MARY QUEEN OF HEAVEN



                                       SE corner of 12-21-38, Sprague, Lincoln County, Washington


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 Data from a wide range of sources has been included in this cemetery file. Inclusion in this file is no guarantee that the body of the deceased is indeed in this cemetery. For the first section of the listing of the burials, Bold print signifies tombstone and tombstone data and flat print signifies other sources:

            CTR = Catholic Territorial Records from Spokane  OBIT = Local newspaper obituary   CSL = Catholic Sprague Ledger    

            RCL = Ritzville Catholic Ledge         TS = Tombstone (followed by location in cemetery)  

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Tavares, Filomena S. ! , Jan 13, 1853-June 6, 1900 RJP, TS-SE-98, Born in Portugal; Died Sprague (iron fence 3 stones)

Tavares, John S.  ! ,  Mar 11, 1896-June 1, 1907, TS-SE-99 (see also Brown), son of Jos S. & F. Tavares,  (iron enclosure-3 stones)

Tervey, Catherine !, (CTR: d. 11 July 1902; b. Hibernia 65 yrs ago)

Thompson,  Family Plot Monument-4 ft , TS-SE-103

Thompson, Francis G. ! , 1904-1926,  TS-SE-104 (dates were buried)

Thompson, George W. !, 1869-1929 Father, TS-SE-105

Thompson, Mary A.  ! , 1876-1958,  TS-SE-106

Thompson, William J. !, Nov 22, 1901-Aug 23, 1902, TS-SE-107 (CTR-same), son of Orge & Mary Thompson

Toomey, Lawrence!,   (CTR-Jan 1891; Obit dated Dec 31, 1890, age 38 yrs)

Toohey, Catherine,  d. July 10, 1902, 67 yrs; TS-SE-132 (5 ft w/2 on 1), wife of John Toohey ,  (plot with Darcy)

Toohey, John ! ,   d. Sept 30, 1924,  103 years,  TS-SE-132 (2 on 1), husband and father

Toohey, Jacobus Martimus !,  (CSL: d. Aug 20, 1919; 19 y 6 m; s/o Joannes & Elisabeth)

Tully, Peter J. ! , 1888-1929,  TS-NW-67; (CSL: d. Oct 18, 1929)  

Tully, Anna  ! , (CSL: d. Mar 28, 1933; 72 yr 3 mo; w/o Peter)

Tully, Peter Eugene ! , Apr 24, 1930-June 6, 1930 , TS-NW-66

Vent, James R.  !, 1915-1939, (red stone in Brislawn plot), TS-SE-123, obit

Wallace  (large family plot monument) TS-SW-45

Wallace, Patrick , d. April 1889 (obit)

Wallace, Daniel L . ! , Aug 10, 1852-July 4, 1925,  TS-SW-47

Wallace, Margaret D. ! ,  June 1, 1868-Dec 6, 1942,  TS-SW-46

Wallace, William L. ! ,  1900-1951, TS-SW-48; (CSL: d. Aug 8, 1951)

Wallace, John D.  ! , 1900-1934,  TS-SW-51

Wallace, J. F.   ! ,  1868-1937 , TS-SW-52 (home made cement)

Wesley, Joe ,  d. July 1913; (obit)

Willinski, Magdalen Grace,  (CTR: d. 27 Dec 1904; age 3 months; Sprague Cath Cem)

Wiltzius,Anna ! , 1900-1919, TS-SE-91 (Wiltzius plot)

Wiltzius, Mary M. ,  !+ ,  Feb 14, 1860-May 28, 1948,  TS-SE-92

Wiltzius, Frank W.  !,  June 15, 1851-July 16, 1916, TS-SE-93

Wiltzius, Henry  !, 1881-1951, TS-SE-94 (stone half buried)

Wiltzius, Charles J. !+ ,  (CSL: d. June 23, 1977; 80 yrs)

