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We give credit to the Heritage Church, Odessa Historisches Museum and the Odessa Record for assistance in gathering the data.   These have NOT been confirmed by the Odessa City Clerk, but are documentation found within the county that purport to have been buried in Odessa. In many instances (?) will denote that there is some likelihood of error. 

Explanations and Common abbreviations used herein:

TS = Tombstone; OC = specific location to Odessa Cemetery; LL = Christ Lutheran Ledger, data furnished by the Museum

dc = death card; DC = death certificate; Obit = obituary

Suchland = A thorough research of the cemetery was done by Harold Suchland and in some cases his mention is the only available record, with no explanation. From that mention, additional research continues and some records are being documented. Due to the fragile condition of the local copies of the Odessa Record papers which went through a fire in the 1980's, some items are not available.


Snell, William,   (WW II;  d. 1975; b. 1898; TS; OC) “William Snell.—Passed away April 2, 1975, in Spokane. His home, W526 ½ Main. Survived by 2 sisters, Edna Giese, Medical Lake, WA; and Mrs. Catheryn Giese, Wenatchee, WA. Funeral services will be held Friday, April 11 at 11 a.m. at Smith Funeral Home, with the Rev Jefferson H Smith officiating. Interment, the Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Spokesman Review: 4-12-1975, scrapbook obit) 

Snider, George E.,  s/o E. F.  (d. 7-07-1917; b. 6-28-17; 1918-TS; OC; DC; dc) “George Snyder (Snider). Birth: 28 June 1917, 2nd born of twins; Mother: Susie Chose born North Dakota.  Father: E F Snyder, born Wisconsin. Died: 7 July 1917, Irby, WA.   Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “George E Snyder. Male, white, single. Birth: June 28, 1917, Irby, WA, age 9 days. Father: E F Snyder born WI. Mother: Susie Chose born ND. Informant: Father, Irby, WA. Death: July 7, 1917, Dist #6, Irby, Lincoln Co, WA. Cause: Prematurity. Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: Odessa, WA, on 7-17-1917.” (WA State Register of Death; cemetery not specified)

Snider, Georgia,  d/o E. F.  (d. 7-02-1917; b. 6-28-17; 1918-TS; OC; DC; dc) “Georgia Snyder. Died: 2 July 1917, Irby, WA. Birth: 28 June 1917, twin, 1st born, Irby, WA.  Mother: Susie Chose, born North Dakota.  Father: E. F. Snyder, born Wisconsin. Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.  N.B. ‘Snider’ in the cemetery book.” (Lincoln County Health death card; apparently aware of spelling variation) “Georgia Snyder. Female, white, single. Birth: June 28, 1917, Irby WA. Age 4 days. Father: E. F. Snyder, WI, Mother: Susie Chose, b. ND; Informant: Father, Irby, WA. Death: July 2, 1917, 2 p.m., Dist #6, Irby, Lincoln Co, WA. Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: Odessa, WA on July 3, 1917.” (WA State Register of Death; cemetery not specified)

Snyder, Frank E.,  (d. 1-04-1916; b. 5-26-1883; TS; OC; DC; obit: d. 1919) “His Odessa friends were greatly shocked Saturday when the news came to G. B. Stone that Frank Snyder has passed away that day of pneumonia following influenza. Frank and his wife spent Christmas at Odessa and he remained nearly a week after renewing acquaintance of friends. He was taken sick with the flu shortly after his return to Spokane and shortly after pneumonia set in and claimed him in about four days.  Mr. Snyder was 36 years of age at the time of his death. He was born in Elmore County, MN, and when a boy came to Washington, residing for a number of years at Harrington. Ten years ago he came to Odessa and opened a barber shop. He was a good workman and with that asset combined with a genial disposition, he soon built up a nice business.  Six years ago he was united in marriage with Miss Lydia Funk. To this union one child was born, a daughter who died at Odessa when a little over two years of age. Something over two years ago, Frank developed tuberculosis, which with his indoor occupation developed rapidly. Like most of the victims of the white plague, he could not be convinced that it had fastened itself upon him until his case was well nigh hopeless. Last August when he realized his condition, he sold his interest in his business to his partner, Arthur Kunkel, and moved to Spokane to take treatment. When in the Record office less than two weeks ago he was still sanguine, and was of the opinion that he was gaining steadily. In this condition he contracted influenza and made a fight and never thought it was a losing one until just a few hours before the end when he had his first hemorrhage. The body was brought to Odessa and funeral services held at the English Congregational church, the Rev J. C. Evans and the Rev H. P. Christensen officiating.  The Rev Mr. Evans had to retire from the service at the close of his address as he suffered from a hemorrhage of the nose. He regretted the incident but was thankful that the service could proceed under the direction of Mr. Christensen, pastor of the Lutheran Church. At the completion of the ceremony, the remains were laid to rest in the Odessa Cemetery beside those of his little daughter, Geneva, as he requested before his death.” (Odessa Record: 1-10-1919) “Frank F Snyder. Residence: Odessa. Male, white, married; husband of Anna J. Snyder. Birth: May 26, 1882, MN. Occupation: barber. Father: A. P. Snyder (foster), born WI; Mother: Mary Ellen West (foster), b. WI.  Informant: Mrs. F. P. Snyder, Odessa. Death: Jan 4, 1919, 8:30 a.m. at Collins Hotel, Spokane, WA. Cause of death: Influenza-pneumonia of 5 days duration. Contributory: Pulmonary TB. E. E. Langley, MD, Spokane. Burial: Odessa, WA. Undertaker: G. B. Stone: Odessa. The deceased was adopted from infant asylum at age of 2 and real parent not known.” (Spokane Health Dept and Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Certificate.)

Snyder, Geneva,   (d. 9-03-1916; b. 6-02-1914; TS; OC; obit) “Little Geneva, the three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snyder, died at 1:30 Sunday afternoon at the St Lukes Hospital in Spokane, where she had been taken for treatment four days before, of tubercular meningitis. Her death was not unexpected, word had come two days before that practically no hope was held for her recovery, yet the sad news of her demise brought a keen shock to every person that knew her as it spread rapidly over the town, and cast not only a shadow in the home of her parents, but in the whole community for Geneva was a general favorite with those who knew her and her sweet face and winsome ways won the hearts of all. Her remains were brought to Odessa Sunday night by her parents and funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock with Rev W S Pritchard pastor of the English Congregational Church and Rev John Eichhorn of the German Lutheran church officiating. The floral tributes given in loving remembrance were numerous and beautiful and emblematic of the pure spirit that now rests safe with Him who ‘carries the lambs in his bosom’.  After the services interment took place at the Odessa Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 9-08-1916)

