Location: NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 2 Twp 27 R 36, about 3 miles north of old town of Egypt

    Cemetery is located north of Highway 25, 17 miles north of Davenport.

    * = death certificate; + signifies obit on file; !! = supported by Family Bible data

    Unidentified: several metal markers, names gone, & flowers marking graves

                         Visible stones in Oct 1999 are in bold print.


                                    sUBMITTED by Marge Womach



Cemetery Listings G through Z:


Gurley, Elizabeth Sillman,  Apr 5, 1880-Jan 22, 1928

Harris, Anna F.,  1876-1954  “mother” , (shared stone w/ Jos M.)

 Joseph  M.,  1864-1955  “father”,  (shared stone w/ Anna F)

Harris, _____ ,   March 1931; 24 __ , (metal marker w/paper data)

(Herchimer, Doc) ,  (d. Nov 3, 1906) +

Hayter, Daisy ,   (1900-1901) +

Hayter, Franklin ,    (circa 1916, infant death, family report)

Hayter, Johnny,      (1912-1916, family report

Hayter, William,      (circa 1916, infant death, family report)

Hollis, Beulah Jan 30, 1909-Feb 27, 1909.   d/o W. J.  & L. B.  +

Husselman, James W.,  b. Feb 2, 1870, Dekalb Co, IN-d. Sept 8, 1899 (shared stone w/ Joseph M Nickols)

Jensen, Thorwald,  1875-1911 + (d. Nov 18, 1911)

McLaughlin, John D.,  (no dates) Cpl 16 Inf Spanish/American War (b. 12-08-1861; d. 11-30-1939)

Mundell, John A.,  Aug 29, 1845-Sept 28, 1913,  & footstone J. A. M.  +

Nickols, Joseph M.,  (Feb 10, 1832-Mar 31, 1902) b. NY + (, shared stone)

Rae, inf/o G.  H., d. May 1909; (bur. not specified) +

Ryall, Anna J. ,  1884-1909 “mother” +

Ryall, Mary A. ,  Sept 7, 1903-Aug 12, 1904 +

Ryall, Mary J. ,  d. ?Aug 5, 1904 + (apparent burial here)

Ryall, John O. ,  May 19, 1907-Aug 9, 1907

Shook, Alice A. ,  d. Oct 16, 1889 @ 6 y 11 m 16 dy  d/o J. P. & M. J .

Shook, Joseph Johnson,  d. 6 Sept 1896 +

Shook, Julia Ann Williams,  b. 1822; d. 7 Aug 1886

Sillman, Elizabeth, (see Gurley)

Sillman, Christina,  Dec 12, 1843-Sept 16, 1936 “mother”

Sillman, Matthew,  Dec 6, 1830-Jan 6, 1895 “father” +

Sillman, Matthew Jr. ,  Nov 25, 1877-Nov 12, 1921 +

Simpson, Lloyd, 1905-1906,   infant son

Simpson, Howard,  1908-1908,  infant son

Simpson, Elizabeth, 1867-1926, (shared stone w/Daniel W.) +

Simpson,  Daniel W.  1853-1938, (shared stone w/ Elizabeth)+

Sutherlin, James David, b. Dec 9, 1833 IN-d. near Egypt May 19, 1906 +,  (#881)

“To Him We Trust A Place is Given Among the Saints in Heaven”

Sutherlin, John Young,  (d. Aug 22, 1889 in Spokane; burial per family report.)

Sutherlin, Samuel A.,  Nov 29, 1851-Dec 19, 1902 , + (#593)

Sutherlin, Mary M.,  Apr 11, 1812-Nov 9, 1886 !

Thornburg, Bertha C.,  1894-1930

Willis, Sidney, (No visible TS) (d. Mar 3, 1931 age 35 y _ m 4 dy) +

Zoehl, Fred,  (d. Nov 24, 1902; age 15 yrs)+ (no visible stone)




Obituaries and Histories for Frans Cemetery     


 Gurley, Elizabeth Sillman  April 5, 1880-Jan 22, 1928  TS, Obituary not sought at this time (2004).  


