(primary source: Tombstone Inscriptions)

                Original Locations: NW ¼ NW ¼ Sec 21 Twp 27 N R 35 EWM & Lot 40 in  Peach in Sec 23 T 27 R 35

                       (Lot 40 may have been called the W. H. Balcolm Cemetery)

                                New Location:  NWNW Sec 21  Twp 27 N R 35 EWM about ¼ mile S of Lincoln Mill

                                        1911 Atlas shows a Cemetery in NW ¼ 21-27-35; same as present cemetery.

  “County Surveyor George Sawyer surveyed a cemetery site for the village of Peach. 

The location is a very beautiful one, being upon the bank of the

 Columbia River about one mile below the Post Office.” (LCT-10-09-1903)

  (Documents not found within the court house.)


? Warranty Deed Vol. 86 pages 529-531, dated July 31, 1939: W J O’Brien sold to USA—11.72 acres NW corner of NENE Sec 20 T 27 R 35, Columbia Basin Project, US Dept of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. (Lincoln Co Auditor)


 Graves moved by Ball & Dodd in fall of 1939, part of the Bur. of Reclamation project for Grand Coulee Dam. Howard T Ball supervised completion of most of the work in the fall of 1939. A documentary film was made and is available at the museums in Davenport and Wenatchee for viewing. Two or possibly three cemeteries were removed in the river area in Lincoln County from the Peach vicinity, including the Balcom and Brannon cemeteries. This author has not seen their documentation at present time, 2003. Some bodies were not placed in the cemetery below, or per some researchers, were moved here and soon transferred to other cemeteries. Many clouds surround this well orchestrated project, but the documentation has failed to arrive in Lincoln County’s court house.


This primary file was submitted by Marge Womach, with additions to Lartigue's 1974 Tombstone Inscriptions in bold print.

The cemetery was actually walked and read by Rella and Jim Gleaton in 1999 (posted on called Cemeteries-on-line)) and additional information was provided by Rella in the enclosed brackets with the squiggle (~  ), with Marge's generous permission.

Please, If you have ANY information pertaining to this cemetery, please contact either Marge Womach

 or Rella Gleaton, Lincoln County Co-ordinator 





Evidence of 26 Unmarked Graves in  1974

(Additions to Lartigues’ 1974 Tombstone Inscriptions are in bold print bold & underscored: info provided by relative)  


Anderson, Hans (d. 12-01-1905; h/o Catarina, per family)

(~Hans, b. Oct 1832 Denmark, came to US 1874, Catarina b. Apr 1938 , census info,~wife said buried at Davenport )

Balcom, Evelyn A., (Johnson) (b. 1856, Iowa; d. 15 Oct 1925)

Balcom, Henry, (1912-1933)*

Balcom, John, (1883-1905)(~s/o Charles M. & Minerva E. Evans Balcom, bro to Lillian Uribe)

Brannan, Dora J., (1883-1959)                                                             moved to Creston

Brannan, Marcus E., (1873-1947)                                                       moved to Creston

Brannan, Thomas, h/o Almira (1830-1894)                                       moved to Creston

Brannan, Almira, (1836-1922)                                                             moved to Creston

Brannan, Lloyd V., s/o J. G. & N. L. (d. Dec 22, 1896; age 8 mos 11 dys)

Brannan, Luretta, w/o W. L. (1876-1904) (~William L.,, OR, census info)

Brannan, Esther Irene, (Apr 25-Sept 25, 1899)  

Brown, William Franklin, (d. 1933)

Brown, Eleanor, b. Jan 26, 1858, in Wheatland, OR,  d. Jan 24, 1932,  at Davenport, w/o William (Andrew?)

Brown; d/o Andrew (b/Ark)  & Mary Cooper Layson (b/Iowa)

Buell, M.,  (d. Dec 23, 1900) 

Denney, William H., (Oct 1836-Dec 1922)

Depo, Mary Catherine, (Dec 14, 1934-Dec 27, 1934)

Emerson, Guy B., (1895-1931)

Ensley, Abram, (d. Mar 25, 1902; 69 yr 1 mo 15 dy) (~b. Feb 1833, Ind, census info)

Ensley, Sarah Canutt, (d. 14 Nov 1914) w/o Abram Ensley (~b. Nov 1837, Ind)

Fisher, Baby of Mrs. Maude ,  moved to other

Gabbert, George, (1860-1914)(~h/o of Minnie)