Snyder, Thomas R.,   (d. 1949; b. 1876; TS; OC; obit)  “Funeral services for Thomas R Snyder will be held from the Odessa Baptist church on Sunday afternoon, at 2:00, with the Rev A. Foll officiating. Burial will be in the Odessa Cemetery, under the direction of the Strate Funeral Home. Mr. Snyder, who has been in failing health for several years, died at a Spokane nursing home, where he had gone for a temporary stay, while Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jeske, with whom he had been living, went on a vacation trip to Tennessee. He went to the Spokane home on Tuesday of last week and died there this Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jeske are held up by the fact that trains are not operating in that area, and will not be able to get home for the funeral.  Thomas Snyder was born in Tennessee, Feb 27, 1877, and came west at about 16 years of age, locating at Harrington. For several years he worked as a rider and later as foreman at the California Stock ranch near Coffee Pot, operated by Bob and Bill Green. He homesteaded on property adjoining this ranch. Retiring from the ranch, he purchased a small chicken ranch near town, and after a short while there, illness compelled him to move to town. During the past two years he has lived on the ranch farmed by the Jeske family. Mrs. Jeske, a niece, had come here to care for her uncle in his late years. Tuesday morning he suffered a heart attack, and died that afternoon. A nephew, E A Snyder, of Walla Walla, was notified and he and Mrs. Snyder summoned Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jeske going from here and assisting in making funeral arrangements. Two half-sisters and a half brother, in Tennessee, survive with several nieces and nephews.” (Odessa Record: 11-10-1949) “Funeral services for Thomas R Snyder, 72, pioneer rancher of this area...Pall bearers included Marcus Weber, Jacob Quast, John Napier, Nath Koth, J. C. Schorzman and J. R. Goetz... Among the friends and relatives coming to the funeral were two nephews, Bill Pair of Tekoa, WA, and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Snyder of Walla Walla. Several other nephews and nieces, two half-sisters and a half-brother, in Tennessee, survive.” (Odessa Record: 11-17-1949) 

Sommers, Joseph,  (added) d. 17 Nov 1933 (dc) “Joseph Sommers.  Died: 17 Nov 1933. Birth: 17 March 1854, Austria.  Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)  (Mortuary record shows “Summers, Joseph” with same data) “Joseph Sommers, aged farmer of the north region, was found dead in his home on Wednesday afternoon, apparently having been dead for a week, by a neighbor, Dan Widmer, who has been farming the Summers ranch. Widmer had occasion to work near the house last Tuesday and called to visit the aged man, who lived as a recluse, in a small cabin on the ranch. A knock failed to bring a response so Mr. Widmer left. Burning weeds at the ranch on Wednesday Mr. Widmer again visited the man, finding the house locked. His suspicions aroused, he looking into the window and saw Summers’ hand. Breaking down the door he hurried in to see if assistance could be rendered, but found the man dead. Cool weather of the past week had aided in preserving the body. Mr Widmer got in touch with H. H. Strate, local mortician, who in turn called Coroner Floyd Underwood and deputy Sheriff Ray E. Kurtz, who responded. Death was pronounced due to a blood clot and hemorrhage. Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon either from the English Congregational church or from the Strate Undertaking parlors. The minister had not been named on Thursday morning.  Burial will be made in Odessa Cemetery. Mr. Summers’ age was variously reported, ranging from 79 to 83 years of age.  A brother, Vincent, died during the past year. The aged man spent much of his time working on inventions and building cement fence posts. About 200 cement posts were found at his home. His most recent work was an attempt to create a new style washing machine. Mr. Summers was a familiar sight about the streets of Odessa, coming to town frequently, catching rides in on the school bus that passed his place. With a blue bag in which he placed his purchases, he would visit the stores and then return to his ranch.” (Odessa Record: 11-24-1933) “Funeral services for Joseph Sommers, aged pioneer of the Odessa region, were held on Friday afternoon from the English Congregational church, the Rev M. J. Galle officiating. Born in Austria, Mr. Sommers had come to the United States, locating between here and Wilbur, where, with a brother, he settled on land, living there until his death. His brother preceded him in death. Funeral services were in charge of H H Strate, with burial in the Odessa Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 12-01-1933) (Edit: His brother, Vincent Sommers died at the age of 85 and was buried from the Catholic church in Wilbur in the Wilbur Cemetery with no tombstone. His obituary appeared in the Odessa Record of 1-20-1933. This reports his birth in Austria, coming from there with his brother Joseph and a Mr. Liebinwalt, who reportedly was deceased many years previous to the death of Vincent.)

Speck, Jacob,   (d. 1957; b. 1874; TS; OC)  “Jacob Speck. Died: 20 Dec 1957, age 83, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Jacob Speck. Mother: Fredicha Speck. Batch id # 281691.” (WA State Death Records)

Speck, John,  (d. 1959; b. 1886; TS; OC; dc) “John Speck.  Died: 6-29-1959; Birth: 3-07-1886, Russia; Married; Father: Jacob Speck. Mother: Fredricka Schafer.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)

Speck, Lydia Faechner,   (d. 4-10-1942; b. 1-20-1877; w/o Jacob; TS; OC; Strates) “Lydia Speck. Burial on 4-14-1942 at Odessa. Age: 65 yrs 2 mos 18 days. Cause: asthma, pneumonia” (Rev Hausauer’s Funeral Ledger) “Lydia Speck.  Died: 11 Apr 1942; 65 yr 2 mos 18 days; asthma and pneumonia.” (Congregational Church ledger by Rev Hausauer) “Mrs Lydia Speck. Residence: Rural Marlin, WA. Death: Apr 10, 1942, 2 p.m. at Community Hospital in Ritzville, WA, with 2 days in hospital. Birth: Jan 20, 1877, Russia. Age: 65 yrs 2 mos 20 days. Female, white, married, housewife. In US 39 years. Father: Michael Fauchner born Russia; Mother: Louisa Grauman born Russia. Dr H. S. Foskett, physician.  Informant: Jacob Speck of Marlin. Husband: Jacob Speck, age 67. No children. 1 sister: Mrs. Martha Hemmerling of Odessa; 1 brother: Daniel Faechner, of Hanna, Alberta, Canada; Mother: Mrs. Louisa Grauman, Odessa, WA. Foster son: Dan Janke, Marlin, WA.” (Mortuary Ledger; surviving mother should read: Louisa Faechner?)

