Maccabee Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                          Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


                                                                     With Additions & obituaries (+)  by Marge Womach




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Dalyrample, Chas., + d. Sep 27, 1914, obit

Daniels, Otho,  (added: d. 11-02-1948)

Darby, Isla Irene, + d. 11-27-1978; 65yrs, Cath. ledger

Darby, Liguori Basil, + d.9-08-1972; 68yrs, Cath. ledger; h/o Isla

Davenport, Agnes A., 1858-1942, s/stone Edward J.

Davenport, Edward J., 1864-1930, s/stone Agnes A.

Daveritz, Curtis,  4 Aug 1892-24 Mar 1952,WA PFC 346 Depot, Brigade  WW I

Davies, Loraine: (added; d. 4-21-1920) 

Davis, Abner,   +  (no dates) d. Apr 16, 1904, 65 yr , Co K 108th IL Inf

Davis, Edna L., 1 Oct 1892-                      ) , s/stone Michael C.

Davis, Edward, 18 Mar 1930 (only),  “baby”

Davis, Ethel, (see Tuggle)

Davis, Harold B.,  4 May 1897-10 Oct 1963; father

Davis, Harry E., 1894-1940, s/o Nath L. & Harriet

Davis, Hattie, (see Biernback)

Davis, Hazel Lorene, 23 Nov 1911-4 Nov 1921, d/o J. M.

Davis, Henry J., 1898-1968

Davis, Jessie. (Wright)  +  4 Jan 1885-16 Sept 1917, w/o N. L.

Davis, John Patterson: (added;  d. 11-11-1955) 

Davis, Lela, (see. Nicolai)    

Davis, Louise L., +   24 May 1870-28 Aug 1909; mother   

Davis, Mary E .(Reed): (d. 9-03-1915; added) 

Davis, M. S. , (? added: d. 8-15-1925) 

Davis, Michael C., 17 Aug 1895-25 Mar 1968, s/stone Edna L.

Davis, Nathaniel L., 1885-1940 , h/o Jessie W.

Davis, Pearl, (see Cook)

Dawell, August, (added; d. June 7, 1929) 

Dawell, Gray, 1880-1963

Dawell, Gus,  1876-1954

Dawell, Hannah, 1851-1933

Daweritz ,(see also Daveritz)

Daweritz, Clifford G., 1894-1960; father

Daweritz, Felix G.,  23 Nov 1887-12 Feb 1954, WA Pvt 42 Co 166, Depot Brigade WW I

Daweritz, Ida, 1862-1933

Daweritz, Max, 1858-1942

Dawson, Sophia J.,  +  d. 14 Oct 1914; 98yr 11 mo 6dy,  mother

Dechenne, Alfred J.,1881-1957,  w/ Rosa

Dechenne,  Rosa B., 1885-1962,  w/ Alfred

Dechenne, Elmer S., 1910-1937

Dechenne, Emil J.,  Jan 3, 1868-Apr 25, 1944

Dechenne, Lucy J.,  Aug 7, 1871-Feb 11, 1949

Dechenne, Ruth L.,  +  Apr 5, 1905-Sept 5, 1911,  d/o Alf. J. & Rosa

Detling (Detting), Elva L .,  1891-1955

Diedrick, Sebella, 1885-1919,  w/o W. J.

Dinsmore, Wanda, +  1894-1913

Doerschlag, Arthur F., 1884-_____ , father

Doerschlag, Augusta A., 1888-1962,  mother

Doerschlag, Jenelle Marie,  July 10, 1965-Nov 28, 1969

Doerschlag, Georgia Lee, + Apr 29, 1941-July 19, 1941, daughter

Doerschlag, Harry W.,  1915-1930   

Doerschlag, Irene L.,  (added; d.4-14-1996)

Doerschlag, Jacob, 1858-1932 , father

Doerschlag, Minnie, 1859-1943, mother

Doerschlag, Dale,1938-1958, son

Doerschlag, Robert, 1908-1958,  father

Doggett, Fredrick T., 1876-1931   

Doggett, Isaac H.,  (added; d. 6-11-1945) 

Doggett, Jane P., 1838-1931,  mother

Doggett, John W., 1855-1923

Doggett, W. C., Mar 15, 1825-Sept 21, 1912

Doggett, Isaac H.,  owner,  W ½ Blk 45  

Dorton, Perry Commodore,  (added; d. Aug 30, 1945)

Dotson, Ella Mary, 1892-1935 (11-13-35) , wife (DC)

Dotson, J. Lester , 1897-1918, obit

Dotson, John, 1857-1932,  father

Dotson, Annie M., 1867-1942 (6-18-42), mother (DC)

Dunn, Allen A., 1903-1965

Dunn. Grace A., 1902-____)

Duthie, Rena see Melville,

Dyer, Alex F., 1852-1938

Dyer, infant of W.,  d. Nov 1902,  obit

Dyer, Roy A., May 8, 1892-Jan 23, 1971

Dyer, Stella Mae, + d. 8-06-1996,  St John’s Luth. ledg.




Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee



Dalyrample, Chas:  added: (d. Sept 27, 1914) “Charles Dalyrample, a native of Scotland who came to America about 15 months ago, died Sunday at Myrtle Hospital of tuberculosis of the lungs. Mr. Dalyrample was born March 24, 1886, being 28 years, 6 months and 3 days old at death. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock from the Lee Undertaking Parlors, Rev G H Wilbur officiating and burial was made in the Maccabee Cemetery.  He is survived by many friends and relatives in his native land and two brothers here, one of whom is employed on the Day and Rothrock ranch west of town and the other in Oregon.”  (Sprague Advocate-Oct 2, 1914)


Daniels, Otho:  (added: d. 11-02-1948)  “Record of Funeral: Otho C. Daniels. Born: Decator, Kansas. Husband of Eva Daniels. Charge to his estate, Sprague. Funeral: Chapel at 2 p.m. with Rev Marvin of Sprague. Death: Nov 2, 1948, at Sprague, St Joseph Academy; Cause: heart, fell over dead. Physician: Dr Charles Smick. Janitor. Married. Protestant. Birth: Feb 16, 1886. Aged: 62 yrs 8 mos 16 days. Parents: unknown. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Darby, Isla Irene: (added: d. 11-27-1978); Isla Irene Darby, d. 11-27-1978; 65 yrs; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague Catholic Ledger) See SLE pages 241-3: Isla Irene Love was born Nov 7, 1913 to Joseph Homer Love and his wife, Nora Rowe, of Mansfield, WA.  She attended high school at Sequim while living with her aunt and uncle, Carrie and Glen Brett.  She first married Frank Hutchinson in 1931 and had the following children: Clark (1932), John (1934), and Fred (1936).  They resided in Alaska and her husband disappeared in 1939 when she returned to Seattle.  In 1948 she married Lee Darby.  They had 3 children: James (1948), Teresa Marie (1950) and Martha Anne (1952).


Darby, Liguori Basil: (d. 9-08-1972; 68 yrs; h/o Isla; Burial: Maccabee;  Sprague Catholic Ledger) See SLE page 231-3.  Liguori (Lee( B. Darby was born May 1, 1904 in Belmond, Iowa, the fourth child of Henry Joseph Darby and Martha Irene Parker.  He married Isla Love Hutchinson in Seattle in 1948.  Three children were born to them: James D., Teresa M., and Martha Anne.  Lee Darby died following a short illness at a Spokane hospital.  “Liguori Basil Darby.—Born May 1, 1904. Passed away Friday, Sept 8, 1972. Survived by his wife, Isla Darby at the home in Sprague, WA; 3 children, James D. Darby and Mrs. Kenneth Brown (Theresa), both of Spokane, Martha Darby, also of Sprague; 3 stepsons, Mr. Clark Hutchinson and Mr. Fred Hutchinson, both of Spokane, and Mr. John Hutchinson of Santa Barbara, CA; survived by 5 sisters, all of Seattle, WA; 3 brothers, two of Seattle and one of Los Angeles, CA; 13 grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Rosary Monday Sept 11, 8 p.m. at Mary Queen of Heaven Church in Sprague. Funeral services 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept 12, 1972 at Mary Queen of Heaven Church . The Rev Fred Braumham officiating. Arrangements made by Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville,WA. Interment at Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Spokesman Review: 9-11-1972)


Davenport, Agnes A.: (TS: 1858-1942; s/stone Edward J.) “Funeral of Agnes Aroa Davenport. Residence: Sprague, WA. Wife of Edward. Birth: 10-14-1958, Anin Mo Kane Co., PA. Death: 2-22-1942, St Lukes Hospital, Spokane, WA. Aged: 83 yrs 4 mos 8 days. Female, widowed, white, housewife. Father: Lorenzo Hodges, born PA; Mother: Rosetta Coon, born PA. Physician: T. M. Alquist, Spokane. Cause of death: cardiac dilation. Secondary: carcinoma of stomach. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery; Funeral: Community Congregational Church at 1:30 p.m. Interment: 2-25-1942.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 244.


Davenport, Edward J.: (TS: 1864-1930;  s/stone Agnes A.)(See SLE page 244-5)   “Record of Funeral: Edward J Davenport. Born: NE. Residence: Sprague, WA. Husband of Agnes Dalmage. Order given by Mrs. Davenport. Funeral: Dec 18, 1930, Lee Chapel, with Dr Evans.  Death: Dec 15, 1930 at Sprague. Retired Farmer. Married. Protestant. Birth: Feb 29, 1858. Aged: 72 yrs 9 mos 16 days. Parents: don’t know. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Daveritz, Curtis: (TS: 4 Aug 1892-24 Mar 1952; WA PFC 346 Depot Brigade  WW I) See SLE page 349 where he is shown as Kurt ‘Moxie’  in the list of seven children of Max and Ida Daweritz.


Davies, Loraine: (added; d. 4-21-1920) “Record of Funeral of Loraine Davies. Born: TN. Residence: Sprague. Order dated: Apr 21, 1920. Charge to Mrs. Eunice Davies, Sprague. Order given by Mr. Davies. Funeral: 4-23-1920 at Sprague home at 2:30 p.m., no clergyman. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner of Sprague. Death: 4-21-1920, at Sprague. Cause: cardiac asthma. Birth: May 22, 1882. Occupation: Photographer. Married. Age: 37 yrs 10 mos 29 days. Father: born Scotland; Mother: Marie Ray, born Miss; Interment: Maccabee, Section 41.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee shown for purchase of lot)

Davis, Abner: (TS: no dates; Co K 108th IL Inf) d. 4-16-1904  “Avener E. Davis, aged 65 years, died last Saturday of blood poisoning after a sickness of a couple of months. Mr. Davis was the father of T. L .and C. E. Davis, two well-known young farmers living south of Sprague. He came here from the east a short time ago and accidentally made a small cut in his thumb with his pocket knife. Blood poisoning set in and death resulted on the 16th.  The funeral services were held in the Methodist Church at 1:30 Monday afternoon, interment in the Maccabee Cemetery.  Deceased was born near Pekin, Ill.  He is spoken of very highly by those who knew him.”  (Sprague Times-April 22, 1904) 


Davis, Edna L.: (TS: 1 Oct 1892-____ ; s/stone Michael C) d. 3-31-1975; See SLE page 246-7: Edna L Davis died March 31, 1975. She was a teacher in Warden and married Michael Davis Sr. in Oct 1917. “Edna Davis.—Her home was Bremerton , WA, formerly of Sprague, WA. She is survived by 2 sons, Maurice Davis, San Jose, CA , and Leon ard Davis, Bremerton; 7 grandchildren; one great grandchild. She was a member of the Sprague Community Church and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Funeral services will be Friday, April 4 at 11 a.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, with the Rev Eldon Clark officiating. Cremation will follow. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville,WA, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 4-04-1975; scrapbook item).


