Evangelical Cemetery at Sassin


                                                          At the entrance a wooden marker reads: “Sassin Cemetery Est. 1890”.


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Court house records show a plat of the cemetery and place it in Cemetery District #6. “Being a part of the NE ¼ of Sec 33 Twp 25 N R 38 and more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the section line between sections 33 and 34, 1798 ft north of the quarter sec corner, thence north on section line 184 ft, thence westerly and at right angles with section line 192 ft, thence south and parallel with section line, 172 ft thence 359 degrees E 27 ft, thence easterly and parallel with north boundary 170 ft to place of beginning, containing 77/100 of an acre. I hereby certify that the accompanying is a true plat of the cemetery as surveyed by me July 3, 1905 for A. Schnase, J. J. Klein and Peter Kienholz, Trustees. J. L. Alkire, Surveyor.”  The earliest known burial was that of David Kintschi (1890-1890), son of Christian and Louisa Kintschi. The records of this cemetery seem very reliable and complete. The surnames included in this cemetery are: Braun, Davins, Deeg, Fritsch, Keinholz, Kelly, Kempken, Kintschi, Kruger, Locke,  Michel, Nething, Rutt, Scheuch and Schoepflin. This is a current use cemetery and has not been updated since 1999.  



Sassin Cemetery::


Braun Baby,  (1907-1907)

(obit not available in Harrington Citizen)


Braun surname at Sassin:

Three Braun families were evident in the Sassin region in the early days:  John Braun,  Paul B Braun and Katharine Bertha Braun (Kintschi), siblings born to Johann and A. (Beck) Braun in Verrenberg, Germany. John Braun was born 27 May 1871 at Ferrenberg, Witbg., Detschland; his wife Marie was born 22 June 1874 at Reidlingen, Witbg., Deutschland. John and Marie Braun enrolled 4 children in Sassin school in 1907 with their address as Sec 28 Twp 23 R 38. In 1916 the following 6 children were enrolled: Oscar (Mar 24, 1896), Esther (Mar 17, 1898), Paul (Sept 1, 1899), Lucy (May 4, 1901), Johnnie (June 28, 1903) and Marian (May 11, 1905). The John Braun family data is also recorded in the 1911 church ledger with some variation. Each is recorded as born in Bay City, Michigan, except Marian, at Edwall. The Paul B. Braun family enrolled 2 children in 1916 in the Sassin school. A later undated report, possibly 1924, shows the following children (birthdates vary on these reports): Christian Paul (Aug 5, 1909), John Conrad (Feb 28, 1911), and Theodore Frederick (May 1, 1914). The 1927 school record only shows Mrs.  Paul Braun as parent with Christian Braun as pupil; John C. and Teddy Braun were listed with Chris Kintschi as guardian. (Franz) Paul Blasine Braun married Katharina  Kintschi, sister of Michael, on 14 Feb 1907. Paul’s sister, Katharina Bertha Braun was married to Michael Kintschi on Oct 16, 1907. Both ceremonies were officiated by J. R. Ehret. Ted Braun (1914-1975) is buried in plot 50-4 and an infant (1907-1907) Braun is buried in plot 51-6.  A mortgage was filed by Josiah J. Braun on Mar 9, 1889 on a portion of Sec 28 Twp 23 R 39 filed in Book G page 453 of Mortgages at Lincoln Co Auditor.  Oscar Braun  married Ella Weber, daughter of H. C. and Mathilda (Wintermantel) Weber.


Braun, Ted, (1914-1975) (1914-1975) 


______, John, (no dates, no last name, but located near Braun & Davins graves)

Davins, Elizabeth Kintschi, (Sept 13, 1884-Mar 4, 1907)

“Elizabeth Davins, wife of P. B. Davins and eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christ Kintschi, died at the home of her parents, eight miles southwest of Edwall, March 4, 1907. Mrs. Davins suffered of asthma during the greater part of her life, which finally terminated in tuberculosis causing her death at the age of only 22 years. She bore all the suffering patiently and with Christian fortitude, having blessed assurance that she was going to the Heavenly Home where sin, suffering and sorrow are banished forever. Only fourteen months ago she was united in marriage to her now sorrowing husband. The funeral services were held in the Evangelical Church at Sassin, Rev Koch, of Davenport, preaching in English and German. The attendance was very large, the church being much too small to admit the people.” (Dav. Tribune 3-14-07)  Edit: Elisabeth was born Sept 13, 1884. Philip Davins maintained contact with the Kintschi families even after his marriage on 31 May 1916 to his second wife, Geniva Washburn Matherly Davins (1877-1935).


