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Scott, Emma Jo;  (b. 1881; d. 1950; listing) “Emma Cass Scott. Died: 11 May 1950, age 69, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Polk Scott. Mother: Lydia Hedrick” (WA State Death Records);

Sellars, Lloyd J.;  (b. 1886; d. 1966; listing)  “Lloyd Sellars.  Re-interred Creston Cemetery.”  (Lincoln County Health Burial Permit: no dates or details);  “Lloyd Sellars. Died: April 1966, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Birth: 11-01-1886.” (SS Death Index);

Shuck, Calvin M.;  (b. 1-05-1920; d. 1-12-1992; US Army WW II; listing) “Calvin M. Shuck. Died: 12 Jan 1992, Spokane City, Spokane Co, WA. Age 72. Residence: Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #001153);

Shuck, Charles;  (b. 1909; d. 1920; listing)  “Charles Norman Shuck. Died: 23 Jan 1920, age 10, Lincoln Co, WA.  Father: Norman Shuck. Mother: Opal.” (WA State Death Record);

Shuck, Clarence D.;  (b. 1911; d. 1949; US Army WW II; listing) 

Shuck, Cora E.;  (b. 1887; d. 1920; s/w James; listing) 

Shuck, Emery;  (d. 12-05-1906; age 2 wks; s/w Freddie; listing)

Shuck, Freddie;  (d. 9-06-1910); age 2 yr 8 mo 3 days; s/w Emery; listing)  “Fred Elvin Shuck. Died: 5 Sept 1910, age 2, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: William Shuck. Mother: Cora Titus.”  (WA State Death Records);

Shuck, infant;  (d.  10-20-1930; listing) 

Shuck, James;  (b. 1878; d. 1919; s/w Cora E.; listing) 

Shuck, Norman;  (b. 10-25-1882; d. 6-04-1954; listing) 

Shuck, Octavia;  (b. 1855; d. 1935; listing)  “Octavia Susanna Shuck. Died: 1 June 1936, age 81, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Allan Wilson. Mother: Susanna Robertson.” (WA State Death Records);

Shuck, Opal Anderson;  (b. 6-16-1901; d. 5-01-1991; listing) 

Shuck, Robert;  (b. 1876; d. 1943; listing)  “Robert Shuck. #123. Death: 3-07-1943 at Wilbur. Funeral: 3-11-1943 at Creston, Rev Mitchell, Clergyman.  Interment: 3-11-1943 at 2 p.m. at Creston Cemetery. Age: 67 yrs 0 mo 1 day. Certifying physician: Dr Yount.” (Strates) “Shuck, Robert; Male, white, widowed. Spouse: Myrtle Cooper, deceased.  b. 3-06-1876, Ognawka, IL. Day laborer. Father: Francis M. Shuck, born KY; Mother: Octavia Wilson, born IN. Informant: Norman Shuck, Pacific City, WA.; d. 3-07-1943, at home, Wilbur, WA;  Burial: Creston, WA. Funeral Director: Mrs. C. M. Phillips, Wilbur, WA.” (WA State Death Certificate)

Simonson, Melvin E.;  (b. 1909; d. 1977; listing)  “Melvin Simonson. Died: June 1977, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Birth: 2-08-1909.” (SS Death Index);

Smith, Henry;  (b. 1849; d. 1942; s/w Jane E..; listing)  “Henry Smith. #105.  Death: 12-10-1942 at 2 a.m. at Creston.  Funeral: 12-13-1942 at 1 p.m. at Creston, Rev Mitchell, Clergyman.  Interment: 12-13-1942 at Creston, WA.  Age: 93 yrs 2 mo 10 days. Widowed. Birthplace: Kent, England. How long a resident here: 46 yrs; How long in US: 64 yrs. Certifying Physician: Dr John Anderson.”  (Strates) “Henry Smith, 86, Creston, was injured last week when he fall from a load of hay and was taken to Spokane for treatment.” (Odessa Record: 10-01-1936)

Smith, H. Wilson;  (b. 1883; d. 1966; listing) 

Smith, Jane E.;  (b. 1854; d. 1908; s/w Henry; listing) “Mrs. Jane Smith of Creston, an old resident of that section, died Sept 29, aged 54 years.” (Citizen: 10-09-1908)

Smith, Iona V.;  (b. 1-21-1917; d. 1-27-1917; s/w Thelma C.; listing) 

