MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN



                                       SE corner of 12-21-38, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington


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 Data from a wide range of sources has been included in this cemetery file. Inclusion in this file is no guarantee that the body of the deceased is indeed in this cemetery. For the first section of the listing of the burials, Bold print signifies tombstone and tombstone data and flat print signifies other sources:

            CTR = Catholic Territorial Records from Spokane  OBIT = Local newspaper obituary   CSL = Catholic Sprague Ledger    

            RCL = Ritzville Catholic Ledge         TS = Tombstone (followed by location in cemetery)  

As usual this is still a work in progress..



Darcy, John  !  ,  d. Feb 14, 1898, age 62 years  TS-SE-133 (2 on 1), Born in Co Kildare Ireland (2 footmarkers)

Darcy, Delia  ! ,   d. Mar 6, 1899, 48 years   TS-SE-133 (2 on 1), Born in Ireland ,  (5 ft stone)

Dawant, Thomas Louie, Dec 21, 1844-Jan 5, 1907 ,  TS-SE-96 (4 ft stone in roses), Born in Bruxelles Belgium

Donahy, Cornelius, July 14, 1895, 32 years broken white cross TS-SE-126

Downes, Thomas E .  ! ,   Nov 17, 1860-Jan 15, 1953 ,  TS-NE-74 (flat stone)

Downes, Edward J .   !  ,  1901-1928    TS-NE-75 (large shared monument)

Downes, Margaret E.   ! ,  1870-1920    TS-NE-75 (lg shared monument)

Driscol_, Patrick Henry ! , (CTR-d. Aug 3, 1896; age 4 mos; (child of  & Josephine)

Eason, Michael P. ! ,  1861-1931    TS-NW-69 (CSL: d. Aug 31, 1931, 70 yrs)

Ebell, Esther !(CTR- d. Aug 2, 1889)

Ebell, I. R. !(CTR- d. June 23, 1889)

Edgett, Claude V. !, Aug 19, 1901-Feb 11, 1919TS-NW-53 in Edgett plot

Edgett. Elvenia ,  1883-1968 mother  , TS-NW-55 (shared stone)

Edgett, Henry G.,  1874-1968 father ,   TS-NW-55 (shared stone)

Fahey, Michael ,  Dec 24, 1844-Mar 26, 1894 TS-SE-108 (6 ft pillar shared), Born in the Co of Calway Ireland

Fahey, Mrs. Ann Fahey !,   d. Feb 29, 1908, 73 years TS-SE-108 (3 on 1; 6 ft pillar)

Fahey, John S  ! , Sept 7, 1871-July 14, 1897    TS-SE-108 (6 ft pillar) s/o Michael & Anne; b/Rutherford Park, NJ

Farrell, Mary ! , 1862-1903    TS-SW-9 (shared stone, tall with cross)

Farrell, Michael  ! , 1842-1914    TS-SW-9 (shared stone, tall with cross)

Farrell, Margaret Mable ! ,  (CTR: Dec 17, 1885-Dec 25, 1885)(d/o Michael (civil cem)

Fish, son of Joed. 9-05-1905, (obit)

Fitzgerald,child of Joseph ! , (CTR: buried 26 Oct 1897 in Sprague Cath.Cem)

Fitzpatrick, Ednam ! , (CTR: d. 28 Dec 1899; b. July 2, 1886 at Lind)

Flaherty, Patrick ! ,  d. Apr 19, 1906, 68 yrs; erected by Thomas Flaherty to the memory of his brother, TS-SE-102 (4 ft monument)

Flaherty, Robert J. ! , Apr 19, 1911-Apr 1, 1917 ,  TS-SW-17 (tipping over)




Obituaries and Church Records for Sprague Catholic Cemetery

All names will appear in bold print in this section; inclusion in this file does not ensure burial. Mention is made of some removals, no effort was expended to confirm or deny these allegations. In some instances the burial is cited to have been elsewhere, and the tombstone has appeared in the Sprague Catholic Cemetery. These could be errors in the original records or could mean that at some point the remains were brought here. Without the original mapping of the cemetery, many questions will remain unanswered.