Gabbert, Minnie, (1866-1953) nee Ensley (~ w/o George  & d/o Abram & Sarah Ensley)

Hill, Alice E, (1858-1924) (~nee Thompson, Feb 21,1858, OH, d. May 5, 1924, w/o John Richard Hill)

Hill, John R, (1855-1922) (~h/o Alice, b. May 17,1855, MO, d. Mar 6, 1922 )

Hill, Charlie, s/o J. R. & A. E. (Feb 1, 1890-Jan 15, 1904) (~Charles Edward)

Hill, Frederick, (1917-1919) (~s/o Homer & Margaret Kelley Hill) (aka Alvan Homer Hill)

Jump, William, (Sept 24, 1929); “Our Baby”) (~probably c/o Wm R. & Etta L, census info)

Jump, Phyllis A., (Oct 10, 1924); “Our Baby”)(~   , census info )

Kirby, Clarence D., s/o L. M. & L .(Jan 17, 1898-Nov 15, 1902)

Lawson (Layson), Infant, (d. Aug 27, 1902)( see notes below)

Layson, Martha B., w/o Samuel (d. Aug 15, 1902; age 32 yr 4 mo 3 dy) (~b. Apr 1870, OR, census info)

Layson, H. I., (no dates) d. 8-27-1902  (~b. Aug 21, 1901, Howard Ivan, no headstone found, census info)

Layson, Mary A., d/o S. L., (1882-1910) (~b. Jun 1892, 1900 census info: d/o Samuel L. & Martha B.)

Layson, S. L., (no dates) (~Samuel L., b. Sept 1860,OR, headstone not found, census info)

Layson, Mary E., (July 21, 1832-Nov 21, 1904; age 72 yrs)

Lynn, Harry G., s/o J. E. & L. A.  (Aug 25, 1902-Oct 7, 1902) (~ J. “F.” & L. A.)

Lynn, William, (1831-1909; “Father”) (~b. Oct 1831, TN, census info)

Lynn, Mary A., (1845-1930; “Mother”) (~living w/son Joseph in 1910 census, b. NC)

Lynn, E. T.,( Elijah T., July 28, 1859-Nov 11, 1909; “Woodsman of the World”)

Lynn, Mr. (~Stephen F.) b. 12-07-1857(~VA); d. 7-12-1938; h/o Martha A Scott, 2nd Hilda Pearson(~b.1879, Sweden, census info)

Messenger, Charles, (no dates) (~moved from Brannon  Cem, 21-3, #7) (~possibles: Clarence b. Dec 1883 or Clifford b. 1915)

Pugh, Mary (~Callie), (1855-1932:“Mother”),(~ b. Jun 16, 1856, NC, d.. Feb 19,1932, Creston, nee Hampden, w/o Fields Lee Pugh)

Pugh, Fields L., (1852-1921; “Father”)(~ h/o Mary C.)

Pugh, unnamed male infant of Guy H. & Rozelle Forbes Pugh; stillborn 15 April 1928(death certif)

Pugh, Nora, w/o Charles B.,  (Mar 6, 1883-Oct 2, 1912)

Richardson, Laura E., w/o J. F. (1874-1911)

Shock, Ann Balcom, (b. 1906-d. 1-30-1927) *

Scott, Marvin W., s/o W. W.  & Nettie (May 13, 1904-Aug 28, 1904)  

Smith, Minnie Evelyn, b.July 24, 1860, d. Oct 17,1925

Tellford,  Walter, d. 6-20-1909; res. Peach; burial not shown.

Thornburg, Hiram  (b. 10-12-1868; d. 11-09-1939) s/o M. J. & Annie Bolarkus

Timm, A L , August 1894, ( Possibly Anna, as below information)

(~Timm, Anna L., b. Aug 15,1894, d. prior to 1910, d/o Fred & Tomasa,)

(~Timm, Beatrice, d .Dec 18, 1903, Peach, WA, info on side of Tomasa's stone(  d/o Fred and Tomasa )

Timm, Tomasa  Q. (1867-1903) (~b. Dec 21,1867,d.Dec 20,1903, w/o Fred)

Timmons, Willard Eugene, (b. 3-21-1917(~WA); d. 8-25-1939) s/o George (~W. & Bertha M.)

