Creston Cemetery Burials and Obituaries 

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Waddell, Walter C.;  (b. 1900; d. 1955; listing) “Walter Charles Waddell. Died: 23 Feb 1955, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA.  Age 54. Burial: Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Oliver Waddell. Mother: Marie Crull. Burial Date: 26 Feb 1955.” (WA State Death Records);

Wagner, Belle;  (b. 1881; d. 1919; listing)  “Belle Wagner. Died: 11 Nov 1919, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Age: 38 yrs 21 days. Spouse: Matt Wagner. Father: Grozchothe. Mother: not shown.” (WA State Death: File #1992540)

Wagner, Eileen Cecelia;  (b. 2-04-1915; d. 1-04-1970; s/w Laurence A.; listing)

Wagner, Laurence A.;  (b. 7-18-1911; d. 8-03-1993; s/w Eileen C.; listing)  “Funeral service was held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilbur on Friday, Aug 6, for Laurence A. Wagner.  Father Pat McMahon officiated. A graveside service followed at the Creston Cemetery. The 82-year old died Aug 3, 1993 while raking hay in a field near his home in Redwine Canyon.  He was born July 18, 1911, northeast of Creston in Redwine Canyon to Matt and Belle Wagner. His mother died in 1918.  He attended a country school near Lincoln, finishing eighth grade.  As a young man, he worked for farmers and later on road construction. He also worked in orchards, trapped and cut wood for sale—anything to make a living. As the water began to rise behind Grand Coulee Dam, he helped clear the land for the new mill site at Lincoln.  At the start of WW II, Mr. Wagner was drafted into the Army Corps of Engineers. After a brief course in engineering at Georgia Tech, he worked on war-related construction projects in Ireland, Greenland and the Aleutian Islands. He later became seriously ill for several months and following release from the hospital, was sent to school in Peoria, IL, to train as a mechanics instructor. Mr. Wagner, who married Eileen Moran in Peoria on June 19, 1948, left the Army after nearly four years and returned to the Creston area to work at the Lincoln sawmill. He worked at the mill for 35 years (including time in the military), retiring in April 1974.  Mr. Wagner remained active—always building something, fishing, gardening or running errands for his children.  Mr. Wagner is survived by a son and daughter, Robert Wagner and Mary Margaret Wagner, both at the home in Redwine Canyon; a brother, Robert Reinbold of Davenport; two sisters, Lorena Riddle of Chelan and Mildred Whitels of Albany, OR; and numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife Eileen in January 1970 and a sister, Christina Zehn, in 1988. Strate Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.” (Davenport Times: 8-12-1993) “Lawrence Wagner.  Died: 3 July 1993; age  82; heart; Creston Cemetery.” (Wilbur Catholic Death Ledger);

Wagner, Rhonda Fay;  (d. 2-08-1965; listing)

Waller, William R.;  (b. 1856; d. 5-05-1901; age 45 yrs; listing) “B. B. Jordan, the sturdy blacksmith and constable of Reardan, brought Mr. Beckman here to wait the investigation of the cause of the death of W. B. Waller, who died suddenly at Creston.” (Dav. Tribune: 5-09-1901)  “William R. Waller. #499. Estate filed May 13, 1901. Died: May 4, 1901 in Lincoln County. Petitioner was A. M. Smith. Property was shown in Creston. William Waller was a carpenter. File contains inventory of property, tools of trade, and bills for labor.” (Lincoln County Superior Court: Probate Notes)     

Walters, Ralph;  (b. 1880; d. 1906; listing)  “Notice to Creditors. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Lincoln County, In the matter of the Estate of Ralph W. Walters, deceased.  Notice is hereby given that letters of Administration of the Estate of Ralph W Walters, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the 29th day of April, 1912, by the Superior Court…Ella B. Potter, Administratrix.” (Citizen: 5-03-1912)

Waterbury, F.;  ( ½ empty; listing) 

