Maccabee Cemetery & Obituaries


                                                             Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


                                                                         With Additions & obituaries (+)  by Marge Womach





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MacDonald, Thomas, (see Lakeview cemetery)

MacKenzie, Dr. Charles M., Dec 1, 1881-Jan 13, 1968, father

MacKenzie, Eleanor Jean, July 12, 1909-July 21, 1909, daughter

Madison, C. F.,  (added; d. Oct 1921) 

Mapes, Albert W.,  1902-1904

Mapes, Josie, 1878-1961 motherd/o T.  & Mary Reams

Mapes, Milton, 1876-1954,  father

Mapes, Samantha L.,Feb 22, 1851-Sept 19, 1903,  w/o R.

Marcum, Patricia E., (added; d. 1998) 

Marr, Mabel C.,  1883-1929

Marsh, Levi H. : (added: d. 12-12-1911) 

Marsh, Margaret , 1856-1919,  mother; shared stone

Marsh, Wesley,  1854-1918,  father; shared stone, obit

Marsh, Levi H.: (added: d. 12-12-1911) 

Martin, Edward P., 1850-1931,  shared stone

Marin,  Ruth H.,  1850-1928,  shared stone

Martin, Mary J., 1867-1957

Martin, Roberta B.,  1879-1939

Marvin, Gladene, 1914-1915,  shared stone

Marvin, Manette “baby” , 1948 (only) , shared stone

Marvin, Ransom D “Ranny”, 1910-1960

Matheson, Donald J.,  1894-1947

Matheson, Donald W.,  owner,  Blk 86

Matheson, Donald William; added; d. 1-09-1941

Matheson, Hugh + , Nov 22, 1822-June 17, 1907, b. Scotland; IOOF

Matheson, John A.,  Nov 21, 1856-Sept 28, 1904, b. Canada; IOOF

Matheson, Mary Carolyn Fish, (added; d. 4-16-1929)

May, Edna H., (added; d. 7-17-1978) 

May, John,  d. 1973

McAllister, Thomas,  owner,  Blk 69

McAllister, Thomas, 1837-1919, OBIT

McCall, Earl Dean: (added: d. Nov 3, 1916

McCroskey, Donald King, 1900-1917

McCroskey, James H.,  owner,  Blk 43

McCroskey, James H., 1870-1952

McCroskey, Joseph P., 1896-1962

McCroskey, Margaret M., 1874-1951

McDonald, Elsie E., 1910-1993, shared stone

McDonald, Evard L., 1908-1952

McDonald, James A., 1878-1922

McDonald, Myrtle F., 1874-1938

McElwain, Claude E., 1893-1956

McElwain, Edna M., 1898-1951

McElwain, James H., 1879-1941

McGinnis, Estella, 1867-1934

McGinnis, Henry + ,1855-1929

McGinnis, Matthew Joseph: (added: d. 11-01-1978)

McGinnis, Mona Leona,  added: d. 7-21-1985,  DC card  

McGlade, Ambrose M.,  Sept 11, 1902-Dec 5, 1928

McGlade, Dollie, 1877-1954, shared stone

McGlade, Frank, 1863-1954 , shared stone

McGlade, John J., Mar 12, 1941 (only), CA Wagoner 9 Field, Arty

McGlashan, Jessie, July 13, 1884-May 31, 1909

McIlroy, Jaunita Sophia: (added; d. 7-01-1927) 

McIlroy, John S.:  (added: d. 1912

McKenzie, Eleanor Jean, July 12, 1909-July 21, 1909, d/o G. M. & Mae

McMahon, Patrick Vincent : (added: d. 6-10-1975

McPherson, Norman, (added: d. 8-19-1942)

McQuaid, Hugh, Aug 22, 1835-June 3, 1911,  b. County Down, Ireland; d. Spokane, WA

McPherson, Norman, (added: d. 8-19-1942)



Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee


MacDonald, see McDonald  


MacDonald, Thomas H:  (See Lakeview Cemetery of Sprague.)  


MacKenzie, Dr Charles M.: (TS: Dec 1, 1881-Jan 13, 1968; father) Charles MacKenzie was shown in R. L. Polk Business Directories as a dentist for the years 1910 and 1912 as a local Sprague dentist. He was not listed in the 1908 edition.


MacKenzie, Eleanor Jeann:(TS: July 12, 1909-July 21, 1909; daughter)


Madison, C. F.: (added; d. Oct 1921) “Record of Funeral of C. F. Madison. Born: KY. Funeral: Nov 6, 1921. Order: Oct 31, 1921. Funeral: at parlors, 11 a.m. with Rev William. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner of Sprague. Cause of death: endocarditis. Aged: 72 yrs. Interment: Section 41.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for purchase of cemetery lot)


Mapes, Albert W.: (TS: 1902-1904)


Mapes, Josie: (TS: 1878-1961;  mother; d/o Thomas & Mary Paul Reams) See SLE 470, Josie Reams Mapes was the wife of Milton and reportedly had two daughters, Lavida Mapes Countryman (b. 1900) and Laura Mapes Neece.


Mapes, Milton: (TS: 1876-1954;  father) See SLE page 470: Milton was born March 11, 1876 in Rice County, KS, the son of Rufus Milton Mapes and Samantha L. Mapes. Milton and Josie had two daughters.  “Milton Mapes. Death: 7-21-1954. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit)


Mapes, Samantha L.: (TS: Feb 22, 1851-Sept 19, 1903; w/o R.) “Mrs. Samantha Mapes, aged 52 years, died of pneumonia, at her home on the old Chilton ranch, last Saturday. The remains were buried in the Maccabee Cemetery Monday. She leaves a husband and a number of grown children.” (Sprague Times-Sept 25, 1903) SLE page 470, she was born Samantha LaFayette, adopted by her step-father Abraham Jordan, married Rufus Milton Mapes on May 21, 1866 at Clinton, IL and they had 13 children. Following Samantha’s death, Rufus remarried. Rufus was buried at Orting’s Soldiers Home Cemetery. Samantha had been raised by her mother and step-father, Abraham Jordan.


