Maccabee Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                                     Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


                                                                               With Additions & obituaries (+)  by Marge Womach



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Bacon, Herman (added: b. abt 1828, d. 1917) 

Bacon, Russel M.,   +   1833-1913                           

Bailey, Earnest T., +  1905-       ) father

Bailey, Georgie B.,   +  1911-1969-mother

Bailey, Gratton D.,  + 1888-1964

Bailey, Melissa ,  +  1960-1965,  d/o Richard Clyde

Bailey, Richard Clyde , + 2 Feb 1934-20 June 1967, Btry A 233 HQ BN Korea

? Baker, infant (added; d. March 1930) 

Baker, William,  1866-1936

Baldwin, Ansel, + ,  ,   d. 11-26-1913,  obit.    

Baldwin, Arthur A.,  +  1884-1941,  s/stone Maggie M.

Baldwin, Lyle Eugene,  + ,  d. 12-18-1979

Baldwin, Maggie M.,  +,  1887-       ) d. 12-17-72 , s/stone Arthur

Baldwin, Marie E. , 1907-1967; wife & mother

Baldwin, May Bell, 1885-1953, s/stone Perry S., 

Baldwin, Perry S.,      1877-      ) ,  s/stone May Bell

Baldwin, Wayne Everett , +   d. 12-29-1997

Barlow, Abbie, (see Lee),

Barbour, John,  1865-1944

Barnhart, Mrs. M. G.,    7 July 1847-18 Jan 1906,  w/o A. G.

?Barton, stillborn of Grover (added: d. 3-12-1918)

?Baxter, Eleanor (added; d. 1-13-1919)

Baxter, Martha, 1882-1944

Bayman, J. D.,   +   30 Aug 1842-7 Feb 1909

Bayman, Rebecca Jane:  (No TS) 

Beasley, Arthur, +    d. 5-07-1909,  obit.  

Becker, Colleen J: (added: d. 1-09-1995)

Becker, Jacob,  (no dates)

Becker, Marion,  d. Feb 17, 1991, obit

Berscheid, Antone, (added; d. 4-01-1938) 

Bewick, Alice (added: d. 10-07-1986) 

Bewick, George, 1850-1928

Bewick, Glen, (added d. 10-17-2003)

Bewick, Jenny,  +  1896-1912

Bewick, Mary,  1859-1936

Bewick, Mary Ann, 1884-1972 ,  s/stone Robert

Bewick, Robert ,  1886-1971,  s/stone Mary Ann

Bicknell, James R., +  d. 6-02-1983; 78 yrs,  Cath. ledger

Biernback, Hattie A.,  +  20 Nov 1856-12 Aug 1930,  (see data collection)

Biernback, Helen,  !+  1908-1929, d. 4-16-1929

Biernback, Henry,  19 Oct 1869-17 Feb 1941,  h/o Hattie

Biernback, John J.,  1881-1965 , s/stone Mary Ann

Biernback, Mary Ann,  1880-1968, s/stone John J.  

Biernback, Michael, +  16 Feb 1840-14 Jan 1917,  Cath. ledger, OBIT

Bilderback, Earl (added: d. 4-25-1986) 

Biskett/Berkett, Lewis James (added: 8-30-1930) 

Biskett/Berkett, Lois Jean (added: d. 9-16-1930) 




Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee

Bacon, Herman: (added: b. abt 1828, d. 1917) “Record of Funeral of Herman/Hiram Bacon. Order given by W. G. McLillen. Funeral: May 25, 1917. Residence: Medical Lake. Death: Medical Lake, WA. Funeral at Lee Parlors, Sprague, at 2:30 p.m. with Rev Cochran. Cause of death: Heart failure. Death: May 23, 1917. Single, Retired farmer and miner. aged: 79 yrs 5 mos 6 days. Interment: Sprague, Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees do not include the purchase of a cemetery lot, assume in Bacon plot)" Hiram Bacon, brother of the late R. M. Bacon died at Medical Lake on May 23, aged 79 years, 5 months and 6 days.  He was buried on May 25 from the Lee undertaking parlors and the body was laid to rest in Maccabee cemetery.  Mr.  Bacon had  long been a sufferer from eczema and had gone to Medical Lake to take treatment for the trouble.  The end came very suddenly from heart disease.  Mr. Bacon was born December 17, 1837, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and came west in  1857 to the Seattle country where he followed logging for a time.  He became interested in mines and followed that as a business having been all over the Northwest including B. C. and was in Alaska during the Klondyke excitement.  The past 15 years he has made his home on the ranch near Sprague.  He is survived by one brother residing in his native city and some other relatives among whom are the members of the McLellan family Walter, Hattie, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Shearer of this state who are grand nephew and nieces."( Sprague Advocate, Jun 1, 1917) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Bacon, Russell M.: (TS: 1833-1913)“Russell M. Bacon, one of the first white men to settle in the Sprague country, died last week Thursday shortly after noon of heart disease, aged 79 years, 6 months and 13 days. He was in his usual health and no one expected his sudden death. The funeral was held on Saturday at 2 o’clock p.m. from the Auditorium Rev J. Edwards officiating and burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mr. Bacon was born in Williamstown, Mass., on Sept 17, 1833, and came to the Sprague vicinity in 1871. He settled on Crab Creek where he lived many years, later moving to the place where he died, having lived in the same vicinity ever since his arrival 42 years ago. He owned at death some twelve or thirteen hundred acres of wheat land valued at close to $45,000.  C. E. M. Sanderson of Davenport and W. G. McClellan, a nephew, were named executors of the will. The bulk of the property goes to W. G. McClellan and his sister, who have for many years lived with Mr. Bacon and made a pleasant home for him. Minor bequests are made for other relatives.  Mr. Bacon was a man of rugged qualities being never known to break his word or refuse to pay an honest debt. He was an ideal frontiersman, taciturn and silent except to intimate friends but always on the right side in matters of justice. He is survived by two brothers, Herman and Stephen, the latter living in the East and the former residing on the homestead here. Besides these there are other nephews and nieces.  About a year ago one of his hands became infected and blood poisoning resulted making amputation necessary. He passed thru the ordeal safely. Mr. Bacon bore the distinction of having been the first regular post master in Lincoln County. (Sprague Advocate-April 4, 1913) )  “Davenport, WA. March 29.—R. M. Bacon, a pioneer rancher of Lincoln County residing on Crab Creek, between Harrington and Sprague, died Thursday afternoon after a brief illness. He left a will appointing C. E. M. Sanderson, now of Davenport, as executor. Property valued at about $50,000 is involved in the estate. Deceased was one of the early settlers of Lincoln County, doing much toward its early development. He was a stock and wheat grower, his ranch for years being one of the landmarks of the county.” (a Spokane paper-undated scrapbook item) “R. M. Bacon, one of the earliest settlers in this part of the state, and county commissioner of Spokane in 1881, when the counties of Lincoln and Stevens were included, died at his home on Crab Creek, 10 miles northwest of Sprague, Thursday. Mr. Bacon had lived on his Crab Creek place for about 40 years, and leaves an estate valued at $50,000, consisting of money, land and stock. There is only one direct heir, a son, who resides at Coeur d’Alene. C. E. Sanderson, of Davenport, was named as executor in his will.” (LCT: 4-04-1913)


Bailey, Ernest T.:  (TS: 1905-___)“Ernest T. Bailey; Died: 18 Jan 1980 at Lewiston, Nez Perce Co, Idaho; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Burial Permit, Lincoln Co Health card)


Bailey, Georgie Bernice: (TS: 1911-1969)“Georgie Bernice Bailey; Died: 13 Oct 1969 at Santa Barbara Co, California; Born: 29 May 1911; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Wash.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit card   “Georgia Bernice Bailey.—Her home, Lamont, WA. Survived by her husband, Ernest Bailey at the home; two daughters, Mrs. Barry (Dianne) Whelchel, Arroyo Grande, CA, and Mrs. James (Darla) Emtman, Cheney, WA; four sons, Stanley E. Bailey, El Cerrito, CA; Darrel E. Bailey, Bremerton, WA; James S. Bailey, Lamont, WA; and Michael L Bailey, Colfax, WA; one sister, Mrs. Bernard Robertson, St John, WA; one brother, Howard Shields, St John, WA; 18 grandchildren. A member of the Henrietta Chapter, OES, Sprague, WA. Funeral services Thursday, Oct 16 at 2 pm. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA. Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge.” (Spokesman Review:  10-16-1969) 


Bailey, Gratton Davis:  (TS: 1888-1964)“Gratton Davis Bailey; Died: 2-14-1964; Burial: Sprague Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Burial Permit card)


Bailey, Melissa K.:  (TS: 1960-1965; d/o Richard Clyde)“Melissa K Bailey; Died: 4-28-1965 in Ritzville, Adams Co, WA; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Burial Permit card)


Bailey, Richard Clyde:  (Feb 2, 1934-June 20, 1967; N Dakota PFC Btry A 233 HQ BN Korea) “Richard Clyde Bailey; Died: 20 June 1967 in Whitman Co, WA; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Burial Permit card)


? Baker, infant: (added; d. March 1930) “Record of Funeral: Infant Baker. Born: St John, WA. Son of Sylvanus E. Baker. Order: March 14, 1930. Funeral: March 14, 1930, private service. Death: St John. Interment: Secton 47, Grave 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Baker, Wm:  (TS: 1866-1936)


