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Tobiasen surname: “H T Tobiasen received word of the death of his sister Mrs D C Marsh, at Decoraha, IA, Friday. Mrs Marsh visited here several years ago.” (D T & T: 3-05-1931)


Tobiasen, Alta Clara:  (1894-1899); d. 5-24-1899; d/o HT;  “Wednesday afternoon Alta, the 5 year old daughter of Mr & Mrs H T Tobiasen died after an illness of only five days. The child was taken ill Sunday with what was pronounced to be inflammation of the bowels. The ailment took a serious turn from the very first and for some time before death the little one was in an unconscious state. The sudden taking off of the child is a sad blow to the parents. She was an attractive, interesting and loveable child, the light of the household, the idol of fond parents. She was a general favorite among the acquaintances of the family. Her death was a painful shock to those acquaintances as well as those nearer and dearer. Mr & Mrs Tobiasen have the sincere sympathy of the whole community in this the hour of their deep and painful affliction.” (LCT: 5-26-1899) “The funeral of little Alta Tobiasen took place from the Presbyterian Church last Thursday afternoon. The church was crowded with sympathetic friends and acquaintances of the family. The services were conducted by Rev H B Dreel.” (LCT-June 2, 1899)


Tobiasen, Amelia A:  (1863-1939); “Amelia Tobiasen. Dated: August 8, 1939.” (Bumgarner Funeral Index);  “Amelia Tobiasen. Died: Aug 8, 1939.” (Davenport Presbyterian Ledger); {Edit: Amelia was shown on the 1902 Davenport census as the wife of Henry, aged 40, a harness maker, b. IA; Amelia, 28, b. WI; with three children: Powell, 9; Mona, 5; and a female baby, 1. The children were all born in WA.}“Amelia Tobiasen. Died: 8-08-1939. Birth: 5-21-1863, WI.  Spouse: Henry Tobiasen. Father: _ Berg. Mother: Unobtainable. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Tobiasen, Arthur Henry:  (1890-1890); d. 7-20-1890; d/o HT; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74);


Tobiasen, Henry T:  (1861-1937);  “Henry Tobiasen. Died: 7-01-1937. Birth: 12-08-1861, Iowa. Married. Father: _ Tobiasen. Mother: unknown. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);


Tobiasen, Leona O: (1898-1980);  “Funeral services were held Tuesday from the chapel of Strate Funeral Home for Davenport native Leona Odgers Tobiasen, who died Saturday, June 28, 1980 in Davenport at the age of 82.  Mrs Tobiasen moved to Davenport in 1901 with her family. They joined an uncle who had previously moved from Nebraska. Her father transported freight from railroads to towns and when automation arrived, she helped drive the trucks between Spokane and Davenport.  Between 1916 and 1918 she was married to Powell (Toby) Tobiasen. They had one son, Gerald. They separated in 1918. She then enrolled in business college in Spokane and later got a job as a bookkeeper in Tacoma, WA. There she met and married Kenneth Kennell in 1922. They had three sons.  They later divorced and she again married Tobiasen in 1948. They resided together in Davenport until his death in 1976. Mr Tobiasen was involved in the Davenport Methodist Church, enjoyed knitting and was very proficient.  She is survived by her brother, Dr George Odgers of Newburg, OR; four sons, Gerald Tobiasen of Cathedral City, CA, Kenneth Kennell of Tacoma, WA, Mark Kennell of Federal Way, WA, Ralph Kennell of Woodridge, IL; 10 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews.  Officiating the services were the Rev John Martin and Joyce O’Connor.” (Davenport Times:  7-03-1980);“Leona C Tobiasen. Died: 6-28-1980. Birth: 6-05-1898. Spouse: Powell L Tobiasen. Father: Richard Henry Odgers. Mother: Leona Varney. Burial: Mt View Cemetery, Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) 


