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Unbewust, Adam  (1842-1908)  “Adam Unbewust, a retired farmer of Bluestem and owner of the Grand Hotel building in Edwall, died suddenly Monday morning from hemorrhage of the lungs. Mr Unbewust was a Pioneer of Lincoln County and a brother of John Unbewust of Harrington.” (Citizen: 5-08-1908) See also Hillcrest Cemetery for John Unbewust data and History of Big Bend (1904) on John Unbewust, page 341: His father, Valentine Unbewust, was born and reared in Germany and died in PA in 1860, aged 44 years. His mother, Catherine E Unbewust, a native of Germany, died in PA in 1875, aged 56 years. Valentine and Catherine had nine children, only two surviving in 1904, Adam and John.  A sister, Martha Herwig, survived to 1889 (residing in PA) at the time of their brother, George’s death on Jan 1, 1889 in San Diego, CA. His probate is found in Lincoln County Superior Court #91, filed Jan 14, 1889. “Sudden Death. Adam Umbewust, a retired farmer of Edwall and at present owner of the Grand Hotel building, died suddenly Monday morning.  Mr Umbewust was apparently in good health. Returning from the artesian well for a drink of water, he was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the lungs, and the doctor was hastily summoned. Five minutes after his arrival he reported Mr Umbewest dead. Mr Umbewest was an old timer in this country, having lived there ten years on a farm near Bluestem. He was 63 years old and leaves a divorced wife, three grown daughters and two sons, one of whom lives in the Alberta country. The rest reside near Edwall.” (Davenport Tribune: 5-07-1908) See also Lincoln Co Probates #1066 in 1908 for the estate of Adam Unbewust, and #91 in 1889 for the estate of George Unbewust.


Unbewust, Christina  (1852-1936) “Mrs Christina Unbewust, 83, Edwall pioneer resident, died at a Spokane hospital, Friday. Having been ill at her home in Edwall for some time she had been transferred to the city hospital. Mrs Unbewust was born in Wittenburg, Germany, in October, 1852. She came from Germany to California when 19 years old and was a resident of the Edwall territory 40 years. Funeral services were held from the Edwall Methodist Episcopal church Sunday at 2 p.m. with Rev Clark Cottrell officiating. Music was furnished by Mrs Will Moos, Herman Koch and Chris Buob. Pallbearers were A G Springer, Chris Strauss, F T Larrabee, John Rathke, Herman Koch and J N Byram. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery. Surviving Mrs Unbewust are three daughters, Mrs Lillian Peterson of Spokane, Mrs George Thorpe and Mrs Albert Guhlke of Edwall; two sons, Adolph of Edwall and William in Canada; 12 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, and two sisters and one brother in California.” (Citizen: July _, 1936)


Unbewust, Adolph  (1875-1961)


Unbewust, Babies  (1930-1930) “Unbewust, infant female. 1st born. Died: 22 Oct 1930, Edwall, WA. Birth: 22 Oct 1930, lived a ‘few’ minutes. Father: Adolph Umbewust, born CA. Mother: Mildred Bemis, born WA.  Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, CA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Unnamed infant female Umbewust, twin, second born, Edwall, WA. Birth: 22 Oct 1930, lived a ‘few’ minutes. Father: Adolph Umbewust, born CA. Mother: Mildred Bemis, born WA. Burial: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Umbewust, Mildred (added: d. 1976)  “Mildred Umbewust. Died: 3-19-1976. Buried: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit card)


Unidentified  (4 metal markers with data gone reported in 1974 TS survey)




Vasquez, Juan G (added: d. 1986) (Juan G Vasquez. Died: 1-10-1986, Davenport, WA.  Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Spouse: none.  Buried: Edwall Cemetery.” (Lincoln County Health death card)  


Vose, M Evangeline  (1866-1901)  “Evangeline, 33 year old daughter of L M Vose, died at her home near Edwall on Feb 22, 1901 after a long illness. She was born in Pennsylvania  on Jan 24, 1867. Her mother died about 15 years ago. She is survived by her aged father, two sisters and three brothers. (LCT-Mar 1, 1901) Vose, M Vangie: (Lincoln Co probate notes: file #644; filed July 13, 1903; Died 22 Feb 1900 in Lincoln Co; Held 1/3 interest in S ½ 35-24-38; Pet = L M Vose, her father, age 62 at Edwall.) See also Lincoln Co Probate File #644, of the estate of M Vangie Vose, File #714, of the estate of R L Vose.


Vose, Robert L  (1874-1904)  See Lincoln Co Probate file #714 filed in 1904, the estate of R L Vose.