Baldwin, Ansel:  disinterred 1924 to Walla Walla; d. 11-26-1913  “Ansel Baldwin, living northwest of town, died on Wednesday, after a stroke of paralysis. Mr. Baldwin was almost 79 years of age. An extended obituary will be given next week. The funeral will be held from the country home Friday morning at 10 o’clock and services will be held in Sprague about an hour later.” (Sprague Advocate-Nov 28, 1913)  “Another of the Washington pioneers has answered the last roll call and passed to the unknown. Ansel Baldwin died on Wednesday, Nov 26, at his home northwest of Sprague. His death followed a stroke of paralysis which he suffered on Sunday. The funeral was held on Friday last from the home and Rev J Edwards of Spokane preached the sermon in the Congregational church in Sprague at 11 o’clock. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mr. Baldwin was 78 years, 7 months and 5 days of age at death. A large concourse of friends and relatives followed the remains to their last resting place. The IOOF and K of P Lodges in uniform attended the ceremony. Deceased was said to have been longer a member of the K of K than any man in the state, he having joined at Walla Walla when Columbia Lodge was organized there. He was born at Climer, Chautauqua County, New York on April 25, 1835. In 1855 he operated a blacksmith shop in Iowa and in 1857 he went to Kansas as a Freeman. In 1859 he crossed the plains to California. Hearing of the oil discoveries in Pennsylvania he returned to that state where he took up the business of manufacturing oil drilling machinery until 1870 when he became a producer himself. He came to Walla Walla in 1880 remaining there 7 years when he came to Lincoln County and settled on the farm where he died. In Pennsylvania on Sept 3, 1874, he was united in marriage to Miss Adelia A. Cauvel who survives him. Four children were born to the couple but one of whom, Arthur, is living. Mr. Baldwin was a thrifty husbandman as his 560 acres of Lincoln County and 160 acres of Adams County land attest. He was respected by all who knew him, being ruggedly honest and always a man of his word. C. L. Weller of Reardan, a nephew of Mr. Baldwin’s, H. L. Cauvel of Walla Walla and C. W. Cauvel of Spokane, brothers of Mrs. Baldwin, attended the funeral.” “A loved one has gone out of our home and left us in sorrow. To the many kind friends who assisted us during our days of trouble we wish to extend our heart-felt thanks. To the members of the K of P and IOOF Lodges we wish to express our gratitude for great kindnesses. Mrs. Ansel Baldwin, Arthur Baldwin.” (Sprague Advocate-Dec 5, 1913) )  See also The History of the Big Bend, 1904.  SLE, page 154, indicates that Ansel and Adelia are buried in Walla Walla in a family plot in which Orville and Howard had been buried. Adelia died in 1924, and presumably Ansel was disinterred and taken with her.


Baldwin, Arthur Ansel:  (TS: 1884-1941; shared stone w/Maggie) “Arthur Ansel Baldwin; Died: 2-22-1941; Born: 1883 in Washington; Father = Ansel Baldwin; Mother = A. Canvel; Spouse = Maggie M.; Buried: Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards-cemetery not specified)) “Funeral of Arthur Ansel Baldwin. Residence: Sprague, WA. Place of Death: home at Sprague. Widow: Maggie M. Birth: 7-23-1884; Death: 2-23-1941; Aged: 56 yrs 7 mos 0 days. Male, white, farmer. Birthplace: Walla Walla, WA. Father: Ansel Baldwin, born NY; Mother: Adelia A. Cauvel, born PA. Cause of death: coronary thrombosis. Physician: Dr R. E. Nelson of Harrington. Burial: Maccabee, Lot 87 Grave 3 Sec 1. Funeral service at Congregational Church at 2 p.m. Interment: 2-25-1941. Two lots in Cemetery. Rev Plankenhorn.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See also History of Big Bend, 1904, a history of his father, Ansel Baldwin, born in Chautauqua County, NY on April 21, 1835. Ansel married Miss Adelia A Cauvel on Sept 3, 1874 in PA. Arthur was one of four children born to them. SLE page 791 has a picture of two of the Cauvel women, Helen Cauvel in 1910 and Ethel Cauvel in 1907. SLE pages 149-155 has extensive history and photos of the Baldwin family. From this account, Arthur’s brother John died in PA in infancy. Howard and Orville were interred in Walla Walla in a family plot to which Ansel and Adelia were added in 1924. “Arthur Ansel Baldwin was discharged as guardian of Adelia Ann Baldwin upon the approval of his Final Account and Report which he filed in Court August 6.” (Citizen: 8-14-1925)


Baldwin, Lyle Eugene:  (added; d. 12-19-1979)  (added; d. 12-19-1979)  “Lyle Eugene Baldwin; Died 18 Dec 1979 in rural Sprague, Washington; Father = Arthur A. Baldwin; Mother = Maggie M. Matheson; Spouse = Divorced, no name given; Birthdate: 13 July 1910 in Washington; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards)) “L. Eugene Baldwin. Born: 7-13-1910, Sprague, WA. Died: 12-18-1979, Sprague, WA.; Buried: 12-22-1979, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) See SLE pages 154-5. He married Elva Hoffman. Eugene and Elva were the parents of two daughters.

Baldwin, Maggie M.: (TS: 1887-____; shared stone w/Arthur A.) “Maggie M. Baldwin; Died 12-17-1972 in Sprague, Washington; Father = Donald W. Matheson; Mother = Mary C. Fish; Spouse: widowed; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Death Cards) “Maggie M. Baldwin, 85.—Her home was at Sprague, WA. Survived by one daughter, Mrs. Henry R. Ludtke of Sprague, WA; 3 sons, L. E. Baldwin, Donald A. Baldwin, Wayne E. Baldwin, all of Sprague, WA; 2 sisters, Mrs. L. A. Russell of Everett, WA; Mrs. C. R. Brown of Portland, Oregon; 17 grandchildren; 16 great grandchildren. Funeral services Wednesday, Dec 20, at 2 p.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA. The Rev Eldon Clark officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery , Sprague , WA , The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 12-20-1972; Beck data card collection)


Baldwin, Marie E.: (TS: 1907-1967; wife & mother): 


Baldwin, May Bell:(TS: 1885-1953; s/stone Perry S.)