Davis, Edward: (TS: 18 Mar 1930 (only); “baby”)


Davis, Ethel: (see Tuggle, w/o J. E.; See also SLE page 248, as Lula Ethel)


Davis, Harold B.:  (TS: 4 May 1897-10 Oct 1963; father)


Davis, Harry E.:  (TS: 1894-1940; s/o Nath L. & Harriet) “Funeral of Harry Everett Davis. Residence: Lamont, WA. Husband of Lela Davis. Birth: 5-02-1894, Sprague, WA. Death: 7-17-1940, Seattle, WA. Aged: 46 yrs 2 mos 15 days. Male, married, white, farmer.  Father: (not shown); Mother: Mrs. Weir. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; Secondary: arteriosclerosis. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at Congregational Church, 2 p.m. Interment: 7-19-1940.  Fee for 2 cemetery lots.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 248-9; 227-8. Harry Earnest Davis Sr., son of Nathaniel Lee Davis,  married Lela Ethel Holliday in 1916 and farmed in the Lamont area.  They had two children: Patricia Fontel born Oct 12, 1919 and Harry Earnest Jr. on March 30, 1925. Following his death, Lela Ethel Holliday Davis married Carl Nicolai, under which name she died in February of 1972 at Cheney with burial in Maccabee Cemetery.


Davis, Hattie: w/o Nathaniel (see Biernback; see SLE 247-9)


Davis, Hazel Lorene:  (23 Nov 1911-4 Nov 1921; d/o J.  M.)  “Record of Funeral of Davis. Born: WA. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Davis. Funeral: Nov 6, 1921, open air, at home, at 3 p.m. with Rev Snowden. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang of Sprague. Death: Nov 4, 1921 at Sprague. Cause: Angina disease; depletion. Age: 9 yrs 11 mos 12 days. Single. Methodist. Father: J. M. Davis born WI; Mother: Edwards, born CA. Interment: Section 76” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee shown for purchase of cemetery lot) 

"The death of Hazel Lorene Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Davis of Sprague occurred last Saturday, Nov. 5 at her home here.  Death was due to complications following diphtheria.   She was born in Kennewick, Wash. Nov 23, 1911 hence lacked but a few days of being 10 years old.  She was a member of the 4th grade in the public school.  She is survived by her parents and by four brothers and one sister.  Funeral services were held at the home Sunday, Rev. Snowden officiating.  There was in attendance a large crowd of sorrowing friends.  The floral offerings were many and among them was a beautiful wreath contributed by the M. E. Sunday school, of which she was a member.  The remains were laid to rest in the Maccabee cemetery. ( Sprague Advocate Nov 10, 1921)Submitted by Barbara Curtis

Davis, Henry J.:   (TS: 1898-1968)


Davis, Jessie (Wright):  (TS: 4 Jan 1885-16 Sept 1917; w/o N. L). “Mrs. Nat Davis of Ilo, Idaho, died at Clarkston, Washington, on Sunday last of tuberculosis. The body was brought to Sprague on Monday evening and the funeral services were held Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. from the Methodist Church, Rev O. E. Faulkner officiating. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mrs. Davis was the third daughter of Mr. & Mrs. LaFayette Wright, formerly of Sprague, now of Lamont.  Miss Jessie G. Wright was born Jan 4, 1884 near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. When but one year old the family came to the Walla Walla country where they remained about a year after which they settled in the Sprague country and have lived here ever since. Jessie was married in the Spring of 1902 to Nat Davis at Colfax and the family lived in this vicinity until 1914 when they purchased a ranch near Ilo, Idaho, where they have lived since.  Two children were born to the union, Helen, 14 years old, and Ernest, 8 years old.  Deceased is survived by her husband, parents, children and three brothers and two sisters. The brothers are Edgar, Chandler and Carl Wright of Lamont. The sisters are Mrs. Cora Bryant of Lamont and Mrs. Ida Chandler of Spokane.  Mrs. Davis was a loving wife and mother and her death at the early age of 32 years has caused great sorrow to many who knew and loved her. The sympathy of the whole community goes out to the sadly bereaved relatives.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 211, 1917) “Record of Funeral of Jessie Glendora Davis. White. Born: WI. Wife of N. L. Davis of Winchester, Idaho. Order given by Hy Biernbeck. Funeral: Sept 18, 1917 at M E Church in Sprague at 2:30 p.m. with Rev Faulkern. Death: Clarkston, WA. Physician: Paul W. Johnson of Clarkston.  Cause of Death: Valvular Disease of Heart. Death: Sept 16, 1917. Birth: Jan 4, 1885; Aged: 32 yrs 8 mos 12 days. Housewife, married, Protestant. Father: Layfayette Wright born Ohio; Mother: Matilda Broderick born IN; Body shipped from Clarkston. Interment: Maccabee, E ½ of Sec 34 Grave 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for outlay of lot and opening of grave included)


Davis, John Patterson: (added; SLE page 248, d. 11-11-1955) “John Patterson Davis was married to Grace Logsdon May 12, 1902. One child was born but died at birth. John and Grace farmed in the Lamont area for many years before retiring to Sprague where he drove school bus for many years. He died Nov 11, 1955, and is buried at Maccabee.” He was born Feb 10, 1881 in Springfield, IL, son of Nathaniel Lee Davis and Harriet Ann Boyer.


