Maccabee Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                            Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


                                                                       With Additions & obituaries (+)  by Marge Womach



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Eason, Bernard J., 1880-1957

Eason, daughter of Barney : (added?: d. Sept 1911)

Eastabrook, Charles, Jan 29, 1842-Feb 18, 1911

Edwards, George,  1837-1903

Ekins, Eliza I.: (added: d. Aug 23, 1912)

Ekins, Myrtle M.,  1887-1970

Ekins, Walter S.,   1880-1940

Ells, C., 1866-1925

Ells, Charlotte Gladois: (added; d. 3-03-1915)

Ells, Geo: (added; dated Sept 9, 1925) 

Ells, stillborn of G. & I. (added: d. 2-16-1910) 

Ells, Irene B., 1883-1945,  Obit

Ells, Robert Oka: added: d. 3-18-1916, obit

Emmington, Joseph: (added)

Emmington, William, Nov 28, 1862-Dec 18, 1913

Engdahl, James K , Sept 25, 1937-June 15, 1958

Escure, Ethel , 1909-1968,  w/o Marcos

Escure, Marcos,  (no dates)

Esslinger, daughter of E.: (added; d. Nov 9, 1930) 

Esslinger, Edward : (added; d. 2-16-1982)

Esterbrook, Ned,  d. May 23, 1914, aged 41 y 7 m,  obit.

Ewers, Harlow,  May 11, 1861-May 31, 1891

Ewers, Mary, +  Oct 13, 1863-Oct 20, 1903

Ewers, Ray,  Oct 17, 1887-Nov __, 1890


Fahey, Clara Mae, b. Apr 23, 1917-1917 Apr 26, OBIT

Fahey, Frances A., 1874-1956

Fahey, Peter, +  1874-1934

?Faulk, stillborn: (added; d. 11-01-1917)

Fish, C. L ., 1860-1943

Fish, Hattie M., Apr 28, 1866-May 12, 1919, w/o C. L.

Fish, Julia, (see Harris)

Fitzwater, Thomas C.: added: (no TS) d. 9-18-1914;obit

Fitzwater, Tirza J.: (no TS) added: d. 6-28-1917

Fitzwater, Tirza J., d. 6-28-1917,  obit

Flaherty, Thomas, +  1839-1917,  d.5-05-17 Vancouver

Flowers, Ruth Ann , Mar 16-23, 1947

Fluehr, Charlie: (added: d. 11-16-1909)

Fluehr, Emie:  added: d. 1907

Fluehr, Herman:  (added: d. 1909

Folsom, Augustus M., 1869-1938, a mason

Folson, Myrtle, 1875-1946, OES

Foustel, Louise E ., 1881-1962

Foustel, Otto, 1868-1959

Frame, Andrew: (added: d. Dec 24, 1904)

Franklin, Arthur, 1883-1971

Franklin,  Marie K., 1888-1970

Franklin, Elsie Hester,  Sept 22, 1914-Sept 22, 1916, d/o L. S.  & R. L.

Franseen, Carl M.,  Aug 28, 1931-Nov 20, 1952, WA FN US Navy

Franseen, Carolina, May 16, 1861-Nov 2, 1914

Franseen, A Robert , 1865-1951,  father

Franseen, Annie L., 1896-1949, mother

Franseen, Ernest H., 1887-1966,  father

Frerichs, Henry Todd, Mar 8, 1885-Jan 25, 1951

Frey, Claud.,  d. Oct 10, 1904,  obit

Fry, Mrs. J. B., d. Nov 2, 1914, obit.

Fulquartz, Mary E., 1866-1937, Obit

Fulquartz, Seawood A., 1862-1935, Info

Fuqua, Mary Frances, 1842-1932




Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee


Eakins, see Ekins


Eason, Bernard J.:  (TS: 1880-1957)


Eason, daughter of Barney: (added?: d. Sept 1911) “The 3 year old daughter of Barney Eason of Spokane died Thursday morning at 5 o’clock following an illness in which scarlet fever, diphtheria and pneumonia followed each other, leaving the child in a weakened condition. Funeral arrangements are not known here as we go to press. Mrs. D. F. Nickles and daughter Hazel went to Spokane Thursday morning.” (Sprague Advocate: 9-29-1911)


Eastabrook, Charles:  (TS: Jan 29, 1842-Feb 18, 1911) (Edit: news, “Last Saturday evening while playing cards in the Gem Saloon, Mr. Eastabrooks, a blacksmith, and a fellow named J. J. McHughes, had some difficulty which resulted in McHughes stabbing Eastabrooks in the back in the vicinity of the short ribs. The wound was dressed and the injured man has not been confined to the house since McHughes was arrested, waived preliminary examination and was held for trial in the sum of $500.” Sprague Herald: 11-07-1889)


Edwards, George:  (TS: 1837-1903) “Rev George Edwards, after a year of terrible suffering from cancer, peacefully passed away Tuesday at his home in this city. The funeral services were held at the residence yesterday afternoon, Rev B. H. Alberts, of Spokane, officiating. Rev Edwards was a devout Christian worker and a thoroughly good man. Many a poor soul has been led to a better life by his earnest work. Sketch of Life. Rev George Edwards was born in Wales, Feb 22, 1837. At the age of seventeen he landed in New York City where he learned the gardening trade. He was converted while a small boy in England and when twenty years of age felt that he was called to preach. He was a minister in the ME Church from then until 1860, when he became a charter member of the Free Methodist church and of the Genesee Conference. He came to Seattle twenty-eight  years ago and labored on the coast four years. He then moved to Walla Walla and had since that time confined his ministry to different parts of this state belonging to the Columbia River Conference. He was pastor in this place three years. Two years ago he was sent as missionary to Boise, Idaho, but in March, 1902, he began to be troubled with cancer. All medical aid was of no avail. In November he came back to Sprague to make it his home while he lived. He died March 10th at the age of 69 (sic) years, leaving a widow and one son to mourn their loss.” (Sprague Times: 3-13-1903)


