MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN



                                       SE corner of 12-21-38, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington


                                                                 Submitted by Marge Womach 

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SE corner has Chinese burials  of 3 or 4 in a common grave, following an accident about the turn of the century. Numerous stones that were recorded in 1974 by the Lartigues were not located on my first search and listing of the stones. After comparing my list in 1998 to their 1974 listing, I went on a hunt for the missing stones. Most are accounted for by 2000. The cemetery apparently went through an exceptionally abandoned-care state, and is presently in one of the Lincoln County Cemetery Districts, which affords it some upkeep. The commissioner of this cemetery district has failed to keep his promise for four years to furnish me with a map of the original plot owners, consequently, I have devised my own numbering system and not been privy to the original plot names.  Such a tool is an invaluable aid in determining which surnames to search for in other county records. The priests from all of Lincoln County, Ritzville and the diocese in Spokane have each been a wonderful aid in finding and obtaining copies of pertinent records for each of the Catholic cemeteries of the county. They are to be commended on how they maintain their records and on the dedication of those that serve in their archives. (See Lincoln Co Auditor’s Misc. H-433 for S J Ringwood, affidavit of SE ¼ of 12-21-38, Catholic Cemetery, dated 6 Nov 1940. Begin SW corner SE ¼ of SE ¼ of Section 12 Twp 21 R 38, thence East along South line, 40 rods, thence North 20 rods, thence west 40 rods, thence South 20 rods, to point of origin; Edit: one linear rod is 16.5 ft, thus the plot measures, per this description, 660 ft X 330 ft).


 Data from a wide range of sources has been included in this cemetery file. Inclusion in this file is no guarantee that the body of the deceased is indeed in this cemetery. For the first section of the listing of the burials, Bold print signifies tombstone and tombstone data and flat print signifies other sources:

            CTR = Catholic Territorial Records from Spokane

            OBIT = Local newspaper obituary

            CSL = Catholic Sprague Ledger             RCL = Ritzville Catholic Ledger

            TS = Tombstone (followed by location in cemetery)  


As usual this is still a work in progress...



Anderson, Kate ,   1893-1975    TS-SW-21 (in Billesbach plot)

Armstrong, infant ! ,   (CTR: d. 27 May 1902; age4 ½ months)

Armstrong, Elisabeth Pool !(CSL: d. Oct 16, 1921; 50 yrs 8 mos)

Armstrong, Joannes Ray !,   (CSL: d. May 3, 1918; 7 yrs 9 mos)

Balfe, Bernard F. ! ,  1893-1970 TS-NE-136 (3 on 1) (Bernard Francis)

Balfe, Bernard,  Feb 11, 1863-Mar 24, 1908 ,   Father TS-NE-136 (3 on 1),   6 ft gray pillar

Balfe,  Margaret ! ,   Aug 7, 1865-Nov 25, 1935 ,   Mother TS-NE-136 (3 on 1)

Balfe, Helena Joanna !(CSL: d. May 14, 1926; 8 mos; d/o Cyril & Emma Balfe)

Balfe, Rosa ,   May 3, 1891-Aug 15, 1891 white cross 2 on 1   TS-NE-137

Balfe, Philip  ! ,   Aug 9, 1901-Nov 5, 1901    TS-NE-137, son of Bernard & M. Balfe   white cross 2 on 1

Barrett, John J.; b. May 4, 1868, d. Mar 1894, Added by R.

Barrett, Peter Joseph ! ,   (CTR: d. 26 Apr 1902; b. 23 June 1838 Galway Co Ireland)

Billesbach, father  ! 1858-1943    TS-SW-24 (shared stone) (Peter)

Billesbach, mother   ! ,  1869-1927    TS-SW-24 (shared stone) (Maria)

Billesbach, Francis ! ,  1900-1903    TS-SW-22 (CTR: d. Nov 14, 1903, b. NE)

Billesbach, John ,   1891-1910    TS-SW-20

Billesbach, Sylvester   !  ,  1903-1905    TS-SW-23; (CTR: d. 7 Sept 1905)

Bittner, Raphael X. ! ,    d. June 17, 1902 ,  TS-NW-63,   son of J. E. & M. L. Bittner, aged 7 wks 4 dys

Black, Alexander  ! ,   d. Dec 9, 1923, 53 years   TS-SE-101

Boyle, Frances !(CTR-d. Sept 1891)

Bradley, child of Wm  !  ,  (CTR: d. 10 June 1898, age 2 hrs; burial Sprague Cath)

Brectfelder, John E ! ,   TS-SE-182 (stone eroded; CTR: d. 22 July 1906)

Brislawn, James Brian ,   July 15, 1908-Oct 18, 1908 ,   TS-SW-18 (2 ft white)

Brislawn, James Francis ! ,  1861-1924    TS-SW-50 in Wallace family plot

Brislawn, Matthew  ! ,  1850-1926    TS-SW-42 (shared stone-family plot)

Brislawn, Mary E .  !  ,   1854-1920    TS-SW-42 (shared, mother & father)