Speck, Mary,   (d. 1982; b. 1891; TS; OC; dc) “Mary Speck.  Died: 25 May 1982, Lincoln Co; Birth: 10 Jan 1891.  Parents: Mother, Wilhelmina Gross; Father: Gottlieb Lobe. Spouse: John Speck, deceased. Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA. Lived at 308-4th Street, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Funeral services were held on Friday, May 28, 1982, from the UCC for Mary Speck, who passed away on May 25, 1982 at the Odessa Convalescent Center. Rev Edward Schmidt officiated at the service.  Mary Speck was born Jan 10, 1891 at Kulm, Russia, the daughter of Gottlieb and Wilhelmina Lobe.  She came to America with her parents at the age of three years. The family lived in the Ritzville area for a short time and then she spent most of the rest of her life in the Odessa area. In 1908 she was married to John Speck at Warden, WA. They farmed in the Batum area. She was a member of the United Congregational Church. Survivors include two children, Pauline and Emanuel Yuckert of Odessa, and John and Jeane Speck of Klamath Falls, Oregon. One daughter, Mrs. Roy (Martha) Renard preceded her in death.  Other survivors include five grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews.  Mrs. Speck was 91 years, 4 months and 15 days old at the time of her death.  Delores Cook and Ione Zeiler sang sacred selections of ‘Whispering Hope’ and ‘He Touched Me’ accompanied on the organ by Wilma Schmidt.  Casket bearers were Leonard Lobe, Paul Gross, Herb Haase, Rick Haase, Ivan Hemmerling and David Jasman.  Interment was in the Odessa Cemetery with Strate Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 6-03-1982) 

Speck, William,  (d. 1957 only; TS; OC; dc) “William Speck.  Died: 9-27-1957; Birth: 9-27-1957. Stillborn infant. Father: Gottlieb Speck.  Mother: Virginia Smith. Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)

Spies, Gottlieb,   (d. 1961; b. 1884; TS; OC; LL) “Gottlieb Spies.  Born: Alt Elft, Bessarabia, Russia, July 25, 1884. Died: Monday, Aug 7, 1961, Deaconess Hospital, Spokane. Service: Christ Lutheran Church, Odessa, WA. Friday, Aug 11, 1961, 11 a.m.  Interment: Odessa Cemetery, Aug 11, 1961. Survived by wife, Wilhelmina, one daughter, Esther Schwartz, 3 sons, Erick, Walter and Herbert. W. J. Fritz, Pastor.” (Christ Lutheran Church ledger) “Funeral services for Gottlieb F. Spies, 77, will be held from the Christ Lutheran Church on Friday morning at 11 a.m.  Pastor Werner J Fritz is to officiate and burial will be in the Odessa Cemetery, under the direction of Strate Funeral Home.  Mr. Spies died at the Deaconess Hospital at Spokane on Monday, where he had spent the past two months.  He was born in Bessarabia, Russia, July 25, 1884.  In 1911 at American Falls, Idaho, he married Miss Minnie Funk, and lived there six years until 1917 when they moved to a ranch 3 ½ miles northwest of Ruff. They added to their holdings in that area and in 1945 moved to town to retire.  Both Mr. and Mrs.  Spies were active in their church work in town, and Mr. Spies enjoyed fishing with other retired friends, both in the local lakes and in deep sea fishing.  Survivors include his wife, Minnie, at the home; three sons, Eric Spies, Spokane; Herbert and Walter Spies of Marlin; one daughter, Mrs.  Esther Swartz, of Moses Lake; 10 grandchildren; two great grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Bertha Schritter, Odessa, who came here recently from Germany, and three brothers in Germany.” (Odessa Record: August 1961 scrapbook) 

Spies, Minnie,   (d. 1976; b. 1888; TS; OC; dc) “Minnie Spies.  Died: 1-05-1976.  Birth: 7-06-1888, Russia. Widowed. Father: Gottlieb Funk. Mother: Sophia ___; Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Minnie Funk Spies, the daughter of Gottlieb and Sophia Funk, was born in Bessarabia, Russia on July 6, 1888. She was baptized and confirmed in the Christian faith, and was an active member of  Christ Lutheran Church at the time of her death. She came to the United States of America at the age of 15. She was married to Gottlieb Spies in American Falls, Idaho on Dec 19, 1911. They later moved to a farm in the Ruff area. They farmed until retiring to Odessa. Minnie died in the Odessa Hospital on Jan 5, 1976.  She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, three brothers, two sisters, and one grandchild.  She is survived by three sons: Eric of Greenacres; Walter of Moses Lake; Gerbert of Marlin; one daughter, Esther Schwartz of Odessa; 10 grandchildren; 17 great grandchildren.  The funeral service was conducted on Jan 9 at 1 p.m. from Christ Lutheran Church with Rev Daniel Cronrath officiating. Soloist singing ‘In The Garden’ and ‘O Take My Hand, Dear Father’ was Mrs. Gerald Schafer. Organist for the service was Mrs. Ronald Frederick. Pallbearers were Herman Schmierer, Dan Gettman, Harold Gies, Ralph Heimbigner, Marvin Fink and Edwin Jasman.  Honorary pallbearers were Ben Zickler, Winston Weber, Jakob Knoell, Ed Borgens, William Schwartz and Norman Bischoff. Interment was at the Odessa Cemetery, Strates in charge.” (Odessa Record: 1-15-1976) 

Spies, Pauline Oster,  (deleted to Ruff)

Spurling, Alma A.,   (d. 12-26-1991; b. 10-28-1910; TS; OC; dc) “Alma Adeline Spurling.  Died: 12-26-1991; Birth: 10-28-1910, WA; Widowed.  Father: William Giese.  Mother: Leontina Tillman.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Funeral services for Alma A Spurling, of Odessa, were held Monday, Dec 29, at Heritage UCC chapel. Mrs. Spurling died on Dec 26, (1991) in Odessa. She is survived by three sons, Leland Frederick, Sprague; L Wayne Frederick and Ron Frederick, Odessa; one daughter, Shirley Worley, Odessa; 15 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; 3 sisters, Olga Schoonover and Hulda Ingram, both of Yuma, AZ, and Freda Rodgers, Odessa, and one brother, Gottlieb Giese, Spokane. She was a member of the Heritage UCC in Odessa, a 44 year member of American Legion Post #105 and a 39-year member of VFW Auxiliary Post #7395. She was a past district president of the American Legion Auxiliary. The Rev Glenn Gettinger officiated at the funeral service. Interment was at Odessa Cemetery. Strate Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. (Odessa Record-Jan 2, 1992)

