Lakeview Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                                       Data Collection by Marge Womach

                                       Located 2 miles NW of Sprague in the SE corner of S 15 T 21 R 38

                                                          abuts the Maccabee City Cemetery of Sprague

                                    Size: 10 acres, apparently abandoned; minimal care by cemetery district(?)

                                Page 87: Lakeview Cemetery contains 10 acres of land in SE corner of 15-21-38

                                                    filed 21 May 1890 by W. W. Sprague and Louise V. Sprague.



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(March 2001-This is a work in progress)

* will denote the 1974 listing of tombstones from Lartigue's Tombstone Inscriptions.

+ will denote the 1999 listing of tombstones from internet from Ron Miller’s work.

! will denote obit available; Bold printed name is addition to tombstone listings.

? burial will denote Lakeview only available cemetery non-Catholic at that time

# will denote Funeral Home Ledger

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Cemetery listings:


Fallow, Annie O.,  (owner of plot: Blk 7 #4)

Farrell, Margaret Mable, Dec 17, 1885-Dec 25, 1885,    Cath. Territorial Ledger

Fenimore, H. E.,  25 Nov 1872-25 Mar 1902+ , s/o L. M. Richards

Fish, Caroline, 17 Mar 1827-12 Jan 1886+*w/o John “b. Jackson, MI”

Fish, Richard,  (owner of plot: Blk 14 #2)

Fleming, Mary M., 11 Dec 1855-4 Jan 1895+*w/o O. P.

Flemming, O. P.,  (owner of plot: Blk 5 #30)

Foster, Abner A.,  abt1844       -13 Sept 1884* 

Frink, Mrs. Clarisse E. ! , d. 27 Mar 1889; age 73 obit

Frink, Hanora E. (Trumble)! ,  1873-1902* , w/o L. E. ; obit Oct 10, 1902

Gannon, Kitty ,   27 Oct 1893-23 Nov 1894+*(see Cannon)

Gannon, Sarah E.,  1861-1900+*“mother”

Gilhause, John !, d. Sept 1886  ,  age 50

Graves, Gladys, 1 Jul 1881-11 Apr 1887*d/o H. L. & Mary

Graves, Glenny21 Feb 1883-1 Aug 1886* , d/o H. L. & Mary

Graves, Martha ,  ,  d. 11 April 1887,   Cath. Territorial Ledger

Graves, Mary Maud,   23 Feb 1883-1 Aug 1886 ,  Cath. Territorial Ledger

Greenwood, Martha Jane,  1831- 13 Aug 1883,  burial

Greenwood, Wm Lewis,  d. 13 March 1888, burial

Haase, J. F. ! ,  ,  d. Nov 1886,  Obit.

Hammack, Alice R. (broken), 20 Mar 1862-1 Mar 1889+*w/o W. W. (+Fleming?)

Henderson, D. A. (no dates)!,  +*Co K 3rd PA Cav; Corpl

Hillhouse, Marion ,   ,   d. Feb 21, 1888; 39 yrs,  ? burial

Hinkley, J. A., !   13 Sep 1849-10 Mar 1894+* , h/o Emma + (obit)

Hinckley, Mrs. J. A., (owner of plot: Blk 4 #34)

Hinckley, Caroline Louise, d. 15 Apr 1896 ,  Death Cert? Burial

Holmes, James,   d. Apr 18, 1897-8; 67 yrs , , ? burial; death cert.

Hooper, infant ! (Mary A.) ,. 15 Nov 1896,  Obit. (Cath.Terr. Ledger)

Huelsiep, Robert ! ,   ,   d. 1 Dec 1900,  Obit

Hughes, G. W.,   d. 6 Oct 1887; 60 yrs , , Obit

Hughes, Nancy (Polland) #

Jell, C .! , , d. Dec 1886, 70 yr,   Obit.

Jensen, Charles A.,  1854-1887+* ,   bro/ Harry C. Jensen, d. 1 June 1887,  Probate Record of letters  

Jensen, Harry C., b. May 27, 1848, d. Nov 13, 1922          

Jensen, Harry Anton,  1880-1886+s/o Harry C.