Brislawn, Charlotte Ellen ! , Jan 18, 1892-Jan 17, 1936 daughter  TS-SW-44

Brislawn, Mickel O.,  1856-1922    TS-NW-61 (in McCaffery family plot)

Brislawn, Rose Ann !(CSL: d. Oct 11, 1935; 76 yrs; w/o Michael O. Brislawn)

Brislawn, Michael J !,   (CSL: d. Jan 10, 1928; 79 yrs 5 mos; s/o Jacob )

Brislawn, Ferdinand L. ! ,   Jan 15, 1888-Feb 5, 1981 Sgt US Army WWI TS-SE-122

Brislawn, Ferdinand !1859-1921    TS-SE-120 (Brislawn plot, McGlade, Vent)

Brislawn, Elizabeth   ! ,   1861-1898    TS-SE-120 (red stone, 2 on 1, Ferdinand)

Brislawn, Charles Patrick ,  1893-1896    TS-SE-121 (flat stone, ½ buried)

Brophy, Andrew J . ,   1888-1943    TS- SW-5

Brophy, Charles D. ,   1895-1910   

Brophy, Katherine A., 1858-1916   

Brophy, Daniel J. ,  1886-1948    TS- SW-4

Brophy, Mary F.  ,  1882-1940    TS- SW-6

Brophy, Patrick H .  ! ,  1861-1921    TS- SW-7 (CSL: d. Nov 25, 1921)

Brophy, Walter J. ,   1890-1965    TS-SW-12

Brophy, James B.  , 1832-1902    (added after locating the stone)

Brophy, William C.  ,  1857-1902    (added after locating the stone)

Brophy, James H.  ! ,   1886-1941    TS-SE-116 Brophy plot w/O’Hare & Zeyen

Brophy ,   TS-SE-117 Cross

Brophy, Mary H. ,  Jan 15, 1889-Dec 7, 1909    TS-SE-118 shared monument

Brophy, Irene ! ,    June 2, 1901-Aug 13, 1902    TS-SE-118 shared monument

Brown, Lucy D.,    d. Sept 23, 1904, 13 months  TS-SE-97 (in Tavares plot)

Brum, Lucy  !(CTR: d. 23 Sept 1904; b. Odessa 13 mos ago)

Burke, Thomas ,   d. July 8, 1892 aged 63 years , TS-NE-82 (3 ft white) b/County of Limerick Ireland  (in Gaffney plot)

Burke, Margaret !(CTR: d. 27 Feb 1901, age 68)

Burke, Bernadum !(CTR: d. 10 Mar 1901 age 77; Born & died in Sprague)

Burke, Thomas F .!,  Aug 5, 1862-Oct 31, 1886    TS-SE-102 (at Thompson)

Burns, Anna Irene Toohey !(CSL: d. June 20, 1918; w/o Thomas Burns)

Burns, Thomas ! , (CSL: d. Dec 17, 1925; 65; h/o Anna Toohey Burns)

Butler, James ,   d. May 12, 1897; 76 years   TS-SE-131 shared stone

Butler,                , 2 foot stones J. B. & E. B.

Butler, Catherine(OBIT: d. March 24, 1931, aged abt 100, w/o James)

Butler, Edward ,   d. Feb 13, 1890; 23 years   TS-SE-131 shared stone



Obituaries and Church Records for Sprague Catholic Cemetery

All names will appear in bold print in this section; inclusion in this file does not ensure burial. Mention is made of some removals, no effort was expended to confirm or deny these allegations. In some instances the burial is cited to have been elsewhere, and the tombstone has appeared in the Sprague Catholic Cemetery. These could be errors in the original records or could mean that at some point the remains were brought here. Without the original mapping of the cemetery, many questions will remain unanswered.

Anderson, Kate,  1893-1975    (TS-SW-21 in Billesbach plot)


Armstrong, Anne,  d. 9-01-1921; “Anne Armstrong; white; born Ireland; order given by John Pool & Pete Armstrong; Funeral Sept 2, 1921 at Cheney; Place of death: E of Lamont at John Pool’s; Residence: Cheney; Physician: Dr. J. E .Bittner; Cause of Death: apoplexy; Death: Sept 1, 1921; Birth (not shown); widow; housewife retired; Protestant; Aged: 81 years; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” “WA State Board of Health; Burial-Removal Permit; County of Whitman; Anne Armstrong; Age 81; female; white; Cause of death: apoplexy; Place of burial: Cheney, Wash. (see Fairview Cemetery in Cheney); Removal to Cheney, Wash.; Place of death: 5 miles E of Lamont; Dated Sept 1, 1921.”  "Mrs. Ann Armstrong, mother of Peter Armstrong and Mrs. John Poole of Lamont died at the home of her daughter at Lamont last Thursday morning Sep 1.  For the last eight years she has lived at Cheney where she had a home just west of town on the Central Washington highway.  She was 85 year of age and was born in Ireland.  She is survived by five children three daughters and two sons. The daughters are Mrs. John Poole of the Lamont country, Mrs. Will Schy of Cheney and Mrs. Jane Milliron of Portland. The sons are Peter Armstrong of Sprague and Lamont and Frank Armstrong of Denver, Colorado.  The remains were taken to Cheney last Friday and funeral services were held at the Methodist church there.  Rev. Charles L. Creesy, the pastor, officiating." ( Sprague Advocate, Sep 8, 1921, Submitted by Barbara Curtis)