Wiltzius, Peter, 1879-1910,  TS-SE-95 (pillar)

Zeyen, Frederick !, 1878-1897, TS-SE-119 (2 on 1) Zeyen is white rocks in

Zeyen, Cornelius  ! ,  1879-1897,  TS-SE-119 (2 on 1) worn cement, etched




Obituaries and Church Records for Sprague Catholic Cemetery  

All names will appear in bold print in this section; inclusion in this file does not ensure burial. Mention is made of some removals, no effort was expended to confirm or deny these allegations. In some instances the burial is cited to have been elsewhere, and the tombstone has appeared in the Sprague Catholic Cemetery. These could be errors in the original records or could mean that at some point the remains were brought here. Without the original mapping of the cemetery, many questions will remain unanswered.


Tavares, Filomena S.,  Jan 13, 1853-June 6, 1900,  RJP,  TS-SE-98, Born in Portugal; Died Sprague (iron fence 3 stones)

Tavares, John S., Mar 11, 1896-June 1, 1907,  son of Jos S. & F. Tavares TS-SE-99 (see also Brown) (iron enclosure-3 stones) (CTR: born in Ritzville) “John Tavers, ordered by father; age 11; cause: accident; Date of Death: June 1, 1907; Burial: June 3, 1907.” (Haight Funeral Ledger)

Tervey, Catherine,   (CTR: d. 11 July 1902; b. Hibernia 65 yrs ago)

Thompson,  Family Plot Monument-4 ft ,  TS-SE-103

Thompson, Francis G.,  1904-1926, TS-SE-104 (dates were buried); (CSL: d. Feb 10, 1926; Francis George; s/o George Thompson & Maria Fahey) “Francis Thompson, white, born Sprague; son of Mr. & Mrs. George Thompson; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (no additional data; Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Thompson, George W., 1869-1929 Father,  TS-SE-105; (CSL: d. Aug 29, 1929; 60 yrs 9 mo;) “George W Thompson, white, born MO; charge to his estate; Funeral Aug 31, 1929 at Masonic Hall by Father MacAleer of Sprague; Place of death: Spokane; Cause: ____ calculus; Date of death: Aug 29, 1929; Occupation: city marshall; married; Birth: Aug 22, 1869; Aged 60 yrs 0 mos 8 days; body shipped to Sprague by Hennesy & ____. Interment at (not shown).” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Thompson, Mary A., 1876-1958,  TS-SE-106; (CSL: d. Sept 21, 1958, Mary Ann; w/o George W; d/o John Fahey & Ann O’Halloran)

Thompson, William J.,  Nov 22, 1901-Aug 23, 1902,  TS-SE-107 (CTR-same), son of Orge & Mary Thompson

Toohey, Catherine,  d. July 10, 1902, 67 yrs; TS-SE-132 (5 ft w/2 on 1), wife of John Toohey, (plot with Darcy)

Toohey, John,  d. Sept 30, 1924,  103 years; husband and father; TS-SE-132 (2 on 1)(CSL: Joannes Toohey, no additional data)

Toohey, Jacobus Martimus,  (CSL: d. Aug 20, 1919; 19 y 6 mo; s/o Joannes J. Toohey & Elisabeth Charity) “Martin Toohey, white; son of Jack; Funeral Aug 23, 1919 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Ferland; Residence: 17 miles E of Sprague; Place of Death: Ewan; Cause of Death: Gunshot, accidental; Death: Aug 20, 1919; Birth Jan 27, 1900; farm laborer; single, Catholic; Aged: 19 yrs 6 mos 23 days; Father = Jack Toohey born Iowa; Mother = Lizzie Rider born Missouri; Interment (not shown)” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Toomey, Lawrence,  (CTR-Jan 1891; Obit dated Dec 31, 1890, age 38 yrs) “Died.—Mr. L. W. Toomey of this city, who has been ailing for some time, died at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, age 38 years. The remains were brought to Sprague and interred in the Catholic Cemetery this afternoon.” (Dec 31, 1890-notes in Sprague Herald) Lincoln County probate file #138 for “Toomey, Lawrence” was filed 9 April 1891; “Died 28 Dec 1890 in Lincoln Co;” Widow: Maria Tovenez, now Rasch, res. Sprague.