Deeg, Christover(Aug 23, 1852- Jan 7, 1907) (Aug 23, 1852- Jan 7, 1907)  

Chris Deeg was born in 1851 in the midwest. An expensive four-foot monument marks his resting place far up on the hill of the Sassin Cemetery. "Friends he had many, Enemies none. Christopher Deeg. Aug 23, 1854-June 7, 1907. In our Father’s House are Many Mansions.” At some point he had apparently been married in the Midwest and fathered several children as papers were filed on behalf of those children against his estate in Lincoln County. Anna Deeg of Woods County, Oklahoma filed a petition in Lincoln County for guardianship of the three children of Chris Deeg, all minors, John, Mary and Margaret. His obituary reads: “Christopher Deeg died at his home near Edwall Friday morning June 7. He was a pioneer of the county, having been in the Northern Pacific machine shops at Sprague years ago.”  He married the widow Louisa Rux Kik on 23 Dec 1894 at Sassin. Chris Deeg was listed as a probationer in the Zion German ME ledger in 1894. Following their marriage they lived on Louisa’s Sassin farm near her sister and family, the Jacob Kleins. Records filed in Superior Court of Lincoln County show he was an abusive, caustic alcoholic prone to violent episodes. He held a position on the Sassin School Board in 1899-1900. Shortly after this J. J. Klein  finally succeeded in persuading Louisa to divorce Chris before she or the children were seriously injured or killed. This action was contrary to the religious convictions of the Rux and Klein families, but the abuse seemed to increase with the passing of time. Other court records were filed by Chris’s brother, Paul Deeg of Edwall: a petition to be appointed administrator in which Paul cited as the only heirs to his Chris’s estate were siblings. In this document he reveals that Chris had the following siblings: Paul of Edwall, Margaret Deeg of Illinois, Martin Deeg of Minnesota, and John Deeg of unknown location.


Fritsch,  Ewald, (1856-1898)

Ewald Fritsch was the second child of Joseph and Pauline (Kochler) Fritsch. He had a homestead in the Sassin district and his probate was processed in Lincoln County. His death certificate is also on file there. He died 10 Dec 1898 at the age of 44; the cause was listed as a valvular heart condition. Burial was not given.


Fritsch, Eyrahite, (Nov 9, 1900-Jan 7, 1907) child of Oscar


Fritsch, Wendel C,m  (Nov 5, 1910-Apr 25, 1911) child of Oscar (Nov 5, 1910-Apr 25, 1911) child of Oscar

Two sons of Oscar and Bertha (Rux) Fritsch were buried in the Sassin Cemetery: Ezrahite Fritsch was born Nov 9, 1900 during an epidemic of smallpox and died a month later. Wendel Curtis Fritsch was born on Nov 6, 1910. He never was able to gain any weight, and slowly wasted away on April 27, 1911. (Data provided by family; obit not available in Harrington Citizen)

Kienholz, Margaretha Michel, (1866-1960)

According to the obituary of Peter, Margaret and Peter were married about 1891 in Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin for several years prior to coming west. Margaret was a daughter of Anna Michel (see also). She was fondly called ‘Aunt Maggie’ and moved from the Sassin area to Spokane not long after her loss of Peter. (Obit not available in Harrington Citizen)


Kienholz, Peter, (1859-1936)