  Hampton, Mrs. Phebe J.  Richardson,

     “The little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bell, who live near Mold, died Tuesday evening, Sept 30, of dysentery. The child had only been sick a few days, and its death is a sad blow to the parents. Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, parents of Mrs. Bell, who live at Egypt, were sent for, but did not arrive until after the little one had passed away. The body was taken to Egypt for interment. The child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bell died Monday, and Mrs. Hampton, mother of Mrs. Bell, died last week from the same disease. The two families have the sympathy of their many friends and acquaintances in their sad bereavement.” (LCT-Oct 7, 1902-Tuesday) One family report submitted suggests that Mrs. Hampton was buried in the Frans Cemetery, however, with their residence in the Mold vicinity of Douglas County, and with a tombstone identified as “Hampton” in the Mold Cemetery, it is more probable that the burial took place there. Interested persons may research this.


Harris, Anna F., 1876-1954,  mother

    Joseph and Anna F Harris were found on the 1910 Federal Census in Lincoln Co on the Miles Precinct with four children, Margaretha C., 17; Bertha, 15; Ellen, 14; and Harrold, 8; the four children being born in WA. Anna F. Harris was 34 years of age, born IL, married for 17 years, and had given birth to four children that were listed with them. (No effort was made to obtain the obituary.)


Harris, Jos M.,  1864-1955, father

    Joseph and Anna F Harris were found on the 1910 census where he was listed as head of household, age 44, born IN, and married 17 years. Their four children were listed in the home. (see Anna F Harris) (No effort was made to obtain the obituary.)


Hayter, Children of Samuel F. and Margaret J.

     Four children of Samuel Foster Hayter and Margaret Jane Davies Hayter were born and died in the Egypt vicinity, per family report, after the 1900 census. A surviving sibling reported that these burials occurred in the Egypt vicinity. No tombstones have been reported in either cemetery.  Since one death is documented for the Frans Cemetery, the others are assumed to be here until their death records can be obtained. It might be noted that the 1900 census for the Inkster precinct shows that Margaret had previously lost three children, 7 born, 4 living; and that the 1910 census shows that Margaret had still only lost three children, which is now known to be in error. Samuel Foster Hayter was buried in Davenport ’s Catholic Cemetery. Margaret J. Davis Hayter was buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Davenport with some of her children who survived their early years.


Hayter, Daisy:  (circa 1901) Daisy Hayter was a daughter of Samuel F and Margaret J Hayter.  “F. S .Hayter’s infant baby died last Sunday evening, and was interred in the Frans burial ground on Tuesday.” (LCT: 5-03-1901)


Hayter, Franklin: (circa 1916); Franklin Hayter, a twin to William, died about 1916 and assumed to be an infant at death, son of Samuel F. and Margaret J. Hayter.


Hayter, Johnny: (est. 1912-1916) Johnny Hayter was born in 1912 to Samuel F. and Margaret J. Hayter. He died at four years of age from accidental poisoning, death assumed to be in 1916.


Hayter, William: (circa 1916); William Hayter, a twin to Franklin, died about 1916 and assumed to be an infant at death, son of Samuel F. and Margaret J. Hayter.


Herchimer, Doc George F.,

       “Dr George F. Herchimer, an old and well known resident of the North Egypt country died there last Saturday morning. Mr. Herchimer was about 56 years old and had been a resident of Egypt the past 12 years and for the past two years had lived on the Tom Snyder ranch. He was quite well known in and around Davenport. His only known relative is a brother who lives in Manitoba. His remains were interred in Frans Cemetery at Egypt last Sunday.” (LCT-Nov 9, 1906) “Dr George Herchimer died on the morning of Nov 3. His end was sudden and unexpected, although it was often predicted that he would drop off in that way. He complained of not feeling well on Wednesday and T. M. Snyder kept a watch over him until Friday when Charlie Snyder went down and stayed overnight with him and about 4 AM Saturday he died suddenly. His brother who lives in Manitoba was notified of his death and wired W G Duncan to attend to his burial as it was impossible for him to attend. Dr Herchimer was an old timer here and had he been able to resist the drink habit he could have built up a good practice and been independent, but that terrible habit that brings so many people to ruin was his king. However, the Doctor was respected as a neighbor and citizen, being worse to himself than to anyone else.” (Egypt News of LCT-Nov 16, 1906) (Article of interest: LCT 9-06-1901 excerpt: “It has been learned that Theodore Herkimer, formerly of Egypt, who joined the South African constabulary, was not killed in battle as reported a couple of weeks ago, but only wounded. A companion writes the following graphic description of the battle in which they were engaged when Theodore was shot in the head....”)   


