Maccabee Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                          Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


                                                                        With Additions & obituaries (+)  by Marge Womach




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Laakso, Alma,  1866-1922

Laasko, Charles A.,1869-1958,  shared stone

Laasko, Mary E.,   +  1866-1949,  shared stone, Obit

Lakin, Benjamin D., 1841-1905,  Co C 15th Reg OH, Vol Inf

Lakin, George,  owner (adm estate), Blk 87; 5-01-06

Lakin, George P., 1876-1943,  shared stone

Lakin,  Mary K., 1877-19__),  shared stone

Lakin, Thomas C., 1851-1905,  IOOF

Lamparter, Baby David, Oct 3, 1942 (only),  s/o Ken & Louise

Lamparter, Ken, May 2, 1893-__________), shared stone

Lamparter, Louise L., Feb 3, 1915-May 13, 1959, shared stone

Lamparter, Helena J., Dec 19, 1910-Jan 17, 1939

Lamparter, inf son & dau, (no names and no dates)

Lamson, Jean Raymond: (added: d. Nov 1909

Laney, J. R. , 07-09-1996

Lattimer, Katherine: (?added; d. 8-18-1919)

Lavender, Victor, 1866-1933

Leach, Martha E., d. June 4, 1918; 62 y 7 m 14 dy

Lee, Edward Valmore, Jan 7, 1905-July 18, 1920, s/o W. R. & Abbie

Lee, Miriam A.,  (added: 11-29-2002)

Lee, Marion O., 1902-1961

Lee, Eula B., d. June 28, 1912; 19 y 9 m 14 dy, d/o W. R .& Abbie

Lee, W. R.,  Dec 13, 1862-Aug 27, 1941,  mason

Lee, Abbie M., (Barlow) ,Oct 7, 1869-Jan 12, 1916,  w/o W. R.

Lefebvre, Edith L., 1893-_____) , shared stone

Lefebvre, Florie N. “Slim”, 1898-1972, shared stone

Leigh, Charles, 1864-1959,  shared stone

Leigh, Lucy, 1865-1959, shared stone

Leigh, Edward  C., 1886-1964

Leigh, Agnes, 1884-1958

Leigh, George W., 1879-1933,  father

Leigh, Geo,  owner, Lot 5 Blk 105

Leigh, Geo,  owner,  W ½ Blk 23

Leigh, Thomas: added: d. Oct 1906 

Lewis: Edna Ella: (added; d. Mar. 1927) 

Liebetra, A., 1878-1940

Liebentrau, Bertha E.: (added: d. 1976) 

Linder, James H., d. Nov 12, 1907; 56 years

Linder, Winfield S.,  d. Mar 14, 1907; 49 years

Logsdon, Andrew J., 1853-1930, shared; father

Logsdon, Eliza A., 1855-1935, shared; mother

Logsdon, Code A., 1887-1971, shared stone

Logsdon, Nellie B., 1887-1969,  shared stone

Logsdon, Sydney, 1885-1972

Long, John Volney,   3-04-1861-10-26-1941,  DC; s/o Volney J.

Long, Mary M., 1824-1915 , shared stone

Long, Sam (added; d. 10-14-1919)

Long, Volney J.,1822-1912, shared stone

Long, Walter Leslie,  1891-1940 (d.6-30-40)  , DC; h/o Veda M.

Lucas, George W., 1868-1919

Lucas, John S., 1866-1925

Lucas, John,  1831-1895

Lucas, John H: (added: No TS: d. 4-19-1909),obit

Lucas, Elizabeth, +  1835-1901

Lucas, Frederick G.,  Oct 20, 1872-Mar 27, 1902

Lucas, Helen (Imbler),  + 1880-1910

Ludke, Henry R., 1902-1970

Ludtke, Henry Karl, 1861-1937

Ludtke, Martha Mathilda, 1872-1953

Ludtke, William August, 1891-1947

Luvaas, Mrs. Peter, (Flossie B. Morris:  d. 1918 Dec 15,Obit 

Lynch, Ida L., 1879-1927

Lynch, Thomas N (b.2-25-06) , 1906-1937: (d. 11-04-37)  DC; h/o Pearl

Lynch, William J., 1872-1953

Lytle, Alta, 1894-1919

Lytle, Elsie A.,1857-1935 (d. 8-09-35) , DC; mother; shared

Lytle, William A., 1852-1912, father; shared




Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee

Laakso, Alm: (TS: 1866-1922) “Record of Funeral of Alma Laakso. Born: Finland. Residence: Sprague. Order given by brother. Charge to Gus Laakso, Sprague, WA. Funeral: Sept 2, 1922, at Community Church at 2 p.m. with Clay E. Palmer, clergyman. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner, Sprague. Death: Aug 31, 1922, at Sprague. Cause of death: carcinoma. Birth: May 30, 1866. Housekeeper, single, Protestant. Age: 56 yrs 3 mos 1 day. Father: John Laakso, born Finland. Mother: Anna Aeskoj, born Finland. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Section 41” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for purchase of Cemetery lot)


Laasko, Charles A.: (TS:1869-1958; shared stone w/Mary E.)


Laasko, Mary E.: (TS: 1866-1949; shared stone w/ Charles A.) “Record of Funeral: Mary Ellen Laakso. Born: Indiana. Wife of Charles. Charge to Charles Laakso of Sprague. Funeral: Sept 26, 1949 at Community Church at 2 p.m. with Rev R. Marvin of Sprague. Death: Sept 22, 1949 at Sprague. Birth: Apr 13, 1863. Aged: 83 years. Father: Harland Huff, born KY; Mother: unknown. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; grave marked on diagram, no numbering)
(The Sprague Advocate - September 1949Another Pioneer Answers Last Call.)
 Sprague this week mourns the loss of another pioneer woman who has made her life a useful one in going good deeds for others as she would have others do unto her.  A true pioneer who arrived in this county in the early days when life was a series of hardships.  MARY E. HUFF LAAKSO won the respect of many in her 56 years of life in Sprague community.  Born April 13, 1886 in Terre Haute, Indiana, she came to this county ________ unsettled as most of it was, with her parents in time to lose all her belongings in the disastrous fire of 1895, which destroyed most of the city of Sprague.  In the coming days of rebuilding, her father opened a__________  which operated as a_________ shop until his death a number of years later.   Six years after arriving here, Mrs. Laakso purchased the house in which she was living at her death.  In 1923, she was united in marriage to C. A. Laakso, also a pioneer of this region, having come here as an employee of the N. P. railroad when the job of clearing out the wreckage caused by the fire brought in outside workmen.  Mr. Laakso left the community for a while after his job was completed but  came back a few years later to make it his permanent home.  Mrs. Laakso passed away Thursday evening September 22 after a long illness.  She was a member of the Phoenix Rebekah Lodge of Sprague and of the Sprague Community Church.  She was a pioneer member of the Sprague Congregational Church, which later became the Community Church.  In earlier days she was very active in church affairs and served as superintendent for several years, and her memories of the past activities of the church were depended upon as authority regarding early activities of the church and community alike.  She leaves her widower, Charles A. Laakso, a foster daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth W___erber, Spokane, and a granddaughter, Adna Ells, of  Spokane, besides a host of friends.   Funeral activities were held from the Community Church, Monday September 26 at 3 p.m. with interment in Maccabee Cemetery. [NOTE: Mary Ellen Huff  was born in 1866, not 1886.]  Submitted by Jan Mackie, family relative,  November 30,2002,>


Lakin, Benjamin D.: (TS: 1841-1905; Co C 15th Reg OH Vol Inf) See SLE pages 442-444. Benjamin was a brother to Thomas Lakin. Ben’s wife was Rebecca. Following his death, Rebecca returned to Ohio. Benjamin D. Lakin applied for his homestead in 20-22-37 in Dec 6, 1883 and received patent on that in 1887. His estate was Lincoln Co Probate file #842.


