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                                                   Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, read  by Lartigues


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Rajewski, Lawrence Hazelton (added; d. 1918)

Rajewski, Maxwell: (added; d. 9-19-1920) 

Rakestraw/Rakeshaw, Jason: (added; d.3-11-1922)

Raymond, Jean see Gee

Reams, John W., 1887-1910

Reams, Josie,  see Mapes

Reams, Martha,  (added; d. 1924)

Reams, Mary, 1836-1926, shared stone

Reams, Thomas A., 1833-1922, shared stone

Rehn, Walter R., 1925-1962,  a Mason

Rehn, Carol Lee, infant dau, 1952 (only) 

Reigler, John G., 1850-1934, shared stone

Reigler, Sarah M., 1861-1936, shared stone

Reiha, AlbertJuly 8, 1891-Aug 21, 1960

Reiha, Ella G.,  July 1, 1887-May 24, 1949

Reiha, Julia Lillian,  June 13, 1917-Sept 13, 1917

Reiha, Neal Albert, (added: d. 2000)

Rell, C., 1866-1925, surname uncertain

Richardson, Cora (Reed), 1864-1923

Ridout, Isaac,  owner,  Blk 68 (6-15-05)

Ridout, Malinda (Cade), Mar 27, 1848-Apr 1, 1903w/o Isaac

Robinson, Lloyd E ., Aug 17, 1895-Aug 22, 1918

Robinson, Lois, Aug 11, 1900-Aug 29, 1902d/o U. G. & E. L.

Robinson, Effie L., May 12, 1864-Apr 20, 1918, shared stone

Robinson, Ulysses GrantFeb 4, 1862-June 8, 1938, shared stone

Robinson, U. G.,  owner,  Blk 71 (5-04-05)

Rodgers, Walter R.,  Dec 19, 1892-Sept 5, 1919

Rodgers, William C., 1904-1922

Roloff, Oscar, (added: d. 10-21-1909) 

Rosenzweig, George,  (added: d. June 7, 1981)

Rosenzweig, Lillie, 1894-1954

Ross, Elva Louise, 1890-1956

Rushmaier, Amelia , 1869-1944 ,  shared stone

Rushmaier, John H., 1868-1941,  shared stone





Obituaries and Documentation-Maccabee


Rajewski, Lawrence Hazelton: (added; d. 1918)

Lawrence Hazelton Radjewski, son of Max Radjewski and Miriam Alff; born at Sprague, 13 July 1917, Baptized in Lutheran Church in Sprague; Died 23 March 1918, Sprague Cemetery." (St John's Lutheran Church Burial Register) "A Record of Funeral of Lawrence H. Rajewsky.  White. Born: WA. Son of Max and Marie Rajewsky.  Funeral: March 25, 1919, ME Church, 2 p.m. Rev Kronich, clergyman. Physician: Dr. J. E. Bittner, Sprague.  Death. March 23, 1918, tubercular meningitis.  Birth: July 13, 1917.  Aged: 8 mos 10 days.  Father: Max Rajewsky born MN; Mother: Marie Alff, born WA. Interment: Maccabee" ( Sprague Mortuary ledger, fee for purchase of lot)


Rajewski, Maxwell: (added; d. 9-19-1920) "Record of Funeral of Maxwell Radjewski.  Born: MN. Funeral: Sept 20, 1920, Sprague ME Church, 2 p.m. Death: Spokane, Sacred Heart Hospital on Sept 18, 1920. Birth: Feb 12, 1880.  Laborer, married, Protestant.  Aged: 40 yrs 7 mos 6 days.  Interment Secton 40."  (Sprague Mortuary ledger) In R. L. Polk 1908 listings for Sprague, Max Rajewsky is listed as an electrician; he is shown to be residing with Herman Rajewsky, who is shown as a packer for the Sprague Roller Mills.  Herman also appears in news items in 1909 and has at least one daughter at that time.  From the record of Lawrence H. Radjewski, Maxwell was married to Marie Alff(of Ahlf).