Spurling, Merl D.,  (WW II)  (d. 5-12-1973; b. 8-02-1915; TS; OC; dc) “Merl Donald Spurling.  Died: 5-12-1973.  Birth: 8-02-1915, Idaho.  Spouse: Alma Giese.  Father: Edwin Spurling.  Mother: Florence Miller. Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Merl D. Spurling, well known Odessa resident and civic leader, passed away in his sleep early Saturday, May 12, at the age of 57. He was born in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, on Aug 2, 1915, to Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Spurling. He graduated from Bonner’s Ferry High School in 1934.  Merl left Bonner’s Ferry in 1942 to go to work for the Weyerhauser Corporation in Centralia, WA. In 1945 he entered the US Army at Fort Lewis, WA. He took his training at Camp Roberts in CA, and following his tour of service, received an honorable discharge. Mr. Spurling came to Odessa in 1956, and has been employed as shop foreman for The Odessa Trading Company for 17 years.  He and Alma Frederick were married on March 29, 1957. Merl was a member of the English Congregational Church, where he served as chairman of the Board of Trustees. He was a 15-year member of the Lion’s Club. For 17 years Merl was a member of the American Legion, and served as Post Commander for the past five years. Six years ago he helped start the Odessa Little League, and has headed it since that time. He was also a member of the Odessa Gun Club.  Merl is survived by his wife, Alma, at the home.  Also surviving are six daughters, (five from a previous marriage): Mrs. Pat Carey, Mrs. Hazel Jones, Mrs. Helen Kohler, and Mrs. Louise McLeod of Seattle; Mrs. Donna Hall of Mariana, CA; and Mrs Shirley Worley of Odessa; three sons: Leland Frederick of Sprague; Wayne Frederick and Ronald Frederick of Odessa. Also surviving are two brothers, Gene Spurling of Portland, OR; and Richard Spurling of Orofino, ID; and 25 grandchildren.  Funeral services were held for Mr. Spurling on Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m. from the English Congregational Church, with Pastor Douglas Roberts officiating. Mrs. Ruth Suchland was organist, and Mrs. Donna Schafer sang. The American Legion conducted military services at the graveside. Interment was in the Odessa Cemetery.  Casket bearers included Weldon Walter, Louis Iksic, Art Melcher, Don Evavold, Don Fode and Ray Quilici. Honorary pallbearers were Bob Lubold, Herb Burghard, DeWayne Schroeder, Rod Nichols, Nick Brown, Don Weisser and Richard Jones.” (Odessa Record: 5-17-1973)

{Stack, Leo,  (d. 9-06-46; no details; funeral Odessa; Strates)

{Stackovic, Leopold, (Stack) (d. 9-06-46; no details; (Leo Stack) Strates; dc) “Joe Stack. Died: 9-07-1946. Birth: Unknown. Parents: unknown. Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Joe Stack or Leo Stack. Place of death: Odessa. Birth: Unknown. Male, white, unknown marital status; Date of death: 9-06-1946; Occupation: Railroad Worker. Funeral Service at Odessa. Rev Galle. Interment: 9-10-1946 at 10 a.m.; Coroner’s Case: Accident. Claim sent in to County Auditor $60.” (Mortuary Ledger) “Leo Stack, Great Northern employee, working with the extra gang on track revisions here, was killed and his body badly mangled when he was struck by the westbound passenger train about 12:30 Saturday morning, the first night of the festival. His body was found later in the morning. The train did not stop, its crew unaware that the man had been hit. Deputy Sheriff Frank C Rambo and Dr J. F. Poynter, county health officer, acting as coroner, were called to investigate. Search failed to reveal any relatives in the United States and committal services were held at the Odessa Cemetery on Tuesday morning, the Rev M. J. Galle officiating, with the Strate Funeral Home in charge. The crew of which Stack was employed had been working in this vicinity during the past 10 days. Mutilated beyond recognition, his identity was established from wage records kept by the railway company.” (Odessa Record: 9-12-1946)

Stacker, Fred,   (d. 1915; b. 1874; TS; OC; DC) “Fred Stacker. Male, white, married, farmer. Birth: Feb 1, 1874, Germany.  Father: Peterman Stacker born Germany.  Mother: Anna Baten, born Germany.  Informant: Mrs. A. M. Stacker, of Odessa, WA.  Death: Nov 7, 1915, 9 p.m., St Lukes Hospital, Spokane.  Cause of death: acute pneumonia of 14 days duration. Contributory: alcoholic neuritis of 3 mos duration. S. E. Lambert, MD, of Spokane. Burial: Odessa, WA. Undertaker: Smith & Co.” (WA State Certificate of Death)

"Fred Stacker, for 16 years a resident of Odessa and this community, died at 1 o’clock last Monday morning at the St Lukes hospital in Spokane, the immediate cause of death being pneumonia and gangrene of the left leg. He had been ailing for some time prior to death. The body was shipped down to Odessa Monday night on No. 3 and burial services were held on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the German Lutheran Church being conducted by Rev John Eichhorn. Interment was made in the Odessa Cemetery. Deceased was born in Hamburg, Germany on Jan 1, 1874. At the age of 15 he came to America and settled in Iowa where he remained until 16 years ago when he removed to Odessa and has since made his home. At the time of death he was aged 41 years, 10 months and 7 days. He is survived by a widow, three small children, Helen, Johnnie and Clara, a half-brother in California, an aged mother and a sister in Hamburg, Germany, to all of whom sympathy is extended in their sorrow." (Odessa Record: 11-12-1915)


Starkel, Elizabeth,  (d. 1951; b. 1872; TS; OC; dc) “Elizabeth Starkel.  Died: 8-23-1951; Birth: 11-30-1872, Russia;  Widowed. Father: Philip Baur;  Mother: Mary Schartzkopf.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA”  (Lincoln Co Health death card) “Elizabeth Starkel, geb Baus murde in Neudorf, Russland, am 30 Nov 1872 geboren.... To America in 1899, to Walla Walla, 1917 to Marlin, 1937 to Odessa, member St Mathews... died 23 Aug 1951, at the age of 78 yrs 8 mos and 23 days. Those left to mourn: 4 sons, 4 daughters, 18 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, also one brother, Jacob Baus of Laurel, MT...” (loose translation of German in “Der Kirchenbote; 18 Oct 1951) “Funeral services for Mrs. Elizabeth Starkel were held from the United Congregational Church on Monday afternoon, the Rev E. J. Eslinger officiating, with burial in the Odessa Cemetery under the direction of the Strate Funeral Home.  Mrs. R. N. Kissler played the organ, and songs were given by a quartet including Henry Walter, Sam Schafer, Paul L Schafer and Robert Hoefel. Pallbearers included a grandson, Jerry Starkel and the following grandsons-in-law: Harold Hoefel, Bill Bechtol, Herb Spies, Donnie Zimbelman and Allen Goetz.  Elizabeth Maus was born in Russia, Nov 30, 1872 and was married there to the late Jacob Starkel, who died in 1937. The family came to America in 1899, stopping at Walla Walla for a time and then taking up their home near Marlin. For the past 14 years she has made her home in Odessa. Death came on Thursday evening.  Survivors include four sons: John, George, and Henry Starkel of Marlin, and Ben Starkel of Mansfield; four daughters, Marie K Morrison, Odessa; Mollie Smith and Marha Drebin, Seattle; and Esther Ramm, Marlin; 16 grandchildren; 6 great grandchildren; and one brother, Jacob Maus. Another son, Jacob, preceded her in death four years ago.  The out-of-town group attending included Mr. and Mrs. Baus of  Laurel, MT; Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Drebin, Seattle; Mrs. Ivan Shoesmith, Mrs. Henry Starkel and Mr. Jake Starkel of Portland; Mr. and Mrs. George Gettman, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zier, Mr .and Mrs. John Reihl, Mrs. Katherine Manz, Mrs. George O’Neil, and Mrs. Henry Kiehn, all of Walla Walla.” (Odessa Record: 8-30-1951)

