap Lake; and Mrs. W. D. Garland, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; sister, Mrs. L. M. Bishop, Greenacres; and several grandchildren. Funeral rites were held last week Wednesday for Mr. Barbre (Feb 13) from the Christian Church at Creston. Rev George Thomas of Greenacres was officiating clergyman and was assisted by Rev E I Mitchell of Garfield, formerly of Creston.  Mrs. Louise Thompson (cousin of Ralph Barbre and his brothers and sister) sang ‘Rock of Ages’, and ‘Goin’ Home’.  She accompanied herself at the piano…” (Harrington Citizen: 2-22-1957)

Barbre, Lila Bell;  (b. 1920; d. no date; s/w James K.)

Barbre, Madge;  (b. 10-08-1907; d. 7-31-1916; d/o JS & Florence; listing) “Madge Carrie Barbre. Died: 30 July 1916, age 8, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: James S. Barbre. Mother: Florence Jennings.” (WA State Death Records);

Barbre, Minnie V.;  (b. 1876; d. 1925; listing)  “Miss Minnie Barbre died Wednesday at the home of her brother, James Barbre, in Creston Wednesday as the result of a stroke of apoplexy which attacked her Saturday night. The stroke was so severe that she never regained consciousness.” (Odessa Record: 11-27-1925)  “Minnie V. Barbre. Died: 25 Nov 1925, Creston, WA.  Birth: 24 April 1876, VA. Single. Father: Peter J. Barbre, born TN. Mother: Ann Sherwood, born VA. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) 

Barnhart surname: (no Lincoln Co Health death  cards)

Barnhart, J. Leslie (b. 1881; d. 1957; listing; son of Lorenzo and Sarah;)

Barnhart, Lloyd;  (b. 1908; d. 1989; s/w Reva G.; listing) “Lloyd Barnhart, Reva Warren, marriage application recorded 5-26-1933” (Chelan Marriage Records, Chelan Co, WA);  “Lloyd Barnhart. Died: 12-27-1980. Birth: 5-06-1908, WA. Spouse: Reva G. Waren. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health burial permit); 

Barnhart, Lorenzo S.;  (b. 4-10-1839; d. 3-24-1912; s/w Sarah A; Civil War; listing) “Lorenzo W Barnhart, birth: 4-10-1939, NY, twin to Alonzo at Marlin, WA; Death: 3-24-1912, Creston, WA; marr: Sarah Amelia Stivers on 12-11-1877 in Little Falls, Morrison Co, MN.  Parents of 8 known children: Ashley, Leslie, Ray, Lily ‘Lulu’, Ethel, Veda, Ralph and Vivian. Each born in Morrison Co, MN between 1878 and 1898.  Lorenzo enlisted in the Union Army on 9-03-1862 and mustered out on 6-25-1865.  Lorenzo W and Alonzo Barnhart were shown on the 1850 NY Census as two of the six children of John and Sarah Barnhart.” (Research from Marlin, Grant Co, WA)

Barnhart, Reva G.;  (b. 1907; d. 1995; s/w Lloyd; listing) “Reva Geneva Warren Barnhart; birth: 7-03-1907, WI; d. 3-27-1995, Los Angeles, CA. Mother’s maiden name: Kerschner.”  (CA Death Index) “Lloyd Barnhart, Reva Warren, marriage application recorded 5-26-1933” (Chelan Marriage Records, Chelan Co, WA)

Barnhart, Sarah A.;  (b. 6-01-1858; d. 11-04-1932; s/w Lorenzo; listing) “Sarah and Lorenzo Barnhart were on the 1900 Bush, Morrison Co, MN census showing eight children born with seven living.  Sarah Amelia Stivers was married to Lorenzo Barnhart on Dec 11, 1877 at Little Falls, Morrison Co, MN.” (Marlin Research)

Beeman, Alvin;  (no marker; listing); “Patrick Alvin Beeman. Died: 1 Oct 1916, age 2, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: W. H. Beeman. Mother: Anna Columbus.” (WA State Death Records);

Beeman, Emanuel;  (d. 3-26-1913; infant s/o W. H. & Annie; listing)  “Telford News. Emanuel, son born to Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Beeman on March 26, died the same day. God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to remove little Emanuel from this sinful world…the little gem was laid to rest in the Creston Cemetery. (LCT:  4-03-1913)

Beeman, Jess;  (no marker; listing);

Beeman, Julia F.;  (b. 9-22-1857; d. 11-10-1907; listing); “Julia Francis Beeman. Died: 10 Nov 1907, age 50, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: H. P. Beebee. Mother: Lavina Hager.” (WA State Death Records);

Beeman, Vada;  (no marker; listing)  “Anna Veda Beeman. Died: 29 Feb 1920, age 15. Father: W. H. Beeman. Mother: Anna Columbus.” (WA State Death Records);

