MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN



                                       SE corner of 12-21-38, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington


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 Data from a wide range of sources has been included in this cemetery file. Inclusion in this file is no guarantee that the body of the deceased is indeed in this cemetery. For the first section of the listing of the burials, Bold print signifies tombstone and tombstone data and flat print signifies other sources:

            CTR = Catholic Territorial Records from Spokane  OBIT = Local newspaper obituary   CSL = Catholic Sprague Ledger    

            RCL = Ritzville Catholic Ledge         TS = Tombstone (followed by location in cemetery)  

As usual this is still a work in progress...



Johnson, Mary A, (No TS-not confirmed) 

Jungers, Annie ! , 1878-1917, TS-NE-142 (in iron fenced Pool family plot)

Kauffman, Frank, (Sprague notes 03-08-07)

Keenan, Wm,  (d. 7-25-1889; obit)

Keller, Franciscus Joseph !, (CSL: d. Aug 26, 1928 bur Sp. Cath. remove to Uniontown)

Keller, Gertrude  ! , (CSL: d. Sept 2, 1963; 78 yrs; burial Sprague ?

Keller, Mrs. Gertrude !,  (CSL: d. Apr 3, 1944; 85 y 6 m 7 dy; w/o Joseph)

Keller, Louis , ! , (CSL: d. Apr 24, 1962; 86 yrs; burial: Sprague Cem.?

Kelly, Anna Maria,  1850-1931 mother,  TS-SE-110 (2 on 1, red stone)

Kelly, Jeremiah ! , 1842-1926 father, TS-SE-110 (2 on 1, red stone)

Kelly, William !,(CTR: d. 21 July 1898; age 13 yrs; buried Sprague Cath)

Keogan, Patrick !  ,  d. Oct 23, 1892, age 76; TS-NE-73 (shared stone, 3 on 1) b/Co. Meath, Ireland,  (footstone P. K.)

Keogan, Elizabeth  !,  d. Dec 26, 1905; TS-NE-73 (shared stone, 3-1) ,  b/Ottawa, Canada 1843  (spire about 6 ft tall)

Keogan, Michael ! , d. Feb 27, 1907, TS-NE-73 (shared stone, 3 on 1) b/ Co. Meath Ireland 1822 (cement border to plot)

Keogan, Michael  !,  1886-1953    TS-NE-77 (shared stone)

Keogan, Lawrence H ! ,1875-1938    TS-NE-77 (shared stone)

Keogan, Patrick !  .  d. Oct 23, 1892, aged 70 yrs TS-NE-76 (3 ft stone)

Keogan, Patrick Joseph ! ,  (CSL: d. Jan 16, 1934; 66 y 6 mos;s/o Patrick & Elisabeth )

Keogan, Christopher J ! , 1877-1955    TS-NE-85 (flat stone in Murray plot)

Keogan, Bridget ! , (CSL: d. Mar 14, 1930; 57 yr 2 mo 5 dy; burial Catholic)

Kirk, father, ! , 1837-1919,   (in Kirk plot) TS-NE-167(CSL: Joannes)

Kirk, mother ,  1851-1885 .  (in Kirk plot)  TS-NE-166 MK ft marker

Kirk, Mary,  June 16, 1851-Mar 25, 1885,  TS-NE-165 (shared) wife of John Kirk  (5 ft pillar, cross from top on ground)

Kirk, Annie C.,  Nov 25, 1879-Feb 15, 1882 TS-NE-165 (shared pillar) ACK ft marker  




Obituaries and Church Records for Sprague Catholic Cemetery

All names will appear in bold print in this section; inclusion in this file does not ensure burial. Mention is made of some removals, no effort was expended to confirm or deny these allegations. In some instances the burial is cited to have been elsewhere, and the tombstone has appeared in the Sprague Catholic Cemetery. These could be errors in the original records or could mean that at some point the remains were brought here. Without the original mapping of the cemetery, many questions will remain unanswered.