Tobiasen, Mona Betrix:  (1897-1915: d. 9-30-1915; d/o HT; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Tobiasen, Powell L (Toby): (1892-1976);  “Funeral services were held Sept 21, for a life time resident of the Davenport area, Powell Tobiason. He died Sept 17 at the Lincoln Hospital following an illness. Mr Tobiason was 84.  Known to Davenport residents as Toby, Mr Tobiason was schooled in Davenport at the turn of the century and worked in the family harness and saddlery shop. After the advent of automobiles, the shop changed to an upholstery business, where he continued work. Mr Tobiason was noted for his devotion to the local fire department, having served on it for more than 60 years. He built the community’s first fire truck by converting a Mitchell automobile for the purpose and served as tender for the department trucks until failing health forced his resignation last month. During his earlier years in Davenport, Mr Tobiason developed a friendship with the Indians of the Spokane tribe and spent time studying their customs.  He is survived by his wife, Leona, at the home and four sons, Gerald L Tobiason, CA; Kenneth S Kennell, Tacoma; Mark W Kennell, Federal Way, WA, and Ralph H Kennell, IL. Also surviving are ten grandchildren, a great grandchild and a sister, Mrs Belva Horn, Davenport. Services were conducted from the Strate Funeral Home with Rev David Edwards officiating. Burial was at the Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport.” (Davenport Times: 10-07-1976);“Powell Lowell Tobiasen. Died: 9-17-1976. Birth: 12-19-1892, WA. Spouse: Leona O Odgers. Father: Henry Tobiasen. Mother: Amelia Berg. Burial: Mt View Cemetery, Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) 


Todd, Elizabeth:  (1866-1924); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Todd, Donald Richard:  (1934-1934);  “Donald Richard Todd. Died: 14 March 1934, Davenport, WA. Birth: 12 March 1934. Father: Charles Oliver Todd, born Davenport, WA. Mother: Sarah Ersula Williamson, born Cataldo, Idaho. Burial: Mountain View Cemetery , Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);


Todd, Joseph: (1858-1933); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)“Joseph William Todd. Died: 21 Feb 1933, Davenport, WA.  Birth: 9 Sept 1858, Bloomington, IL.  Spouse: widowed, Elizabeth. Father: Thomas Todd, born NC. Mother: Carolina Bays, born NC. Burial: Mt View Cemetery, Davenport,WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Topping, J Eugene:  (1911-1969); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Topping, Maude: (unconfirmed burial; d. 1926) “Mrs Maude Topping, county clerk, died in Spokane last Friday following an operation for goiter. She had been ailing for some time and an effort had been made to build her up to the point where an operation could be held with safety. Mrs Topping led the primary ticket in the primary election and was a popular officer. She is survived by two daughters.” (Citizen: 10-22-1926) “Mrs Maud Topping. Died: Oct 2, 1926.” (Davenport Presbyterian Funeral Ledger); “J E Fraser, L A Cathcart and Lloyd Campbell have been named appraisers of the estate of Maude S Topping. Order permitting Peter Jensen, administrator of the estate of Mrs Topping, to sell Davenport lots at a private sale has been signed.” (Odessa Record: 12-10-1926);  “The Lincoln County Court House was closed after 11:00 a.m. Monday to give the county officials the opportunity of attending the funeral of Mrs Maude Topping, which was held at Spokane that afternoon.” (Odessa Record: 10-22-1926)


Torr, Gladys Moore:  (1897-1949); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Trescases, Joseph:  (1842-1916); d. 1-30-1916;  “Joe Treacasse of Davenport, age 77 years, died of double pneumonia at the Harrington hospital last Sunday morning. He had been here but a couple of days, having been brought over from Davenport, and his remains were returned there for interment. Joe was a familiar figure at Cheney some 30 years ago. He was a Frenchman with a big heart and a broad smile, and was known far and wide. From Cheney he went to Davenport where he remained until his death.” (Citizen: 2-04-1916) “Joseph Trescasses. Male, white. Birth: April 21, 1842. Aged: 73 yrs 10 mos 9 days. Single. Birthplace: France. Parents: unknown. Occupation: Painter. Death: Jan 30, 1916, 8:45 a.m. Cause of Death: lobar pneumonia, gallstones with acute infective cholecystitis. O L Adams, MD. Burial: Davenport, WA on Feb 1, 1916. J T Lyse, Davenport, WA, undertaker.” (Register of Death: WA State Board of Health); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74) “Columbia Sample Room. Jos. Trescasses. This jolly gentleman from the sunny shores of France has just assumed the role of proprietor in this establishment. He has been in the hotel and saloon business for many years, and at one time conducted a prominent hotel at Cheney.  The interior of his place presents a cheerful aspect which is further heightened by the breezy and genial Joseph.  Everything usually carried in his line is to be found here. Especially does the proprietor pride himself on his hot drinks and commends his Tom and Jerry as a rare cure for most ills. The saloon has a private entrance from the hotel  adjoining as well as opening on the main thoroughfare, Morgan Street. His crystallized rock and rye is a cure for colds, so prevalent just at this time, and may be given to infants with perfect safety. On the whole, the Columbia sample room is a quiet and popular resort for gentlemen.” (LCT: 12-16-1898) {Edit: Joseph Trescasus, age 60, b. France, saloon keeper was shown on the 1902 Davenport census.}