Marcum, Patricia E.: (added; d. 1998) “Patricia E. Marcum. Born: 9-11-1941, Peoria, IL; Died: 9-13-1998, Spokane, WA; Buried: 9-17-1998, Sprague, WA.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)


Marr, Mabel C.: (TS: 1883-1929)  “Mabel Clara Marr. Died: 20 Oct 1929, Sprague.  Birth: 4 Aug 1883, MO. Spouse: Gomar Marr. Father: William Sprinkle, born SC; Mother: unknown. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Record of Funeral: Mable Clara Marr. Born: Missouri. Residence: rural Lamont, WA. Wife of Gomer Marr of Lamont. Funeral: Oct 20, 1929 at Federated Church in Sprague with Rev Dr Evans of Sprague. Death: Oct 15, 1929 at Sprague Hospital. Cause of Death: pneumonia.  Housewife, married, Protestant. Birth: Aug 4, 1883. Aged: 46 yrs 2 mos 13 days. Father: Wm Sprinkle, born SC; Mother: don’t know. Body to be shipped , burial at Sprague. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; see SLE, page 807)  Gomer and Mabel were married Jan 1, 1912 in Missouri and they had one son. Following Mabel’s death, Gomer married Edna Chase Fowler in 1935. Gomer died June 17,1967.


Marsh, Levi H.: (added: d. 12-12-1911)  (No TS) “L. H. Marsh, one of the early settlers of the Sprague country, passed away at Spangle on Tuesday, Dec 12.  He had gone there on a visit to one of his children. The body arrived in Sprague on Wednesday evening and the funeral was held Thursday morning at 10 o’clock from the Congregational church, G. Earl McCoy officiating. Burial was made in Maccabee Cemetery. Mr. Marsh was but ten days less than 80 years of age at death. We were unable to secure the obituary for this issue. It will be given next week.  Card of Thanks.  The relatives of L. H. Marsh extend their heartfelt thanks to the many friends who so kindly rendered aid and extended  sympathy to them in their bereavement.”  (Citizen-Dec 15, 1911) “Levi H Marsh, a well known pioneer of Eastern Washington, died Dec 12, at Spangle and was buried at Sprague last Thursday. His age at death was 79 years, 11 months and 20 days.  He was born in New York State Dec 22, 1831 and moved with his parents to Akron, Ohio where he was united in marriage to Dorothy E. Hammontree at the age of 21 years. He next moved to Saginaw, Mich. where he resided until 1877, when he came to this state, stopping at Colfax, coming there by stage from Almota.  He homesteaded there and remained in that vicinity until about 15 years ago, when he came to the Sprague country.  He lived here until the death of his wife last July, when he went to Spangle to make his home with a daughter, where he died.  He was a good Christian worker for 45 years and was a faithful member of the Church of Christ at Dewey until his death.  He leaves five children to mourn his loss, Mrs. Lewis Yale of Spangle, Wesley L. Marsh and Mrs. N. A. Cordill of Sprague, Mrs. S. T. Arthur of Seattle and Clemmons Marsh of Mollala, Oregon. One daughter Rose died at the age of three years.” Citizen-Dec 22, 1911) 


Marsh, Mariva E.: (TS: Lakeview; d. 1882)  

Marsh, Margaret: (TS: 1856-1919; mother; shared stone w/Wesley) “Record of Funeral of Wesley Marsh. Margaret Marsh. Died: March 11, 1919, age 62 years; Maccabee Cemetery, Section 64, Grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Marsh, Wesley:  (TS:  1854-1918; father; shared stone w/ Margaret) “Record of Funeral of Wesley Marsh. White. Born Ohio. Charge to J. McPherson, Wilbur, WA. Order given by Clarence Marsh. Funeral: Dec 15, 1918, at Maccabee Cemetery at 2 p.m. with Rev Faulkner. Death: Dec 14, 1918 at Sprague. Physician: Bittner; Cause of death: paralysis. Birth: Apr 1, 1854. Farmer, Married, Methodist. Aged: 64 yrs 8 mos 13 days. Father: Levi Marsh, born PA; Mother: Elizabeth Harmather (?), born PA. Interment: Maccabee, Section 64, grave 1 (W ½). Margaret Marsh, died March 11, 1919, age 62 yrs, Grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for cemetery lot) “Mr. and Mrs. W. Marsh came home Wednesday night from Lewiston where they were called by the illness of their daughter, Mrs. E. V. Caldwell.” (Feb 16, 1906: Sprague Times)


Marsh, Wesley: (TS: 1854-1918; father; shared stone) (The Sprague Advocate, December 20, 1918 Death of Wesley Marsh)  Wesley Marsh, a resident of Washington for 40 years, a pioneer of Sprague and the father of a large family was born in Akron, Ohio, April 2nd, 1854 and died in Sprague, Wash. Dec 14, 1918 aged 64 years, 8 mo. and 12 days. When but five years of age he accompanied his parents to Michigan where he resided for a number of years and on Dec. 16 1875 he married Miss Margaret Stinchombe at Flint, Mich.  To this union was born ten children, viz: Mrs. Wm. Newell, Sprague, Mrs. J. McPherson, Wilbur, Mrs. Islebi, Spokane, Mrs. Fry, Alberta, Mrs. Chinn, Spokane, Mrs. Bennesland, Alberta, Ben Marsh, Medical Lake, and Clarence, Earl and Raymond Marsh of Sprague.

