Lakeview Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                                       Data Collection by Marge Womach

                                       Located 2 miles NW of Sprague in the SE corner of S 15 T 21 R 38

                                                          abuts the Maccabee City Cemetery of Sprague

                                    Size: 10 acres, apparently abandoned; minimal care by cemetery district(?)

                                Page 87: Lakeview Cemetery contains 10 acres of land in SE corner of 15-21-38

                                                    filed 21 May 1890 by W W Sprague and Louise V Sprague.


                                                                Page P through R




(March 2001-work in progress)

* will denote the 1974 listing of tombstones from Lartigues Tombstone Inscriptions.

+ will denote the 1999 listing of tombstones from internet from Ron Miller’s work.

! will denote obit available; Bold printed name is addition to tombstone listings.

? burial will denote Lakeview only available cemetery non-Catholic at that time

# will denote Funeral Home Ledger

If you have an obituary of any of these individuals or other information, death certificate etc. please contact Marge.




Cemetery listing:


Pea, Francis S.,  27 Apr 1824-14 Dec 1893+* , h/o Rizprah

Peterson, Amanda,  d. 1896,  (family report)

Porter, Edward R.,  abt 1882       -1 Jan 1894+* ,  s/o Ed P. & Clara E.

Prescher, Amelia ! (Mrs. More) , 1854-1901+* ,  w/o Moritz “mother”

Prescher, Eugene, 1878-1902+* ,  (s/o Moritz)

Prescher, Julia, 1889-1894+* ,  (d/o Moritz)

Prescher, (Moms) Moritz, d. 24 Apr 1895; 55 yrs,  Lincoln Co Death Cert.

Prescher, Moritz , 1840-1895+* , h/o Amelia; GAR “father”

Puls, Christena (Tuegel), 7 July 1829-28 Jan 1906, St John Lutheran ledger

Puls, Christian24 Mar 1827-5 May 1897+*,  h/o Christena

Ralph, Willie Arthur !, abt Mar 1889-16 Aug 1890,  s/o John

Reding, Barbara Wagnerabt 1860   -abt 1888+* , w/o Eugene; 28 yr 9 dys

Reitz, infant ! , d. 16 Sept 1890 ,  infant of A. L. Reitz

Rhodes, James, d. Feb 10, 1894; 84 yrs, ? burial; Death cert.

Richards, H. E. Fenimore , 25 Nov 1872-25 Mar 1902*,  s/o L. M.

Ridout, Belle (Logsdon), 1847-1905+* ,  w/o Wm

Ridout, son of Wm  , d. 9 Aug 1902; age 2 yrs, Obit.

Ridout, William S., 1844-1900+* , h/o Belle; Civil War

Ridout, Wm B.,  d. 5 Feb 1900, Lincoln Co Death Cert.  Obit

Riordon, Anne , d. Apr 4, 1895; 21 yrs , ?burial; Death Cert.

Roberts, Lillian , 22 Nov 1895-20 Jan 1896+* ,  d/o J. & E. (or J. & L.)

Ryan, James W. !, d. 12 Aug 1901 , (div. from wife, 2 sons)




Data Collection:

Pea, Francis and Rispah: (Lincoln Co Census of 1892)  Pea, R. .; male, age 70, OH, tourist.  Pea, Rispah, female, age 70, OH.

Pea, C. C. and E.: (Lincoln Co Census of 1892)  Pea, C. C., male, 47, IN, farmer; Pea, E., female, 39, IL; Pea, Oliver, male, 14, IL; Pea, Arthur, male, 9, IL; Pea, Frederic, male, 9 mos, WA.

Peterson, Amanda:  (Per report of Gordon Peterson of Marlin on May 24, 2003) “Amanda Peterson died in 1896 with burial in Lakeview Cemetery.  Amanda was the daughter of Olaf Peterson of Sweden. Siblings: Charles Peterson (buried Odessa; b. 1867);   Edward Peterson (possibly probate file #63, Lincoln Co; d. 23 Nov 1886  in Sprague, land in Sec 14 T 21 R 38);  Mathilda Peterson (m. John Magnus Johnson in 1902, to Roslyn); _______ Peterson, grandfather of Gordon, bur. Spokane in family plot; and an unknown ½ sister that remained in Sweden with Olaf & 2nd wife.”

Porter, Edward: (Census of Lincoln Co-1892) Edward Porter, 49, NY, farmer.  Clara E, 42, MI.  E. R. (male), 15, MI.  C. E. (male), 8 MI.  M (male), 6 mos, WA.  -3-29-1895  Ed Porter   "It is said that the body of Ed Porter, formerly of Davenport, was found among the tullies of the lake near Sprague, a few days ago, where he had fallen in while skating last winter. The skates were still on his feel." (LCT: 3-29-1895)

Prescher, Morris: (Census of Lincoln Co-1889)  Prescher, Morris,  m, 48, Germ. marr., farmer;  Prescher, Maria, f, 35, Germ., marr.;  Prescher, Louis, m, 16, MO, single;  Prescher, Eugene, m, 10, MO, single;  Prescher, Harry, m, 6, Wash. Terr.;  Prescher, Lizzie,   f, 4, Wash. Terr.;  Prescher, Clara, f, 3, Wash. Terr.