Lakin, George: (owner; adm estate; Blk 87; 5-01-06)

Lakin, George P.: (TS: 1876-1943; shared stone w/Mary) “Funeral of George P. Lakin. Residence: Lamont, WA. Husband of Mary K.  Birth: Feb 28, 1876, Point Pleasant, Ohio. Death: Nov 12, 1943 in Spokane at St Lukes Hospital. Aged: 67 yrs 8 mos 14 days. Male, white, married, farmer. Father: William Lakin born Ohio; Mother: Elizabeth Thompson, birth unknown. Physician: Dr O. A. Adams of Spokane. Burial: Maccabee. Funeral service at Masonic Hall at 2 p.m. Interment: 11-14-1943.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Mr. and Mrs. Geo Lakin who returned home last week from a visit with relatives in the east, report the death on March 3, of Mr. Lakin’s sister Lottie, aged 47 years. She died at Springfield, Ohio, of stomach trouble and was buried at the old home in Point Pleasant, Ohio.” (Sprague Advocate: 3-23-1917) SLE page 438-9 photos; pages 442-444 text and photos. From the obituary of Tobe Lakin, “Tom died in 1905 and Tobe was put manager of the North Lakin farm and his cousin, George P. Lakin, became manager of the South Lakin farm, near Lamont. In 1944 the Lakin estate land was divided among its present owners, and Tobe and his sisters, Reta Lakin, and Mrs Amy Passmore became owners, with cousins. Miss Reta Lakin passed away several years ago.” (Harrington Citizen: 7-31-1959 excerpt)


Lakin, Mary K.: (TS: 1877-19__; shared stone w/ Geo P.) “...Chas Kayser, father of Mrs. Lakin also died and was buried at Moscow, Ohio. Mr. Kayser was about 75 years old, a native of Germany and a Civil War veteran.” (Sprague Advocate: 3-23-1917; item regarding death of Mr. Geo Lakin’s sister) SLE page 444, George Lakin returned to Ohio to marry his school sweetheart, Mary Kayser. They did not have children; Mary Kayser Lakin died Nov 4, 1974 at age 97.“Mary K. Lakin, age 97.—Her home Sprague,Wash.  Survived by one foster daughter, Mrs. Louetta Cook, Lamont, Wash.; 3 nieces, Helen Hayward, Sprague, WA; Vera Buchanan, Cincinnati, OH, and Mrs. Everett (Kay) Guild, Smithsburg, Maryland; one nephew, Elmer Kayser, Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a member of the Sprague Community Church, a charter member and past matron of Marguerite Chapter 174 OES of Moscow, Idaho, a charter member of the Lamont Grange No. 889. Funeral services will be Thursday, Nov 7, 2 p.m. from the Sprague Community Church, the Rev Eldon Clark officiating. Interment at Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, in charge.” (Spokesman Review: 11-06-1974)


Lakin, Thomas C,: (TS: 1851-1905;   IOOF) “ Thomas C. Lakin, president of the Lincoln Co Pioneer’s Association, died at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane last Tuesday, the first day of the picnic for which he had worked so hard in an endeavor to make it a success. Mr. Lakin was kicked in the eye by a blooded stallion which he owned on the afternoon of May 24th, and has ever since been in the hospital. Altho the wound healed rapidly, his mental condition was ever critical, and death finally came as a relief.  Deceased was born in Ohio, near the Kentucky line, and was a man about 45 years of age. He came to Lincoln County in the early 80’s, and has always been closely identified with the growth and advancement of the county. He was an extensive farmer, owning two large farms, one, his home place, near Harrington, and the other, which he bought a few years ago, south of Sprague. He had in 2,000 acres of grain this year. Mr. Lakin was a man loved and respected by all. A man who will be missed as few men would, and who will be mourned by everyone who knew him. As a token of respect and esteem, a memorial service was held on the picnic grounds Wednesday forenoon, the services being conducted by Rev Wilbur of Sprague and Rev Leonard of Harrington.  The deceased was always a public spirited and progressive man, ever ready to make sacrifices himself if necessary to the advancement of the community, and has done much to advance Lincoln County. Of late years he has been a breeder of fine stock. Two nephews have been with Mr. Lakin of late, the only relatives he had in the West.  Interment will probably be made in the Harrington Cemetery, though it is not yet definitely settled, and the funeral will most likely be held under the direction of Harrington Lodge No 160, IOOF, of which deceased was a member.” (Harrington Citizen-June 23, 1905)  “T. C. Lakin, who has been dividing his time between this place and Sprague this spring, caring for his thoroughbred trotter, Colonel Watterson, left for Sprague Wednesday evening, stopping at his ranch about halfway between Harrington and that place, and in putting up his horse the animal kicked him in some way, the newly shod hoof striking him over the left eye, knocking the eye out and fracturing the bones.  Dr Gunning was summoned and found him unconscious. He was brought to Harrington and taken to Spokane yesterday morning. He regained consciousness a few minutes before the train left, but his condition is considered critical.  The news of the accident was the saddest blow Harrington citizens have received in many a day, as Mr. Lakin is a general favorite in the whole community. He is a pioneer of the county and at the head of the Lincoln County Pioneers’ Association. He is one of the largest individual farmers in the county, owning and farming over 4,000 acres of land in the Harrington and Sprague vicinities. At the time of going to press it was learned that his chances for recovery were much better, the latest report being about 7:30 last night.” (May 26, 1905-Citizen) “A number of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs went to Sprague last Sunday to attend the funeral of T. C. Lakin, who died in Spokane Tuesday of last week, after suffering several weeks from injuries received by a kick from a horse.  Funeral services were held in the auditorium, the house being packed to its utmost capacity to seat the audience. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev Wilbur, pastor of the Sprague Congregational Church.  The text was from First Corinthians, third chapter, part of the tenth verse: ‘I have laid the foundation and another man buildeth thereon.’  The services were under the direction of Sprague Camp No 165, IOOF, of which Mr. Lakin was a member. Over 100 Odd Fellows and Rebekahs were in line to and from the auditorium and to the cemetery.  Mr. Lakin was also a member of Harrington Lodge No 160, IOOF, and of Harrington Rebekah Lodge No 123.” (June 30, 1905-Citizen)  See also SLE pages 442-444. Thomas C. Lakin was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, the eleventh child of John and Mary Lakin. His nephews came out in 1903-4, Toby and George P Lakin. Tom had never married. Following Tom’s death, his brother Benjamin Lakin and wife Rebecca came out to manage his farm, Benjamin died in 1905 and Rebecca returned to Point Pleasant, Ohio. See also  History of Big Bend (1904), page 333, where he was reported to be the son of John and Mary (Bretney) Lakin, who had 12 children. The records of The Lincoln County Historical Society show his arrival in Washington as 1880, by self report. News items show that he returned to Iowa in Dec 1901 for a two month visit and in 1903 he made an extensive trip to Ohio, Kentucky and other eastern areas. Thomas C. Lakin applied for his homestead in 20-22-37 on March 23, 1880 and received patent in 1892. His estate was Lincoln Co Probate #803. Tobe Lakin, a nephew of Thomas, acquired land holdings from Thomas’ estate. Tobe died in July 1959 with burial in Spokane’s Greenwood Cemetery.