"After a long illness Max Rajewskey died on Sept. 19 at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane.  His death was a shock to the community as he had been able to be about most of the time until he went to the hospital.  He was born in Blue Earth, Minn., Feb 12, 1880 and lived there until he was 23.  He came to Marsahll Junction and from there to Sprague.  On December 31, 1908, he was married to Miss Marie Alf and they have made their home here since that time.  He leaves to mourn his death, his wife and five children, Mildred, Floyd, Eric, Ronald and Robers, and two brothers living in the east.  A little son preceded him in death about two years \ago.  Funeral service were held at the Methodist Church, Tuesday afternoon Rev. Lautenschlager from Spokane officiating and burial took place at the Maccabee cemetery.  The family have the sympathy of the entire community in their sorrow.  Those who attended the funeral from away were Mr. Rajewsky's aunt, Mrs. Zinter, and his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Zinger, Jr., also Mrs. Walter Willets, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Lucile Standerfer, Rev. and Mrs. Lautenschlager all of Spokane." ( Sprague Advocate Sep 22, 1920) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Rakestraw/Rakeshaw, Jason: (added; d.3-11-1922) "Record of Funeral of Jason Rakestraw.  Born OH. Residence: Sprague. Order given by J. B. Fry. Funeral: March 14, 1922, Community Church, 2 p.m., Rev Clay E. Palmer.  Physician: Dr. J. E. Bittner of Sprague. Death: March 11, 1922.  Birth Jan 21, 1833; Aged: 91 yrs 1 mo 17 days.  Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Section 40." (Sprague Mortuary ledger)  The 1920 South Sprague census shows Jason Rakestraw, 89, as a lodger with the Judson B. Fry family.  He was not found with them in 1910.  Jason Rakestraw was born in Ohio where he married Caroline Crosby on Feb 26, 1858.  Caroline was the daughter of Van Rennselaer Crosby and Lucinda Blackman.  At least four children were born to Jason  and his wife Caroline: Ida, Lucy, Uluella E. and son George W.


Raymond, Jean see Gee


Reams, John W. : (TS: 1887-1910)  “John W. Reams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo Reams, died at the Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Tuesday last. The body accompanied by the wife, mother and other relatives was brought to Sprague Tuesday night and the funeral was held Thursday from the ME Church at 2 o’clock. Rev Robinson conducted the services and the body was laid to rest in the Maccabee cemetery. Mr. Reams was taken to Spokane on Jan 13 and was operated on Jan 14, for an obstruction of the bowels. Again on Feb 24 he was operated on, this time for an abscess near the liver. After this he seemed to improve and his speedy recovery was looked for but he was finally compelled to give up after making a gallant fight for life. Peritonitis was also a factor in causing his death. John W Reams was born in Johnson County, MO, on July 25, 1887, being 22 years, 7 months and 3 days old at death. After his last operation he expressed a wish to be taken to the home of his parents at Sprague as soon as he was able to travel.  John Reams and Miss Lydia Boyer were married on Aug 24, 1909, and thru all his suffering his loyal wife stood by his side relieving his suffering and imparting cheer when possible. On last Monday night there was a change for the worse and he began sinking rapidly until 4:40 a.m. Tuesday, when the Angel of Death came and led him across the River Jordan. The remains were brought to Sprague and lay at the  home of Mrs. Laura Boyer until the funeral was held. He leaves a wife, father, mother, two brothers, two sisters, many relatives and a host of friends to mourn his early departure form this life.  The mourners can console themselves with the thought that everything possible was done for the sufferer and that his last days were made as pleasant as they could be by the kindly ministrations of many who loved him.” (Sprague Times: 3-04-1910) Lydia Boyer Reams did not remarry until 1919 when she married Carl Bonk; they had three children. Lydia was the daughter of Samuel and Laura Boyer. See SLE pages 174-5 and 228.

-Reams, Josie: see Mapes


Reams, Martha: (added; d. 1924) “Record of Funeral of Martha Reams. Wife of George Reams. Order given by Chas Reams (son). Funeral: Sept 24, 1924, ME Church, Sprague. Rev Williams. Death: Sept 22, 1924, Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane. Cause: shock following operation. Housewife, Married, Protestant. Interment: Section 103, Grave 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Reams, Mary: (TS: 1836-1926; shared stone w/ Thomas A.)  “Mary Reams. Death: 10 Dec 1926, Sprague, WA.  Birth: 3 May 1835, PA.  Spouse: widow, no name. Father: Samuel Paul, born PA; Mother: not obtainable. Burial: Maccabee Cemetery, Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Record of Funeral of Mary Reams. Order given by Milt. Mapes. Funeral: Dec 13, 1926 at Community Church at 2 p.m. with Rev Randall. Death: Dec 10, 1926, found dead in bed, Sprague residence. Retired Housewife. Widow. Protestant. Aged: 91 yrs 7 mos 7 days. Father: Samuel Paul, born PA. Interment: E ½ of Section 37.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Reams, Thomas A.:  (TS: 1833-1922; shared stone w/ Mary) “Record of Funeral of Thomas Reams. Order given by Biernback. Funeral: Feb 7, 1922, Community Church, 1 p.m., Rev Elroy Palmer. Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner. Death: Feb 4, 1922, Sprague. Cause of death: (not shown). Birth: Jan 6, 1833. Retired Farmer. Married. Aged: 89 yrs 27 days. Father: George Reams, born WV; Mother: Rachel Zimmerman, born WV. Interment: Section 37, E ½.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) “Tom Reams has purchased the tobacco and confectionery business formerly owned by J. H. Linder.” (Sprague Times: 3-11-1904) “Tom Reams and Wilbert Whitaker spent Tuesday at Medical Lake. Contrary to general report the boys were not committed to the asylum.” (Sprague Times: 7-31-1903)