Davis, Lela Ethel Holliday: (see Nicolai; d. Feb 1972)       


Davis, Louise L.:  (TS: 24 May 1870-28 Aug 1909; mother) “Mrs. Louise L. Davis of Sprague died August 28th, aged 39 years and leaves a husband and eight children.” (Harrington Citizen-Sept 10, 1909) “Mrs. Louise L. Davis, wife of A. M. Davis and sister of Henry Biernback, died at the Biernback home on Saturday, August, 28th, and was buried in the Maccabee Cemetery Sunday. The funeral services were held at two o’clock from the Methodist Church, Rev Luce officiating.  Mrs. Davis was born in Missouri on May 24, 1870 and was aged 39 years, 3 months and 4 days at death. She leaves a husband, eight children, four of which are boys and four girls and three brothers and three sisters to mourn her loss. She was a member of the Christian Church. The cause of her death was kidney trouble. She and her husband were residents of Cunningham, coming here about three weeks ago for medical treatment.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 3, 1909) 


Davis, Mary E . (Reed): (d. 9-03-1915; added)  “Mrs. Mary E. Davis, mother of Dock Davis, a former Sprague farmer, died at Tacoma on Friday, Sept 3, aged 73 years, 11 months and 3 days. The body was shipped to Sprague for burial. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 from the Lee Undertaking Parlors, Rev H S Randall officiating. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mary E. Reed was born in Ohio Oct 1, 1841 and in 1847 the family moved to Illinois. On Dec 16, 1860 Miss Reed was united in marriage to Abner E. Davis at Pekin, Illinois. In 1904 the Davis family came to Washington and settled about 16 miles south of Sprague.  Mr. Davis died a few years after their arrival here.  Mrs. Davis was a faithful member of the M E Church for many years. She leaves to mourn her loss, 4 sons and 3 daughters, besides many other relatives and friends.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 10, 1915)  “Record of Funeral of Mary E. Davis, widow of Abner Davis. Order given by H. E. Smith. Funeral: Sept 5, 1915 at Methodist Church, Sprague, 1:30 p.m. with Rev Randall. Death: Sept 3, 1915. Retired housewife. widow, Methodist; Aged: 73 yrs 11 mos 2 days. Father: Reed; Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Davis, M. S. : (? added: d. 8-15-1925) “Record of Funeral: M. S. Davis. Born: PA. Order on Aug 15, 1925 by son and daughter. Funeral: Aug 18, 1925 at Sprague by Rev Soper. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Death: Aug 15, 1925. Birth: May 28, 1849. Retired Farmer. Widower. Protestant. Aged: 76 yrs 2 mos 15 days.” (Sprague Funeral ledger; burial nor shipping shown, appears local)


Davis, Michael C.: (TS: 17 Aug 1895-25 Mar 1968;   s/stone Edna L) See SLE pages 246-7: Michael C Davis, Sr., was married in 1917. He had a store in Warden and the Post Office was run from his store. The family moved from St John to Sprague in 1928. He also had been in business at some point in a store in Seattle with his sister, Marie Bourne and her husband.


Davis, Nathaniel Lee Jr.: (TS: 1885-1940; h/o Jessie W); d. 4-17-1940 see SLE p. 248. (He died in Lewiston, Idaho with burial in Maccabee.)


Davis, Pearl Lee: (see Cook, w/o Barnard)


Davis, T. L.:  owner Block 36, 6-25-1906

Dawell, August: (added; d. June 7, 1929) “Record of Funeral: August Dawell. Charge to his estate. Order given by sons. Funeral: June 10, 1929, Community Church with Dr Evans. Death: June 7, 1929, at Sprague Hospital. Retired Farmer. Married. Protestant. Birth: Oct 22, 1834. Aged: 94 yrs 7 mos 15 days. Father: don’t know, born Germany. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 624-5. He was married in 1872 in Utah to Hannah Jensen, daughter of Peter and Ingeborg (Peterson) Jensen. The History of the Big Bend, 1904, identifies his parents as John and Elizabeth (Wise) Dawell. August and Hannah had five children: Gus E., Oscar W., Charles, Harris B. and Lulu.


Dawell, Gray: (TS: 1880-1963) Picture of Gray and her husband Gus in SLE page788.


Dawell, Gus:  (TS: 1876-1954)


Dawell, Hannah: (TS: 1851-1933) “Record of Funeral: Mrs. Hannah Dawell. Born: Denmark. Widow of Elias Andrew Dawell. Charge to her estate. Order by sons. Funeral: May 18, 1930 at Federated Church with Dr Chas Evans of Newport, WA. Death: May 14, 1933, at Sprague Hospital. Retired Housewife. Widow. Protestant. Birth: May 1851. Age: 82 yrs 0 mos 6 days. Father: Peter Jensen, born Denmark; Mother: Inchberg Hanson, born Denmark. Interment: Maccabee. Section 28 E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) The History of Big Bend, 1904, item Harry Jensen, identifies her siblings as: Margarett Schus, Sophia Stevens and Harry Jensen. SLE page 391, Hannah’s husband was August Dawell, and they moved to Sprague in 1880, as did her sister, Mrs. Margaret Scheuss, and a brother, Carl (Charlie) Anders Jenson. Harry Christian Jensen and his wife Regina Sophie followed in 1882. Harry’s mother was identified as Ingeborg Petersen.


Daweritz: (see also Daveritz)


Daweritz, Clifford G.: (TS: 1894-1960; father) SLE page 249: Clifford was a son of Max G and Ida Daweritz, immigrants from Germany. Clifford married Martha Smith, daughter of Sam C. and Addie Smith, on Dec 8, 1926. They had four children: Max S. (1931), Vernon (1933), Geraldin D. (Jean, 1934) and Robert L. (1938).