Lamparter, Baby David:  (TS: Oct 3, 1942 only; s/o Ken & Louise) “Funeral of Baby David Lamparter, Stillborn. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth & Death: 10-03-1942. Male, white. Father: A. K. Lamparter born Germany. Mother: Louise Daweritz, born Sprague, WA. Physician: Dr Frank Fureax of Spokane. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery; Funeral: at chapel, 8:30 p.m. on 10-03-1942. Interment: 10-06-1942.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lamparter, Kon: (TS: May 2, 1893-____); shared stone w/Louise L.) “A. K. Lamparter. Born: 5-02-1893, Heidpost, Germany. Died: 1-25-1980, Spokane, WA. Buried: 1-28-1980, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) See SLE pages 444-5 and the tribute on pages 805-6, Arnold Konrad Lamparter: Kon and Louise married in 1924 and had four children: Juanita, Myrna, Gwen and Kon Alan. Much of his parents history is found in the pages of the Harrington Citizen news items and the Harrington Evangelical Church ledgers. His parents were buried in Harrington’s Hillcrest Cemetery, which see also.


Lamparter, Louise L.: (TS: Feb 3, 1915-May 13, 1959; shared stone w/Kon) “Louise Lillian Lamparter.  Birth: 2-03-1905; Died: May 13, 1959; Buried: May 16, 1959.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) See SLE page 444-5: Lillian Louise Daweritz was the daughter of Max and Ida Daweritz. She had three sisters and four brothers.


Lamparter, Helena J.: (TS: Dec 19, 1910-Jan 17, 1939) “Mrs. Helena Lamparter; Born Feb 1910; Died: Jan 17, 1939; Buried: Jan 20, 1939.” (St Johns Lutheran Ledger) “Funeral of Helena Johanna Lamparter. Residence: Ewan, WA. Birth: Dec 19, 1910 at (? written over) Waden, MN; Death: Jan 17, 1939 at Ewan, WA. Aged: 28 yrs 0 mos 28 days. Female, married, white, housewife. Father: Paul P. Kraemer, born WI; Mother: Belle Robinson, born WI. Physician: Dr McIntyre, St John, WA. Cause of death: pneumonia. Burial: Maccabee: Lot 47 Section 2. Funeral: Lutheran Church, Jan 20th at 2 p.m. w/ Rev Man/Mau;  Interment: Jan 20, 1939.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Mrs Helena Lamparter, 28, of Ewan, wife of Chris Lamparter, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kraemer of Sprague, died at her home in Ewan, Tuesday morning at 4 o’clock following an illness of pneumonia. Funeral services will be held today (Friday) at 2 p.m. from the Lutheran church at Sprague. Her widower, four year old daughter Barbara, parents and brothers and sisters survive. Chris Lamparter, brother of Mrs Barbara Beneke, lived here at one time, also at Sprague.” (Citizen: 1-20-1939)


{Lamparter, inf son & dau: (TS: no names and no dates)


{Lamparter, inf. son:  d. Oct 31, 1929  “Record of Funeral: Stillborn Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lamparter. Born in Sprague. Birth & Death: Oct 31, 1929, premature birth. Funeral: Nov 1, 1929, no service. Father: Chris Lamparter born Germany; Mother: Helen Cramer born MN. Interment: Section 47 Grave No. 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


{Lamparter, Myrna Jeane:  d. 8-03-1930  “Record of Funeral: Myrna Jeane Lamparter. Daughter of Chris and Helen Lamparter. Funeral: Aug 4, 1930, no funeral. Death: Aug 3, 1930, heart failure, premature birth. Birth: July 30, 1930. Aged: 4 days. Father: Chris Lamparter, born Germany; Mother: Helen Kramer, born Oregon. Interment: Section 47, Grave 1 & 2 between.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lamson, Jean Raymond: (added: d. Nov 1909 (No TS) “On Monday morning at the Anson Goss home, occurred the death of Jean Raymond Gee Lamson, wife of Dr W. F. Lamson of Pasco and daughter of Mrs. Raymond Gee of Sprague.  The death of the bride of but a few months, came as a distinct shock to the community which has known her for twenty years. She was a graduate of the Cheney Normal and held a life diploma from that institution. She taught school in this vicinity for many years, also in the city schools of Clarkston and Pasco and at all of these places she has many friends who mourn at her early departure from this life.  Jean Raymond Gee was born Oct 19, 1884 near Cincinnati, Ohio, and removed to Sprague with her parents in 1889, since which time she has lived in this community. On July 11 of this year she was united in marriage to Dr W. F. Lamson of Pasco. The ceremony was performed at Tacoma after which the young couple took up their abode at Pasco. She died Monday last, being a little over 25 years of age at death. She was member of the local chapter Order Eastern Star, under whose auspices the funeral was held, from the Congregational Church on Tuesday at 2 o’clock, Rev Edwards officiating. The body was lain to rest in Maccabee Cemetery. She was a woman of splendid mental attainment and the goodness of her character is attested to by everyone who knew her. Her death in the years of young womanhood is one of life’s mysteries and her loved ones have the heart felt sympathy of the community. A husband, mother, two brothers and a host of friends mourn her early taking away.” (Sprague Advocate-Nov 5, 1909)


Laney, J R ‘Bob’:  (added; d. 7-09-1996); “J. R. ‘Bob’ Laney, a Sprague farmer, died July 9, 1996 at St Luke’s Extended Care Center in Spokane. He was 76.  Rosary service was held July 12, at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in Sprague, where he was a member. Funeral Mass was celebrated there July 13, with Father James McGreevy officiating. Concluding service and vault interment followed at Maccabee Cemetery in Sprague.  He was born on April 9, 1920, at Walla Walla, the son of Francis A. and Nellie F. Gaffney Laney. His family moved from Walla Walla in 1929 and settled on land near Sprague.  He attended school at St Joseph Academy in Sprague, graduating from high school in 1938. He attended Kinman Business School in Spokane for one year before returning home to Sprague to take over the operation and management of the family farm in 1941. Mr. Laney married Eleanor Louise Zeller on April 7, 1945, at Somers, Montana. They raised their family and farmed for 50 years until their son Chris took over the management of the farm in 1974. Mr. Laney was always available to help his son until he was disabled in a farm accident in 1991. For the past five years, Mr. Laney has been in care facilities in Spokane .  He was a member of the Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church at Sprague and a past member of Crab Creek Grange. He also belonged to the Washington Association of Wheat Growers and Washington Cattlemen’s Association. He served on the Sprague/Harrington Conservation Board and was named Conservation Farmer of the Year in 1954. He was past chairman of the Lincoln County Democratic Committee.  Surviving is his wife Eleanor Laney of Spokane; four sons, John Louis Laney and his wife Joann Monson Laney of Seattle; Dr Steven Laney and his wife Sandi of Spokane; Chris Laney and his wife Linda of Sprague; and Dr Thomas Laney and his wife Susie of Seattle; one daughter, Norine Gregory and her husband Guy of Spokane; 13 grandchildren; and one brother, Frank A. Laney of Penryn, CA. He was preceded in death by his parents, a brother, Father William Laney S J in 1990, and a granddaughter, Rachel Laney in 1987. Danekas Funeral Home of Ritzville was in charge of arrangements.” (Davenport Times:  7-18-1996)


Lattimer, Katherine: (?added; d. 8-18-1919) “Record of Funeral: Katherine E._ Lattimer. Order date: Aug 18, 1919. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Lattimer of Sprague. Funeral: Aug 19, 1919, at cemetery with Rev Garver. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner of Sprague. Death: Aug 18, 1919, at 6 Mile Ranch; Residence: 6 Mile Ranch. Cause of death: dysentery. Birth: May 24, 1919. Aged: 2 mos 18 days. Father: E. T. or E. L. Lattimer born TX; Mother: Grace Rippitoe born Iowa.” (Sprague Funeral ledger; burial not shown, fee for purchase of lot and fee for opening grave)


