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                                                    Sec 18 T 23 R 33 about 11 m N & 2 m W of Odessa  

Originally copied by Wes & Carrie Lartigue, Aug 20, 1974, Tombstone Inscriptions of Lincoln County. They identified: 1 Diefe grave, 2 Hemmerling children (m & f), 2 Hinzman boys, Adolph Hinzman (1890-1907), 1 Neuman child, Jacob Quast (1882-1956), Tena R. Quast (1884-1974) and Leonard Alvin Quast (Oct 29-Dec 15, 1916). Stones at that time numbered five, with no dates on the Neumann child. The other 5 graves were from verbal report of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Quast. This cemetery is north of the corner of Zagelow and Quast roads. The entrance gate shows “Freedensfeld Cemetery”. The cemetery is along the side of the road and appears as a crescent-shaped sliver on the edge of a wheat field. The 1911 Atlas shows a church on the corner with the cemetery just north of it. Lincoln Co Assessors office shows the Freedensfeld Cemetery as a 2 acre tax exempt piece in the SE corner of the SE ¼ of Sec 18 Twp 23 R 33 with the surrounding land now owned by Dave Zagelow. The fenced area preserves only the graves of those with obvious tombstones. Lincoln Co Auditor’s Misc. C, page 404, filed April 23, 1907 shows the Articles of Inc of the German Congregational Friedensfeld Church near Odessa. The first trustees were Johannes Brauer, David Quast and Samuel Karsten, to hold office to the first Monday in Jan 1908. Stones (bold) viewed in 1999 by Marge Womach and Pat Rice.  AS usual, this is a work in progress.



Cemetery listings:  


Diefe, s/o William,  1907-191,1 (no visible stone)

Gans, Christina Dorothy,  Mar 4, 1864-Mar 28, 1922 ,(removed in 1938 to Odessa)

Gans, infant d/o ReinholdJune 4, 1918-June 4, 1918 ,(no visible stone)

Hemmerling, Bertha,  Jan 22, 1909-Feb 5, 1909, (no visible stone)

Hinzman, Adolph F.,  Geboren im 1890 (stone about 4 ft tall) , Gestorben 1907

Hinzman, Rudolph, Apr 3, 1892-Oct 18, 1918 , (no visible stone)

Neumann, ______  , Cement pad, “Neumann” Violet Ruby Neuman, b. 9-19-1916; d. 12-07-1916

Quast, Hugo Arthur,  son of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Quast , May 1, 1911-July 12, 191, (shared heart-shaped stone)

Quast, Leonhard Alvin,  son of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Quast, Oct 29, 1916-Dec 15, 1916 ,  (shared heart-shaped stone)

Quast, Jacob,  1882-1956  “Father”

Quast, Tena R . , 1884-1974  “Mother”

Quast, Juliana, Nov 4, 1896-Aug 29, 1924 ,(stone in Mt View, Davenport)

Quast, Lillian , Aug 7, 1920-Jan 25, 1921 ,(stone in Mt View, Davenport)

Schmidt, Mary Zimmer ,  May 1, 1848-July 29, 1917 , (no visible stone)



Each initial has its own mound, “mound” below implies other graves. Estimate 9 unmarked or unidentified graves;  6 clearly identified graves with markers.



                                                      LAQ        JQ&TRQ   Mound      Mound

                                                     mound       mounds



Mound    Mound            Mound      HAQ             Mounds     Mound  AFH & N.    Mound

                                                     mound                                   mound &

                                                                                                         cement pad




Deife:  (Odessa Record: 12-01-1911) “The four year old son of Mr. & Mrs. William Diefe, living northwest of Odessa, is dead from burns received by falling into a boiler of hot water, after it had been removed from the stove. While the mother was washing clothes, the child dropped a comb into the boiler, and in attempting to recover it, fell in and was scalded.” (Edit: place of burial not specified) The Wm Deife family on the Layton precinct of the Lincoln Co 1910 Census shows Wm and wife Katie, having 8 children, with only 7 listed: Fred, 22; Minnie, 20; Maggie, 18; Sam, 17; Lucy, 13; John, 9; Martha, 7.


