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Jackson, Samuel (added; d. 3-13-1938) 

Jamerson, Franklin

Jarvis, Billy, 1949-1951, s/o Geo & Edna

Jasman, Gotthilf F., 1892-1970,

Jasman, Mary C. (Davis) 1879-1945,  d/o N. L . & Harriet

Jeffery, Andrew A., 1863-1947

Jennings, Forest E. ‘Pat’, (added; d. 1-29-1983)

Jensen, Egina S., Mar 20, 1855-Dec 13, 1926

Jensen, Ella Mae, (added; d. 4-24-1930)

Jensen, Harry C., May 27, 1848-Nov 13, 1922

Jensen, Alma A., 1886-1971, shared stone

Jensen, Rosco A., 1882-19__), shared stone

Johnson, Augusta E.,  d. Jan 8, 1913; 37 yrs, w/o J. W.

Johnson, Elmer R., 1900-1964, father

Johnson, Frank A., 1873-1959,  father

Johnson, Nancy O., 1878-1961,  mother

Johnson, Fred ,  1882-1969,  shared stone

Johnson, Marie, 1893-1973, shared stone

Johnson, Gustave J., 1877-1962

Johnson, Thomas, d. 1910 @ 53y, obit

Jones, Frank F., 1884-1965, shared stone

Jones, Mary H., 1889-1964, shared stone

Jones, Elizabeth ‘Becky’ N.,  (added; d. 9-25-1992) 

Jones, Emily E., 1851-1928

Jones, John E., 1852-1932

Jones, Hazel E., 1890-1934, shared stone

Jones, John R., 1887-1937,  father

Jones, Infant of Harold,  (added; d. 1944) 

Jones, Infant of John R. Jones, (d. 1915; added) 

Jones, Infant of John R, Jones, (d. 1916; added)

Jones, Infant of John R, Jones,  (d. 1917; added)

Jones, Iva, see Kirchoffer,

Jones, Thelma Elaine, 1915-1915,

Jones, Walter W., 1889-1943, shared stone

Jones, Alice M., 1889-1955, shared stone

Jones, William A., Oct 3, 1890-Apr 28, 1967, WA cpl Hq Co 280MP BN WW I

Jones, Zelna Ham, (added: d. 6-06-1977)  

Judd, Clara, see Peterson        

Judd, Edwin Curtis, 1890-1898

Judd, Hellen Maria, + 1849-1930,  d. Nov 6, 1930

Judd, E . S., (no dates) ,  Co B 10th WI Inf





Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee



Jackson, Samuel: (added; d. 3-13-1938) “Funeral of Samuel C. Jackson. Residence: Sprague Hotel. Birth: Dec 18, 1858.  Death: March 13, 1938, at Sprague Hotel, Sprague, WA. Aged: 79 yrs 2 mos 25 days. Male, white, single, laborer. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Burial: Block 57 Section 1 Lot 4. Funeral: chapel, 2 p.m. Rev Mr. Plankenhorn. Interment: March 15, 1938.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jamerson, Franklin V. (Bud): “Franklin V. (Bud) Jamerson.—His home, Lamont, WA. Survived by his wife, Mary Ellen, at the home; 2 sisters, Elizabeth Marthini, Maltley, WA; Helen Magee, Seattle; 2 brothers, Charles F Jamerson, Seattle; James R Jamerson, Mercer Island, WA. A member of the Methodist Church. Funeral services Thursday, Nov 15 at 2 p.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA. The Rev Marvin Blundell officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: undated scrapbook)