Ekins, Eliza I: (added: d. Aug 23, 1912)  “Last Friday morning Ray, son of Mrs. Ekins, on rising about 8 o’clock failed to find his mother about the house as usual. Upon making search he found her lying on the ground in one of the barn lots in an unconscious condition; a lighted lantern standing on the ground near her. He had arrived home late the night before and supposed she was in bed when he retired. He summoned assistance and telephoned for the doctor but death came before he arrived. Dr Elmore of Sprague and a coroner’s official from Adams County were called. The cause of death was not officially disclosed. It is presumed it was caused by heart failure or some similar trouble. Eliza Fulquartz was born Feb 14, 1856, at Dayton, Oregon; Died Aug 23, 1912, at Sprague, aged 56 years. Funeral services were held Sunday at 3 p.m. from the Congregational Church, Rev Edwards officiating. The remains were buried in Maccabee Cemetery. Deceased was a graduate of St Helen’s Hall, Portland, Oregon, and taught school for 5 years in eastern Oregon near LaGrande. She was married in 1880 to Claudius Ekins at Dayton, Oregon. The family came to Sprague in 1883 and settled on the ranch now occupied by S. S. Fenn taking it as a homestead. The surviving children are Walter S. of Sprague, Mrs. Myra Kik of Spokane, and Ray who lived with his mother; one sister, Mrs. Mary Logsdon of Dayton, Oregon; and one brother, S. A. Fulquartz of Keystone, also survive her.  Card of Thanks. Walter S. Ekins and family desire thru the Advocate to extend their sincere thanks to the neighbors and friends who rendered assistance in their late bereavement.” (Sprague Advocate-Aug 30, 1912) “Eliza I. Eakins; white, divorced; died: 8-23-1912 in Adams Co near Sprague; Born: 2-14-1856 at Dayton, Oregon; Aged: 56 yrs 6 mos 9 days; farmer; Father = S. Fullquartz born Germany; Mother = Adeline Watt born Ohio; Informant: Walter _ Eakin; Cause of death unknown, as ordered by Dr Bice, coroner, Adams Co; contributory: found dead;   Burial: Maccabee Cemetery; Undertaker: W. R. Lee.” (WA State Death Certificate) (Edit: The obit of Claude Ekins, Sprague Advocate 7-09-1915 shows burial in Fairmont Cemetery in Spokane. See Sprague Burials Elsewhere)


Ekins, Myrtle M.: (TS: 1887-1970; shared stone/Walter S.)


Ekins, Walter S.: (TS: 1880-1940; shared stone w/ Myrtle) “Funeral of Walter Seawood Ekins. Residence: Rural Sprague, WA. Husband of Myrtle Ekins. Birth: 12-25-1880, Dundee, Oregon.  Death: 10-20-1940, Sprague home. Aged: 59 yrs 9 mos 25 days. Male, married, white, farmer. Father: Claudius Ekins born Ireland. Mother: Elisa Fulquartz, born Salem, Oregon.  Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at chapel.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)

Ells, Charlotte Gladois: (added; d. 3-03-1915) “Record of Funeral of Charlotte Gladois Ells, white, born Sprague. Daughter of Geo and Mrs. Ells. Funeral: March 4, 1915 at residence at Sprague by Rev Wilbur. Dr Stang, MD. Death: March 3, 1915. Age: 5 months 6 days. Birth: Sept 27, 1914. Father: George Ells; Mother: Irene McAllister Ells. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Ells, Geo: (added; dated Sept 9, 1925)  (TS: 1866-1925; shared stone w/Irene)  “Record of Funeral of Geo Ells. Order date: Sept 9, 1925.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees for hearse, personal services and opening of grave; no other data) “George R. Ells, age 60, Spanish American war veteran, as a member of the crack Company L, Rough Riders of Wyoming, died in the hospital of the national soldiers’ home, Sawtelle, CA, Sept 1, according to a telegram receiver at Sprague.” (Odessa Record: 9-04-1925)


Ells, stillborn of G. & I. : (added: d. 2-16-1910) "Stillborn Ells. Male, white, Birth: Feb 16, 1910. Father: George Ells, born MN; Mother: Irene Huff McAlesty, born IN. Occupation of father: merchant. Registrar: J. E. Bittner. Death: Feb 16, 1910. Cause: Stillborn. (physician signature illegible) Sprague, WA. Burial: Sprague, WA on Feb 16, 1910; Undertaker: W. H. Buchanan, Sprague. (WA Death Certificate)


Ells, Irene B.:  (TS: 1883-1945; shared stone w/ C.) “Funeral of Mrs. Irene B. Ells. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Sept 27, 1883, Indiana. Death: July 12, 1945. Aged: 61 yrs 9 mos 15 days. Female, white, housekeeper. Father: Thomas McAllister, born IN; Mother: Mary Ellen Huff, born IN. Physician: Dr Melburn of Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at Chapel at 1:30 p.m. Interment: 7-14-1945.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) (The Sprague Advocate - July 1945, Mrs. Irene Ells Funeral Saturday)
Mrs. Irene Ells passed away in a Spokane hospital July 12, 1945.  Mrs. Ells was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Sept. 27, 1883. She and her mother came to Sprague August 4, 1894.  She is survived by one daughter, Adna and mother, Mrs. C. A. Laaksoof  Sprague. (See Mary Huff Laakso below)  Funeral Services were held Saturday from the Newman Funeral Chapel.  Interment was in Maccabee cemetery. Submitted by Jan Mackie,  family relative, November 30,2002<>