Hollis, Beulah

        “The infant child of Hollis died last week of pneumonia and was buried in the Frans Cemetery Sunday.”  (LCT-March 5, 1909)


Husselman, James W.,  Feb 2, 1870-Sept 8, 1899

     James Husselman was born in Dekalb Co, IN as shown on his tombstone which is shared with Joseph M. Nickols.


Jensen, Thorwald A.,  1875-1911

        “T. A. Jensen passed away last Saturday (18th) afternoon after an illness lasting about one year with tuberculosis. Mr. Jensen was a highly respected citizen and leaves a widow and one child, a father, five brothers and two sisters, besides a host of friends to mourn his loss. Funeral services were held in the German Lutheran Church and burial mad in the Frans Cemetery.” (Egypt.—Dav  Tribune-Nov 23, 1911) “T. A. Jensen died Saturday from tuberculosis at the home of his father-in-law, Max Lillienthal near Miles. The funeral services were held at the German Lutheran Chruch and interment was made at the North Egypt Cemetery, near the church, Monday. Mr. Jensen came to old Fort Spokane several years ago in the Indian service and later assumed the management of a large tract of land owned by the River Homes company. He leaves a widow and one child. J. Lilienthal, L. and A. Ryan of Cheney, attended the funeral of T. A. Jensen Monday. The former is a brother of Mrs. Jensen.” (Dav Tribune-Nov 23, 1911) The marriage of Miss Elsie Lilienthal and Mr. T. A. Jensen took place on the 14th at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Max Lilienthal.... (LCT excerpt-Oct 22, 1909)  


Marras, Lyle Carl,

      "Lyle Carl Marras; stillborn, 23 Sept 1933, Harrington, WA. Father: Angelo Marras born Greece; Mother: Agnes Marie Maurer born WA. Burial: St Francis Cemetery, Harrington, WA." Lincoln Co Health death cards)


McLaughlin, John D.,  (TS-no dates)

       “John D. McLaughlin, b. Dec 8, 1861, d. Nov 30, 1939.” (Death Certificate in Lincoln Co Auditor office in Book 1937-1944.) TS shows “Cpl 16 Inf Spanish American War.”  John D. McLaughlin was found on the 1910 Federal census on the Miles Precinct of Lincoln Co. He was shown as 50 yrs of age, born PA, and a laborer in the quartz mines.


Mundell, John A.,

        “John Mundell, aged 69 years, who with his wife lived on a homestead near the head of Hawk Creek, died Sunday night from pneumonia. Deceased was a member of Co C, ninth Indiana cavalry. He had resided in Lincoln County about two years. The body is being held awaiting the arrival of a son from Indiana.” (Dav. Tribune-Oct 2, 1913)


Nichols, Joseph M.,

       “Mr. Joseph Nichols, who located the first homestead in the Egypt country, about 22 or 23 years ago, died last Monday morning, on the same old farm, after a lingering illness of two or three years. His sickness began with a fever, which developed into dropsy, complicated with other ailments. He was unmarried, and was over sixty years of age; but his sister, Mrs. Husselman, of San Francisco, has been taking care of him the last two years. He was the pioneer of Egypt country, was an excellent neighbor, and one of the most respected citizens in that community.” (LCT-Apr 4, 1902) “The remains of the late Mr. Joseph M. Nickols was followed by a large concourse of friends and neighbors to the Frans burying ground Tuesday of last week. The funeral service was conducted by George Bowers of Indian Creek. Thus one by one the old settlers are called away.” (LCT-April 8, 1902)  


Rae, infant of G. H.,

       “Much sympathy is expressed for Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Rae on account of the death of their baby. It seems that nothing could be done to save it. Mr. Rae’s mill has been shut down for a short time.” (LCT-5-28-1909; burial not specified, no visible tombstone)


Ryall family

      John Ryall was the son of Wm Ryall and Mary E. Partridge. Most frequently his birth is reported as Missouri. John Ryall apparently had three known wives. His first wife was reportedly Ida Bell Jenkins, daughter of A. Blackman and June Mitchell. They were married at Miles on Oct 11, 1895. Ida was 36 years of age. No known children survived. Three children were born to John and M. J. Ryall, the second wife. Following her death, John married Anna, and two more children were born. Following the death of Anna in Cheney and her burial in the Frans Cemetery, little is known of the family, except that John and two sons (Frank 9, Teddy 8) resided with John’s parents in Cheney on the 1910 census. On Oct 24, 1927 John Ryall at the age of 54 was admitted to the Lincoln County Poor Farm, suffering from anemia. He was discharged on May 9, 1928 to Idaho. The following information was obtained from the Lincoln County Poor Farm files: “John Ryall was born July 30, 1873 in Mason Co, IL and was of Irish descent. At the time of his admission to the Lincoln Co Poor Farm, he listed the following relatives:

            Son: T. E. Ryall of Silverton, OR

            Son: B. F. Ryall of Seattle, WA

            Daughter: Anna ______, at Yelm, WA

            Sister: Mrs. Cora Wallrous of Seattle

            Sister: Ethel May ___ of Davenport, WA”  


Ryall, Anna J.,   TS

      “The community was shocked last Sunday evening to hear by wire that Mrs. John Ryall of Cheney had died the day before. Mrs. Ryall lived here a number of years, coming here from Morris, Lasalle County, Illinois. She was married to John Ryall June 3rd, 1906 and selling out here two years ago they moved to Cheney, where they have since lived. Two children were born to the union, one of which died while in infancy. Mrs. Ryall had a host of friends here, and was a good wife, mother and neighbor. The remains were shipped here Monday for burial, which took place at the Frans Cemetery Tuesday at one o’clock. Much sympathy is expressed for Mr. Ryall as this is his third wife that has been taken from him by death. Three small children remain, two of them of the former wife. Mrs. Ryall was 25 years 4 mos and 11 days old.” (LCT-Oct 22, 1909)  


Ryall, John O.,  May 19, 1907-Aug 9, 1907

      John O. Ryall is the son of John P. Ryall and his 3rd wife, Anna J. Ryall with whom the tombstone is shared.


 Ryall, Mary A.

“Death has again visited our community, and taken the youngest child of John Ryall. The little one passed away at the home of Mrs. Williams, Crystal City, last Friday, the mother being taken off just the week before. Mrs. Ryall was a sufferer from that dreaded disease, consumption, and just before her death was thought to be doing well. She was taken suddenly with hemorrhage of the lungs, and expired before assistance could be secured, the husband being engaged in the harvest fields. A week later the child, 11 months old, died with summer complaint. Interment took place at the Franse burying grounds Saturday, many floral offerings being made by sympathetic neighbors. Mrs. Ryall was the second wife, his first passing away a few years ago in a similar manner. There were no children with the first wife, but there were three with the second. A little son and daughter are left to mourn the loss of a mother.” (LCT-Aug 19, 1904)  


Ryall, Mary J.,  (for obit see Mary A. Ryall)

     Mary J. Ryall was the name provided for the second wife of John Ryall. She was the mother of three children, two daughters and one son; one daughter, Mary A, died the week following her death. (Source is missing from file, consider name speculative)


Shook, Joseph J.,

       “Mr. Shook, an old resident of this country, breathed his last at his home in north Egypt last Sunday morning at about three o’clock. Mr. Shook was somewhere near 75 years of age, and was very feeble. He had been failing in health for several months, but was confined to his bed only about one day preceding his death. His body was interred in the Frans Cemetery last Monday at 3 o’clock, PM. A large number of friends and sympathizers followed the remains to their last resting place. His daughter, Mrs. Johnson, of Coulee City, arrived a few minutes before the remains were taken from the house. The services were conducted by Mr. Bowers of Egypt.” (Lincoln County Populist-9 Sept 1896)  Probate of Joseph J Shook, #293; filed Oct 21, 1896; (very long accounting); Died: 6 Sept 1896 in Lincoln Co; will dated 9 March 1895; Property: 2-23-36; exec Louisa M. Shook, widow at Egypt, aged 50 yrs; Other heirs: Henry M., 48; C/Jasper, 46; Sam, 35; John, 30;  Sarah L., wife of Frank Johnston; Joseph P. Shook of Douglas Co, Oregon; Estate contest by Sarah L Johnston. This file shows the date of death of his previous wife, Julia Ann Williams Bevis, as 7 August 1886. Lincoln County Record of Marriage: (Recorded in B-131) married on March 4, 1892; Shook, Joseph, age 56, of Egypt, Father = Henry Shook, Mother = Annie Kimble; 