Trinkle surname:  “Surprise visitors of Ed Deppner Monday of last week were members of the pioneer Trinkle family who had come to the Davenport gravesite of parents Gus and Justina Trinkle. The Trinkles lived on the Deppner place in the early 1900s, before moving to Trinkle canyon to farm. Brother Albert Trinkle and wife Edith were joined by sisters Lydia Higgins, Myrtle Troop of Spokane and Eunice Komenda and husband Lee of Missoula, MT. Also visiting were Annie and George Davis of Spokane.” (Davenport Times: 6-10-1982); 


Trinkle, Gustaf:  (1873-1945);  h/o Justina; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Trinkle, Justina:  (1883-1965); w/o Gustaf; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Tripp, C C:  (d. 1897);  “Mr C C Tripp, brother of Johnny Tripp, the liveryman, died at the latter’s home in Davenport, at 10 o’clock Monday night of this week, after a lingering illness of several months. Mr Tripp suffered from a stroke of paralysis nearly a year ago, which rendered him unable to do anything for himself, and a few months ago he came to Davenport and took up his home with his brother’s family with whom he has lived ever since. The immediate cause of his death was typhoid fever, with which he came down in July last, from the effects of which he never recovered. Deceased was thirty four years old. Funeral services were held at the Tripp residence Wednesday afternoon, Rev Wendt, of the Lutheran church officiating.” (LCT: 10-15-1897)


Tripp, John L:  (d. 3-28-1910); Aged: 57 yrs;  “John L Tripp, aged 57 years, a pioneer of Lincoln County, died at his home northeast of Davenport, March 28, 1910 from tuberculosis of the kidneys. (Citizen: 4-08-1910) W W Rogers & family, Mr John Hattimer and Ransom Abbot attended the funeral of the late John Tripp at Davenport last Thursday. Mr Rogers and Mr Abbot were acquaintances of the deceased in Michigan.” (Mill Canyon column, Dav. Tribune-Apr 7, 1910) “Mr Tripp from Spokane came in on Tuesday’s train, arriving a few minutes too late to see his brother alive.” (DT: 3-31-1910) (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74); “J L Tripp. Davenport Livery Stable. J L Tripp has been here for twelve years. For four years he has had the substantial stables on the corner of Spring and Harker streets. The structure is of finished, seasoned lumber, conceded to be drier than brick, it has a stone foundation, and covers an area of 54 X 120 feet. There are ordinary and box stalls, almost 100 of the former. A bedroom adjoins the office and a man is on hand all night. In point of stock, vehicles, etc, Mr Tripp endeavors to keep up with the demands of the trade. During the last year he has made many changes, all tending to improve the place and make it more comfortable and convenient.  J L Tripp is a native of Michigan, but has been away from his native state for fifteen years, having spent all that time in the Evergreen state. That he is satisfied to remain here for the rest of his days is apparent.” (LCT: 12-16-1898)


Truscott, Alvidore Sherman:  (1865-1942);  “Alvidore Sherman Truscott. Dated: May 12, 1942.” (Bumgarner Funeral Index); (“born in Sterling, Illinois” per Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)“Truscott, Alvidon Sherman. Died: 5-12-1942; Birth: 3-13-1865, IL. Spouse: Claire B Truscott. Father: James Truscott. Mother: unobtainable. Burial: Davenport,  WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Tubbs, John R:  (1844-1889); d. 9-06-1889; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Tubbs, Mrs M: (unconfirmed burial; d. 1931): “Funeral services for Mrs M Tubbs, who died at Chelan, were held Sunday at Davenport. The Tubbs family lived at Edwall for a number of years. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs Tom Herman; sons, George Logan, Reardan; Ben Logan, and Floyd Tubbs, Arizona and Menso Tubbs, of Chelan.” (Citizen: 3-20-1931) “Funeral services for Homer A Galladay, who died at the Sacred Heart Hospital Saturday morning, August 9, were held from the Methodist church by Rev Daniel on Monday at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Mr Galladay was formerly from Wyoming, but has until his recent sickness been making his home with his sister, Mrs M Tubbs.” (Davenport Times-Tribune: 8-17-1919)