Voss, Arthur C  (1885-1932) “Arthur C Voss of Edwall has been granted an interlocutory decree of divorce from Clara A Voss on the grounds of desertion.” (Citizen: 5-31-1929)
 “Arthur Voss Instantly Killed. The funeral of Arthur Voss, who was instantly killed at Chelan Wednesday evening when he was struck by a truck, was held here Sunday afternoon at the Community Church . Rev J C Harvey officiating. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery . Mr Voss has lived here all his life and is survived by his mother, Mrs Helen Voss of Bluestem, two sisters, Mrs Myrtle Shey of Portland and Mrs Helen Springer of Lewiston , Idaho ; six brothers, Ed of Bluestem, Henry of California; Will of Chelan; Carl of Amber; Irvin of Wapata and Jack of Edwall.” (Citizen: 12-04-1931)


Voss, Edward F  (1884-1946) “Ed Voss who was taken to a Spokane hospital last week gravely ill from kidney and heart ailments, died this week Tuesday. Funeral services were conducted from the Davenport Presbyterian church Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Burial was in the Edwall Cemetery. Mr Voss who was 66 years old, was born in Minnesota but came as a boy to the Bluestem district with his parents where they farmed. He is survived by his mother, Mrs Helena Voss at the home; two sisters, Mrs George Heller (Myrtle) of Davenport, and Mrs Earl Springer (Helen) of Lewiston, Idaho; brothers, William, John, Irvin and Earl Voss of Spokane and Henry Voss of Enumclaw.” (Citizen: 11-01-1946)


Voss, Helena  (1866-1963; shared stone w/Henry M) “Helena R Voss. Died: 2-04-1963. Buried: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit card) Helena and her husband Henry M were shown to have had 13 children by the 1910 census, four of which were deceased. Those children shown with them were: Edward, William F, Henry, Irving, John F, Myrtle, Earl and Helen. Their son Arthur had previously married and is shown as a separate household. The known deceased children were: Lillian M (Nov 30, 1901-Aug 20, 1904) and Marie H (Mar 28-Sept 18, 1900) with local burials. Helen and Henry were in the Sassin precinct for the 1900 census where they show they were married 17 yrs, and their children at that time were; Edward, Arthur, Wm, Henry, John, Ervin, Myrtle and Dora L. Helen had shown the previous loss of two children. Their children are shown on the 1901 and 1903 Sassin School census, Lincoln Co Dist. #3, with their address as Section 27 T 23 R 38. Children less than six were not recorded.


Voss, Henry M  (1862-1916; shared stone w/Helena)  “Henry M Voss. Died: July 23, 1916. Cause: general toxemia. Birth: Sept 16, 1862, Germany. Father: Fredric Voss born Germany; Mother: Henrietta Schmitz, born Germany.  Burial: Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln County Health Death Certificate) “Articles of Agreement, filed 14 March 1902, German Methodist Episcopal Church of Edwall, WA” Henry Voss was one of the 15 signatures. (Misc. B-334, Lincoln Co Auditor)


Voss, Lillie Emma  (added: d. 1938)  “Mrs Lillie Emma Voss. Died: 23 Feb 1938. Age 55. Wiedemann; Edwall burial.” (Edwall Methodist Ledger) “Funeral services for Mrs Lilly Voss of Cheney were held here Wednesday afternoon in the Community Church. Mrs Voss had been an invalid for several years.  She is survived by one daughter, her mother, Mrs Mary Wiederman of Sunset, three sisters, Mrs Clara Brown of Sunset, Mrs Lutie Whan of Cheney and Mrs Martha Moos of Edwall; two brothers, William Wiederman of Cheney and Charlie Wiederman of Edwall. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery.” (Citizen: 2-25-1938)


Voss, Lillian M  (Nov 30, 1901-Aug 20, 1904; d/o Henry & Helena)


Voss, Marie H  (Mar 28-Sept 18, 1900; d/o H & H)


Vought, Oscar Martin  (added)  “Oscar Martin Vought died Jan 15, 1911 at Edwall, WA. He was born about 53 years ago at Rome, PA. He came West about 25 years ago and has lived around Davenport, Reardan and Edwall ever since. He was well liked by all who knew him. Mr Vought has a brother named Frederick Vought who was in PA the last he heard of him, but his friends are unable to locate him. The funeral service was conducted by J M Herrmann in the German ME Church after which the remains were taken to the Edwall Cemetery.” (Citizen: 1-20-1911) See also Lincoln County Probate file #1284, of the estate of Oscar M Vought.