Daweritz, Felix G.: (TS: 23 Nov 1887-12 Feb 1954; WA Pvt 42 Co 166; Depot Brigade WW I) Felix is shown as one of the eight children of Max and Ida Daweritz. See SLE page 249.


Daweritz, Ida: (TS: 1862-1933) “Ida Devertiz. Death: 20 April 1933 at Sprague, Wa. Birth: 25 Dec 1862 at Germany. Father: Fredrick Hille, born Germany; Mother: unknown, born Germany; Spouse: Max Deveritz. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Record of Funeral: Ida Daweritz. Born: Germany. Wife of Max Daweritz. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: Apr 23, 1933, Lutheran Church in Sprague, Rev Rein of Ritzville. Death: Apr 20, 1933 at Sprague home. Housewife. Married. Lutheran. Birth: Dec 25, 1862; Aged: 70 yrs 4 mos 26 days. Father: Frederick Hilles born Germany; Mother: don’t know, born Germany. Interment: Sprague Maccabee Cemetery. W ½ Grave 1 Section 53.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Daweritz, Max: (TS: 1858-1942) “Max George Daweritz; Born 1859; Died 5-11-1943; Buried: 5-13-1943.” (St John Lutheran Ledger) “Funeral of Max George Doweritz. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 3-08-1858, Germany.  Death: 5-11-1943, Sacred Heart hospital, Spokane, WA. Aged: 85 yrs 2 mos 3 days. Male, widowed, white, retired section foreman. Parents: unknown, born Germany. Physician: Dr O’Shea of Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Lutheran Church, 2:30 p.m. Interment: May 13, 1943.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 249 where his children are listed as: Freda, Lena, Liz, Felix, Kurt, Clifford, George and Louise. Lincoln County Auditor's office shows in the birth ledger the stillborn infant  male, May 6, 1896, born to Max Daweritz, at Sprague.


Dawson, Sophia J.: (TS: d. 14 Oct 1914; 98yr 11 mo 6 dy;  mother) “Mrs Sophia Jane Dawson, whose death was announced last week, was buried on Friday last in Maccabee Cemetery. The funeral was held from the M E Church at 2 o’clock p.m.  Sophia Jane Reynolds was born in Hart County, Kentucky, Nov 8th, 1815, the year following the treaty of Ghent, which ended the war of 1812. She died Oct 14, 1914, at the unusual age of 98 years, 11 months and 6 days.  On March 16, 1836 in the country of her birth, Miss Reynolds was united in marriage to Robert B Dawson. Twelve children were born to Mr. & Mrs. Dawson, seven of whom lived to grow up. There were 5 boys and 7 girls, of whom one boy and three girls still survive. They are: Robert Dawson of Saskatson, Canada, Mrs. Nancy Colyar, Mrs. Mary Fuqua and Mrs. Eliza Logsdon of this place.  In 1847 Mr. & Mrs. Dawson moved to Independence township in the state of Iowa when that country was still inhabited by wild animals and Indians. They helped to build the first school house in the township, which building also served as the place of worship for the community. Iowa is regarded by us as one of the old states, yet when the Dawsons went there panthers howled about their log cabin until Mrs. Dawson was so frightened that the blanket door had to be replaced by something more solid and on one occasion they fled in terror from the Indians.  Railroads were then unknown in that country and little known anywhere, and some of the way they had to make their own wagon roads. They took their corn 30 miles to be ground at a little mill run by water, when there was enough water to run it, sometimes finding others ahead they would have to wait for days to get their grist. One winter the community running out of flour and meal, Mr. Dawson devised a way by which they beat corn into meal by hand to keep the family from starving.  Long before we, who are today in the mature years of life, were born, this woman was raising her children, making a home, helping to maintain religious services, doing the work of a pioneer and helping to make civilization in a country that is now by us regarded as old. Early in life Mrs. Dawson accepted Christ as her personal Saviour and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which she was for years an earnest member and worker. Later she joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church, in which she was equally faithful, her home being a home for the itinerant and preacher who traveled through that country. On Jan 22, 1903 M. Dawson passed to the home beyond, preceding his wife by over 11 years, since which time Grandma Dawson has been the constant care of Mrs. Fuqua, who has been most devoted and faithful to her trust. While able to sit up and move about her room until about 2 months ago, yet she has required unceasing attention and care. About seven years ago Mrs. Dawson came to Sprague to be near her children, all of whom have been a great comfort to her in her declining days.  Mrs. Dawson’s living posterity is as follows:  Four children, 25 grandchildren, 63 great grandchildren, and 28 great great grandchildren. Through the many years of toil and hardship and declining strength and lonely waiting she lived a life of simple trust in the goodness of God and died in the hope of the Christian faith.  She said that when she died she did not want to be buried in black, the emblem of mourning, but in white, for then her days of mourning would be ended.” (Sprague Advocate-Oct 23, 1914)

   Oldest Resident Dead.   Mrs. Sophia Dawson the oldest person in Sprague and probably the oldest in this part of the state, died Wednesday, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the home in the east end.   Mrs. Dawson was born in Kentucky, in  1815, being 98 years, 11 months and 6 days old at death.  The funeral will be held today (Friday) at 2 o'clock from the M. E. Church. Extended obituary will be given next week. (Sprague Advocate, Oct 16, 1914)

 (Robert Boise Dawson and is buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Independence Township, 9088 Drum St., Baxter , Iowa. Data submitted by the Ridout family.)