Smith, Thelma C.;  (b. 8-25-1919; d. 2-14-1920; s/w Iona V; listing) “Thelma Chloe Smith.  Died: 14 Feb 1920, infant, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Elmer Smith. Mother: Hettie M. Morgan.”  (WA State Death Records);

Spencer, Harold ‘Bud’;  (b. 1930; d. 1994; listing) “Harold L. Spencer. Died: 22 Oct 1994, Spokane City, Spokane Co, WA. Age: 64 yrs. Residence: Spokane, WA.”  (SS Death Index);

Spencer, Jana G.;  (d. 1957; s/w Lori; Baby; listing)

Spencer, Lori;  (d. 1958; s/w Jana G.; Baby; listing) 

Stambaugh, Isaiah;  (b. 1846; d. 1927; s/w Mary M.; listing) * “Letters of guardianship over Isaiah Stambaugh, Creston, an incompetent person, have been issued to Mrs. Sarah Margaret McKay.” (Odessa Record: 4-02-1926)  Isaah Stambaugh, deceased, located between Wilbur and Creston in 1882, and later made Creston his home. He died there several years ago.  Of a family of several children, three are in Lincoln County—Mrs. Fred McKay and Otis Stambaugh at Creston and Mrs. T. H. Hale at Wilson Creek. Soon after Isaah settled here his brother, George, also homesteaded and in the latter 80’s he and his wife established the first bakery in Wilbur. They later put in a general merchandise stock and Mrs. Stambaugh became our first milliner. She also taught a subscription school. Their daughter is Mrs. H. M. Robinson, wife of a missionary in China, and their son, Guy, once in the United States Department of Agriculture offices in Washington, D C, is a livestock farmer in Montana.” (Wilbur Golden Jubilee: June 1939)“Isaiah Stambaugh, one of the wealthy and respected men of the Big Bend country, has the distinction of having gained his present large property interests solely by his wisdom and industry, having, in the meantime, been called on to pass through all the trying hardships and dangers incident to pioneer existence, all of which he has accomplished in a becoming manner. He is today one of the citizens of Lincoln County that people look up to, having gained this esteem and confidence from his fellows by his upright walk and kind, neighborly ways.  Isaiah Stambaugh was born in Butler County, Ohio, on March 10, 1846, the son of George and Sarah (Garrison) Stambaugh. The father came from a Pennsylvania Dutch family of prominence, while the mother was of English extraction, her family being an old and influential one. Our subject was taken by his parents to Schuyler County, Illinois, when two years of age. Soon thereafter, they went to McDonough County, where Isaiah received his education in the common schools. The father died when this lad was eight years of age and the widowed mother had the heavy burden of caring for a family of six children in a new country. The children were names as follows: Samuel, Jacob, Isaiah, Margaret E., Rebecca A., and George G.. They were all kept together until the Rebellion broke out and then, our subject being sixteen, he took charge of the farm, while his two older brothers went to fight back the forces of treason. He continued with his mother until her death in 1864, and then continued on the home farm until his marriage. In 1868, Mr. Stambaugh married Miss Mary M, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Linton) Smith, natives of Kentucky. The father was a cooper and was in Kentucky in the days of pioneer hardships. He had much trouble with the Indians together with his other trying times, but became one of the leading men of his section and reaped the rewards of his labors. Mrs. Stambaugh was born in Kentucky, on Nov 18, 1844. To Mr. and Mrs .Stambaugh, the following named children have been born:  John M., a merchant at Quincy,WA; Mrs. Sarah M. McKay; Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Howell; Mrs. Tiney M. Cole; Silas Otis; and Stella G..  Reverting to an earlier portion of our subject’s career, we notice that in 1869, Mr. Stambaugh removed with his wife to Missouri , from Illinois . In September, 1870, they returned to Illinois. IN 1882, Mr. Stambaugh turned his face westward and eventually landed in the Evergreen State . Upon investigation, he selected his present place, which lies about three miles southwest from Creston. He had much arduous labor to perform and many trying things to encounter. However, he overcame all and with his family weathered the many severe storms both of the hard winters and of adversity.  He has a good place now and is one of the substantial men of the county.  In 1873, Mr. Stambaugh was converted and joined the United Brethren church, but since coming to Washington , he has been allied with the Methodists and is a consistent member of that denomination. He is a zealous and active worker in Sunday schools and in promoting all good enterprises.” (History of Big Bend-1904; page 303) 