Ells, Robert Oka: added: d. 3-18-1916 “The funeral of little Robert Oka Ells, the child of Mr. & Mrs. Oka Ells of Rodna, was held Sunday afternoon at their home, Rev J. F. Cook officiating. Burial in the Maccabee Cemetery. His life was life a flower he being one month and twenty one days old.  ‘God took thee in his mercy, A lamb untasked, untried; He fought the fight for thee, He won the victory, And thou art sanctified.  I look around and see The evil ways of men; And, O beloved child! I’m more than reconciled To thy departure then.  Now like a dewdrop shrined Within a crystal stone, Thou art safe in heaven, my dove With the source of thy love, The everlasting One.’” (Sprague Advocate-March 24, 1916)  “Record of Funeral of Oka Ells. White, born WA. Funeral: March 19, 1916 at residence 11 miles SE of Sprague in Spokane Co, at 2 p.m. by Rev Cook. Physician: Dr Bittner of Sprague. Death: March 18, 1918, aged 1 month 21 days. Birth: Jan 28, 1916. Father: Oka Ells born WA.  Mother: Zubu Davins born WA. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery Sec 48.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Emmington, Joseph: (added) “Joseph Emmington. Died: 14 Aug 1978, Sprague, Lincoln County. Birth: 30 April 1908, WA; Spouse: never married.  Parents: William and Catherine (Davis) Emmington. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Emmington, William: (TS: Nov 28, 1862-Dec 18, 1913) “William Emmington of northwest of Sprague, died at his ranch last Thursday of acute Brights disease complicated with pneumonia.  Mr. Emmington had been ill for some time but his death was unexpected and came as a shock to the community. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 from the Catholic Church, Rev Ferland officiating and interment was made in Maccabee Cemetery. He was 51 years and 19 days old at death.  Mr. Emmington was born Nov 29, 1862 in Ireland. He came to America quite young in life and has lived in the Sprague country many years. He was married to Catherine Davis about 18 years ago and three boys were born to them. He was a careful, thrifty farmer and had some 304 acres of land and other property. He was an honest and conscientious citizen and generally respected by everyone who knew him.” (Sprague Advocate-Dec 26, 1913) (edit: see SLE pages 272-3; the sons were Wm Jr., Roy and Joseph; Wm’s wife remarried becoming Katherine Jasman, w/o G. F.) 


Engdahl, James K.:  (TS: Sept 25, 1937-June 15, 1958)  See SLE page 203: He was the son of Ruby Esther Placie Peterson Engdahl. He was born in Spokane. He drowned while fishing with Robert Doerschlag and his son Dale on Leigh Lake at night. His sister was identified as: Karol Ann Engdahl, who was born Sept 21, 1939 and married Larry Thomas Clark in 1960. James’s mother Ruby remarried, to Russell Arthur Brown.


Escure, Ethel: (TS: 1909-1968; w/o Marcos; shared stone) See SLE pages 796-7; Ethel Bishop married Marcos Escure.


Escure, Marcos:  (TS: no dates; shared stone with Ethel) SLE pages 796-7: The article states that two brothers,  Marcos and John Escure, were born in northern Spain. John came to Washington in 1915 at age 15. Marcus, who was younger, joined him in 1920. In 1956 Maria Orth came from Ansback, Germany to help the two brothers. Marcus married Ethel Bishop of Ritzville about 1960. She died in 1968. John Escure was stricken with cancer and Maria and Marcos cared for him until his death on July 26, 1978. In 1979 Marcos and Maria sold the ranch and moved to Montana, having married in Sept 1978.


Esslinger, daughter of E.:  (added; d. Nov 9, 1930) “Record of Funeral: Stillborn Infant. Born: Sprague. Daughter of E. Esslinger, of Sprague. Order: Nov 9, 1930. Interment: Grave 2 Section 70. (Maccabee).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Esslinger, Edward: (added; d. 2-16-1982) “Edward Esslinger. Born: Feb 19, 1907, Roumania; Died: 2-16-1982, Spokane, WA. Buried: 2-20-1982, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) (Edit: see SLE page 281-2, Edward’s birth as 1901. He married Anna Kessler on Nov 16, 1928. They had three surviving children, and this item does not mention the stillborn infant.)


Esterbrook, Ned:  added: d. May 1914; “Ned Esterbrook of Moscow, Idaho, a former Sprague man was killed near Moscow, on Saturday afternoon. He was a teamster in the employ of the Washington Water Power Co.  A large pole, with a ground wire nailed its full length was being raised to set in position when the wire was accidentally allowed to come in contact with the power line above. The full strength of 22,000 volts struck the men holding the plow and Esterbrook fell into the hole unconscious with another man on top of him. He died shortly after being removed from the hole.  Mr. Esterbrook leaves a widow and three children, the widow being a daughter of Edward Leigh of Sprague. The coroner’s inquest held on Monday placed the blame for the accident on the Washington Water Power Co.  The body was brought to Sprague Tuesday evening, and the funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, Rev Wilbur officiating. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  He was born in Oregon, Nov 1, 1872, and was 41 years, 7 months and 23 days old at death.” (Sprague Advocate-May 29, 1914)


*Ewers, Harlow:  (TS: May 11, 1861-May 31, 1891; 3 on 1 stone w/ Mary & Ray) Edit: This stone pre-dates this cemetery. Earl Ewers applied for his homestead in 26-21-36 on Oct 28, 1892 with patent granted in 1898.


Ewers, Mary: (TS: Oct 13, 1863-Oct 20, 1903; 3 on 1 stone w/ Harlow & Ray) “After many years of patient suffering Mrs. Earl Ewers, aged 35 years, died Wednesday of consumption. Her death occurred at the family home near Crab Creek and the remains were laid to rest in the Maccabee Cemetery of this city yesterday morning.  Mrs. Ewers was a thoroughly good Christian woman and much of her life was given up to the Christian advancement of her friends. She was resigned to her fate and met death with the calmness of the devout Christian. She leaves a husband and daughter, who have the sympathy of their many friends.” (Sprague Times-Oct 23, 1903)


*Ewers, Ray:  (TS: Oct 17, 1887-Nov __, 1890; 3 on 1 stone w/ Mary & Harlow) Edit: This stone pre-dates this cemetery.