Lavender, Victor: (TS: 1866-1933) “Floyd J. Underwood, Lincoln County prosecutor and ex-officio coroner, was called to Sprague on Monday by the report that Victor Lavender, 65, a pioneer cobbler there, had been found dead in his rooms. Investigation showed death was caused by heart trouble and no inquest was held.” (Citizen: 12-01-1933) “Record of Funeral: Victor Lavender. Born: Sweden. Order dated: Nov 27, 1933. Interment: Sec 26, E ½, Grave # single fraction. Eagles Lodge of Spokane.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Leach, Martha E.:  (TS: d. June 4, 1918; 62 y 7 m 14 dy) “Record of Funeral of Martha E. Leach. White, born TN. Order given by Albert ___. Funeral: June 6, 1918 at Rodna, at 2 p.m., Rev Faulkner. Death: June 4, 1918 at Rodna. Birth: Oct 20, 1850. Housewife, widower, Protestant. Aged: 62 yrs 7 mos 14 days. Father: Marion Johns; Mother: Emily Earl, born TN.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees include the purchase of cemetery lot) See also Lakeview Cemetery for probable family members.  "Martha E. Leach, whose maiden name was "Johns" was born in Tennessee, October 20th, 1855, at Rodna, Wash., departed this life June 14th, 1918, aged 62 years, 7 months and 14 days.  On June 20, 1872 she was married to Gustave Gorr.  To this union were born her only children two sons, Gustave Gorr and Albert Gorr.  having lost her husband in Minnesota she came to Walla Walla country in Washington, March 1884, and she has since made Washington her home coming to the ranch at Rodna in 1890.   She was married to G. W. Leach and later to James Boone.  She leaves a mother in Spokane, 2 brothers in Western Washington, 1 brother in the East besides her two sons near Rodna and 6 grand children.  Mrs. Leach was a pioneer in this country and assisted in its development.  For several years she has been ailing and death finally claimed her.  Forever near us, though unseen, The dear immortal spirits tread, For all the boundless universe Is life--there is no dead.  Funeral services were held from her home near Rodna by Rev. O. D. Faulkner and burial took place at Maccabee cemetery in Sprague. ( The Sprague Advocate, Jun 07, 1918) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Lee, Abbie M. (Barlow): (TS: Oct 7, 1869-Jan 12, 1916; w/o W. R.) “On Wednesday morning at 8:30 Mrs. W. R. Lee departed this life. The immediate cause of her death was grip, her condition being so weak from other complications that she was unable to withstand the grip. Funeral arrangements have been made for today (Friday) at 2 p.m. from the residence. Burial will be in Maccabee Cemetery. a more extensive obituary will be given next week.” (Sprague Advocate- Jan 21, 1916) “ Mrs. Abbie M. Lee died Jan 12, 1916 at the home in Sprague. The funeral was held last Friday afternoon and burial was in Maccabee Cemetery. The immediate cause of death was heart failure, the primary cause as discovered recently was systemic poisoning of the blood originating from ulcerating teeth. Surviving relatives are the husband, daughter Vera, son Valmour, and two brothers, W. G. Barlow of Colbert, R. L. Barlow of Vancouver, BC, and two sisters, Mrs. F. Bettridge of Opportunity and Mrs. F. Hoffsteater of Spokane.  Abbie M. Barlow was born Oct 7, 1869, at Danville, province of Quebec, Canada. She died aged 46 years, 3 months and 5 days. She and her husband, W R Lee, were born and raised in the same community and were married on Dec 11, 1889, in their home town. Three children, Eula, deceased, Veva and Valmour at home were born to the union. Mr. Lee left his native country in the spring of 1892, coming to Northport, Washington, whither Mrs. Lee and daughter Eula followed in the autumn. They resided there seven years after which they lived two years at Phoenix, BC, four years in Spokane, two years at Fishtrap on a ranch coming to Sprague in 1908, since which time they have lived here.  Mrs. Lee was a member of the OES and a life member of the Congregational Church and always active in the work and councils of that institution. At Northport the Lees assisted in organizing and instituting the first church and Sunday school in that locality, also the day school which was housed, taught and maintained by public subscription. Of the life of Mrs. Lee since her arrival in Sprague her old pastor Rev J Edwards who preached the funeral sermon spoke in very eulogistic terms. His remarks were brief but were extremely beautiful, in perfect consonance with the life of her of whom he spoke. Mrs. Lee was of an optimistic nature always telling her loved ones that she ‘would be better tomorrow.’ The pastor closed his talk by expressing his belief that the beautiful tomorrow for which she longed had come to her weary soul. She had been a patient sufferer for about 5 years and while the community grieves deeply to lose one of such splendid character yet all feel that she has entered into her richly deserved reward. The floral offerings were in greatest profusion and of excelling loveliness. Those present from a distance to attend the last rites were: Mr. & Mrs. F. Bettridge of Opportunity, Mr. & Mrs. F. Hoffsteater of Spokane, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Cramer of Lamont, W. G. Barlow of Colbert, Mr. & Mrs. E. O. Dickson and Mrs. J. W. Lawton of Fishtrap.” (Sprague Advocate-undated) “Record of Funeral of Abbie M. Lee. White, born Canada. Funeral: Jan 14, 1916 at residence in Sprague by Rev Jonathan Edwards. Physician: D. Strang of Sprague. Cause of death: myocarditis. Death: Jan 12, 1916. Birth: Oct 7, 1869. Married, housewife. Religion: Congregationalist. Aged; 46 yrs 3 mos 5 days. Father: Geo W. Barlow born Canada; Mother: Nancy Barlow born Canada. Burial: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Maccabee Cemetery, Section 45, E ½, Grave 1” (Sprague Mortuary ledger for record of E Valmore Lee)


Lee, Edward Valmore: (TS:  Jan 7, 1905-July 18, 1920; s/o W. R. & Abbie) “Record of Funeral of E. Valmore Lee.  Born: Spokane, WA. Residence: Sprague. Son of W. R. Lee. Funeral: July 20, 1920, at home, 2:30 p.m. with Rev ___. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang of Sprague. Death: July 18, 1920 at Myrtle Hospital in Sprague. Cause: Shock delayed; Secondary: accident. Birth: Jan 7, 1905. Aged: 15 yrs 7 mos 11 days. Father: Wm R. Lee, born Canada; Mother: Abbie Barlow born Canada. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery in E ½ Section 45: Grave 1. Abbie M. Lee; Grave 3. Eula B. Lee; Grave 4. Edw Valmore Lee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) Item in Sprague Advocate in 1918 where young Valmore Lee had an accident with his bicycle and an automobile, the bicycle was destroyed and Valmore was bruised severely.