Jones, Ambros,  20 Feb 1875-22 Apr 1883+s/o Fred & Martha

Jones, Nellie24 Feb 1872-18 Feb 1893+*w/o D. E. Jones

Jones, Thomas Wynn   ! , 8 June 1884-15 Mar 1892+*s/o Fred & Martha E

Jones, W. C.,  abt.  1836     -8 Oct 1883* 

Johnston, Charley,   d. Nov 1887

Kelly, Amandaabt. 1823 -22 Sept 1886+*w/o W. B., d. 22 Sept 1886  Probate Record of letters

Kendrick, Abbie G. W.,  3 Apr 1838-13 Oct 1898+*w/o Mulford

Kendrick, Elmer Alton , 1862-1908+* ,   h/o Grace May

Kendrick, Mulford ! , 6 Mar 1834-16 Oct 1890+* ,   h/o Abbie

Kettring, Aaron  # ,  d. 30 Dec 1914,   60 yr 8 mos 3 dy

Kettring, Emma(owner of plot: Blk 1 #6),   Jones Add

Knapp, Eddie L., 17 Feb 1888-29 Apr 1891+* ,   s/o E. L. & Jane M.

Krogstrait, dau !  ,  ,  d. 8 July 1894; age 3 yrs,   d/o Mr. Krogstrait

Ladd, Frederick F.,  abt 1871      -16 June 1887*s/o S. & Mary S.

Ladd, Simon,   (owner of plot: Blk 4 #3), (20 ft X 10 ft)

Langford, s/o Thos., d. Mar 6, 1890 ,   ,   obit

Leach, A .J.,   (owner of plot: Blk 1 #18)     (north ½)

Leach, Christina, 13 Mar 1836-15 June 1890+* , w/o Andrew J.

Leach, Geo W.,  d. Aug 19, 1899; age 44,   ? burial

Leigh, Edward , #  ,  1857-1927+* ,   h/o Pauliana

Leigh, Lottie May ! ,  Nov 1896-21 Nov 1902+*d/o Ed & Pauliana

Leigh, Nettie F.,   29 Jun 1890-23 Mar 1891+* ,   d/o Ed & Pauliana

Leigh, Pauliana (Ham) #9 Oct 1858-18 June 1894+* , w/o Edward

Lincoln County , , (owner in Blk 1 #9, 10, 28) ,  ,  (county burials)

Littlefield, Mrs. F. W.,   (owner of plot: Blk 1 #26)

Littlefield, Frank W., 11 Oct 1858-18 June 1894+*h/o Emma

Lynch, Charlie ! ,   d. July 5, 1894;   aka John Knox




Data Collection::


Fish, C. L.: Excerpt  from Harrington Citizen by  Minnie Melcher (dated 7-09-1937) “C L Fish, 1880, was with the first railroad  construction crew through Sprague to Missoula.” and  “Minnie  Fish Melcher, 1885, was  the first  white child  born on Little Creek.”


Frink, Mrs. Clarisse E.:  (Sprague Herald of 4 April 1889) “Mrs. Clarisse E. Frink, the aged mother of Mr. Wm E. Frink of Minnie Falls, died at the residence of her son on Wednesday, the 27th inst. Deceased was 73 years of age and had been ill for some time. The remains were interred in the cemetery at this city on Thursday and were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Rev W T Koontz of the Sprague ME Church officiating.  Mrs. Frink bore her sufferings with the fortitude of a true Christian and gave evidence that the God in whom she trusted was her stay until the close of life.”


Frink, Honora Trumble:  “Honora Trumble Frink, wife of  L. E .Frink, died at the home of her parents in this city Wednesday night. The funeral services were held in the Congregational church at 10 o’clock this morning. Interment in Lakeview Cemetery.  Mrs. Frink was born March 3rd, 1874.  She made her home in this vicinity for a number of years. Her aged parents, Mr. & Mrs. George Trumble, her husband and two young children are left to mourn the loss of this estimable lady.” (Sprague Times of 10-10-1902)


Gilhause, John:  (Northwest Tribune of Sept 9, 1886) “John Gilhause, a farmer seven miles west of Sprague, met with his death last week in a well he was digging alone. He was evidently going down when the fastenings gave way and he fell to the bottom, breaking his neck and leg. The deceased was a German about 50 years of age, and was buried at Sprague on Wednesday.”