   With his wife and oldest child, Sophia, he came west as a pioneer in the spring of 1878 and located on a homestead near Colfax.  In that vicinity they resided for about twenty years when they removed to Sprague at the time of the fire and have lived in Sprague and on a farm east of Sprague since their removal except for a short season when they lived near Spokane.   Being a pioneer Mr. Marsh was well known through this entire region.  Three years next Jan. 8th he suffered a stroke of paralysis and since that time has been an invalid, a part of this time being almost helpless.  He has borne his afflictions as a man.  He has not been a complainer nor a difficult patient to deal with, but has endeavored to be considerate of the feelings of others.  On July 22, 1917, he was received as a member of the Methodist Episcopal church of Sprague, Wash., retaining his membership there until the day of his death.  Besides his children , all of whom are living, he leaves a wife, three sisters and one brother, and numerous friends to mourn his departure.   It may be said in the words of St. Paul " For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us."

   The funeral services were conducted by Rev. O. E. Faulkner of the Methodist church and because of the influenza ban, was conducted at the Maccabee cemetery where burial took place on Dec. 15th.* by Barbara Curtis


Martin, Bertha: (added; d. 2-05-1939) “Funeral of Mrs. Bertha Martin. Residence: Sprague, WA.  Wife of Charles L. Martin. Birth: 7-03-1879, La Center, WA. Death: 2-05-1939 at Sacred Heart Hospital (Spokane). Aged: 59 yrs 7 mos 2 days. Married, white, housewife. Father: Robert D. Fuqua, born KY; Mother: Mary F. Dawson, born KY.  Physician: Dr F. W. Milburn, Spokane, WA. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Congregational Church at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Interment: Wed., Feb 8, 1939.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; county warrant)


Martin, Edward P.:  (TS: 1850-1931; shared stone w/ Ruth H.)  “Record of Funeral: Edward Payeur Martin. Born: Missouri. Husband of Rosana Clemens.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; undated order; Entry shows a Dec. receipt of payment, 1931.) SLE page 470 shows a corrected version of the preceding: Edward married Ruth Clements and came from Missouri to Lamont in 1902. They had six children: Charley, Ethel, Tom, Minnie, Ellen and Frank.


Martin, Ruth H..: (TS: 1850-1928; shared stone w/ Edward P.) “Record of Funeral: Ruth Hannah Martin. Born: VA. Residence: 5 miles SE of Lamont. Funeral: Nov 27, 1928 at Gresham Church. Death: Nov 24, 1928.  Cause of death: carcinoma of Stomach. Retired Housewife, married, Protestant. Father: Clements. Birth: Apr 10, 1850. aged: 78 yrs 7 mos 14 days. Interment: Sec 21, north end.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Martin, Mary J.: (TS: 1867-1957)  “Mary Jane Martin. Death: 11-07-1957. Birth: 2-08-1867, Iowa. Married. Parents: unknown. Buried: Maccabee Cemetery. Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card.”


Martin, Roberta B..:(TS: 1879-1939)


Marvin, Gladene: (TS: 1914-1915; shared stone w/ Manette)


Marvin,  Manette “baby":  (TS: 1948, only; shared stone w/ Gladene) “Record of Funeral: Baby Manette Marvin. Born: near Spokane on road. Charge to Rev R. Marvin. Funeral: 10-25-1948, at graveside at 2 p.m. Physician: Dr C. L. Smick of Sprague. Death: 10-22-1948 at Spokane. Cause: erythroblastosis fetalis Rh factor. Single. Protestant. Birth: Oct 19, 1948. Father: Rev Ransom Marvin, born Berenda, CA; Mother: Erma Reber, born Chehalis, WA. Interment: Maccabee. No charge.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Marvin, Ransom D. “Ranny":  (TS: 1910-1960) Rev Ransom Marvin was pastor of the Sprague Community Church (1943-1950).


Matheson, Donald J.: (TS: 1894-1947)  “Record of Funeral: Donald J. Matheson. Single. Residence: Portland, Oregon. Charge to Mrs. A. A. Baldwin of Sprague. Funeral: 6-12-1947 at Chapel at 2 p.m. with Rev R. Marvin. Death: 6-09-1947 at Portland, Oregon. Cause: Recurring acute cardio-arthritis. Physician: H. E. Bank of Portland. Boilermaker. Birth: July 5, 1894. Aged: 52 yrs 11 mos 4 days. Interment: (not shown)” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for opening grave)


Matheson, Donald W.; owner, Block 86, purchased 4-11-1905

Matheson, Donald William; added; d. 1-09-1941: (1854-1941: No TS) “Funeral of Donald William Matheson. Residence: Sprague, WA.  Husband of Mary Fish, deceased. Birth: 6-07-1854 at Port Credit, Canada. Death: Jan 9, 1941, at home in Sprague. Aged: 86 yrs 7 mos 2 days. Male, white, widower, retired farmer.  Father: Hugh Matheson, born Mewtown, Scotland; Mother: Margaret McEachran, born Southerlandshire, Scotland.  Physician: Dr R. E. Nelson, Harrington, WA. Burial: Maccabee, Lot 86, Grave 1, Section 1. Funeral: Congregational Church at 2 p.m. Rev Plankenhorn. Interment: 1-11-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE page 473: Donald’s parents are listed as Hugh and Margaret (Sinklar) Matheson in this text which was written by a grandchild. Donald married Mary Carolyn Fish on March 6, 1886. She was a daughter of John Charles Fish and his wife Mary Carolyn Laverty; the mother being buried in Lakeview Cemetery. Five children were born to them: Maggie M. (1887), Wm Hugh (1889), Mary Carolyn (1891), Donald John (1894) and Birdie Ann (1897).