Peter Kienholz passed away in Spokane last Thursday evening. He had contracted the flu which developed into pneumonia. Funeral services were held Monday morning by Hazen & Jaeger’s and burial was in the Sassin Cemetery near Edwall where another short service was held. Rev J. E. Rasmussen of the First Pentecostal church of Spokane was in charge of the services. He was assisted by Rev David Raines. Peter Kienholz was born in Brienz, Switzerland, and came to Minnesota when he was a young man. He married Margaret there 45 years ago, and then spent several years in Wisconsin. Here, in 1902,  they homesteaded at Minnie Falls near Edwall where they had made their home until a year ago when they moved to Spokane. He was 76 yrs 2 mos 15 dys at the time of his death. He was a member of the Pentecostal Church. By trade he was a mason and he had built many foundations, cisterns, small cement bridges and cement water troughs around Edwall. Surviving him are his widow, a son David, and two daughters, Hulda and Flora, all of Spokane; four other sons, Ed of Port Angeles; Walter, Ben and Michael of Edwall; and another daughter, Mrs. Sidney Hudson (Lena) of CA, who was the only one of the children unable to attend the services. A sister, Mrs. Mattie Miller of Minneapolis, two brothers, John and Henry in Wisconsin and two grandchildren also survive. (3-06-36 Citizen Excerpt)


Kienholz, Clara,  ( May 18,1891-Dec 26, 1934)

“The climax of a sorrow of ten years standing descended upon Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kienholz early Wednesday morning (Dec 26) when their daughter Clara Anna, mentally ill for the past decade, met her death early in the morning. Clara, 43 years old, was born in Minnesota. She attended the local schools and was graduated from the Cheney Normal, and, preceding her affliction, taught school for a number of years. Surviving her are her parents, five brothers (David, Edward, Bernard, Michael and Walter) and three sisters (Mrs. Lena Hudson, Misses Flora and Huldah Kienholz). Funeral services will be held at the Sassin church today (Dec 28, 1934) at 2 PM with Rev David Reins of Spokane, relief pastor at Sassin in charge. Burial will be in the Sassin Cemetery, beside a sister who died in 1902, an aunt, and a grandmother. Members of the immediate family are all expected to be present. Miss Huldah and Bernard came from Spokane, Mr. & Mrs. David Kienholz, Spokane, came, and Edward, a teacher at Port Angeles, is expected to arrive this morning and Mrs. Sidney Hudson of San Francisco, CA, will arrive at Sprague this noon. (Citizen 28 Dec 1934) "Kienholz, Clara Anna; d. 26 Dec 1934, Harrington, WA; Birth: 18 May 1891, MN; Single. Father: Peter Keinholz, b. Switzerland; Mother: Margaret ?, born Switzerland. Burial: Sassin Cemetery, SW of Edwall." (Lincoln County Health death cards)


Kienholz, daughter of Peter, ( d. 1902)

(see obit of Clara Kienholz)


Kelly, Katherine,  ( Apr 1, 1887-Nov 16, 1971)

“Funeral services will be held on Nov 20 for Mrs. Katherine Kintschi Kelly, who passed away on Tuesday in Portland, OR, at the age of 84. The service will be held in the Edwall Methodist Church with Rev Ray Whitlow officiating. Mrs. Kelly has been making her home in Portland for the past 12 years at the home of her eldest son, Chris Braun. She is also survived by two other sons, John Braun of Georgia and Ted Braun of Spokane. Seven grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren also survive as do four brothers, Mike, Chris, Morris and Adolph Kintschi, all of Edwall. Mrs. Kelly, who was born and raised near Edwall and educated in the old Sassin School, will be interred at the Sassin Cemetery.” (Sprague-18 Nov 1971)  Katherine’s first marriage was to Franz Paul B Braun on 14 Feb 1907. Their children attended Sassin School Dist #3.


Kintschi, Adolph Jacob, ( 1903-1998) "Adolph Jacob Kintschi. Died: Nov 15, 1998. Birth: March 21, 1903, Edwall, WA. Spouse: Married-Bernice Ward. Father: Christian Kintschi; Mother: Louise Bolyman. Burial: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Kintschi, Anna Katherine, ( 1896- 1977)  "Anna Katherine Kintschi. Died: 7-21-1977. Birth: 4-09-1896. Spouse: Morris Kintschi. Father: Meinrad Tanner; Mother: Elizabeth Noah. Burial: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Kintschi, David, (1890-1890)  5th  child born to Christian Sr. and Louisa