Jarvis, Billy: (TS: 1949-1951; s/o Geo & Edna; edit William Earl Jarvis, per SLE p. 208) George C. Jarvis married Edna Mae Butterworth in  Coeur d’Alene on Oct 16, 1946. They had six children: George Gene, Marcus Clayton, William Earl (Billy), Jo Ann, Sandy Thomas and Randy Lee. " Fall From Crib Fatal to Baby.  A common accident, which happens frequently in every home blessed with children was the cause of death of William Earl Jarvis, son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Jarvis, last Friday afternoon.  With the children all in bed for their afternoon nap, Mrs. Jarvis was busily engaged in hanging out her washing when attracted by a noise in the house.  Rushing in, she found the youngster on the floor at the base of the crib, in an unconscious state.  The youngster was rushed to the home of Mrs. J. C. Chesunt, who brought mother and child to the Sprague hospital and the inhalator squad of the Sprague Fire Department was called to administer oxygen. Firemen did everything possible until a physician arrived.  A physicians examination revealed the child had a broken neck as a result of the fall from the crib.  William Earl Jarvis was born November 10, 1949 and passed away Friday, October 12, 1951 at the age of 1 year, 11 months and 2 days.  Besides his parents William Earl is survived by two older brothers, George Gene and Marcus Clayton Jarvis.  Funeral services were held at 10 a. m. Monday from the St. John Luther Church, Sprague, Reverent Matzke, officiating.  Interment  was at Maccabee cemetery. Funeral arrangements were in charge of Danekas & Duncan Funeral Home" ( Sprague Advocate, Oct 18, 1951, Submitted by Barbara Curtis)


Jasman, Gotthilf F.:  (TS: 1892-1970) See SLE pages 248 and photo on 783.“Gotthilf F. Jasman.—His home, Sprague, WA. Survived by his wife, Veda Jasman, at the home; one daughter, Mrs. Arno Melville, Walla Walla, WA; three sons, William Emmington, Sprague, WA; Roy Emmington, Spokane; Joe Emmington, Sprague’ two sisters, Mrs. Helen Bundage, Scappoose, OR; Mrs. Ida Sleight, Boise, ID; one brother, Emile Spies, Portland, OR; 3 grandchildren. Member of Sprague Grange; Sprague Volunteer Fire Dept; Sprague Gun Club. Served as mayor of Sprague, past District School Board member. Funeral services Friday, Feb 27, at 2 p.m. from the Sprague Community Church, Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home of Ritzville, in charge of funeral arrangements.” (Spokesman Review:  undated scrapbook)


Jasman, Mary C.:  (Davis)  (TS: 1879-1945; d/o N. L. & Harriet) (see SLE, p.247-8, d. May 3, 1943, an error; She was the first born child of Nathaniel and Harriet Boyer Davis while they were in Texas on Dec 18, 1878. Her first marriage was with Wm Emmington in 1895, having 3 children. He died in 1913. She married Gotthilf Jasman, who survived her.) “Funeral of Mary Catherine Jasman. Residence: Sprague, WA. Wife of G F Jasman. Birth: (not shown); Death: May 2, 1945 at La Grande, Oregon. Aged: 66 yrs. Married, white, housewife. Physician: C. L. Giestrap of La Grande, Oregon. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at Community Church at 2 p.m. Interment: May 6, 1945.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jeffery, Andrew A.:  (TS: 1863-1947) “Funeral of Andrew A. Jeffrey. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Aug 14, 1866 in Scotland. Death: April 30, 1947, at Jan O’Brien Sanitarium. Aged: 80 yrs 8 mos. Male, white, widower; Occupation: OAA. Parents: unknown. Physician: Dr Frank Milburn, of Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at chapel at 2 p.m. Interment: 5-05-1947.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jennings, Forest E. ‘Pat’: (added; d. 1-29-1983) “Forest E. ‘Pat’ Jennings. Born: 1-01-1915; Died: 1-29-1983, Spokane, WA.; Buried: 2-02-1983, Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.”