Matheson, Hugh: (TS: Nov 22, 1822-June 17, 1907;  b. Scotland; IOOF) “Another old pioneer of this locality, who has seen the country grow from a barren waste to prolific wheat fields, has passed away. Hugh Matheson, who was past the age of 84 years, died at the home of his son, D. W. Matheson, northwest of Sprague, early Monday morning. The funeral services were conducted from the Congregational Church Thursday afternoon, the Rev Jonathan Edwards officiating, and interment was in the Maccabee Cemetery.—Independent Times.” (Citizen-July 5, 1907)(The deceased was born in Scotland in 1822 and came to America 30 years later--in 1852.  He had been a resident of this locality and Lincoln county since 1883.  His wife died several years ago in Canada.  Two children are left to mourn the loss of a father--D. W. Matheson and Mrs. Maggie Rankin, both of Sprague.   Many friends of the bereaved family extend to them heartfelt sympathy.   Independent, Sprague, Friday, June 21, 1907. by Barbara Curtis)


Matheson, John A.: (TS: Nov 21, 1856-Sept 28, 1904; b. Canada; IOOF) “The remains of John A. Matheson, who died at Greenwood, BC, Sept 28th, were brought to Sprague for burial.  The funeral services were held from the Congregational church Tuesday, Rev G. H. Wilbur officiating, and interment took place in the Maccabee Cemetery.  John A. Matheson was 47 years old when he died. He came to this section in 1880 and has lived here more or less since that time. He leaves a father, Hugh Matheson, and a brother and sister to mourn his untimely death.” (Sprague Times-Oct 7, 1904; edit: see Duncan Matheson in Sprague Burials Elsewhere) 


Matheson, Mary Carolyn Fish: (added; d. 4-16-1929)  “Record of Funeral: Mrs. D. W. Matheson, born MI. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: April 18, 1929, Federated Church with Dr Soane of Sprague. Death: Apr 16, 1929 at Sprague. Cause: myocarditis. Housewife, married, Protestant. Interment: Maccabee, Section 86.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; see also SLE, page 473-476) “Delayed Birth Certificate Record of Wm H. Matheson, Sprague, WA. #192. Born at Sprague, WA, March 19, 1889. Father’s name was Donald W. Matheson. Mother’s maiden name was Mary C. Fish. Order signed June 16th, 1942 by Judge W. M. Nevins.” (Lincoln County Superior Court; #31, Record of Birth of Maggie M. Matheson, born at Sprague on April 6, 1887) SLE page 473-4 has a photo of Donald W. and Mary C. Matheson. The item indicates that she was a widow when she married Donald, and had at least one child by her previous marriage, Mabel Schemmerhorn. No data locally was obtained on this child who was apparently with her in 1883 when she came to this area to help her brothers and her mother, Mary C. Laverty Fish, now resting in Lakeview Cemetery.


May, Edna H.: (added; d.7-17-1978) "Edna H. May.  Born:6-20-1904, Sprague, WA.  Died: 7-17-1978, Vancouver, WA.  Buried 7-21-1978, graveside service, Sprague, W."(St. John's Lutheran Church Burial Register)


May, John:  (added)  “John W May.—Passed away July 11 in Camas, WA. Survived by his wife Edna H, at the home; Sons Donald J, Fairbanks , AK ; Douglas W, Philadelphia, PA; 8 grandchildren, one brother Harry F May in CA. 2 sisters, Mrs A Hunt, Wheeler, Dundee, NY; Mrs James Schneider, Anaheim, CA. Numerous nieces and nephews. A member of the United Church in Walpole,Mass. He retired as an Electrical Engineer of the Allis Chalmers Corp.  Also formerly of Westinghouse Electrical Corp, and ITE Circuit Breaker Co. He holds 14 patents in the electrical field. Graveside services will be conducted in the Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA, Monday, July 16 at 2 p.m. The Brown & Toller Funeral Chapel, Camas, WA, is handling arrangements.” (Spokesman Review: 7-12-1973)


McAllister, Thomas: (owner of Blk 69)

McAllister, Thomas:  (TS: 1837-1919) “Record of Funeral of Thomas McAllister. White. Birth: St John, NB.  Charge to Mrs. McAllister of Sprague. Funeral: July 6, 1919 at 2 p.m., Congregational Church, Rev Jonathan Edwards. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner. Death: July 3, 1919; Birth: Apr 10, 1837. Retired, married, Protestant. Aged: 82 yrs 2 mos 23 days. Parents born Scotland (not named). Interment: Section 69.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  The Sprague Advocate - Friday, July 4, 1919, Thos. McAllister Passes Away) The death of Thomas McAllister,  pioneer and retired businessman of Sprague occurred early Thursday morning July 3 after a general decline in health and strength continuing for some time.  Mr. McAllister came to Sprague in 1884 and started a harness shop on the north side where the North Side barn now stands.  Later he built and moved into the two story brick building now occupied by the Pechtel cigar store and the Martin rooming house.  Here he conducted his business as harness dealer for many years in his quiet, industrious way making many friends and being loved and respected by all.  About two years ago, then being about 80 years of age he retired from business and has lived at his home here in Sprague. As relatives at Sprague he leaves his wife and a step-daughter, Mrs. Geo Ells.  If funeral arrangements are made before going to press announcement will be made in another column.Submitted by Jan Mackie, family relative,  November 30,2002 <>