Kintschi, Baby, (1897-1897) 8th child born to Christian Sr. and Louisa


Kintschi, Baby, (1898-1898) 9th child of 11 born to Christian Sr. and Louisa


Kintschi, Louisa M., (1859-1950)  (Obit not available in Harrington Citizen; date of death: 4-30-1950, widowed, source: Lincoln Co Health burial permit)


Kintschi, Christian,, (1842-1936)

“Funeral services for Christian Kintschi, Sr., 94, were held in the Sassin Church Monday afternoon with burial in the Sassin Cemetery. Mr. Kintschi was a real pioneer of Lincoln Co coming here in 1881 and settling on a farm on Rock Creek where he lived until a few years ago. His last years he lived with his son, Mike Kintschi. He is survived by his widow, four sons, Mike, Chris, Adolph and Morris, one daughter, Mrs. Paul Brown, all of Edwall; 17 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.” ( 5-22-36-Citizen) Edit: Christian Kintschi, Sr., was born 25 June 1842 in Davos, Graubuenden, Switzerland. At the age of 24 he came to the US, settling first in Alma, Wisconsin in 1866. Here he had a homestead and in 1879 married Louisa Margaret Balimann (1859-1950), a native of Alma. Their first child, Michael,  was born 16 Sept 1880 in Alma. The now family of three came overland by train to San Francisco in 1881; then by boat  in 1882 to Portland and up the Columbia and Snake Rivers to Clarkston and overland again to the Sassin region where he purchased land from the government. According to family tradition, for six years they lived in a dugout which was not uncommon in this region; however, the digging of the home is attributed to Louisa. Their family increased from Michael (1880-1978) to include: John (1882-1903), Elizabeth (13 Sept 1884-1906), Catherine (1887-1971), David (1890-1890), Christian Jr., (14 Mar 1891), Margaret (1895-1913), Baby (1897-1897), Baby (1898-1898), Morris (15 Mar 1899) and Adolph (21 Mar 1903). The address of the family on the school census of 1901 was Sec 4 Twp 23 R 38. The family consistently appears on territorial and state census reports. In 1912 Christian and Louisa moved from their farm but they purchased another nearby and resided on it until retirement in 1931. Christian Sr., son of Christian Kindschi (1792-1872) and Elsbeth Gabmer (1803-1883), was one of 8 children. Interesting details of the family are well documented in the Sprague-Edwall-Lamont history. His sister and brother-in-law, Meinrad and Anna Tanner, came to Washington Territory in 1888 and although their primary residence was Spokane, they were once familiar names in Sassin. Meinrad assisted with the foundation of the Kintschi home. (Gathered data with assist from family) "Christian Kintschi. Died 15 May 1936 at Sprauge-Edwall, WA. Birth: 25 June 1843, Switzerland. Spouse: Louise M. Bahnian?. Father: Christian Kintschi, born Switzerland; Mother: unknown, born Switzerland. Burial: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)

Kintschi , Baby Leroy Lee, (s/o Adolph & Bernie (Oct 23, 1943)

(Obit not reported in Harrington Citizen)


Kintschi, Katherine Bertha, ( 1888-1975) "Katherine Bertha Kintschi. Died: 8-25-1975; Birth: 1-27-1888, Germany. Spouse: Michael Kintschi; Father: Joseph Braum; Mother: no record. Buried: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Kintschi, Louisa M.,  (1859-1950)

(Obit not available in Harrington Citizen; date of death: 4-30-1950, widowed, source: Lincoln Co Health burial permit) “Mrs. Louisa Kintschi, 91, a resident of the Edwall area since early days, died Sunday at the farm home of her son, Mike Kintschi, in that community. Funeral services will be held at the Methodist church in Edwall, Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., with burial in the Sassin Cemetery near the town. The Bumgarner funeral home of Davenport will be in charge. Mrs. Kintschi was born in Minnesota , and was married there to Christian Kintschi in 1879. They came by train to Portland, OR, in 1881, then by boat up the Columbia and Snake rivers to Lewiston, Idaho, and then overland to what is now Lincoln County where they took up a homestead between Sprague and Edwall. They observed their golden wedding in 1929 and retired from farming in 1931, making their home with their son, Mike. Mr. Kintschi died in 1936.  Five of their eight children survive, including one daughter, Mrs. Katherine Kelly, Yakima, and four sons, Mike, Chris, Morris and Adolph Kintschi, Edwall. Other survivors are a brother, John Florin, Davenport, 19 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.” (Scrapbook obit: undated)