Shook, Julia Ann Williams Bevis,

        Per family report supplied by Ed Corkins, Julia Ann Williams was born in 1822 in Champaign Co, Ohio, the daughter of Samuel Williams and Mary Kiser. She was first married to George P. Bevis on Oct 5, 1843 in Indiana. She married Joseph J Shook on Oct 21, 1846 in Indiana. In 1850 she (age 28) appears with Joseph J. on the Wabash Twp, Darke Co, Ohio census. In 1870 they were found on the Smith Twp of Dade Co, MO. In 1880 they were found on the Coos Co, Oregon census with children: John, Joseph, Peter and Samuel Shook and daughter Louisa J. Shook.  The Shooks moved to Egypt, WA Territory prior to the 1885 census, where they appear as J. J., J., John and Henry. Probate file # 293 for the estate of Joseph J. Shook shows the date of death of his wife, Julia Ann, as 7 August 1886. Her burial is only noted by the obituary of her son, Charles Bevis, from her first marriage, in which it states that he is to be buried in the Frans Cemetery next to his mother. In addition to Charles Bevis, her other children were:  Henry Shook, Casper (or Jasper) Shook, Sam Shook, John Shook, Sarah L. Johnston, and Joseph . Shook.


Sillman, Matthew,

       “Matt Sillman, who died at the asylum on Jan 8th and whose remains were taken through to Egypt for burial last Thursday, was one of the early settlers of that vicinity. In the Spring of 1887 he moved with his family on to a homestead where they remained a number of years and which is still owned by the family. Deceased was 55 years, survived by a widow, 3 sons and 3 daughters. The funeral was in charge by Rev Mollenhauer of Davenport.” (Dav Times-Jan 11, 1895)  


Sillman, Mathew (Jr.),

       Mathew Stillman, the son of Mathew and Christena Stillman, who was born in Illinois Nov. 25, 1877, died in Spokane Nov. 12, at the age of forty three years, eleven months and thirteen days. The deceased leaves to mourn their loss, a widow, three small children, a mother, two brothers and three sisters.  One of the sisters, Mrs. Charles Auritt, resides at Creston. The remains was laid to rest in the Egypt cemetery last Monday.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Lautenschlager of Spokane.( Creston News, Nov 18,1921)

   Rest dear one, although we miss thee, Thou art free from care and harm,

   Safely in the arms of Jesus, Free from all this earth's alarms.


Simpson, D. W.,

       “Funeral services will be held at the Egypt Lutheran church north of Davenport at 2 PM today, Thursday, for D. W. Simpson, age 85, pioneer of the Miles region, who died about 1:30 AM Tuesday at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Ross Carpenter, at Gerome. Interment will be in the Egypt Cemetery. Mr. Simpson lived in the Miles region since pioneer days. For the last eight years he made his home with Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter at Gerome. His wife passed away in July 1926. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Carpenter and Miss Rose Simpson, Spokane, and three sons, Hale B. Simpson, Edwall, George W Simpson, Lincoln, and Dan Simpson, Kettle Falls.” (DT & T-Sept 1, 1938) “Funeral services were held at the Egypt Lutheran church last Thursday afternoon for D. W. Simpson, age 85, Miles pioneer, who died Tuesday morning of last week. The Rev F. J. Ahrendt, Lutheran pastor here, officiated at the service Thursday. Mrs. Dan F. Reinbold and Mrs. Louis Reinbold sang, accompanied by the Rev Ahrendt. Interment was in the adjacent cemetery. Pall bearers were Otto Johnson, Andrew Reinbold, August Reinbold, James Harris, J. W. McLaughlin and Lew Hutsell. Mr. Simpson came to the Miles region in pioneer days and lived on a ranch in that area for many years.” (DT & T-Sept 8, 1938)


Simpson, Elizabeth,

      “Miles, WA.—July 7—The death of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Simpson, wife of D. W. Simpson, occurred at her home at Miles, July 1, from a complication of ailments which culminated in heart failure. Funeral services were held at the Egypt Lutheran church Saturday, the interment taking place in the Franz Cemetery, Rev C. A. Hodshire of the Davenport Methodist church officiated. The deceased woman was born at Attica, NY, Oct 20, 1867. Her maiden name was Broadbrook. She was married to D. W. Simpson, Dec 27, 1893 at Pierce City, NE. She leaves four children, Hale B. Simpson, of Edwall; Rose Simpson, nurse, at Fort Spokane Indian hospital, and Hazel and Dan Simpson at Miles. She also leaves five sisters and one brother. Her sister, Mrs. Ida M. Keller of Portland, OR, was with her at the time of her death. She was a resident of Miles for 22 years.” (DT &T-July 8, 1926)


Sutherlin. John Young,

     John Young Sutherlin was the son of William and Mary Melissa Young Sutherlin, brother to James David Sutherlin, Samuel Sutherlin and Mary Louisa Frans (per family report of Elmer Compton). John Young Sutherlin in the family history supplied by Williston’s shows his birth as March 7, 1856 in Montague Co, TX. He died in Spokane on Aug 22, 1889. His first marriage was to Martha Cook on Jan 28, 1878 and a second marriage occurred with Alice Rice after 1885. A son was reportedly born to Martha on April 2, 1880 in TX named Edmund Sutherlin. (As of Feb 2004, his grave or burial information had not been located locally, family report has his burial in Frans Cem.)