McCall, Earl Dean: (added: d. Nov 3, 1916) “The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Wiley McCall died last Friday. The funeral was held from the M E Church at 1 p.m. Sunday and burial was made in the Maccabee Cemetery.  Earl Dean McCall was born in Sprague, Washington, Sept 6, 1916 and passed to rest at Sprague, Nov 3, 1916, aged about eight weeks. How brief the ray, as beautiful as fleeting, The time that baby came with us to dwell Just long enough to give a happy greeting Just long enough to bid us all farewell!” “We wish to extend many thanks to the kind friends who assisted us during the illness and death of our loved one.—Mr. & Mrs. W. M. McCall.” (Sprague Advocate-Nov 10, 1916) “Record of Funeral of Earl McCall. White. Born: Sprague, WA. Funeral: Nov 5, 1916 at ME Church at 1 p.m. with Rev Falkner. Physician: Dr Bittner of Sprague. Death: Nov 3, 1916 at Sprague. Birth: Sept 6, 1916. Age: 0 yrs 1 mo 28 days. Father: Wylie McCall born WA; Mother: Grace Hobles born Missouri. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery in Bayman section.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


McCroskey, Donald King: TS: 1900-1917) “Don McCroskey, second son of Mr. & Mrs. Jas McCroskey of Meadow Lake Stock Farms, died at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane on Sunday evening at 10:30.  Death was caused by infection. About two months ago the young man was afflicted with boils which instead of bringing the pus to the surface, discharged it into the blood, causing poisoning of the various organs. The first intimation the parents had of this serious condition was but a few days before death when an abscess formed on the breast. He was immediately taken to the Deaconess Hospital in Spokane where the abscess was opened and drained but the system was so badly infected that this could not save him. An autopsy revealed the facts as stated above. The body was brought to Sprague and the funeral was held Wednesday at 11 a.m. from the Congregational Church, Rev J Edwards of Spokane officiating. The service was simple but very impressive and the flowers brought by loving and sympathetic relatives and friends formed an immense bower of such fragrance and beauty as we have seldom seen equaled.  The funeral party which followed the remains to the Maccabee Cemetery consisted of about forty automobiles and was one of the largest seen here in years. The remains were borne to the grave by classmates, Don being a student of the Sprague high school. Donald King McCroskey was born at Colfax, Aug 5th, 1900 lacking but a few days of being 17 years old at death. His parents are pioneers of the state and well known throughout the Inland Empire, the father being one of the leading stockmen of the northwest. The grief of the parents at the loss of their son on the threshold of a promising manhood is greatly alleviated by the genuine sympathy of a host of friends from every point. Those attending the services from a distance were: Judge R. L. McCroskey, M. P. and Virgil McCroskey and Misses Aileen and Bernadine Browder of Colfax; Geo H. McCroskey and family of Pullman; R. C. McCroskey and family of Garfield; P. H. McCroskey of Madisonville, Tenn; Frank McCroskey and family of Oakesdale; Paul Browder of Pullman; Joe McReynolds of Steptoe; all relatives, and Mr. & Mrs. T. E. Damrell and R. C. Whitford of Cheney; Misses Frankie and Bessie Babcock of Ewan; and Mr. Pope of the Pope Elmandorff Co of Spokane.” Sprague Advocate-July 20, 1917) “Record of Funeral of Donald King McCroskey. White. Order given by Jas H. McCroskey. Funeral: July 18, 1917 at Congregational Church at 11 a.m. with Rev Jonathan Edwards. Death: at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane on July 15, 1917. Cause: General Caplicaemia; Secondary: abscess. Stock Raiser. Single. Protestant. Aged: 16 yrs 11 mos 10 days. Father: Jas H. McCroskey. Shipped from Smith and Co. Interment: original 43.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for purchase of cemetery lot)

-McCroskey, James H: (owner of Blk 43) purchased April 21, 1919

McCroskey, James  H.:  (TS: 1870-1952; see also McReynolds in Sprague Burials Elsewhere) “Jas McCroskey departed Sunday on a long trip which will combine business with pleasure. He goes first to Marysville, MO, where he attends a big sale of Shorthorn cattle on June 13 and 14. Then he goes to Sweetwater, TN, his boyhood home, to visit for a time with relatives...” (Sprague Advocate: 6-15-1917) James H McCroskey owned the City Drug Company after the turn of the century.


McCroskey, Joseph P.:  (TS: 1896-1962) “Joseph P. McCroskey.  Death: 9-02-1962. Birth: 12-05-1896. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health burial permit card)


McCroskey, Margaret M.:  (TS: 1874-1951)


McDonald, Agnes: (TS in Lakeview) d. 1902  


McDonald, Elsie E.: (TS: 1910-1993; shared stone w/Evard L.) See SLE pages 479-80 and 589. Elsie was the wife of Evard L. McDonald. Following his death in 1952, she married Neal Reiha, son of Albert and Ella Evans Reiha, in 1956. Initially they resided in her Sprague home and with the death of Neal’s father they moved to his family’s Rock Creek ranch. Her death record should be under the Reiha surname altho her tombstone reflects her name from her first marriage and that of her three children.


McDonald, Evard L.:  (TS: 1908-1952; shared stone w/Elsie E.)  See SLE page 479-480: Evard and his wife, Elsie, purchased the Sprague paper, The Advocate, in 1948 and following “Mac’s” (Evard) death on Dec 14, 1952, Elsie continued managing the paper until after it was sold. Mac’s mother was living with them for a time, and her name then was Mrs. Bussel. Mac and Elsie had three sons: Loren, Keith and Evan. Sprague Editor Taken by Death. Sprague, Wash . ,  Dec 15.—Evard L McDonald, 44, editor of the Sprague Advocate, died suddenly last night.  He had edited the Advocate for six years. He is survived by his widow, Elsie; three sons, Loren, in the coast guard, and Keith and Evan, at the home; his mother, Mrs Annie Bussell, at the home, and a brother, William McDonald, Seattle. Funeral Arrangements will be announced later.” (scrapbook obit, 1952)


McDonald, James A.:  (TS: 1878-1922) d. 7-06-1922. “Record of Funeral of James A. McDonald. Born TN. Residence: Sprague. Wife of Myrtle Fleshman, Order given by wife. Charge to his estate. Funeral: July 8, 1922, ME Church, 2:30 p.m. Rev Snowden. Physician: Dr Howard of Sprague. Death: July 6, 1922, at Sprague, WA. Cause: cancer of bladder. Birth: Feb 4, 1872. Harness Maker. Married. Methodist. Aged: 50 yrs 5 mos 2 days. Father: Jacob McDonald born Georgia; Mother: Mary Price born TN. Interment: Maccabee, Section 45, grave 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee included for cemetery lot) See SLE pages 480-1 where he is shown to have been married twice, first to Pearl Fleshman, the mother of his three sons (Stillman, Morris J. and Glen), and second to Myrtle Fleshman, who made the journey from Missouri to Washington with his family. The item has two photos with it, showing the family members in front of their harness and saddlery shop.