Greenwood, William Lewis and Martha Jane (nee Watson) Documentation gathered by Nancy Ellis of the Lincoln County Museum of Davenport. Wm Lewis Greenwood was born in KY and died on 13 March 1888. According to the Sprague Lamont Edwall History on page 337-8 (item on Lillie Maude Brown Greenwood, wife of Louis Edwin Greenwood), the parents of Louis E Greenwood were buried in the old part of Maccabee, which is Lakeview Cemetery. Martha Jane Watson was born about 1831 and died in Spokane County on 13 Aug 1883, age 52 yrs. Martha and Wm Lewis Greenwood had 6 known children: Sophia Jane (25 Oct 1853-4 Aug 1912), George W. (born abt 1856), Mary E. Greenwood (born about 1862), John Henry “Jack” (4 June 1862-26 Jan 1940), Lewis Edwin (2 Feb 1866-5 Dec 1947) and Frank Greenwood (born about 1870). Lincoln County Probate records involving William, Martha and their children are files #76, #79.5 and #4. Louis Edwin and his wife Lillie were buried in Maccabee Cemetery. William Lewis Greenwood remarried on 7 Oct 1884 in Sprague to Sophia Paine; however, Mrs. Wm L. Greenwood is listed alone on the 1885 census of Lincoln Co as married, age 55 and born in Maine.


Haase, J. F.:  (Northwest Tribune of  Nov 18, 1886, Thursday). “Last Sunday afternoon as the train pulled out from the depot J. F. Haase, of Sprague, met with his death. From reports at the Coroner’s inquest we glean the following: The accident occurred when the west bound passenger train pulled out of the station Sunday afternoon. From two witnesses who saw the accident—C B Dunn and Owen Nobles—who gave in their evidence before the coroner’s jury, it seems that Mr. Haase had missed the train as it started. He ran for some distance on the south side of the track trying to catch hold of and board the last car at the forward platform. He had got as far as the beginning of the switch, some 30 or 40 feet west of the Lincoln Street crossing, when he fell, his neck struck on the track and the rear wheels passed over it severing the head almost completely from the body. Among the crowd that collected was Mr. Spencer, of Sprague, who at once recognized the deceased as J. F.  Haase of that city. Marshal Glispin took charge of the remains until Coroner Penfield arrived, who has the body removed to the Undertaker. On Monday the body was taken to Sprague where it was buried. Mr. Haase was some 50 years of age. He owns a farm some 12 miles from Sprague, but for the past four months he has been working for Mr. Adams in the machine shops. He was a sober and industrious workman. Saturday he got to leave to go out and hunt some horses. Being injured from a fall he purchased a round trip ticket to this place. On his return he attempted to board the train with this result."


Hammock, Alice: (Probate of Estate #102, Lincoln Co Superior Court: #102, filed Sept 23, 1889)  “Alice Hammock. Died March 1, 1889 at Sprague, reside Sprague. Burial expense: Dr R. R. Jones: coffin $40; hearse & teams $12; Dig grave $4.”  (location not shown).


Henderson, David A.:  US Census 1890. Surviving Soldiers, Etc. “David A. Henderson. Corp. Co K 3rd PA Cavalry. Enlisted Aug 1861. Discharged Aug 1864. Served 3 yrs 4 mos. (illegible, incongruous as viewed.) Address: Sprague PO. Disability: chronic diarrhea. Remarks: broken constitution.” “Six handsome headstones for soldiers’ graves arrived Friday of last week from Boston, Mass. The United states provides these headstones for all soldiers. One of them was placed at the grave of David Henderson, one at the grave of J. M. Adwell, and four were marked ‘unknown.’  The tablets for those who were known were lettered with their names, and the company and regiment in which they served. The headstones were consigned to J. J. Brown, excommander of Philo Buckman Post, GAR. Another tablet is on the way for Comrade Julian Orlowski, deceased.” (Sprague Advocate of June 15, 1906)


Henderson, Dave (1892 Lincoln Co Census) age 53, b. PA, laborer.


Hillhouse, Marion:  (Spokane Mortuary Report:)  “Marion Hillhouse, died Feb 21, 1888, age 39 years, male white, cause not shown; died at S H Hosp. Place of interment = Sprague, Washington Territory.”


Hinkley, J. A.:   (LCT of 3-16-1894) “Sprague, WA, March 11.—The body of J. A. Hinkley, who was killed by falling from a bridge near Palouse yesterday, was brought here last night from Spokane. The funeral will take place at 2 PM tomorrow, under the auspices of the Knights of Pythias from the Congregational church. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. Hinkley was an old and respected resident of Sprague.” The Register of Deaths in Spokane City shows “ J. A.  Hinckley, age 53, married, died at S H Hosp; Railway injury; Born Mass., parents unknown to informant N. F. Essig; reside Sprague, occupation was carpenter.”