Armstrong, infant,  (CTR: d. 27 May 1902; age 4 ½ months) (infant of Armstrong & Elizabeth Poole)


Armstrong, Elisabeth Pool,  (CSL: d. Oct 16, 1921; 50 yrs 8 mos) “Elizabeth Armstrong; white; born Maine; wife of Peter Armstrong of Lamont, WA; Funeral: Oct 18, 1921 at Sprague by Father (name not given); Residence: East of Lamont 6 miles; Cause of death: carcinoma of the liver; Death: Oct 16, 1921; Birth: Jan 15, 1871; housewife; married; Catholic; Aged: 50 yrs 9 mos 1 day; Father = Dominique Pool born NY; Mother = (not shown); Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) Mrs. Armstrong Passes Away: The death of Mrs. Peter Armstrong occurred at her home six miles east of Lamont last Saturday, October 15.  She had been a sufferer from poor health for several years.   Mrs. Armstrong was a pioneer of the Lamont country having come there with the family 38 yeas ago when but a girl of 12 years and has lived in the community ever since.  She was born in Minnesota, January 15, 1871, the daughter of Dominick and Mary Pool.  When a small child the family moved to Iowa where they lived 10 years coming from there to Washington thirty eight year ago.   In May of 1898 she was married to Peter Armstrong and to this union were born five children.  The husband and three children, namely, William, James and Mary, survive her.  She is also survived by five brothers and one sisters as follows: John Pool, William Pool, Mrs. Mary Wiltzius, Frank Pool, Henry Pool, and Ben Pool.  All are residents of the community.  Her parents and one sister,  Annie preceded her in death.  Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock at the Catholic church and a large number of neighbors and friends fathered to pay their last tribute to one they had loved and respected.  Burial was in the Catholic cemetery. ( The Sprague Advocate, Oct 20, 1921) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Armstrong, Joannes Ray,  (CSL: d. May 3, 1918; 7 yrs 9 mos) “John Raymond Armstrong; white; born Wash.; son of Peter & Elizabeth Armstrong; Funeral: none; Residence: SE of Lamont; Cause of death: scarlet fever; Death May 3, 1918; Born: July 16, 1910; Aged: 7 yrs 9 mos 17 days; Father = Peter Armstrong  born Mich; Mother = Elizabeth Pool. Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Balfe, Bernard F.,  1893-1970 TS-NE-136 (3 ON 1) (Bernard Francis)  


Balfe, Bernard , Feb 11, 1863-Mar 24, 1908 ,  Father , (TS-NE-136; 3 on 1) (6 ft gray pillar) (see Probate #1057 & 1274 in Lincoln Co.) (Lincoln Co census of 1892 shows the following: Balfe, Barnard; male, 28, Ireland, teamster; Balfe, Margaret; female, 24, Ireland; and Balfe, Mary A.; female, 3, WA.) (“Born: On Wednesday, April 3rd, 1889, to the wife of B. Balf of Sprague, W. T., a daughter; weight, 14 pounds.” 4-11-1889 of Sprague Herald)


Balfe,  Margaret,  Aug 7, 1865-Nov 25, 1935,   Mother,  TS-NE-136 (3 on 1),(CSL: d/o Philip & Rose Pibney; w/o Bernard)


Balfe, Helena Joanna,   (CSL: d. May 14, 1926; 8 mos; d/o Cyril & Emma Balfe) “Helen Joan Balfe; white; born Sprague; daughter of Cyril & Emma Balfe; Funeral May 15, 1926 at Sprague by Father Buckley; Residence 7 miles north of Sprague; Physician: Dr J. E. Bittner; Cause of Death: meningitis; Death: May 14, 1926; Birth: Sept 13, 1925; Aged: 8 mos 1 day; Father = Cyril Balfe born WA; Mother = Emma Schmidt born Minn.; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Helen Jean Balfe; Died: 14 May 1926 at Sprague, WA; Born: 3 Sept 1925 at Sprague, WA; Father = Cyril Balfe born WA; Mother = Emma Schmit born MN; Burial: Catholic Cemetery in Sprague, WA.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards)


Balfe, Rosa,  May 3, 1891-Aug 15, 1891,  (white cross 2 on 1, TS-NE-137)


Balfe, Philip,  Aug 9, 1901-Nov 5, 1901; son of Bernard & M. Balfe; (TS-NE-137; white cross 2 on 1) “One of the seven month twins of Barney Balfe died and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Herald of Nov 8, 1901)