Dechenne, Alfred J.: (TS: 1881-1957; w/ Rosa; s/stone) 


Dechenne, Elmer S.: (TS: 1910-1937) 


Dechenne, Emil J.: (TS: Jan 3, 1868-Apr 25, 1944) “Funeral of Emil J. DeChenne. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Jan 3, 1868, Clinton Co, IL; Death: 4-25-1944, Sprague Hospital. Aged: 76 yrs 3 mos 22 days. Male, married, white, retired farmer. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Cause of death: stroke. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at Community Church at 2 p.m. Interment: April 27, 1944. Rev R Marvin.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) Emil was identified as one of the son’s of Martha Greene Dechenne and her husband Julian Dechenne, in her obituary of 6-07-1918. At that time Emil was residing in Sprague. His living siblings were shown to be: Adolph, Lester, Mrs. John Brown of OR, Mrs. Henry Schneider of Spokane, Albert and Walter; four siblings having previously died. In the 1910 R. L. Polk listing, his mother is residing with him. 


Dechenne, Lucy J.: (TS: Aug 7, 1871-Feb 11, 1949)  “Record of Funeral: Lucy Dechenne. Charge to Lucy Dechenne estate. Order given by niece. Residence: Spokane, WA. Funeral: At Sprague, WA at 2 p.m. with Rev R. Marvin of Sprague. Death: (date not shown), at Spokane Deaconess Hospital. Cause: heart attack. Retired Housekeeper. Widow. Protestant. Interment: Sprague.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  


Dechenne, Rosa B.: (TS: 1885-1962; w/ Alfred; shared stone)

Dechenne, Ruth L.: (TS: Apr 5, 1905-Sept 5, 1911; d/o Alf. J. & Rosa) “Ruth L. DeChenne, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DeChenne, died on Tuesday last of peritonitis, aged 6 years and 5 months. The funeral was held Thursday from the Congregational church, Rev Edwards officiating and the little form was tenderly laid to rest in Maccabee Cemetery.  Little Ruth was born in Sprague on April 5, 1905. Several weeks ago she was taken with an attack of dysentery which developed into peritonitis causing death. The sympathy of the community is extended to the parents in their great bereavement.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 8, 1911) 


DenAdel, Margaret,  d/o Abe and Nellie; d. 5-14-1909 (see SLE, p.252-253)  “Margaret, aged two years, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter (sic) DenAdel of Sprague was drowned in a spring May 14th.” (Citizen: 5-28-1909) “A tragedy occurred at the home of Peter Den Adel, last Friday evening, when Margaret, the two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Den Adel, was drowned in a shallow pool of spring water. The Den Adel family had made arrangements to leave here, expecting to move to Columbia Siding, where Mr. Den Adel had secured employment. Before departing they were visiting her parents. The children were planting flower seeds and the child was dipping water from the spring to water the ground, when she lost her balance and fell in. She was rescued within five minutes but death followed. Mr. Den Adel was at Edwall when the accident happened. The funeral was held Sunday at 12 o’clock from the ME Church, Rev Willis Luce officiating.” (Sprague Advocate: 5-21-1909; per SLE, Peter and Jennie Den Adel came to Sprague in the late 1890’s with four boys and five girls. Of those, two were identified: Cora Den Adel Leenders and Abe, who married Nellie.)


Detling, Elva L.:  (TS: 1891-1955)


Diedrick, Sebella: (TS: 1885-1919; w/o W. J.) “Record of Funeral of Sibelle M. Deitrich. White. Wife of W. J. Diedrich of Sprague, WA. Funeral: Jan 13, 1919 at Maccabee Cemetery at 2 p.m. Physician: Dr Strang. Death: Jan 11, 1919; Cause: pneumonia; secondary: influenza.  Birth: Oct 4, 1886. Aged: 33 yrs 3 mos 7 days. Housewife, married. Father: McDonald.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee charge for cemetery lot)


Dinsmore, Wanda: (TS: 1894-1913) “Wanda Ray Dinsmore, third daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Dinsmore, died in Sprague on Wednesday morning a little after midnight after a short illness. She complained of pain in the head and spine on Sunday and was brought to Sprague for treatment. The disease which caused her death was the adult type of infantile paralysis and is one which rarely yields to treatment. She was born March 30, 1894 at Gallatin, Missouri, and came to the state of Washington in 1900 residing at different times in the Sprague and Colville vicinities. Her age at death was 19 years, 4 months and 14 days. She is survived by her parents, three brothers, Robert, Frederick and Stephen, and three sisters, Blanche, Frankie and Winnifred.  She was never a strong girl being more or less weakly all her life. She was of a lovable disposition and a general favorite among her friends.  The funeral services will be held this morning at 10 o’clock from the Congregational church and the burial will be in the Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate-August 15, 1913) 


Doerschlag, Arthur F.: (TS: 1884-_____; father; shared stone w/ Augusta) SLE page 257-8. He married Augusta Rushmier in 1906. The following children were born to them: Helen, Robert (1908), Ralph (1912), Arthur (1913), Harry (1914) and Dorothy Dean (1926). Arthur F. Doerschlag died Jan 6, 1976.  “A family reunion to which also came many old friends of the family was held at the Arthur Doerschlag home in the country on June 10. There were present several auto loads from Spokane, several from Ritzville and a number of friends from Cheney... among them, Mrs. Fred Rushmeir, grandmother of Mrs. Doerschlag. The old lady is 87 years old and still enjoys occasions of this kind.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-22-1917, incomplete article) “Funeral services were held last week in Sprague for Arthur Doerschlag, a long time Lincoln County farmer and businessman. He was 91 years when he died Jan 5.  Mr. Doerschlag was born in Wisconsin in 1884. At the age of five, he moved to Adams County and in his youth broke horses for a living. Later he farmed in the Sprague area and for a number of years operated the Sprague Lake resort. He married Augusta Rushmeier in 1906. She preceded him in death in 1962. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Frank (Helen) Spuler, Sprague; and Mrs. Ralph (Dorothy) Danekas of Ritzville; and two sons, Ralph Doerschlag and Arthur C. Doerschlag, both of Sprague. A brother, Bill Doerschlag lives in Kirkland, WA.  Eight grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren also survived. Mr. Doerschlag was a charter member of the Crab Creek Grange, a member of the Sprague Community Church and a member of the Moose Lodge in Spokane.” (DT: 1-15-1976)


Doerschlag, Augusta A.: (TS: 1888-1962; mother; shared stone w/ Arthur) SLE page 257 shows Augusta Rushmier Doesrschlag’s birth as Aug 15, 1888 and her death as Sept 1/10, 1962. She was the daughter of John and Amelia Rushmier.