Tully, Peter J., 1888-1929,  TS-NW-67; (CSL: d. Oct 18, 1929; 41 y 7 m 11 dy or 41 y 10 m) “Peter Tully, white, born Wash.; husband of Hazel Struthers; Residence: Sprague rural; Funeral Oct 21, 1929 at Sprague Catholic Church; Place of death: Spokane; Cause of death: diffused pneumonia; Date of death: Oct 18, 1929; married; Catholic; Aged 41 yrs 7 mos 11 days; body shipped by Hennessy & Calloway. Interment: (not shown).” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Tully, Anns,   (CSL: d. Mar 28, 1933; 72 yr 3 mo; w/o Peter Tully; d/o John McEvoy & Mary McEvoy) “Mrs. Tully, white, (form dated) March 31, 1933; (fees for) Hearse, opening grave, personal services and Drayage” (no personal data; Sprague Funeral Home ledger; burial not specified)

Tully, Peter Eugene,  Apr 24, 1930-June 6, 1930, TS-NW-66; (CSL: s/o Peter Tully & Hazel Struthers) (see also Lincoln Co probate file # 742 indexed in the year 1904, another Peter E. Tully.)

Vent, James R., 1915-1939,  (red stone in Brislawn plot) TS-SE-123; (CSL: d. Mar 25, 1939; b. Feb 9, 1915, single; s/o Homer Vent & Alice Brislawn) (Sprague Times, March 30, 1939) JAMES R. VENT, 24, IS DEATH'S VICTIM;  HE WAS NATIVE OF SPRAGUE AND ATTENDED SCHOOL HERE; ELECTED COMMITTEEMAN; James R. Vent, 24, descendent of the pioneer Brislawn family of Sprague, died Saturday in a Spokane hospital, following a long illness that developed into cancer.  James or "Jimmy" as he was familiarly known throughout the community, was born here and attended St. Joseph Academy until his junior year.  His last two years of high school he attended the public schools.  Later he went to Gonzaga for a time.  He was elected Democratic precinct committeeman at the last election and had served in that capacity since that time.  He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Alice Vent, of Sprague, his father, Homer Vent, Hollywood, California, and a sister, Mrs. Carl  Kligel, Baker, Oregon.  Rosary was said Sunday at the Postmaster J. P. Brislawn home and the funeral services were held Monday morning in the Catholic church with Father Loeffler officiating.  Interment was in the Catholic cemetery.*Obit submitted by Barbara Curtis

Wallace:  (large family plot monument) TS-SW-45

Wallace, Patrick,  d. April 1889,  “Information of the death of Mr. Patrick Wallace at the hospital in Spokane Falls, was received in this city on Tuesday. Deceased was taken ill at his home in this city about a month ago and was taken to Spokane Falls where he could be better cared for in the hospital. Mr. Wallace was one of the old timers and a few years ago quite well-to-do, owning nearly all of the land upon which the city is now located. The remains will be laid away in the Catholic Cemetery today and the memory of the deceased will be truly mourned by all old residents of this section.” (Sprague Herald of 4-11-1889) (This death is also documented in the Spokane County Mortuary records as: Patrick Wallace, date of permit: Apr 9, 1889; Age 63 yrs; white, male; Place of death: hospital; & cause of death: pneumonia.)