Barrett, John J.:  About ten o'clock last Friday forenoon Mr. John J. Barrett breathed his last at the home of his parents in this city. . Deceased had been a long and patient sufferer.  About two years ago he underwent an operation at Tacoma during which one of his kidneys was removed.  For a time he rallied and it was thought that he would recover his full strength and vigor.  Last summer, however, he again had to submit to the surgeon's knife and still without the relief hoped for.  The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.  John J. Barrett was born at Alfred, Maine, on the 4th of May 1868.  He was a brother of Mrs. T. M. Cooper and leaves to mourn his untimely taking off, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Barrett, two sisters and several brothers.  He was an exemplary young man with an unblemished character.   (Sprague Herald, Mar 28, 1894) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Barrett, Peter Joseph,   (CTR: d. 26 Apr 1902; b. 23 June 1838 Galway Co Ireland) “Saturday afternoon, April 31st, while walking along First Street near William’s Drug Store, in Sprague, Mr. Peter Barrett, aged 61 years, a well-known citizen, fell dead. Heart failure was the cause and death was instantaneous. He was Mrs. T. M. Cooper’s father.” (LCT of 5-06-1902) (see Lincoln Co probate #559)  


Billesbach, father, 1858-1943, (TS-SW-24;  shared stone) (CSL: Peter Paul Billesbach d. Mar 6, 1943;  h/o Mary Gertem Billesbach) “Peter Paul Billesbach, residence Lamont, Wash.; Place of Death: Lamont, Wn.; spouse: Mary; Birth: Feb 23, 1858; Death Mar 6, 1943; Birthplace: Peru, IL; retired farmer; Father = John Billesbach born Germany; Mother = Mary Ann Gennshirt born Germany; Cause of death: pneumonia; Physician: Dr. G. H. Howard of Sprague; Burial: Sprague Catholic Cemetery; Funeral services at Catholic church. Date of Interment 3-09-1943.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Billesbach, mother,  1869-1927, (TS-SW-24;  shared stone) (CSL: Maria Billesbach d. Mar 7, 1927;  d/o John Gerten & Maria Klein; w/o Petri) “Mary Billesbach; white; born IL; Funeral March 10, 1927 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Buckley; Residence Lamont; Cause of death: myocarditis; Secondary: flu; Death: March 7, 1927; housewife retired; married; Catholic; Birth: Oct 27, 1867; Aged: 59 yrs 4 mos 10 days; Father = John Gerton; Mother = Mary Klein; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Mrs Peter Billesbach, age 58, died at her home southeast of Sprague last week from influenza. She came to Sprague in 1901.” (Dav. Times-Tribune of Mar 17, 1927)


Billesbach, Francis,  1900-1903 (TS-SW-22;  CTR: d. Nov 14, 1903, b. NE) “Francis, the 4-year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Billesbach, died Sunday morning of dysentery after an illness of several weeks. The burial took place from the Catholic church Monday. The grieved parents desire to thank their friends and neighbors for their kind assistance and sympathy in their bereavement.”  (Sprague Times of 11-20-03)  


Billesbach, John,  1891-1910,    (TS-SW-20)  “Death came to Johnnie Billesbach, son of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Billesbach last Saturday at three o’clock p.m.  The boy had suffered for about eight years with epilepsy which disease caused his death. He was aged 18 years, 8 months and 4 days, was born at Heartwell, Neb., coming to the Dewey neighborhood near Sprague in 1902.  The funeral was conducted by Rev Fr. Cunningham at the Catholic Church, Monday morning at 11 o’clock and the burial was in the Catholic Cemetery. His parents, five brothers and three sisters mourn his loss. The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved ones.” “Card of Thanks. We desire to extend our sincere thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly rendered assistance to us in the time of our need during the sickness and death of our son and brother Johnnie. Peter Billesbach and Family.” (Sprague Advocate of 2-11-1910)  


Billesbach, Sylvester,  ! , 1903-1905,    (TS-SW-23;  CTR: d. 7 Sept 1905; age 2 yrs 4 mos; b. Sprague)

Bittner, Raphael X.,  d. June 17, 1902; s/o J. E. & M. L. Bittner, age 7 wks 4 dys       

(TS-NW-63;  CTR: Raphaelem Haverium Bittner;  CSL: Maria Lillian Bittner-buried Fairmount, Spokane) “The infant son of Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Bittner, age 1 mo 21 days, died Tuesday morning. The funeral services were held in the Catholic church Wednesday and were attended by a large crowd of sympathizing friends.” (Sprague Herald of June 20, 1902) (Notes from the Sprague Advocate: Dr Joseph Edmund Bittner, Sr., age 86, died in Yakima, Aug 3, 1949. He had practiced in WA for 60 yrs. He was born in Canada. After practicing in TN for four years, he came to Pasco in 1889. He was a member of the Catholic church.)

Black, Alexander,   d. Dec 9, 1923, 53 years; (TS-SE-101) (CSL: wife: Saddie Joy Warren) “Alexander Joseph Black, Irish, born Ont., Canada; Funeral: Dec 12, 1923 at Catholic Church by Father Mertz; Cause of death: bronchial pneumonia; Death: Dec 9, 1923; Birth: Oct 25, 1970; merchant, married, Catholic; Aged 53 yrs 1 mo 15 days; Father = John Black born Scotland; Mother = don’t know, born Ireland; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Boyle, Frances,  (CTR-d. Sept 1891)(Lincoln County Probate #139 Boyle, Francis ;  filed 1 June 1891; Died 17/18 April 1891 in Lincoln Co.; Property Sec 6 T 21 R 36; Adm: E. G. Pendleton. Bill from “Jensen & King;” Bill from R. R. Jones of Sprague: Coffin $50; Burial clothes $15; Bring body to town $10; Dig grave $2.50; Cem Lot $5.; Honorable Discharge US Navy dated Sept 2, 1867. “This is to certify that #12469, Francis Boyle, Landsman, late of ‘Juanita’ enlisted Sept 5, 1864 at NY for 3 yrs, 21 yrs of age, 5 ft 5 in high; Blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, born at Ireland; discharge from US Receiving Ship Potomac at Shela.”)