Darcy, John,  d. Feb 14, 1898, age 62 years; Born in Co Kildare Ireland (2 foot markers) (TS-SE-133; 2 on 1) (CTR: Dorsey; d. 10 miles north of Sprague) (Lincoln Co Probate #334; Darcy, John;  filed 5 March 1898; will; Died 15 Feb 1898 in Lincoln Co; Widow = Delia, sole legatee.) “J Dorsey, an old pioneer of this county, died at his home 10 miles northwest of town, Monday, from pneumonia. He leaves a widow to mourn his loss.—Sprague Times.” (LCT of 2-58-1898)


Darcy, Delia,  d. Mar 6, 1899, 48 years; Born in Ireland,    (TS-SE-133; 2 on 1) (5 ft stone) (CTR: Dorcey; born in Hibernia 48 yrs ago) (Lincoln Co Probate #376:  Darcy, Delia;   filed 3 Apr 1899; Died March 1899 in Lincoln Co.; Will dated 24 Jan 1899, at age 55 yrs.;  Bill for priest.) (The Lincoln Co Census of 1892 shows: Darcy, J; male, 58, Ireland, farmer; and Darcy, Delia; female, 40, Ireland.)


Dawant, Thomas Louie,  Dec 21, 1844-Jan 5, 1907,  Born in Bruxelles Belgium;        

(TS-SE-96; 4 ft stone in roses) Thomas Dewant died last Saturday; pneumonic death; Catholic funeral on last Monday. (Sprague Independent notes  1-11-07)(see also Lincoln Co probate #949)  (Lincoln Co census of 1892 shows: Dawant, Lev; male, 46, Belgium, machinist; Dawant, Felicia; female, 41, Belgium; Dawant, Gusta; female, 16, Belgium; and Dawant, Leopoldine; female, 21, Belgium. In another household is shown: Dawant, Thos; male, 48, Belgium, blacksmith.)


Donahy, Cornelius,  July 14, 1895, 32 years, (broken white cross TS-SE-126) (Lincoln County probate #261; Donahy, Cornelius; filed 19 Nov 1894; Died 18 July 1894 in Lincoln Co. Intestate.  Pet. by F. J. Gehres.; 2 cousins in WA: Wm Emmington and John Moylan (of Creston); Only known heir, sister, Mary Donahy in Mill Street, County Cork, Ireland. Property in 27-21-37. No funeral expenses shown.)  


Downes, Thomas E.,  Nov 17, 1860-Jan 15, 1953,  (TS-NE-74; flat stone) (CSL: resided Seattle at death, widower; son = George)


Downes, Edward J., 1901-1928,  (TS-NE-75; large shared monument) (CSL: d. Oct 13, 1928; 27 yrs;  s/o Thos E. & Margaritae Keogan Downes) “Son of T E Downs, white, born Sprague, WA; Funeral: Oct 15, 1928 at Sprague Catholic Church by father Buckley; Residence: Sprague; Cause of death: Killed by train; Death: Oct 13, 1928; farmer; single; Catholic; Birth: March 22, 1900; Aged 27 yrs 6 mos 11 days; Father = T. E .Downs born IL; Mother = Margaret Keogan born Nevada; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Edward Joseph Downes, 27, was almost instantly killed and Miss Lillian Rieke of Odessa seriously injured and Mrs Goldstein, formerly Evelyn Kitt, knocked unconscious when Mr Downes drove his sedan in front of an approaching SP&S freight train at Rodna, eight miles east of Sprague, about 11 o’clock last Saturday night. Mrs Goldstein received cuts and bruises. The two injured women were taken to a Spokane hospital. Mrs Goldstein has returned to Harrington from Spokane and is getting along nicely. Miss Rieke, up to Thursday morning was reported still unconscious. Mr Downes, according to Billy Giffing of Sprague, who witnessed the accident, apparently did not see the train and drove directly in front of it. The locomotive struck the front of his machine, throwing it about 35 feet and throwing its passengers from the car. Ed is the son of T W Downes, a pioneer of Sprague.” (Citizen: 10-19-1928)