Beeman, William Henry;  (b. 6-08-1873; d. 1-02-1917; listing)  “William H. Beeman. Died: 2 Jan 1917, age 43, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: James Beeman. Mother: Hagar.” (WA State Death Records);

Bell, John A.;  (b. 1888; d. 1972; s/w Mamie M.; listing)  “Funeral services for John A. Bell of Spokane were held Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at the Barnes Funeral Home in Coulee Dam with interment in the Creston Cemetery. Bell died of an apparent heart attack Friday while servicing beehives for a friend, K. C. Nelson of Elmer City. A Spokane friend, Robert Riggs, went with Bell, but since he is allergic to bees, stayed indoors with Nelson. When Bell did not return, the two men looked for him and found the body in the Nelson yard.  Riggs was stung and was rushed to a hospital. Nelson collapsed and also was hospitalized and later released with Riggs.  John Bell was born on Feb 26, 1888, at Seven Miles Ford, Virginia, and came west with his family in 1904, ranching north of Creston for many years.  In 1920 he married Mammie Viers in North Carolina, and famed near Creston until about 1948 when he and his wife and sons moved to Nespelem. He owned and operated a fruit, vegetable and hay ranch there until retiring in 1964. At the time of his death, he was living with his son, John D.  Bell in Spokane. His wife passed away about the time they left Creston.  In addition to his younger son, John D, of Spokane, he is survived by another son, Bryce E., of Minneapolis; three brothers, George of Creston; Irving of Pasco; and Rush of Elma. Other survivors include one grandchild and numerous nieces and nephews.” (Davenport Times:  6-29-1972); 

Bell, John E.; (b. 1856; d. 1931; s/w Savana; listing)  “John E. Bell. Died: 6 Sept 1931, Creston, WA.  Birth: 15 May 1856, Montgomery, VA.  Spouse: Savana, nee not stated.  Father: John Bell, born VA. Mother: Lizzie Keester, born VA. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) 

Bell, Lea Mangis;  (no dates; listing)

Bell, Mamie M.;  (b. 1897; d. 1948; s/w John A.; listing)  “Mrs. John Bell. Residence: Creston, WA. Age: 59 yrs 3 mos 6 days Birthplace: Laurel Springs, NC. Father: John A; Physician: Anderson.  Surviving relatives: son, Bryce E. Bell, of Coulee Dam; son Johnnie Duane Bell, Creston. Funeral: Christian Church on 6-28-1948 at 2 p.m. at Creston. Minister: Mitchell. Cemetery: Creston.” (Mortuary Ledger);  “Mamie Mae Bell. Died: 6-25-1948. Birth: 3-09-1897, NC.  Spouse: John A.  Father: James _____. Mother: Lizzie Bare. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card);  

Bell, Rush;  (b. 1897; d. 1975; US Army WW I; listing)  “Rush Bell from here and Guy Pugh, Frank Anderson and John Pierce from Peach, all went to Davenport Tuesday to be sent to camp Wednesday. They go to Camp Fremont, California.—Creston News.” (LCT: 8-16-1918)

Bell, William;  (b. 4-07-1880; d. 3-06-1943; listing)  “William Bell; #122; Date of death: 3-06-1943 at Wilbur, WA; Place of Funeral: Creston, by Rev Mitchell, on 3-09-1943, at 2 p.m. Interment: Creston, WA; single. Certifying physician: Dr Yount.”  (Strates)  “William Bell.  Died: 3-06-1943. Birth: 4-07-1880, Carolina.  Single. Father: John E. Bell. Mother: Carolina Roten. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card); 

Bettencourt, Elizabeth;  (b. 6-19-1929; d. 6-12-1990; listing)  “Groom. Wallace G. Bettencourt of Bonner Co, Idaho. Bride: Elizabeth Z May, of Spokane Co, WA. Marriage: Jan 20, 1948 at Walla Walla, WA. Officiant: Stewart N. Lombard, Justice of the Peace. License Date: 16 Jan 1948. Witnesses: Mildred R. Curtz and Frank Van Bushirk.” (Certificate of Marriage details, Walla Walla Co Auditor: #16740);

Bise, Daniel;  (d. 3-15-1945, aged 69; Added)  “Daniel Bise; d. 3-15-1945, aged 69  yrs 1 mo 7 days; died in Spokane. Funeral: Creston, Rev Mitchell at 2 p.m., interment at Creston.” (Strates)

Bishop, Ada C.;  (b. 1-11-1882; d. 9-26-1952; listing); “Ada C. Bishop. Died: 26 Sept 1952, age 70, Sedro Woolley, Skagit Co, WA. Father: Henry Mangis. Mother: not shown.” (WA State Death Index);

Bishop, Daniel G.;  (b. 1868; d. 1927; s/w Nannie A.; listing); “Daniel George Bishop. Died: 15 Jan 1927, age 58, Hartline, Grant Co, WA.  Father: Martin V. Bishop. Mother: Eliz. Blankenheckler.” (WA State Death Index);

