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Carpenter, C. M.: 263  

Carpenter, Charles M.; (birth, death and burial unconfirmed); h/o Elizabeth Clark); “Mr. Carpenter served all during the Civil War under General McClellan, was a participant in many hard fought battles, and at the close of the war was mustered out with an honorable discharge.” (History of Big Bend excerpt-1904);  He married Elizabeth Jane Clark on July 1, 1873 in Moretown, VT. He and his wife were on the 1900 Mondovi and the 1910 Egypt, Lincoln Co census. His wife Elizabeth died in August 1910. “S. F. Hayter has rented J. W. Fox’s place, formerly known as the C M Carpenter place. Mr. Hayter intends to put it into garden truck.” (Pleasant Valley column of Davenport Tribune: 5-15-1913)

Carpenter, Mrs. Elizabeth Clark  ‘Lizzie'; (b. Aug 1849; d. 1910; w/o Charles M.);   (no dates; homemade cement stone in the Godwin family plot); “Elizabeth Jane Carpenter. Died: 2 Aug 1910, age 61, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Wm Clark. Mother: Caroline Thompson.” (WA State Death Records); {Edit: This Mrs. Carpenter was the mother of Mabel Lois Carpenter, and Mabel was the wife of Phillip Warner Godwin. “C. M. Carpenter, 49, VT; Lizzie, 40, VT; Mabel, 19, VT; Carrie E, 15, VT; Estella A., 2, Idaho.” (Details from 1887 Lincoln Co Census) “Charles M. Carpenter, May 1837, 63, VT, married 33 years, farmer; Lizzie J., wife, Aug 1849, 50, VT, 9 children born, 3 children living; Carrie, dau, Aug 1875, 24, VT, single; Nellie, dau, Sept 1891, 9, WA, single, school girl.” (1900 Mondovi Census)}

Carpenter, Charles R.;  (Aug 26, 1920-Feb 21, 1992);  “Service was held Tuesday morning at Strate Funeral Home in Davenport for Charles R. ‘Chuck’ Carpenter, 71, who died Friday in Spokane. Burial followed at the Mondovi Cemetery.  He was a general contractor in Spokane.  Mr. Carpenter was born in Spokane and raised in Davenport, graduating from Davenport High School in 1938. He served with the Army Air Corps as an instructor during WW II and received his degree in architectural engineering from WSU in 1950. In 1951, he returned to Spokane and was a general contractor, designing and building several local restaurants, including Swackhammer’s and Cyrus O’Leary’s. Survivors include his wife of 44 years, Glenda; four daughters, Kit Carpenter and Megan Burns, both of Spokane; Jill Carpenter of Vancouver, and Cindy Weeks of Renton; and five grandchildren.” (Davenport Times: 2-27-1992)

Carpenter, Glenda J.; (1927-1992); “Glenda J. Carpenter. Birth: 24 July 1927. Died: 26 Sept 1992. Last Residence: Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index) 

Chilson, Louie B.; (Feb 12, 1880-Feb 16, 1956);

Clark, Jor; (1872-1954);

Cole, Grover; (unconfirmed potential burial); “Grover Cole, a young man of Mondovi and a scholar in a Spokane school, died at Spokane Feb 4.” (Citizen: 2-18-1910)

Cook, Raymond E.: (TS photo); d.

Cooper Surname:  {Edit: Early Lincoln County School records are difficult to read and laden with errors. With that in mind, the following information is provided for individual interpretation: (George and Demcy Cooper, parents/guardians of Charley, 11, Ora, 9, Ben, 7, Mable, 6, Frank, 16. This data dated June 1, 1901 in District #51, Bald Ridge School. Also shown on this school census report was J G Cooper, parent/guardian of Mable Martin, age 5.  The 1907 Bald Ridge School census shows: G O Cooper, guardian/parent of the following children: Charles, 17; Ora, 16; Bennie, 13; and John, 9. Additional school census reports are available at Eastern Washington Regional Archives in Cheney, Spokane Co, WA); (Marriage License: April 26, 1905. Groom: Frank Cooper, age 21, residing Mondovi; born: MO, USA. Farmer. Father: Geo Cooper. Mother: Johana Stanley. Bride: Edna M Beeman. Age 14 years. Residing: Mondovi. Born: Eastern States, USA. Housekeeping. Father: Henry Beeman. Mother: Annie Hoffman. Marriage: May 3, 1905, at Reardan. Rev J B Cronek, Minister of the Gospel. Witnesses: Charles F Cooper and Ethel R Stevens.” (Marriage Return: #1162); “Female Cooper. Born: May 7, 1906, Reardan. Father: Frank Cooper, 21, b. MO; Mother: Edna Beeman, 15, b. IA.” (Lincoln Co Auditor: Birth Ledger to 1907)}