Stambaugh, John M.;  (b. 1871; d. 1940; listing) “John Martin Stambaugh.  #35. Ordered by Mrs. McKay.  Death: 10-18-1940 at Klamath Falls, Oregon. Funeral: 10-22-1940 at Creston, Rev Mitchell officiating Clergyman. Interment: 10-22-1940 in Family Plot.  Age: 78 years. Birthplace: Illinois.”  (Strates)

Stambaugh, Mary M.; (b. 1844; d. 1926; s/w Isaiah; listing) “N. Nelson, George Mangis and E. C. Wassum, Creston, have been named appraisers of the estate of Mary Matilda Stambaugh.” (Odessa Record: 4-02-1926)

Stambaugh, S. O.;  (empty; listing)

Stanton, Julian S..;  (b. 1857; d. 2-28-1901; age 44 yr 7 mo 11 dys; listing) “Mr. Stanton, of Creston, died last Thursday morning of grippe. Deceased has been in bad health with asthma for the past year.  He leaves a wife and three small children.” (Dav. Trib: 3-08-1901)

Steffey, Anna; (unconfirmed burial; d. 1917); “Anna M. Steffey. Died: 12 May 1917, age 47, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Henry Widner. Mother: Mary Creacy.” (WA State Death Records; burial not stated; corrected name: Anna Margaret, wife of B Frank Steffey);

Steffey, Frank;  (no marker; listing) * “Benjamin Franklin Steffey. Died: 10 April 1932, age 67, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Steffey. Mother: unknown. Spouse: Maggie Steffey.” (WA State Death Records); “B. F. Steffey was born in Virginia in 1863. In early life he mastered the operation of saw mills, and in 1889 he emigrated to Washington and settled on a farm near Creston. In addition to operating the farm he devoted his time to drilling wells.  He also cut wood and hauled it 11 miles at $2.50 per cord in order to buy provisions. His wife was also a native of Virginia, and this couple were popular in the Creston community.”  (Wilbur Register: Golden Jubilee: June 1939)  B. F. Steffey was born June 18, 1863 to Benjamin F. and Nancy (Snavely) Steffey.  In 1887 Mr. Steffey married Miss Margaret A, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Widner, natives of Virginia. Mrs. Steffey was born in 1870.  B. F. and Margaret Steffey were parents to the following children: Josephine, William Henry, Myrtle R., Nannie E. and Lily. (details from 1904 History of Big Bend-p.309)

Steffey, Henry;  (no marker; listing)  {Edit: Burials not determined.  A Henry Steffey was listed in a Creston 1910 business directory, where he was shown to be a boarder with B. F. Steffey, a well driller, also advertised in the directory. “Rena Steffey. Died: 7 Feb 1917, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Infant, female.  Father: Henry Steffey. Mother: Lucy Varney.” (WA State Death Records); “Roy Steffey. Died: 21 Aug 1921, age 1 yr, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: W. H. Steffey. Mother: Lucie Varney.” (WA State Death Records); “Rollin Steffey. Died: 28 Aug 1921, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Infant, Male. Father: W. H. Steffey. Mother: Lucy I. Varney.” (WA State Death Records); “Russel Allen Steffey. Died: 9 April 1927, age 10, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: W. H. Steffey. Mother: Lucy Varney.” (WA State Death Records).}

Stevenson, -;  (empty; listing)

Stimson, J.  H.;  (b. 1873; d. 1918; listing) 

Stimson, Willard;  (b. 8-21-1825; d. 7-18-1908; listing)  “Died:  John Harold, infant son of Mr .and Mrs. J. H. Bodgers, Edwall; Mrs. Daniel Kelly, 25 years of age, Sprague; Mary Rasman, 9 years, Wilbur; Willard Stimson, 83, Creston.” (Citizen: 8-07-1908)

Straub, Charles A.;  (b. 1869; d. 1928; listing)  “Charles Straub was in town on Wednesday, and in discussing the Tracy reward trouble, stated that H. N. Martin was in charge of Gardner’s end of the affair, but that the Creston boys could gain no satisfaction from either Martin or Gardner. The latter sends them to Martin who as usual, ‘don’t know a d___ thing about it’.” (Citizen: 8-29-1902) “Charles A Straub. Died: 28 Feb 1928, age 58, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: George Straub. Mother: Lavina Coffman. Spouse: Ida Straub.” WA State Death Records);

Straub, Charles Wesley;  (b. 1907; d. 1942; listing)  “Charles Wesley Straub. Died: 12 Aug 1942, age 34, Leavenworth, Chelan Co, WA.  Father: Charles A. Straub. Mother: Ida Gollihur. Spouse: Arlene.” (WA State Death Records);