Doerschlag, Dale:  (TS: 1938-1958; son; shared stone w/ Robert) See SLE p. 257-8, son of Robt H. Doerschlag and Bernadine Keller. See SLE pages 203-205; 257-8; Robert was a son of Arthur F. and Augusta Doerschlag. He and his son, Dale, were drowned on June 15, 1968 while night fishing with James Engdahl, some versions read on Leigh Lake and others say Eastman Lake.  


Doerschlag, Georgia Lee:  (TS: Apr 29, 1941-July 19, 1941; daughter) “Georgia Lee Doerschlag; Died: 7-19-1941, age 2 mos 20 days; Parents: Robert Doerschlag & Bernadine Keller; Burial: Maccabee.” (Sprague Catholic Ledger) “Funeral of Georgia Lee Doerschlag. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 4-29-1941, Spokane, WA. Death: 7-19-1941, Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. Aged: 2 mos 20 days. Female, single, white. Father: Robert Doerschlag, born Sprague, WA; Mother: Bernidene Keller, born Sprague, WA. Physician: J S Collins, Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Catholic Church. Interment: 7-21-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Doerschlag, Harry W.: (TS: 1915-1930)  “Record of Funeral: Harry William Doerschlag. Born: Sprague, WA. Son of Arthur and Augusta Doerschlag. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: Sprague on March 16, 1930. Death: March 12, 1930 at Sprague. Cause: accident, dragged by horse. Student. Single. Protestant. Birth: May 21, 1925. Aged: 14 yrs 9 mos 21 days. Father: Arthur Doerschlag, born WI; Mother: Augusta Rushmier, born Spokane, WA. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Doerschlag, Irene L.:  (added; d.4-14-1996) “Irene L. Doerschlag. Born: 7-18-1911, Sprague, WA.; Died: 4-14-1996, Moses Lake, WA; Buried: 4-17-1996, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)


Doerschlag, Jacob:  (TS: 1858-1932; father; shared stone w/ Minnie) “Record of Funeral: Jacob Doerschlag. Born: WI. Husband of Minnie Seager. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: Feb 28, 1932, at Sprague Lutheran Church. Death: Feb 25, 1932, at home in Sprague. Cause of death: suicide by hanging. Physician: coroner, Floyd J. Underwood. Retired Farmer. Married. Protestant. Birth: Feb 26, 1856. Aged: 75 yrs 11 mos 25 days. Interment: Sprague Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) The eldest daughter of Jacob Doerschlag, Anna Alma, married Wm E. Burrow per Sprague Independent of Jan 25, 1907.


Doerschlag, Jenelle Marie: (TS: July 10, 1965-Nov 28, 1969) SLE page 260: Janelle Marie Doerschlag, daughter of (Robert) Dean and Betty Jane Tobin Doerschlag, was born July 10, 1965 and died Nov 28, 1969.


Doerschlag, Minnie:  (TS: 1859-1943; mother; shared stone w/ Jacob) “Minnie Seeger Doerschlag. Born: 2-29-1858; Died: 5-20-1943; Buried: 5-23-1943.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) “Funeral of Mrs. Minnie Doerschlag. Residence: Sprague, WA. Wife of Jacob.  Birth: 3-29-1859, Kessleing, Germany. Death: 5-20-1943, at  home. Aged: 84 yrs 1 mo 21 days. Female, widowed, white, housewife. Father: Mr. Sweger, born Germany; Mother: Caroline unknown, born Germany.  Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Lutheran Church at 2:30 p.m. Interment: 5-23-1943.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Doerschlag, Robert:  (TS: 1908-1958; father; shared stone w/ Dale) See SLE pages 203-205; 257-8; Robert was a son of Arthur F and Augusta Doerschlag. He and his son, Dale, were drowned on June 15, 1968 while night fishing with James Engdahl, some versions read on Leigh Lake and others say Eastman Lake. Robert Harold Doerschlag married Bernadine Keller, daughter of Louis Keller and Gertrude C Dahman (see SLE page 407). Another son was born to them, Robert Dean Doerschlag.


Doggett, Fredrick T.:  (TS: 1876-1931) 


Doggett, Jane P.:  (TS: 1838-1931; mother)


Doggett, John W.:  (TS: 1855-1923)  “Record of Funeral of John W. Doggett on Feb 15, 1923. Residence: Spokane, WA. Order given by I. N. Doggett. Funeral: Feb 15, 1923, at Sprague, WA, 4 p.m. Physician: Dr Nelson of Spokane. Death: Feb 12, 1923 at Spokane. Cause: Sclerosis of coronary artery. Aged: 67 yrs 2 mos 15 days. Laborer. Single. Interment: Section 45.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger, fee for opening the grave, not purchase of lot; no family data)


Doggett, W. C.:  (TS: Mar 15, 1825-Sept 21, 1912) 


Doggett, Isaac H.:  owner in Maccabee; W ½ Blk 45;