Bishop, John William;  (b. 4-28-1902; d. 11-02-1902; infant s/w Thomas; listing)

Bishop, June E.;  (b. 1897; d. 1966; s/w Martin V.; listing); “June Bishop. Died: Sept 1966, Almira, Lincoln Co, WA. Birth: 10-07-1897.” (SS Death Index);

Bishop, Lester L.;  (b. 1906; d. 1927; listing); “Lester L. Bishop. Died: 15 Nov 1927, age 20, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Samuel J. Bishop. Mother: Ada Mangis.” (WA State Death Records);

Bishop, Martin V.;  (b. 1895; d. 1940; s/w June E.; listing); “Martin VanBuren Bishop. Died: 2 Feb 1940, age 45, Wenatchee, Chelan Co, WA. Father: Daniel Bishop. Mother: Nannie Burns. Spouse: June Bishop.” (WA State Death Records);

Bishop, Nannie A.;  (b. 1860; d. 1911; s/w Daniel G.; listing); “Nanie Adeline Bishop. Died: 12 July 1911, age 51, Douglas Co, WA. Father: Jim Burns. Mother: Sarah Catherine Shafer.” (WA State Death Records);

Bishop, Samuel J.;  (b. 10-21-1872; d. 12-18-1918; listing); “Samuel J Bishop. Died: 18 Dec 1918, age 46, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: J W Bishop. Spouse: Ada Bishop.” (WA State Death Records); “Sam Bishop, 28, VA, single, salesman.” (Creston 1902 City Census);

Bishop, Thomas Eldred;  (b. 1-16-1899; d. 6-29-1909; s/w John Wm; listing)

Blaisdell, Gail E.;  (b. 1921; d. 1993; s/w Richard B.; listing)  “Gail Elaine Blaisdell. Died: 1-15-1993. Birth: 1-29-1921, WA. Spouse: Richard Blaisdell. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health burial permit); 

Blaisdell, Herbert;  (b. 1878; d. 1950; s/w Jeannette; listing); “Herbert Blaisdell. Died: 17 Aug 1950, age 72, Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Marshall Blaisdell. Mother: Malissa Crandell.” (WA State Death Records);

Blaisdell, Jeannette;  (b. 1882; d. 1972; s/w Herbert; listing)  “Funeral services will be held for Mrs. Jeanette Blaisdell on Thursday (today) at 2 p.m. in the Creston Christian Church.  The Rev James Farrell will officiate at her last rites and burial  will be in the Creston Cemetery. The Robertson Funeral Home of Wilbur is in charge of arrangements. The family suggests memorial gifts I her memory be donated to the Creston Christian Church.  Mrs. Blaisdell passed away at the Lincoln Memorial Nursing Home in Davenport on Sunday morning, Oct 22, 1972. Following the interment, friends and relatives are invited to visit with the family in the Christian Church parlors where the Christian Women’s Fellowship will serve refreshments.” (Davenport Times:  10-26-1972);  “Jeanette Blaisdell, resident of Lincoln Memorial Nursing Home in Davenport, was the guest of honor Jan 23 at a party celebrating her 90th birthday which was on the following day. Her daughter, Mrs. Alf Gullikson, made the birthday cake for the party, which was held in the private dining room at the home.  Present for the family celebration were Mr. and Mrs. Alf Gullikson, Mrs. Tomas Markin and daughter, Claudine, Howard Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blaisdell of Greenacres, Mrs. Brian Bacon and children, Doug and Wendy of Dishman, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mangis, Georgia Brown, Louella Wilcox and Cecile Lundstrom, all of Davenport.  Before the party, the group attended the 3 p.m. church services held at the hospital.”  (Davenport Times:  2-03-1972);  “Jeanetta Blaidsdell (sic).  Died: 10-22-1972. Birth: 1-24-1882, MN.  Widowed. Father: Cuthbert Cheeley. Mother: Emily Smith. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) 

Blaisdell, Richard B.;  (b. 1918; d. no date; s/w Gail E.; listing); “Richard B. Blaisdell. Died: June 7, 2000, Greenacres, Spokane Co, WA. Birth: 12-08-1918.” (SS Death Index);

Boatman, family of D J; (no names or dates per 1974 listing)