Baldwin, Perry S.:  (TS: 1877-____; s/stone May Bell)


Baldwin, Wayne Everett: (added; d. 12-29-1997)  (added; d. 12-29-1997)  “Wayne Everett Baldwin; Died: Dec 29, 1997; Born: June 24, 1920 in Sprague, WA.; Father = Arthur A. Baldwin; Mother = Maggie Mae Mathison; Widowed; Burial: Jan 8, 1990, Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Death Cards)“Lifelong Sprague-area farmer Wayne Everett Baldwin died Dec 29, 1997 at his lake home at Seven Bays on Lake Roosevelt. He was 77.  Funeral service was held last Thursday, Jan 8, at the Danekas Funeral Home Chapel in Ritzville. The Masonic services were led by VWB John Rushing and the Spokane Masonic Bureau.  Private burial and vault interment will be held at the Maccabee Cemetery in Sprague.  Son of Arthur A and Maggie Mae Mathison Baldwin, he was born on June 24, 1920, at Sprague.  He attended Sprague schools, graduating in 1938.  Mr. Baldwin served with the US Army during WW II. He spent his entire life farming near Sprague with his two brothers, Gene and Don. A past Lincoln County Fire Dist. Commissioner, Mr. Baldwin was a member of Crab Creek Grange, Sprague Masonic Lodge, Sage Shrine Club, York Rite Masons, El Katif Temple and the Henrietta Chapter Order of Eastern Star in Sprague.  Survivors include a son, Richard A Phelps, and his wife Carol of Spokane; three grandchildren, Kari Kerr and Rachelle Uber, both of Deer Park , and James Phelps of Spokane ; 8 great grandchildren; a brother, Donald Baldwin, and his wife Eileen of Sprague; and numerous nieces and nephews. Mr. Baldwin was preceded in death by his wife, Marie Phelps, in 1967, a brother, Gene Baldwin, and a sister, Gwen Ludkey. Danekas Funeral Home in Ritzville was in charge of arrangements.” (Davenport Times:  1-15-1998)


Barbour, John A: (added) “John A Barbour. Died: 12-07-1944. Birth: 3-17-1865, IL. Widowed. Parents: Unknown. Buried: Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) 


Barnhart, Mrs. Minerva C.  (7 July 1847-18 Jan 1906; w/o A. C.)  “Mrs. Minerva Catherina Barnhart died Friday, Jan 18, 1907. She was born July 7, 1847 in Wright Co, MO. Mrs. Barnhart was a consistent follower of Christ, having been converted under the labors of the  Free Will Baptists when a girl. She leaves a husband, two sons and two daughters to mourn her loss. Funeral services were  held Sunday last at her home eleven miles east of Sprague, P. H. Griggs, officiating. A large attendance of friends and neighbors gathered at the house to pay a last tribute to a loving mother and devoted follower of Christ. Her remains were interred at Maccabee Cemetery at Sprague.”  (Sprague Independent Times: 1-25-1907) (Edit:  Minerva Catherina Barnhart was born July 7, 1847 in Wright Co, MO to Andrew Jackson Sanders and his wife Sabrina Sweeton. She married Aaron C. Barnhart and gave birth to six children, Mary, Martha, Emily, John, Robert and Ira., two preceding her in death. One of Minerva’s sisters was Margaret Ann Sanders Calhoun Walker Ramsay Dawson, who died in Waverly in 1904, as did a brother in 1905. Aaron reportedly came to Spokane County in 1891. He eventually returned to Missouri where he was died Nov 14, 1927 and was buried in Welch Cemetery, Webster, MO. Preceding data provided by descendants of Margaret Dawson.)


Barton, stillborn of Grover: (added: d. 3-12-1918); Stillborn. Order date: March 12, 1918. Born: WA. Order by Grover Barton. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner. Birth: March 12, 1918. Father: Grover Barton born Michigan; Mother: Ethel Tinner born Michigan.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for purchase of lot). "Grover T. Barton and Ethel Tanner, both of Sprague, were married last week." (Citizen: 9-05-1913)).


Baxter, Eleanor: (added; d. 1-13-1919) “Record of Funeral of Eleanor Baxter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baxter of Sprague. Funeral: Jan 14, 1919 at Sprague residence. Rev Faulkner. Physician: Dr Strang. Cause of death: Jaundice; secondary: Inanation. Death: Jan 13, 1919; Birth: Dec 18, 1918; Age: 25 days. Father: Roy Baxter born Dakota; Mother maiden name: Hunter.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for cemetery lot, no identity of cemetery)


Baxter, Martha:  “Martha Baxter. Died: 10-27-1944. Birth: 12-25-1882. Spouse: Freeman. Parents: unobtainable. Buried: Sprague , WA .” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Bayman, J. D.:  (TS: Aug 30, 1842-Feb 7, 1909) “J. D. Bayman, for twenty-eight years a resident of Sprague, died at Spokane the 7th inst.  His ailment was rheumatism of the heart. He was 66 years of age.” (Citizen- Feb 19, 1909)) Lincoln Co Probate file #1139 of the estate of John D. Bayman, who died Jan 28, 1909 in Spokane, aged 65 years, shows his widow as Rebecca (executrix) and his adopted son as Chas A. Bayman (previously Sirginson). The file also states that John D. Bayman has two sisters. Young Chas A. Bayman was the biological child of Joseph Sirginson and his wife, Rebecca, who married John D. Bayman.  J. D. Bayman was the pioneer wagonmaker. (Sprague Times: 11-21-1902, item Sprague Written up by the Coast Magaine)