Starkel, Emma P.,   (d. 1997; b. 1899; TS; OC)  “Emma P. Starkel, age 97, formerly of Odessa, passed away Feb 9, 1997 in Spokane.  She is survived by four daughters and their husbands: Dorothy and Ernest Wenz of Spokane; Mary and William Bechtol of Wenatchee; Lorene and Wayne Repp of Spokane; and Janet Kuest of Spokane; 12 grandchildren; 9 great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jacob Starkel; one daughter, Jean Hoefel; one grandson, Mike Brown; brother, Sam Weisser; and sister, Bertha Stone. Arrangements are by Strate Funeral Home, Odessa.” (scrapbook item) “She was born in Salem, Oregon, on Feb 22, 1899, the daughter of Jacob and Mary Weisser. As a child, she moved with her family to a homestead north of Odessa. She attended the Larimer country school. She was a member of Odessa Baptist Church. She married Jacob Starkel in Feb 1924. In 1931, they moved to Almira, where they farmed and raised their family of 5 daughters. Her husband died in Jan 1947, after which she returned to Odessa to be near her aging parents. In 1963 she moved to Spokane. At that time she became a member of the Terrace Heights Baptist Church in Spokane. Emma was known for her compassion to her family, friends and neighbors. She enjoyed working in her yard and caring for her flowers. In 1988, she became a resident of the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Greenacres, where she lived until her death. In addition to her husband Jacob Starkel, she was preceded in death by one daughter, Jean Hoefel; one grandson, Mike Brown; a brother, Sam Weisser, and a sister, Bertha Stone. She is survived by....” (Odessa Record excerpt-Feb 13, 1997)

Starkel, George,   (d. 1964; b. 1902; TS; OC; dc)  “George Starkel, long-time resident of the Marlin community, died on Christmas Day on his farm located eight miles north of Marlin.  Funeral services were held in Odessa Tuesday at Christ Lutheran Church with Rev Werner Fritz conducting the 1 p.m. service. Burial was in the Odessa Cemetery.  George Starkel was born Feb 8, 1902 at Walla Walla to Jacob and Elizabeth Starkel. On Oct 11, 1927 he married Lillie Webley at Ephrata. Four daughters and one son were born to the couple. George farmed for 37 years on his place north of Marlin. He was a member of the Cannawai Grange and the Presbyterian church, both of Marlin.  Survivors include his wife, Lillie, at the farm home; four daughters: Mrs. Carol Spies, Marlin; Mrs. Gloria gee, Seattle; Mrs. Joyce Nestegard, Anchorage, Alaska; Josephine Case, Seattle; one son, Jerry, Marlin; 12 grandchildren; three brothers, John of Odessa; Henry of Almira; and Ben of Grand Coulee; four sisters: Mrs. Marie Morrison, Seattle; Mrs. Del Smith, San Pedro, CA; Mrs. Martha Drebin, Seattle; and Mrs. Esther Ramm, Marlin.” (Scrapbook item; OR: 12-31-64) “George Starkel.  Died: 12-25-1964; Birth: 2-08-1902, Walla Walla, WA. Married. Father: Jacob Starkel; Mother: Elizabeth Bause.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card)

Starkel, Jacob,  of Marlin  (d. 9-21-1937; b. 8-29-1871; TS; OC; Strates; Cong) “Jacob Sterkel.  Birth: 29 Aug 1871. Died: 21 Sept 1937; Age 66 yrs 22 days. Elizabeth Sterkel, 5 sons, 4 daughters.” (Congregational Church Ledger by Schwabenland) “Jacob Starkel. Residence: Marlin, WA. Death: Sept 21, 1937 at 5:50 a.m. at Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, WA. Informant: Elizabeth Starkel, Marlin, WA. Birth: Aug 29, 1871, Russia; Age: 66 yrs 0 mos 22 days. Male, white, married, farmer, own farm. 20 yrs in occupation. In US 37 yrs. Father: George Starkel born Russia; Mother: Elizabeth Freese born Russia. Cause of death: enlarged prostate. Dr Corbett, physician. Wife: Elizabeth Starkel. 5 sons: Jacob (Almira), John and George (Marlin), Henry (Almira), and Ben (Marlin); 4 daughters: Mrs. Katherine Morrison, Mrs. Mollie Smith, and Miss Martha Starkel, all of Seattle, and Miss Esther Starkel of Marlin, WA.” (Mortuary Ledger) “Funeral services for Jacob Starkel, pioneer rancher of the Marlin area, who died Tuesday following an operation at a Spokane hospital, were held this afternoon from the Pilgrim Congregational church, the Rev J. C. Schwabenland officiating. Burial was made in the Odessa Cemetery.  Mr. Starkel was born in Russia, Aug 29, 1871, and had reached the age of 66 years shortly before his death. He had ranched in the Marlin area for 20 years and had recently purchased a home in Odessa, planning to retire and had purchased new furnishings for  his home.  Survivors include his widow, Elizabeth; 5 sons, Jacob, Almira; John, Marlin; George, Marlin; Henry, Marlin; and Ben, Marlin; 4 daughters, Mrs. Katherine Morrison, Seattle; Mrs. Mollie Smith, Seattle; Miss Martha Starkel, Seattle; and Miss Esther Starkel at home.  Pallbearers were chosen from friends of the family and included Wentel Weber, Nat Lenz, H H Scheller, George K Walter, Con Walter and Jacob Kallenberger. The church was crowded.” (Odessa Record: 9-23-1937)