Waltz, William (added: d. 1935)  “William Waltz, 102 years, 8 months and 5 days, died Feb 15 at the Lincoln County Farm north of Davenport. He was the oldest man in Lincoln County. He was buried in the Edwall Cemetery  Saturday, Feb 16. In July, 1933, Mr Waltz called on The Citizen editor and from him we got his life history, from his own mouth. Referring to that, we find the following account of his life as he told it to us:  William Waltz, Edwall, was born in San Francisco, May 10, 1832, when it was Mexican territory. His parents died when he was 18 months old, and though he is not positive, he thinks his father was German and his mother Irish. His father was a seaman and ran a German-Lloyd ship.  He was familiarly known as ‘Uncle Billy’ and had been in Washington ever since the San Francisco earthquake. He learned the trade of harness-maker in San Francisco with Maine & Winchester, and says he has visited every state in the Union.  He worked for J E Williams, Harrington, as harness-maker for a number of years and then located at Edwall. He used to maintain a summer camp under a tree on the H S McNeilly farm on Crab Creek, a few miles west of Edwall. He was hardened to outdoor life and tanned to a dark brown by the sun, and when interviewed at Harrington was smoking a big, black cigar, kicking about his ‘store teeth starving him,’ and a strange would not judge him to be over 60 years of age.  He spent many years in Alaska during the big gold rush and came out with 14 others in a colony and all had plenty of money; ‘more money than we could do anything with,’ he remarked, ‘so, on reaching San Francisco, we put our money in the Deacon Bank, and the next day the bank closed, and we were all broke.’  ‘Uncle Billy’ says he put in $27,000 and the high man of the colony, he claims, lost $60,000. ‘We couldn’t go back to Alaska, because the government would not allow anyone to go in who couldn’t outfit so I never got back,’ said he.  The largest nugget of gold he took out of his placer claim in Alaska was half as large as an egg.  He claimed to have fought Indians with General Reno for 11 years, all the way from the Missouri River to Portland, Oregon, and in Washington, and Idaho, and ‘helped clean up the Road Men who were more dangerous than the Indians.’  The fall of 1932, deciding that his teeth, which he still retained up to that time, were poisoning his system, he had them extracted and had artificials fitted in their stead. He complained that he could not chew beefsteak with them like he used to with his natural ivories. Even at his advanced age, he continued to conduct a shoe and harness shop at Edwall. He spent 2 weeks of 1933 at the old camp on Crab Creek in the Hugh McNeilly enclosure, but he caught the flu and had to return to Edwall. You could scarcely believe, in talking to ‘Uncle Billy’ that you are conversing with a centenarian, born only 33 years after the death of our first President, George Washington; he was 21 years old when the Territory of Washington was divorced from Oregon; he lived at a time when the only transportation across the continent was the ox or the horse, when the coal oil lamp was as great an invention over the tallow candle as the electric light was over the coal oil lamp; he roamed these plains when but few wagon tracks could be seen and before the solitudes had ever been awakened by the steam whistle or the atmosphere surcharged with radio jazz, speeches, sermons, drama, tooth paste advertising and political bally-hoo. If he had had the medical advisers and the attention from a health stand point that John D Rockefeller has had, he might have lived to be a century and a half old.” (Citizen: Feb 22, 1935) 


Westerberg, John: (added: d. 1918)  “John Westerberg was born in Sweden in July 6, 1833 and died (Saturday night at 12:15) Oct 21, 1918. He was 85 years 3 months and 14 days old.  He and Mrs Westerberg were married on Nov 22, 1857. This makes a marriage life of 61 years. In all they had seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls. All are dead but the two daughters, Mrs Wassberg of Seattle and Anna who still lives in Edwall.  Mr Westerberg with his family came to America in 1881 and has lived in Edwall about 20 years. Mr Westerberg was a fine citizen and a faithful Christian and member of the Edwall Methodist church. Services were held in the yard Monday afternoon by Rev Wm Daniel, burial in Edwall Cemetery.” (Citizen: 10-25-1918) “John Westenberg. Died: Oct 20, 1918.” (Edwall Methodist Ledger) John Westerberg was proprietor of the Grand Hotel in Edwall in 1901, but listed as a carpenter in 1908, 1910, 1912 and 1917. “John Westerburg, the oldest man in town, suffered a stroke of paralysis some time ago, leaving him in a nearly helpless condition. This is the second attack, he having suffered a similar attack two years ago.” (Citizen: Edwall Column: 1-26-1917)


White, infant (added; d. 1901)  “The infant child of Mr and Mrs White died in Spokane and was brought here for burial.” (Edwall column of Harrington Citizen: 10-04-1901; assume Edwall cemetery burial)


Wiedemann, William C  (1888-1963)  “William Carl Wiedeman.  Death: 2-20-1963. Buried: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit card)


Wiedemann, Mary A  (1856-1943 “mother”; shared stone w/Wm)  “Mrs Mary Wiedemann. Died: 3 June 1943. Burial: Edwall Cemetery.” (Edwall Methodist Ledger)