Gans:  “Christina Dorothy Gans, female, white, married; b. Mar 4, 1864 in Russia; Father = John Stillman b. Russia; Mother: don’t know; Informant: Rudolph Gans (son), Odessa, WA;  d. Mar 28, 1922, artero schlerosis, Lee Ganson, MD; Burial: Freedenfelt Cemetery on 4-01-1922, no attendant.” (WA State Register of Death) (Listed in Odessa City B-7-32; confirmed by Strates ledgers, removed from Freedensfeld on 11-20-1938)


Gans:  “Unnamed infant Gans. Female, white, b. June 4, 1918 in Odessa; d. June 4, 1918, age 6 hrs; Father = Reinhold Gans b. Russia; Mother = Amelia Hinzman, b. ND; Informant = Father, Odessa, WA; Cause: Premature birth, Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa.” Burial and undertaker not given. (WA State Register of Death) Due to the family associations it is assumed that this burial occurred in Freedensfeld Cemetery, particularly since there is no indication that the infant was buried in Odessa Cemetery, and no mention of removal found.

Hemmerling, Bertha:  “Bertha Hemmerling, female, white, born Jan 22, 1909 in Odessa; died Feb 5, 1909, aged 14 days. Father = Jno Hemmerling born Russia; Mother = Lydia Ertinaeu/Ertmann  born Russia. Informant Jno Hemmerling of Odessa. Cause of death: convulsions. Burial: Friedensfeld Cemetery on Feb 7, 1909. H. E. Stone & Sons undertaker.”  (WA State Board of Health: Certificate of Death) The John Hemmerling family is shown on the Layton Precinct of the Lincoln Co 1910 census as: John Hemmerling, 31, married 8 years, b. Russia-Germ; wife Lydia, 30, b. Russia-Germ, one child born and living; and daughter Anna, age 7, b. WA. 

Hinzman, Rudolf:  “Rudolf Hinzman died Oct 18, 1918 at the age of 26. He was the son of John Hinzman. Cause of death was pneumonia following influenza. He was married and had two children. Interred Monday at Friedenfeld Cemetery, north of Odessa.” (Odessa Record notes) “Rudolph Hinzman, male, white, married, farming; b. 4-03-1892, SD; Father = John Hinzman b. Russia; Mother = Wilhelmina Wahl, b. Russia; Informant: Father, Odessa, WA; d. 10-18-1918; Cause: influenza; pneumonia; Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa;” Burial location and undertaker not given. (WA State Register of Death) The family of John Hinzman (Hincman) on the Layton Precinct of the 1910 Lincoln Co Census shows: John Hincman, marr. 20 years, age 50, b. Russia; wife, Minnie, age 38, b. Russia, 7 children; son Rudolph, 18, b. SD; daughter Amelia, 15, b. SD; son Esodore, 14, b. SD; son Edward, 12, b. SD; daughter Clara, 11, b. WA; daughter Ida, 9, b. WA; and son William, 7, b. WA. Research into the family of Martin Grimm (buried in Odessa City Cemetery) shows that his oldest daughter, Louise Grimm was married to Rudolph Hinzman.  Rudolph and Louise M. Hinzman had two children, Reuben born 28 April 1918, and Rudolph born 1919.  On the 1920 census, Louise and her two children are shown in the household of Jacob Wolsborn and his wife, Katherine (nee Pfaff) Grimm Wolsborn and their blended family. 


Hinzmann: “Adolph , the sixteen year old son of John Hinzmann, a rancher living about 12 miles northeast of town, died last Friday of pneumonia. The funeral services were held Sunday. Mr. Hinzmann is now ill with the disease but is reported recovering.” (Odessa Record-Feb 14, 1908)

Hinzman:  “Rudolph, died Oct 18, at the home of his father, John. He was 26 years, married with two children.  Burial was at Friedenfeld north of Odessa.” (Odessa Record-Oct 25, 1918)

Neuman, “Violet Ruby, female, white, single;  born 9-19-1916; died 12-07- 1916; age 2 mos 17 days. Birthplace: 15 miles NE of Odessa; Father: Sam Neuman b. OR; Mother:  Ida Wolf, b. Russia. Cause of death: lobula pneumonia. Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa.  Informant: father.”  Burial was not specified. (Lincoln Co Health Death Certificate) Listed in the Congregational ledger of funerals on page 370 of Rev Essig:  with birth & death dates, burial on 8 Dec 1916; age 2 months 16 days.