Downes, Margaret E.,  1870-1920,  (TS-NE-75;  lg shared monument) (CSL: d. July 23, 1920; 49 yrs 3 2/3 mos; w/o Thos; d/o Patricus and Elisabeth Nolan Keogan) “Mrs. Margaret Downes; white; Charge to L. E .Downes; wife of L. E. Downes; Funeral: July 26, 1920 at Catholic Church-Sprague by Father Ferland; Place of death: Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane; Cause: chronic nephritis; housewife; Died: July 23, 1920; Aged 49 yrs 3 mos 22 days; Father = Keogan; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Downes-Keogan plot:  (cement border for Downes Keogan plot)


Driscol_, Patrick Henry,   (CTR-d. Aug 3, 1896; age 4 mos) (child of Thomas Driscol & Josephine Quinlan) (Lincoln Co 1892 is the earliest census to show the Driscoll surname, which shows: Driscoll, T B; male, 30, Sweden, Car rep.; Driscoll, Josie; female, 24, Norway; Driscoll, Thos B; male, 2, WA; and Driscoll, Martin; male, 0, WA.)

Eason, Michael P.,  1861-1931,  (TS-NW-69; CSL: d. Aug 31, 1931, 70 yrs) (Obit notes: b. Mar 22, 1861 in Freeport, IL; h/o Mary Hawks) “Michael Patrick Eason; white; born Freeport, IL; husband of Mary Hawks, deceased; Charge to Bonny Eason of Cheney; Funeral: Sept 2, 1931 at Sprague Catholic Church by Father Fitzgerald; Residence: Sprague; Death at Sprague; Cause: apoplexy; Death: Aug 31, 1931; farmer retired; widower; Catholic; Birth: Mar 22, 1861; Aged 70 yrs 5 mos 9 days; (parents born Ireland); Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Ebell, Esther,  (CTR- d. Aug 2, 1889)


Ebell, I.  R.,   (CTR- d. June 23, 1889); (The Lincoln Co 1885 census shows the Ebell family: Ebell, Isaac, 37, m, WA Terr, marr, farmer; Ebell, Celestine, 32, f, OR, marr; Ebell, S, A,, 14, m, WA Terr, single; Ebell, Rosa, 13, f, WA Terr, single; Ebell, Esther, 13, f, WA Terr, single; Ebell, B, A, 11, m, WA Terr, single; Ebell, Louisa, 9, f, WA Terr, single; and  Ebell, Selestine, 6, f, WA Terr, single.)


Edgett, Claude V., Aug 19, 1901-Feb 11, 1919,  (TS-NW-53 in Edgett plot) (CSL: Amcentius Claudius, d/o Henrici G. Edgett & Blanche nee Bennett Edgett) “Claude Vernon Edgett; white; born Mich.; son of Hy Edgett; Charge to Henry G Edgett of Sprague; Funeral Feb 14, 1919 at Catholic Church by Father Ferland; Place of Death: found dead NW of house by ½ mile; Physician: J. L. Lyse, county coroner of Davenport; Cause of death: rifle shot through heart, probable suicide; Death: Feb 11 or 12th, 1919; Birth: Aug 19, 1901; laborer; single; Catholic; Aged 17 yrs 5 mos 23 days; Father = Henry G. Edgett born Michigan; Mother = Blanche Bennett born Mich.; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Edgett. Elvenia,  1883-1968 mother,  (TS-NW-55; shared stone)


Edgett, Henry G., 1874-1968 father,  (TS-NW-55; shared stone)


Fahey, Michael,  Dec 24, 1844-Mar 26, 1894; Born in the Co of Calway Ireland; (TS-SE-108;  6 ft pillar shared) Lincoln Co probate file #356;  Fahey, Michael; filed Oct 5, 1898; in testate; Died 26 March 1894 in Lincoln Co; Property: NW ¼ of 14-21-37 & SE ¼ of 11-21-37; Heirs and wife are all of or near Sprague: Pet. = widow = Annie Fahey; John, son, 23, Died July 1897 w/o issue and intestate; Peter, son, 20; and Mary A, daughter, 18. (The 1892 Lincoln Co Census shows the Fahey as follows: Fahey, Michael; male, 45, Ireland, farmer; Fahey, Ann; female, 40, Ireland; Fahey, John; male, 20, NJ; Fahey, Peter; male, 18, NJ; and Fahey, Mary; female, 15, NJ.) (The 1885 census shows: Farell, Michael, 35, m, Canada, marr, farmer; Farell, Mary C, 25, f, Ireland, marr.)