Hooper: “Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Hooper, of Sprague, are sorely afflicted. Their second child has been and is now so very sick with pneumonia that her life is despaired of. On Sunday their third child, only an infant of a few weeks, died after a very brief illness. The funeral interment was made Monday afternoon.” (LCT of Nov 20, 1896)


Huelsiep, Robert:  Robert Huelsiep, aged 68 years, died at his home in this city last Saturday. He was buried in Lakeview Cemetery Monday afternoon. Mr. Huelsiep and his aged wife lived in the eastern part of town for a number of years. For many months past they have been in destitute circumstances and have been taken care of by their friends and the city. Neither has been in good health and as they talked very little English their lot has been a hard. Besides the widow, Mr. Huelsiep leaves two sons, one at Dudley, the other at Silver City, Idaho. Both have been sick for quite a while and have been unable to help their parents. Mrs. Huelsiep is being taken care of by her neighbors.” (Sprague Times of Dec 7, 1900)


Hughes, G. W.:  (Northwest Tribune of Oct 21, 1887; Sprague column:) “Death of G. W. Hughes.—A telegram from Sand Point last Tuesday morning conveyed the startling intelligence of the death of G. W. Hughes. The remains, in charge of J W Shearer, arrived in a freight train at two o’clock that afternoon, when we learned the following particulars of his death:  Mr. Hughes, with M. G. Root and father, and J. W. Shearer, were opening some placer claims on the upper Priest River, Kootenia Co, Idaho, where they have been at work since last June. The weather becoming very cold, they had decided to abandon work for the season, and on Saturday, the first of this month, after having cached their tools, they started for home, intending however, to take it leisurely and do some hunting on the way. The following Monday they went into camp a few miles below their claims for the above purpose. The day following Mr. Hughes complained of his lungs hurting him badly, also from pain in his back, which had been hurt a short time before by a fall. On Wednesday pneumonia had a firm hold on him, and that night and the following day his sufferings were intense. While death was not anticipated, he nevertheless requested that if he should die his remains must be brought home that they might be identified. His \friends did everything in their power, but to no avail, and at 7:30 Thursday evening the 6th inst, he died as calmly as though going to sleep. The body was dressed and carefully wrapped in canvass, and the following morning the long and sorrowful homeward journey was commenced... The remains were in a perfect state of preservation, owing to the journey having been made on water, and the aged face was as natural when exposed to view here, as though death had just occurred. Mr. Hughes was an honored mason, and was interred by Sprague lodge No 40, F & AM. Public services were held at the Congregational church at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon from where his remains were conveyed to the cemetery. He was about 60 years of age, and leaves his family in comfortable circumstances. A wife and four daughters mourn his death.”


Hughes, Nancy Pollard:  Nancy Pollard Hughes was born April 2, 1834 and died May 13, 1923 in Kalispell, Montana. The funeral was held at Lee Chappel in Sprague and service led by the Christian Science. She was the widow of George W Hughes. Her father was John Pollard, born Ohio; and the mother’s name was not known, but born in PA. Burial took place in Lakeview Cemetery. (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927)


Jell, C.:  (Northwest Tribune of Dec 9, 1886; Sprague Column reprinted from Journal:) “C Jell, aged upwards of 70 years, who has been employed at Lind by the railroad company , committed suicide on Saturday last, by taking arsenic. Some time after he had taken the poison he was found dying. Oil and emetics were administered, but to no avail. His remains were brought to this city (Sprague), and the funeral services were held at the Episcopal Church.”


Jensen, Charles: (Probate of Estate #70, Lincoln Co Superior Court: #70 filed May 10, 1887) “Charles Jensen. Died 22 Apr 1887 in Lincoln Co. Sister: Hannah Dowell, wife of A. A.. Sister: Maggie Scheuss, wife of Mathias.  Sister: Sophia Jensen at Colville.  Brother: Hans C Jensen of Sprague.”


Jensen, Harry C.: b. May 27, 1848,. Harry Christian Jensen died on Nov 13, 1922, at his home in Sprague at the age of 74 years. He was buried in the Maccabee Cemetery (actual), which was originally a part of his farm. (Sprague-Edwall-Lamont book Page 391).


Johnston, Charley:  (Northwest Tribune of Nov 11, 1887; Sprague column:)  “The remains of Charley Johnston was brought to this city Wednesday night from Wm White’s ranch on the Okanogan River where he died last Monday of consumption. The remains were taken to Jones & Nygard'’ undertaking rooms, where they were prepared for burial and from where they were conveyed to the cemetery yesterday afternoon.”