Tubbs, Helen Putman:  (1904-1925); “Hellen Putnam Tubbs. Died: 8 Sept 1925. Birth: 19 April 1904, WA. Spouse: Never Married. Father: Willis Tubbs, born MI. Mother: Ellen Christian Hurr/Huss, born CA. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Tucker, Orson:  (1859-1906); d. 8-08-1906;  “The Grim Reaper has taken another of Lincoln County’s pioneers in the person of Orson Tucker, a prominent farmer living 5 miles southeast of the city. Mr Tucker had been ill but a short time, and his sudden death from rheumatic fever was a shock to his many friends and neighbors. He was born in Yuba Co, CA, Oct 21, 1862, and came to WA in 1882, and settled in Lincoln County, and for 12 years has resided on his farm near here. He was the owner of 320 acres land and well-to-do. Deceased was a bachelor and the only near relative is a sister living in CA, who has been notified of his death. Mr Tucker was a man of sterling qualities, a good neighbor, and his death is deplored by all. The Order of Foresters of this city of which he was a member will take charge of the funeral services.”  (LCT: 8-10-1906) “Orson Tucker, one of the old timers of Lincoln County, died last night of rheumatic fever, the same reaching heart trouble casing his death. The deceased was born in Yuba County, California, Oct 21, 1862, his father coming to that state in 1850. At an early age he went to live with John Hogan and in time drove stage for that gentleman in California and came with him to Washington in 1882 and continued for seven years in Mr Hogan’s employ. He located on a homestead eight and a half miles southeast of Davenport where he made his home until death. The deceased had many friends; never married and was a member of the Foresters and Eagle lodges who will have charge of his funeral.” (Citizen: 8-17-1906)


Tueting, Fredrich: (d. 3-28-1908); Aged: 79 yrs 2 mos; (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74) Lincoln Co Superior Court probate file #1077 for Frederick Tueting was file in 1908. (did not view file);


Turner, Baby:  “Baby Turner,  infant daughter of Hampton & Reka Turner”; (small upright white tombstone, viewed in 2008, near the large family plot Turner marker and the three visible tombstones of G P, S J, and Mark.) (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Turner, Bell: (unconfirmed; ) “Miss Bell Turner. Died June 1, 1896.” (Davenport Presbyterian Ledger); 


Turner, Bert:  (1873-1918);  {Edit:  “They say there is a mistake about Bert Turner getting rattled at the picnic at Kethroe’s and feeding his horse ice cream and offering the oats to his best girl. How is it, Bert?” (DT: June 15, 1995 in 100 Yrs Ago reflecting LCT: 6-14-1895}  (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Turner, G P: (1822-1894); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)


Turner, George W:  (1864-1888);


Turner, Iva M: (1903-1951); w/o Russel B; “Iva M Turner. Died: 7 April 1951, Davenport, Lincoln Co, WA. Aged: 48 years. Burial: 11 April 1951.” (WA State Death Records: State file #2033057)


Turner, Julia E:  (1878-1962);  “Julia Ellen Turner. Died: April 28, 1962. A mother of many in kindness.” (Davenport Presbyterian Ledger); 


Turner, Lulu: (unconfirmed)  “Miss Lula Turner. Died: April 1, 1892.” (Davenport Presbyterian Ledger); 


Turner, Mark E:  (1864-1929); (Tombstone recorded by Lartigues in 1973-74)“Mark E Turner. Died: 1 Nov 1929, age 65,Everett General Hospital, Everett, Snohomish Co, WA. Father: Geo P Turner. Mother: Sarah J Dotson.”  (WA State Death Records: #276465)