Wiedemann, William  (1853-1925 “father”; shared stone w/Mary A) William Wiedemann. Died: 1925” (Edwall Methodist Ledger, no date given)


Wilkes, Mr (added: d. 1916) “Mr Wilches, father of Mrs Nick Klein and Mrs Joe McMahon, died Sunday night.” (Citizen: July 21, 1916; burial not verified)


Wilke, Robert F  (1878-1948; shared stone w/ Martha M)


Wilke, Martha M  (1884-1930; shared stone w/Robert F) “Mrs Robert Wilke passed away at her home in Prosser, WA, Friday, August 29, from heart trouble with which she had suffered for a number of years. The Wilkes were former Edwall residents, having moved to Prosser about seven years ago in an effort to find a location where Mrs Wilke’s health would be better. Funeral services were held at the Community Church in Edwall Tuesday, Sept 2, at two p.m. Rev Harvey officiated. Interment was in the Edwall Cemetery.”  (Reardan Gazette: 9-04-1930) “Mr and Mrs Robert Wilke returned from Clayton on Saturday night. A party of serenaders surrounded the house about midnight, and after having rendered a few soulful numbers they were given $5 wherewith to eat peanuts and drink artesian water to the happiness of the newly married pair.—Edwall Press.” (Citizen: 7-01-1904)


Williams, Leslie Irvin: (added: d. 1913)  “The Reaper, Death, who puts an end to all human aspirations, again visited this little city and claimed a shining mark, when on Sunday, May 25th, Leslie Irvin Williams, after an illness of typhoid fever. He was born Thursday, May 18, 1899 at New Castle, WA, and was 14 years and 7 days at the time of his death. He was the son of Mrs Chas Service. Rev Chas Snowden conducted the services at the ME Church on Wednesday, May 28, and interment was made in the Edwall Cemetery.  He was a promising lad, of good habits and a faithful attendant at Sunday School, and a large concourse of people paid their last tribute to his worth both in attending the services and in many beautiful floral offerings. The sorrowing relatives have the sympathy of all. Mr Williams and his sister, father and aunt of Leslie, came from the coast to attend the funeral.” (Citizen: 5-30-1913)


Wilson, Gale Lester (added; d. 1993)  “Gale Lester Wilson. Death: 3-16-1993. Birth: 1-04-1926, SD. Divorced. Buried: Edwall Cemetery, Edwall, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Winter, Frederick  (Nov 7, 1852-Sept 15, 1917 “father” aged 64 y 10 m 8 dys) Fred was born in Germany and came to the US in 1884 and settled in the Sassin area after spending several years in Wisconsin. Fred married Barbara Crestler, nee unknown, a Bohemian, who brought her son John into the marriage with her. Fred and Barbara were known to have had atleast two children, Elmer and Fred, both born in Wisconsin.


Winter, Barbara  (Mar 30, 1842-Feb 15, 1927, aged 84 yr 10 mos 15 days)


Winter, Fred  (Jan 1, 1885-May 10, 1972)  Fred was the son of Frederick and Barbara Winter. He was raised in the Sassin vicinity of Lincoln County.


Winter, Reinbold (added: d. 1900)  “Reinbold Winter. Died: Nov 25, 1900 at Edwall, aged 46 years.” (Lincoln County Auditor Death Register) See Lincoln Co Probate File #465, estate of Reinhold E Winters, filed: Nov 30, 1900, intestate. Petitioner: Albert Guhlke, principal creditor; No relatives in WA; property in Edwall.


Wollweber, Alvin Otto (added: d. 7-12-1996) “Graveside service for Alvin O Wollweber, 73, was held Tuesday at the Edwall Cemetery. Memorial service followed at the Sprague Community Church. Mr Wollweber died July 12, (1996). Born in Davenport, he graduated from North Central High School in Spokane. He married June Polenske in 1946 in Spokane. Mr Wollweber grew wheat, barley and hay, and raised cattle in the Reardan/Edwall area. He was named Conservation Farmer of the Year in 1954. A member of the Sprague Community Church, Mr Wollweber also belonged to the Edwall Chemical Board, the West Camp Spokane Gideons, the Washington Assoc. of Wheat Growers and Bluestem Grange. He also was a charter member of the Edwall Lions Club.  Mr Wollweber is survived by his wife of 49 years, June; a son Gary Wollweber of Edwall; two daughters, Vicki Fleming of Reardan and Wendy Schultz of Edwall; two brothers, Glenn Wollweber of Ford, and Edward Wollweber of Edwall; and 8 grandchildren.” (Davenport Times: 7-18-1996) 



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