Fahey, Clara Mae: (TS: 1917-1917)  “Record of Funeral of Clara May Fahey. White. Born: Sprague, WA. Order given by Peter Fahey. Funeral: Apr 28, 1917, at grave at 10 a.m. with Rev Cochran. Residence: Sprague, WA. Death: at Sprague, WA. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner of Sprague. Cause of Death: Convulsions; Secondary: inanation. Death: April 26, 1917; Birth: April 23, 1917; Aged: 3 days. Father: Peter Fahey born NJ; Mother: Frances A Robinson, born Iowa. Interment: Grave 1 Section 53, E ½” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees for purchase of lot and opening of grave) (The Sprague Advocate, May 04, 1917)  "Clara Mae, the child born to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fahey on April 23, died on April 26, the span of its life being but three brief days.  The funeral was held on Saturday and burial was made in Maccabee cemetery. "by Barbara Curtis


Fahey, Frances A.: (TS: 1874-1956)


Fahey, Peter:  (TS: 1874-1934) “Peter Fahey, born Nov 18, 1874 at Jersey City, NJ, passed away at his home Sunday, near Sprague. His widow, Frances, a sister, Mrs. G. W. Thompson, Sprague; three children, John and F. P. at home, and Mrs. Annabel Smith, Northport, survive him. He was a member of the Grange, Elks and K of P.  Services were held in Sprague and interment in Maccabee Cemetery there.” (Citizen-Nov 16, 1934) “Record of Funeral: Peter Fahey. Born: Jersey City, Iowa. Husband of Francis Rosinson. Residence: Sprague. Charge to Mrs. Fahey. Funeral: Nov 13, 1934 at Catholic Church in Sprague. Father Morcap. Death: Nov 11, 1934, at farm home. Cause: gangrene. Farmer. Married. Catholic. Birth: Nov 15, 1874. Age: 59 yrs 11 mos 27 days. Father: Michael Fahey, born Ireland. Mother: Ann Halran, born Ireland. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) 


?Faulk, stillborn: (added; d. 11-01-1917) “Record of Funeral of Stillborn Son of Charles and Vera Faulk. White; Born: Sprague. Funeral: Nov 1, 1917, at the grave at 4 p.m. with Rev Faulkner. Death: Nov 1, 1917. Father: Chas Faulk; Mother: Vera William Faulk.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger: fee for opening of grave; cemetery not indicated)


Feustel, Louise E.:  (TS: 1881-1962; shared stone w/Otto) Nee Schaeffer.


Feustel, Otto:  (TS: 1868-1959; shared stone w/ Louise) “A marriage license was issued in Spokane Tuesday to Otto Fuestel of Sprague and Louisa Schaeffer of Chester, WA. Mr. Fuestel is a prosperous young farmer living east of Sprague.” (Sprague Times: 3-11-1904)


Fish, C. L.: (TS: 1860-1943; shared stone w/ Hattie M.) “Funeral of Charles L. Fish. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Aug 12, 1860, Michigan. Death: Sept 28, 1943, Sprague Hospital. Husband of Hattie M. Aged: 83 yrs 1 mo 16 days. Male, widowed, white, retired farmer.  Father: John Fish; Mother: Mary Laverty. Cause of death: heart. Physician: Dr Howard, Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Chapel at 2:30 p.m. Interment: 9-30-1943.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 291-293. This history shows his father as Charles. He married Hattie Smith on Christmas Day in Sprague in 1884. Six children were born to them: Minnie, Julia, Louella, Emma, Carrie and Charles Jr. See also: History of Big Bend, 1904, with photo, in which his parents were named as John and Caroline (Lavaherty) Fish. This text shows 7 children were born to Charles and Hattie, John J. deceased by 1904. “C. L. Fish, brother of ex-sheriff Dick Fish, is reported as having joined the populist ranks with his eye on the sheriff’s office.” (LCT: 6-19-1896)


Fish, Hattie M.:  (TS: Apr 28, 1866-May 12, 1919; w/o C. L.; shared stone w/ C. L.) “By the passing away of Mrs. C. L. Fish, whose death occurred at Myrtle Hospital Monday morning, May 15th, at Sprague, Washington, we lose one of Lincoln County’s pioneer women. A daughter of Jacob Smith, first president of the Lincoln County Historical Association, of which organization Mrs. Fish was a stockholder and a member. She possessed an admirable and sweet disposition, was a woman who was loved by all who knew her, and was a kind and loving mother.  Mrs. Fish was born in Bates County, Illinois, April 28, 1867. Her mother having died when she was yet an infant. She came west and settled with her father on Crab Creek, one mile from the picnic grounds, Lincoln County, Washington, in 1883, and was married the following year to Charles L. Fish.  Besides her husband, six children survive to mourn her loss, Mrs. Minnie Fish Melcher, Harrington; Mrs. Julia E. Harris, Reardan; Mrs. Ella B. Coleman, Vancouver, WA; Mrs. Emma A. Hamilton, Bottsel, Alberta; Mrs. Caroline H. Day and Charles L. Fish, Jr., of Sprague. Mrs. Fish’s life was closely interwoven with the development of this country. During the greater part of her life we find her active in the identification and preservation of historical records of the historical society of this county. She gave liberally of her time and energy to every movement that helped in the betterment of Sprague and community. She was identified with the Rebekahs, the Women of Woodcraft, which order she entertained annually as a custom in her home, and the Eastern Star. In the last named order she had held office for a number of years.  She was known for her patriotic and charitable activities. She assisted in every worthy cause. She purchased Liberty bonds of all the issues and donated liberally to the Red Cross and other associated was charities, besides keeping alive the spirit of the Grand Army of the Republic. She was a member of the Christian Science Church and a faithful worker to promote the cause. Simple, but impressive services were held Wednesday, May 13th, at the Masonic hall, Rev Garber officiating. The remains were taken to the Maccabee Cemetery, where the Eastern Star conducted their services and where burial took place.” Citizen-May 23, 1919) “Record of Funeral of Hattie May Fish. White. Born: IL. Wife of Charles Fish, Sprague, WA. Funeral: May 14, 1919 at Masonic Hall at 2 p.m. with Rev Gason. Physician: Dr Strang. Death: Myrtle Hospital, Sprague on May 12, 1919. Cause: acute myocarditis. Birth: Apr 28, 1867. Housewife, married, Protestant. Aged: 52 yrs 0 mos 15 days. Father: Jacob Smith born Germany; Mother: Mary Graham, born IL. Interment: Section 21, Grave 1 (Maccabee).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for cemetery lot) In the History of Big Bend, 1904, Hattie M. Smith is shown to be the daughter of Jacob A. and Mary (Graham) Smith. At that writing her mother was deceased and her father was residing in Sprague, a veteran of the Rebellion.