Tucker, Beulah Belle, (b. 188_(~Va)- d. 3-01-1913) **(~ w/o Estle E., b. 1882, VA census info)

Tucker, Dixie, (2-12-1913—9-23-1913) **

Uribe, Alice May, (Dec 31, 1901-May 19, 1905) (d/o Roque & Nell Hill Uribe)

Uribe, Charles, (Apr 22, 1908; “son”) (s/o Timothy & Lillian Balcom Uribe)

Uribe, Timothy, (1882-1918; “Father”) (h/o Lillian)  

Walling, Mary Lou, d. 29 March 1933 at Creston, b. 12 Mar 1933, Creston, WA

Walters, twins of Joe (~Joseph G.) & Emma (no dates) (~moved from Brannon Cem) moved to other

Yeaman, Malcolm C., (Sept 30, 1878-Mar 21, 1906)

Young, Edna, (no dates),  moved to other

Young, Emma Gertrude, d/o George & Emma (d. Aug 1, 1899; 3 yr 10 mo 15 dy) (~moved from Brannon Cem)

Young, Merritt Anson, (Aug 25, 1899-May 22, 1903) (~s/o George & Emma)

Young, George B., (1853-1903) (d. 25 March 1903) (~b.1853, Ill, wife Emma J., ,b. Mar 1873, MN, census info)

Zeal, Lucy, (No tombstone-Lincoln Co. death card info)     

** Beulah and Dixie Tucker data added at courthouse by Eva Halley, d/o Beulah & Estle E. Tucker.

+ Obit or death certificate on file




See our "Happenings at Peach" page.



Anderson, Hans S.: (  b. Oct 1832, d. 1905 Dec 01)   "Hans N. Anderson of Orchard Valley died last Friday at 9 a. m. as a result of injuries received by falling from his wagon, as noted in these columns two weeks ago.  Since that time we have learned more in detail of the unfortunate occurrence.  Mr. Anderson was driving on a road in that neighborhood which at the point where the accident happened passes between and over huge masses of granite that render it very rough.  The wheels seem to have slipped from the narrow track and struck the rock with such force as to throw the seat and the driver with it from the box.  In falling he struck his head upon the stone with great violence.  He had held on to the lines until he struck, as shown by their dragging on the outside when the team stopped.  The horses apparently were going in a trot at the time and passed before he rolled back into the road, as when found he was laying perfectly helpless in the track and had not been struck by the wheels.  The team ran some distance, when it was seen and stopped by E. H. Waring, and S. O. Anderson, a brother of Hans, who lives near where the team was caught, at once drove back and found him lying as described.  He got him into the wagon and conveyed him home and Dr. Snyder was summoned from Miles.  He gave very slight hopes for recovery from the first, the injuries being internal in both head and body.  Death finally resulted from inflammation of the brain.  Mr. Anderson was partially paralyzed from the time of his fall, and never fully recovered consciousness, though he was at times able to recognize those about him until within the  last two days of his life.  Deceased was born in Denmark fifty-four year ago.  He had been in America 34 years.  He was a quiet , unassuming man, who attended to his own affairs and gave no one cause for offense.  In earlier live he had been a communicant of the Lutheran church, but in later years had not been in active connection with the church.  Mr. Anderson was married twenty five years ago in California to Katrine Freiso.  His wife and a large family of children, together with the brother mentioned, survive to mourn his taking away.  The funeral occurred Saturday, the 2nd inst., interment being in the Orchard Valley cemetery. Rev. S. A. Woods of Creston conducted the religious services. " ( Creston News, Dec 08, 1905) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Balcom, Evelyn A. (Johnson):  (b. 1856, d. 1925)  “Evelyn A. Balcom; b. 1856, month and day not stated, Iowa; d. 15 Oct 1925; widowed, spouse not named; father was John Johnson,  mother not named. Burial: Peach, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health, Auditor’s office)


Brannan, Almira:    “Mr. Lee Rodgers,  of Ashland, Oregon, is visiting with his sister, Mrs. Almira Brannan.”  –Dav. Trib. of 2-14-1901

Brannan, Almira:  “Children: May Messenger, 13; Elmer Conrad, 14” –1901 Peach School Census Report Dist #82


Brown, Eleanor:  ( b. Jan 26, 1858, d. 1932 Jan 24)   b. 26 Jan 1858, Wheatland, Oregon, d. 24 Jan 1932 at Davenport; Spouse: William Brown; (son Andrew Brown); Father: Andrew Layson, born Arkansas; Mother: Mary Cooper, born Iowa; Burial: Lincoln Cemetery, Lincoln, Wa. (Lincoln County Health Death Card)