Boatsman surname:  “The mother of Dirk John Boatsman was Dina (Menken) Boatsman. The mother of Gertie V (Gertrude) Boatsman is Augusta Behrends.” {Data submitted by their great-granddaughter, Connie (Boatsman) Lee.}  “D J Boatsman, head, 47, IA. Gertie Boatsman, wife, 46, Germany . Carl Boatsman, son, 22, NE; Dena Boatsman, dau, 19, NE; Mae Boatsman, dau, 16, WA; Henry Boatsman, son, 14, WA; Walter Boatsman, son, 11, WA; Vergie Boatsman, dau, 8, WA; Lawrence Boatsman, son, 9 mos, WA.”  (1920 Marshall Township, Spokane Co, WA Census) “Groom: Carl E Boatsman, age 24, residing Newport , WA . Birthplace: Sterling , NE , laborer. Bride: Evelyn Lanore, age 17, residing Newport , WA . Birthplace: MN. Housewife. Groom’s father: D Boatsman; Groom’s mother: Gertie Barrett (sic). Bride’s Father: Alack Lanore. Bride’s mother: Lennie Armstrong. Marriage: 7-13-1922, Newport, Pend Oreille Co, WA. License Dated: 13 July 1922.” (WA State Marriage Records: Pend Orielle Co)  “License No 27379, Spokane Co, WA. Groom:  Louis C Harrison, residing Marshall , WA , age 24, born Iowa . Father: David R Harrison, born Iowa . Mother: Mary Carlile, born Iowa . Bride: Dena Boatsman, residing Marshall , WA , age 20, born NE. Father: Richard Boatsman, born Iowa ; Mother: Gertie Behrends, born Iowa . Marriage: 11 March 1920, at Spokane . Witnesses: Mae Boatsman, Henry Butrick. Officiant: G W Stoehn, Justice of Peace, Spokane , WA .” ( Spokane County Certificate of Marriage: Personal and Statistical Particulars)  Walter L Boatsman. Died: 1 Sept 1945, age 29, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Dirk John Boatsman. Mother: Gertrude Behrens. Spouse: Madonna Bird. Batch Id #277569.” (WA State Death Records) “Henry E Boatsman.  Died: 2-09-1992. Birth: 10-29-1905.” (SS Death Index; unconfirmed identity). “Groom:  Arthur F Scheel. Bride: May Boatsman. Marriage: 18 Aug 1921, Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai Co, Idaho .” (Vol. 16 Page 105, Kootenai Co Marriages) “Groom: John T Barta. Bride: Dena Boatsman. Marriage: 8 March 1927, Coeur d’Alene, Kootenai Co, ID.” (Vol. 21 page 133, Marriage ID #235249, Kootenai Co Marriages) Groom: Theodore R Lane . Bride: Dena Barta. Witnesses: Mrs N L Boatsman. Norval Boatsman. Officiant: Raymond M Nivison, Justice of the Peace, Seattle. License: 14 Apr 1942. Marriage: 14 April 1942, 8:30 p.m.” (details from Marriage Certificate, King County , 76622). “Henry H Boatsman, head, 31, Iowa , married. Julia G Boatsman, wife, 25, IL, married. William T Boatsman, son, 4, WA, single. Robert H Boatsman, son, 1 yr 1 mos, single. Michael A Menkal, brother-in-law, 24, IL, single.” (1930 Seattle, King Co, WA Census)


Boatsman, Dirk J;  (b. 1872;  d. 1939; listing)  “Dirk John Boatsman. Died: 15 Jan 1939, age 66, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: John Boatsman. Mother: not shown. Spouse: Gertrude Boatsman. Burial: Creston , WA .” (WA State Death Records); {Birth: May 1, 1872. submitted}


Boatsman, Gertie Viola;  (b. 1873; d. 1943; listing)  “Gertrude V Boatsman. Died: 30 Dec 1943, age 79, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: George Behrends. Mother: not given. Spouse: Dirk John Boatsman.” (WA State Death Records);


Boatsman, Glen Everen (added; d. 5-13-1918; b. 7-21-1915)  “Glen Everen Boatsman. Male, white, Age 2 yrs 9 mos 23 days. Birthplace: WA. Father: D J Boatsman, born Iowa . Mother: Gertie V Burns, born Germany . Informant: D J Boatsman, Marshall , WA .  Died: May 13, 1918, Reg. Dist. #6, Marshall, Spokane Co, WA. Cause: Sarcoma of liver, duration 5 months. Dr M C Cornac, Spokane , WA .  Burial: Creston , WA May 14, 1918. Undertaker: New England, Spokane , WA .” (WA State Board of Health Death Certificate #125)


Boatsman, Infant (added; per family request) Infant of D J and Gertie V Boatsman. Born and died circa 1905 at Creston, first burial in the family plot in the Creston Cemetery .