Quast, Lillian  born Aug 7, 1920; died Jan 25, 1921. Lillian was born in WA., to Martin Quast (b. SD) and Julia Karsten (b. NE). Cause of death is pneumonia. Burial Freedensfelt Cemetery. Informant: Martin Quast. (Lincoln Co Health Death Cert.) The Martin Quast family in 1910 on the Layton Precinct Lincoln Co census was only Martin, age 25, b. SD; and his wife, Julia, age 20, b. NE. 

Quast, Leonard  born Oct 29, 1916, died Dec 16, 1916. Leonard was born in Lincoln Co to Jacob Quast (b. S Dakota) and Tina Karsten (b. Russia). Cause of death was pneumonia. Burial was Freedensfeld Cemetery. Informant was the father. (Lincoln Co Health Death Certificate) Listed in the Congregational funeral ledger by W. F. Essig, page 370 as Leonhardt Alvin Quast. Birth and death dates not given, age 1 month 17 days, pneumonia, Burial on 17 Dec 1916, location not specified. The Jacob Quast family in 1910 Layton Precinct of Lincoln Co showed: Jake, 27 yrs, married 6 yrs, b. SD; wife Dena, age 26, b. Russia; sons Walter, 5, and Lawrence, 3, both born WA; and sister-in-law, Lydia Karsten, single, age 16, b. NE.

Quast:  “Mrs. Justina Rozella (Karsten) Quast, a resident of the Odessa Convalescent Center since 1971, died on Wednesday, May 8, (1974), at the age of 90 years. She had been a resident of the Odessa area since 1902. Mrs. Quast was the daughter of Samuel and Julianna Karsten. She was born on April 27, 1884 in Rosenthal, Russia. She moved with her family to the United States and resided in Sutton, NE until her family moved to what is now the Walter Quast farm north of Odessa, in 1902. Justina was united in marriage to Jacob Quast on Nov 28, 1903. Jacob and Justina lived with their family north of Odessa until 1938, when they moved to Odessa and built a home.  They had four sons, two of whom preceded her in death, as did her husband.  Mrs. Quast was a member of the United Congregational Church, the Ladies Aid Society and a former member of the Brotherhood Fellowship.  Funeral services were held from the United Church on May 11, 1974 at 11 a.m. with Pastor B M Schafer officiating. Interment was at the Friedensfeld Cemetery north of Odessa, under the direction of the Strate Funeral Home. Survivors include two sons, Walter and Lawrence of Odessa; 3 grandsons: Lt Col Lorus Quast of Dover, Delaware; Dennis Quast of Huntington, OR; and Verl Quast of Puyallup; 6 great grandchildren; four sisters: Mrs. Bertha Schendel of Davenport; Pauline Serr of Seattle; Lydia Dietzer of Vancouver, BC; and Emelia Angerman of Kitchner, Ontario. Also surviving is one sister-in-law, Mrs. Fred Quast of Ritzville and many other relatives and friends.” (Odessa Record: 5-16-1974) 


Schmitt:  “Mary Zimmer Schmitt. Died: 29 July 1917, Krupp, (Marlin), WA. Birth: 1 May 1848, South Russia. Spouse: widow, no name given. Father: Ludwig Gans, born Germany. Mother: Miss Fimke, born Germany.  Burial: 6 miles NE of Krupp (Marlin), WA, probably Freedensfeld Cemetery.” (Lincoln County Health death card). The 1910 Grant Co census, Quiincy precinct, shows Gotlob Schmitt, 52, born Russia, married 23 yrs; Maria, 58, born Russia, 7 children born with 3 living. “Mary Zimmer Schmitt. Female, white, widow. Birth: May 1, 1848 in So. Russia; Father: Ludwig Gans born Germany; Mother: Miss Finke born Germany; Informant: Gotlob Schmitt, Quincy, WA.  Death: July 29, 1917, 8:25 p.m.  Cause: Paralysis caused by cerebral hemorrhage, duration: 3 hrs. E R Wolfe, MD, Krupp, WA.  Burial: 6 mi. NE of Krupp on July 31, 1917. Undertaker: none.” (WA State Register of Death)