Starkel, Jacob Jr.,  h/o Emma  (d. 1-16-1947; b. 11-10-1896; TS; OC; Strates; dc) “Jacob Starkel.  Died: 1-16-1947; Birth: 11-10-1896, Russia; Spouse: Emma; Father: Jacob Starkel; Mother: Elizabeth Bause.  Buried: Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card; cemetery not specified)  “Jacob Starkel. Funeral: 1-19-1947, 1:30 p.m. Ordered by Emma Starkel. Death: 1-16-1947, 5 a.m., Almira, WA. Place of Funeral: Almira Methodist Church, Rev Kinkaid. Burial: 4 p.m. on 1-19-1947, Odessa, WA. Age: 50 yrs 2 mos 6 days. Married, farmer, Born: Russia. White; Father: Jacob Starkel born Russia; Mother: Elizabeth Bouse born Russia.  Resided here 15 yrs; In US 47 yrs. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage. J E Anderson, MD, physician.” (Mortuary Ledger #280 of Wilbur file) “The body of Jacob Starkel, 50, Almira, was brought to Odessa for burial on Sunday afternoon, following funeral services from the Methodist church in Almira, with the Rev W. A. Kincaid of Wilbur officiating. Mr. Starkel died at his Almira home Wednesday night following a heart attack suffered just a short time before he passed away. He was born in the province of Samaria, Russia, 50 years ago and came to the United States when he was three years old. The family came first to Walla Walla where he received his education, later locating in the Marlin area. He was married to Emma Weisser of Odessa Feb 10, 1924. He is survived by his wife, Emma; 5 daughters, Mary Betty, Emogene, Lorraine and Janet, all at the home and Mrs. Dorothy Kiesz of Coulee Dam; his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Starkel of Odessa; four brothers, John, George and Ben, all of Marlin, and Henry of Almira; four sisters, Mrs. J. W. Morrison and Mrs. Charles Drebin, both of Seattle; Mrs. Donald Smith, Bremerton, and Mrs. Herman Ramm of Marlin. ..Pallbearers were Carl Haskins and I. R. Blair, Almira; George Kitt, Creston, Ed Kiesz, Robert Schlimmer and Fred Diefe, of Odessa. Out of town relatives present were John Starkel and George Gettman, Walla Walla; Mrs. Donald Smith, Tacoma; Mrs. James Morrison and Mrs. M. C. Drebin of Seattle; Mrs. Elmer Smith, Creston; Mrs. Lydia Wolff, Marie Wolff, Emil Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mitcham and daughter, Betty Lou, all of Spokane.” (Odessa Record: 1-23-1947)

Starkel, John,  (d. 1968; b. 1898; TS; OC)  “John Starkel. Died: Nov 1968, Miles City, Montana. Birth: 10-10-1898. Last Zip Code: 59301.” (SS Death Index)

Starkel, Lillie,  (d. 1995; b. 1908; TS; OC) “Lillie B. Starkel.—Passed away Sept 13, 1995 in Spokane, WA. Her home, Odessa, WA. She is survived by four daughters, Carol Spies of Marlin, WA, Gloria Doak of Moses Lake, WA, Joyce Oberg of Wilson Creek, WA, Josephine Disciascio of Odessa; one son, Jerry Starkel of Marlin, WA; 13 grandchildren; 31 great grandchildren; and two great-great grandchildren; one brother, Lester Webley of Colville, WA; numerous nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by her husband, George Starkel in 1964; one sister; grandson; and one great grandson. Member of the Cannawai Grange and Presbyterian Church, both of Marlin. She worked at the Odessa Hospital for 20 years. Funeral Services, Monday, Sept 18, 1995 at 1 p.m. at the Christ Lutheran Church, Odessa, WA. Pastor Scott Jurgens, officiating. Interment Odessa Cemetery. Mrs. Starkel will lie-in-state at the Christ Lutheran Church, Monday, Sept 18. Strate Funeral Home, Odessa, WA in charge of arrangements.” (scrapbook obit) “In Memory of Lillie Bonetta Starkel. Born Jan 29, 1908, Wilbur, WA. Passed Away Sept 13, 1995, Spokane, WA...” (Funeral Program) “Odessa.—Lillie B. Starkel, 87, of Odessa and a former resident of Marlin, died Wednesday, Sept 13, 1995 in Spokane.  She was born Jan 29, 1908 to Newell and Josephine (McDole) Webley at Wilbur. She attended a country school in Marlin and Marlin High School. She married George Starkel on Oct 11, 1927, at Ephrata. They moved to Marlin where they farmed.  They lived there until the death of Mr. Starkel on Dec 25, 1964. Mrs. Starkel then moved to Odessa, where she worked at Memorial Hospital for 20 years until ill health forced her to retire. She was a member of the Cannawai Grange and the Presbyterian Church, both of Marlin.  Survivors include a son, Jerry of Marlin; four daughters, Carol Spies of Marlin, Gloria Doak of Moses Lake, Joyce Oberg of  Wilson Creek, and Josephine Disciascio of Odessa; a brother, Lester of Colville; 13 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren; and 2 great-great grandchildren. In addition to her husband she was preceded in death by a sister, a grandson and a great-grandson. Arrangements are by Strate Funeral Home, Odessa.” (scrapbook obit)

Startwell, see Sartwell  (d. 11-07-1908)

Steffen, Helen Christel,  (d. 1976; b. 1897; TS; OC; dc) “Helen Steffen.  Died: 6-25-1976; Birth: 7-29-1897, Russia. Spouse: Herbert Steffen. Father: George Christel; Mother: ___ Hartung.  Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Funeral services for Mrs. Helen Steffen were held her eon Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 from Zion-Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Odessa, Rev Fred Riedel officiating.  Mrs. Steffen died on June 25, (1976) at the age of 78 at the Odessa Convalescent Center. Helen Steffen was born July 20, 1897 in a German Russian settlement in the Ukraine. She came to this country in 1900 with her parents who homesteaded in Adams County, 15 miles south of Odessa.  Helen Christel was married to Herbert Steffen on Nov 4, 1915 at the Menno Lutheran Church. She is survived by her husband at the home and three children, Louis Steffen, Garden Grove, CA; Mrs. Opal Wilmot, Colfax, WA; and Bernice Hemmerling of Odessa.  Duets, ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘My Jesus As Thou Wilt’ were sung by Mrs. Betty Holman and Mrs. Alice Melcher. Casket bearers were Chester Smith, Albert Winter, Eddie Kern, Sol Walter, Jake Miller and Kenneth Melcher. Burial was in the Odessa Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 7-01-1976) (edit: son, Louis H Steffen, died Nov 17, 1982 in Garden Grove, CA)

Steffen, Herbert,  (d. 1981; b. 1893; TS; OC; dc) “Herbert Wilhelm Steffen.  Died: 4-04-1981, Odessa, WA. Mother: Fredrica Freschau; Father; Edward Steffen. Spouse: Helen Christel.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) ”Funeral services were held on Wednesday, July 8, 1981 from the Zion-Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Odessa for Mr. Herbert Steffen, who passed away after a one day stay at Odessa Memorial Hospital. He was 87 years of age. Pastor Kenneth Schauer officiated at the service. Herbert Steffen was born on Nov 3, 1893 at Eugene, Oregon, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Steffen. Along with his parents he moved to the homestead 18 miles west of Ritzville in 1899. On Nov 4, 1915 he was married to Helen Christel. She preceded him in death in 1975.  The couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Nov 4, 1975. In 1916 Herb took over the family farm and continued to farm until he and Mrs. Steffen retired to live in Odessa in 1959. Survivors include three children, Mrs. Bill (Opal) Wilmot, Colfax, WA; Mr. Louis Steffen, Garden Grove, CA; and Mrs. Bernice Hemmerling, Odessa, WA; 6 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Ernest (Martha) Hardt, Ritzville, WA.  He was a member of the Zion-Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Odessa; the Marcellus Grange, Ritzville, and the Odessa Grange #931. Providing special music for the services were the congregation singing ‘In The Garden’ and the men’s quartet, consisting of Al Winter, Bill Iverson, and Glen and Jay Tanke, who sang ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ and ‘The Many Mansions’.  Honorary pall bearers were Rudolph Raugust, Art Deife, Ben Walter, Ed Kern, Sol Walter, Fred Kramer, Henry Hopp, and Jacob Greenwalt.  Pallbearers were Forrest Hardt, Robert Greenwalt, Chester Smith, Harold Derr, Albert Winter and Weldon Goede. Interment was in the Odessa Cemetery with Strate Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 7-08-1981) 