Lee, Eula B.: (TS:  d. June 28, 1912; 19 y 9 m 14 dy; d/o W. R .& Abbie) “Last Friday occurred the death of Miss Eula Lee, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. R .Lee, who has been a patient and uncomplaining sufferer with heart trouble for a period of fourteen years. Her last sickness, which ended her suffering, covered a period of seven weeks during which time she has been bed-ridden and in misery most of the time.  The ailment was one impossible of a cure and her loved ones had long known that she could remain with them but a short time. She rallied somewhat on Wednesday and her folks hoped for some improvement, but it was a vain hope.  Eula Bell Lee was born in Canada, near Montreal, on Sept 14, 1891, died at Sprague June 28, 1912, aged 20 years, 9 months and 14 days. She developed heart trouble fourteen years ago, which has gradually become worse. She was a patient, gentle child, well beloved by all who knew her.  The funeral was held Sunday, at 2:30 p.m., from the home, Rev Edwards officiating, and the remains were tenderly laid to rest in the Maccabee Cemetery. She was a member of the Congregational Church and of the Order of Eastern Star. A father and mother, a brother and sister and many relatives and friends mourn her loss and cherish her memory.  Attending the funeral from a distance were: Fred Bettridge and wife, of Opportunity; Mrs. W. G. Barlow, Robert Barlow, Robert Morrill and Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Morrill of Spokane; Mrs. Frank Hofstetter of Vancouver, Wash., Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Barlow and Mrs. Cramer, of Lamont. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of many friends in the community.” (Sprague Advocate-July 5, 1912) “Maccabee Cemetery, Section 45, E ½ Grave 3” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; as shown in record of E. Valmore Lee)


Lee, Miriam A.:  (added: 11-29-2002) "Sprague.—Funeral Mass for Miriam A. Lee, 88, lifelong resident of Sprague, took place Wednesday, Dec 4, at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church in Sprague with Monsignor Frank Bach officiating. Vault interment followed at Maccabee Cemetery. Mrs. Lee died Nov 29 at the Cheney Life Care Center in Cheney. Born April 21, 1914, at Sprague, she was the daughter of George and Mary (Fahey) Thompson. She attended St Joseph Academy, graduating in 1932, then attended Kinman Business College in Spokane. She worked in Spokane before marrying Carl A Lee on July 16, 1939. The couple lived in Cheney between 1943 and 1945, then moved back to Sprague. She purchased the Mode Cafe in Sprague in 1961 and operated it until her 1979 retirement. She was a member of Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church and Altar Society, as well as the 55+ Club of Sprague. She was preceded in death in 1979 by her husband, and by three children, Nancy and Doug Lee and Linda Yost. She leaves two sons, Jerry Lee of Sprague and Carl A Lee, Jr., (and Linda) of Fountain Valley, CA; two daughters, Norma (and Rudy) Behrens and Janet (and Ken) Lamparter, all of Sprague; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Danekas Funeral Home in Ritzville handled arrangements." (Davenport Times: 12-05-2002)


Lee, Marion O.: (TS:1902-1961)  See SLE pages 456-8. Marion Lee was born Feb 12, 1902 in Iowa; he died in Spokane May 31, 1961. He was married to Anna Burghard of Odessa, WA. They had three children: Dorothy, Jack and Larry.


Lee, W. R.:  (TS: Dec 13, 1862-Aug 27, 1941; a Mason) “Funeral of William Robert Lee. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Dec 13, 1862, Danville, Canada; Death: Aug 27, 1941, Sprague Hospital. Aged: 78 yrs 8 mos 14 days. Husband of Olive Duling. Male, white, married, retired funeral director. Father: Edward Lee, born Canada; Mother: Elizabeth Parnell, born Canada. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Cause of death: Heart. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Masonic Hall at 2 p.m. Interment: 8-31-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) 


Lefebvre, Edith L.:  (TS: 1893-_____; shared stone w/ Florie N.) Edith Lefebvre was born Sept 24, 1893, married Florio in 1928 and died Nov 25, 1983 in Cheney, WA. In 1930 they were residing in Bonner’s Ferry, ID.


Lefebvre, Florie N. "Slim":  (TS: 1898-1972; shared stone w/ Edith) "Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Lefebore and daughter Iva of Sprague were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Holger Hender in Edwall." Harrington Citizen: 10-08-1948, Edwall column) Florio N. Lefebvre was born Jan 2, 1898 to Isadore and Adalide Lefebvre, in MN; and later became a railroad man. Adalide was born in Canada in 1878 and Isadore Sr was born on Oct 15, 1869 in Canada. He reportedly immigrated from Canada to the US in 1885. Their children included: Florio (1898), Wellie (1900), Ludger (1906), Thomas (1908), and the twins, Isadore (1912-1990) and Loun (1912). These children were born in MN before the family moved to Idaho. Isidore Lefebvre Sr. died Dec 15, 1941 in Bonner’s Ferry, ID. Florio married Edith in 1928; they spent their later years in Cheney. Edith survived Florie who died in Spokane on Feb 11, 1972. No connection was established between the Lefevre news items of 1882-7 era in Medical Lake to the Lefebvre surname here.


Leigh: see SLE page 459-460, 342-4  


Leigh: see also Lakeview burials  


Leigh, Agnes: (TS: 1884-1958) (edit: wife of Geo W on mortuary) SLE page 459 shows Agnes McCaffrey married George Leigh. See SLE page 477-8 entitled: McCaffery-Leigh Family history. Her parents were Hugh McCaffery and Ann Brislawn. Agnes was killed when struck by a car while crossing a street on Oct 20, 1958.

Leigh, Charles: (TS: 1864-1959; shared stone w/Lucy) “Funeral of Charles Leigh. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 6-30-1864 in Staughton, England; Death: 4-27-1939 at Sprague Hospital.  Aged: 74 yrs 9 mos 27 days. Male, white, married, farmer. Father: William Leigh, born England; Mother: Maryann Millish, born Wedmore, England. Physician: Dr G. H. Howard, Sprague, WA. Cause of death: chronic myocarditis. Burial: M. Cemetery at Sprague, Grave 6, Section Dist. 1.  Funeral: chapel at 2 p.m. on 4-30-1939; Interment: 4-30-1939.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See also SLE pages 342-4; 459-60. Discrepancies exist in dates, according to this account, he married Lucy Tutton on Sept 30, 1884. They had seven children: Edward C (1886), Jennie Jane (1888), Ernest H. (1890), Beatrice Elle (1891), Ida May (1895), John William (1900) and Albert Charles (1903). Much of the family is well documented in SLE including photos. 1910 advertisements show Charles as proprietor of The People’s Dairy.

Leigh, Edward  C.: (TS: 1886-1964) (SLE page 459: b. 11-27-1886; d. 2-17-1964; remained single)  “Petition for probate of the estate of Edward Leigh of Sprague and the naming of R R Jones as administrator has been filed. The estate is estimated to be worth $12,000.” (Odessa Record: 2-25-1927)


Leigh, George William: (TS: 1879-1933; father)  “Record of Funeral: Geo W. Leigh. Born: Iowa. Charge to his estate at Sprague. Residence: farm home. Order given by wife. Funeral: Dec 13, 1933 with funeral in Sprague with Rev Reiss of Ritzville. Death: Dec 11, 1933 at the farm home. Cause of death: angina pectoris. Farmer, married, Protestant. Birth: Feb __, 1878; Aged: 54 yrs 10 mos 10 days. Father: Ed Leigh, born England.  Mother: Paulina Ham born England. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; edit: see also SLE on Ham families; also 477-8 where his birth is shown as Feb 1, 1879 in Stormlake, Iowa) The children of George and Agnes are shown as: Pauline, Thomas (d. 1906), Edward H (b. 1902), Hazel Cecilia (1904), Carl (1906), and Grace 1913.


Leigh, Geo: (owner in Lot 5 Blk 105; owner in W ½ Blk 23)


Leigh, Lucy: (TS: 1865-1959; shared stone w/ Charles) Per SLE page 459, Lucy Tutton married Charles Leigh on Sept 30, 1884 in England. Her birth is shown as May 24, 1864 and death on July 22, 1959.

Leigh, Thomas: added, d. Oct 1906  “Thomas, the 18 months old baby boy of Mr. & Mrs. George Leigh, died at the home of his parents, three miles north of Sprague, last Tuesday. The little one’s sickness was of short duration, death resulting from dysentery. The funeral services were held from the Methodist church Thursday forenoon and interment was in the Maccabee Cemetery. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of numerous friends in the loss of their loved one.” (The Sprague Independent-Oct 12, 1906) His name appears in the list of children of George and Agnes McCaffery Leigh, without dates.