Cooper: 78

Cooper Family Plot: The grave of infant John Tinsley (1908-1909) was buried in the Cooper family plot. Father: Bud Tinsley. Mother: Ethel Stevens. Maria Cooper Wiltsey (1825-1919) was also buried here, the sister of Franklin Cooper. Emma Cooper Kenney, daughter of Franklin Cooper, and her husband Isaac were buried here.

Cooper, Emma; See Kenney, Emma Cooper.

Cooper, Franklin; (Nov 11, 1903; aged 82 yrs; stone settling below ground level);  “Franklin Cooper, head,  male, Jan 1821, 79, VT, widowed. Maria Wiltsey, sister, f, Jan 1825, 74, VT, widow, 0/0 children.” (1900 Twp 25 Mondovi Precinct Census);

Cooper, George; Born Rutland Co, Vermont, 1832; d. Feb 22, 1902; tall tombstone & footstones; h/o Joanna); “Notice of Final Proof. George O Cooper. Land Office at Spokane Falls, WA, May 24, 1897. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim… viz: George Cooper, who made Homestead entry No. 7410, for the NE ¼ SE ¼, E ½ NE ¼, NW ¼ NE ¼, Sec 8 Twp 26N R 38 EWM. He names the following witnesses: George E. Smith, Mat E. Harris, Aaron C. Rouse and James C. Cribble, all of Mondovi, WA.” (LCT: 5-28-1897) “G. J. Cooper, male, 60, VT; J. A., female, 54, IN; Hattie, 13, MO; Frank, 6, MO; and John, 21, KS.” (Lincoln  Co 1892 Census); “George J. Cooper, 38; Joanna, 32; Emma J., 12; Sarah M, 11; Geo O., 6; Nancy A., 5; and John T., 8 mos.” (1870 Agency, Osage County, Kansas census);

Cooper, G. C.; (footstone with George Cooper gravesite);

Cooper, J. C.; (footstone with Joanna Cooper gravesite);

Cooper, Joanna Stanley; (b. abt. 1838; d. 6-20-1923; stone buried below level; wife of George Cooper); “Joanna Cooper. Died: 20 June 1923, aged 84 yrs, at Wellpinit, Stevens Co, WA. Father: Stanley; Mother: don’t know.” (WA State Death Records) {Joanna Cooper appears as the wife of George Cooper on the 1892 census with three children: John, Hattie and Frank.} {Sarah M Cooper Stevens died June 9, 1947, daughter of George Cooper and Joanne Stanley.}

Cooper, John T.; (stone ¾ buried in 1999; footstone; d. 1-31-1933); {Edit: 1892 Lincoln Co census, John T. Cooper is listed with the George Cooper household. “John Tilman Cooper. Died: 31 Jan 1933, age 63, at Nine Mile Falls, Spokane Co, WA. Father: George J. Cooper. Mother: Joanna Stanley.” (WA State Death Records); “John T Cooper, age 40, b. KS; Johanna Cooper, age 71, b. IN” (1910 Harvey Creek, Stevens Co, WA census); “John T. Cooper, age 61, KS” (1930 Nine Mile, Spokane Co, WA census)}

Cooper, Mable B.; (Sept 29, 1895-Jan 8, 1907); {Mable Cooper was shown on the Bald Ridge School census as age 6; and on the 1907 school census, taken in June, her name was not shown with the other children of George Cooper.}