Jones, Tommy:  (Sprague Herald of March 23, 1892) “Tommy (Jones), the little son of Councilman and Mrs. Fred L. Jones, passed to the great beyond on Tuesday evening of last week. Many sympathizing friends followed the remains to Lakeview Cemetery on Wednesday.”


Kelly, Amanda: (Probate of Estate #57, Lincoln Co Superior Court:  #57,  filed Sept 25, 1888) Amanda Kelly.  Died 22 Sept 1886 at Sprague. Surviving husband = W B Kelly. Heir: S. Sogle, only son of deceased (of Stevens Co). (also as Simmander Sogle, age over 21)”


Kendrick, Abbie G W (TS: 3 Apr 1838-13 Oct 1898; w/o Mulford); nee King; “Abbie Kendrick. Died: Oct 14, 1898, age 60, Pine City, Whitman Co, WA.” (Whitman County Death Returns)


Kendrick, Elmer Alton (TS: 1862-1908; h/o Grace May); “Elmer A Kendrick. Died: 18 Feb 1908, age 46, Sprague, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Mulford Kendrick. Batch ID #275486.” (WA State Death Records)


Kendrick, M.:  (Sprague Herald of Oct 22, 1890)  “Died.—Mr. M. Kendrick, an old and respected ranchman of Whitman County, died Thursday in his home. The funeral was held here, Saturday.” (Mulford Kendrick, born 6 March 1834)


KETTRING:  Aaron Kettring was born in Pennsylvania. He died in Myrtle Hospital in Sprague from cancer of the stomach on Dec 30, 1914 at the age of 60 years, 8 months and 3 days. Funeral services were held at the Sprague Congregational Church on Jan 2, 1915 with Rev Wilbur officiating. Burial was at Lakeview Cemetery. (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927)


Krogstrait, daughter:  (LCT of July 13, 1894) “The three year old daughter of Mr. Krogstrait, Sprague, died of scarlet fever this week Sunday. She was buried Monday forenoon.” (Burial not specified; name does not appear in Catholic ledger and Lakeview was the only near cemetery.)


Langford, s/o Thos:  “Died.—The little son of Mr. & Mrs. Thos Langford passed away Thursday, 6th, and was buried Saturday. A relapse from typhoid fever was the cause of death.”  (Sprague Herald of 3-13-1890)


Leach, Christina:  Lincoln Co Census of 1889:

            Leach, A. J., 59, OH, married

            Leach, Christina, 54, OH, married

            Leach, Jno A., 23, NV, married

            Leach, Lizzie, 23, MO, married

            Leach, Henry A., 1, Wash. Terr., single


Leach, Geo W.:  (Register of Deaths at Spokane City) “Geo W. Leach, died Aug 19, 1899; age 44, male, white; cancer of stomach; born OH; reside Sprague, rancher; father = Andrew J. Leach; mother = Christina Watt (parents born Ohio).”


LEIGH:  “Mrs. Pauliana  A. (Ham) Leigh was born on Oct 9, 1858 to John Ham and Harriett Millard, both born in England. She died Aug 5, 1923. Pauliana was the wife of Edward Leigh. The funeral was held August 7th with burial at Lakeview Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927)


LEIGH:  Edward Leigh was born April 1, 1857 to Wm Leigh and Mary Anne Milish, both born in England. He died on Feb 9, 1927, a widower. The funeral was held at the Community Church with Rev Williams and Rev Ross Sall officiating. Burial was in Lakeview Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Ledger of 1914-1927)


LEIGH: “Lottie Leigh, the six year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Leigh, died at the home of her parents five miles north of Sprague last Friday after a long illness from scarlet fever. The remains were laid to rest in the Lakeview Cemetery Saturday morning.”  (Sprague Times of Nov 28, 1902)


LITTLEFIELD, Frank W.:  (Lincoln Co Probate #258 estate, filed Jan 30, 1895.) “Frank W. Littlefield died 18 May 1894 intestate. (Large inventory in papers.) Widow = Emeline W. Littlefield, waive rights to adm.  Heirs:  (children of the deceased) Wm E., age 9; Mary L., age 5; and Frank W., age 3 wks.”


Littlefield, W. (age 69) and Lidia (age 71) are on Sprague City Census of 1902, b. PA.


LYNCH: “Charlie Lynch, alias John Knox, who was run over by a train last week Wednesday at Sprague, died at 6:30 Thursday evening. He never recovered from the shock sufficient to warrant the amputation of his limbs, both of which would undoubtedly have had to been taken off above the knees. He was taken in charge by Undertaker Jones last Friday and given burial.” (LCT of July 13, 1894)




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