Bradley, child of Wm,  (CTR: d. 10 June 1898, age 2 hrs; burial Sprague Cath) (The Lincoln County Auditor’s office has the listing for the death of “baby Bradley on May 3, 1895, age 2 yrs, death at Sprague; but does not show the death certificate for this date, 10 June 1898.)

Brectfelder, John E., ( TS-SE-182;  stone eroded greatly; surname & numbers  match;  CTR: Brectfelder, Joannenem E : d. 22 July 1906; b. Terre Haute, IN, 45 yrs ago) “At Myrtle Hospital, Sunday, July 22, 1906, died J. E. Breitfelder, a popular and highly esteemed citizen of Sprague. For several months deceased had been a very sick man, but up to Friday strong hopes were entertained of his recovery. He then suffered a relapse and passed away in the afternoon of Sunday last. Mr Breitfelder was aged 39 years, 11 months and 7 days. He leaves a wife, two daughters and a son to mourn his loss. Funeral services were held at the Catholic church Tuesday July 24, and interment was in the Catholic Cemetery, Rev Father Van de Ven officiating.”  (7-27-1906 of Sprague Times) (see also Lincoln Co probate #904)  


Brislawn, Charles Patrick, 1893-1896,  (TS-SE-121 (flat stone, ½ buried)  


Brislawn, Charlotte Ellen,  Jan 18, 1892-Jan 17, 1936,  daughter,  TS-SW-44; (CSL: d/o Matt & Mary E. Brislawn) “Charlotte Ellen Brislawn; white; born Sprague; Charge to brother; Order given by J. F. Brislawn; Funeral Jan 20, 1936 at St Mary’s Church by Father Morcop of Sprague; Died Spokane on Jan 17, 1936; Cause of death: mania Septicemia; Occupation: household duties; single; Catholic; Birth: Jan 8, 1892; Aged: 43 year 11 mos 29 days; Father = Mathew Brislawn” (no further data; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Brislawn, Elizabeth, 1861-1898TS-SE-120 (red stone, 2 on 1, Ferdinand) (CTR: d. 3 May 1898; nee McGlade; b. 13 Apr 1861 Iowa)


Brislawn, Ferdinand L.,  Jan 15, 1888-Feb 5, 1981,  Sgt US Army WWI, TS-SE-122;  TS-SE-120 (Brislawn plot, McGlade, Vent) (CSL: d. May 30, 1921 Oshoto, WY, 62 yrs; h/o Eliza McGlade Brislawn; s/o Jacob & Anastasia (nee Meagher) Brislawn) “Ferdinand Brislawn; white; order given by Matt Brislawn; Residence: Moorcraft, Wyoming; Place of Death: Crook Co, Moorcraft, Wyoming; Funeral: June 2, 1921 at Sprague by Rev Father Ferland; Death: May 30, 1921; farmer, widower, Catholic; Aged: 59 yrs; Body to be shipped to Sprague; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.”  (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “State Board of Health of Wyoming: County L Croo, Town: Moorcraft; Date of Death: May 30, 1921; Ferdinand Brislawn; Cause: Asthma; Removed to Sprague, Wash. via CB & Q RR; Undertaker W R Fax, Gillette, Wyo; C. K. Stewart, MD.” (“Born.—To Ferdinand Brislawn on Nov 18, 1890, a boy.”—Sprague Herald of 11-26-1890)


Brislawn, infant of M.,   d. 3-23-1892, “The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. M. Brislawn died last Friday night.” (Sprague Herald of Mar 30, 1892; burial not specified.)


Brislawn, James Brian,  July 15, 1908-Oct 18, 1908,  TS-SW-18 (2 ft white) (see also Probate #1182 in Lincoln Co)


Brislawn, James Francis,  1861-1924    TS-SW-50 in Wallace family plot; (d. Oct 5, 1924 in Edmonton, Canada, age 62) “James Brislawn; Interment at Catholic Cemetery; (order form dated) Oct 13, 1924. Total charges $45.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “At the Catholic Church, Nov 25, James F. Brislawn and Elizabeth McGoff, both of Sprague, were wedded. A delicious wedding dinner at the Clinton House followed the ceremony, after which many tokens of esteem were presented to the couple.” (LCT-Dec 3, 1897)  