Kintschi, Margaret(1895-1919) (1895-1919)

“Miss Margaret Kintschi died at the home of her parents Apr 29, 1913. Her funeral was held at the Sassin Church by Rev Lich of Spokane and she was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby the church. Deceased was 19 years old. She was stricken with paralysis and lived only about nine days. Her death will be mourned by a large number of relatives and friends.” (Citizen  5-09-13) Margaret Kintschi was the 7th known child of Christian Kintschi Sr. and his wife, Louisa Margaret Balimann.


Kintschi, John(no visible stone) d. Dec 29. 1903 (no visible stone) d. Dec 29. 1903  

John was born while the family yet lived in the dugout on Aug 28, 1882, the second son born to Christian Kintschii Sr. and Louisa Margaret Balimann. His name appeared in Sassin school records through 1902. The Citizen article of Mar 6, 1903 (Edwall Section) indicated he was near death: “Mr. John Kintschi, a young man living a few miles south-west of here was taken to Spokane by Dr Kaulbach to have an operation performed. From late reports he was very low and there are little hopes of his recovery.”  Sprague Times of Jan 6, 1904 stated “John Kintschi, aged 21years 8 months, died Wednesday (Dec 29) after an illness of 11 months. He was the son of Chris Kintschi and resided at the family home 10 miles north of Sprague. He was a promising young man, and to be taken off just as he reached his majority is a sad blow to his relatives and friends who mourn his untimely death. The remains were buried on New Year’s Day at Sassin.”

Kintschi, Michael, ( 1880-1978)  "Michael Kintsch. Died: 12-15-1978. Birth: 9-16-1880, WI. Widowed. Father: Christian Kintschi. Mother: Louisa Ballaman. Buried: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)


Kintschi, Morris, ( d. 1986)  "Morris Kintschi. Died: 11-09-1986, 8 mi. SW of Edwall, WA. Father: Christian Kintschi; Mother: Louisa Bolyman; Spouse: Anna Catherine Tanner. Burial: Sassin Cemetery, Edwall, WA." (Lincoln Co Health death card)

Kruger, Emma Schoeplin, (Feb 14, 1910-Dec 1, 1965)

Emma Schoeplin was the daughter of Ernest Jr. Schoeplin and his wife, Anna Rutt Schoepflin. Emma’s father died when she was nine years old. (Obit not reported in Harrington Citizen)


Locke, Margaret Schoeplin, (1908-1913)

Margaret Schoepflin Locke was born Apr 8, 1913 to Ernst Jr. and Anna (Rutt) Schoepflin. She received her early education at the Sassin School and married Marion A Locke (born June 5, 1908). In 1938 they resided in Spokane. Margaret died Sept 26, 1994 and was buried in Sassin.

Michel, Anna, (1835-1907) grandmother

Anna Michel was born in 1835 and died in 1907. Much of her history has faded from this area. Two known children of Anna Michel were Margaretta Michel Kienholz and Jacob Michel. Jacob Michel  had married Rosalia Matthys, daughter of Andrew Matthys, on 15 April 1888 at Sassin. Records show her mother’s maiden name as Dellenbach. Rose died from consumption 17 Aug 1896 at the age of 32 years, having been born in Switzerland in 1864. Jacob had enrolled two children in School Dist #4 in 1902: Mary (age 15) and Willie (age 12). This family of four appears on the 1892 census.  In 1903 “Jacob Michel, one of the prosperous north of town farmers, and Hermine Billing of Fiurlinger, Switzerland, were married in Spokane Wednesday. Jakie is one of the well known pioneers of this section and is extended the cordial congratulations of his many friends.” (Sprague Times-6 Nov 1903) Jacob Michel owned acreage in Sec 8 Twp 22 R 38 which was sold to a Kintschi. In 1903 Jacob Michel was one of the Trustees of the Sassin Church.