Jensen, Regina S.:    (TS: Mar 20, 1855-Dec 13, 1926) “Record of Funeral of Mrs. Jensen. Dec. 1926. Interment: W ½ Section 36.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees included grave vault and the opening of the grave, no personal data, not even the date) SLE page 392 shows Regina Von Thyton, a native of Germany, married Harry Jensen in April 1873. They had seven children: Hannah, Roscoe, Detlaff, Gus, George, Dora and Claude. This text differs from the History of Big Bend, 1904 which identifies Regina as the daughter of Henry and Lucy (Von Thyton) Glashoff. Regina had two sisters mentioned, Anna Styre and Johanna Washmeyer. “Hannah L. Underwood of Sprague has been named administratrix of the estate of Harry C. and Regina S. Jensen, and filed $10,000 bond. R. R. Jones, S. B. Bordass and W. A. Hall were named appraisers.” (Odessa Record: 1-21-1927)


Jensen, Ella Mae: (added; d. 4-24-1930) “Record of Funeral: Ella Mae Jensen. Born: Oxford, Nebraska. Wife of Roscoe Jensen. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: Apr 26, 1930 at Lutheran Church at 2 p.m., clergy from Ritzville. Death: Apr 24, 1930, at Sprague; Cause: carcinoma. Housewife, married, Protestant. Birth: Nov 7, 1888; Aged: 41 yrs 5 mos 17 days. Father: S. O. Ridout. Mother: Ella Gotham. Interment: Maccabee, Lot 1, Grave 4, Section 36, W ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jensen, Harry C.:  (TS: May 27, 1848-Nov 13, 1922) “Record of Funeral of Harry C. Jensen. Residence: Sprague. Order given by Mrs. Jensen, Nov 13, 1922. Funeral: Nov 16, 1922, at Community church at 2 p.m., Clay Palmer, clergyman. Death: Nov 13, 1922, at Sprague. Birth: May 27, 1848. Physician: Dr G. E. Howard, Sprague. Retired Farmer. Married. Protestant. Aged: 74 yrs 5 mos 17 days. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery. Section 36, W ½, grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) (See also SLE pages 391-395; 626.) Harry was a son of Peter and Ingeborg (Peterson) Jensen, natives of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. In the probate of Charles Jensen, #70, filed in Lincoln Co on May 10, 1887, who died on April 22, 1887 in Lincoln Co, he was survived by three sisters, Hannah Dowell, wife of A. A.; Maggie Scheuss, wife of Mathias; and Sophia Jensen, at Colville; and one brother, Hans C. Jensen of Sprague.   See: History of the Big Bend, 1904, page 410 with photo. Harry married Miss Regina, daughter of Henry and Lucy (Von Thyton) Glashoff, natives of Hanover.


Jensen, Alma A.:  (TS: 1886-1971; shared stone w/Rosco A.)


Jensen, Rosco A.:  (TS: 1882-19__; shared stone w/ Alma) 


Johnson, Augusta E.: (TS: d. Jan 8, 1913; 37 yrs; w/o J. W.) “On Wednesday morning the community was shocked by the report of the death of Mrs. J. W. Johnson, wife of the proprietor of the Palace Cafe. Mr. Johnson went home about 2 o’clock and found his wife just recovering from a severe attack of heart failure. He remained up with her for over an hour when she said she felt better and requested him to retire. He did so and after a time again heard her in trouble. He arose and tried to aid her but she succumbed in a short time.  Mrs. Johnson was in her usual health on Tuesday attending the show in the evening. She has been a sufferer for years from rheumatism which affected her heart. She was born in Sweden Feb 5, 1875, being 37 years 11 months and 3 days old at death. She was a member of the Lutheran Church, a good wife and a real help meet to her husband who has the sincere sympathy of every one in his hour of trial. Mrs. Johnson came to this country in 1892 and was married to Mr. Johnson in Spokane in 1900. To the union was born one child which died in infancy. She is survived by her husband, two brothers in Minneapolis, one in Victoria, BC, and three sisters and a brother in Sweden. The funeral will be held today at 2 o’clock from the Congregational Church and burial will be made in Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate-Jan 10, 1913) 

Johnson, Elmer R.: (TS: 1900-1964; father)


Johnson, Frank A.: (TS: 1873-1959; father; shared stone w/ Nancy O.) See SLE page 395.  Frank was the only son of Hueston and Mary Anne (Calico) Johnson. He was born March 21, 1873 in Arkansas. He married Nancy Olive Richardson on July 4, 1901. Their children were: Hueston Alonzo (1903), Franklin M. (1908), Lucile (1912) and Dave (1919).