Boatsman, John (added; b. 10-06-1895; d. 5-27-1939); “John Boatsman. Male, white, divorced. Spouse: Mrs Clara Smith. Birth: 10-06-1895, Sterling , Nebraska . Laborer. 44 yrs 9 mos 11 days. Father: Dick J Boatsman, b. Ackley , Iowa . Mother: Gertie Boatsman, born Germany . Informant: Mrs Dana Barta, 824 E Princeton, Spokane . Burial, Cremation or Removal: Spokane , Wash. May 28, 1939. Undertaker. L L Moon, Sandpoint , Idaho . Death: May 27, 1939, Priest River Hospital, Priest River, Bonner Co, Idaho . 9:10 p.m. Cause of death: Crushing injury of the chest, right side. Auto Accident, Highway #195 near Priest River , Idaho . Thrown from auto. Leslie Stauffer, MD, Priest River , Idaho .”  (State of Idaho-Certificate of Death; State File No. 114314)  “Groom: John Boatsman, age 27, Newport , WA ; birthplace: Sterling , NE ; occupation: Lumbering. Bride: Clarice V Sutton, 19, residing Newport , WA . Birthplace: Elk, WA. Housewife. Groom’s father: Dirk Boatsman. Groom’s mother:  Gertrude Dehrences (sic). Bride’s Father: Frank Sutton. Bride’s mother: Jennie Herbert. Marriage: 7-06-1922, Newport, Pend Oreille Co, WA.” (Pend Oreille Marriage Records)


Boatsman, Lawrence (added; b. 3-09-1919; d. 10-28-1940);  “Lawrence Boatsman. Male, white, single. Birth: 3-09-1919. Age 21 yrs 7 mos 19 days. Birthplace: Marshall , Washington . Painter, self-employed. Father: Dick J Boatsman, born Iowa . Mother: Gertie Behrend, born Germany . Informant: Marval Boatsman, 3008 N. Martin. Burial, 1031-1940, Creston , Washington . Ball and Dodd Funeral Home, Howard T Ball, South 327 Jefferson St , Spokane .  Death: 10-28-1940, 3:50 a.m., Sacred Heart Hospital , Spokane , WA . Duration of stay at hospital: 2 weeks. Resident of Community: 21 years. Usual Residence: 3008 N. Martin  St , Spokane , WA . Cause of Death: General peritonitis, following ruptured appendicitis. R G Andrea, MD, Spokane , WA .”  (WA State Dept of Heath Certificate of Death, Registrar’s #1392)

Bogart, Bertha;  (no marker; listing)  

Bogart, Harvey;  (no marker; listing)  “Harvey Bogart, the seventeen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bogart, died at their home 18 miles north of Odessa last Thursday of a complication of pneumonia and peritonitis. Funeral services and interment took place Sunday at Creston. A younger son of the family who was reported at death’s door with pneumonia the first of the week is now reported recovering.” (Odessa Record: 6-09-1916)

Bogart, Josie;  (d. before 4-28-1939; Added)  “Josie Bogart; #7; Died before 4-28-1939 at Seattle, WA; Ordered by Lee Bogart. Place of Funeral: Creston, WA; Clergy: C. T. Mitchell. Interment: Creston, WA on 4-28-1939.” (Strates) 

Bogart, Lennie;  (no marker; listing)

Bogart, W. G.;  (no marker; listing; d. Apr 1927)  “William Bogart, a pioneer of the north Odessa district, died at his home at Spokane Tuesday morning. The Record is unable to obtain further particulars other than that his funeral will be held at Creston.” (Odessa Record: 4-15-1927)

 Bonnalie, James E.;  (b. 9-23-1925; d. 4-08-1970; US Navy WW II; listing); “James Bonnalie. Died: April 1970. Birth: 9-23-1925.” (SS Death Index);

Bowman, Cora E.;  (b. 1930; d. 1979; listing);

Boyd, Carrie M.;  (b. 1879; d. no date; s/w Charles W.; listing); (burial not confirmed); “Carrie Boyd. Died: 16 Jan 1948, age 68, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Henry A. Bouk. Mother: Mary S. Dutt.” (WA State Death Record);

Boyd, Charles W.;  (b. 1876; d. 1945; s/w Carrie M; listing); “Charles William Boyd. Died: 8 Aug 1945, age 69, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Thomas Boyd. Mother: Mary Elizabeth Galloway.” (WA State Death Record);

Boyer, Robert R.;  (b. 1942; d. 1985; US Navy Vietnam; listing); “Robert Boyer. Birth: 7-20-1924. Death: Nov 1985.” (SS Death Index);

Brannon, Almira.;  (b. 1836; d. 1922; s/w Thomas; listing); “Almirea Rogers Brannon. Died: 2 April 1922, age 85, Peach, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Daniel Rogers. Mother: Katherine Cress. Spouse: Thomas J Brannon.” (WA State Death Index);   “Mr Lee Rodgers, of Ashland, Oregon, is visiting with his sister, Mrs. Almira Brannan.”  (Davenport Tribune: 2-14-1901)

Brannon, Dora J.;  (b. 1883; d. 1959; listing) 

Brannon, Elmor E.;  (b. 3-21-1912; d. 11-07-1926; listing)

Brannon, infant son;  (b. 2-01-1907; s/o M & D; listing)