Stehr, Edward,  (d. 2001; b. 1912; TS; OC; obit)  “Edward R, Stehr, 88, died Tuesday, June 26, 2001, in Wenatchee. His home was in Odessa. He was a longtime resident of the Odessa area.  He was a member of the Odessa Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife, Doris (Mende) Stehr, at the home; one son, James Stehr, of Boise, Idaho; two daughters, Judy Pratt, of Wenatchee, and Janice Carson, of Bakersfield, CA, several grandchildren, and numerous nieces and nephews. Private interment took place this week at Odessa Cemetery.” (Odessa Record: 7-05-2001) 

Stehr, Fred C.,   (d. 1981; b. 1910; TS; OC; dc) “Frederick Carl Stehr.  Died: 9-04-1981, Odessa, WA. Mother: Freida Rosebohm; Father: Frederick Stehr.  Spouse: Helen Schafer.  Buried: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card) “Final services for Fred C. Stehr were held on Tuesday, Sept 8, 1981 at 2 p.m. from the English Congregational Church. Pastor Bob Shofner officiated.  Frederick Carl Stehr was born in Odessa, WA on Nov 10, 1910 to Frederick and Freda Stehr. He grew up in the Odessa area, attending schools here. He was married to Helen Schafer on Jan 19, 1933.  He was involved in farming all of his life, retiring in 1977. He served on the Odessa School District Board for 12 years and was a Lincoln County Commissioner for 12 years. He was a member of the English Congregational Church, baptized in the Lutheran faith earlier; Odessa lodge No 156 F & AM, Past Master, and the Odessa Grange.  He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother. He is survived by his wife, Helen, Odessa; 3 sons, Les Stehr, Auburn, WA; Ron Stehr, Odessa; and Tom Stehr, Veradale, WA;  one daughter, Peggy Stutz, Fresno, CA; 8 grandchildren; 5 step grandchildren; 2 sisters, Emma Hawkins, Spokane; and Dorothy Smith, Seattle; 3 brothers, August Stehr, Wenatchee; Henry Stehr, Arizona; and Edward Stehr, Odessa; a cousin, Wilma Moritz, of Germany and a number of other relatives in Germany; numerous nieces and nephews.  Sacred selections of ‘He Touched Me’ and ‘How Great Thou Art; were sung by soloist Donna Schafer accompanied by Joyce Roberts on the organ.  Scripture selection was the 23rd Psalm.  Casket bearers were Dr Robert Tanck, Marshall Roberts, Henry Michaelsen, Jr., Frank W Groh, Harold Hoefel, and Jake Reihs.  Masonic graveside services and vault interment were at the Odessa Cemetery. Odessa Lodge #156 F & AM participated in the services. Strate Funeral Home of Davenport was in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 9-10-1981)

Stehr, Frieda Catherine,   (d. 10-26-1941; b. 2-14-1875; TS; OC) "Mrs. Fred Stehr Sr. passed away Sunday at Spokane, where she had lived during the past four years, where the Stehr family had moved following their retirement form their farm here, on which they had lived since pioneer days. Mrs. Stehr was a charter member of the Odessa Grange and active in the Grange work. Funeral arrangements are being delayed, awaiting word from a son, August, who is in the US military service. The funeral services will be at Spokane, with burial in the Odessa Cemetery. Funeral data will be carried in the notices in the Spokane papers, when decided. Survivors include the husband, Fred, at home; two daughters, Mrs. Emma Hawkins, Spokane; and Mrs. Dorothy Smith, Seattle; four sons, August, in military service; Henry of Almira; Fred Jr and Edward, both of Odessa; two brothers and two sisters in Germany, and six grandchildren." (Odessa Record: 10-30-1941)

Stehr, Friedrich Wilhelm,   (d. 4-08-1945; b. 12-15-1868; TS; OC; obit)  “Funeral services for Fred Stehr, Sr, 76, who died at Spokane the previous Sunday after a lingering illness, were held from a Spokane funeral chapel on Thursday afternoon, the Rev M. J. Galle, pastor of the Odessa English Congregational church, officiating. Burial was made in the Odessa Cemetery. Pallbearers included W. F. Zagelow, Walter Quast, C. H. Scrupps, John C. Kissler, Dan Schultz and John Neumann, all former neighbors. Mr. Stehr was born Dec 15, 1868, in Germany, and came to the state of Washington in 1900 and on the 12th of November of the same year was married to Frieda Rosenbaum at Ritzville. Before retiring to Spokane eight years ago, Mr. Stehr and his wife, who preceded him in death, lived on a farm north of Odessa, which is now being operated by his sons, Fred and Edward. Survivors include four sons, August and Henry, with the United States army in Europe; Fred and Edward, Odessa; two daughters, Mrs. Ed Smith, Seattle; and Mrs. George Hawkins, Spokane; and 7 grandchildren.” (Odessa Record: 4-19-1945)

Stehr, Helen Schafer w/o Fred C.,  (added) “A memorial service was held Tuesday, Jan 14, for  Helen Stehr at the Heritage Church in Odessa. Mrs Stehr died Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003 in Fresno, CA. She was 87 years old.  Helen was born July 12, 1913, in Odessa, the daughter of Henry and Mollie (Uhrich) Schafer. She attended school in Odessa and married Frederick Carl Stehr in Odessa on Jan 19, 1933. Together they had four children. They lived on the family farm until buying a home in Odessa in 1960. Helen was active in Eastern Stark bridge and square dance clubs and other social events. She enjoyed her flower and vegetable garden and especially loved being with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Helen was  preceded in death by her husband, Fred, a brother, Lavern and sisters Ruth and Dorothy. She is survived by her four children, Les Stehr, of auburn, WA; Ron Stehr and Tom Stehr, of Spokane, and Peggy Burk, of Fresno; 8 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, and one brother, Jerry Schafer of Odessa. Pastor Larry Snyder officiated at the memorial service. Strates Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.” (Odessa Record: 1-16-2003) 