Fish, Julia: (see Harris)


Fitzwater, Thomas C.:  added: (no TS) d. 9-18-1914; “T. C. Fitzwater, an old time resident of Sprague and a veteran of the Civil War, died at his home in Sprague on Friday, Sept 18, of paralysis and was buried from the home on Monday, Sept 21, Rev G. H. Wilbur officiating.  The body was interred in Maccabee Cemetery.  Mr. Fitzwater was born 70 years ago in Ohio and located in the Sprague country in 1890, coming from Indiana. A widow and two children survive him. The children are: Harry, a railroad man of Everett, and Mrs. Alwilda Sirginson of Sprague.” (Sprague Advocate-Oct 2, 1914) 


Fitzwater, Tirza J.:  (no TS) added: d. 6-28-1917; “Mrs. Tirza J. Fitzwater, wife of Thos Fitzwater, died at her home here on June 28, after an illness of several years duration. She has been almost helpless for a long time and her death was not unexpected. She was almost 64 ½ years old at death. The funeral was held on Saturday from the Lee Undertaking Parlors, Rev J. R. Hopkins, her nearest neighbor, officiating. Burial was in Maccabee Cemetery beside her husband who died several years ago.  Miss Tirza J. Lowery was born in Henry County, Indiana, Jan 5, 1853.  On Jan 28, 1877, in her native city she was married to Thos C. Fitzwater and three children were born to them, two of whom survive, Mrs. Geo Gribler of Sprague and Harry Fitzwater of Everett.  The family left Indiana about 1883 and after living six years in Minnesota came to Sprague where they lived until death. Mrs. Fitzwater was a good woman generally beloved by those who knew her best. She was said by her late husband to have been the ‘best woman who ever lived’ and this we believe is greater praise than we could possibly bestow.” (Sprague Advocate-July 6, 1917) “Record of Funeral of Mrs. Terza Fitzwater. White. Born: IN.  Widow. Charge to Geo Giebler of Sprague. Funeral: June 30, 1917, Lee Parlors, 2:30 p.m. with Rev Hopkins. Physician: J. E. Bittner, Sprague. Cause of death: Senile decay; Secondary, paralysis, rheumatism. Death: June 28, 1917 at Sprague. Housewife, widow, Protestant. aged: 64 yrs 5 mos 23 days. Father: Henry Lowry born PA; Mother: Annie Kinnick born MD. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; no fee for purchase of cemetery lot)


Flaherty, Thomas:  (TS: 1839-1917; d.5-05-17 Vancouver) (See also: Sprague-Lamont-Edwall, 1881-1981, pages 294-296) Child of Thos Flaherty:  “Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flaherty and daughter returned Saturday from Seattle where Mrs. Flaherty had been visiting for a month. The youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Flaherty died while with its mother on the sound.” (Sept 19, 1902-Sprague Times) “Record of Funeral of Thos Flaherty, Sr. White. Born: Ireland. Order given by Thos Flaherty Jr. Funeral: May 9, 1917, at Lee Parlors, Masonic, 2:30 p.m. Death: Vancouver, WA; Cause of death: brain tumor. Death: May 5, 1917. Farmer Retired. Married. Protestant. Aged: 77 yrs.  Removal Permit (in lieu of physician). Interment: Blk 60” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; outlay for cemetery lot, opening of grave) “Thos Flaherty Sr., long a familiar figure on Sprague streets, passed away at Vancouver, Washington, on May 5, of a complication of ills due to advanced age. He was born Aug 9, 1840, at Daleystown, County Galway, Ireland. his age at death was 77 years 8 months and 26 days. He had been in failing health for several years. During the past year he lived for a time with his son, Thomas, near Lamont and several months ago was taken to Vancouver to an old folks home where he died. He was married in England to Miss Bridget O’Malley and to the union were born three boys and a girl, three of whom are living. In 1868 he came to Boston where for several years he followed his profession of builder and contractor. He also followed this business for a time at Oakland, CA, leaving there for Washington in 1889. At that time he  settled on the homestead at Lamont and has called that his home ever since. He was foreman of construction on the NP when that road was building through Washington and later was assistant foreman in the cab building department of the NP shops when located in Sprague. He retired form active life about 10 years ago taking up his residence in Sprague and in 1911 he toured England, Scotland and Ireland. He acquired considerable land, his holdings consisting of 1120 acres of good wheat land  at Lamont, 80 acres of pasture land near Tyler and 120 acres of timber land in Stevens County. The surviving relatives are two sons, Thomas Jr. of Lamont and Patrick Flaherty of Gateshead, England, (one son died in childhood), one daughter Mrs. Mary Cassidy of Kansas City, also 11 grandchildren and two nieces Mrs. John Fahey of Sprague and Miss Mary Gagley of Colfax. The body was shipped to Sprague and the funeral was held from the Lee undertaking parlors on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge of which Mr. Flaherty was a member and which institution was held in high esteem by him. The dominant feature of Mr. Flaherty’s character was determination to achieve his purpose, he was scrupulously honest and did a great deal of charitable work in a quiet way.” (Sprague Advocate: 5-11-1917)


Flowers, Ruth Ann:  (TS: Mar 16-23, 1947)