In the Guardianship estate file of Edward Sutherlin, Probate file #109 in Lincoln County, filed Sept 4, 1889; Edward was shown to be age 13 yrs and in need of a guardian appointed to represent his interests. His mother was shown as M C Sutherlin; His father was John Y Sutherlin who  died 21 Aug 1889 in Lincoln Co. The file asserts that John Y Sutherlin had committed bigamy: having a wife & son in Texas; married Alice Rice in May 1889.  Property of John: Sec 32 Twp 26 R 37.  In Aug 1889, surviving widow Alice took over as adm of estate.  (pt 16) “that John S. Frans is a man possessing a large knowledge of the matters contested and that he is a man of  middle age and of known integrity to appt as guardian.”  John Sutherlin’s heirs:

            James, 55, of Egypt, brother

            Samuel, 37, of Egypt, brother

            one sister, about 45, of Egypt

            widow, Alice Sutherlin

John S. Frans was appointed guardian of estate for child, Edward.  


Sutherlin, James David ,

      “Mr J. D. Sutherlin, one of the first settlers of the Egypt country, died last Saturday, May 19, 1906 at his home, and was buried the following day in the Egypt Cemetery. Mr. Sutherlin located on a homestead down there in 1880, 26 years ago, and was about the first settler to drive in with an ox team. He freighted and tilled the land with ox teams for many years, and was one of the most familiar figures among the early pioneers of this section. During the last few years he suffered much with dropsy, and did not often go beyond the confines of his own farm. He was 72 years of age at the time of his death, a man of simple wants, who endeavored to live at peace with all men and who did his part as best he could in the little community in which he was so content to abide.” (LCT-May 25, 1906) James David Sutherlin was the son of William and Mary Melissa Young Sutherlin, born 9 Dec 1833 in Orange Co, IN. He married Sallie M. Haynes on 20 Dec 1869 in Ellis Co, TX. Sallie was born 22 Jan 1841 and died 23 Oct 1870 in childbirth, leaving one son, William P. Sutherlin (b. 23 Oct 1870). James David Sutherlin died in Egypt on May 18, 1906. (Data provided by Williston family, 2004).  


Sutherlin, Mary Melissa Young,   TS

      Mary Melissa Young was born April 11, 1812 to William and Margaret (Merritt) Young. She married William Sutherlin on July 16, 1829 in Washington Co, IN. William was the son of Philip Sutherlin, born in Stokes Co, NC on August 22, 1798. His known locations were Greenville Co, SC; Orange Co, IN; Wayne Co, MO; Brown Co, IL; and Young Co, TX. William Sutherlin died in Fort Davis, Stephens Co, TX on 31 Aug 1865. William and Mary had the following known children: Wm Ashley Sutherlin (1830-1863), Philip Sutherlin (1831-1837), James David Sutherlin (1833-1906), Francis Marion Sutherlin (1836-circa 1910/20), Minerva Jane Sutherlin (1838-1918), Margaret Melinda Sutherlin (1841-1914), Martha Almira Sutherlin (1843-1877), Merret Sylvester Sutherlin (1846-1872), Mary Louise Frans (1848-1883), Samuel Alexander Sutherlin (1851-1902), and John Young Sutherlin (1855-1889). Mary Melissa Young Sutherlin died Nov 9, 1886. (To date, her obituary has not been located, 2004; family details provided by Elmer Compton.)