Reed, Edna E.:  (TS: 1908-1927)  See SLE page 583: Edna Reed was born to Alex W. and Susie Reed. Alex was one of four sons of Margaret and Thomas V. Reed. Alex apparently resided in Sand Point, Idaho.


Reed, Margaret Ellen: (TS: 1843-1922) “Record of Funeral of Margaret Ellen Reed. Born: W. Virginia. Wife of T. V. Reed of Sprague. Funeral: May 14, 1922, ME Church, Sprague, 2:30 p.m., Rev Snowden. Physician: Dr Strang. Death: May 11, 1922, Myrtle Hospital, Sprague. Cause of death: pneumonia, Secondary: paralysis.  Birth: July 31, 1843. Aged: 78 yrs 9 mos 11 days. Housewife, married, Methodist. Father: Robert E. Moran, born WV; Mother: don’t know. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Section 27, West ½ Grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See also SLE pages 581-585: In 1860 Margaret Moran married Thomas Van Gilder Reed in West Virginia. They moved to Illinois four years later and remained there for twenty years before coming to Washington Territory on May 12, 1884, settling near Rock Lake. Five children were recorded in this article. She and Thomas moved into Sprague about 1910 and resided there until their deaths.


Reed, Thomas V.: (TS: 1839-1923) “Record of Funeral of T. V. Reed. Born: WV. Charge to his estate. Order given by sons. Funeral: Sept 4, 1923, ME Church, Sprague. Rev Williams. Physician: Dr Howard. Death: Sept 1, 1923, Sprague, WA. Birth: July 21, 1839. Retired Farmer, widower, Methodist. Aged: 84 yrs 1 mo 11 days. Father: Thomas Reed, born WV; Mother: Sarah Vonvillen, born WV. Interment: Maccabee Cemetery, Section 27, West ½, Grave 1.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE pages 581-5: In 1860 Thomas Van Gilder Reed married Margaret Ellen Moran. Five children were born to them: Robert M. (buried at Eaton Cemetery), Cora (Richardson), Alex W., John L. and LeRoy. Thomas Reed was a veteran of the Civil War, as was his brother, John Wesley Reed (1843-1937).


Rehn, Walter R.:  (TS: 1925-1962; a Mason) “Walter Richard Rehn. Born: May 15, 1925; Died: Aug 20, 1962; Buried: Aug 23, 1962.” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register) “Walter R. Rehn who with his family was the recipient of the ‘honor of love’ gesture a week ago Sunday (featured in the Aug 16 Citizen) died in Spokane August 20. Because of his chronic illness, which left him unable to harvest his crop, neighbors and friends contributed machines and labor to cut his 300-acre crop, completing on that day. The following Wednesday Mr. Rehn was in Sprague caring for business and at that time expressed his deep gratitude for the kind and generous act. His spirits were good. Mr. Rehn’s illness had forced him to leave the farm recently and move to Spokane. Funeral services will be held Aug 23 at 2 p.m. from the Community Church at Sprague and burial will be in the Sprague Cemetery. Rehn was a member of the Lutheran Church, Sprague; past master Sprague Lodge No 40, R & AM, past patron Henrietta Chapter, Eastern Star, Spokane Moose Lodge No. 161, Sprague Chapter No. 6 RAM. Survivors include his wife, Helen; children, Connie Jo and Steven Walter; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rehn; a sister and two brothers.” (Harrington Citizen: Aug 23, 1962) See SLE page 588, birth: 5-15-1925 at Ritzville; married: Helen Lorraine Chandler of Spokane on May 28, 1949. Helen remarried in 1964, to Jake Holland of Othello.)


