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Imus, Edward N:  (1875-1967);  “I Hereby Certify that on the 17 day of Jan. in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, at Medical Lake, the County of Spokane, and state aforesaid, I the undersigned, a minister by authority of a license bearing date the 16 day of Jan., AD, 1897, and issued by the County Auditor of Spokane County, did on the 17 day of Jan., AD 1897 join in lawful wedlock Edward N Imus of the County of Lincoln, State of Washington, and Eva Bassett of the County of Lincoln, State of Washington, in the Presence of T J Perkins, J W Holbert, witnesses. Sidney Smith, Minister, ME Church. Signed Edward N Imus, Groom. Signed Eva Imus, Bride.” (Certificate of Marriage, Spokane County, WA; U-2301) {Eva R Imus was the daughter of William T Barnes and his wife Evaline Taylor. By her first marriage, Eva had at least one daughter, Edith C Bassett, in 1891. Eva died on April 11, 1945 at the age of 74 years, in Centralia, Lewis Co, WA. Edward N Imus died 9-09-1967 in Ephrata, Grant Co, WA.  Edward Nathaniel Imus was born April 15, 1876 in Lakeside, Cottonwood Co, MN, son of Tabor C Imus.} “A marriage license was issued last Saturday granted to Edward M Imus, better known as Zeb Hoople, and Mrs Eva Bassett, in Spokane, who were doubtless married several days ago, but who have not yet returned to Davenport. This wedding has been on the tapes for some time and has at last come to pass. They will take up their residence in the house recently vacated by Dr Turney and family on Harker street. The Times sends its best wishes to Mr and Mrs Imus.” (LCT: 1-22-1897)


Imus, Edward T: (d. 12-22-1907; age 6 yrs 9 mos 9 days); s/o EN & ER; (Tombstone listing shown by Lartigues in 1974)


Imus, Lydia M: (1886-1970); “Lydia Imus. Died: Oct 1970, Ephrata, WA. Birth: 4-20-1886.” (Social Security Death Index);“Lydia M Imus.—Ephrata, WA. Survived by 2 daughters, Mrs Mabel A Gwinn, Centralia, WA; Mrs Edythe Talkington, Spokane; one nephew, Mr Ray Hoople, Ephrata; one niece, Mrs Chester Bursch, Spokane; 4 grandchildren; 8 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, Oct 8, 1970 at 11 a.m. at the Nicoles Funeral Home, Ephrata, WA, the Rev Robert Ortmeyer officiating. Interment services at the Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport, WA, 2 p.m. Oct 8.  Nicoles Funeral Home, Ephrata, WA, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review:  10-08-1970; scrapbook obit)


Ingle, Baby: (d. 6-19-1911); (Tombstone listing shown by Lartigues in 1974)


Ingle, Joseph Noble:  (1858-1916); “Joseph Noble Ingle. Male, white, married, farmer. Birth: 3-08-1858, IN; Aged: 58 yrs 3 mos 1 day.  Father: William Ingle, b. England; Mother: Eliza (not legible, written over, Iseal?); Informant: Nannie Ingle, Paha, WA.  Death: 6-10-1916, 2 p.m., 2 ½ miles southwest of Paha, Reg. Dist. #2, Adams County, WA.  Cause: Perforating gastric ulcer, peritonitis of two days’ duration. Oliver Adams, MD, Davenport, WA.  Burial: Davenport, WA on June 12, 1916; Undertaker: J T Lyse, Davenport, WA.” (WA State Board of Health: Cert. of Death);


Inkster , Albert:  ( Davenport City );  “Albert Inkster died of a heart attack at the age of 38, while fishing with friends.” (Dav. Tribune in 2003, representing 7-10-1903) “St Clair Inkster, 68, Scotland ; Margaret Inkster, wife, 62; Albert E Inkster, son, 35, IL.”  (1900 Davenport , Lincoln Co, WA Census details)


Inkster, Archibald H:  (1871-1898); b. 1-31-1871; d. 7-12-1898; s/o John & Phyllis; “Archie H Inkster. Died: July 12, 1898.” (Presbyterian Ledger);


Inkster, Charles Albert:  (1866-1889); b. 7-08-1866; d. 8-06-1889; s/o John & Phyllis; “Inkster, Charles A; #123. Filed Aug 12, 1891.  Died: Sept 6, 1889 in Lincoln Co. Father: John Inkster, Sr. Chas has neither wife nor children.” (notes Lincoln Co Probate #123) “Charles A Inkster, one of the publishers of the Spangle Record, aged 23 years, died of typhoid fever at the home of his father, Hon. John Inkster of Egypt precinct, this county on Tuesday, ____. His remains were interred the following Thursday. Although the writer never had the pleasure of an actual acquaintance with the deceased we cannot but feel that the press has lost a valuable member. The Herald extends to the bereaved relatives its heartfelt sympathies.” (Sprague Herald: 8-15-1889) (Edit: Cousin Robert died Nov 1887 and the body was returned to Kankakee, IL.)