Johnson, Nancy O.: (TS: 1878-1961; mother; shared stone w/Frank A.) See SLE page 395. Nancy was born in October 1880 in Tennessee, per this report, the daughter of Alonzo and Henrietta (Wilson) Richardson. Nancy had three brothers and three sisters, one brother identified as Bert Richardson who came with them to Spokane.


Johnson, Fred: (TS:1882-1969; shared stone w/ Marie) “Marie J. Johnson.—Her home was Sprague, WA. Survived by one sister, Bertha Liebetrau, Rosewood Manor Nursing Home, Spokane; one niece, Evelyn Spurgeon, Coeur d’Alene, ID; 2 nephews, Ted Bonk, Sprague, WA; and Virgil Bond, Cheney, WA. Funeral services Monday, Feb 5, 1973 at 2 p.m., at Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA, The Rev Gerald Detrich officiating. Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, WA, in charge of funeral arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 2-07-1973)


Johnson, Marie:  (TS:     1893-1973; shared stone w/Fred)


Johnson, Gustave J.: (TS: 1877-1962)


Johnson, Thomas: d. 1910 @53y

  "Thos. Johnson a well known colored man died at his home on the north side on Monday morning of consumption, aged 53 years.   Mr. Johnson was a native of Missouri and a pioneer of this country coming here at least 25 years ago.  He was noted for his honesty and industry.  For many years he has been engaged in the business of house cleaning, assisting in moving and  doing various odd jobs.  He worked for H. Renaud on the ranch for a time and has been employed as a porter in the saloons.  Every person to whom the writer has spoken concerning the man, had  good word for him and it is our opinion that he leaves behind him a record of which many men in much higher circumstances might be proud of .  He was buried Wednesday afternoon  from the Buchanan undertaking parlors, Rev. Edwards conducting services there and at Maccabee cemetery where he was lain to rest.   Chas. Derby his father-in-law is the only surviving relative that we have been able to learn of." ( Sprague Advocate, Aug 19, 1910) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Jones, Frank F.:  (TS: 1884-1965; shared stone w/Mary H.) SLE page 628, he was the husband of Hannah Scheuss and the father of five children.


Jones, Mary H.: (TS: 1889-1964; shared stone w/Frank F.) See SLE 623-628, Mary ‘Hannah’ Scheuss was born March 27, 1889 and married Frank Jones of Sprague. They had five children. Mary died April 29, 1964 and her husband died the following year.


Jones, Elizabeth ‘Becky’ N.:  (added; d. 9-25-1992) “Elizabeth ‘Becky’ N. Jones. Born: 9-01-1927, Fort Worth, TX; Died: 9-25-1992, Caldwell, Idaho; Buried: 7-22-1992, graveside service Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)


Jones, Emily E.: (TS: 1851-1928)  “Record of Funeral: Emily E. Jones. Born: Wales. Wife of J. E. Jones. Order given by R. R. Jones. Funeral: Nov 28, 1928, at Sprague Church with clergyman Randel of Lynn, WA.  Death: Nov 25, 1928 at Sprague, WA. Birth: Feb 1, 1858; Aged: 77 yrs 9 mos 24 days. Father: Robert Roberts born Wales; Mother: don’t know, born Wales. Interment: Section 34, E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jones, John E.: (TS:1852-1932)  “Record of Funeral: John E. Jones. Born Utah. Husband of Emily Roberts. Charge to his estate. Order given by sons. Funeral: Sept 18, 1932, at Federated Church with Dr Chas Evans of Newport. Death: Sept 16, 1932 at Sprague. Retired Farmer. Residence: Sprague. Widower. Protestant. Birth: April 7, 1852. Aged: 80 yrs 5 mos 9 days. Father: John E. Jones born Wales. Mother: Evans, born Wales. Interment: Maccabee. Section 34 E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jones, Hazel E.: (TS: 1890-1934; shared stone w/ John R.)


