Creston Cemetery Burials and Obituaries 

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Tarbert, Clyde;  (b. 6-19-1908; d. 10-16-1995; s/w Dortha D.; listing)

Taylor, Edward E.;  (b. 1852; d. 1915; s/w Jessie & Nathan E.; listing)  “Edward E. Taylor. Died: 28 Nov 1915, age 63, Wilbur, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Nathan Taylor. Mother: Vina Lavina Canning.” (WA State Death Records);

Taylor, Jessie;  (b. 1869; d. 1903; s/w Nathan E .& Edward E.; listing)

Taylor, Nathan E.;  (b. 1899; d. 1902; s/w Jessie & Edward E.; listing) 

Taylor, John William; (b. 1902; d. 1925; listing)  “John W Taylor. Died: 13 March 1925, age 22, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: John L. Taylor. Mother: Mable Haseltine (sic).” (WA State Death Records);

Tilson, Sean Barry;  (b. 1974; d. 1982; listing)  “After about eight hours of searching, the body of a 7-year old boy was found in Hawk Creek about midnight Tuesday, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff Dan Berry. Sean Tilson, from Creston, was fishing with his father, Barry Tilson, near the Hawk Creek campground northwest of Davenport when he apparently fell in the creek above Hawk Creek Falls and drowned, according to Berry.  The body was found by the Gold Team—a volunteer group of divers who conduct searches in Grant, Okanogan, Lincoln and Douglas counties—in about seven feet of water, according to Barry.  Berry said the boy had left the side of his father below the falls and apparently climbed a hill which led him to the top of the falls. The father began looking for the child about 10 minutes after he had left, according to Berry, and could not find him.  Berry said because of the extent of head injury, it was believed the boy drifted over the falls. The body was found just downstream from the falls, according to Berry.”  (Davenport Times: 4-29-1982); 

Top, Verna;  (b. 1920; d. 1980; listing)  “Verna Top. Died: July 1980. Birth: 21 Sept 1920. Last Residence: Creston, Lincoln Co, WA.”  (SS Death Index);

Top, Wagn;  (b. 1915; d. 1996; listing)  “Wagn Top. Died: 9 Dec 1996. Birth: 4 Sept 1915. Last Residence: Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. State Issue of SSN: CA before 1951.” (SS Death Index);

Toulouse, James E.;  (b. 3-24-1941; d. 4-14-1994; US Army; listing) “James E Toulouse. Died: 14 April 1994, age 53, Lincoln Co, WA.  Residence: Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #010352);

Toulouse, Marie;  (no marker; b. 1944; d. 1997; listing) “Marie A. Toulouse. Died: 6 Nov 1997. Birth: 10 June 1944. Last Residence: Olympia, Thurston Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);

Tye, Ralph;  (b. 11-03-1916; d. 11-24-1995; US Army WW II; listing)  “Ralph Tye. Died: 24 Nov 1995. Birth: 3 Nov 1916. Last Residence: Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. State SSN Issued: Idaho before 1951.” (SS Death Index);

Vaughan, Daniel Joseph;  (b. 1935; d. 1968; listing)

Vaughan, Baby Boy;  (d. 7-26-1957; s/w James L; listing)

Vaughan, Iva Helen;  (b. 7-26-1912; d. no date; listing) 

Verfurth, infant;  (added)  “Infant Verfurth. D. March 14, 1894; Creston.” (Lincoln County Auditor)

Vincent, Clyde M. Sr.;  (b. 1898; d. 1973; s/w Verna W.; listing) “Clyde M. Vincent. Died: 18 Nov 1973, Richland, WA. Residence: Richland, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #025486)“Funeral services for Clyde Marion Vincent, Sr., were held Wednesday morning from the Creston Christian Church, followed by burial in the Creston Cemetery. Mr. Vincent’s obituary will be published in next week’s edition of the Register.” (Wilbur Register: 11-22-1973)

Vincent, Verna W.;  (b. 1902; d. 1980; s/w Clyde M.; listing) “Verna W Vincent. Died: 3 Oct 1980, age 78, Walla Walla, WA. Residence: Richland, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #024486)

Vinson, Annie E.;  (b. 1889; d. 1929; listing) “Annie E. Vinson. Died: 10 Sept 1929, age 40, Wilbur, Lincoln Co, WA.  Father: Ed Day. Mother: not given. Spouse: Loren Vinson.” (WA State Death Records);

Vinson, Hector D.;  (b. 1913; d. 1936; listing) “Hector D. Vinson, 22, Creston, WA, and Richard Dyer, 24, Omak, died later from burns as the result of a motorcycle-haywagon crash at Rimrock in the Grand Coulee shortly after noon on Friday. The motorcycle on which the boys were riding struck the front end of the hay wagon just as it was driving across the highway from an intersecting road. The team ran away. The hay caught fire. Vinson died of bruises, while Dyer was so badly burned that physicians could not aid him.  Both boys were employed at the Grand Coulee Dam.” (Odessa Record: July-Aug 1936); “Hector Vinson. Died: 30 July 1936, age 22, Rim Rock, Grant Co, WA. Father: Loren Vinson. Mother: Anna Day.” (WA State Death Records);

Vinson, Loren E.;  (b. 1889; d. 1967; listing) “Loren Vinson. Died: Nov 1967, Winthrop, WA. Birth: 6-07-1889.” SS Death Index);



Creston News and Notes  


(Misc. Ledgers: B-108) Presbyterian Church of Creston, filed Dec 6, 1899, with J. W. Maib (Pres) W. R. Foster (Sec), and D. F. McKay (Treas).

Thornbrue:  “Mrs. Julia A. Thornbrue, aged 77 years, died at Creston August 18.” (Citizen: 9-01-1911)

Tompers:  W. B. Tompers came to Lincoln County in 1888 and set up a saw mill north of Creston and within a few months put in a lumber yard and established a planning mill in Wilbur. In this mill he lost his arm when he caught it in a planer.  He was engineer at the Columbia River Milling Co for several years, starting in 1891. In 1897 he bought farm land, and nothing is now known of the whereabouts of his family.”  (Wilbur Golden Jubilee: June 1939)

Turner:  J. J. Turner, of Creston, accidentally shot himself in the calf of the leg with a Colts revolver which he knocked off the ledge of a china closet.” (Citizen: 2-19-1909)

VanSickle:  “An order appointing Mrs. Myra V Van Sickle, Creston, as administratrix of the estate of her husband, Charles S. VanSickle, was signed in superior court at Davenport. The estate is valued at $8,000. Heirs are the widow, two sons and a daughter.” (Odessa Record: 2-04-1937)

VanSickle:  “To fill his orders for the subsoiler he is manufacturing in his new plant, recently completed at Creston, C. S. VanSickle is employing two shifts of men. Virtually every farmer in that area has bought a subsoiler. Steel is bought in carload lots.” (Odessa Record: 8-13-1936)

Verfurth:  Henry Verfurth attributed as Creston’s first resident and moved a  building to the town to house the post office, of which he was named postmaster in 1890. (details from Lincoln County: A Lasting Legacy)


 Creston Cemetery, Creston, Lincoln County, Washington 

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