Fluehr, Charlie: (added: d. 11-16-1909) “Chas Fluehr, known about town as ‘Squeaky,’ a man about 52 years old and one who might have been taken any moment in the last 20 years, died at the home of Mrs. Fogerty on Tuesday afternoon and was buried Thursday from the Congregational Church, Rev Edwards officiating.  Charles was the last and eldest of the three Fluehr brothers, Emil the youngest known as Humpy, dying in 1907, Herman, the second died last spring. The brothers are supposed to have been born in the Eastern States and Charles is believed to have been born in Germany. They lived some years in California before coming to Sprague. Charles was only a half brother to the other two. Little is known of their relatives.  Charles died from consumption from which he has suffered for some time his ailment not becoming real bad until recently. He was called ‘Squeaky’ on account of his limited lung capacity, his voice coming in shrill tones and with little force. He was buried Thursday in the Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate-Nov 19, 1909)


Fluehr, Emil:  added: d. 1907 “Emile Fluehr, who has been a long time resident of Sprague, died at his home Monday morning. His death was very sudden, as he was on the streets Sunday afternoon. He was suffering from an attack of the grip that resulted Sunday night in a bad case of pneumonia which was past medical aid, and he died Monday morning.—Independent-Times.” (Citizen-April 19, 1907-burial location not specified) “Emile Fluehr. Locksmith and Gunsmith. Repairs Anything.” (Sprague Times: 2-16-1906)


Fluehr, Herman:  (added: d. 1909; see obit of Charlie) “Herman Fleuhr, died at his home, Thursday morning at 11:35 of tuberculosis. He had been ailing about six months, but his death was not expected so soon. Mr. Fleuhr was born in New York State, Dec 12, 1862, being a little over 46 years old at his death. He and his brothers lived in the states of Wisconsin and California previous to their coming here in 1895, since which time, Herman has been engaged in the stone and concrete business in this city. One brother, Charlie, survives him, another brother having died several years ago.” (Sprague Advocate: 4-23-1909)


Folsom, Augustus M.:  (TS: 1869-1938; a Mason) see SLE pages 296-304. According to this account, Augustus Melville ‘Dock’ Folsom was born Feb 27, 1869 in Zion, Oregon and died Aug 10, 1938. He married Myrtle Charlotte Murphy on July 11, 1897. Children were identified as: Gustava Redelphia ‘Gussie’ (1898-1927) Kelly; Cap John (1900). Augustus was one of many sons of John E. and Margaret Folsom who moved to Sprague in 1881.


Folsom, Myrtle:  (TS: 1875-1946; OES) See SLE p. 302.  Myrtle Charlotte Murphy was born Dec 14, 1875 in Maysville, Arkansas. She was the wife of Augustus.


Frame, Andrew: (added: d. Dec 24, 1904); “Andrew Frame, a man who lived near Tyler, was struck by a Northern Pacific freight train last Friday night and died a few hours later. Mr. Frame was doing a little celebrating in Tyler and wandered on to the railroad track just as a west bound train came through. The train struck him and threw him about 30 feet away. The train was stopped and the mangled body was picked up and brought to Sprague where it was turned over to the company physician, Dr Bittner.  The injuries were so severe that the man never regained consciousness and died about three o’clock Saturday morning.  The remains were buried Wednesday morning in the Maccabee Cemetery of this city. Spokane County, in which the accident occurred, bore the expenses.” (Sprague Times-Dec 30, 1904)  


Franklin, Henry Arthur:  (TS: 1883-1971; shared stone w/ Marie K.) See SLE pages 307-310. Arthur and family came from Lewiston, Montana about 1918 to Sprague with his wife and two daughters, Anna Mae and Alice. “Henry A Franklin.—(age 88). His home, Sprague, WA. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Robert (Alice) Heffernan, Palm Springs, CA; Mrs. William (Anna) Carr, San Diego, CA. A member of the Sprague Community Church, the F & AM Lodge No. 40 of Sprague and the OES of Sprague. Funeral services will be held Saturday, Sept 4 at 11 a.m. from the Sprague Community Church, Rev Elden Clark officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge.” (Spokesman Review: 9-04-1971; scrapbook item).


Franklin, Marie K.:  (TS: 1888-1970; shared stone w/ Arthur) Per SLE, page 310, Marie was born in Randera, Denmark on Aug 29, 1888. She came to America about 1906-7).  “Marie Katheryn Franklin.—Her home, Sprague, WA. Survived by her husband, Arthur Franklin, at the home; 2 daughters, Mrs. Anna May Carr, San Diego, CA; Mrs. Alice Heffernam, Palm Springs, CA. A member of the Community Church at Sprague, Royal Neighbors Henrietta Chapter No 8, OES, past district deputy president of Rebecca Lodge, Member of El Karnak Daughters of the Nile, the Women’s Club. Funeral services, 2 p.m. at the Community Church, at Sprague, WA, the Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment, Maccabee Cemetery. The Danekas Funeral Home in charge.” (Spokesman Review: 3-07-1970).


Franklin, Elsie Hester: (TS: Sept 22, 1914-Sept 22, 1916;   d/o L. S. & R. L.) “Elsie Hester Franklin was born near Strathmore, Alberta, Sept 22, 1914. Departed this life in Sprague, Wash., Sept 22, 1916, after an illness of two weeks. She was exactly two years of age on the day of her death. She leaves a father, mother, two brothers, besides other relatives to mourn her early departure. ‘There is no flock, however, watched and tended, But one dead lamb is there, There is no fireside, howsoe’er defended, But has one vacant chair.’ The funeral services were conducted by the Rev O E Faulkner from the First Methodist Episcopal church on Friday afternoon. Burial took place at the Maccabee Cemetery. Card of Thanks. We the undersigned wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the friends who in any way assisted us in our recent bereavement. Mr. & Mrs. L. S. Franklin.” (Sprague Advocate-Sept 29, 1916)  “Record of Funeral of Elsie Hester Franklin. White. Born: Canada. Funeral: Sept 22, 1916 at ME Church at 3:30 p.m. Death: Myrtle Hospital, Sprague. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang of Sprague. Death: Sept 22, 1916. Birth: Sept 22, 1914. Age: 2 yrs 0 mos 0 days. Father: Louis S. Franklin born Kansas; Mother: Roxie L. Roberts Franklin.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; burial not shown, fee for opening grave and outlay for grave lot)