Straub, Howard A.;  (b. 1908; d. 1958; listing) “Howard Albert Straub. Died: 18 Dec 1958, age 50, Wenatchee, Chelan Co, WA. Father: Charles Straub. Mother: Ida Gollihur.”  (WA State Death Records);

Straub, Ida;  (b. 1869; d. 1947; listing) “Ida Straub. Died: 30 Jan 1947, age 77, Wenatchee, Chelan Co, WA. Father: Jeff Gollahur. Mother: Mary Jane Lockmiller. Spouse: Charles Straub.” (WA State Death Records);

Striegel, Effie M.;  (b. 1876; d. 1936; listing) “Effie Striegel. Died: 5 April 1936, age 69, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Nathan Smith. Mother: Clara Farlies. Spouse: John Striegel.” (WA State Death Records);

Striegel, John J.;  (b. 1874; d. 1958; listing)  “John J. Striegel. Died: 1 April 1958, age 83, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: John Striegel. Mother: Clara.” (WA State Death Records);

Striegel, Paul Cecil; (b. 1908; d. 1931; listing)  “Paul Cecil Striegel. Died: 26 June 1931, age 22, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: John J. Striegel. Mother: Effie May Smith.” (WA State Death Records);

Sullivan, Caroline I.;  (b. 1875; d. 1956; listing)  “Caroline Isabel Sullivan. Died: 26 May 1956, age 81. Father: Raphael Greenwood. Mother: Celina Raboin.” (WA State Death Records);

Sullivan, Evan J.;  (b. 1902; d. 1977; listing)  “Evan Sullivan. Died: March 1977, Creston, WA. Birth: 10-02-1902.” (SS Death Index);

Sullivan, Dewey;  (b. 6-27-1918; d. 11-03-1921; s/o Mr. & Mrs. Jas; listing) “Wm Dewey. Died: 3 Nov 1921; born: Creston; infantile __; s/o Jacob; Creston Cemetery.” (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger);

Sullivan, James;  (b. 1867; d. 1960; listing)  “James Sullivan. Died: 25 Jan 1960, age 92. Father: Sullivan.” (WA State Death Records); “James Sullivan. Died:  25 Jan 1960; 92; b. Marysville, KS; Creston Cemetery.” (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger);

Sullivan, Michael H.;  (b. 1867; d. 1938; listing)  “Michael H. Sullivan. Died: 3 Dec 1938, age 69, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Michael Sullivan. Mother: Bridget Corcoran. Spouse: May Sullivan.” (WA State Death Records); “Michael H. Sullivan. Died: 4 Dec 1938; 69 y 6 m 9 d; h/o May Sullivan; Creston Cemetery.  s/o Michael Sullivan & Bridget Corcoran.”  (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger);

Summerlin, Cleve;  (b. 1885; d. 1948; s/w Lorlie; listing)  “Henry Cleveland Summerlin. Died: 27 Oct 1948, Spokane. Aged: 63 yrs 5 mos 25 days. Father: William B Summerlin. Mother: Lucretia Adams.” (WA State Death Records: File #2032777)

Summerlin, Lorlie;  (b. 1894; d. 1937; s/w Cleve; listing)  “Lorelie Belle Summerlin. Died: 15 Jan 1937, age 44, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Ezra Vinson. Mother: Clark. Spouse: Henry C Summerlin.” (WA State Death Records);

Summerlin, William E.;  (b. 5-15-1919; d. 10-19-1997; listing)

Syria, Nannie May;  (b. 8-02-1891; d. 12-30-1908; d/o C. B .& Minerva J.; listing)  {Edit: “Syra, C.  B., 37, VA, married, farmer; M. J., female, 34, VA, married; Stella, 12, VA; Nana, 10, VA; Sam, 7, VA; Charles, 4, VA.” (Creston City Census 1902);



Creston News and Notes  


(Misc. Ledgers: B-108) Presbyterian Church of Creston, filed Dec 6, 1899, with J. W. Maib (Pres) W. R. Foster (Sec), and D. F. McKay (Treas).