Cribby surname: {Edit: Early Lincoln County School records are difficult to read and laden with errors. With that in mind, the following information is provided for individual interpretation:  “Jas. & Martha Cribby, parents/guardians of: Charley, 13; Stewart, 11; True, 9.” (Lincoln Co School Dist. #51 census June 1, 1901, Bald Ridge School); “Mr. Cribby, parent/guardian of Chas, 19, Steward, 17, True, 15, Residing Section 10.” (Bald Ridge School, June 1, 1907); “Jas Cribby, parent/guardian, residing SW 10-26-38; G. S. (male) Cribby; b. Aug 18, 1890; W. T. (male) Cribby; b. Aug 25, 1892.” (Lincoln Co School Dist. #1, Old Mondovi-McClure School census: May 1, 1910);  “Mrs. S. Cribby, parent/guardian; Melvin, born: April 12, 1913.” (Old Mondovi School census: May 1, 1919); “Stewart Cribby, parent/guardian; Melvin Cribby. Birth: April 12, 1914; Harry Cribby, born March 23, 1915.” (Old Mondovi School census: May 1, 1920); “Steward Cribby, parent/guardian; Melvin Cribby, born April 12, 1914; Harry Cribby, born March 23, 1915.” (Old Mondovi School census: May 1, 1921); “Mabel Cribby, parent/guardian: Minnie Cribby, born March 27, 1904.” (Old Mondovi School census: May 1, 1921)

Cribby, C.: 147

Cribby, Charles J.;  (Oct 4, 1887-Oct 23, 1954; Wash. Pvt. Co. G, 18 Inf., WW I);

Cribby, Eva;  (no dates) b. 1914; d. 5-22-1925; (dates in court house copy of Lartigues);.“While playing with her 11 year old brother at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. N. C. Cribby, on Bald Ridge, Friday night, Eva Cribby, seven-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Cribby of Bald Ridge, was shot, and died from the effects of the wound the next morning at St Luke’s hospital, where she was taken Friday night. The little girl was standing in the doorway at her grandmother’s house, about a mile from her own home, when her brother took a supposedly unloaded .32 Colt revolver from the wall where it had hung for several years, pointed the weapon at her and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet into the girl’s abdomen. The gun had only one unloaded cartridge in it. Funeral services were held at Reardan, Sunday, from the Presbyterian church, with Rev John Clayton officiating. The child is survived by her parents and two brothers.” (Davenport Times-Tribune: 5-28-1925)

Cribby, Harry L.; added; did not view; 1915-1966; s/o Mabel & Stewart); “Harry Lester Cribby. Died: 9-12-1966, Reardan.  Father: Stewart O. Cribby. Mother: Mabel LeDuc. Spouse: Mabel Cribby (sic).  Burial: Mondovi Cemetery, Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card); “License Date: 7-01-1938. Groom. Harry L. Cribby, age 23, born Reardan, WA. Residence: Colville, WA. Farmer. First Marriage. Father: Stuart Cribby. Mother: Mable LeDuct (sic). Bride: Marjorie Nelson, age 16, born Colville, WA; residing Colville, WA. First Marriage. Father: Ned E. Nelson. Mother: Jessie Marie Sachs. Marriage: July 1, 1938, Colville, WA. Officiant: Verne L. Damon, minister. Witnesses: Stewart Cribby, Colville, WA and Savalia Combs, Colville.” (Marriage Return. Filed: July 11, 1938, B. P. Taylor, County Auditor);

Cribby, Hortense;  (did not view tombstone); “Hortense Cribby. Died: 19 Dec 1927, Reardan, WA. Birth: 3 May 1891, Nebraska. Spouse: Charles Cribby. Father: Luther E. Ferguson (sic), born New Boston, IL; Mother: Mary Hillie (sic), born Toolsborough, IA. Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Cribby, Jamee; (1853-1918); {“James Cribbie, 35, Canada, married, farmer. Martha Cribbie, 29, Canada, married.” (Lincoln Co 1887 census)}

Cribby, Mabel;  See Wynecoop, Mabel

Cribby, Martha; (1857-1934); “Martha Cribby. Died: 20 Feb 1934, Reardan. Birth: 22 Oct 1857, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Spouse: James Cribby. Father: John Murry, born Scotland; Mother: Murphy, born Ireland. Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery, Mondovi, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card);

Cribby, Stewart G.;  (Aug 18, 1889-Nov 26, 1947);


Mondovi Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County,

Washington submitted to the WAGenWeb by

Marge Womach, January 2009.

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