Rehn, Carol Lee, infant dau: (TS: 1952) 

Reigler, John G.: (TS: 1850-1934; shared stone w/ Sarah M.) “Record of Funeral: John G. Riegler. Born: Ohio. Charge to Lincoln County. Order given by Commissioner. Funeral: Jan 31, 1935 at Lee Chapel, Sprague, Rev Reiss of Ritzville. Death: Jan 29, 1935, at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, WA. Cause of death: paralysis. Birth: June 1, 1854; Aged: 80 yrs 5 mos 28 days. Father: John Riegler, born Germany. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Reigler, Sarah M.:  (TS: 1861-1936; shared stone w/ John G.) “Record of Funeral: Sarah Maria Reigler. Born: Ohio. Residence: Sprague, WA. Widow of John G. Reigler, deceased. Funeral: Feb 14, 1936, Lee Chapel. Death: Feb 11, 1936, at Sacred Heart Hospital (Spokane). Cause of Death: heart failure. Housewife, widow, Protestant. Birth: Nov 18, 1861. Aged: 74 yrs 2 mos 23 days. Parents: Don’t know. Body to be shipped by auto from Spokane. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Reiha, Albert: (TS: July 8, 1891-Aug 21, 1960) See SLE page 589: Albert and Ella Reiha lived in Reardan prior to coming to Sprague in 1930. They had three children: Neal, Clair and Pauline. His first wife, Ella, died suddenly in May 1949. His second marriage was to Marie Stirns of Spokane in 1955. Albert died in 1960, also from a heart attack, and Marie later moved to Walla Walla.


Reiha, Ella G.:  (TS: July 1, 1887-May 24, 1949; nee Evans)  “Record of Funeral: Ella G. Reiha. Born: Springgreen, Wisconsin. Wife of Albert Reiha of Edwall. Funeral: 5-26-1949 at Community Church at 2 p.m. with Rev R. Marvin and Rev John Groschupf. Physician: Dr J. Caldwell of Cheney, WA. Cause of death: heart. Death: 5-24-1949 at home. Housekeeper. Married. Protestant. Birth: July 1, 1887. Aged: 61 yrs 10 mos 23 days.  Father: James Evans. Interment: Maccabee; Lot 56 Grave 5 Section 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See also SLE page 589.


Reiha, Julia Lillian:  (TS: June 13, 1917-Sept 13, 1917)


Reiha, Neal Albert:  (added, d. 2000) “Neal Albert Reiha. Born: 12-09-1915, Reardan, WA; Died: 1-10-2000, Spokane, WA; Buried: 1-14-2000, Sprague, WA” (St John’s Lutheran Church Burial Register)

"Neal Albert Reiha, 84, a lifetime resident of Lincoln County, passed away on Jan 10 at St Luke’s Extended Care Center in Spokane following a lengthy bout with cancer. Funeral service will be held at St John’s Lutheran Church in Sprague on Friday at 11 a.m. Concluding service and vault interment will follow at Sprague’s Maccabee Cemetery. He was born on Dec 9, 1915, to Albert and Ella Evans Reiha at Reardan. The Reiha family lived near Reardan until 1930, when they moved to Sprague and rented a farm. In 1935 during the Depression, they purchased their present farm on Rock Creek 11 miles north of Sprague. Neal farmed and raised purebred Polled Herefords with his brother, Clair. He retired in 1981 and has since resided in Sprague. Mr. Reiha was a member of Crab Creek Grange and was a 5th degree member of the Washington State Grange. He also belonged to the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. his special interests included hunting and fishing, family and friends, playing pinochle, and traveling. Surviving is a sister and brother-in-law, Pauline and Bill Moechel of Lacey, WA; a brother and sister-in-law, Clair and Kay Reiha of Peoria, AZ; three stepsons, Loren McDonald of Tombstone, AZ; Keith McDonald of Seattle; and Evan McDonald of Woodbury, MN; 8 step-grandchildren; and 3 nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife Elsie in 1993 and a special friend, Esther Smith, in 1998. Danekas Funeral Home of Ritzville is in charge of arrangements." (Davenport Times: 1-13-2000)


Rell, C.: (TS: 1866-1925; surname uncertain)