MacDonald, James (TS in Lakeview) d. 12-02-1921)  


McDonald, Myrtle F.:  (TS: 1874-1938) “Funeral of Myrtle Fleishman McDonald. Residence: Sprague. Wife of J. A. McDonald. Birth: 2-13-1884, St Joseph, Missouri. Death: 8-11-1938, Eastern State Hospital, (Medical Lake, WA); Aged: 64 yrs 5 mos 28 days. Female, white, housewife.  Father: Mr. Fleishman. Physician: Dr M. W. Conway, Eastern State Hospital. Cause of death: brain tumor; secondary: arteriosclerosis. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral service: chapel at 2 p.m. Rev Plankenhorn. Interment: Aug 15, 1938.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) SLE pages 480-1 states that James A McDonald was married to Pearl Fleshman, daughter of a pioneer family of St Joseph, MO. Three sons were born to James and Pearl prior to Pearl’s death: Stillman A., Morris J. (Mutt) and Glen J. (Pill). James then married Myrtle Fleshman and they came west in 1912 and to Sprague in 1913. James died in 1922 and the boys were nearly old enough to fend for themselves, as the Sprague census of 1920 shows their ages as 14, 12 and 9.


McElroy: (see McIlroy)

McElwain, Claude E.:  (TS: 1893-1956)(grandson of Sarah McElwain in Lakeview) See SLE 481-2; 170-1: Claude E. McElwain was the son of John Henry McElwain and Amanda Boyer McElwain. Claude married Edna Boehl and they had two children, Betty Sielaff and Donna Johnson. (edit: There is some confusion that Amanda married a Claude rather than John Henry, but the preponderance of material supports her marriage to John Henry McElwain, and that there was no Claude Sr.)


McElwain, Edna M.: (TS: 1898-1951) SLE page 481-2 quotes the June 1, 1917 Sprague Advocate regarding her marriage to Claude McElwain,  and states that she is the fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boehl. SLE pages 170-1 shows that Edna Boehl McElwain was one of eleven children of Adolph and Anna Boehl, who came to Sprague before the 1895 fire. Her father was a carpenter.


McElwain, James H.:  (TS: 1879-1941)  “James Henry McElwain; Died: 7-26-1941;  Birth: 7-26-1879 in MO; Divorced; Father: John Henry McElwain; Mother: Amanda Reams (sic); Buried: Sprague, WA, (not specified)” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards) “Funeral of James Henry McElwain. Residence: Sprague, WA. Divorced, Grace Heavner. Birth: 7-26-1879, Odessa, Missouri; Death: 7-26-1941, at home in Sprague, WA. Aged: 62 yrs 0 mo 0 days. Male, divorced, white, retired farmer. Father: John Henry McElwain, born Odessa, Missouri; Mother: Amanda Reams (sic), born Indianapolis, Indiana.  Physician: Dr G. H. Howard, Sprague. Cause of death: heart attack. Burial: Maccabee. Funeral: chapel at 2 p.m. with Rev Dennis. Interment: 7-28-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “James H. McElwain returned the first of the week from Missouri, accompanied by Mrs. McElwain. The wedding took place in Gun City, MO, on July 5th. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Heavner, formerly of this city.  Mr. McElwain is a well-to-do young farmer and he and his wife will reside on their farm west of town. Congratulations are extended.” (Sprague Times: 7-17-1903) His father died in 1894 with the probate #393 being filed 24 August 1899 regarding the protection of the children’s share of the estate. John H. McElwain was buried in Lakeview Cemetery and shares a tombstone with his mother, Sarah. At the time of the probate filing, the mother of the children was identified as Maude F. McElwain Nickles; the grandfather, Henry McElwain had also since died. James Henry McElwain was 19 and his siblings in the file were shown as:  Clarence Lee, 12; Pearl Ann, 10; Claude Earnest, age 6. The mother of James is buried in Maccabee as: Amanda (nee Boyer) McElwain Nickles. There is sufficient confusion regarding her identity, however, page 228 of SLE shows that Amanda was the daughter of Mary Paul and her first husband, Richard Boyer, and that Amanda was born the year that her father died. Amanda was raised by her mother’s second husband, Thomas Reams, and most records reflect that he was her father.