Bayman, Rebecca Jane:  (No TS) “Funeral services for Mrs. Rebecca Jane Bayman, pioneer resident of Ainsworth and Sprague, will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in the Sprague Masonic Hall, with the Order of Eastern Star in charge. Burial will be in the Maccabee Cemetery there, under the direction of Hennessey-Calloway’s.  Mrs. Bayman died Sunday in a local hospital. She had lived in Sprague about five years. She came to Washington in 1879, settling at Ainsworth.  Surviving are four sons, Benjamin C. Sirginson of Great Falls, Mont., J. M. Sirginson, Dunkirk, Mont., T. A. Sirginson, Whitelash, Mont., and C. A. Bayman of Oregon.”  (Scrapbook item-undated, assume Spokane paper) "Rebecca Jan Wormell ( a.k.a. Jennie Wormell) was born Nov. 18, 1831 in Maine.  She married Joseph G. Sirginson while in the East.  Five known children were born to them: John Morris (1868), William Burgess (1870-1905), Thomas Anthony(1872-1950) and Charles Ainsworth (b.1881 as Sirginson, later adopted by Bayman).  Jennie and Joseph reportedly divorced and she married John D. Bayman in 1882." (excerpt from Family History as Prepared by Patt Spielbusch)


Beasley, Arthur: (added: d. May 1909)  (added: d. May 1909)  “Arthur M. Beasley, who has suffered long with stomach complications, died at the Hospital, Friday afternoon. He was born in Longmont, Colorado, Sept 13, 1877, being 31 years of age at death. He leaves a father, mother, two sisters and two brothers to mourn his loss. He was well known as a resident of long standing in Sprague.  Rev Edwards conducted the funeral service which was held in the Congregational church, Sunday at 2 p.m.  Mr. Beasley was a member of the lodge of Owls and that order assisted in the burial which was at Maccabee Cemetery.”  (Sprague Advocate-May 14, 1909)


Becker, Colleen J: (added: d. 1-09-1995) “Funeral services for Colleen J Becker, who was a school teacher in Odessa for 31 years, will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, Jan 13, at the Sprague Community Church in Sprague. Miss Becker, a life-long resident of Lincoln County, died on Monday, Jan 9, 1995, at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane following a lengthy illness. In recent years she had made her home in Sprague. She was born on Sept 23, 1927, in Sprague, the second daughter of Fred and Katie Smith Becker. She attended the Sprague public schools, graduating from Sprague High School in 1945. She attended Eastern Washington State College, where she received a bachelor of arts degree in education. While at Eastern, she was a member of the EWSC Band, the L H Richards Club, the ‘W’ Club-Women’s Athletics and the Key, a grade-point honor system. After college, she took her one and only teaching position in Odessa. She taught the third grade for 21 years and the fourth grade for 10 years before retiring in 1980. She retired just in time to return to the family farm to help her sister Marion clean up after the Mount St Helens volcanic eruption. In 1985, due to poor health, she had heart surgery. The two sisters lived together in Sprague, but went to the farm every day to take care of the animals. Colleen loved flowers, her garden, the farm animals, and most of all her precious rock collection. Her sister Marion preceded her in death in Feb 1991. Colleen continued to live in Sprague. She was a member of the Sprague Community Church and a past member of the Order of Eastern Star. Numerous cousins survive. In addition to her sister, she was preceded in death by her parents. The Rev Keel Dresback will officiate at the funeral. Interment will be at Maccabee Cemetery at Sprague. Danekas Funeral Home of Ritzville is in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 1995)


Becker, Fred R  (added; d. Feb 1974) “Fred R. Becker.—His home, Sprague, WA. He is survived by his wife, Catherine Becker, at the home; 2 daughters, Marion Becker, Sprague, WA; Colleen Becker, Odessa,WA; 2 sisters, Mrs. Pauline Ableman, Tyler, WA; Mrs. Katherine Dennis, Omak, WA; 5 brothers, Henry and Johnny Becker, Sprague, WA; Robert Becker, Sequim, WA; Harry Becker, Spokane; Albert Becker, Rathdrum, Idaho. A member of the Community Church, Sprague, WA; F & AM Lodge No. 40, Sprague, WA ; El Katif Shrine, Spokane. A veteran of WW I. Funeral services will be Wednesday, Feb 13, 1974 at 2 p.m. from the Community Church , Sprague, WA. The Rev Gerald Dittrich and Rev Eldon Clark officiating. Interment Maccabee cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge of funeral arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 2-13-1974; Beck data card collection)

Becker, Jacob:  (TS: no dates) “Jacob Becker; Born 7-03-1868; Died: 11-02-1947; Buried: 11-05-1947.” (St John’s Lutheran Ledger; burial not specified)) “Record of Funeral: Jacob Becker. Born: Cassel, South Russia. Husband of Katherine Becker. Charge to Henry Becker of Sprague. Residence: Sprague, WA. Funeral: 11-05-1947 at Lutheran Church, Rev Matke of Spokane, clergy. Death: 11-02-1947 at Spokane Riverside Sanitorium. Married. Protestant. Birth: July 3, 1868; Aged: 79 yrs 3 mos 29 days. Father: John Becker born Bergaurt, South Russia; Mother: Anna Marie Huft, born Bergdurf, South Russia. Interment: Maccabee; Lot 47 Grave 7 Section 1.”