Doggett, Isaac H.: (added; d. 6-11-1945) “Funeral of Isaac H. Doggett. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 12-15-1869. Death: 6-11-1945, Medical Lake Hospital. Aged: 75 yrs 5 mos 26 days. Male, white, retired farmer. Cause of death: generalized arteriosclerosis. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral service: graveside at 2 p.m. Interment: 6-13-1945.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Dorton, Perry Commodore: (added; d. Aug 30, 1945) “Funeral of Perry Commodore Dorton. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: May 10, 1858, Marshaltown, Iowa. Death: Aug 30, 1945, home at Sprague. Aged: 87 yrs 3 mos 20 days. Male, white, retired. Father: George Dorton, born Ohio; Mother: McCurland. Cause of death: senility. Physician: coroner case, Gus Laakso, Sprague. Burial: Maccabee; Funeral: chapel at 2 p.m. Interment: 9-02-1945.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Dotson, Ella MarY:  (TS: 1892-1935 (11-13-35) wife) “Ella Mary Dotson; Died: 13 Nov 1935, Sprague, WA. Birth: 2 June 1892, Medical Lake, WA.  Spouse: Fred Dotson. Father: Elijah Goodwin, born Nova Scotia; Mother: Mary Anna Smith, born England. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Record of Funeral: Ella Mary Dotson. Born: Medical Lake, WA. Wife of Fred Dotson. Residence: farm west of Sprague. Funeral: Nov 15, 1935, Masonic Hall, Sprague, with OES service. Death: Nov 13, 1935. Housewife. Married. Protestant. Birth: June 2, 1892. Aged: 43 yrs 5 mos 11 days. Father: Elijah Goodwin, born Nova Scotia. Mother: Mary A. Smith, born England. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Dotson, J. Lester:   (TS: 1897-1918; a mason) “Record of Funeral of John L Dotson. White. Born: WA. Charge to John P. Ramsey, Sprague. Funeral: Nov 9, 1918, at grave at 2 p.m. with Masonic funeral. Death: Fort Warden; Physician: C. Ceavey, of Port Townsend. Cause of Death: influenza. Death: Nov 6, 1918. Occupation: USA. Married, Protestant. Aged: 21 yrs 6 mos 5 days. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, W ½ Section 43.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; no family data)

Dotson, J. Lester, 1897-1918 (The Sprague Advocate, November 15, 1918,  Death of Lester Dotson)   

      The death of Lester Dotson occurred on Wednesday of last week at Fort Worden, Wash. where he had been called on Oct 21.  Death was due to influenza-pneumonia. Mr. Dotson was born May 1, 1897 at Belden, Neb. and came to Sprague when but four years old and has lived here ever since.  On Feb. 28, of this year he was married to Ethel Ramsey.  His father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Dotson  reside at Marshfield, Ore.  Besides his wife and parents two brothers FRED and WALTER survive him.    The funeral was held here last Saturday afternoon....... J. S. Martin officiated.  The pall bearers were F. S. Axtell,  J. S. Lucas,  R. A. Chenoweth, Wm. Sanborn, C. S. Brown and  Robt. Potts.  Owing to the quarantine no public funeral could be held.  Interment was in the Maccabee Cemetery.    Mr. Dotson  is spoken of in the very highest terms by all who knew him.  He had just entered manhood and taken his place as an honored and promising citizen of the community.  He started farming on his own account this year.   The community has lost a sterling character.*Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Dotson, John:  (TS: 1857-1932; father; shared stone) “Record of Funeral: John O. Dotson. Born: West Virginia. Residence: Sprague, WA. Order given by sons. Funeral: Nov 26, 1932, Lee Chapel. Death: Nov 21, 1932 at Savanah, MO.  Retired Farmer. Married. Birth: Nov 27, 1857. Aged: 74 yrs 11 mos 24 days.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees for opening grave and for grave vault)  Court actions with Mrs. Bayer   March 1917, Lincoln County Superior Court. John Dotson applied for a homestead in 14-21-36 on Sept 12, 1901.


Dotson, Annie M.: (TS: 1867-1942; mother; shared stone) DC: 6-18-42; “Annie Dotson. Death: 6-18-1942; Birth: 5-16-1867, Canada. Spouse: John; Father: Martin Fox; Mother: Mary Welch. Buried: Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Funeral of Annie Dotson. Residence: Sprague. Wife of John. Birth: May 16, 1867, Quebec, Canada. Death: June 18, 1942, Sprague Hospital. Aged: 75 yrs 1 mo 2 days. Female, white, housewife. Father: Martin Foy, born Ireland; Mother: Mary Welch, born Ireland. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Catholic Church at 10 a.m. Interment: 6-20-1942.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  


Dunn, Allen A.:  (TS: 1903-1965; shared stone w/ Grace)


Dunn, Grace A.:  (TS: 1902-____; shared stone w/ Allen)

Duthie, Rena: see Melville


Dyer, Alex F.: (TS: 1852-1938) “Funeral of Alexander Fuller Dyer. Residence: Sprague, WA.  Birth: Apr 3, 1852, Appleton, Maine.  Death: June 17, 1938, Sprague, WA. Husband of Margaret Atkinson. Male, widowed, white, farmer. Father: Unah Dyer born Maine; Mother: born Maine. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Cause of death: senility. Burial: Sprague Cemetery. Funeral at chapel at 1:30 p.m. Interment: June 19, 1938.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Dyer, infant of W. (added: d. Nov 1902) “The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W. Dyer died last Friday and was buried in the Maccabee Cemetery Saturday.” (Sprague Times-Nov 28, 1902)-

Dyer, Roy A.:  (TS: May 8, 1892-Jan 23, 1971) See SLE page 266-7. Husband of Stella and father of four children: Dawn, Leroy Jr., Jeanne and Darrell. His parents came from Maine about 1898 to North Dakota, then to Saskatchewan. LeRoy and Stella came to Lamont in 1924.-

Dyer, Stella Mae: (added; d. 8-06-1996)  “Stella Mae Dyer, born: 9-09-1898, Sykeston, ND; d. 8-06-1996 in Spokane, WA; Buried: 8-09-1996 in Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran ledger)


Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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