McGinnis, Estella: (TS: 1867-1934)  “Record of Funeral: Estella McGinnis. Born: IL. Residence: Sprague, WA. Wife of Henry McGinnis, deceased. Charge to R. R. Jones. Funeral: Nov 15, 1934, Lee Chapel, Rev Rein of Ritzville. Death: Nov 12, 1934, at Spokane. Dr Palmer of Spokane.  Housewife, Protestant, widow. Birth: Oct 23, 1857. Aged: 77 yrs 0 mos 21 days. Father: V. J. Long, born IL. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


McGinnis, Henry:  (TS: 1855-1929) “Henry W. McGinnis; Died: 3 July 1929 at Sprague, WA; Birthdate: 3 July 1855, Illinois; Spouse: Estella; Father = S. McGinnis, born Illinois; Mother: unknown; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln County Health Death cards) “Henry W. McGinnis, of Sprague, father of a former Harrington lady, Mrs. Nellie Carpenter, died at his home in Sprague Wednesday of last week on his 74th birthday. Henry McGinnis figured strongly in pioneer life of the West, having been an Indian fighter, a scout for ‘Buffalo’ Bill Cody and General Miles in their Indian campaign. He saw active service in the Bannack and Nez Perce Indian wars and serves as city marshal of Sprague for a number of years in the early nineties. He was on duty there during the Coxey Army move, through the big A. R. U. strike, and one night expelled 27 hoboes from under a Northern Pacific platform. The editor of The Citizen well remembers one evening, as he was standing about the armory of Troop A, (then stationed at Sprague) waiting for Captain ‘Oscar’ Lindsay to tell the men in uniform to ‘Fall in, Men!’, that away down the street our attention was attracted by several shots from a large caliber revolver well down the street to the west. Looking down that way to see the cause of the barrage, we beheld an athletic hobo running toward us at full speed, and the bullets from Henry’s revolver kicking up the dust about the flying feet of said hobo. Just then Henry McGinnis yelled, ‘Some of you fellows stop him!’ as the fellow rounded the corner and cut north on the side street past the armory., the editor, being nearest the fleeing hobo, cut in on the diagonal, enfolded the fellow in his arms and brought him to the ground where he held him until Marshal McGinnis came up panting and placed him under arrest for resisting an officer.  Mr. McGinnis used to ride a fine fast Indian mustang, of the pinto variety, called ‘Scrauncheon’, named for an Indian chief, and rode this horse on the range, as he was engaged in the livestock business for years.  Henry McGinnis, as an officer, wasn’t afraid of the Devil, and would arrest his best friend in his line of duty, yet he was courteous, obliging, a fine neighbor and a true friend.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Stella McGinnis, and two daughters, Mrs. Nellie Carpenter, Moscow, Idaho, and Mrs. Ralph Jones, Sprague, Washington.” (Citizen-July 12, 1929)  “Record of Funeral: Henry S. McGinnis. Born: IL. Residence: Sprague. Funeral: July 5, 1929, at Lee Chapel, with Rev Dr Evans of Sprague. Death: July 3, 1929. Laborer. married. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee shown for opening and closing of grave) “Buffalo Bill’s Comrade is Dead. Sprague, Wash., July 4.—Henry W. McGinnis, Indian fighter and pioneer stockman, died here last night after a year with heart trouble. Death occurred on his 74th birthday. Mr. McGinnis was born in Illinois and came to the Willamette Valley in Oregon in 1870. He served with Buffalo Bill, scouting for General Howard, and as scout for General Miles. he saw active service in the Nez Perce and Bannack Indian wars. In private life he handled stock and was very successful in breaking wild horses. He came to Sprague in 1881 and entered the butcher business. Later he was city marshal and was deputy sheriff for four years. For another four years he was state cavalryman. He served as city fireman before the big fire in Sprague in 1895. In 1882 he was married to Miss Estella Long, the daughter of a pioneer family, and she survives him. He is also survived by two daughters, Mrs. Nellie Carpenter, Moscow, Idaho, and Mrs. R. R. Jones, Sprague; two brothers, living in Oregon and one sister in California. Funeral services will be held at Lee’s parlors tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.” (scrapbook item: penciled 1929) See also SLE pages 482-3.


McGinnis, Matthew Joseph: (added: d. 11-01-1978) “Matthew Joseph McGinnis; Died: 11-01-1978; Birth: 5-31-1904 in Iowa; Father: John McGinnis; Mother: Julia _____; Spouse: Mona L Cox; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards) See also SLE page 483.


McGinnis, Mona Leona: (added: d.7-21-1985) "Mona Leona McGinnis; Died: 7-21-1985 at Davenport; Father: Oatis E. Copx, Mother: Zella Edna Bolander; Spouse: widowed, Mathew J. McGinnis; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA." (Lincoln County Health Death card)  See also SLE page 483.  She married Matthew McGinnis in Newport, Idaho in 1935.  They had one son, John, born in 1939.


McGlade, Ambrose M.: (TS: Sept 11, 1902-Dec 5, 1928) “Ambrose Matthew McGlade; Died: 5 Dec 1928 at Sprague, WA; Birthdate: 11 Sept 1902 in Rural Lincoln County; Spouse: single; Father = James McGlade born Iowa; Mother = Almine, nee not stated, born Iowa; Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards) “Record of Funeral: Ambrose Mathew McGlade. Born: Fishtrap, WA. Residence: Sprague. Son of Jas McGlade. Funeral: Dec 7, 1928 at Federated Church, with Rev Evans. Death: Dec 5, 1928, drown in Sprague Lake. Occupation: truck driver. single. Birth: Sept 11, 1902. Aged: 26 yrs 2 mos 24 days. Father: Jas McGlade, born Iowa; Mother: Almira McGurgle, born Iowa. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, W ½ Section 29.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Leo McGlade of Sprague was discharged as administrator of the estate of Ambrose McGlade, deceased April 16th.” (Reardan Gazette: 4-24-1930)


McGlade, Dollie:  (TS: 1877-1954; shared stone w/ Frank)


McGlade, Frank: (TS: 1863-1954; shared stone w/ Dollie)


McGlade, John J.: (TS: Mar 12, 1941; CA Wagoner 9 Field Arty) “Funeral of John Joseph McGlade. Residence: Rio Vista, CA. Birth: 8-27-1894, Fishtrap, WA. Death: 3-12-1941 at Solano, CA. Aged: 46 yrs 6 mos 15 days. Male, single, white, laborer. Father: James McGlade, born unknown; Mother: unknown. Physician: Coroner, Gertrude Klotz, Rio Vista, Salano Co, CA. Cause of death: asphyxiation by drowning. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Congregational Community Church at 2 p.m. Interment: 3-21-1941.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fees included the purchase of the cemetery lot in Section 33.) “Delayed Birth Certificate Record of Charles Edward McGlade of Lewiston Idaho, #76. Born at Sprague, Wash, Aug 31, 1896. Father’s name: James J McGlade, Moxlee City, WA; Mother’s maiden name: Alice Almira. Order signed April 7, 1942 by Judge W. M. Nevins.” (Lincoln County Superior Court)