Brown, William Franklin, 

“Peach Resident Dies.  William Brown, aged pioneer of the Peach region, died last week at Bend, Ore. Burial took place at Peach, Saturday. He is survived by one daughter and four sons. Mr. Brown was taken to Oregon some months ago when he became seriously ill." (Davenport Times-Tribune of Dec 28, 1933) 


Buell, M:  ( d. 1901 Dec 23) “M. Buell died at his home on the 23rd of December of paralysis.” (Davenport Tribune-Jan 3, 1901, Peach Column, burial not stated.)


Denney, William H:   ( Oct 05, 1836, d. 1922)  “William H. Denney, aged 86, who homesteaded west of Medical Lake 42 years ago when Spokane and Medical Lake were struggling villages competing for county seat honors, died last week while on a visit to Peach, WA.  Mr. Denney homesteaded on land now occupied by Denney station and lived there for 16 years, but spent much of his life at Medical Lake. The station is in Lincoln County west of Medical Lake. After 16 years at Denney Station, he lived at Nez Perce four years. Mr. Denney had 14 children, 52 grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren. Mr. Denney was born Oct 5, 1836, in New York and was married Nov 3, 1856, to Mary Jane Kern. Fourteen children were born, 12 of whom are still living. They are: Eunice M. Denney, Opportunity; Lyddie J. Bartholomew, E3828 Second Avenue, Spokane; Joseph W. Denney, Spokane; Amelia Pierce, Peach; Hilda A Weidman, Seattle; Hattie A Latham, E O Denney, Campton, CA; Emery W Denney, Twin Falls, ID; and R. R. Denney, Twin Falls, ID. A sister, Mrs. Almira Timmons, lives in Spokane. Mr. Denney made his home in Spokane with his daughter, Mrs. Bartholomew.”  (Reardan Gazette 11-16-22)

Depo, Mary Catherine:   (b. Dec 14, 1934, d. 1934 Dec 27)  “Mary Catherine Depo; d. 27 Dec 1934 in Davenport; b. 14 Dec 1934 in Davenport; Mother = Gertrude Walton b. WA; Father = Theodore Depo b. Fruitland, WA; Burial: Lincoln (Peach) Cemetery, Lincoln, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health, death cards, Auditor’s office)


Gabbert, Mrs. Minnie:  “Children: Archie, 14; Mable, 9; Bernice, 7” –1901 Peach School Census Report Dist #82.

Gabbert, Martha:  (b. May 26, 1882; d. Jan 28, 1907.)ee LaFollette Cemetery as Martha Jane Gabbert Harris, w/o Ben; b. May 26, 1882; d. Jan 28, 1907. Has TS listed there.

Hill, John Richard:  ( b. May 17, 1855, d. 1922 Mar 06)  "John Richard Hill, who formerly resided in Peach, was born in Barton county, Missouri, May 17, 1855, and died at this home at Opportunity, Washington, Monday, March 6, 1922, at the age of sixty six years and twenty eight days. Mr. Hill came west in 1884, was a member of the M. E. Church continuously since the age of fourteen years, and was an earnest Christian up to the time of his departure from this world.  The deceased leaves to mourn their loss a widow, one daughter and four sons, Mrs. Nell Uribe, W. T. and James Hill of Peach, and Homer and Henry Hill of Opportunity.  Funeral services were held from the Smith & Co. undertakers' parlors, Rev. E. I. Mitchell officiating.  There were not a few friends and lovely floral offerings at the funeral. The body was cremated. "( Newspaper clipping from relative, not dated.)


Holbrook, D. A.: Possible burial here: “D. A. Holbrook, 78, pioneer of the Lincoln district, died at his home last Thursday. His funeral was held at Lincoln Saturday.” (Odessa Record: 2-11-1927) 


Lawson, infant:  “An infant baby of Mr. L. S. Lawson, who lives near town, died with croup on Aug 27, and was buried the following day. The child’s mother passed away just two weeks before, of the same trouble.” (LCT-Sept 5, 1902; possibly Martha, whose TS reads “Martha B. Layson, w/o Samuel, died Aug 15, 1902, aged 32 yr 4 mos 3 days” followed by the death of her infant.)