Inkster, Elizabeth R: (1882-1970; b. 5-16-1882; d. 8-13-1970; (Tombstone listing shown by Lartigues in 1974)


Inkster, George H:  (1874-1950); h/o Olga; “George Henry Inkster, b. 7-01-1874;. Olga E Medill. Marriage: 12-24-1902, Greenwood, BC.”  (Research Received);  “Female child born July 8, 1896, Davenport. Father: Geo H Inkster, age 22, b. IL; Mother: Caroline Rosine (sp), age 20, b. Germany.” (Spokane Co Birth Return)


Inkster, John Sr:  (d. 1908);  “John Inkster, Sr.  Died:  Aug 1908.” (Presbyterian Ledger);  John Inkster Sr was born June 12, 1831 in Burra, Shetland, Scotland. On the 1900 census, they reported 7 children born to them with 5 living. The six known children are: John Jr (1857); James Sinclair (1859); Lawrence Alexander (1864); Charles A (1866); Euphemia Jane (1868); and Archibald H (1871). “John Inkster, Sr, of Davenport, a pioneer of Lincoln County, and who served as county commissioner three terms, died at Davenport Sunday. He would have been 80 years old Sept 6th.”  (Citizen: 8-28-1908); 


Inkster, John James:  (1859-1925); “John James Inkster. Died: Jan 2, 1925. Buried Davenport.” (Acacia Lodge Index) “John J Inkster. Died: Jan 2, 1925.” (Presbyterian Ledger);  “J J Inkster. Davenport, WA, Jan 2. John Inkster, age 65, pioneer of Davenport and former sheriff of Lincoln County, died at the family home after a three weeks’ illness of paralysis. He is survived by his widow, Mrs Margaret Inkster; a daughter, Mable Inkster, Davenport; brothers, George H Inkster of Ritzville, and William P Inkster of Spokane.  The funeral was held at 11:30 a.m. from the Presbyterian church, Rev W L Killian officiating. On behalf of his Harrington friends, it is only fitting that a few brief words of appreciation be expressed through these columns, in honor of the pioneer.  He was a quiet, unassuming, courteous gentleman; clean, decent and  honorable in politics, and life. He stood for the things that make the American home a bulwark of loyalty and patriotism, and as sheriff of this county, gave value ____ to his constituents. No bluster, no boasting, no advertiser of what he was going to do, but with a firmness and determination in the enforcement of the laws of the nation, state and county, he was fearless and always got his man when he went after him. To his sorrowing wife and daughters, his Harrington friends extend their greatest sympathy…” (Citizen: 1-09-1925); “Letters of administration over the estates of John James Inkster and Margaret Inkster have been issued to their daughter, Mabel Inkster, Davenport.” (Odessa Record: 4-02-1926);  (Photo of J J Inkster in H. Citizen 12-01-1905, Sheriff);  {Edit: “There will be a camp meeting on the Post Road near the John James Inkster place, about 13 miles north of Davenport on the 18th of June. A boarding tent will be secured and all who desire meals on the grounds can procure them at low rates. We expect a number of preachers and are hoping for grand results.” (Davenport Times: June 20, 1996 in 100 Years Ago reflecting LCT: 6-19-1896)}


Inkster, Lawrence Arthur:  (1872-1890); b. 9-14-1872; d. 3-01-1890; s/o St Clair & Margaret; “Lawrence Inkster, late editor of the Spangle Record, died at the home of his father in this county and was consigned to his tomb on Tuesday of last week. This is the second son that has been lost to the father and mother within an incredible short space of time. Mr John Inkster and family have the full sympathy of the Herald in their sad bereavement.” (Sprague Herald: 3-06-1890) “Publishers of the Davenport Times-Tribune.  From 1891 to 1906 the paper was published by L A Inkster. Mr Inkster later sold to J A Prodhomme, who owned the paper until May 1911.”  (copied from book, lost source);


Inkster, Mabel A: (1891-1972);  “Funeral services were held Monday for Mabel A Inkster, lifelong resident of the Davenport area until recent years.  Born Oct 4, 1891, near Egypt, she died April 28, 1972 at the Rockwood Manor in Spokane, where she had lived for the last nine years.  She has been a resident of Davenport most of her life. She was a graduate of Davenport High School and of Whitman College in Walla Walla. She was a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and was musician for the church for nearly 40 years.  She was a 60-year member of the Davenport chapter of the Order of Eastern Star, and she was a member of Chapter N, PEO. She was also a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Pall bearers at the funeral were Charles Linstrum, Frank Pankey, Don Spinning, Fred Campbell, M A Laughbon, and Vern Bumgarner. Honorary pall bearers were Fred Reinbold, Cleo Richards, Earl Rambo, Jason Horwege and Paul Maskenthine. Rambo, Horwege and Maskenthine were classmates of Miss Inkster at DHS.  The Rev John Christensen conducted the funeral services at the Davenport Presbyterian Church. Interment was at Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport.” (Davenport Times:  5-04-1972); 