McGlashan, Jessie:  (TS: July 13, 1884-May 31, 1909)  “On Monday evening at nine o’clock at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm McGlashan near St John, occurred the death of Miss Jessie McGlashan, of bronchial pneumonia. She was taken seriously ill Sunday but had been suffering for years from bronchial trouble. He age at death was 24 years 10 months and 18 days. Rev Edwards preached the funeral sermon at the Congregational Church, Thursday, at 2 p.m. and interment was in the Maccabee Cemetery. The young lady was born in South Dakota, coming to this section years ago with her parents who have resided in and near here since before the fire. Her father, Wm McGlashan was employed in the Northern Pacific shops here before they burned down.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-04-1909)


McIlroy, Jaunita Sophia: (added; d. 7-01-1927) “McElroy, Jaunita Sophia.  Died: 1 July 1927, Sprague, WA.  Birth: 11 June 1927, Sprague, WA. Father: Kenneth McElroy, born Sprague, WA; Mother: Ida Stolp, born Sprague, Wa. Burial: Sprague, WA, place not stated.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) SLE page 670 shows one Ida Idelle Stolp, born in Sprague, WA in 1894, the daughter of Frederick and Sophia Siedling Stolp; however, no connection has yet been made to this child.

McIlroy, John S.:  (added: d. 1912; No TS) “John S. McIlroy of near Fishtrap Lake died last Sunday, Oct 13, of heart failure and was buried Tuesday morning in Maccabee Cemetery. Services were held from the Lee Undertaking parlors in Sprague, Rev Edwards officiating.  Mr. McIlroy was a native of New Brunswick, Canada, born there April 11, 1842, being 70 years, 6 months and 2 days old at death. He came from the place of his birth to Sprague country in 1888 and has lived here ever since. He worked at the carpenter trade in Sprague about 4 years before settling on the ranch where he died. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. The children are: Colin of Fishtrap, Miss Ethel and Mrs. W. E. Gibson of Spokane. The son and daughters desire to express their thanks to the good friends for assistance rendered during the sickness and at death of their father. (Sprague Advocate-Oct 18, 1912)  


McKenzie, Eleanor Jean: (TS: July 12, 1909-July 21, 1909; d/o C. M. & Mae) “The Inland Advocate published at Sprague says: The infant child of Dr and Mrs. McKinzie died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday in the Maccabee Cemetery. Rev Edwards officiating.” (Citizen-July 30, 1909) (see also MacKenzie) Dr Chas M. MacKenzie was not shown in the 1908 business listings, but was shown in R. L. Polk Business Directory of 1910 and again 1912 in the City of Sprague. A news item shows that Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKenzie had a 2 ½ yr old son, Charles, who had wandered off with his dog, and were found en route to Lamont. (Sprague Advocate: 10-04-1912)


McMahon, Patrick Vincent: (added: d. 6-10-1975) "Patrick Vincent McMahon. Died: 6-10-1975. Birth: 12-03-1919, MN. Spouse: Hilda Paula Tate; Father: Francis McMahon; Mother: Mary Agnes McGraw. Buried: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


McPherson, Norman:  (added: d. 8-19-1942) “Funeral of Norman McPherson. Residence: Sprague, WA. Birth: 1864. Death: Aug 19, 1942, at Sprague Hospital. Aged: 78 yrs. Male, white, laborer. Physician: Dr G. H. Howard, Sprague. Cause of death: senility. Secondary: bladder obstruction. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery. Funeral: Chapel at 3:30 p.m. Interment: 8-21-1942.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Norman McPhearson. Death: 8-20-1942. Birth: 1864. Widowed. Parents: unknown. Buried: Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death cards.) Edit: The McPhearson family has a family plot in Lakeview Cemetery.


McQuaid, Hugh:  (TS: Aug 22, 1835-June 3, 1911;  b. County Down, Ireland; d. Spokane, WA)  “The Executors of the late Hugh McQuaid have recently placed a beautiful dark granite monument over his grave in Maccabee Cemetery. The monument is of a massive design beautiful in appearance and bears the following inscription: ‘In memory of Hugh McQuaid born Aug 22, 1835, county Down Ireland. Died June 5th, 1911 Spokane, Washington. A friend of the children and firm believer in higher education. This monument is dedicated with the loyalty and admiration of the Sprague Schools.’ Mr. McQuaid willed all of his property to the Sprague Schools at his death.”  (Sprague Advocate-Oct 11, 1912) In the July 15, 1904 issue of Sprague Times, Hugh McQuaid was advertising  a sale of personal and real estate holdings.  “Hugh McQuaid left Tuesday for Los Angeles, CA, to spend a month or so for the benefit of his health. He was threatened with pneumonia when he left and it is doubtful if he reaches Los Angeles before going to a hospital.” (Sprague Times: 2-16-1906) “Hugh McQuaide. Estimated Filing Date: 1911. Estate. Probate #1323.” (Index of Lincoln Co Superior Court Probates)

McRae, Margaret: (added: d. 10-14-1916) “Record of Funeral: Margaret McRae. Born Lincoln Co, WA. Order Date: 10-14-1916. Charge to Jas. H. McCroskey. Funeral: Oct 14, 1916. Place of Death: 9 miles E of Sprague. Physician: Dr Bittner.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for opening grave)



Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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