Waters, Viola;  (b. 1882; d. 7-05-1902; age 20 yrs 15 days; listing) “Mrs. Will Waters, of Creston, was taken to Spokane last week to be operated upon for appendicitis.” (LCT: 7-08-1902)  “Died.—In the hospital at Spokane, July 5th, Mrs. William Waters, of Creston, under the painful operation for appendicitis. Deceased was the wife of William Waters, of Creston, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. R Comer. She leaves a husband and one child, father and mother, three brothers and three sisters to mourn her loss. She was a fond mother, a loving wife and kind sister and daughter, whose place cannot be filled and whose cheerful face will never be forgotten by her friends who join in sympathy with the bereaved family.” (LCT: 7-15-1902)

Watson, Edson W.;  (b. 1859; d. 1941; s/w Josephine L; listing)  “Edson W. Watson. Died: 17 Nov 1941, age 82, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Jerome Watson. Mother: Fryant.” (WA State Death Records);

Watson, Josephine L.;  (b. 1862; d. 1900; s/w Edson W.; listing)

Webster, Charles;  (b. 1855, d. 1931;  listing)  “Chas Webster left last week for the coast where he will spend the winter months.” (Davenport Tribune: 11-28-1912); “Charles Webster. Died: 26 Sept 1931, age 79, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Alonzo Webster. Mother: Martha Brown.” (WA State Death Records);

Weiss, John E.;  (b. 1885; d. 1972; listing) “Graveside services were held March 30 in the Creston Cemetery in memory of John Weiss, who passed away last week while visiting in Midland, South Dakota. Weiss, who was 86 years of age, had worked and lived in Creston since 1954. He tended livestock for the late Dan Reed until his retirement and then continued living in a trailer on the Reed property.” (Dav. Times: 4-06-1972) “John Weiss. Died: March 1972, Creston, WA. Birth: 3-24-1885.”  (SS Death Index);

Wells, Jennie Sellars;  (b. 1895; d. 1989; listing) 

Widener, S. N.;  (empty; listing)

Williams, -;  ( ½ empty; listing)

Williams, Samuel;  “Samuel Williams. Died: 10-29-1951. Birth: 9-18-1876, MO. Widowed. Parents: no information. Burial: Creston Cemetery, Creston, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)

Willis, Emily;  (b. 1-26-1859; d. 11-03-1910; listing)

Willis, George W.;  (b. 2-22-1850; d. 1-23-1935; listing)  “George W. Willis. Died: 23 Jan 1935, age 84, Sumner, Pierce Co, WA. Father: J. J. Willis. Mother: Mary Miller.” (WA State Death Records);

Willis, -;  ( ½ empty; listing)

Witherell, Paul E.;  (b. 6-26-1885; d. 6-26-1941; listing) “Paul Edson Witherell. Died: 26 June 1941, age 56, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Seneca Edson Witherell. Mother: Alice Alpha Rose. Spouse: Amelia Witherell.” (WA State Death Records);

Witherell, Grace; (d. 1911; daughter; listing)

Woods, Sarah E.;  (b. 1-18-1847; d. 1-18-1893; ‘scratched onto stone, d. 1903’; listing) “The people of the Creston neighborhood were shocked Saturday afternoon by the intelligence that Mrs. S. A. Woods was hopelessly ill, and could live but a short time. She had been sick, but the fact was not generally known that her illness was serious until Friday, when she was taken worse, passing away Sunday morning. Mrs. Sarah A. Woods was a native of Ohio, born in 1847, and dying on her birthday, in 1903, making her years of life exactly fifty-six.” (LCT: 1-27-1903)

Worby, -;  ( ½ empty; listing) 

Worby, Daniel;  (b. 1870; d. 1928; listing) “Daniel Worby. Died: 30 Sept 1928, age 57, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: F. T. Worby. Mother: Fredericka Ellesson. Spouse: Nellie Worby.” (WA State Death Records);

Worby, Nellie M.;  (b. 1882; d. 1926; listing)  “Nellie May Worby. Died: 8 Feb 1926, age 42, Wenatchee, Chelan Co, WA. Father: John Bogart. Mother: Catherine Allen. Spouse: Daniel Worby.” (WA State Death Records);