Becker, Marion:  “Marion F. Becker, 65.—Passed away Feb 17, 1991 in Spokane. Her home, Sprague, WA. Survived by one sister, Colleen J. Becker, Sprague; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins. Former teacher at Sprague, Hartline, Marlin and St John School Districts. Graduate of Sprague High School, 1943; EWSC, 1947; Member of Tawanka Honor Society, W Clube at Eastern; Retired teachers Assoc; Northwest Music Assoc; Golden Link Chapter Order of eastern Star, St John, WA. Funeral Service, Thursday, Feb 21, 1991 at 2 p.m. Sprague, WA. Community Church, Rev Tom Goetz, Rev Keel Dresback, officiating. Interment Macabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. Danekas Funeral Home in charge.” (Spokesman Review-undated) “Funeral of Antone Berscheid. Residence: Sprague, WA. Death: Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. Birth: 11-27-1862, MN; Death: 4-01-1938. Aged: 75 yrs 4 mos 5 days. Male, single, white, laborer. Father: Peter Berscheid, born Germany. Mother: Barbara Hengel, born Germany. Physician: Dr Milburn, Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral service at chapel at 2 p.m. Interment: April 3, 1938. Rev Mann. Receipt of county warrant.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Becker, William G.  (added; d. Sept 1970) “William G. Becker. His home, W207 10th, Ritzville, WA. Survived by his wife, Hazel, at the home; 2 step-daughters, Mrs. Eugene (Naomi) Lobe, Bremerton, WA, Mrs.verett (Nita) Ovlear, Seattle, WA; 8 step-grandchildren; 3 sisters, Mrs. Arlie Ableman, Cheney, WA; Mrs. Emily Coble, Cheney, WA; Mrs. Kate Dennis, Omak, WA; 6 brothers, Fred R. Becker, John Becker, Henry Becker, all of Sprague, WA; Albert Becker, Rathdrum, ID; Robert Becker and Harry Becker, both of Spokane; numerous nieces and nephews. A member of the Lutheran Church. A Veteran of WW II. A member of the Sprague Gun Club. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Sept 29, at 2 p.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA, the Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment, Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA, The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, will direct funeral arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 9-28-1970)


Berscheid, Antone: (added: d. 4-01-1938), "Funeral of Antone Berscheid. Residence: Sprague, WA. Death: Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. Birth: 11-27-1862, MN; Death: 4-01-1938. Aged: 75 yrs 4 mos 5 days. Male, single, white, laborer. Father: Peter Berscheid, born Germany. Mother: Barbara Hengel, born Germany. Physician: Dr Milburn, Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral service at chapel at 2 p.m. Interment: April 3, 1938. Rev Mann. Receipt of county warrant.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Bewick, Alice: ( added: d. 10-07-1986)  "Alice Bewick. Born: 6-28-1916, Sprague, WA. Died: 10-07-1986, Hyannis, Mass.; Funeral: 10-11-1986 from St Johns, Sprague, WA, buried Maccabee Cemetery.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)


Bewick, George:  (TS: 1850-1928)  “Record of Funeral: Geo Bewick. Order dated Jan 29, 1928. Place of death: Sprague. Interment: E ½ of Section 55.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; see Mary Hollis Bewick and page 164 of SLE.)


*Bewick, Glen (added; d. 10-17-2003); “Glen Arthur Bewick, 77, joined his parents, sister, and three brothers with our Lord on Oct 17, 2003 while surrounded by his loving family. Born to Robert and Mary Ann (Wright) Bewick on May 20, 1926 at the Old Bradley Place in Sprague, Washington . He attended Sprague Grade School until Nov 1938 when his family moved to Coulee City where he graduated from Coulee City High School in May 1944. Glen joined the US Navy June 1, 1944, attended boot camp at Farragut, Idaho, served his tour of duty at an ammunition depot in Hawthorn, Nevada, and was honorably discharged in Seattle, WA on July 19, 1946. He attended  Whitworth College in Spokane, WA, graduating in June 1950 with a BA degree in Business Administration. He worked for J C Penney Company in Coeur d’Alene ,Idaho where he met and married Helen Otto on Sept 30, 1950. From this union came his four beloved sons, David , Mich ael (Ike), Gary and Paul. Glen and Helen divorced in Feb 1966. Glen worked for the Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee and Ephrata, WA, and as an accountant for Alcoa in Wenatchee. Preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Mary Ann Bewick; brothers, Elmer, Joe and Clarence Bewick; and sister, Florence Hultgrenn. Glen is survived by his sons, their wives, and children, David and Jennifer Bewick and their children, Jason and Brandi Bewick, Joey Lakoduk, and Miranda Lakoduk, Ephrata, WA; Michael (Ike) and Marla Bewick and their children Carisa and Russell Haven, East Wenatchee, WA and Robert Bewick, Yakima, WA, Gary Bewick, Spokane Valley, WA; and Paul and Pamela Bewick and their children, Glenn Bewick, Spokane Valley, and Audra and Russell Hess, Newman Lake, WA; 7 great grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews, and friends.  Services will be held Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003 at 11 a.m. at Nicoles Funeral Home Chapel, Ephrata ,WA. Burial MaccabeeCemetery, Sprague, WA. Nicoles Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.” (Submitted w/o source, dated: Tuesday, 21 Oct 2003)