Richardson, Cora (Reed): (TS: 1864-1923) “Cora A. Richardson. Female, white, divorced.  Death: 30 April 1923, Harrington, WA.  Birth: 16 June 1866, WV. Aged: 59 years 8 mos 6 days.  Father: Thomas V. Reed, born WV; Mother: Marian Allen born WV. Informant: Ethel Charlton, Harrington, WA. Cause of death: carcinoma. J. M. Gunning, MD, Spokane, WA. Burial: Sprague, WA; J. E. Turner, undertaker.” (WA State Register of Death) (Lincoln Co Health death card “Maccabee Cemetery”.) See SLE page 582 where she is reportedly the daughter of Thomas Vangilder Reed and his wife Margaret Allen Reed. This report states that she was married to a photographer, Richard R Richardson, and that one daughter was born to them, Ethel. Cora had four brothers.


Ridout surname: at least four burials with the Ridout surname occurred in the Lakeview Cemetery.


Ridout, Isaac: owner,  Blk 68 (6-15-05)


Ridout, Malinda (Cade):  (TS: Mar 27, 1848-Apr 1, 1903; w/o Isaac) “Mrs. Malinda Ridout, wife of Isaac Ridout, died at her home in this city on Tuesday at the age of 55 years and 4 days. The funeral services were held in the Methodist Church Thursday at 2 p.m. and the remains laid to rest in the Maccabee Cemetery.  Deceased leaves a husband and a large number of relatives to mourn their loss, in which they have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.” (Sprague Times: 4-03-1903)


Robinson, Lloyd E.:   (TS: Aug 17, 1895-Aug 22, 1918) “Record of Funeral of Lloyd E. Robinson.  White. Son of U. G. Robinson. Funeral: Aug 25, 1918, at Sprague. Death: Portland, OR, on Aug 23, 1918. Cause: Mitral insufficiency. Birth: Aug 17, 1895. Farmer, married, Baptist. Aged: 23 yrs 5 days. Father: U. G. Robinson, born Iowa. Mother: Effie Coleman, born PA. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Robinson, Loie:  (TS: Aug 11, 1900-Aug 29, 1902; d/o U. G. & E. L.) 


Robinson, Effie L.:  (May 12, 1864-Apr 20, 1918; shared stone w/ Ulysses G.)  “Record of Funeral of Effie L. Robinson. White. Born: PA. Wife of U. G. Robinson of Sprague. Funeral: April 22, 1918, ME Church, 2:30 p.m. with Rev Faulkner. Physician: Dr Strang of Sprague. Cause of death: Cerebral Embolism. Death: April 20, 1918 at Sprague. Birth: May 12, 1864. Aged: 53 yrs 11 mos 8 days. Housewife, married, Protestant. Father: L. C. Coleman born PA; Mother: Sarah J. Rose/Ross, born PA. Interment: Maccabee; grave 2 (Section not specified).” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; fee for opening grave, no purchase of lot)  See SLE page 605. Effie Coleman Robinson married Ulysses Robinson on March 31, 1891. They were shown to have three children: Rossie, Effie and Grant. Effie preceded Ulysses in death by nearly 20 years. She was preceded in death by two children: Lois (1900-1902) and Lloyd E. (1895-1918) and by her mother who had been living with them for more than ten years, Sarah Jane Coleman (1825-1911) also in Maccabee.


Robinson, Ulysses Grant:  (Feb 4, 1862-June 8, 1938; shared stone w/ Effie L.) “Record of Funeral: Ulyssis Grant Robinson. Residence: Spokane, WA. Funeral: June 10, 1936, at Sprague with Rev Plankenhorn of Edwall.  Death: June 8, 1936, at Spokane. Cause: cardiac decompensate. Widower. Protestant. Aged: 74 yrs. Shipped by Smith & Co. Interment: Maccabee.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger) See SLE pages 605: Ulysses Grant Robinson married Effie Levada Coleman on March 31, 1891. He worked for the RR. In addition to little Lois, they had three surviving children: Rossie, Effie and Grant. Alice Robinson, niece to U. G. Robinson, married James Calloway in Jan 1910 at the U. G. Robinson home.