Jones, John R.: (TS: 1887-1937; father; shared stone w/Hazel) “Record of Funeral: John R .Jones. Born: Walla Walla, WA. Husband of Hazel Fuller, deceased. Order given by brothers and daughters. Funeral: Jan 18, 1937 at Sprague with Rev Plankenhorn of Sprague. Death: Jan 15, 1937 at Spokane. Widower. Protestant. Residing Spokane. Birth: May 15, 1887. Aged: 49 yrs 8 mos. Father: John A. Jones, deceased, born Utah. Mother: Emily Roberts, born Wales.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for removal from Spokane.)


Jones, Iva:  see Kirchoffer


Jones, Infant of Harold: (added; d. 1944) “Funeral of Baby Boy Jones. Residence: Deaconess Hospital (Spokane). Birth: June 1944, Spokane; Death: June 1944, Deaconess. Aged: 7 days. Male, infant son. white. Father: Harold Jones, born Sprague, WA. Mother: Betty Jones, born Ritzville. Physician: Dr Nelson of Davenport, WA. Cause of death: pulmonary. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: at chapel at 2 p.m.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; no specific dates)


Jones, Infant of John R.  Jones: (d. 1915; added) “Record of Funeral of Infant of John Jones. Son of John R. Jones. Funeral: Sept 26, 1915. Death: Myrtle hospital. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang, Sprague. Cause of death: (illegible) typhoid on mother. Birth: Sept 24, 1915; Death: Sept 25, 1915. Father: John R. Jones born WA; Mother: Hazel Fuller, born WI.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees show the purchase of cemetery lot, coffin and opening of grave, as well as map of location within the section, which was not numbered, nor the cemetery identified) "A little son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Jones on Friday. The little one died Saturday and was buried Sunday. The mother is now in the hospital with typhoid fever." (Sprague Advocate: 10-01-1915))


Jones, Infant of John R. Jones: (d. 1916; added) “Record of Funeral of Infant Jones, son of John R. Jones. Order given by Walt Jones. Funeral: July 7, 1916 at grave at 2:30 p.m. Death: July 6, 1916, 9 miles north of Sprague. Physician: Dr Strang. Cause: Premature Birth, 6 mos. Father: John R. Jones born PO address Edwall. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Jones, Infant of John R. Jones :(d. 1917; added) “Record of Funeral of Infant of John R. Jones. White. Born: Sprague. Daughter of John R. and Hazel Jones. Funeral: July 20, 1917, 4 p.m. Residence: north of Sprague. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang of Sprague. Death: Inanition, premature birth on July 19, 1917, aged 6 hrs; Death: July 19, 1917 at Myrtle Hospital. Father: John R. Jones, born WA. Mother: Hazel Fuller born WI.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; outlay for cemetery lot listed in fees)


Jones, Thelma Elaine: (TS: 1915-1915) “Record of Funeral of Thelma Ilene Jones; white, born N. of Sprague. Daughter of Frank and Mary Jones. Funeral July 19, 1915 at the grave at 2 p.m. with Rev Randall. Physician: Dr Strang of Sprague. Death: July 18, 1915; Birth: July 16, 1915; Aged: 2 days. Father: Frank Jones b. WA; Mother: Mary Scheuse Jones, born WA. Interment: Maccabee, Sec 49.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)