Inkster, Margaret:  (d. 1918); “Mrs Margaret Inkster. Died: 1918. Wife of St Clair.” (Presbyterian Ledger; date not given) (d. 1918); “Margaret Inkster. Died: 12 April 1918, age 80, Medical Lake , Spokane Co, WA. Father: Peter Anderson. Batch Id #275749.” ( WA St ate Death Records)


Inkster, Margaret Jane/June:  (1866-1925); b. 1866; “Maggie Inkster. Died: Nov 22, 1925.” (Presbyterian Ledger);  “Mrs Margaret Inkster, wife of J J Inkster, former sheriff of Lincoln County, died at Spokane Saturday after a long illness. Her funeral was held at Davenport at the Presbyterian church, and the Davenport Eastern Star lodge officiated at the grave ceremonial.” (Odessa Record: 11-27-1925); 


Inkster, Olga A:  (1887-1934); d. 1-01-1934;  “Mrs George Inkster.  Died: Jan 1, 1934.” (Presbyterian Ledger); “George Henry Inkster. Olga E Medill. Marriage: 12-24-1902, Greenwood, BC.”  (Undocumented Research Received);


Inkster, Phyllis:  (1831-1906) “Mrs John Inkster, Sr, who had been lying very ill since the 27th of Nov last, passed away, Monday, Feb 26, 1906, just a few moments before noon. For more than a month her condition had been critical and all chance of recovery hopeless. All that medical aid could suggest or friendly hands perform, could not stay the slow ebbing out of life. Her illness began with what was probably a slight paralytic stroke which caused her to fall heavily. From the shock of the fall she suffered much pain for a week or more and then gradually lapsed into a half stupor. During the last week of her illness she was never conscious and for nearly 24 hours before the end, no pulse was perceptible. The last spark of life slowly flickered out without a sign or token of the passing unto death.—Lincoln County Times.” (Citizen: 3-09-1906); “Mrs Phyllis Inkster. Died: Feb 1906, wife of John.” (Presbyterian Ledger);  “Mrs Phillis Inkster, wife of John Inkster, Sr, died at her home in Davenport, Monday, Feb 26, 1906. Phillis Pottinger was born in Burra Isle, Shetland, Scotland, June 12, 1831 and was married to John Inkster, Oct 9, 1856.  The family came to Chicago, June 1865, and moved on a farm in Kanakee Co, Illinois, where they resided until August 1877, when they went to Lane County, Oregon. In May 1881, they located on a farm in Egypt this county, and made it their home until about eight years ago when they moved to Davenport and have since made it their home. Deceased was a mother of six children, four of whom are yet living; John James, Lawrence and Mrs W H Moore (edit: Euphemia Jane), together with the husband who has shared the joys and sorrows of his helpmate for nearly half a century. She had for some time before her demise been an invalid and bore her troubles uncomplaining; a devout Christian, a mother in Israel, her death is mourned by her numerous friends who honored her during her life as a loving neighbor. The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian Church Wednesday morning, her pastor, the Rev J A Rogers officiating. The casket was covered with beautiful flowers, calla lilies, roses and carnations, a bunch of wheat representing the subject ripe for the reaper.”  (Davenport Tribune: 3-01-1906)


Inkster, St Clair:  (1861-1899); b. 5-31-1861; d. 9-04-1899; s/o St Clair & Margaret;  “The latest word from St Clair Inkster is that he is slowly improving. His father, mother and brother are still with him and they expect to remove the sufferer to Davenport as soon as possible.” (LCT: 6-16-1899; see also10-13-1899) “Executor’s Notice... estate of St Clair Inkster, Jr, deceased.... executor John James Inkster.” (LCT: 10-13-1899) “St Clair Inkster, Jr; Probate #402; Filed 7 Sept 1899. Died: Sept 4, 1899 at Davenport, age 38.  Father: St Clair Inkster, Sr; Mother: Margaret Inkster. Four brothers: John James, Albert E, Wm P and Geo H.” (notes Lincoln Co Probate #402)


Inkster, St Clair Sr:  (d. May 12, 1915); “St Clair Inkster, Sr. Died: 5-12-1915.” (Presbyterian Ledger)


Inkster, William P:  (1867-1936); (Tombstone listing shown by Lartigues in 1974)




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