Saints Church:  “The Saints church, vacant landmark at Creston, is being wrecked. Built more than 30 years ago, it was conspicuous for its high pointed roof. The lumber will be used to build a service station farther west on the highway.” (Odessa Record: 6-24-1937)

Sanders:  “Farm for Sale. One half section of land on Bachelor Prairie, 7 head of cattle, 4 head horses, also hay, good buildings, orchard, water and timber. $2,000. M. E .Sanders, Creston.” (LCT: 10-22-1901)

Schmidt:  A sad accident, which cost Edwin Schmidt, son of W. B. Schmidt, his life, occurred at noon today. Ray Stafford, who was with him at the time, had his collar bone broken and his scalp severely cut. The terrible affair was the result of the running away of Mr. Schmidt’s team. Drs. Akey and Dunham reached the unfortunate boy in a few minutes after he was hurt, and Dr Edward, who was out of town at the time, about an hour after. An examination of the exterior injuries was made, and these were dressed. The cranium was then examined, when it was discovered that the back and right portion of the skull was fractured and internal artery ruptured, rendering surgery powerless to save him. He died about 4 o’clock. Edwin was about 16 years old and a bright boy. He had lived here for three years or so, where his father was until recently engaged in blacksmithing. The boys were hauling household goods to a car, to be shipped to Everett, where they intended locating, and while returning to the house one of the horses kicked and got across the tongue. Both started to run, and at the OK barn collided with a wagon standing in the street, throwing the boys out violently. The box was thrown off, upsetting, and Edwin was caught under this. The wagon was damaged considerably but the team was unhurt. –Creston News. (Davenport Tribune: 3-14-1907; burial location not researched.)

Schoenbochler:  “I will sell, at a bargain, a good hotel, including household furniture and fixtures, at Creston. This hotel, ‘The Cottage House’, is doing a large business, and has about fifteen regular boarders at the present time. For full particulars call on or address me at once, at Creston, Wash., J. J. Schoenbochler.” (LCT: 1-25-1901)

School: “Creston schools are scheduled to begin Monday, with W. D. Riddle, supt.; M. Houston, athletics; Miss Gregg, music and English; and Miss Barnes, commercial and library.  Grade teachers are Mrs. Susie Wieser, Evelyn Hatten, Marguerite Maguire and Genevieve Maguire.” (Odessa Record: 8-26-1937)

Schultz: John Schultz, rancher 15 miles south of Creston, is accused by Lincoln County officers of stealing 18 sacks of wheat from W. G. Bogart Sunday night. Schultz is at large on his own recognizance and is to report to the sheriff on call. Officers yesterday went to the Bogart ranch, 14 miles from Odessa and followed sleigh tracks from the granary to the door of Schultz’s granary, it is alleged. Schultz was found at Odessa yesterday afternoon and admitted taking the wheat, officers say, and also admitted taking 32 sacks in November, alleging that Bogart owed him money and that he had taken the wheat in payment. He seemed to think it perfectly legal to take the wheat in this manner, officers stated.” (Citizen: 1-29-1922)

Scott:  Miss Belle Scott, of Creston, met with quite an accident last Friday. While trying to close a gate it fell and broke her arm below the elbow. Mrs. Scott set the broken bone and Miss Belle is recovering slowly.” (LCT: 8-17-1894)

Sellars, Bessie E;  (1927-2007; added); “Bessie L Sellars, age 79.—Was born on Oct 27, 1927 in Quitman, AR to Nathaniel and Hannah (Lester) Atterberry. She grew up in the Quitman area of Arkansas before going to work after the war started. She married Clarence Russell Sellars on Aug 28, 1946 in Finley , WA and the two of them made their home in Creston , WA in 1950. Bessie passed away May 11, 2007 in Davenport , WA ; her home Creston , WA . She is survived by her husband Clarence Russell Sellars at the home. Two children, Linda K (and Ronald) Jensen of Creston, WA, and Burel Sellars of Kettle Falls , WA , along with 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She has two sisters, Lillian Lande of Yakima , WA , and Leeda Walter of Colt, AR, along with numerous nieces and nephews. Bessie attended Creston Christian Church and was a member of the Wilbur VFW Auxiliary. Bessie enjoyed making craft for church sales and helping when needed. Her biggest love was her family and grandchildren. Graveside services, Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 11 a.m. followed by a Celebration of Life service for Mrs Sellars at 11:30 a.m. at the Creston Christian Church with Pastor Don Hoffman, officiating. Strate Funeral Home, Davenport , WA , is caring for the family.” ( Lincoln Advertiser: 5-16-2007)

Shuck:  “At Creston, August 21, the residence of Bob Shuck was totally destroyed by fire; no insurance. Fire supposed to have started from a bad stovepipe.” (Citizen: 8-25-1911)

Shuck:  James Schuck of Creston, convicted of horse stealing, is out on a bond of $1,000, furnished by his father and some of his neighbors. A motion has been made for a new trial.” (Citizen: 12-11-1903)