Lewis: Edna Ella: (added; d. Mar. 1927) “Record of Funeral: Edna Ella Reed Lewis. Order dated: March 29, 1927. Interment in Section 27.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; edit: Section 27 is shown as the T V Reed family plot, see also)


Liebetra, Al:   (TS: 1878-1940) “Alvin E. Liebentrau; Born: 1-01-1878; Died: Jan 20, 1940; Buried: Jan 22, 1940” (St Johns Lutheran Ledger) “Funeral of Alwin E. Liebetrau. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Jan 1, 1878 in MN; Death: Jan 20, 1940 in Sprague. Aged: 62 yrs 0 mos 19 days. Male, white, married, engineer. Father: August Liebetrau, born Germany; Mother: Molly, born Germany. Physician: Dr G. Howard of Sprague. Cause of death: pneumonia. Burial: Maccabee, Lot 33, grave 4, Section 1. Funeral Lutheran church at 2 p.m. Interment: Jan 22, 1940.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for two cemetery lots) RL Polk shows Alwin Liebetrau as a carpenter, machinist and as an employee of Sprague Grange Supply, 1908, and Sprague Feed and Fuel, 1910.

"Alvin E. Leiberteau. Death: 1-19-1940. Birth: 1-01-1878, MN. Spouse: Bertha Leiberteau. Father: August Leiberteau. Mother: Molly Schroder. Buried: Sprague, WA." (Lincoln Co Health Death Card)

Liebentrau, Bertha E .: (added: d. 1976) “Bertha E. (nee Bonk) Liebentrau. Born: 11-23-1887, Blue Earth, MN; Died: 9-20-1976, Spokane, WA. Buried: 9-23-1976, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)


Linder, James H.:  (TS: d. Nov 12, 1907; 56 years) The estate of James H. Linder was Lincoln Co Probate #1013 filed in 1907. There were several Linder listings in Sprague on the 1902 census, Robert, 48, IA, and family; Scot, 42, OH; and J. H., 48, OH . Following the death of James H. Linder, several families were listed in the 1910 R. L. Polk Directory. J. H. Linder was among the long list of business owners that suffered loss in the famous Sprague Fire of 1895. At that time he had a cigar store. In 1903 J. H. Linder owned a confection store with weekly advertisements in the Sprague Times. "Tom Reams has purchased the tobacco and confectionery business formerly owned by J. H. Linder. M.r Linder is one of the old landmarks of Sprague and has been in business here for more than 20 years. He now feels the need of a rest and will spend the summer in the east and take in the world’s fair at St Louis." (Sprague Times: 3-11-1904)


Linder, Winfield S.: (TS: d. Mar 14, 1907; 49 years) It is believed that Winfield S. Linder was reported on the 1902 census as Scot Linder, salesman, age 42, and born 14, 1907; 49 years)


Logsdon, Andrew J.: (TS: 1853-1930; shared; father)


Logsdon, Eliza A.:  (TS: 1855-1935; shared w/Andrew J.; mother) “Record of Funeral: Eliza Ann Logsdon. Residence: Sprague, WA. Funeral: Dec 15, 1935, at Lee Chapel at Sprague, with Rev John Henry Secor of Cheney. Death: Dec 14, 1935, at Sprague, WA. Cause: Carcinoma. Housewife, widow, Methodist. Birth: Sept 20, 1854. Aged: 81 yrs 2 mos 24 days. Father: Dawson, born KY. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee shown for opening and closing grave.) 


Logsdon, Code A.:  (TS: 1887-1971; shared stone w/ Nellie B.)  “Code Logsdon.— Sprague, WA. Survived by 2 sisters, Grace Davis and Bessie Hayes, both of Sprague; 2 brothers, Sidney Logsdon, Sprague, WA; and Orin Logsdon, Spokane, WA, several nieces and nephews. Was a member of Community Church in Sprague, WA, No. 40 F & AM Henrietta Chapters, both of Sprague, WA. Funeral Monday, April 5 at 2 p.m. from the Community Church at Sprague, WA, the Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery in Sprague. Danekas Funeral Home in Ritzville in charge.” (Spokesman Review: 4-05-1971)


Logsdon, Nellie B.: (TS: 1887-1969; shared stone w/Code A.)


Logsdon, Sidney W:  “Sidney W. Logsdon, age 86.—His home was at Sprague, WA. Survived by two sisters, Grace Davis and Bessie Hayes, both of Sprague; one brother, Orin Logsdon, Spokane, several nieces and nephews. He was a member of the Community Church, Sprague,WA. Funeral services Saturday, July 8 at 10 a.m. from the Community Church, Sprague, WA, the Rev Eldon Clark and the Rev Firman Kanoyer officiating. The interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA. The Danekas Funeral Home, Ritzville, in charge of arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 7-06-1972) “Sidney Logsdon. Born: 7 Sept 1885. Died: 6 July 1972. Last Residence: 99032, Sprague, Lincoln Co, WA.” (SS Death Index) “Sidney W. Logsdon. Died: 6 July 1972, Adams Co, WA. Certificate #014783.” (WA State Death Index)


Long, John Volney:  (TS: 3-04-1861-10-26-1941); DC; s/o Volney J.  “Funeral of John Volney Long. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 3-04-1861, Monmouth, IL; Death: 10-26-1941 at Sprague Hospital. Aged: 80 yrs 7 mos 22 days. Male, single, white, farmer. Father: Volney J. Long, born TN. Mother: Mary Napier. Physician: Dr G. H. Howard, of Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Lot 60, Grave 2, Section 2. Funeral: at chapel at 2 p.m. Interment: 10-28-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) The homestead application of Volney J. Long was filed in Sec 24 T 22 R 37 on March 17, 1920 with patent in 1925.

Long, Mary M.:  (TS: 1824-1915; shared stone w/Volney J.) “Record of Funeral. Mary M. Long, widow, white, born Ohio. Charge to Sam Long, Sprague, WA. Funeral: Jan 16, 1915. Place of death: at residence in Sprague; Funeral service at residence, 2 p.m. by Rev Wilbur. Physician: Dr Bittner of Sprague. Cause of death: Senile decay. Occupation: retired. Widow, Protestant; Age: 91 yrs 9 mos 13 days. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Grave E ½, Sec 60, space 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) According to the History of Big Bend-1904, in an item on her husband, Volney J Long, she married on Jan 19, 1948;  she was the daughter of Patrick and Margret Napier. Her father died in Iowa in September 1949.  "Mary M. Long whose death occurred on January 13th was buried Saturday in Maccabee cemetery, Rev. Randall officiating.  Miss Mary M. Napier was born  in Ohio on April 30, 1823.  Her age at death was 91 years, 8 months and 13 days.  To our knowledge there is no one in this vicinity at present who anywhere near approaches such an age.  Almost a century of the history of a world power unrolled before her vision filling it with a series of important events which go into the making of a great nation.  The Monroe doctrine which to many of us appears to be a document of great antiquity was promulgated and proclaimed in our history in the year of her birth.  The revolution of the 1776 was to her in her childhood an event of such recent occurrence as the civil war is to the children of today.  She had lived almost the  __erage life of humanity when the civil war ocourred and lived yet a full half century after its conclusion.  She witnessed a period of development in the life of her nation which in all probability will never again be equaled.  On January 19, 1848 in the state of Illinois she was united in marriage to Volney J. Long and five children were born to the union two boys and three girls all of whom survived except one girl who  died in childhood.  The children are: Samuel and John Long, Mrs. Elizabeth Baugh and Mrs. Estelle McGinnis.....(Sprague Advocate, Jan 22, 1915) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Long, Sam: (added; d. 10-14-1919)  “Record of Funeral of Sam Long. Born: IL; Residence: Sprague, WA. Order given by Ralph Jones. Charge to his estate. Funeral: Oct 16, 1919, at Lee Parlors, 2:30 p.m. with Rev Leonard G.___. Physician: Dr Oliver of Medical Lake. Death: Oct 14, 1919 at Medical Lake Hospital. Birth: Feb 4, 1849. Single, Protestant. Aged: 70 yrs 8 mos 10 days.  Father: V J Long, born TN. Mother: Mary M. Long, born OH. Interment: Maccabee: Section 41. Grave 1. Sam Long; Grave 2. Rogers; Grave 3. Wiell; Grave 4. Wiell. W ½” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee paid for cemetery lot)