Bewick, Jennie:  (TS: 1896-1912)“Jennie, adopted daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo Bewick of near Tyler died Thursday last at the home of tuberculosis, aged 15 years 9 months and 24 days.  The funeral was held Saturday at 11 o’clock from the Congregational church and was conducted by Rev J. Edwards. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Jennie was born in England Nov 11, 1896. She leaves one brother and one sister and her adopted parents to mourn her loss.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 13, 1912)


Bewick, Mary Hollis: (TS: 1859-1936) d. Feb 1, 1936) “Record of Funeral: Mary Hollis Bewick. Born: England. Widow of George Bewick. Residence: Sprague, WA. Charge to sons, Henry and Robt. of Sprague. Funeral: Feb 3, 1936 at Congregational Church, Rev Williams, clergy. Death: Feb 1, 1936 at Sprague. Housewife. Widow. Protestant. Birth: March 9, 1859. Aged: 76 yrs 10 mos 22 days. Father: Robert Bewick (sic), born England. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) (see SLE page 164) “Mary Hollis Bewick was born at Easington Lane, by Hetton-le-Hole, County Durham, England in 1859. She married George Bewick in 1885. Her uncle Robert Hollis left Spennymoor, County Durham for America in 1871, perhaps his second trip. Robert Hollis eventually settled and farmed in the WA, Sprague-Tyler-Fishtrap vicinity. There is no evidence that Robert and his wife, Ann, had had any children, which is possibly why his niece, Mary, and her husband George Bewick went to America to take on the farmstead, thus allowing Robert to retire in his old age. Robert did in fact finally return to England, where he died at Shotton Colliery Village, County Durham, at age 83. Robert Hollis had been a pioneer who followed the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails.” (contributed by relatives in England);


Bewick, Mary Ann:  (TS: 1884-1972; s/stone Robert)


Bewick, Robert: (TS: 1886-1971, shared stone w/ Mary Ann)  “Robert Bewick.—His home was at Sprague, WA. Survived by his wife, Mary, at the home in Sprague; one daughter, Mrs. Elart Hultgrenn, Richland, WA; 4 sons, Joe Bewick, Sprague; Elmer Bewick and Clarence Bewick, both of Coulee City, WA; Glen Bewick of Wenatchee, WA; 14 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Member of the Community Church, Sprague, WA. Funeral services will be Monday, Feb 1 at 11 a.m. from the Community Church in Sprague, WA. The Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: undated scrapbook item, 1971)      


Bicknell, James R.: (added: d. 6-02-1983)“James R. Bicknell; died June 2, 1983, aged 78 years; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery; no relatives”  (Sprague Catholic Ledger) 


Biernbach, Hattie:  (TS:  Nov 20, 1856-Aug 12, 1930)“Hattie Biernbach; Died: 12 August 1930 at Sprague, Washington; Birthdate: 2 Nov 1856 in Indiana; Father = Richard Boyer, birthplace unknown; Mother = Mary Paul, birthplace unknown; Spouse: Henry Biernbach-#3 for Hattie; Burial = Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards)“Record of Funeral: Mrs. Hattie Biernback. Born: IN. Residence: Sprague, WA. Wife of Henry Biernback. Funeral: Aug 14, 1930 at Federated Church, with Dr Evans of Sprague. Death: Aug 12, 1930 at Sprague Hospital. Housewife. Married. Protestant. Birth: Nov 20, 1856. Aged: 73 yrs 8 mos 22 days. Father: Richard Boyer; Mother: Mary Paul. Interment: Maccabee. E ½ (Section shown, no number).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) SLE page 228 shows Harriet Ann Boyer, her 1st spouse: Nathaniel Davis Sr.; her 2nd spouse: William Gresham; her 3rd spouse: Henry Biernback.

Biernback, Helena:  (TS: 1908-1929)“Helena Biernback; died April 16, 1929, at Spokane, aged 20 years 7 months; Burial: Sprague Public Cemetery; daughter of Joannis J. Biernback and Maria Anna Thonemann”  (Sprague Catholic Ledger)


Biernback, Henry: (TS: 19 Oct 1869-17 Feb 1941; h/o Hattie) “Funeral of Henry Biernback. Residence; Sprague, WA. Place of death: Home in Sprague. Birth: 10-19-1869, La Porte, Indiana. Death: 2-17-1941. Aged: 71 yrs 3 mos 28 days. Male, widower, white, retired farmer.  Father: Michael Biernback, born Germany. Mother: Kate Miller, born Germany. Cause of death: acute cerebral edema with convulsions due to chronic alcoholism. Physician: Dr R. E. Nelson of Harrington. Burial: Maccabee. Funeral: Congregational Church at 2 p.m. Interment: 2-20-1941. Rev Plankenhorn. Fee for engraving monument.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  May 4, 1894, at Sprague, Henry Biernback of Lincoln County married Miss Mattie L. Smith of Lincoln County, in the presence of D. E. Davis and E. Baskerville. The ceremony was officiated by Mark Baskerville, Pastor of the First Congregational Church at Sprague. (Certificate of Marriage.) Henry and Mattie were blessed with two children, Vena and Myrtle, per SLE page 167. (TS: 1881-1965; s/stone Mary Ann) See SLE page 167. John J. Biernback was a brother to Henry Biernback, who came here in 1891, sons of Michael Sr. Biernback of Missouri. John J. Biernback arrived in the Sprague vicinity in 1903 and worked for Henry. After three years of labor, he sent to Kansas City for his bride-to-be to join him in Sprague, which she did, and they were married in the Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in 1906. John and his wife took over the Lamont farm; they had four children: Katherine, Helen, John Michael and Margaret. John bought a farm in Tekoa in 1919 and moved there.