Jones, Walter W.: (TS:1889-1943; shared stone w/ Alice M.)  “Funeral of Walter W. Jones. Residence: Sprague, rural. Husband of Alice M.. Birth: Feb 13, 1889, Walla Walla, WA. Death: Oct 23, 1943, Deaconess Hospital (Spokane). Aged: 54 yrs 8 mos 10 days. Male, married, white, farmer.  Father: John E. Jones, born Utah; Mother: Emily E. Roberts, born Wales. Physician: Dr R. E. Nelson, of Davenport, WA. Cause of death: cardiac trouble. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery; Lot 40 Grave 2 Section 2. Funeral service: Community Church at 2 p.m. Interment: 10-27-1943.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; the funeral of an apparent brother, Ralph R. Jones, shows his burial in Riverside Mausoleum in Spokane, Sept 1945, death in Pasco)


Jones, Alice M.:  (TS: 1889-1955; shared stone w/Walter W.)


Jones, William A.: (TS: Oct 3, 1890-Apr 28, 1967; WA cpl Hq Co 280 MP BN WW I)


Jones, Zelna Ham: (added: d. 6-06-1977)  SLE page 341: “Zelna Ham  born Nov 9, 1888, died June 6, 1977, and buried in the Maccabee Cemetery. She married Ervie Gibbs of Sprague. They had no children. She divorced him, then married Frank Jones of Pine City. He died June 27, 1959, where they were living at Turner, Oregon. She then came back to Tyler where she lived until her death.”


Judd, Clara: see Peterson    


Judd, Edwin Curtis: (TS: 1890-1898) “Last Friday afternoon, H. S. Bassett of the Register received a telegram from Sprague, conveying the sad intelligence that Mrs. Bassett’s seven year old brother had just been drowned. It has since been learned that the unfortunate boy was playing on one of the bridges that crosses the little creek running through town. As no one was with him, it is surmised that he lost his balance, while throwing chips into the water and fell in, and being too young to swim, was drowned. The body was not recovered until some time Saturday.  Mr. Bassett and family left for Sprague on Saturday morning to take a farewell of their little relative and attend the funeral services, returning to Wilbur last Wednesday. Mr. & Mrs. E. S. Judd, the bereaved parents and other relatives have the heart-felt sympathy of all their many friends.” (Scrapbook news item)  The “Family Record” book of Herman S. Bassett shows his wife’s relatives, the Judd’s. “Edwin Curtis Judd, born in Sprague, Washington, July 20th, 1890. Drowned the 25th of Feb 1898, buried the 27th, 98, at Sprague, Wash.”  His parents were identified as: “Edwin Satell Judd born in  Candor, New York on July 9th, 1827 and Hellen Maria Griffin born Middlebury, Vermont on October 2nd, 1849. Edwin and Hellen were married Dec 28th, 1868 at Waverly, Iowa.”


