August 4, 2008 I went with descendants of J. Michael Dosdall to the McMillen Cemetery in the Earl district of Lincoln County. For years, the Louisa McMillen white marble tombstone could be seen from roads from the north, west and south as a landmark of the location of the cemetery. This year, the stone was not visible. We hiked up to take pictures of the Dosdall tombstone. We found that the 4-ft white tombstone for Louisa was pushed off of its base. One can speculate that the large number of deer in the area may have been responsible. The TS for Miles McMillen was visible, and the stone for Michael Dosdall was flat on the earth and beginning to be covered by soil. Several other bases were found, but as we did not take weed-eaters or other equipment with us, these were the only objects visible. This cemetery will disappear without assistance.

                                                                 Submitted by Marge Womach 


 McMillen Cemetery and Obituaries

Lincoln County, Washington

   Located NW 1/4 Sec 34 Twp 24N R 35 EWM)

Of the 30 to 40 marked graves that were viewed by locals in the 1930’s through 1950, little evidence of the beautiful cemetery remain. The cemetery then was comprised of two sections, one for the family of McMillen and the second for the surrounding community.  The first deed of record (dated April 20, 1891) for this piece of property was the patent for the homestead of Miles McMillen, a Civil War veteran. His initial application was dated Oct 5, 1883. It remained in the family until the family could not afford to pay the taxes, at which time, the Lincoln County Sheriff took the property containing the cemetery and sold it at public auction. The county failed to identify or record the presence of the cemetery. The cemetery previously had been fenced and remained so until about 1950. The owner during the mid-1950’s reportedly was disgusted with the tombstones getting into his equipment while attempting to farm the edges of the cemetery, and he eventually bull-dozed the cemetery into a heap at the top of the ridge. One tombstone stands erect, that of Luvisa McMillen, while the others are broken, cracked, buried or decayed. The tombstone of Miles McMillen was buried two feet below the present surface. As can be seen from the short list below, most of the history was eradicated by a single farmer without consequence in spite of the laws that were in place at the state level at the time of the desecration. In the following records * denotes  “Known to be in this area prior to time of death.”  Ida Braden McCue was buried in Hillcrest, as were the Tierney family members. Ewing family members were found in Hillcrest. Charles Hotaling died in September of 1918 in Gillette, Wyoming. The Cagle family moved to Chelan where his wife died in 1928. The demise of Fred E. Eichelberger, h/o Lyddie M., is unknown, however, as a widow, she remarried in 1896, (J. L .Tripp) having three children from her prior marriage. Some common early names of this district include Cagle, Lockhart, Welch/Welsh, Merriman, Young, Yarwood, Edwards, Hughes, Paskey, Carruthers, Dietrich, Root, Webb, Hodge, Pfaff, Pope, Clausen, Ensley, Morgan, Yates, Jobe, Weddle, Adams. Other common names to this area including Maurer, Knack, Kruger, Kloster, Mielke, Bakenhaus, Huck and Bursch were involved in the Zion German Methodist church in whose cemetery lie many of their family members.

NOTE:  Due to the destruction of the McMillen Cemetery, a perpetual request is made for contact from members of any of the families of this district, that early births and  deaths might be recorded, and acknowledgement of the deaths might be made public.



Braden, Grandma ( died about 19 Mar 1909)* (possibly buried Hillcrest?)

Cagle, Jennie (?burial; d.  Spokane 9-25-1891, age 10 months)

Dosdall, Michael ( b. 1 Aug 1824; died 20 Sept 1907) tombstone & probate

Earl, Elizabeth M. ( d. 18 June 1895) (wife of Wm) probate & obituary

Earl, Henry W.  ( b. abt 1871; on 1889 census, died before 1904, Big Bend)*

Earl, Wilton H. (10 Feb 1871-12 Mar 1895) tombstone

Magill, Sarah Louisa Warwick (    -    )family records place her here

McMillen, Miles  (17 Apr 1832-12 Mar 1891) tombstone

McMillen, Martha Hardesty ( b. abt 1833; died 4 Jan 1902) tombstone

McMillen, Luvisa E. ( Mrs. Chas) (11 Jan 1868-8 Aug 1906) tombstone

McMillen, Roy Edwin (son of L. E .& C. E. Mcmillen) stone without dates

McMillen, Charles ( b. abt 1863; died 21 May 1934) obituary & oral report

Simmons, Mrs. Eva (David) ( b. abt 1859; died before 1894)*

Simmons, David (“not expected to recover”, Dec 20, 1888; Sprague Independent) ( Mr. David Simmons of Yarwood district alive in 1891 probate #183)