Brannon, Marcus E.;  (b. 1873; d. 1947; listing); “Marcus Brannon. Died: 2 Dec 1947, age 74, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Thomas Brannon. Mother: Almira Rogers. Spouse: Dora Brannon.” (WA State Death Records); “Marcus Brannon, age 74, a resident of Lincoln County for 60 years, died Tuesday of last week in a Spokane hospital.  He had been in failing health for several years.  Mr. Brannon was born in Newport , OR , Oct 15, 1873. He  came to Lincoln County in 1887. For many years he resided in the Peach area, and in recent years has lived in Davenport. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Dora Brannon, at the home; three daughters, Mrs. Ora Hurdstrom, Davenport, Mrs. Eva Wilks, Seattle, and Mrs. Dortha Tarbert, Spokane; four grandsons, three granddaughters, and one great grandchild, and a brother, Charles E Brannon of Seattle.  Funeral services for Mr. Brannon were held Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the Bumgarner Funeral Home chapel with the Rev Leroy Duncan officiating. Mrs. Mae Huffman sang, accompanied by Mrs. Anna Jarvis. Interment was in the family plot in the cemetery at Creston. Pall bearers were Phil Henderson, Scott Jellis, Roy McKellips, William Peak, M G Smith and Ben Jayne.”  (Davenport Times-Tribune: 12-11-1947)

Brannon, Thomas;  (b. 1830; d. 1894; h/o Almira; listing)

Braun, Audrey;  (b. 1915; d. 1989; s/w Harry; listing);  “Audrey M. Braun. Died: 15 Aug 1989, age 74, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Residence: Grant Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index): Certificate: 021747);

Braun, Harry;  (b. 1912; d. 1994; s/w Audrey; listing);  “Harry C. Braun. Died: 25 July 1994, age 82, Quincy, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #025081);

Breejild, P.;  (lot ½ empty, name on roster; listing) {Edit: Peter N. Brujeld was shown on a 1910 business directory for Creston as a blacksmith and plumber.}

Brich, Frank;  (no dates; listing) see Burch, Franklin

Brown, Larry R.;  (b. 1942; d. 1972; s/w Merla K; listing)  “Funeral services in memory of Larry Ray Brown of Spokane were held on Monday, Nov 13, at 2:30 p.m. in the Creston Christian Church. Interment was in the Creston Cemetery with a Military Honor Guard participating at the graveside services. Rev James Farrell was the officiating pastor, and the Strate Funeral Home of Davenport was in charge of arrangements.  Larry R. Brown was born on May 20, 1942, in Davenport, WA, to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Brown of Creston, and passed away Oct 31, 1972, north of Metaline Falls, WA. He is survived by his wife, Merla; two daughters, Wendy, 7 years old, and Wanda, 3 years old, all at the home; his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Brown, Jr., of Creston; one brother, Darrel Brown of Spokane; one sister, Beverly Vaughan of Santa Clara, CA; also many cousins, aunts and uncles. One daughter preceded him in death in June, 1963.  Larry completed all twelve grades in the Creston Schools, graduating in 1960 with valedictorian honors. During his school years he joined the Boy Scouts...” (Dav. Times excerpt: 12-21-1972)

Brown, Lorene;  (b. 1918; d. no date; s/w Tony; listing)

Brown, Lynn Adair;  (d. 6-18-1963; baby; listing)

Brown, Merla K.;  (b. 1946; d. no date; s/w Larry R.; listing) 

Brown, Tony;  (b. 1904; d. 1980; s/w Loren; m. 8-31-1939; listing); “Tony Brown. Died: 23 March 1980, age 75, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Residence: Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #006492);

Brumley, Irene L;  “Irene L Brumley, age 49.—Of Almira passed away Nov 21 in Spokane. She was born Jan 5, 1960 in Spokane to Virgil and Virgie Brumley. Survivors include her parents of Almira, brothers Jeff (Darlene) Brumley of Sprague and Terry (Cara) Brumley of Prosser, WA, sister-in-law June Brumley of Spangle, and numerous nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins. Memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday, Nov 30, at the Almira Community Center . Burial will precede the service at the Creston Cemetery at 11 a.m.” (Spokesman Review: submitted 2009)

Buchanan, Lavina A.;  (b. 1880; d. 1964; s/w Thomas A; listing)

Buchanan, Thomas A.;  (b. 1890; d. 1968; s/w Lavina A.; listing) “Thomas Buchanan. Died: May 1968, Coulee City, WA. Birth: 1-29-1890.” (SS Death Index); 