Judd, Hellen Maria:  (Griffin): (TS:  +1849-1930)   d. Nov 6, 1930 “Sketch of His Wife’s Mother. Hellen Maria Griffin, born in Middlebury, Vermont, Oct 2, 1849. English descent. Married Edwin S. Judd, Dec 28, 1868 at Waverly, Iowa, Rev Moses K. Cross officiating. Mother of: Nettie Adelaid, 1870; Clara Electa, 1873; Frank Edwin, 1875; Jennie Ethel, 1878; Charles Satell, 1881; William Henry, 1886; Edwin Curtis, 1890.” (The ‘Family Record’ Book of Herman S. Bassett) "Helen M. Judd, 81, mother of Mrs. H. S. Bassett, died at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Friday, Nov 7 at 1:20 p.m. She suffered a stroke three weeks previously and gradually grew weaker until the end, but maintained her mentality until the frail thread they call life snapped asunder. All of her children were with her during her last illness. The funeral was held Monday, Nov 10, at the Mission Funeral Home in Spokane midst a wealth of beautiful floral offerings from friends of long standing, with melodious solos from Mrs. Baldy Stang, and Dr Joel Harper of Westminster Congregational church paid her glowing tributes before a chapel filled with friends of many decades. The funeral cortege then motored to Sprague where interment took place in the family plot beside her husband, son and daughter who preceded her in death. There the commitment was made by Dr Harper, and the casket reopened for Sprague and Harrington friends. Pallbearers were old Sprague friends and included Ralph Jones, Perry Dorton, Dave Jones, Bert Underwood, Tom Williams, and Fred Stipps. Mrs. E. S. Judd is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Herman S. Bassett, Harrington, WA; Mrs. Martin Nelson, Reardan, WA; three sons, Frank Edwin Judd, Spokane; Charles Satell Judd, Spokane; William Henry Judd, Bremerton, WA; and 13 grandchildren. Helen Maria Griffin was born in Middlebury, Vermont, Oct 2, 1849, the youngest of 11 children, and the daughter of Thomas and Electa Griffin. Her father’s ancestors came to America in the Mayflower. When yet in her early teens Miss Griffin, on confession of faith united with the church. On Dec 28, 1868, at Waverly, Iowa, she was married to Edwin Satell Judd. To this union 7 children were born—Nettie Adelaid, Clara Electa, Frank Edwin, Jennie Ethel, Charles Satell, William Henry and Edwin Curtis. Her husband, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, preceded her in death over 33 years ago; a daughter, Mrs. E. H. Peterson, Wardner, Idaho on 10 years ago and her youngest son, Edwin Curtis was called home 32 years ago at Sprague. Mrs. Judd by letter from the Sprague Congregational Church became a member of the Westminister Congregational church, Spokane, whither she moved 20 years ago after her family circle had grown small. Mrs. Judd was a pioneer of Sprague, moving there before the Northern Pacific railroad shops were completed. Sprague in those days with a $40,000 payroll, was one of the most important business centers in the Inland Empire, its nearest rival in importance being Walla Walla. Mrs. Judd saw the railroad completed through the town, saw Sprague become the county seat of Lincoln County, and was there during the big fire of 1895. It was there that she saw General U S Grant when he passed through over the NP after the driving of the golden spike. She conducted a boarding house in Sprague for many years and was known as ‘Mother Judd’ to railroad men from one end of the Idaho Division to the other. She was personally acquainted with ‘Father’ Eels, and he visited her home many times. She pioneered with her husband on a homestead in Nebraska during the ‘grasshopper days,’ then coming west to Portland and Walla Walla via San Francisco, and again pioneered at Sprague, which at that time was in Spokane County and Cheney was the county seat. Many of the remaining friends of those days, but younger in years than she, were present at the services in Spokane and at the cemetery in Sprague. Mrs. Judd accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Bassett to Harrington in August 1907 and made her home with them for about three years during which time she formed many friendships here. This fall she spent six weeks with her daughter at Harrington while recovering from an illness a month previous and returned to Spokane feeling much better." (Harrington Citizen: Nov 14, 1930)


Judd, E. S.:  (TS: no dates;  Co B 10th WI Inf) “E. S. Judd, a veteran of the Civil War, a pioneer of Sprague and a highly respected citizen, died yesterday morning after having been in failing health for several years.  Mr. Judd lacked only a short time of being 76 years old. He was born in Camdor, NY, July 9, 1827. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in Company B, Wisconsin volunteers, and saw much service. With his family he came to Sprague in 1881 and has since made this his home. He was a quiet, unassuming man but his honesty and integrity won for him many friends. The funeral services will be held in the Congregational church at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon. After leaving the church the ceremonies will be under the direction of the GAR post.  Mr. Judd leaves a widow and five children, Mrs. H. S. Bassett of Wilbur, Frank Judd of Spokane, Charles and Willie Judd and Mrs. E. H. Peterson of this city.  Taps have sounded for another veteran. Peace be to his ashes.” (Sprague Times-June 5, 1903) 




Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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