Worby, F. Thomas;  (b. 1833; d. 2-03-1917; age 84 yrs 6 mo 15 days; listing) 

Worby, Fredericka;  (b. 1846; d. 6-23-1910; age 64 yr 9 mo 15 days; w/o F Thomas; listing)  “Fredericka Worby. Died: 23 June 1910, age 64, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: John Ellsaesser. Mother: Emeline Beiter.” (WA State Death Records);

Worby, Orlen Leroy;  (b. 4-04-1910; d. 4-10-1910; s/o D & NM; listing) “Orlen Leroy Worby. Died: 10 April 1910, infant, male, Creston, Lincoln Co, WA.  Father: Daniel Worby. Mother: Nellie Worby.” (WA State Death Records);

Wright, Thomas A.;  (b. 1913; d. 1978; listing) 

Yenney, Harold;  (b. 4-20-1906; d. 8-27-1906; s/o C. F. & H. A.; s/w Paul; listing)

Yenney, Hermina A;  (b. 5-23-1882; d. 9-07-1922; listing) “Hermina H. Yenney. Died: 7 Sept 1922, Walla Walla, WA. Aged: 40 yrs 3 mos 4 days. Spouse: Conrad F. Yenney. Father: Herman Miller. Mother: not shown.”  (WA State Death Records; note discrepancy in middle initial, potential clerical error);

Yenney, Paul;  (b. 3-08-1905; d. 4-01-1905; s/w Harold; listing)

York, Amanda Comer;  (b. 1850; d. 1907; listing) 

Zehm, Christine;  (b. 1912; d. 1988; listing)  “Christine Lee Zehm, 75, of Ritzville, died Thursday, July 14, 1988, in the Life Care Center in that city. Mrs. Zehm was born Nov 16, 1912 in Creston to Matthew and Belle (Grossclose) Wagner.  She was raised and educated in Creston. She married and later divorced Edwin A. Zehm.  She was a homemaker most of her life but did work in private homes taking care of the elderly.  Survivors include: a daughter, Barbara Niswonger of Wallace, Kansas; a son, Melvin E. Zehm of Spokane; two brothers, Laurence Wagner of Creston and Robert Reinbold of Davenport; two sisters, Lorena Riddle of Chelan and Mildred Whiteis of Albany, OR; three foster brothers, Don Reinbold of Davenport, Eugene Reinbold of Moses Lake and Pat Reinbold of Ritzville; one foster sister, Bernice Haynes of Harrington; four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Graveside services were held July 18 in the Creston Cemetery. Strate Funeral Home of Wilbur was in charge.” (Davenport Times:  7-21-1988) 



                                                                       Creston News and Notes  



(Misc. Ledgers: B-108) Presbyterian Church of Creston, filed Dec 6, 1899, with J. W. Maib (Pres) W. R. Foster (Sec), and D. F McKay (Treas)

Warner:  “The father and mother of Alphonso Warner of Creston have been appointed his guardians. The young man is an imbecile and owns 320 acres of land.” (Citizen: 5-31-1912)

Watson:  “Mr. Harry Watson, our furniture man, is also carrying a vernal smile over the arrival of a son last Thursday.” (LCT: 3-08-1901) {Edit: this birth did not appear in the Lincoln Co Auditor’s Birth Ledger to 1907}

Watson:  Jack Watson, who was held in $500 bonds at the preliminary trial at Creston, Thursday, Nov 7, for seduction of Mary Belle Swank, secured bondsmen in John Rankin and William Simons and until last Thursday was at liberty, when, we are informed, they withdrew.” (LCT: 11-22-1895) 

Wenrick:  Charles Wenrick and Winnifred Florence, both of Creston, were married at the Presbyterian manse in this city Wednesday morning, Rev N S Fiscus reading the ceremony.”  (LCT: 6-21-1912)

White:  “Rev and Mrs. H. F. White of Creston will leave at once for their new station, the old Spokane mission beyond Fort Spokane. There is a very interesting congregation of about two hundred natives there, many of them Christians of the best character, intelligent and devout.” (LCT: 11-04-1902)


 Creston Cemetery, Creston, Lincoln County, Washington

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