Brislawn, Matthew,  1850-1926, TS-SW-42 (shared stone-family plot) (CSL: ***d. Nov 26, 1923 h/o Mary E .Cavenaugh) “Mathew Brislawn; white; born Penn.; charge to his estate; Funeral: Nov 28, 1923 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Metz; Residence: Sprague; Cause of death: carcinoma of liver; Death: Nov 26, 1923; Birth: Oct 20, 1850; farmer retired; widower; Catholic; Aged 73 yrs 1 mo 6 days; Father = James Brislawn born Ireland; Mother = Anistacia Brislawn born Ireland. Interment at Catholic Cemetery” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Sprague Pioneer Called By Death. Matthew Brislawn Succumbs to Cancer After Illness of Two Months. Sprague, Wash., Nov 26.—Matthew Brislawn, 73, died at his home here today of cancer after being ill two months. Mr. Brislawn was born in Pennsylvania. His parents moved to Iowa when he was a boy and he was 28 when he came to Washington, locating in the Walla Walla country. Later he came with his family to this district and took up a homestead seven miles north of what is now Sprague, on the old Colville freight road, and his place was used as a camping place for  freighters and other travelers. In this way he gained a wide acquaintance over the northwest. He soon discovered that this country was adapted for wheat raising and began farming.  Mr. Brislawn was the first man to get a threshing machine in this region. He accumulated considerable land and owned one of the best improved wheat and stock ranches in the country. In 1907 he rented his place to his son, M. T. Brislawn, and moved to Sprague. He was manager of the Union Warehouse company and had several terms as councilman and mayor. He took an active part in civic affairs and was looked upon as one of the most public spirited men in the community.  He was counted as fair-minded and his services were in demand as arbiter in disputes. Mr. Brislawn was active until his last illness and had personal supervision of the warehouse.  Mr. Brislawn was married in Iowa to Mary E. Cavenaugh, who died two years ago.  He is survived by 11 children:  J. F. Brislawn, M. T. Brislawn, John W. Brislawn, Margaret Brislawn, Louis I. Brislawn and Nellie Brislawn, Sprague;  Joseph W Brislawn, Yakima; Matthew P . Brislawn, Cosmos; Mrs. Mary Davies, Kellogg, Idaho; Mrs. Anastasia Hanford, Shonkin, Mont., and Mark G. Brislawn  , an officer in the United States army at Indianapolis. He leaves 21 grandchildren. Mr. Brislawn was a member of the Catholic Order of Foresters and the Spokane chapter of the Knights of Columbus. The funeral will be held from St Mary’s Catholic church Wednesday at 9 a.m.  The Rev Father Mertz, pastor, and the Rev Father Cunningham, Spokane, will officiate.” (Scrapbook item-undated) 


Brislawn, Mary E.,  1854-1920,    TS-SW-42 (shared, mother & father) (CSL: Maria Elisabeth Brislawn d. Feb 4, 1920; w/o Mattheus Brislawn) “The unexpected death of Mrs. Matt Brislawn came as a shock to the community yesterday morning, Feb 4.  While she had been in poor health for some time, suffering with asthma, even the immediate members of the family did not realize the day before that death was so near.  Mary Elizabeth Cavanaugh was born at Pittsburgh, PA, Jan 9, 1854, and was 66 years 25 days old on the day of her death. When a small child she moved with her parents to Iowa. On Nov 25, 1873  she and Mr. Brislawn  and three sons, J Frank, John H and Mike T came to Washington, arriving first at Dayton.  After looking various sections of the state over they decided to settle in the Sprague country and came here in the fall of 1879, taking up a homestead eight miles north of town. There they lived and there were born four other sons, Joe W. now living in Spokane, once auditor of Lincoln County; Mark G, a lieutenant in the US Army stationed in Siberia 40 miles from Vladivostok; Louis I., assistant cashier of the Farmer’s State Bank of Sprague; Matt Jr., a highway engineer for the state, stationed at Eatonville; Margaret, Mollie (Mrs. Alun Davies of Kellogg, Idaho); Nellie and Anastasia. Her husband and all the children survive her. She is also survived by fifteen grandchildren and one brother, James Cavanaugh, of Earlville, Iowa.  Fifteen years ago the family left the farm and moved to town where they were living at the time of her death. Thus passed a loved and respected pioneer and neighbor and a devoted mother of a large illustrious and versatile family. Funeral services will be held Friday morning, Feb 6, at 9 o’clock at St Mary’s church and the remains will be laid to rest in the Catholic Cemetery.—Sprague Advocate. (Citizen 2-20-1920)  “Mary Elizabeth Brislawn; white, born Penn.; charge to Matt Brislawn; Funeral: Feb 6, 1920 at Catholic Church by Father Ferland; Residence: Sprague; Death: Feb 4, 1920; Birth: Jan 9, 1854; housewife; married; Catholic; Aged 66 years 0 mos 25 days; Father = John Cavanaugh born Ireland; Mother = don’t know born Mass.; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Brislawn, MichaelJ.,   (CSL: d. Jan 10, 1928; 79 yrs 5 mos; s/o Jacob & Anastasine Donahue Brislawn; Spouse: Brigidae O’Connor) “Michael Brislawn; white; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (dated Jan 10, 1928; no further details, total fees of $175.; Sprague Funeral Home ledger.)  