Sutherlin, Samuel Alexander,

        “Sam Sutherlin who has been living in town for a little over a year, working for Henry Kahse, died Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock, and Sunday, Dec 21st, was buried in the Frans Cemetery in Egypt. His funeral was attended by many of the old settlers of Egypt, among whom he had lived and moved during the past twenty years or more. The funeral services were conducted under the auspices of the Fraternal Army, of which order deceased was a member. The remains were accompanied by several members of the order from Davenport the last sad rites being witnessed at the home of J. S .Frans, brother-in-law of the deceased, Rev C C Gibson conducting the services. Nearly the whole of Egypt population followed the remains of their old friend and neighbor to the grave. Mr. Sutherlin was born in Mt Stirling, Illinois, Nov 29, 1851, moved with his parents to Texas a few years later, where his youth and early manhood was spent, and where he was married. Three sons and a daughter were born to this union, all of whom are grown. The family came to Egypt, Lincoln County, in 1881, where Mr. Sutherlin took up a homestead, and on which he resided for many years. He quit the farm about 14 years ago, and came to town, working in the Kahse feed yard. On Tuesday, the 16th inst, he was taken ill, and on the following day his sister, Mrs. Duncan, came in to wait on him, and on Friday, the 19th inst, he passed away. Death resulted from kidney trouble, with which he had been more or less afflicted for several years. Deceased was among the first settlers to locate in Egypt, nearly 22 years ago, and passed through all the ups and downs of pioneer life. He was an industrious, well disposed citizen, whose death will recall early days in the little community of which he formed a part. He leaves a wife, four children, a brother, sister, and several more distant relatives to mourn his departure.” (LCT- Dec 23, 1902) Samuel Sutherlin was a son of William and Mary Melissa Young Sutherlin. The family history as supplied by Williston’s shows that Samuel married Hattie Ann Donahue on Feb 11, 1874 in Denison, Grayson Co, TX. She was born May 15, 1860 in Shelby Co, TX and died on March 27, 1929 in Spokane Co, WA.  Their children were identified as: William Warner Sutherlin (b. 3 July 1875), Boncy B Sutherlin (b. 7 March 1877), Palmetta Elenor Sutherlin (b. 29 May 1880),  Samuel Walter Sutherlin (b. 1 Feb 1882), and Chester Arthur Sutherlin (b. 13 June 1884). The child Boncy died in TX prior to the family coming to Lincoln Co, WA. (see also Lincoln County Probate file #593)  


Vonstrum, Mrs.,

        “Mrs. Vonstrum died Tuesday evening after an illness lasting two days. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn her loss.” (Dav. Trib-Egypt Column of 8-10-1911) (No burial information, speculative Frans Cemetery burial.)   


 Willis, Sidney James,

        “Sidney Willis, of Daisy, WA, a former resident of this region, died in a Spokane hospital, Tuesday after more than 6 months’ illness. Mr. Willis, in partnership with K Mutterer, has operated the Miles-Daisy stage line for nine years. Hi is survived by his widow and two sons, his parents, Mr. & Mrs. H. C .Willis of Indian Creek, and a sister, Mrs. August Reinbold of the Egypt country. Funeral services for Mr. Willis will be held at the Egypt Lutheran Church at 2:30 today, Thursday. Interment will be in the Frans Cemetery in Egypt.” (Davenport Times-Tribune of March 5, 1931) “Funeral services for James Sidney Willis, 35, a former resident of the Davenport region, were held Thursday at the Methodist chapel in Daisy, with the Kettle Falls Masonic lodge in charge. Thursday afternoon services were held in the Egypt Lutheran church, north of Davenport, and the body was interred in the Frans Cemetery north of town. Mr. Willis was born in London, England, and came to America when 12 years old. He lived in this country for many years and for eight years had been a mail contractor on the Myers Falls-Miles route. He is survived by his widow, two sons, his father and step-mother, and one sister.” (DTT-March 12, 1931)


Zeahl, Fred,

      “Fred, the fifteen year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Zoehl, of Egypt, died last Monday after an illness of two or three weeks with pneumonia. He was buried in the Frans cemetery on Tuesday.” (LCT-Dec 2, 1902) “Freddie Zeahl, who has been hovering between life and death for the past ten days, breathed his last Sunday night, and was buried in the Frans cemetery at 1 o’clock, Tuesday, Dec 2nd. Freddie was a very bright boy of 15 years and 3 months, and made friends wherever he went. This was demonstrated by the large number present at the funeral, it being the largest that has occurred here for years. This is a heavy blow to Mr. & Mrs. Zeahl, who have the sympathy of the entire community.” (LCT- Dec 5, 1902) Surname is sometimes seen as Zoehl.



Frans Cemetery, Egypt, Lincoln County, Washington

Submitted by Marge Womach, April 4, 2004.

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