Simons:  Chester Simons and Eula Swart of Creston, surprised friends by announcing their marriage Sunday at Entiat. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Swart. Mr. Simons is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Simons, pioneers of the Big Bend. An old-fashioned charivari was tendered Monday evening.” (Odessa Record: 10-29-1926) 

Simons:  “Word has just been received that the old man Simons, near Creston, committed suicide Wednesday night. Ill health is supposed to have been the cause, but no particulars have yet been received. (LCT) William Simons, an old and respected settler of this community, whose home lies 7 miles northwest of Creston, committed suicide by hanging himself in the woodshed. Mr. Simons rose at about 3:30 and left the house. As he frequently rose at an early hour this did not attract particular attention, and his body was not discovered until nearly three hours later, when his son Peter found him dead and already cold, indicating that he must have committed the deed immediately after rising. Peter notified his brother, Van and a neighbor, James Carman, by telephone, and both were soon at the scene. The body had been taken down and carried into the house before Mr. Carman arrived. Mr. Simons was about 76 years old, and had been in poor health for a long time. His wife is also feeble, and it is supposed that the worry and confinement to his home occasioned by these conditions preyed upon his mind, until in his despondency he decided to put an end to his troubles in the only way that seemed open to him… He leaves an aged wife and several sons and daughters, most of whom are married. The sons, George H., W. F., L. E,. Peter and Ed., all live in the same neighborhood, the latter two, we believe, still live at home… It is said he attempted suicide once before several years ago, but was discovered in time to save his life. That was before he came to Washington.—Creston News”  (Citizen:  5-25-1906)

Simons:  Elmer Simons, of Creston, had a leg broken in three places by a fall from a horse Wednesday, the 18th.” (Citizen: 11-27-1908)

Smith:  “A marriage license was issued from the county auditor’s office Saturday to Elmer L. Smith (19) of Creston and Hattie Morgan (17) of Telford.” (LCT: 8-08-1913)

Snook:  “Snook Brothers of Creston have traded their general merchandise stock and business to Messrs Smith & Briggle of Spokane for property in that city.” (Citizen: 9-10-1909)

Stambaugh:  *  Isaiah Stambaugh was born in Butler Co, Ohio, on March 10, 1846, the son of George and Sarah (Garrison) Stambaugh.  At age two he went with his parents to Schuyler Co, Illinois, and then to McDonough County. His father died when he was eight.  His mother died in 1864. In 1868 he married Miss Mary M., daughter of John and Elizabeth (Linton) Smith. Mary was born in Kentucky on Nov 18, 1844. In 1882 they migrated to Washington. Their children were: John M., Mrs. Sarah M. McKay, Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Howell; Mrs. Tiney M. Cole; Silas Otis, and Stella G. Stambaugh. (details from 1904 History of Big Bend-p. 303)

Steffey:  *  B. F. Steffey was born in Virginia in 1863. In early life he mastered the operation of saw mills, and in 1889 he emigrated to Washington and settled on a farm near Creston. In addition to operating the farm he devoted his time to drilling wells.  He also cut wood and hauled it 11 miles at $2.50 per cord in order to buy provisions. His wife was also a native of Virginia, and this couple were popular in the Creston community.”  (Wilbur Register: Golden Jubilee) B. F Steffey was born June 18, 1863 to Benjamin F. and Nancy (Snavely) Steffey.  In 1887 Mr. Steffey married Miss Margaret A., daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Widner, natives of Virginia. Mrs. Steffey was born in 1870.  B. F. and Margaret Steffey were parents to the following children: Josephine, William Henry, Myrtle R., Nannie E. and Lily. (details from 1904 History of Big Bend-p.309)

Straub:  C A Straub has begun his fall’s work of freighting government supplies to the Indian agency from Creston.  The supplies consist of food for the Indian police and aged and infirm members of the tribe, and of wagons, harness, plows and other farming machinery for able-bodied men, who must earn their living under the instruction of the agency farmers, mechanics, etc. The supplies begin to arrive now in large shipments.” (LCT: 9-17-1901)

Sullivan:  “The funeral was held in this city (Davenport) last Friday of Richard B. Sullivan, son of Michael Sullivan of Creston who was recently kicked by a horse. He was taken to Spokane for treatment but the blow proved fatal and death occurred Wednesday, the little boy having been kicked on Sunday. Michael Sullivan is a brother of Dan Sullivan of this city.” (LCT: 7-24-1908)


 Creston Cemetery, Creston, Lincoln County, Washington 

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