Robinson, U. G.:  owner, Blk 71 (5-04-05)


Rodgers, Walter R.:  (TS: Dec 19, 1892-Sept 5, 1919) “The body of Walter R. Rogers arrived from Hoboken, New Jersey, on No 41 last Friday night, in charge of an escort which the government provided. The box containing the casket was draped with an American flag. Death had occurred Sept 5, as the result of an operation in the army hospital. Funeral services were held at Lee’s parlors Sunday afternoon, Rev Garver officiating. Six ex-servicemen acted as pall bearers and a line of ex-service men escorted the remains to the Maccabee Cemetery, where interment took place. Among the many beautiful  floral offerings one made in imitation of an American bag attracted much attention. Mr. Rogers was born at Higginsville, Missouri, Dec 19, 1892. He enlisted as a volunteer in July, 1917, and was sent overseas in December. He saw service at the Argonne, St Mihiel, Chateau Thierry and the Marne and was awarded four stars for having participated in the four largest battles. He was severely gassed but recovered fairly well. On April 6 this year he was operated on for appendicitis and several subsequent operations were necessary but not with success.—Sprague Advocate.” (Dav. Tribune-Times: 9-25-1919) “Walter R Rodgers, son of Mrs. Frank Wendel of Tyler and nephew of Mrs. Lulu Large, died at the embarkation hospital at Hoboken, New Jersey, last Sunday following one of several operations. Mr. Rodgers was with Battery D, of the 146th field artillery. His mother was with him at the time of his death and is expected to arrive with the body today on No. 41. He was 26 years old. A military funeral is being arranged.—Sprague Advocate.” (Dav. T-T: 9-18-1919) “Record of Funeral of Walter R. Rogers. White. Born: WA. Funeral: Sept 14, 1919 at Maccabee Cemetery at 2:30 p.m. with Rev Garver. Place of Death: New Jersey. Cause of Death: Bowel obstruction. Secondary: appendicitis. Death: Sept 5, 1919. Birth: Dec 18, 1892. Occupation: Soldier, 146 Art. Single, Protestant. Aged: 26 yrs 8 mos 15 days. Mother: Mrs. Ellen Wendel of Tyler. Casket: U S Government Casket. Interment: Maccabee, Section 41, NW ¼, grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; edit: with the burial of Wm C. Rodgers, Walter’s burial was mapped to read “grave 1”)


Rodgers, William C.:  (1904-1922)  “Record of Funeral of William Corthell Rodgers. Born: Missouri. Residence: Tyler, WA. Order given by mother, Mrs. Wendle of Tyler. Funeral: Oct 1, 1922, at Sprague, 2 p.m., Clay E Palmer, clergyman. Place of death: Tyler, WA. Physician: Dr W. M. Newman, Spokane County coroner. Cause of Death: Killed in auto accident. Death: Sept 27, 1922. Birth: Aug 5, 1904. Laborer. Single. Protestant. Aged: 18 yrs 1 mo 22 days. Father: Frank Rodgers, born IL; Mother: Ellen Mapes Wendle, born IL. Interment: Maccabee, Section 41, NW ¼, grave 2.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; notation of Frank Wendle, Arlington, OR)


Roloff, Oscar:  (added, d. 10-21-1909) "Oscar Roloff. Male, white. Birth: Aug 17, 1909, Sprague, WA. Age: 2 months 4 days. Father: August Roloff, born Russia. Mother: Ustina Rodf, born Russia. Informant: Aug. Roloff, Sprague, WA. Death: Oct 21, 1909, 12 noon, Sprague, Lincoln Co. Cause of death: Infantile Convulsions of 2 days duration. J. E. Bittner, MD, of Sprague. Burial: Sprague, WA on Oct 23, 1909. Undertaker: W. H. Buchanan." (WA State Certificate of Death)


Rosenzweig, George:  (added,  d. June 7, 1981) See SLE pages 605-607: George Rosenzweig was born in Nov 1887 near Athena, Oregon, the youngest child of Fred and Louise Rosenzweig. He received an award for his 53 years of service to the Town of Lamont in a variety of capacities. He had married Lillie Harris Appel in Sept 1927 and were married more than 25 years before Lillie’s death.


Rosenzweig, Lillie:  (TS: 1894-1954; OES)  SLE pages 605-7, an article written by Gertrude E. Johnson, states that George Rosenzweig married Lillie Harris Appel in Sept 1927. It further says that they were married 25 years before her death in 1952, which is a variation from the TS data.

Ross, Elva Louise:  (TS: 1890-1956) 


Rushmaier, Amelia:  (TS: 1869-1944; shared stone w/ John H.)


Rushmaier, John E.:  (TS: 1868-1941; shared stone w/ Amelia)


** Additions in italics submitted by Barbara Curtis


Maccabee Cemetery Obits, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington

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