Leyson, Mrs:  “Mr. Leyson, of Peach, whose wife died a short time ago, received $2,000 from the Fraternal Army on Tuesday, of which order Mrs. Leyson was a member.” –LCT of Dec 30, 1902.

Lynn, Elijah T.:  (b. Jul 28, 1859, d.  1909 Nov 11)  Nov 26, 1909; Elijah T. Lynn of Peach, aged 53 years, died Nov 18th. Bright’s disease of the kidneys was the cause of death. (Citizen)


Lynn, Mary:  ( b. 1845, d. 1930) "Peach, Wash. October 7, 1930.  Funeral services for Mrs. Mary A. Lynn were held at her home last Thursday, Rev. Eaton of Oregon officiating.  Mrs. Charles Widener, Mrs. Ernest Guhlke, Miss Laura Loree and Miss Kathleen Rueck sang accompanied by Mrs. A. E. Pugh.  The pall bearers were W. R. Jump, W. H. Balcom, W. S. Brannon, J. W. Nelson, J. B. Widener and Jim Kirby, all neighbors of Mrs. Lynn.  She is survived by the following children John Lynn, Charles Lynn, Joseph Lynn, and Mrs. Bessie Slemp all of Peach.   There are fifteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  Interment was in the cemetery west of Peach where her husband, Elijah Lynn is buried.  Mrs. Lynn was 85 years old." Davenport Times Oct 09, 1930.  


Lynn, Mr.  (Stephen F.):   ( b. Dec 07, 1857, d. 1938 Jul 12) “Peach Pioneer, 78, a resident of Peach for nearly 40 years and a prominent orchardist and farmer there, died at his home Tuesday evening following a long illness. He was in a hospital in Wilbur four weeks, then was in a Spokane hospital for three weeks, and finally was brought home again just before July 4.  Funeral services for Mr. Lynn will be held at Creston at 10:30 AM today, Thursday. Interment will be in the Peach Cemetery. Mr. Lynn was born Dec 7, 1857, in Smythe County, VA.  He was married there to Martha A Scott on Oct 24, 1892, and she passed away March 7, 1899. He came to Peach in 1899 and married Hilda Pearson there Sept 12, 1901.  He is survived by his widow, and by four children by his first wife, including Mrs. Bertha Timmons, Peach; Mrs. Annie Johnson, Tacoma; Mrs. Arta Marshall and Mrs. Mattie McDowell of Yuba City, CA; and five children by his second wife, including Mrs. Rabel Robinson, Edwall; Mrs. Virginia Debord, Creston; William E. Lynn and Walter A. Lynn, Peach; and Ernest F. Lynn of Wilbur.” (Dav. Times & Tribune of 7-14-1938)“D A Holbrook, 78, pioneer of the Lincoln district, died at his home last Thursday. His funeral was held at Lincoln Saturday.” (Odessa Record: 2-11-1927)


Pugh, Fields,:  ( b. 1852, d.  1921)

“An appraisal of the estate of Fields Lee Pugh and Mary C. Pugh of Peach made by H. A. Thompson, James Nelson and John F. Lynn, shows property valued at $5,683.” (Odessa Record: 7-05-1935)


Pugh, Mary C:    (b. Jun 16,  1856  d. 1932  Feb 19)   “Mary Callie Pugh; d. Creston 19 Feb 1932;  b. 16 June 1856;  widow of Fields L (1852-1921); father was Alexander Hampden, b. NC; mother was Elizabeth Sutherland, b. NC; Burial: Lincoln (Peach) Cemetery, Lincoln, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health, Auditor’s office)


Pugh, unnamed male infant: “Unnamed male infant of Guy H. Pugh (b. VA) & Rozella Grace Forbes (b MT); stillborn 15 April 1928 at Peach, WA; burial Peach. (Lincoln Co Health, Auditor’s office)  


Smith, Minnie: Minnie Evelyn Smith. Died: 17 Oct 1925, Lincoln, WA. Birth: 24 July 1860, Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Spouse: not named. Father: Frank Kukoff. Mother: Rebecca Genge, born Ohio. Burial: Peach Cemetery, Lincoln, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Telford, Walter:  “Walter Telford of Peach was drowned last Sunday afternoon while swimming in Hawk Creek. The boy was a good swimmer but took cramps from the cold water.”  (Sprague Advocate of 6-25-1909)