QUAST:  The Jacob Sr. Quast Family.—Jacob Quast Sr. (1858-1921) was born in Russia and was married to Helen Hehn (1860-1932, also born Russia. They were buried in the Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery of Ritzville. They had the following knowns sons: Jacob Jr., John, Martin and Fred. Jacob Jr. Quast married Justina Karstens (1884-1974) and was the father of Lawrence & Walter. John Quast was married to Lizzie _____. Martin Quast (1885-1963) married Julia Karstens (1889-1924). Julia Karstens was the sister of Justina Karstens. Martin’s first ranch was reportedly east of Wilbur Rd. He purchased the cemetery piece, which had been known as the Brauer place, which Martin later sold to John Hemmerling. There is a probability that two Brauer children were buried on this property as well. Martin was the father of Lillian, the baby buried in Freedensfeld Cemetery, and the father of one boy that survived. Fred Quast (1897-1956)  married Edna ____ (1898-1979) and they were buried in Ritzville Memorial Cemetery. Fred and Edna farmed S of  Ritzville toward Ralston and were the parents of two girls: Inez, who  married Art LaMarche, and Julia, who married Wes Forrester.


QUAST:  The Martin Quast Family.—Martin and Julia (Karstens) Quast had two known children, Lillian (1920-1921) and Elbert (1913-1993). Lillian Quast was buried in the Freedensfeld Cemetery prior to their move to Davenport. Martin’s wife, Julia, died in 1924 and was buried first in Freedensfeld and later in the Mountain View Cemetery of Davenport. Martin and his wife occupy graves 11 and 12 of Block 7 Lot 3. All surrounding gravesites are occupied. If little Lillian was exhumed and interred at Davenport, the only available space would be with her mother. There is no documentation to support the removal, except the presence of the tombstone. Elbert and his wife, Winnifred Emily, are buried in Block 7.5 Lot 1 Grave 3, (Winnifred interred there and Elbert’s urn added), owning the four gravesites of Lot 1. Grave 4 is occupied by Evangeline Pearl Emerson, Graves 1 & 2 are vacant, per Davenport city clerk.

QUAST:  Juliana Karstens Quast, female, white, married; b. Nov 4, 1896; d. 8-29-1924; cause of death: pulmonary TB; born NE; father = Samuel Karstens b. Germany; mother = Juliana Kuchmeier b. Russia; Informant = Martin Quast, Odessa, WA;  L M Thompson, MD; Burial: Freedensfeld Cemetery; Undertaker = Fred Weishaar.” (WA State Death Certificate) 


Quast family report by Lawrence and Emma Quast of Odessa, WA on 11-06-1999. Jacob Quast Jr., son of Jacob Quast Sr. and Helen Hehn, was born in Parkston, South Dakota on Aug 25, 1882 and died in June 28, 1956. His parents were both born in Russia. Jacob Jr. married Justina Rozella Karstens on Nov 28, 1903. Tina was born in Rosenthal, South Russia. Justina was the daughter of  Samuel Ed. Karstens and Juliana Kirschmeir, each born in Russia. Jacob and Tina had two sons surviving to adulthood: Walter Quast who died in 1991 and Lawrence Quast living in 1999. Lawrence knows that the cemetery was purchased from Gottlieb Hemmerling, and the Freedensfeld church was in that corner. The Freedensfeld church was Congregational, later disassembled and the usable lumber was used by the Pilgrim Congregational Church. The area was served in the early days by a Lutheran church also.