Wallace, Daniel L.,  Aug 10, 1852-July 4, 1925,  TS-SW-47; (CSL: Daniel Lawrence-age 72 yrs) “David Lawrence Wallace, white, born St Catharine, Ont., Canada; Charge to Mrs. Wallace of Edwall, Wash.; Residence 10 miles north of Sprague; Funeral: Catholic Church of Sprague by Father Ferland; Cause of death: endocarditis; Death: July 4, 1925; Birth: Aug 10, 1852; farmer; Aged 72 yrs 10 mos 11 days; Interment at Catholic Cemetery.” (no parental data; Sprague Funeral Home ledger) " Nation's Birthday Claims Pioneer.   Daniel L. Wallace, railroad mechanic and former pioneer of this locality, passed away at this home 11 miles north of here early Saturday morning July 4 after being an invalid for 15 years with paralysis.  Mrs. Wallace was born at St. Catherines, Ontario, August 10, 1852 and was thus in his 73rd year.  When a youth of 18 he came to Wisconsin and after living there 2 years went to St. Paul and entered the employ of the Nothern Pacific Railway company learning the trade of a car builder.  In 1888 he came to Sprague and was a foreman in the railroad shops here until they were moved to Spokane in 1896 when he also moved to Spokane and continued working at his trade there until 1902.   In the latter year he purchased a farm 6 miles north west of Sprague and engaged in farming until 1909 when he retired and moved to Spokane.  In 1913 he returned to Sprague and has lived here since that time.  He still owned the farm at the time of his death, but for the last few years he has been making his home with a son, John D., in the Edwall district.  He married at Helena, Mont. in 1887.   He is survived by his widow; two sons, John D. Wallace, and William L. Wallace, and one daughter, Mrs. Charles J. Miller, all of Sprague; three brothers, Thomas Wallace and David Wallace of Canada and W. H. Wallace of Minneapolis.  Funeral services were held Monday morning at 9 o'clock at the St. Mary's Catholic church, and a large gathering of friends assembled to join the relatives in paying the last honors to an esteemed and respected neighbor and citizen.  Interment was in the Catholic cemetery. "(The Sprague Advocate, Thursday, July 9, 1925) RG

Wallace, Margaret D.,  June 1, 1868-Dec 6, 1942,  TS-SW-46; (CSL: Margaret Dolores widow of Daniel L Wallace; nee O’Grady, b. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) “Mrs. Margaret D. Wallace; residence: rural Sprague; Place of death: Sacred Heart Hospital; Birth: June 1, 1868; Death: Dec 6, 1942; Aged: 74 yrs 6 mos 5 dyas; female, white; housewife; Born: Ontario, Canada; Father = Dominick O’Grady born Ireland; Mother = Margaret Coyal born Ireland; Burial: Sprague Catholic Cemetery; Funeral: Mary Queen of Heaven church; Interment: 12-09-1942.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Wallace, William L., 1900-1951, TS-SW-48; (CSL: d. Aug 8, 1951; 51 yrs; h/o Nell Higgins; s/o Daniel L Wallace & Margaret O’Grady)

Wallace, John D.,  1900-1934,  TS-SW-51; (CSL: d. Sept 10, 1934; s/o Daniel Wallace & Margaret O’Grady)  “John Walace, white, born Wash; son of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Walace of Sprague; Funeral Sept 13, 1934 at Catholic Church by Father O’Mara of Sprague; Residence; 16 miles north of Sprague; Place of death: Sprague Lake; Cause of death: asphyxiation, drowning; Date of death: Sept 10, 1934; farmer, single, Catholic; Birth: Aug 4, 1900; Aged: 34 yrs 1 mo 6 days; Father = Dan Wallace born Ciburg, Ottawa, Canada; Mother = Margaret D O’Grady born Ottawa, Canada; Interment at Sprague Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Wallace, J. F.,   1868-1937,  TS-SW-52 (home made cement , poor data) (CSL: James Wallace Aug 8, 1867-June 18, 1937; single; b. St Catharyn, Ontario, Canada; 69 yr 10 mo) “James Wallace; formerly resident of Sprague; Death at St Joseph’s Home in Spokane; Birth: Aug 8, 1866; Death: June 18, 1937; Aged 70 yrs 10 mos 10 days; male, single, white; machinist; born: Coburg, Ontario; Father = Daniel Savarene Wallace born Canada; Mother = Catherine Tracy born Canada; Cause of death: arteriosclerosis; Burial: Sprague; Funeral Catholic church; Interment June 21, 1937.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Wallace, daughter of John  (?burial) (June 1, 1892-notes from Sprague Herald: During Memorial celebration, occurred the sudden death of the 7 year old girl of Mr. John Wallace, who resided 10 miles northwest of Sprague. She fell from the wagon that her father was driving, her neck was broken, resulting in instant death. The funeral was Wednesday.)