Italian unidentified burials:  “The remains of an Italian who was employed by the NP at Ritzville and who died at that place Saturday were brought to this city. The funeral was held from the Catholic church.”  (8-13-1897 of LCT: Sprague Splinters)


Italian unidentified potential burials:  “Two men, Italians, whose names were unknown, on Wednesday morning last, were killed at Burns & Jordan’s camp, at a point south of Sprague by an explosion of dynamite. Three others were seriously injured and were taken to the railroad hospital at Sprague. The accident was the result of workmen carelessly digging into an unexploded blast.” (Citizen – Jan 10, 1908)


Johnson, Mary A., (No TS-not confirmed) “Mary A. Johnson; female, white, married; Birth: Oct 18, 1874 at St Louis, MO; Died: July 4, 1911 in Ritzville, Adams Co; Aged: 36 yrs 8 mos 15 days; Cause: ___ tuberculosis; Howlong at place of death: 4 wks; housewife;  Father = Rudolph Porak born Bohemia; Mother = unknown born ME or MO; Burial: Sprague, Wn. on July 9th, 1911; Undertaker: W. R. Haight of Ritzville.” (WA State Board of Health death certificate)  “Mrs. A. Johnson; ordered by Alfred Johnson; Age 36; Date of Death: July 4, 1911; Burial: shipped.” (Haight Funeral Ledger) 


Jungers, Annie,  1878-1917,  TS-NE-142 (in iron fenced Pool family plot) (CSL: d. Sept 15, 1917; 38 yrs; w/o Francisci Jungers; d/o Joannis & Maria Pool)” Sprague, WA, Sept 17.—Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Youngers were held at the Catholic Cemetery today, the Rev Father Ferland officiating. Mrs. Youngers died Friday of scarlet fever at her home in Lamont and on account of the contagious disease no church services were held. Mrs. Younger is a sister of the Pool brothers in the Lamont country and leaves surviving her five young children, the youngest being a baby of three months and her husband, Frank Youngers. Three of the children are ill with the same disease, one of them seriously ill.—Review. (Citizen of 9-21-1917)  “Annie Jungers; white; born Iowa; wife of John Jungers; charge to John Pool; Funeral Sept 16, 1917 at grave by Father Ferland; residence: Lamont; death: Lamont; Cause of death: scarlet fever; Death: Sept 15, 1917; Birth: Sept 7, 1879; housewife; married; Catholic; aged 38 yrs 0 mos 8 days; Father = Dominic Pool born NY; Mother = Mary Hufshell born WI; Interment at Catholic Sprague Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)     


Kauffman, Frank, Frank Kauffman was killed by the RR Saturday morning, his relatives are in Kansas and Illinois; Funeral here Catholic Cemetery. (Sprague Independent  notes 3-08-07)  


Keenan, Wm,  (d. 7-25-1889) “This morning Mr. Wm Keenan, who has been sick for the past two weeks, passed away.  He was an old shop employee and was respected by all. He was a member of the GAR Post of this city and will be buried tomorrow at 9 a.m. from the Catholic church under the auspices of the Post.” (Sprague Herald of July 25, 1889)


Keller, Franciscus Joseph,   (CSL: d. Aug 26, 1928 buried Sprague Cath. removed to Uniontown: date of removal not given) “Frank Joseph Keller; white; order by sons; Funeral Aug 29, 1928 at Catholic Church Sprague by Rev Father Buckley; Cause of death: myocarditis; Death: Aug 26, 1928; retired farmer; married; Catholic; Birth: Oct 5, 1852; Aged: 75 years 10 mos 21 days; Father = Claude Keller born France; Mother = Katharine Miller born France; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.”  (The removal unless documented elsewhere is suspect since Gertrude was also buried in Sprague Catholic in 1944.; no evidence of TS at either cemetery.)


Keller, Gertrude,  (CSL: d. Sept 2, 1963; 78 yrs; burial Sprague ?)


Keller, Mrs. Gertrude,   (CSL: d. Apr 3, 1944; 85 y 6 m 7 dy; bur: Catholic; w/o Joseph Keller) “Mrs. Joseph Keller, residence Uniontown; Place of death: Colfax St Ignatious Hosp.; Death: April 3, 1944; Aged: 85 yrs 6 mos 7 days; widowed; white; housewife; Burial: Sprague Catholic.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger; no further details)


Keller, Louis,  (CSL: d. Apr 24, 1962; 86 yrs; burial: Sprague Cem.?