Franseen, Carl M.: (TS: Aug 28, 1931-Nov 20, 1952; WA FN US Navy)


Franseen, Carolina Boehl Haman:  (TS: May 16, 1861-Nov 2, 1914) “Mrs Robert Franseen died on Monday, Nov 2, in Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane of pneumonia. She had been suffering for some time with a fatty tumor which had caused her to enter that institution for an operation. She went to Spokane on Oct 7, and entered the hospital and was operated on Oct 13.  She progressed nicely and was about ready to leave when pneumoniaset in causing her death as stated above, aged 53 years 5 months and 16 days. Mrs. Caroline Franseen was born in the state of Missouri on May 16, 1861, but on account of the war, her people were compelled to leave, going to Grand Island, Nebraska, where she lived until 1890 when she came to the Sprague country.  Mr. & Mrs. Franseen were married in Spokane on Jan 14, 1907, and since that time have lived on their farm north of town. She is survived by her husband, three children, Ed. Hann, of Sprague, William Haman of Spokane, and Arthur Haman of Los Angeles, California, a step-son, Ernest Franseen and two brothers, Ed. Boehl of Sprague and Henry Boehl of Archer, Nebraska, also her father who resides with her brother Henry in Nebraska. Mrs. Franseen was a good woman, a faithful wife, a loving mother and a splendid neighbor, many of whom pay her loving tribute. She was a life member of the German Lutheran Church. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 from the Congregational Church, Rev Wilbur officiating and the body was interred in Maccabee Cemetery.  (Sprague Advocate-Nov 6, 1914)


Franseen, A. Robert:  (TS: 1865-1951; father) History of the Big Bend, p. 237, shows S. Robert Franseen was born in Smalland Province, Sweden on April 1, 1865, being the son of Frank and Johanna (Josephson) Franseen. He worked on his father’s farm until he was 22 years old. At Smalland, he married Miss Adrina Johnson on Dec 18, 1886 and one child, Ernest, was born to them.  Mr. Franseen has six brothers and sisters: John, Carl, Anna, Edward, Mrs. Olevia Swenson and Esther. His first wife and the mother of his children was yet living in 1904.  In Spokane in 1907 he married  to Mrs. Caroline Boehl Haman, who died in 1914.


Franseen, Annie L.:  (TS: 1896-1949; mother; shared stone w/ Ernest) “Record of Funeral: Anna Lee Franseen. Born: Oklahoma. Wife of E. H. Franseen. Charge to E. H. Franseen of Edwall, WA. Funeral: May 2 (1949) at Community Church at 2 p.m. with Rev Marvin of Sprague. Death: 4-29-1949 at Sprague Hospital. Cause: embolism (coronary). Dr Charles Smick of Sprague. Housewife, Married. Protestant. Birth: Sept 8, 1896. Aged: 52 yrs 7 mos 21 days. Father: Dave Harrie/Harris; Mother: Rosa Abott. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)

Frey, Claud: (d.10-10-1904) "Claud Frey, 17 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frey, blacksmith in the Van Allen shop, died Monday of typhoid fever.  Funeral services were held from the residence and interment in the Maccabee Cemetery."( Sprague Times-Oct 14, 1904)


Franseen, Ernest H.:  (TS: 1887-1966; father; shared stone w/ Annie L.)

Frerichs, Henry Tode:  (TS: Mar 8, 1885-Jan 25, 1951) SLE: page 310-11 “Family of Edward Eugene Frerichs” makes no mention of Henry Todd Frerichs, but does mention Ed’s father and grandfather without names. Ed E. Frerichs was married in Nebraska in 1933.


Frerichs, Thelma A,:  (Added);  “Thelma A Frerichs.—Her home was Sprague, WA. Survived by her husband, Edward at the home; 2 daughters, Mrs Delmer Brem, Spokane; Mrs Orville Estes, Sprague, WA; 5 sons, Leanard Frerichs, Sprague; Charles Frerichs, Lima, Peru; Charles Scarlet, Anchorage, Alaska; Dan Miller, Sprague; David Miller, Pasadena, CA; 2 sisters, Mrs Harold Scarlet, Culver City, CA; and Mrs Lois Gilson, Fullerton , NE ; 1 brother Calvin Davis, Austin, MN; 14 grandchildren. She was a member of the Sprague Community Church , Henrietta Chapter OES, Sprague,WA. Funeral services are Wednesday, Aug 15 at 10 a.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA. The Rev Eldon Clark officiating. Interment at the Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home of Ritzville, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: undated damaged scrapbook item)


Frey, Claud:  (d.10-10-1904) "Claud Frey, 17 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frey, blacksmith in the Van Allen shop, died Monday of typhoid fever.  Funeral services were held from the residence and interment in the Maccabee Cemetery."( Sprague Times-Oct 14, 1904)


Fry, Mrs. J. B.:  (No TS: d. 11-02-1914): “The sad news became known on the streets Tuesday morning that Mrs. J. B. Fry, wife of Auctioneer Fry, had died at 10:30 on Monday evening.  A child was born to her on Saturday evening which did not live. Following the birth of the child it was discovered that her kidneys were so badly ulcerated that her life was in the greatest danger. An operation was decided on as being the only hope, but her weakened condition made it impossible for her to gain enough strength to carry her through.  Mrs. Fry was a native of Missouri, being born in Pierce County on Oct 27, 1877.  Mr. & Mrs. Fry were married on Thanksgiving day 1899 at Springfield, MO.  They settled in Lincoln County, Kansas, where they resided until 1903 when they came to Spokane living there one year when they came to Sprague in 1905, since which time they have lived here. Mrs. Fry leaves to mourn the loss of a faithful wife and mother, a husband and five children, four boys and a girl, Theodore, Walter, Paul, Wallace and Bessie, all living at home.  She was 37 years and 6 days old at death. The funeral was held on Thursday morning at 10 o’clock from the Congregational Church. Rev Wilbur conducted the services and the burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery.  The sympathy of the entire community is extended to those so suddenly and cruelly bereaved.” (Sprague Advocate: Nov 6, 1914) 