Michel, Rosalia Matthys,  w/o Jacob (1864-1896)  

 She married Jacob Michel on April 15, 1888 at Sassin. “Rose Michel died Aug 17, 1896, age 32 years. She died at Sprague from consumption. She was born in Switzerland in 1864. Occupation: housewife near Sprague. Father: Andrew Mathys born Switzerland; Mother: Dillsnbach, born Switzerland.” (Lincoln Co Auditor’s Death Register) Lincoln County Probate file #805 regarding the protection of the assets left to William Michel, son of Jacob and Rosalia Michel, showed William was age 16 at the petition on 28 Aug 1905, and Jacob his father was his guardian. The case involved an offer by Christian Kintschi of $1250 for their portion of Sec 8 Twp 22 R 38.


Nething, John, (1836-1928) (1836-1928)

John Nething was born in 1835 in Germany, son of Christian David Nething (1812-1892) and Margaret Hafner. He came with his parents and family to the US in 1854 to Wisconsin. He came to Washington Territory in 1888. “Mr. John Nething, uncle of Mrs. Kintschi, Sr., passed away at the Kintschi home Saturday evening of a paralytic stroke. He was 92 years old.” (Citizen-5 Oct 1928). His probate papers include that he was a widower; he died 29 Sept 1928; and he had two children surviving him: William Nething, age 62 of Alma, WI; and Laura Felson, age 62 of Wilmington, ND.


Scheuch, in memory of Henry (no dates)  & Sophia ( b. 1866, d. Jul 14, 1912)

Henry Scheuch (Schy) was born about 1855 in Germany. In Lincoln Co their marriage license was filed 15 Feb 1889, and he married Sophia Henchel (19 Apr 1866-14 July 1912), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Henschel.  She had come to America at the age of 17, by way of Minnesota. Willie was born in 1890. An infant died June 12, 1899. Lillian was born Aug 6, 1905 and died Sept 12, 1910. Sophia died from complications attending childbirth, at the age of 46 yrs 2 mos and 25 days. Her obituary in the July 19th, 1912 Sprague Advocate reads in part: “To this union were born one daughter and five sons, all of whom with her husband survive her. Her parents also survive and live in this vicinity. The family have resided in the Sprague country about 24 years Mrs. Scheuch was essentially a home loving mother, finding her greatest enjoyment in ministering to her family. She was a Christian, sympathetic woman, a good neighbor, and many of her friends testify to her great worth and splendid influence in the community. She was a member of the Christian Evangelical Church under whose auspices the funeral was held. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon from the home and burial was made in the Sassin Cemetery, Rev Marrin of Edwall officiating.” J. Henry Scheuch remarried. He was considered a wealthy man, prone toward fits of rage, which culminated in his early demise at age 60 on August 11, 1916. His remains were interred in the Sassin Cemetery next to his first wife. He was survived by his wife, Emma, and 7 children, several brothers and sisters residing in Sprague country and a father living in Edwall. August Schy and family came from Odessa for the funeral. The probate documents at Lincoln County list the following data on his children: William A. (age 27, residing Sprague), Harvey J. (24, Sand Point, ID), Mary Pauline Miller (22, Walla Walla), John Henry (19, Monroe), Oscar H. (16, Sprague) and Ernest A. (14, Sprague)(note: see Sophia).

Scheuch, Lillian, d/o J. H. & S. A., (Aug 6, 1905-Sept 12, 1910)

 Scheuch, Our baby,  (June 12, 1899) died in infancy


Scheuch, Sophia,  ( 1866-1912)

Mrs. Sophia Scheuch, born in Germany in 1866 and married to John Henry Scheuch in 1889, departed this life on Sunday July 14, 1912. She would have been the mother of ten children, (8 sons and 2 daughters) but in this sad case the babe, a son, was buried in the same grave with its mother, who gave up this life along with the babe about to be born. The funeral was conducted by Rev Lick of Spokane, at the Sassin Cemetery, a large concourse of old friends and neighbors paying their last respects to the departed, when she was laid to rest on Tuesday July 16th. Mr. & Mrs. Scheuch are old and respected residents of this community and the sympathy of all goes out to the bereaved father and children. A. C. Schy, a brother of Henry, from Harrington, came up with his family for the funeral. (Citizen, Jul 19, 1912))  