BRAEUR:  The family of Johannes Brauer as shown on the 1910 Layton Precinct of Lincoln County census shows: John, 43, marr 20 yrs, b. Russia; wife Christina, 40, 9 children born to her; Robert, 19, b. ND; Emma, 16, b. ND; Gottlem, 15, ND; Bertha, 11, ND; Hilda, 9, ND; Paul (Wm), 7, ND; Benjamin, 5, ND. (The census is 2 children shy of those reported.) No death or burial record locally has been obtained for  Johannes, his wife or any of their children, except Robert. Robert F(1891-1961) and his wife, Jennie,  (1890-1983) were buried in the Odessa City Cemetery in E-6-36 & 37. This data is included as the Brauer family reported owned the cemetery land at one time.


                                                                                      ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION


Know all Men by these presents: That the undersigned persons, resident citizens north and west of Odessa, County of Lincoln, State of Washington, United States of America, do hereby voluntarily associate themselves together for the purpose of forming a church corporation under the laws of the State of Washington, and adopt for said purpose the following Articles, to wit:


Article 1. The corporate name of this body shall be “German Congregational Friedensfeld Church”, and its exact location and chief worshipping place shall be on the following described premises, to wit: The south east corner of the south east quarter of Section 18 Township 23, North of Range 33 EWM, County and State aforesaid.


Article 2. Said corporation is formed for religious purposes only and for the care of such temporal concerns as pertain to the society, and the terms of admission to membership therein shall be such as may from time to time be prescribed by the laws, regulations and rules of the Congregational Church in the United States of America, and its location and chief place of business shall be considered to be its house of worship, whose exact location is given in Article 1 above.


Article 3. The object and pursuit of this corporation shall be the worship of the Triune God as taught in the Bible, in spirit and in truth, and to this end the awakening and education of its congregation and the whole human race to a life of Christian faith, through the preaching of the Gospel in church and Sunday School, the administration of the Holy Sacraments and the Christian instruction in church and school, also the acquisition and holding of such property, real and personal, as may be necessary for these purposes.


Article 4. The corporation shall be and remain in regular and inseparable connection with the Pacific German Congregational Conference, whose field of operation is on the Pacific slope, and all property of this corporation shall be and remain in the control of said Pacific German Congregational Conference.


Article 5. The following are the officers of said corporation, to wit: one pastor, at least two deacons, three trustees, one treasurer, one clerk, and one Sunday School Superintendent and they shall be known as the Church Council of Friedensfeld Church.


Article 6. The business of said corporation, temporal and spiritual, shall be conducted by the officers named in Article 5, and the mode of their election and that of their successors in office shall be as follows:  (a) Upon death, resignation removal or the administering of church discipline to the pastor, his successor may be nominated by the Church council and such nominee can only be elected by a majority of the communicant members of the congregation at a meeting held for that purpose, of which meeting two weeks’ notice must be given, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the Congregation. (b) The other officers shall be elected in the annual meeting of the congregation, held on the first Monday of January of each year, at which meeting shall also be filled any vacancies that have occurred in the other offices. (c) The term of office for the deacons is two years, if there are but two elected, if three are elected, three years, and the election shall be so arranged that but one leave the office at the close of the church year. The term of the trustees shall be three years and the term of one shall expire at the close of each church year, as provided in last named article. The terms of Sunday School Superintendent, Treasurer and Clerk is one year.


Article 7. The names of the Trustees to the first Monday, 190_ are Johannes Brauer, David Quast and Samuel Karsten.


Article 8. The presiding officer shall be chosen in every meeting of the Council by the members of the Council and the Clerk of the Corporation shall be ex officio Clerk of the Council meetings.


Article 9. ….. vote of a majority of the members of the church at any annual meeting, provided a two week’s notice has been given previous to such meeting of an intended change, except Articles 1, 2, 3 and 4, which can only be changed by a unanimous vote of the members of the church.


In witness whereof, the said incorporators have hereunto affixed their hands and seals this 20th day of April, A D 1907.   (Signatures: Johannes Brauer, David Quast, and Samuel Karsten). (Notarized F. J. Hoagland)



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