Budrius, Janice Arline; (Added; d. 4-16-1941);  “Janice Arline Budrius. Died: 4-16-1941. Birth: 4-16-1941. Stillborn. Father: Arthur R. Budrius; Mother: Elsie Tolonen. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Burch, Franklin; (d. 1-01-1943; age 77; Added)  “Franklin Burch. #108; d. 1-01-1943 at Wilbur, WA. Receipt for Cemetery lot of Mrs. Phillips on 1-19-1943, $5, ½ lot in Creston Cemetery for Frank Bursch, signed by Verna Vincent, Town Treasurer. Date of Funeral: 1-03-1943 at Creston, Rev Mitchell officiating clergyman. Burial: 1-03-1943 at Creston. Age: 77 yrs 7 months 16 days. Certifying physician: Dr Yount.” (Strates)

Butterfield, Frank;  (b. 1873; d. 1936; s/w Lucy; listing)  “Burial was made at Creston on Saturday of Frank Butterfield, brought there after funeral services at Medical Lake, where he died Wednesday.” (Odessa Record: 11-12-1936)

Butterfield, Lucy;  (b. 1882; d. 1938; s/w Frank; listing); “Lucy Butterfield. Died: 21 May 1938, age 55, Wilbur, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Nate Smith. Mother: Clara Forbes. Spouse: Farnk Butterfield.” (WA State Death Records);

Byers, Francis Clifford;  (b. 3-31-1904; d. 8-15-1904; s/o Arthur & Louisa; listing) {A. L. Byers was a 1910 Taxpayer on Almira property.}"The little child of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Byers died Monday morning after a lingering illness dating from its birth.  The trouble was a weakness of the digestive system, resulting in failure to assimilate its food.  It was about four and a half months old.  The funeral occurred Tuesday forenoon from the home of the parents, interment being in the Creston cemetery.  Rev. J. H. Hope conducted the religious services.  The family has the sympathy of the community in the death of their little one.  "We lay thee in they silent tomb, Sweet blossom of a day; We just begin to view thy bloom, When thou wert called away.  At length released from all his pain, Our darling went to sleep; How calm and peaceful is his repose, While Christ his soul doth keep." (Creston News Aug 19, 1904)



Creston News and Notes  


(Misc. Ledgers: B-108) Presbyterian Church of Creston, filed Dec 6, 1899, with J. W. Maib (Pres) W. R. Foster (Sec), and D. F. McKay (Treas).

Barbre:  Charles M. Barbre was born in Washington County, Virginia, on April 1, 1867, the son of Peter J. and Mary A. (Sherwood) Barbre, natives of Virginia. In 1898 when Mr. Barbre came to his present location. He has now 400 acres of fine land.  He has stock in addition to raising wheat. In 1887, Mr. Barbre married Miss Molley E., daughter of Jesse C. and Liddy (Sherwood) Mountain, natives of Virginia. Two children were born to Charles and Molley, Wiley B. and James C..” (details from 1904 Hist. of Big Bend-p. 288, photo)

Barbre:  Peter J. Barbre’s ancestors were prominent in the affairs of Sampson County, North Carolina. From there Peter migrated to Virginia where in 1860 he married Miss Mary A Sherwood. Peter served in the Civil War. (details from 1904 History of Big Bend-p. 256)

Baring:  “A sad accident occurred Sunday morning a few miles southwest of Creston, in which Miss Anna Baring, a young woman about 20 years of age, lost her life. In company with N Nelson, a well known rancher, to whom it is said she was soon to have been married, she was going for a drive. Mr. Nelson drove to the watering trough in the barn lot to water the team. Leaving her in the buggy, he stepped to the horses’ heads and removed the bit from the mouth of one of them, when they ran. Mr. Nelson was thrown down and run over in his fruitless attempt to control them, and as they ran around the barn the woman was hurled out with such force as to break her ribs and injure her internally. She died about two hours after the accident. A messenger was sent for Dr Edward, who hurried to the scene, but found it impossible to do anything. Dr Wright of Wilbur was also called, but she was dead before he arrived. Mr. Nelson is prostrated over the terrible affair, which is a great shock to all who know the families.” (LCT: 6-29-1906; burial not researched.)

Barnhart:  “Funeral services were held for Mrs. Mary Barnhart of Wenatchee on Friday, Nov 10, and interment in Wenatchee Cemetery… Mary Barnhart (Mangis) was born on Sept 5, 1883, in Illinois and passed away Tuesday, Nov 7, in Wenatchee after a lingering illness. Her husband, Ashley Barnhart, preceded her in death in February of this year.  Before Mary was a year old, she came west to Washington with her parents, James and Alice Mangis, and her brothers and sisters. Mary Mangis was married to Ashley Barnhart in Creston on Dec 20, 1905. Mr .and Mrs. Ashley Barnhart farmed north of Creston until 1925 when they moved to Entiat for 12 years… Mrs. Barnhart is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Veryle Stanfield of Wenatchee; two sons, Lloyd Barnhart of Creston and Ronald Barnhart of Wenatchee; also two sisters, Mrs. Frank Gollaher of Entiat and Mrs. Macel DeBeaumont of Walla Walla. (excerpt Dav. Times: 11-16-1972) 