Wesley, Joe,  d. July 1913; “Joe Wesley, for over twenty years a resident of the Sprague country, died last Saturday at his home in the western outskirts of the city, aged 56 years. Eph. McGough and Cecil Newell had called at his bachelor quarters during the forenoon and found him alive but very low. At noon, Jack McElroy who took him his dinner daily, found him dead when he arrived. Joe had been ailing for some time with heart trouble and the end was not unexpected. He was born in Bohemia a little over 56 years ago. Altho occupying a humble station in life Joe Wesley was a man of many good parts. He was conscientious about his few business affairs, seeming inclined to do a little more than justice to the other fellow. His humble home was a model for any housekeeper, everything being always in its appointed place. Little is known of his relatives except that his mother is still living in his native city, Kuttenberg, Bohemia and that he had brothers or sisters living there also. He has of late years been employed as janitor by C Olson, who saw to it that Joe’s last days were made as comfortable as possible. The funeral was held on Sunday morning at 8 o’clock from the Catholic church, Rev Fr Ferland officiating and interment made in the Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Advocate of 8-01-1913)

Willinski, Magdalen Grace,  (CTR: d. 27 Dec 1904; age 3 months; Sprague Cath Cem) “The two and one-half months old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Willenski, who died Wednesday, was buried yesterday from the Catholic church. The remains were buried in the Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Times of 12-30-1904)

Wiltzius,Anna,  1900-1919,  TS-SE-91 (Wiltzius plot)   (CSL: d. Feb 15, 1919; 19 y 5 mo;  d/o Franciscus Wiltzius & Marie Thilkin) “Annie Wiltzius, white, born Wis.; daughter of Mrs. Mary Wiltzius; Residence: 3 miles NE of Sprague; Funeral: Feb 17, 1919 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Ferland; Death at home; Cause: (illegible) Date of death: Feb 15, 1919; Birth: Sept 4, 1899; Aged 19 yrs 5 mos 11 days; occupation: housework; single; Catholic; Father = Frank Wiltzius born Germany; Mother = Mary Wiltzius born IL; Interment: (not shown)” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Wiltzius, Mary M. ,  Feb 14, 1860-May 28, 1948,  TS-SE-92; (CSL: w/o Frank; d/o Mr. & Mrs. Thiltchen) “Mary Margaret Wiltzius, white, born Galena, Ill.; wife of Frank; Funeral May 31, 1948 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Loeffler; Place of death: Sprague Hospital; Cause: Cardiac failure; Death: May 28, 1948; housekeeper; widow; Catholic; Birth: Feb 14, 1860; Father = Frank Thiltgen born Luxemburg, Germany; Mother = Kathern Greenwald born Luxemburg, Germany; Interment at Catholic Sprague Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger) “Mary Margaret Wiltrins; Died: 5-28-1948; Born: IL; Father = Frank Thiltgen; Mother = Katherin Greenwalt; Buried: Sprague, Wash.” (Lincoln Co Health Death cards)