Biernback, John J.:  (TS: 1881-1965; s/stone Mary Ann) See SLE page 167. John J. Biernback was a brother to Henry Biernback, who came here in 1891, sons of Michael Sr Biernback of Missouri. John J. Biernback arrived in the Sprague vicinity in 1903 and worked for Henry. After three years of labor, he sent to Kansas City for his bride-to-be to join him in Sprague, which she did, and they were married in the Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in 1906. John and his wife took over the Lamont farm; they had four children: Katherine, Helen, John Michael and Margaret. John bought a farm in Tekoa in 1919 and moved there.


Biernback, Mary Ann: (TS: 1880-1968; s/stone John J.)


Biernback, Michael, Sr.:  (TS: 16 Feb 1840-14 Jan 1917; Cath. ledger) “Michael Biernback, father of Henry, John and Charles Biernback of Sprague, died at Chico, California, on Jan 14.  He was visiting with a daughter there when the end came. His son Henry and wife of Sprague were also at his side.  Henry accompanied the body to Sprague and the funeral was held on Monday last at 8:30 a.m. from the Catholic church and burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mr. Biernback was born in Germany on Feb 16, 1840, being 76 years old at death. He came to America in 1865 accompanied by his wife to whom he was married the same year. The couple first settled in New York state when he worked at the cooper’s trade. In 1867 they removed to Leavenworth, Missouri, where he ran a brewery and saloon for several years when they again moved settling at Crawford, Missouri, where he followed teaming until 1875 when he decided to farm. He followed that occupation there and in LaFayette County, Missouri, until 1916 when he sold out and retired coming to Sprague and taking up residence with his son Henry.  On Nov 6, last he went to Chico, California, where he lived until his death.  Eight children were born to the family, Henry of Sprague; Mrs. Louisa Davis who died here in 1910; Mrs. C. W. Smith of Chico, CA; Michael, who died in MO in 1901; Mrs. Geo Agen of Dodge City, KS; John of Sprague; Mrs. John Twoomey of Porter, Minnesota, and Charles of Sprague.  His first wife died in 1887 and in 1892 he was again married to Miss Julia Costello, who died at Odessa, Missouri in Oct 1915. No children were born to the second union. We were not personally acquainted with Mr. Biernback but judging from his offspring who live in his community he must have been an honest, thrifty and energetic man.  Card of Thanks.  We are very grateful to our good friends and neighbors who assisted us during our recent bereavement, the loss of our father, and thank them all heartily for their aid and sympathy.  Henry Biernback and Family.” (Sprague Advocate-Jan 26, 1917)  “Michael Burnback; died 1-14-1917, aged 76 yrs 10 mos; Burial: Maccabee” (Sprague Catholic Ledger; data matches TS-Biernback).) “Record of Funeral of Michael Biernback. White. Born Germany. Order given by Henry Biernback. Funeral: Jan 22, 1917, Catholic Church, Father Froland. Death: Chico, CA. Cause of death: chronic and valvular heart trouble. Death: Jan 14, 1917. Retired Farmer. Widower. Religion: Catholic. Aged: 76 years 10 months 18 days. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery in Sec 31, E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) 


Bilderback, Earl: (added: d.4-25-1986) “Earl Bilderback. Born: 4-14-1911; Died: 4-25-1986, Othello, WA; graveside service at Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) See SLE page 167. He was born in Nevada County, CA, son of Charles Daniel and Ida Nickerson Bilderback. He married Edwina Mary Lloyd in 1910


Biskett/Berkett, Lewis James: (added: 8-30-1930)   “Record of Funeral: Lewis James Birkett. Born: Sprague, WA. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Biskett. Address: Lamont, WA. Funeral: Sept 1, 1930 at Lee Chapel with Dr Chas Evans of Sprague, clergy. Death: Aug 30, 1930, at Lamont. Cause of death: convulsions. Birth: April 21, 1930. Age: 4 mos 9 days. Father: Russell Biskett, born IN. Mother: Gladys Allen, born WA. Interment: Section 47.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) 


Biskett/Berkett, Lois Jean: ( added: d.  9-16-1930); “Record of Funeral: Lois Jean Berkett. Born: WA. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Birkett of Lamont. Funeral: Sept 18, 1930 at Lee Chapel, Sprague, Dr Evans, clergy. Death: Sept 16, 1930. Cause of death: convulsions. Age: 4 mos 17 days. Father: Russell Berkett, born IN; Mother: Gladys Allen, born WA. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  




Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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