Barnhart:  Ashley Barnhart of Lincoln County; Mary Mangis of Lincoln County; marriage: Dec 20, 1905; W H Howard, JP; G W ___gler and Herbert Blaisdell, witnesses.” (Details from Lincoln County Marriage Certificate)

Barnhart:  Lloyd Barnhart; Reva Warren; Chelan Co Marriage Index”

Barnhart:  Ray Barnhart of Creston; Minnie M. Simons of Creston; marriage: Nov 27, 1913; Ernest I Mitchell, minister; Chas M. Robertson and F. C. Simons, witnesses.” (Details from Lincoln County Marriage Certificate-U2008)

Beames:  “On Sunday, the 2nd of August, Mrs. J. M. Beames of Creston was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery at Spokane.” (Citizen: 8-14-1908) 

Beeman:  Jos. M .Beeman; #203; d. 4-19-1903; age 72 yrs.” (Lincoln Co Auditor)

Beer:  “Lost one large American horse branded T on left hip; also two half circles on left shoulder with bar between. Will pay $5 reward for return of said animal to J. L .Tripp’s barn. E. D. Beer, Creston.”  (LCT: 9-04-1896)

Bell:  “Miss Sadie Bell and Albert Hire were married at Creston last week.” (Citizen: 9-18-1908)

Bishop:  Levi C. Bishop was born in Washington County, Virginia, on Oct 13, 1858, to Madison and Eunis (Grose) Bishop. His father was a veteran of the Civil War.  In 1882 he married Miss Sarah E. Cole.  In 1883 Levi came to Walla Walla and in 1884 took a timber culture on land north of Creston. Levi and Sarah have two children, Lury M. and Mary E.. (details from 1904 History of Big Bend-p. 264)

Blackfan:  Miss Mabel Blackfan, of Creston, arrived from Spokane, Wednesday, and will visit with her parents for a few weeks.” (LCT: 3-27-1896)

Brandon:  Mrs Brandon of Creston, age 30, departed this life last Sunday morning. Consumption was the cause of her death which had been lingering with her for a period of three years.” (LCT:  9-02-1904) 

Brannon:  Charles E. Brannan and Adelia M. Foster, both of Creston, Wash., were married at the Congregational parsonage Tuesday, Nov 3, by Rev G H Wilbur.  Mr. and Mrs. Brannan will make their home in Sprague.—Sprague Times.” (Citizen: 11-13-1903)

Brents:  Brents was a small community five or six miles north of Creston which had formed by 1880. Names associated with that area were:  James Jesse Cole, John Cole, Samuel M. Comer, Trauisdell Cooper, Newton Grinstead, William Franklin Simons, George H. Simons and George L. Snyder. The first post office was established in 1882 with Josiah Cole as postmaster, followed by David R. Cole, Allen Emerson, David M. Stephens, Joseph M. Jump. By 1885, other names were added to the area: Elijah Zigler, Oliver Houck, William Roberts, John Hick White, Walker Hudkins, Jim Dungan and Henry Mangis, Henry Verfurth, Will Rhodes, Jim Spencer, and C. T. Blackfan.  (details from Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy; and Wilbur Register: Golden Jubilee)

Brown’s Butte: “It was in the month of September, 1882, that Mr. and Mrs. Wm Robertson homesteaded in the Brents region, about one and one half miles from the Sherman ranch which soon became the Sherman post office. Mrs. Robertson, widow of this pioneer, recalls how she feared the Indians for they arrived not too long after the Spokane massacre for one to feel entirely safe. But her fears were hardly justified since Chief Moses and all his tribesmen were very friendly to the settlers.  She recalls that when they came here there was one family near Creston—that of Frank Brown, whose ranch was so near the butte that old-timers called that high knoll Brown’s Butte. The families of George and Frank Simons, and the Carpenter and Blackfan families were among their early neighbors.  Mrs. Robertson’s husband established the first ferry boat on what is now state road No. 4  Mr. and Mrs. Robertson had nine children. Their daughters, Anna and Mary, are dead. Their sons, Charles, Dave and John, farm not far from the original homestead. A daughter, Mrs. Grace Gibbs, lives at Grand Coulee; and three sons, Archie, Burt and Gordon, are Montana farmers. The mother still lives on the farm but Mr. Robertson has been dead several years.”  (Wilbur Golden Jubilee: June 1939)

Burch:  A fire that started Monday near the Sunset highway, eight miles east of Creston, burned in a long line through pasture and timber to the north. Forty cords of wood cut by Frank Burch were burned, while several smaller piles were saved, as was the house occupied by Mr. Burch. It was reported threatening more timber on Tuesday and it was planned to call for CCC workers to help fight it.” (Odessa Record: 9-13-1935)


 Creston Cemetery, Creston, Washington submitted

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