Fulquartz, Mary E.:  (1866-1937)  “Record of Funeral: Mary Elizabeth Fulquartz. Born: Key West, Florida. Widow of S. A. Fulquartz. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: Jan 13, 1937, at Masonic Hall. Henrietta Chapter No 8 OES. Death: Jan 11, 1937, at Sprague. Birth: Dec 22, 1867. Aged: 70 yrs 11 mos 11 days. Housewife, widow, Protestant. Father: David Winter, born Liverpool, England. Mother: Thompson, born Key West, Florida. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)

"Mrs. S. A. Fulquartz, Sprague, 81, was buried there Wednesday under the auspices of the Eastern Star. Born in Florida, she came around Cape Horn with her father while still a girl. She lived in CA and OR and finished her schooling at St Helen’s hall, Portland. She married Mr. Fulquartz in 1884 and they settled on a ranch at the foot of Lake Colville in 1889. Fifteen years ago they retired. Mr. Fulquartz died a year ago. Four children and three grandchildren survive." (Odessa Record: 1-14-1937) (Note: Lake Colville later named Sprague Lake)


Fulquartz, Seawood A.:  (1862-1935)  “Record of Funeral: Seawood A. Fulquartz. Born: Oregon. Residence: Sprague, WA. Husband of Mary E Winter. Funeral: Oct 21, 1935, Masonic Hall, Masonic service. Death: Oct 18, 1935, at home in Sprague. Cause: senile apoplexy.  Retired Farmer, married, Protestant. Birth: Oct 21, 1862; Aged: 72 yrs 11 mos 27 days. Father: S. A. Fulquartz, born Germany; Mother: Adeline Watt, born Ohio. Interment: at Sprague, Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) SLE makes mention of Seawood Fulquartz on pages 16 and 128. “S. A. Fulquartz died Friday night at Sprague, of paralysis. One of the early settlers, he located on a homestead at Lake Colville, now Sprague Lake, where Mr. Fulquartz went into the stock business on a large scale and at one time owned thousands of cattle and horses. He leaves his widow, three daughters and a son. Funeral services were under the auspices of the Masons.” (Odessa Record:  10-25-1935)

(The Sprague Advocate,  Mar 23, 1917)  S. A. Fulquartz a rancher on Sprague Lake dropped into the Giffing butcher shop a few days ago and was casually asked if he had any beeves to sell.  He replied that he had a couple of 2 1/2 year old critters but didn't care to sell just now.  After a little urging Mr. Fulquartz finally priced the critters at $70  and was shocked at the rapidity with which his offer was taken.   


Fuqua, Mary Frances:  (TS: 1842-1932)  “The funeral of Mrs. Mary F. Fuqua, 89, was held Tuesday afternoon at two o’clock from the Federation Church with Dr J. Chas Evans in charge of the services. Interment followed in the Maccabee Cemetery. Mrs. Fuqua, who was 89 years, 5 months and two days old, passed away  Mother’s Day. She was known by a host of acquaintances in the northwest as she spent most of her long and evential life in this section. It is interesting to note that she was one year old when the telegraph was started from Washington to Baltimore, 15 years old when the Atlantic cable was laid, .... Mary Frances Dawson, daughter of Robert and Sophia Jane Dawson, was born Dec 9, 1842, in Hart Co, Kentucky.  She spent her early childhood at the place of her birth and at an early age went west with her parents to town and settled at Baxter, Jasper County, soon after the state’s admission to the Union.  She was married in 1858 to Robert D Fuqua at Marshalltown, Iowa on April 26th.  Some time after their marriage her eventful travels were resumed and the Fuqua’s came to Washington Territory... and later in the vicinity of Sprague.  Mr. Fuqua enlisted in the civil war and served his country in its defense during the trying days of the rebellion. He died several years ago and is buried at Orting, the site of the Old Soldier’s Home.  Five children were born to Mr. & Mrs. Fuqua, two daughters and one son preceding her in death. Those living are Mrs. Peter Cox of Iowa and Mr. Charles Martin of Sprague. There are five grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Eliza Logsdon, of this city, and one brother, R. W. Dawson, of Saskatchewan, Canada, who also survive her.  During the past years, Mrs. Fuqua made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Martin, here and has been practically confined to her bed for the past two years. During her youth she was identified with the Wesleyan Methodist church and found a great deal of comfort in her religion as well as inspiration in her living. She will be remembered by a host of friends, as well as relatives as a pioneer in the real sense, having lived in Kentucky, Iowa, Washington and Idaho in their earlier days. ( Sprague paper-May 1933) From the obituary of Robert D Fuqua, dated 3-26-1909, he was born in Hart County, Kentucky about 1839. He went to Iowa in 1857, joined the union army in August 1862, where he was a member of Company K, 28th Iowa volunteers, where he contracted the measles. They came West  to Clark County, Astoria, Oregon, Walla Walla Co, and Columbia Co, to near Wilbur about 1884, to Cul de Sac, Idaho and in 1907 to near Sprague, WA.  He had suffered from spinal paralysis for some years prior to his death.  “Record of Funeral: Mary Fannie Fuqua. Born: KY. Widow of Robt O. Fuqua. Charge to Mrs. Roberta Martin, Sprague. Funeral: May 10, 1932, Sprague Federated Church, Dr Evans, clergy. Death: May 8, 1932, at Sprague. Cause of death: arteriosclerosis. Housewife. Widow. Protestant. Birth: Dec 6, 1842. Aged: 89 yrs 5 mos 2 days. Father: Robert O. Dawson, born KY; Mother: Sophia J. Reynolds, born KY. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) SLE pages 592-3 has information on Mary Francis Dawson Fuqua, however attributes erroneously her maiden name as Ridout, per a member of the Ridout family .




Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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