“Mysterious Disappearance of Michael Fahy.  Considerable anxiety is being manifested by the family of Michael Fahy, a rancher near Sprague, at his sudden and unaccountable disappearance.  Mr. Fahy came into Sprague last Saturday and remained here over Sunday and that night stopped with his friend Driscoll, who lives near the ditch in the northwestern part of the city.  On Monday morning he arose early and came up town leaving his overcoat and other personal effects at Mr. Driscoll's home.  About 7 a. m. Monday Mr. Fahy is said to have stepped into White and Samson's place, but soon left, and from that time, so far as diligent inquiry has developed no person has since seen him.  His two sons have been searching during the past two days, but can get no further trace of their father.  His personal effects are still at Mr. Driscall's and his saddle horse remains at the stable where he had placed him to be cared for.  Mr. Fahy is not known  to have had any considerable sum of money about his person so the first thought that he had gone to  Spokane is not tenable, besides a message from Hon. B. B. Glascock, whom Mr. Fahy would surely have gone to see in Spokane, reports that he has not been heard of in that city.  Many there are now who think that possibly he has met his death by inadvertently (sp) or accidentally falling into the overflowing water ditch which passes through the city.  Today an attempt will be made to drag the ditch for the purpose of making sure whether the remains are there or not.  LATER:  About 11:30 this forenoon Oscar White and Lou Conlee, after following the ditch from the railroad down, found the body of Mr. Fahy in a couple of feet of water, just opposite Earley's brick yard.  By direction of Coroner Olds the remains were brought to Jones' undertaking rooms, but an inquest will not be held.  There were no bruises or other suspicious marks upon the body and the only rational supposition is that, in a moment of abstraction, he walked off into the ditch and immediately sank to the bottom, after which the swift current carried his body down stream to where it was found.  Michael Fahy was a Lincoln county pioneer and was about 50 years of age.  His wife and several children survive him.  At this writing no arrangements for the funeral have been perfected."  ( Sprague Herald, March 28, 1891; Submitted by Barbara Curtis).


Fahey, Mrs. Ann Fahey,   d. Feb 29, 1908, 73 years,  (TS-SE-108; 3 on 1; 6 ft pillar) (CTR: D. 29 Feb 1908 age 73; b. Hibernia) (The index to the Lincoln Co probates files shows the estate file #1044 for Annie Fahey, filed in 1908.) “Mrs Anna Fahey died at her home in this city Saturday, Feb 29, after a short illness. Her death resulted from heart trouble with old age. Up to the time before her sickness, however, she enjoyed fairly good health and was able to attend to her business affairs. She owned over a section of good farm land adjacent to Sprague and has successfully managed it for several years. Mrs. Fahey was born in the County of Galway, Ireland, 73 years ago. She came to the United States later and thirty years ago located with her husband in Walla Walla. They came to Sprague in 1882 and located on the farm—or a part of it—which deceased owned at the time of her death. Her husband died some years since. Deceased has always been a consistent member of the Catholic church and has contributed largely toward the maintenance of the school and church in this city.  The funeral services were held from the Catholic church Tuesday and were attended by a large number of friends. A number of beautiful floral offerings were in evidence. Interment was in the Catholic Cemetery. Two children, Peter Fahey and Mrs Geo Thompson, survive her, who have the deep sympathy of a host of friends in their bereavement.” (Sprague Times of 3-06-1908)  


Fahey, John S., Sept 7, 1871-July 14, 1897; son of Michael & Anne; (TS-SE-108; 6 ft pillar) Born in Rutherford Park, NJ