Dosdall, Michael:  “Michael Dosdall, an old gentleman who lived alone upon a homestead, ten miles northwest of Harrington, died at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, last Friday, aged 82 years. Old age was the cause of his death. The remains were shipped to Harrington Saturday and given burial in the McMillan Cemetery, near his homestead, Sunday morning.  But little can be learned of him. He is said to have been well off at one time in his life, was a German and quite intelligent. He is said to have sons in the East who are well to do. He left a will at the hospital before his death.  Charles McMillan went to Spokane to look after the matter.” (9-27-1907) The Harrington Citizen of 29 Dec 1905 published his “notice of intention to make file final proof” on his homestead application #11,377, dated June 27, 1899, for Lots 1, 2, and 3, and the SW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Sec 4 Twp 23 R 35 EWM.  His witnesses were: Alfred Sandygren, Louis B. Cooley, Alven McMillan and Charles E. McMillan. “The Michael Dosdall place will be sold at auction to the highest bidder for cash on April 8, 1910... A quarter section of land, known as the Dosdall place, will be sold... Buy a farm at auction!”  (Harr. Citizen of Apr 1, 1910). At the time of his death, Michael Dosdall would have had 8 surviving children: Frederick, John Christoph, Michael, Edward, H. Herman Dosdall and Emiliie (Mrs. E .H. York), Bertha Loos/Loas and Anna Laws/Loas. Michael Dosdall was born August 1, 1824 and died Sept 20, 1907, per family report. "Michael Dosdall. Male, white, widowed, age 83, retired farmer. Death: Sept 20, 1907, Deaconess Hospital, Spokane Co, Spokane, WA. Residence: Earl, WA. Burial: Harrington, WA." (WA State Board of Health: Certificate of Death)

Mr. Dowsdale, Aug 30, 1907 notation ill

A Mr. Dowsdale, an old gentleman of some 85 years, who lives alone in the country, is reported quite sick this week. (Citizen) (Possibly Michael Dosdall at McMillen Cemetery)  

Earl, Wilton Henry: Wilton Henry Earl was born Feb 10, 1871 to Robert A Earl and Lourena Powell. He died just after his 24th birthday on March 12, 1895.  He was survived by the following known persons: his parents, an older brother, Wm, and two younger brothers, Joseph L. and Ernest L. Earl.  The Robert Earl family migrated from the mid-west through Oregon where several of the older sisters were married in Lynn Co, Oregon. Savilla was the wife of Lon Cooley; Altha J. married John Pope and then Mr. Edwards. Annetta married Samuel Pope in 1877, Lydia A. married Edgar Wells in 1879 and Minnie R. married Charles Hotalling in 1879. Portions of the family history are found in “The Brazen Overlanders of 1845” by Donna M. Wojcik; and “The History of Big Bend” published 1904 has an article on Robert Earl.

Earl, Elizabeth M.: (d. 18 June 1895): “Died.—At her home, nine miles northwest of Harrington, Mrs. Lib Earl,  aged 25 yrs 2 mos 18 dys. Deceased was born in Paradise Valley, Nevada, being a member of the well-known Johnston family of that vicinity, but moved to this state with her mother six years ago. Ten days prior to her death blood poison set in. Drs Powell and Leeson, of  Davenport, were called and all was done that could be done to save her life, but all in vain. She died just as she had lived bearing her afflictions without a murmur. To know her was to love her for her sweet disposition. She leaves a husband, a mother, two sisters, three brothers, and two little sons aged 1 and 3 years, besides a host of friends to mourn her loss. The remains were followed to the McMillen cemetery by a large concourse of people where it was laid to rest and wait the coming of the Judgement Day. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the entire community. R G T” (July 5, 1895-LCT) (Edit: Elizabeth M. Earl died on 18 June 1895, see Probate #839, w/o William Earl.)

Earl, Henry W:  ( b. abt 1871; on 1889 census, died before 1904, Big Bend; assumed to be Wilton Henry Earl)*

Magill, Sarah Louisa Warwick: (    -    )family records place her here.  Sarah Louisa Warwick was born in 1865 to Calloway Warwick. She later married  Robert Stafford Magill/McGill. They resided in the Earl precinct of Lincoln County where she died in 1893.  Robert Magill held title to Sec 35 Twp 24 Range 35 EWM on 13 Jan 1888.

McMillen, Miles:  (17 Apr 1832-12 Mar 1891) tombstone: Miles McMillen was born 17 April 1832, married Martha Hardesty, and began his family prior to the Civil War, of which he was a veteran. Their known children were: Flora McMillen Cagle (w/o John F); Mena C. McMillen (no data); Eva McMillen Simmons (w/o David); Charles E. McMillen; and George A. McMillen.

McMillen, Martha Hardesty :(b. abt 1833; died 4 Jan 1902) : “Mrs. McMillen, whose home is near Earl post office, was taken violently ill on Sunday afternoon and before a doctor could be summoned she had breathed her last. The funeral took place at her home on Monday, the body being laid to rest in the private burying ground on the McMillan place. (Citizen-10 Jan 1902) “On the evening of Jan 4, 1902, Mrs. Miles McMillen passed quietly away. The deceased was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and from thence she moved to the state of Missouri, and while there was united in marriage with Miles McMillen. In the year of 1883 she came with husband and children to the state of Washington, where they settled on ‘Lake Creek’. She leaves two sons and one daughter, and a number of grandchildren to mourn their loss, her husband having preceded her to the ‘better land’ eleven years ago. She will be sadly missed by all, as she was a gentle Christian woman, and was loved and respected by all who became acquainted with her. She was hear her 68th birthday, and for many years has led a Christian life,--a shining light and example for all.” (LCT of Jan 10, 1902; Edit: Poem by personal friend deleted.) Their known children were: Mena C. (no data), Eva D. (b. ?1858), Charles E. (b. 1863), George Alven (b. ?1868) and Flora (b. ?1858). On the 1900 Lincoln Co census Martha  only reported giving birth to four children, three of which were living at that time.