Schoeplin, Anna Rutt (1883-1960) & Ernest (1878-1919)

Ernst Schoepflin Sr. was born in 1845 in Eimeldingen, Germany and was married twice prior to his arrival in Washington Territory. His first wife died in childbirth and several years later he married her sister, Katherine Rosena Schamberger. To this union 2 children were born in Germany (Ernst in 1877 and Anna in 1879). William was born in Minnesota in 1882. In 1883 Ernst Sr. and family moved to Sprague and in 1886 he was in the Sassin district. He had been raised Evangelical and became involved in the Sassin Church until 1898 at which time he withdrew and followed the teachings of the 7th Day Adventists. Ernst and Katrina’s other children were: Emma (born 31 Aug 1885), Fred (1886), Katherine (1889), Bertha (1891), Charley (1894), and Mathilda (1899). The family appears on the 1892 census in the Sassin district and the children attended the little Sassin school through 1907. Shortly after, Ernst and family moved to Spokane and the farm was taken over by Ernst Jr., then Fred and finally Charley. The farm was eventually sold to Kintschis. Ernst Schoepflin Jr. died 16 Dec 1918 in Spokane. His probate was settled in 1919 in Lincoln Co: widow, Anna, age 36; children: Bertha, 10; Emma, 9; Anna, 8; John, 7; Margarita, 6; Helen, 5; Ernest, 3; and Albert, 1. Their residence at that time was near Edwall. He was buried in the Sassin Cemetery. His father survived him, dying in 1927. His mother, Katharina, died 24 Feb 1938 while residing near Grandview, WA. The probate of the estate of Katharina lists the children and grandchildren with addresses for 1938. Anna Rutt Schoepflin, wife of Ernst Jr., died in 1960 and was also buried in Sassin.  “Ernest Scheuflin, who was taken to Medical Lake last week, died at that place Tuesday morning. He leaves a wife and 8 small children.” (Harrington Citizen: 12-28-1918)


Sassin Cemetery plots

Plot ,   Name

51-1  Kintschi, Christian; 1842-1936

51-2  Kintschi, Louisa M.; 1859-1950

51-E. Kintschi, Leroy Lee; 1943-1943

51-3  Kintschi, Margaret; 1895-1913

51-4  Kintschi, Elizabeth; 1884-1907

51-5  Kintschi, John; 1882-1903

51-7  Kintschi, Baby; 1898-1898

51-8  Kintschi, Baby; 1897-1897

51-9  Kintschi, David; 1890-1890

47-1  Kintschi, Morris; 1899-1986

47-2  Kintschi, Anna C.; 1896-1977

50-5  Nething, John; 1836-1928

50-4  Braun, Ted; 1914-1975

50-3  Kelly, Katherine Kintschi Braun; 1887-1971

50-1  Kintschi, Michael; 1880-1978

50-2  Kintschi, Katherine; 1888-1975

46-1  Kempken, H Sr.; 1855-1895

51-6  Braun, Baby; 1907-1907

46-{  Scheuch, Lillian; 1905-1910

46-{  Scheuch, Baby; 1899-1899

46-{  Scheuch, Henry

46-{  Scheuch, Sophia

28-{  Fritsch, Ewald; 1856-1898

28-{  Fritsch, Ezrahite; 1900-1900

28-{  Fritsch, Wendel; 1910-1910

45-{  Kienholz, Margaretta; 1866-1960

45-{  Kienholz, Peter; 1859-1936

45-{  Michel, Rosalia; 1864-1896; wife of Jacob

45-{  Michel, Anna; 1835-1907

52-{ Schoepflin, Ernest; 1873-1918

52-{ Schoepflin, Anna Ruth; 1883-1960

52-{ Schoepflin, Myrtle; 1911-1911

52-{ Kruger, Emma Schoepflin; 1910-1968

19-1  Deeg, Christopher; 1851-1907

52-{  Locke, Margaret; ____-1995

52-{  Locke, Marion; 1908-____)

52-{  Kruger, Robert; 1943-1943



Sassin Cemetery Obits, Lincoln County, Washington

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