Stehr, Ronald Kae:  “Ronald Kae Stehr, 74, died July 31, 2011 at Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane from complications of diabetes.  Ron was born in Odessa Sept 23, 1936, where he resided on the farm with his parents, Fred and Helen Stehr, brothers Les and Tom and sister Peggy.  Ron graduated from Odessa High School in 9154 and spent two years in the US Army.  Upon coming home to Odessa he continued on the family farm with his wife Delores, children Tami, Jeff and Juli, until he moved to Spokane in 1980. He continued farming and worked as a cattle broker. He was married to his second wife, Donna Novotney, until her death in 1989. In 1995, he married Maggie Allen, and she was with him until his death. Ron was active in the livestock community in both Spokane and Davenport and won the Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer award. Ron is survived by his wife Maggie; children Tami Smith of Odessa, Jeff (Karla) Stehr of Rosalia and Juli Sanderson of Spokane; stepchildren Johnny DeGraaf of Spokane and Marlene Picard of Omak; grandchildren Nathan (Sam) Stehr, Shelby and Markus Smith, Zachary and Kaden Sanderson and step-grandchildren Brian and Caitlin Jeske. He is also survived by his siblings Les Stehr of Auburn, Peggy (Arch) Burke of Fresno, CA, and Tom (Julie) Stehr of Spokane, as well as uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews. A celebration of his life will be held at Annie Fannies (Stockyards Inn) at 3827 E Boone in Spokane at 2 p.m. Friday, Aug 5, 2011. A graveside memorial will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011 at the Odessa Cemetery with a reception to follow at the Odessa Heritage Church.” (Odessa Record: 8-04-2011)

Stehr, Wm T.,  s/o Fred  (d. 3-17-1926; b. 4-10-1893; TS-b. 1902; LL; OC; DC; obit) “Wednesday of this week J. E. Turner was called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stehr who live 12 miles north of Odessa to care for the body of their son, William, who died that morning at the home of a neighbor. When found about 6 a.m. the body was lying in the yard and was still warm and it is thought that William dropped dead while on his way to feed the stock. He was 23 years of age, large of stature, and was over six feet tall. The funeral will be held in Odessa today.” (Citizen-Mar 19, 1926) “William T. Stehr. Birth: 10 April 1893, WA.  Male, white, single. Age: 23 yrs 11 mos 7 days. Mother: Freda Rosenhohn, born Germany; Father: Fred Stehr, born Germany. Informant: Freda Stehr of Odessa. Died: 17 March 1926, Dist. #6, Odessa, WA. ‘Found dead, permission by coroner, ruptured abdominal aorta from fall in fit status epilepticus, duration few minutes.’ L. M. Thompson, MD.   Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, WA, on 3-19-1926; J E Turner, Harrington, undertaker.” (WA State Register of Death & Lincoln County Health death card) “Wilhelm Stehr, born 10 April 1902 in Odessa, WA, son of Wilhelm Stehr and his wife Frieda nee Rosenbohm, died 17 March 1926 (epilepsy). Burial: 19 March 1926.” (Christ Lutheran Church ledger)

Steinmetz, Mary, child of Henry (added, DC;  obit) “The 18-month old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steinmetz died last Friday of pneumonia.” (Odessa Record: 17 March 1911) “Mary Steinmetz. Female, white, single; Birth: April 3, 1909, WA; Age: 1 yr 11 mos 6 days.  Father: Henry Steinmetz born Russia; Mother: Elizabeth Koch, born Russia.  Informant: Henry Steinmetz, Odessa.  Death: March 9, 1911, 10 p.m., Odessa, Lincoln County.  Cause of death: infantile convulsions of 1 ¼ days duration. Contributory: measles of 4 days duration. H Mitchell, MD, Odessa. Burial: Odessa Cemetery, March 11, 1911. Undertaker: none.” (WA State Certificate of Death)

Steinmetz, Elizabeth,  (added? DC)  “Elizabeth Steinmetz.  Female, white, single; birth: Nov 21, 1907, at Odessa, WA; aged: 15 days. Father: George Steinmetz, born Russia; Mother: Marie Steinmetz, born Russia. Informant: George Steinmetz, Odessa, WA. (signature marked with ‘x’.  Death: Dec 6, 1907, 4:30 p.m. at Odessa, Lincoln Co, WA. Physician didn’t see her before death. Cause: Malnutrition, caused by being born prematurely and cholera infantum of 8 days duration. Physician: John J. Lening, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: near Odessa, Dec 8, 1907. Undertaker: (not shown).” (WA State Board of Health: Certificate of Death) 

*Stepanck, infant, d/o Chas  (d. 3-04-1916; b. 2-24-1916; Odessa; DC) “Unnamed infant Stepanck. Female, white, single. Born: Feb 24, 1916, Odessa, WA. Age: 9 days. Father: Chas Stepanck, born Bohemia; Mother: Fannie Brecha, born Bohemia. Informant: father. Death: March 4, 1916  at 2 a.m., Dist #6, Odessa, WA. Cause: prematurity, 7 mos. Lee Ganson, MD, Odessa, WA. Burial: Odessa on 3-06-1916” (WA State Register of Death; no additional information; County Health death card suggests “probably” the Bohemian Cemetery, infant not listed there either. There is no indication of burial in the Odessa Old Catholic Cemetery; recorded here for preservation as potentially buried here.) "The eight day old child of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Stepanek died suddenly at their home at two o’clock Saturday morning. It had been a weak child from the time of birth, but nevertheless, its death came as a great shock to its parents. The remains of the little one were laid to rest Sunday afternoon in the German Lutheran cemetery." (Odessa Record: 3-10-1916)

Stern, Gary Bert,  (added) d. Apr 23, 2004 “Gary Bert Stern died Friday, April 23, 2004, at his home in Odessa. He was 64 years old. He was born Aug 7, 1939, in Waterloo, Iowa, to Bert Andrew Stern and Caryol Jeanne Smack. He married Kathy Askew on June 26, 1987, in Hope, Ark. Gary is survived by his wife; daughter Lynette (Don) Nichols, of New Hartford, IA; sons Scott (Liz), of Belleview, IL; Les, of Waterloo, IA; step-sons Tim Grissom, of Vancouver, WA; Chris, of Burlington, WA; Mike (Govinda), of Corvalis, OR; adopted children Allen (Nancy) of Waverly, IA, and Tracy and husband, of MN; 16 grandchildren; several nieces and nephews and cousins, uncle and aunt; sister Ruth Ann (Gary) Matthews, of Fairbank, IA; Rex (Patsy) Tabor, of Mullberry, Ark; Bob (Deb) Tabor, of Raymond, IA and Dennis Stern, of Florida. He was preceded in death by his father Bert Stern and his mother and step-father, Caryol and Robert Tabor, sister Sally Jo Fintel; daughter Christina and brother Larry Tabor. A memorial service was held at Odessa Cemetery Chapel on Friday, April 30.” (Odessa Record-May 6, 2004)


Odessa City Cemetery Obituaries, Odessa, Washington,  submitted 

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