Brislawn, Mickel O., 1856-1922    TS-NW-61 (w/ cement border in McCaffery

family plot) “Mike A. Brislawn; white; order by J. F. Brislawn; Funeral: June 26, 1922 at Sprague Catholic Church by Father Ferland; Place of death: Spokane; Cause of death: paralysis; Died: June 23, 1922; laborer; married; Catholic; aged 68 yrs; Father born Ireland; Interment at Catholic Cemetery” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger).


Brislawn, Rose An,  (CSL: d. Oct 11, 1935; 76 yrs; w/o Michael O. Brislawn; d/o John McGough & Mary Clark) “Rosana Brislawn; widow of Michael Brislawn deceased; order given by Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Brislawn; Funeral Oct 5, 1935 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Moscop of Sprague; Residence: Medical Lake asylum; Death: Medical Lake asylum; Cause of death: myocarditis; Death: Oct 4, 1935; widow; Catholic; Aged 74 yrs; Interment at Catholic.” (no further details; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Brislawn, Thomas,  d. July 1913; “Died on Sunday morning of old age or some other undiagnosed disease, Thomas, old time friend and close companion of the Matt Brislawn family especially Matt.  Thomas was only a cat but a finer specimen of that family never disturbed the slumbers of any community. Thomas was the envy of the town being large, sleek and could have had a happy home with any family in town where cats are ever welcomed. He was found dead on the steps Sunday morning and Matt has been disconsolate ever since.” (Sprague Advocate of July 4, 1913) 


Brophy, Andrew J.,  1888-1943,  TS- SW-5


Brophy, Charles D., 1895-1910   


Brophy, Daniel J .,  .,  1886-194,    TS- SW-4


Brophy, Katherine A.,  1858-1916,     


Brophy, Mary F .,  1882-1940,  TS- SW-6


Brophy, Patrick H ., 1861-1921,    (TS- SW-7)(CSL: d. Nov 25, 1921; 60; s/o Jacob Bernard & Marie Holharty Brophy) “Patrick Henry Brophy; white; born Iowa; order given by sons; Funeral: Nov 29, 1921 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Ferland; Place of death: Sprague; Cause: paralysis; Died: Nov 26, 1921; Birth: Nov 28, 1861; retired; widower; Catholic; Aged 59 yrs 11 mos 26 days; Father = James Brophy born Ireland; Mother = Maryanne Dolanty born Ireland; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

"Patrick Henry Brophy, a resident of this section of the country for 20 years passed away last Friday, November 25.  He had been a sufferer from Bright's disease for many months but so patiently had he borne his suffering that the news of his death came as a surprise to most of his many friends.  He was born a Monti, Iowa, Nov 28, 1861 and thus lacked only 3 days of being 60 years of age.  He lived in Iowa until he grew to manhood and in 1883 he married Miss Sarah Tarpy.  To this union were born two sons and two daughters which survive him.  His wife died about 1892 but her father, Anthony Tarpy, is still living and is past 100 years of age.

   In 1902 Mr. Brophy came west and homesteaded near Lind.  In 1913 he moved to Sprague and has been making his home with his son, William since that time.

   He is surived by two sons, James H. and William J.; two daughters, Mrs. Joseph O'Hare (Mary) and Mrs. John Kammers (Catherine);  and a brother, D. T. Brophy of Spokane.  Funeral services were held Monday morning at 9 o'clock at the Catholic church and Rev. Father Ferland conducted requium high mass in the presence of a large fathering of sorrowing friends.  Interment was in the Catholic cemetery. 

( Sprague Advocate, Dec 01, 1921) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Brophy, Walter J.,  1890-1965,  TS-SW-12


Brophy, James B., 1832-1902,   


Brophy, William C ., 1857-1902,   


Brophy, James H.,  1886-1941, (TS-SE-116 Brophy plot w/O’Hare & Zeyen) (CSL: d. Oct 18, 1941; 55 yr 8 mo 13 dy; single) “James Henry Brophy, residence Sprague; Place of death: 526 S Cedar, Spokane, WA; single; Birth: Feb 5, 1886; Death: Oct 18, 1941; Aged: 55 yrs 8 mos 13 days; male, single, white; Birthplace: Masonville, Iowa; laborer; Father = Patrick Henry Brophy born Iowa; Mother = Sarah Larpy born Iowa; Physician: D.r Melborn of Spokane; Burial: Sprague Catholic on 10-20-1941” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)  


Brophy,           , TS-SE-117 Cross


Brophy, Mary H.,  Jan 15, 1889-Dec 7, 1909 , TS-SE-118 shared monument foot marker MHB,


Brophy, Irene,  June 2, 1901-Aug 13, 1902,  TS-SE-118 shared monument,  (CTR: b. Masonville, IA) , footmarker IB  


Brown, Lucy D  .,   d. Sept 23, 1904, 13 months,  TS-SE-97 (in Tavares plot)


Brum, Lucy,   (CTR: d. 23 Sept 1904; b. Odessa 13 mos ago)  


Burke, Thomas,  d. July 8, 1892 aged 63 years; TS-NE-82 (3 ft white); b. County of Limerick Ireland  (in Gaffney plot)


Burke, Margaret,   (CTR: d. 27 Feb 1901, age 68 at Whitehall, Jefferson Co, Montana; born Tipperary, Ireland; buried Sprague Cath) “William Burke, who arrived in Sprague from Whitehall, Mont., with the remains of his mother, returned last Friday morning, leaving his father, as he supposed, improving in health. The improvement was only temporary, however, Mr. Burke Sr. dying Saturday night. Miss Mary Burke, who accompanied her brother, returned Wednesday morning.” (3-22-1901; a Sprague paper) (see also 1885 census).