McMillen, Luvisa E.: (11 Jan 1868-8 Aug 1906) : Luvisa McMillen was the first wife of Charles E. McMillen. According to the 1900 Earl Precinct of the Lincoln County census, Charles and Luvisa were married less than a year and had no children. Luvisa was reportedly born in Illinios.

McMillen, Roy Edwin: (son of L. E. & C. E. Mcmillen) stone without dates: Roy Edwin McMillen was the son of Charles E. McMilen and his first wife Luvisa.  No further data has been found(2004). Roy was born between the 1900 census and the 1906 death of his mother.

McMillen, Charles: ( b. abt 1863; died 21 May 1934), “Charles E. McMillen, 71, died at Spangle, WA, Monday, May 21, 1934 following a lingering illness from the complications of age, resulting the last year in the loss of his sight and hearing. The remains were taken in charge by J. E. Turner and brought to the Harrington Funeral Home. The last rites were conducted at the Community Congregational church in Harrington by a pastor friend of the family from Spokane, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock and interment was in the McMillen Cemetery near the farm formerly owned by Mr. McMillen, some 12 miles northwest of Harrington. Mr. McMillen is survived by his widow, Myrtle, three sons, Kenneth, at Wenatchee, WA, Ralph and Donald, and one daughter, Leila; one brother Al, in the Chelan country. Charles E. McMillen was born in Missouri and came to Washington Territory in a covered wagon with his parents when a lad of 16 years. His father (Miles) homesteaded the place on which Warren Welch now resides. In later years Chares E. homesteaded for himself and acquired in all, three-fourths of a section of land. In early days he and his brother Al were in partnership in the cattle business and were rated financially well off at one time. Deceased was of Scotch descent, had the reputation of being industrious and a hard worker, a good neighbor, and a loyal friend. He was a logical thinker and was gifted along the lines of writing, with a poetical turn of mind. Much of his verse has appeared in the columns of The Citizen. Many old-time friends gathered to pay their last respects to the deceased.” (May 25, 1934-Harr. Citizen) Charles McMillen was born about 1863 in Missouri, the son of Miles McMillen and Martha A. Hardesty.  Charles married Luvisa, who died in 1906 with burial in their cemetery. At least one son from this marriage is buried in McMillen Cemetery. In Feb 1909 he married Myrtle Courtwright at Spokane. She was a Lincoln County teacher. It was common knowledge that Myrtle did not enjoy the Earl district lifestyle.

Simmons, Mrs. Eva (David): ( b. abt 1859; died before 1894):* Eva McMillen was born in Gentry County, Missouri about 1858, to Miles and Martha (Hardesty) McMillen. She journeyed with the family by covered wagon to Lynn Co, Oregon and eventually to the area later known as the Earl district in Lincoln Co, WA. On Dec 9, 1884 Eva McMillen was married to David M. Simmons in Lincoln County. Three children were known to be born to David and Eva: Edna/Eudocia (Oct 1885), Jesse (Apr 1887) and Ella/Angeline (Nov 1888). The family appears on the 1885, 1887 and 1889 census. By the 1892 census, David is listed alone, Eva is deceased, and the children are lodging with relatives. The children appear in the probate (#183) of Miles McMillen. David was living at that time but cited as neglectful as a parent for young children and a guardian was appointed for the children. On the 1900 Federal Census for the Earl Precinct, Eva’s three children are listed with her mother, Martha McMillen. (No obituary has yet been found for Eva Simmons.) Following the death of Martha McMillen in 1902, the location of the children was unknown to this author. In October of 1904, Eudocia Simmons was bridesmaid for the wedding of Fern Stover and W J Hammond.

Simmons, David: David Simmons was born about 1848 in Illinois, per census records. On Dec 9, 1884 he was married in Lincoln Co, WA to Eva McMillen of the Earl district of Lincoln Co, WA. He farmed in the Earl district and forfeited custody of his children to the McMillen family. Three children were born, Edna, Jess and Ella. He is consistently reported on the census of 1885, 1887, 1889 and 1892 for Lincoln County, WA. Following the death of his wife between 1889 and 1891, his appearance in Lincoln County is less discernible. (“not expected to recover”, in Dec 20, 1888, Sprague Independent; Mr. David Simmons of Yarwood district alive in 1891 probate #183, Miles McMillen; and appears on the 1892 census.)


McMillen Cemetery, Earl District, Lincoln Co., Washington,  submitted 

to the WAGenweb April 14, 2004, by Marge Womach

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