Kelly, Anna Maria, 1850-1931 mother, (TS-SE-110; 2 on 1, red stone) “Mrs. Anna Maria Kelly, 80, who came west in a covered wagon in 1880, one of the pioneers of this community, died Jan 8th after a week’s illness of pneumonia. Mrs. Kelly, whose maiden name was Herron, was born in 1874 at Sedalia, MO, to Jeremiah Kelly. The family spent a year in the Asotin region before taking a homestead 11 miles southeast of Sprague, near Lamont, in 1882. Mrs. Kelly lived on that farm until 10 years ago, when she went to the home of her son, Dan Kelly, where she died. She was a member of the Presbyterian church. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Kate Ingalls, Toppenish; four sons, Dan, John and James, Lamont, and R. E. of Colfax; and one brother, W S Herron, Lamont. Funeral services were held Monday, Jan 12, at the Federated church at Sprague, the Rev Dr J. Charles Evans in charge. Burial took place in the Catholic Cemetery, where her husband, who died in December, 1926, is buried.” (Jan 16, 1931 of a Sprague paper) “Annie Maria Kelley, white, born Iowa; widow of Jeremiah Kelley, deceased; charge to her estate; order given by sons and daughter; Funeral Jan 11, 1931 at Federated Church Sprague by Dr Chas Evans of Sprague; Cause of death: pneumonia; Death Jan 8, 1931; housewife; widow; Protestant; Birth Nov 1, 1850; Aged 80 yrs 2 mos 7 days; Father = William Herron born Ohio; Mother = Hannah Majors born Iowa; Interment at Sprague Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Kelly, Jeremiah, 1842-1926 father, TS-SE-110 (2 on 1, red stone); (CSL: d. Dec 22, 1926; 84 yrs; h/o Anna Herron Kelly)


Kelly, William,  (CTR: d. 21 July 1898; age 13 yrs; buried Sprague Cath)  


Keogan, Patrick,  d. Oct 23, 1892, age 76;  born in Co. Meath, Ireland; (P K footstone) TS-NE-73 (shared stone, 3 on 1)


 Keogan, Elizabeth,  d. Dec 26, 1905; born Ottawa, Canada 1843,   (spire about 6 ft tall) TS-NE-73 (shared stone, 3-1) (CTR: nee Nolan, b. Canada 63 years ago) “The funeral  of Mrs. Elizabeth Keogan, who died Christmas morning, took place  from the Catholic church at 10:30 Saturday morning, Dec 30th. Rev Fr. Van de Ven preached the funeral sermon. Interment was in the family burial ground in the Catholic Cemetery. Mrs. Keogan was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1843. She was married to Patrick Keogan in the early 70’s and removed with him to Nevada where they lived in various parts of the state during the gold excitement. The family moved to Sprague in the early 80’s and she and her husband built and owned the Hotel Villard, the first hotel in Sprague which stood on the site later occupied by the Bennighoff Hotel. Mrs. Keogan was well known in Lincoln County and her death causes another vacancy in the ranks of the pioneers. She was the mother of eight living children, four boys and four girls.” (Jan 5, 1906 of The Sprague Advocate)

Keogan, Michael,  d. Feb 27, 1907; born Co. Meath Ireland 1822; (TS-NE-73; shared stone, 3 on 1; cement border to plot)(CTR: d. 27 Feb 1906, b. Hibernia 84 yrs ago)

“Michael Keogan died at the Keogan farm, four miles north of Sprague. Tuesday, Feb 27th, aged 84 years.  Mr. Keogan was born in County Meath, Ireland, in 1822, and has been a resident of the state of Washington for a number of years. He was engaged in the stock raising business in the Okanogan country until 1896 and amassed a considerable fortune. The funeral takes place from the Catholic church this morning at 10:30.  Interment in Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Times of 3-02-1906) “The funeral of Michael Keogan, who died Feb 27th, took place from the Catholic church last Friday morning. Rev Father Van de Ven preached the funeral sermon. Interment was in the Catholic Cemetery. Mr. Keogan had made his home on the Keogan farm, four miles north of Sprague, for the last 14 years, coming here from British Columbia where he was engaged in stock raising for a number of years. Prior to this he spent a number of years prospecting in various parts of British Columbia and was one of the three first white men to prospect in the Caribou country. He and Judge Haines and Thomas Ellis were mining in that locality for 15 years prior to the famous Caribou gold excitement. Later he engaged in the stock business but finally sold out to Mr. Ellis and removed to Lincoln County. Mr. Keogan was never married. He evidently found no time in his busy pioneer life to take up the cares incident to a domestic establishment. His early life was spent in the wilds of the northwest battling against the hardships and privations which were the lot of the pioneer, but his later days were passed in the peace and quiet of life on a Lincoln County farm.” (Sprague Times of March 9, 1906)  