Long, Volney J.: (TS:  1822-1912; shared stone w/ Mary M.) See History of Big Bend-1904 with variations in dates. Per that report, Volney J. Long was born on Sept 7, 1819 in TN. He married Mary Napier in 1848. They had 5 children: Samuel M., Ophelia M. (deceased by 1904), Mrs. Mary E. Baugh, Mrs. Estella McGinnis and Volney J., all at Sprague in 1904.


Long, Walter Leslie: (TS: 1891-1940) (d.6-30-40;DC; h/o Veda M.) “Funeral of Walter Leslie Long. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: Jan 9, 1891 in Ritzville, WA. Death: at home. Husband of Veda Maude Montrose. Male, white, married, dry cleaner. Father: Clark Long, born Grunde Co, Iowa; Mother: Ara Saint/Gaint, born Chundy County, Iowa. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral at chapel at 1:30 p.m. Interment: 7-02-1949.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for one cemetery lot)  "Walter Leslie Long passed away early Sunday morning from Angina Pectoris.  He was born January 09, 1891 at Ritzville and spent his boyhood in Adams county where his father owned farming and business interests.  During the world war, "Bud", as he was affectionately known, enlisted with the U. S. Marines and was stationed at the Philippine Islands for a year's time.   He was married to Veda Montrose in Spokane, moving to Nevada, where the family remained a short time.  Returning to Spokane and then to Newport before locating in Sprague four years ago, where they purchased the Superior Dry Cleaners.   His parents, three brothers and three sisters, preceded him in death. Surviving are his widow and daughter Margaret, at the home here, three sisters, Mrs. Wm. Dunlap of Elmerton, Wash.; Mrs. Hazel Sullivan of Washtucna, Wash., Mrs. Frank Collier of Steptoe, Wash.; three brothers, Cal Long, Colbert, Wash.; J. C. Long, Almira, Wash., and Joe Long of Sprague, besides a number of nephews, nieces and other relatives.  Funeral services were conducted Tuesday at 1:30 o'clock from the Newman Funeral Chapel with Mrs. Minnie Melcher officiating.  A large crowd filled the funeral parlors to overflowing.  Pall bearers were Joe Monaghan, E. C. McEwain, W. A. Hall, G. B. VanVranken and E. H. Loy.  Interment was in the Maccabee cemetery. "(Sprague Advocate, Jul 04, 1940, submitted by Barbara Curtis)


Lucas, Elizabeth: (TS: 1835-1901) “Word was received at Sprague on Saturday, November the 9th, of the death of Grandma Lucas, at Relief Hill, California, caused by a paralytic stroke. The dear old lady had reached the limit of three score and ten years, and with her death a useful and beautiful life was ended.” (LCT-Nov 19, 1901) Lincoln County Probate #694 of the estate of Elizabeth and John Lucas in 1904 clarifies which John Lucas (1831-1895) was her husband.


Lucas, Frederick G.: (TS: Oct 20, 1872-Mar 27, 1902) See page 464 of SLE. He was the husband of Helen Imbler Lucas, and they had two sons before their early demise. The boys, were raised by relations, Harry with his grandmother Imbler and Fred W with Dan and Pearl Imbler Cook, for the most part. Probate #542 was filed in Lincoln Co for one Fred C Lucas in 1902.

Lucas, George W.: (TS: 1868-1919) “Record of Funeral of Geo W. Lucas. White, born CA. Son of John and Elizabeth Lucas of Sprague. Residence and Death: California. Funeral: May 23, 1918, ME Church at 2 p.m., Rev Faulkner. Physician: Frank Baxter, CA; Cause of death: carcinoma of stomach. Death: May 15, 1918. Birth: Mar 1868. Laborer, single, Protestant. Aged: 50 yrs 2 mos; Father: John Lucas born Ireland; Mother: Elizabeth Watson born Ireland. Body to be shipped to Sprague.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lucas, Helen (Imbler): (TS: 1880-1910) “ Mrs. Helen Lucas died Wednesday at the Hotel Sprague of dropsy. The funeral was held this afternoon at 2 o’clock from the Methodist Church, Rev Robinson officiating. Helen Imbler was born near Sprague, Sept 27, 1880, and has lived in this vicinity almost all her life. She was aged 29 years, 4 months and 27 days at death.  When 17 years of age she married Fred Lucas and to this union were born two children, Frederick aged 10 and Harry aged 8.  Her husband preceded her in death and she leaves beside the two children, four sisters and three brothers to mourn her early departure from this life. The remains were laid to rest in the Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate-Feb 25, 1910) 

Lucas, John:* (TS: 1831-1895) This John Lucas was the husband of Elizabeth Lucas. They were the parents of at least the following: John S. Lucas (1866-1925), Geo W. (1868-1919) and Fred C/G Lucas (1872-1902).


Lucas, John H.: (added: No TS: d. 4-19-1909) “John H. Lucas, died at Myrtle Hospital on Monday, April 19.  Mr. Lucas was born in Douglas County, Ohio, Dec 10, 1845, and has lived in this community for many years. The funeral was held yesterday from the Congregational Church. Interment in Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate-April 23, 1909)

Records in LCPF files show that in November of 1907, John Lucas, then age 61, born in Madison, Ohio, married, farmer, was suffering from heart problems. His residence and last employment were shown as Sprague, and having a son, James Lucas of Seattle.


Lucas, John S.: (TS: 1866-1925) “Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lucas returned Saturday from Relief, California, where they spent the winter with relatives. They will remain here about a month and then return to make their home in California. Mr. Lucas has purchased an interest in some placer mines which have been worked lately with success by his brother-in-law, Mr. Harker, and he hopes to be able to clean up enough of the yellow metal to put him in comfortable circumstances.” (Sprague Times-March 13, 1903-alive) “Record of Funeral of John S. Lucas. Birth: CA. Residence: Sprague. Order given by Bessie Cameron. Charge to his estate. Funeral: Sept 2, 1925, Masonic Hall, 1:30 p.m., Clergyman: Knight Temple Service. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Death: Aug 30, 1925, Sprague. Cause of death: carcinoma. Birth: Aug 26, 1866. Retired. Married. Protestant. Aged: 59 yrs 0 mo 1 day. Father: John Lucas born Ireland. Mother: Elizabeth Watson, born England. Interment: Maccabee, Section 26.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  “John S Lucas, age 59, a resident of Sprague for 33 years died of cancer Sunday morning.” (Odessa Record: 9-14-1925) “John S. Lucas, age 59, a resident of Sprague for 33 years died of cancer Sunday morning.” (Odessa Record: 9-14-1925) “The funeral of John S. Lucas, Sprague, pioneer miner, hotel man and grain dealer, who died Aug 30 was held from the Masonic hall, Wednesday. Cataract commandery, Knights Templar, had charge. The Masonic lodge, Eastern Star chapter and Odd Fellows and Rebekah lodges acted as escorts. An unusually large crowd attended. Burial was at the Maccabee Cemetery, where Mr. Lucas’ father, mother and two brothers are buried.” (Odessa Record: 9-04-1925)  