Burke, Bernadum,  (CTR: d. 10 Mar 1901 age 77; Born? & died in Sprague), (The Lincoln Co census of 1885 shows B Burke, age 60, male, b. Ireland, marr, occupation RR.) 


Burke, Thomas F.,  Aug 5, 1862-Oct 31, 1886,   (TS-SE-102; at Thompson)(4 ft white stone at road) (orig. burial civil cemetery) “Scalded to death.—On the OR & NRR on Sunday evening last, Thomas Burke of this town by the train he was brakeman on jumping the track. He was on the engine at the time it jumped the track and was scalded to death. The engine turned bottom upwards. The engineer also has been badly scalded and is thought cannot survive. Victor.” (NW Tribune of 11-04-1886)


Burns, Anna Irene Toohey,    (CSL: d. June 20, 1918; w/o Thomas Burns) “The funeral services for the late Mrs. Thomas Burns of near Ewan were held at St Mary’s Catholic Church last Saturday, Rev Father Ferland officiating. We have been promised an obituary but it did not arrive in time for this week’s paper.” (Sprague Advocate of 6-28-1918) “Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Kearney of Spokane and son Joe and daughter Julia attended the funeral of Mrs. Burns Saturday.” (Sprague Advocate of 6-28-1918) “Annie Irene Burns; white; born Iowa; wife of Burns; Funeral June 22, 1918 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father Ferland; Physician: J E Bittner; Cause of Death: apoplexy, paralysis left side; Death June 20, 1918; Birth: Aug 12, 1884; housewife; married; Catholic; Aged: 52 yrs 10 mos 8 days; Father = John Lorey/Torey born Ireland; Mother = Katharine Eagon born Ireland.” (Burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Burns, Thomas,   (CSL: d. Dec 17, 1925; 65; h/o Anna Toohey Burns) “Thomas Burns; white; born IL; Funeral Dec 19, 1925 at Catholic Church at Sprague by Father Mertz; Residence: Amber district; Cause of death: apoplexy; Death: Dec 17, 1925; Birth July 28, 1861; farmer; widower; Catholic; Aged 63 yrs 4 mos 20 days; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Lawrence Burns; Died: 17 Dec 1925 at Sprague, WA; Born: 28 July 1861 in Illinois; Spouse: widower, not named; Father = unknown Burns, born Ireland; Mother = unknown born Ireland; Buried: Maccabee Cemetery?, Sprague, WA” (Lincoln County Health Death cards)


Butler surname: Burial location not mentioned, “John Butler, formerly night yardmaster in Sprague, was killed by a train in Leadville, Colorado, July 3rd. He was buried on the 7th inst.”  (LCT: 7-27-1894)


Butler, James,  (d. May 12, 1897; 76 years,    TS-SE-131 shared stone; 2 foot stones J. B. & E. B.) 


Butler, Catherine,  (d. March 24, 1931, aged abt 100, w/o James)

Mrs. Catherine Butler, a pioneer resident of the Edwall region, passed away late Tuesday evening, March 24, at the home of her daughter, Mary Logan. The funeral services were held Thursday morning at the Catholic Church in Edwall, Father Blake of Cheney officiating. Interment was in the cemetery at Sprague, beside her husband. Catherine Butler was born at Nespelem, WA, the date of her birth being unknown but it is supposed that she was about a hundred years old at the time of her death. She went with her parents to Mariposa, in California territory where she grew to young womanhood and married James Butler. Fifty years ago they moved with their family by wagon train to the Edwall community. In the early days, they endured many hardships and Mrs. Butler often related many interesting tales of their early pioneer life. After the death of her husband Mrs. Butler stayed with her daughter Mrs. Mary Logan, where she was in good health until the latter part of last December, when she began to weaken. She had seven children and is survived by four. They are Mrs. Ellen Moomaw, of Manse, WA; John Butler of Inchelium, WA; and Joe Butler and Mary Logan of Edwall. There are also 15 of her grandchildren, 37 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren. (Dav Times-Tribune-April 2, 1931) “Catherine Butler, Died 24 March 1931, Reardan, WA. Born 3 March 1826, California-Indian; Spouse: widow, no name given; mother = unknown, b. CA; father = George Jones, b. CA; Burial: Sprague, WA,-place not named.” (Lincoln Co Health cards)

Butler, Edward,  d. Feb 13, 1890; 23 years,  (TS-SE-131 shared stone)



Sprague Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, submitted  October, 2005 

to the Lincoln County Washington GenWeb by Marge Womach

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