Haase-Delzer Cemetery


                            Obituaries submitted by Marge Womach      


                                                                                                        Sec 19 Twp 22 R 33   

                                                       (Odessa Vicinity) or Odessa North country or near Odessa.


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According to Lartigues in 1974 in Tombstone Inscriptions of Lincoln County, the “Haase Delzer Cemetery (discontinued)... last burials made in the mid-20’s. Remains and stones removed. No trace is left. It is now a plowed field. Located p. 55 of 1911 Atlas on old Christ Jenke farm. Information from Ed Kern and Theodore Lyse.” 


No documentation or evidence has been found to support that any remains have been removed from this cemetery, and all local accounts now assert that the tombstones were removed from the location of the cemetery to the corner of the field. Work done by the electric and phone companies across that ridge may have buried the tombstones, however, one grave cover was found (2005), which apparently covered the grave of a child.  The obituaries and reports that follow are not to be considered complete.


Warranty Deed: Vol 20 page 206. Northern Pacific Railway Co to Christoph Janke; filed Aug 5, 1903 (consideration: $800); Warranty Deed: Vol 59 page 266. Christoph Janke and wife to John Haase, filed Feb 8, 1917. (consideration: $16,000)


Documented burials in the Odessa City Cemetery for the Haase family begin in 1934, for the Delzer family in 1935, and the Janke/Yanke family in the 1920s.

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Beck, John:  “John Beck, male, white, b. 2-13-1909; single; b. Odessa; Father = Henry Beck born Russia; Mother = Helena Yanke b. SD; Informant = Henry Beck of Odessa. Died: 2-25-1909; convulsions; John J. Lunz, MD of Odessa; Burial near Odessa; no undertaker.” (Lincoln Co Health Certificate of Death)

Delzer, Helmut Ludwig (30 March 1905-5 June 1907) Born and died, Odessa, cause of death listed as whooping cough. Father: Ludwig Christian Delzer; Mother: Christina Janke. (Source: Family history) “The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Delzer, who live about four miles north of town, died Wednesday. Whooping cough is reported as the cause of its death. The funeral was conducted from the home yesterday, Elder David Jasmann of the German Congregational Church officiating, in the absence of Rev Hoffman.” (Odessa Record: 7 June 1907, p. 5)


Delzer, Helmut Friederich (29 Sept 1909-27 Apr 1910) Born and died Odessa, infant death. Father: Ludwig Christian Delzer; Mother: Christina Janke. (Source: Family history)


Delzer, Lillian (23 Aug 1915-23 Aug 1915) died at birth; infant of Ludwig C. Delzer and Christina Janke. (Source: Family history) “Unnamed Infant Delzer. Female, white, single. Birth: Aug 23, 1916, Odessa, WA. Death: Aug 23, 1916, stillborn. Physician: Lee Ganson. Father: Louis Delzer born Russia; Mother: Christina Janke, born Russia. Informant: Louis Delzer. Burial: (not shown).” (WA State Register of Death)


Delzer, Benjamin: (7 Nov 1920-7 Nov 1920) died at birth; infant of Ludwig C. Delzer and Christina Janke. (Source: Family history)

Haase, Vera Zoe:  “Vera Zoe Haase. Female, white, Born Aug 9, 1915 at Uniontown, WA. Father: Rudolf Haase, born Bohemia; Mother: Florence Chase born Selby, MT. Informant: Mrs. W. E. Chase of Irby, WA. Date of Death: Oct 3, 1915.” (No further information was filled in on the certificate. Burial place not specified. WA State Register of Death, County of Lincoln, Town of Irby.) 

Janke: “The 12 year old daughter of Chris Yonke died at her home yesterday after a short illness.” (Odessa Record: 7-05-1901)


Janke, Idah:  “Idah Janke was born in North Dakota August 1897. Idaho died about 1907 in Odessa, Lincoln Co, WA.” (family report)


Janke, John: “John Janke (son of Christoph Jr. and Justina Janke) was born in South Dakota Dec 1881. John died about 1902, in Odessa, Lincoln Co, WA. In Fessenden, Wells Co, ND, 19 Dec 1896 school census, he is listed as John Yanke, age 14, son of Christof Yanke.” (Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Janke by Theresa Berg)


Janke, Emma:  “Emma Janke was born in North Dakota Feb 1893. Emma died about 1907 in Odessa, Lincoln Co, WA.” (She was listed as daughter of Christoph Jr. and Justine Janke.) (Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Janke by Theresa Berg)


Janke, Christoph:  “Christof Janke Sr.  Male, white, widowed, farmer. Birth: Oct 3, 1827, Poland. Father: Frederick Janke born Poland; Mother: Susana Hopp, born Poland. Informant: Christ Janke, Odessa, WA.  Death: 7-12-1918, 2:30 a.m.; Cause of death: old age. I did not see this patient. H. Mitchell, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: John Haase Cemetery on 7-13-1918.” (WA State Register of Death)   “Christoph Janke, born 3 Oct 1827, died 12 July 1918 from pneumonia, survived by wife and 3 children. Buried July 13, 1918.” (Odessa Congregational Church death ledger, page 370)

Quade, infant:  “The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Quade died at their home Monday of inflammation of the bowels. The funeral services were held at the house Wednesday. Rev Schwabenland officiated, after which the remains were interred in the Janke Cemetery.”  (Odessa Record of May 13, 1904; edit: This infant is probably buried in the Hoffnungsburg Cemetery originally owned by Andrew Janke, rather than in the Haase Cemetery originally owned by Christ Janke. The Quade family had property in both districts.) 


Haase-Deltzer Cemetery Obits, Odessa country, Lincoln County, Washington

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