Prescher, Moritz:  (Lincoln Co Probate #275, estate, Superior Court. #275 filed Apr 30, 1905; Will.)  Moritz Prescher. Died at Sprague on 24 Apr 1895  (All children except Louis are minors). Wife, Mollie, and 5 children: Louis, Eugene, Harry, Elizabeth and Clara.  (Lincoln Co 1892 Census)  Prescher, Meritz, m, 53, Germany, farmer;  Mollie, f, 35, Germany; Louie, m, 19, __; Eugene, m, 14, __;  Harry, m, 9, WA; Lizzie, f, 8, WA;  Clara, f, 7, WA;  Julia, f, 3, WA.

Prescher, Amelia:  (Lincoln Co Probate #492, filed Apr 19, 1907; file name changed to Amelia More.) Amelia Prescher.  Died 8 Apr 1901 in Lincoln Co, wife of G. W. More, executor.  Will dated 30 Apr 1896 of Amelia Prescher:  “I, Amelia Prescher, aged 42 years, a widow, formerly the wife of  Moritz Prescher....” Heirs of will: Louis A. Prescher, age 26; Eugene C. Prescher, 22; Harry G. Prescher, 17; Elizabeth S. Prescher, 16; Clara L. Prescher, 14.  Property: 5 vacant lots and one lot w/house in town of Sprague.  Bill of R. R. Jones: funeral expense of $100. Bill of J. L. Garvey, livery for funeral, of $9. 

Ralph, Willie Arthur:  (Sprague Herald of Aug 20, 1890)  “Willie Arthur, 18 months old child of Mr. & Mrs. John Ralph, passed from this life Sunday evening after about a month’s illness with lung fever. All that was mortal of little Willie was laid away in the Lake View Cemetery.”

Reding, Barbara Wagner:  (abt 1860-1 Oct 1886) Two known daughters were born to Barbara and Eugene Reding, Delia (abt 1884) and Mary (abt 1886). Eugene immigrated from France in 1855-7 range as a child. Eugene Reding re-married following Barbara’s death, Christine Mithoug, and a daughter was born to them also, Eugenia. Eugene Reding, aged 68, was thrown between two box cars at the Hillyard yards in Spokane and instantly killed on Sept 17, 1920. He was survived by his widow, Christina, two brothers (Frank and Peter) and two daughters, Mrs. Ray McCoy and Mrs. G. B. Harris. Delia Reding had died while on tour with a theatrical group in La Conner (date unknown). Delia was residing in Wallace, ID in 1901 according to the probate papers of Barbara Reding, filed in 1901. Christina Reding died in 1944 in Spokane. Eugene Reding had owned a general merchandising store during the era of the Sprague Fire, but it was not destroyed; he had arrived in Lincoln County in 1879. (Many details provided by Melinda McCoy, great grand-daughter of Eugene Reding.) The probate of Barbra Reding’s estate # 522 specifies that she died on the 1st day of Oct 1886. The community property consisted of Lot 5 in Block 12 of the adjoined townsite of Sprague, and two daughters, Delia, age 3, and Mary, an infant, as heirs with her husband.

Reitz, infant , (Sprague Herald of Sept 17, 1890)  “Died.—Tuesday evening, Sept 16th, the infant of Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Reitz.”

Ridout, William and Belle:  Lived north of Sprague and had a large family (see more page 593 of Sprague-Lamont-Edwall book)

Ridout, son of Wm: (Sprague Herald of Aug 15, 1902) “Died.—Ridout, on Saturday, August 9, 1902, the 2 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. William Ridout.”

Ridout, Malinda:  “Mrs. Malinda Ridout, wife of Isaac Ridout, died at her home in this city on Tuesday at the age of 55 years and 4 days. The funeral services were held in the Methodist church Thursday at 2 p.m. and the remains laid to rest in the Maccabee Cemetery. Deceased leaves a husband and a large number of relatives to mourn their loss, in which they have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.” (Sprague Times of 4-03-1903) TS in Maccabee; purchase of Maccabee Cemetery lots by Isaac is shown in court house.

Ridout, William S.:  (Lincoln Co Death Certificate) “Ridout, William B; Died Feb 5, 1900, age 56, at Sprague.”  “At 8 o’clock Monday morning Mr. William S. Ridout passed away. His death was not unexpected as for the past several  months a cancer, which was the cause of his death, had been causing great sufferings, and although he bore up remarkably under his affliction, his death had been looked for at any time. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev B. L. Hicks from the Baptist church, Wednesday at 2 p.m., interment being in Lakeview Cemetery.  Mr. Ridout served through the civil war and was a member of the GAR as well as the Odd Fellows both of which orders attended the funeral in a body. Mr. Ridout was a faithful husband, a kind father and a loyal citizen, as well as a true Christian. His last words were ‘I am ready to go; Jesus is with me.’” (The Sprague Times, February 9, 1900) SKETCH OF LIFE :Wm. S. Ridout was born near Selma, Delaware Co., Ind., July 14, 1843, and with his parents removed to Iowa, the summer of 1852.  In April 1861, he enlisted in the first 75,000 call three months men in 5th Iowa Inft. Vols.  At the expiration of said time he re-enlisted for three years or during the war.  Was in several engagements, was wounded at the Battle of Champiou Hills by a stray shot from the retreating enemy.  He was honorably discharged in the fall of 1863, came home to where his parents lived on a farm near Newton, Jasper Co., Iowa.  He married Malinda Arbell Logsdon in Nov., 1864.  He leaves six sons and three daughters and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his demise.  *Barbara Curtis, 2004.


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