Keogan, Michael, 1886-1953, TS-NE-77 (shared stone) (CSL: d. June 27, 1953; 62 yr 2 mos; single;  s/o Patrick Keogan & Elizabeth Nolan)  "Michael Keogan passed away in his sleep Saturday, June 27. He was born Feb 3, 1886 on a farm near Sprague and had made his home here all his life. Mr Keogan is survived by a sister, Mrs Elizabeth Nord and a brother Christie Keogan, with whom he made his home, also nieces and nephews. Rosary was recited Monday evening at the Danekas & Duncan chapel. Requiem Mass was held at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning at Mary Queen of heaven church with Father William Laney officiating. Interment was in the Catholic cemetery.—The Sprague Advocate." (Citizen: 7-10-1953)


Keogan, Lawrence H., 1875-1938, TS-NE-77 (shared stone) (CSL: d. Nov 1, 1938; single; 62 y 11 m 15 dy;  s/o Patrick Keogan & Elizabeth Nolan)  


Keogan, Patrick,  d. Oct 23, 1892, aged 70 yrs, TS-NE-76 (3 ft stone) (CTR-died Oct 23, 1893, age 68 yrs) (Spokane County Mortuary Records show a Patrick Keogan, died Oct 23, 1892, age 55 years, married, place of death: S H Hospital; Born: Ireland; Resided: Sprague; farmer; son of Luke Keogan born Ireland.)


Keogan, Patrick Joseph,  (CSL: d. Jan 16, 1934; 66 y 6 mos; single; s/o Patrick Keogan & Elisabeth Nolan) “Patrick Keogan, white; born Wis.; son of Patrick Keogan, deceased; charge to his estate; order given by Mrs. Henry & brothers; Funeral: Jan 19, 1934 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father (not specified); Cause of death: pneumonia, secondary Inf.; Death: Jan 16, 1934; miner; single; Catholic; Birth: July 16, 1867; Aged: 66 yrs 4 mos; Father = Patrick Keogan born Ireland; Interment Catholic Sprague Cemetery” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Keogan, Christopher J.,  1877-1955, TS-NE-85 (flat stone in Murray plot) (CSL: Christian Keogan d. Apr 4, 1955; 77 yrs; burial: Sprague Catholic Cem.; sister is Elizabeth Nord)  


Keogan, Bridget,  (CSL: d. Mar 14, 1930; 57 yr 2 mo 5 dy; burial Catholic) “Bridget Keogan, white; born CA; daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth Keogan; order by sisters and brothers; Funeral March 17, 1930 at Catholic Church Sprague by Father McAleer of Sprague; Cause of death: paralysis; Death: March 14, 1930; Occupation: domestic; single; Catholic; Birth: Jan 6, 1873; Aged: 57 yrs 2 mos 5 days; Father = Patrick Keogan born Ireland; Mother = Elizabeth Nolin born Ottawa, Canada; Interment (not shown)” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Kingsley, ____ter,  d. May 1909,  (Sprague Advocate excerpt of 5-21-1909: “Mr Kingsley died at Myrtle Hospital last week and was buried last Saturday. Services were held from the Catholic Church and the body laid to rest in the Catholic Cemetery. Definite information regarding Mr. Kingsley is hard to obtain. He was known to be a native of North or South Carolina, served some years as a Confederate soldier and came to this vicinity about twenty years ago. May be poor in money he was rich in what constitutes real wealth, many men attesting to his splendid character. He was said to have been poor because he freely gave to the needy not only of his wealth but of his aid and kindness. It was fitting that he was placed in a beautiful coffin paid for by friends who knew his worth.” )


Kirk, father,  1837-1919,  (in Kirk plot) TS-NE-167(CSL: d. Apr 19, 1919; Joannes Kirk; 80 yr 7 m; s/o Thomas Kirk & Marcella Garvey) “John Kirk; white; born Ireland; Order by P J Kirk; Funeral Apr 21, 1919 at Catholic church by Father Ferland; Physician Dr. D. M. Strang; Cause of death: pneumonia; Death: Apr 19, 1919 at Myrtle Hospital; Birth: Aug 22, 1839; retired farmer; widower; Catholic; aged 81 yrs 7 mos 27 days; Father = Thos Kirk born Ireland;  Mother = Mancella Garvey born Ireland; Interment Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)


Kirk, mother,  1851-1885,  (in Kirk plot)  (TS-NE-166 MK ft marker)


Kirk, Mary,  June 16, 1851-Mar 25, 1885; wife of John Kirk,  (5 ft pillar, cross from top on ground) TS-NE-165 (shared)


Kirk, Annie C.,  Nov 25, 1879-Feb 15, 1882;  ACK ft marker; TS-NE-165 (shared pillar)




Sprague Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, submitted  October, 

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