Thornburg, Hiram:  “Hiram Thornburg. b. 10-12-1868; d. 11-09-1939; Cause: Tree fell on him; divorced;  Father = M. J. Thornburg; Mother = Annie Bolarkus; Burial: Creston-Peach Cemetery.” (WA State Death Certificate-Auditor’s office)

   A petition for letters of administration over the estate of H. B. THORNBURG of Peach, killed by a falling tree recently, was filed in the superior court here November 15 by his brother WILLIAM THORNBURG.  The estate consists of $350 cash in a bank at ST. JOHN.:  Graveside services were held______day at the Peach cemetery for H. Thornberg, killed by a falling tree.......(Dav. Times-Tribune, Nov 23,1939) 

(Dav. Times-Tribune, Nov 14, 1939)Crushed under a tree he was falling with the assistance of his nephew, Harold Thornburg, age 17 eleven miles north of Creston about 10:30 a.m. last Thursday, Hiram Thornburg, age 71, suffered a crushed skull, a broken leg, and other injuries and probably was instantly killed.  Harold Thornburg was struck in the back by the tree and knocked about 20 feet down hill, sustained a sevrere back bruise.  The tree twisted as it began to fall, and Hiram Thornburg could not get out of the way in time.  The sheriff's office at Davenport was notified after the accident and Prosecuting Attorney Howard E. Phillips and Deputy Sheriff Frank C. Rambo investigated Thursday afternoon.  No inquest was held, and the body was brought to the Bumgarner Funeral Home here later in the day by C. W. Bumgarner.

   Grave-side services for Mr. Thornburg were held at the cemetery at Peach, Sunday at 2:30 p. m., with the Rev. F. J. Ahrendt, Davenport Lutheran pastor , in charge.  Interment followed.   Mr. Thornburg was born in California, and had resided in the Peach region and in other parts of eastern Washington the last 20 years.  He has three children at Priest River, Idaho, and also is survived by one sister, Mrs. Ida O'Herin, Pasco, and three brothers, William Thornburg of Peach, Charles Thornburg, of Fruitland, and Mark Thornburg of Miles. 


Timmons, Willard Eugene:  “Willard Eugene Timmons; b. 3-21-1917; Father = Geo W. Timmons b. Iowa; Mother = Bertha Lynn b. VA; Cause of death: Broken neck in auto accident. Died: Aug 25, 1939; Burial: Peach, WA.” (WA Death Certificate)


Walling, Mary Lou, d. 29 March 1933 at Creston, b. 12 Mar 1933, Creston, WA, mother: Olive May Heath b. TX, father: Raymond Vance Walling, b. WA; Burial: Peach (Lincoln) Cemetery, Lincoln, WA. (Lincoln County Health Death Card)


Young, George B.  “George B. Young, d. 25 March 1903; buried Peach Cem., later Lincoln Cemetery. He was Peach postmaster and storekeeper. Birth date: 1853.” (Lincoln Co Health, Auditor’s office)

 “Postmaster Young died at his home in Orchard Valley, Wednesday, March 25th. Mr. Young, who had long been the merchant at that place, was taken sick about five weeks ago with la grippe which ran into typhoid, from which he was recovering. The cause of death was an abscess which burst internally. Mr. Young was a member of the Fraternal Army of America, which order conducted the funeral.” (LCT-31 March 1903)


Zeahl, Lucy, d. Mar 01, 1936

 “Lucy Zeahl. d. March 1, 1936, Lincoln , WA . Birth: Nov 21, 1899, Miles , WA . Single. Mother: May Hilder, born TN; Father: August Zeahl, born Germany .  Burial: Peach ( Lincoln ) Cemetery. Lincoln , WA .” (Lincoln County Health death card)


Zeahl, Mae, d. Nov 10, 1932

“Mae Zeahl. Died: 11-10-1932, Davenport , WA . Birth: 27 April 1863, IL.  Spouse: probably August H Zeahl. Father: James Lawrence,  born IL; Mother: unknown, born KY. Burial: Lincoln Cemetery , Lincoln , WA .” (Lincoln Co Health death card; edit: see Swedish Lutheran Cemtery) (possibly Peach Cem.)



Peach Washington Cemetery Obituaries submitted to the WAGenWeb by 

Marge Womach, March 2004. 

(~Added by Rella Gleaton. Since I have so many relatives in the small cemetery, 

I have added information to the original file with Marge's permission.)

Updated January 29, 2010.

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