Farrell, Mary, 1862-1903,  TS-SW-9 (shared stone, tall with cross) (CTR: d. 17 Sept 1903; b. Hibernia 42 yrs 3 mos) “Mrs. Mary C. Farrell, aged 42 years, 3 months, died at an early hour yesterday morning after a short illness from physical collapse. Although she had been ill for about two weeks her case had never been considered serious, and during the last few days she was apparently improving. At the time of her death there was no one with her but her nurse and her demise was so sudden that she gave no warning but peacefully expired.  Mrs. Farrell was a general favorite among her many friends. Her extreme good humor and ready wit made her a pleasant guest in every home and her host of friends were deeply grieved to hear of her sudden death.  She was a woman of many good qualities, ever ready to administer to a friend in suffering and at her home fireside, her place can never be filled. She leaves a husband, two daughters, aged 13 and 15 years, and a son, aged 11 years. Mrs. Thomas Meagher is her sister. She resided in Sprague for many years and in her business of dressmaking had a wide circle of acquaintances. The funeral services will be held in the Catholic church, of which she was a devout member, at 10 o’clock Saturday morning, interment in the Catholic Cemetery. Many floral tributes have been arranged to decorate the bier and her funeral will be attended by a large concourse of sympathizing friends. In their hour of trouble the bereaved family have the sincere sympathy of many loving friends.” (9-18-1903 of Sprague Times) “Miss Julia Barrett and Mrs. Murphy of Spokane attended the funeral of Mrs. Farrell here Saturday.” (9-25-1903 of Sprague Times) (The index to Lincoln Co Probates files shows Theresa Farrell, et al, “Guardianship” probate file #672 filed in 1903).


Farrell, Michael, 1842-1914,  TS-SW-9 (shared stone, tall with cross) (CSL: d. Dec 28, 1914; 71 yr; ) (Lincoln Co 1887 census shows: Farrell, Michael,  37, m, Canada, marr, farmer; Farrell, Mary C.            , 27, f, Ireland, marr; Farrell, Lottie T, 1, f, WA Terr, single.)

Farrell, Margaret Mable,  (CTR shows Dec 17, 1885-Dec 25, 1885; d/o Michael; civil cem)


Fish, infant of Joe,  d. Sept 05, 1902,  “Died.—On Friday, Sept 5, 1902, the 17 months daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fish. The funeral will be held tomorrow in the Catholic church.” (Sept 5, 1902 of Sprague Herald)


Fitzgerald, child of Joseph,   (CTR: buried 26 Oct 1897 in Sprague Cath.Cem) (died Spokane)


Fitzpatrick, Edna M.,   (CTR: d. 28 Dec 1899; b. July 2, 1886 at Lind) (Of possible interest in Lincoln Co probates, see file of Bernard Fitzpatrick, indexed at year 1900, #505.) “Died: Miss Edna M. Fitzpatrick at Lind, Thursday, Dec 28, 1899. The young lady was born at Duncan, Montana, July 2, 1885.” (Adams County News of Jan 3, 1900)  


Flaherty, Patrick,  d. Apr 19, 1906, 68 yrs; erected by Thomas Flaherty to the memory of his brother, TS-SE-102 (4 ft monument), (CTR: age is given as 78; Patritium  d. Myrtle Hospital) (Thomas Flaherty, who died in Vancouver on May 5, 1917, was buried in the Maccabee Cemetery of Sprague. He was born on Aug 9, 1840 at Daleystown, county Galway, Ireland.—see 5-11-1917 of Sprague Advocate)  


Flaherty, Robert J.,  Apr 19, 1911-Apr 01, 1917,   TS-SW-17 (tipping over) (CSL: s/o Thos & Alice Owens Flaherty) “Robt Flaherty; white; born WA; son of Thos & Alice Flaherty; charge to Thos Flaherty; Funeral: Apr 3, 1917 at Sprague Catholic Church by Father Ferland; Residence: East of Lamont 4 miles; Cause of death: Lobar pneumonia and measles; Death: Apr 1, 1917; Birth: Apr 19, 1911; Aged 5 yrs 11 mos 12 days; Father = Thos Flaherty born England; Mother = Alice Owens born WI.” (burial not shown; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)




Sprague Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, submitted  October, 

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