Ludtke, Gwendolen Irene: (added: d. 6-10-1987) "Gwendolen Irene Ludtke. Death: 6-10-1987, Sprague. WA. Father: Arthur A. Baldwin; Mother: Maggie M. Matheson. Spouse: Henry R. Ludtke. Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA." (Lincoln Co Health Death Card)


Ludtke, Henry R.: (TS: 1902-1970; Jan. 1970) See SLE page 154-5. He married Gwendolen Baldwin on Sept 7, 1930 and two daughters were born to them.  “Henry R Ludtke.—His home, Sprague, WA. Survived by his wife, Gwen at the home; 2 daughters, Mrs. D. L .(Verna) O’Leary; Mrs. (typos in original);  3 sisters, Mrs. L. R. Baumgarten, Centralia, WA; Mrs. W. E. Pearson, and Mrs. W. W. Marr, both Spokane; 5 grandchildren. A member of the Sprague Community Church, Sprague Fire Dept, Sprague Lions Club, past president Sprague Chamber of Commerce. Funeral services Monday, Jan 5 at 2 p.m. from the Sprague Community Church, Rev Francis Klontz officiating. Interment Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague.” (Spokesman Review: 1-06-1970)


Ludtke, Henry Karl: (TS: 1861-1937) “Funeral of Henry Carl Ludtke. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 11-19-1861, Schiefelbein, Germany.  Death: 11-28-1937, at home. Aged: 76 yrs 0 mos 9 days. Male, white, married, stone masonry. Father: William Ludtke, born Schiefelbein, Germany; Mother: Caroline Bartz, born Schiefelbein, Germany. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Cause of death: arteriosclerosis, secondary: chronic myocarditis.  Burial: Maccabee Block 63 Grave 6, Section 2. Funeral: Lutheran Church, 2 p.m. Interment: Nov 30, 1937.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee to Mr. R. Jones for cemetery lot) "Henry Carl Ludtke. Death: 11-28-1937. Birth: 11-14-1861, Germany. Spouse: Martha Ludtke. Father: William Ludtke; Mother: Caroline Bartz. Buried: Sprague, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Ludtke, Martha Mathilda: (TS: 1872-1953) “Martha Mathilda Arndt Ludtke. Born: March 14, 1872; Died: May 11, 1953; Buried: May 13, 1953.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) See SLE page 464-468. Martha was the wife of Henry Karl Ludtke and came to Sprague in 1902 from Blue Earth, MN with four children; four additional children were born after arriving in Lincoln County. One brother is identified: Paul Arndt, who preceded the Ludtke’s to the Sprague area.


Ludtke, William August:  (TS: 1891-1947) “William August Ludtke. Born: 11-19-1891; Died: 11-07-1947; Buried: 11-10-1947.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) “Record of Funeral: William August Ludtke.  Son of Martha Ludtke. Charge to Henry at Sprague. Funeral: 11-10-1947 at Lutheran Church at 2 p.m. with Rev Arthur Matske of Spokane. Death: Nov 7, 1947 at Sprague. Physician: Dr J. Colin Lindsay of Ritzville. Invalid. Single. Lutheran. Birth: 11-19-1891. Aged: 55 yrs 11 mos 18 days. Father: Henry Carl Ludtke born Germany; Mother: Martha Arndt, born Germany. Interment: Maccabee; Grave 8 Section 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lynch, Ida L.: (TS:1879-1927)  “Record of Funeral of Ida Lynch. Born: WA. Residence: Sprague. Charge to family. Funeral: Feb 4, 1927, at Community Church at 2 p.m., Rev Randall.  Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Death: Feb 2, 1927, at Sprague. Birth: July 11, 1881. Housewife. Married. Protestant. Aged: 45 yrs 6 mos 21 days. Father: J. M. Adwell, born VA. Mother: Hannah Graveleby, born IL. Interment: Section 81.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lynch, Thomas N.: (TS: 1906-1937; h/o Pearl “Thomas N. Lynch. Died: 11-14-1937. Birth: 2-25-1906, WA. Spouse: Pearl Lynch; Father: William Lynch. Mother: Ida Edwall. Buried: Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) Thomas N. Lynch made a homestead entry within Sec 26 Twp 20 Range 39 on Oct 24, 1902. “Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lynch attended the funeral Sunday at Sprague of his brother Thomas N Lynch, who died at Gem, Idaho . He had been in poor health for some time, the result of working too long in the mines, and had developed a tubercular condition. He had quit work and was soon to have gone to Arizona , but had waited too long before taking this step. The funeral services were held at Wallace , Idaho , and a large funeral cortege followed the body to Sprague for burial. A widow and little 3 ½ year old son, survive.  The Sprague region is the old home of the Lynches. The wealth of floral offerings attest the popularity of Mr. Lynch in the mining region where he was so long employed.” (Citizen: 11-12-1937)


Lynch, William J.: (TS: 1872-1953) Sprague Herald of 12-26-1889 shows the “notice of Final Proof” for one William Lynch for the NE ¼ of 22-22-39, which is not Wm J. since he was not old enough to legally file.


Lytle, Alt: (TS: 1894-1919)  “Record of Funeral of Alta Zella Lyttle. Born: Iowa. Residence: Sprague. Daughter of Mr. W. A. Lyttle of Sprague. Funeral: Jan 1, 1920, ME Church at 2 p.m. with Rev Wm G.___ald. Physician: Dr D. M. Strang. Death: Dec 30, 1919 at Sprague. Birth: Dec 18, 1894. Unemployed. Single. Methodist. Age: 25 yrs 0 mos 12 days. Father: William A. Lyttle, born IL; Mother: Elsie Wean, born MI. Interment: Section 44, E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Lytle, Elsie A.: (TS: 1857-1935; mother; shared w/William A.) “Elsie Lytle. Died: 9 August 1935, Sprague, WA. Birth: 15 June 1857, Michigan. Spouse: widowed. Father: Daniel Wein, born unknown; Mother: unknown Cunningham, born unknown. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Record of Funeral: Mrs. Elsie Lytle. Born: MI. Wife of W. A. Lytle, deceased. Charge her estate at Sprague, WA. Funeral: Aug 11, 1935 at home with Rev Reiss of Ritzville. Death: Aug __ (not legible). Died at home. Cause of death: arteriosclerosis. Housewife, widow, Protestant.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; burial not shown; no grave fees) “A petition for probate of the will of Elsie A. Lytle, who died at Sprague this week, and the naming of her daughter, Mrs. Nora E. Hargrave, Sprague, administratrix with the will annexed, was filed this week. The estate is valued at $8,000. The will provides that third each go to a son and daughter and a sixth each to a grandson and grand-daughter.” (Odessa Record: 8-16-1935)       


Lytle, William A.: (TS: 1852-1912; father; shared w/ Elsie A.)  “W A Lytle; male, white, married; Died: Aug 11, 1912 near Sprague in Adams Co; Born: March 2, 1852 Illinois; Aged 60 yrs 5 mos 6 days; farmer; Father = Samuel Lytle born PA; Mother = Elizabeth_ Astor born PA; Informant: Elsie Lytle, wife, Sprague, WA; Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis; Physician: J. E. Bittner of Sprague; Buried Maccabee Cemetery on Aug 13th; Undertaker: W. R. Lee.” (WA State Board of Health Death Certificate)



Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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