Turner, Russell B:  (1902-1978);   “Funeral services, under direction of the Strate Funeral Home, were held on Saturday, Dec 2 for former Davenport resident Russel B Turner.  Turner was born in Davenport on Nov 3, 1902 and died in Portland, OR, on Nov 28, 1978. He had made his home in Springfield, OR.  Turner had attended local schools and as a young man had moved to the Helena, MT area with his family. He was married to Iva Ogilvie in 1926. She preceded him in death in 1951.  In 1959 he married Rutha Baker at Prineville, OR. She died two months ago.  In 1928 Turner moved to Colville, WA, where the family was involved in the cattle business. He later moved to Newport, WA. He returned to Davenport in 1932 where he was initially employed  by the county highway department. He eventually operated the local Shell Oil Co distributorship until 1954, at which time he moved to Springfield, OR. He was involved in heavy construction until his retirement in 1967.  He had been a member of the Odd Fellows. Survivors include one son, Gordon Turner, of Newport, WA; three daughters, Mrs Joanne Rozell of Coeur d’Alene, ID, Klea Surfluh of Springfield, OR, and Beryl Sureres, of Puyallup, WA. Also surviving is his sister, Vera Gunning of Davenport, and 11 grandchildren. Officiating at the service was the Rev Roger V Muisiner. Interment occurred at the Mt View Cemetery, Davenport.” (Davenport Times:  12-07-1978); 


Turner, Sarah J:  (1840-1923);  “An order was signed by the Court Aug 6 discharging the administrator A H Turner of the Estate of Sarah J Turner.” (Citizen: 8-14-1925) “Sarah Turner. Died: March 25, 1923.” (Davenport Presbyterian Funeral Ledger);  {Edit:  The marriage register of Lincoln County shows Geo Turner and Sarah Blanchard as the parents of Ida M Waite, who married T E Vanhorn on April 16, 1903.} 


Tuttle, A Gilbert:  (1871-1956);


Tuttle, C G:  (Civil War); no dates


Tuttle, Elizabeth:  (1851-1940);   “Elizabeth Tuttle.  Died: 3-07-1940.  Birth: 5-17-1851.  Spouse: C G Tuttle. Father: Jacob George; Mother: E Olighes. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)  “Elizabeth Tuttle. Dated: March 7, 1940.” (Bumgarner Funeral Index);  “Elizabeth Tuttle. Died: March 7, 1940. Widowed. 88 years 9 mos.” (Davenport Methodist Ledgers); 


Tuttle, Emery C:  (1877-1946);  “Emery Tuttle. Died: 9-04-1946; Birth: 5-11-1877. Single. Father: Cyrenus Tuttle; Mother: Elizabeth George. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)  “Emery Tuttle. Dated: Sept 4, 1946.” (Bumgarner Funeral Index);


Tuttle, Frances M:  (1894-1971);  “Frances Mary Tuttle. Died: 6-25-1971.  Birth: 6-26-1894, WA.  Widowed. Father: Abraham Lincoln Logsdon.  Mother: Sarah Hopkins. Buried: Mt View Cemetery, Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Frances Mary Tuttle.—Passed away June 25 at Davenport, WA. Survived by 3 sons, Wesley and Stanley Walton of Spokane; Lincoln Walton of Shelton, WA; 4 daughters, Mrs Gertrude Depoe of Shelton; Mrs Wilmeth Towery of Davenport; Mrs Edna Austin of Washtucna; Miss Marjorie Walton of Spokane; 3 brothers, Archie Logsdon of Davenport; Lawrence Logsdon of Spokane; Ralph Logsdon of CA; 3 sisters, Anna Cassis of Spokane; Millie Thomas of Greenacres; Beatrice Edwards, of Davenport; numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, June 29 at 2 p.m. at the Strate Funeral Home, Davenport, WA. Rev Roger V Muisiner officiating. Interment at Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport, WA.” (Spokesman Review:  6-29-1971) 


Tuttle, J Merton: (1887-1943); d. 3-13-1943;  “John Merton Tuttle. Died: 3-13-1943; Birth: 3-27-1887, PA. Single. Father: Cyrenina Tuttle; Mother: Elizabeth George. Buried: Davenport, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “John Merton Tuttle. Dated: March 13, 1943.” (Bumgarner Funeral Index);  “John Tuttle. Died: 1943. Single.”  (Davenport Methodist Ledgers); 


Unknown Infant Male:  “20 May 1970 a dead infant was found buried in a shallow grave at the Mondovi Cemetery. It was determined to be a Male, and was guessed to have been dead approximately one month. Judging from the remains, it was presumed to have either been born dead or expired shortly after birth. Attempts to locate mother or father were uneventful. Reburied in Potter’s grave at Mountain View Cemetery, Davenport. It was buried courtesy of city crew, Davenport, Washington. Male.” (Lincoln County burial permit)


Utecht, Emily:  (1900-1954);




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