Wiltzius, Frank W.,  June 15, 1851-July 16, 1916, TS-SE-93; (CSL: b. Germany) Frank Wiltzius dropped dead in his front yard on the ranch north of town last Sunday afternoon from heart failure. While his death was sudden yet it was not totally unexpected as the condition of his heart was known to him and he had expressed the fear to friends that his end would come just as it did.  The funeral was held Wednesday morning at nine o’clock from the Catholic Church in Sprague, Father Ferland officiating and the remains interred in the Catholic Cemetery. Mr. Wiltzius was born in Luxemburg, Germany, in 1851 and arriving at manhood age he decided to come to America in search of the opportunities he had heard so much about. In 1876 at Hazelgreen, Illinois, he married Miss Mary Khiltken and the couple later moved to Iowa, farming there for 13 years when they went to Nebraska, where they remained for a time, finally locating in the Sprague vicinity about 1900, where he has lived ever since. He is survived by his widow and 13 children. One child Peter died some years ago. The living children are five sons, Henry, John, Nick, Frank and Charles, all of this vicinity; and eight daughters, Mrs. Joseph Ritter of Cottonwood, Idaho; Mrs. Frank Pool of Lamont; Mrs. Nick Klein and Mrs. Frank McMahon of Edwall; and Susie, Katie, Annie and Julia of Sprague. He had passed his sixty-fifth birthday but a short time before his death. Mr. Wiltzius prospered since coming to Washington and leaves his family in comfortable circumstances. He was of rugged stock, a kindly disposition and noted for his hospitality. Of the best of his virtues was his simple but unyielding rule of strict honesty. He claimed nothing but that which belonged to him by right and was eternally punctual about paying his bills. He will be missed not only by his loved ones but by many who respected him for his good qualities. All of his living children attended the funeral.” “Frank Warrington of Amber was here Wednesday for the Wiltzius funeral.” (Sprague Advocate of 7-21-1916) “Frank Wiltzius, white, born Germany; Residence: 4 miles North of Sprague; Funeral July 19, 1916 at Catholic Church by Rev Father Ferland; Place of death: residence; Cause: Cardiac disease; Date of Death: July 16, 1916; Birth: June 15, 1848; farmer; married; Catholic; Aged 68 yrs 1 mo 1 day; Father = John Wiltzius born Germany; Mother = Margaret Moltzeus born Germany; Interment Catholic Cemetery.” (Sprague Funeral Home ledger)

Wiltzius, Henry, 1881-1951,  TS-SE-94 (stone half buried) (CSL: d. Feb 6, 1951; 71 yr 1 mo; single;  s/o Francis & Margaret Wiltzius) “A petition contesting the will of Henry Wiltzius, Sprague farmer who died Feb 1 last, and whose will was probated Feb 19 with Russell A. Brown of Sprague and Robert A. Danson of Spokane as executors, has been filed in the superior court here by Lizzie Pool, Katie Richardson and Julia Streiff, sisters, Irene Gibson, a niece, Nick Wiltzius, Charlie Wiltzius and Frank Wiltzius, brothers of Henry Wiltzius. They allege Wiltzius was of unsound mental faculties when he made the will, and that undue influence was exerted upon him by certain of the heirs. The will provides that some farm land shall go to Clarence Wiltzius, a nephew, some land to 2-year-old Terry John, Sprague, and the remainder of the estate to Russell Brown.” (Citizen of June 1, 1951)

Wiltzius, Charles J.,  (CSL: d. June 23, 1977; 80 yrs; bur Cath Sprague Cem) “Charless John Wiltzius; Died: 6-24-1977; Born: 7-26-1897 in Nebraska; Divorced; Buried: Old Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington.” (Lincoln Co Health Burial Permit card)

Wiltzius, Peter,  1879-1910,  TS-SE-95 (pillar) (edit: probable son of Frank W Wiltzius who died in 1916, and whose obit mentions a deceased son named Peter.)

Zeyen, Frederick,  1878-1897, TS-SE-119 (2 on 1) Zeyen is white rocks in

Zeyen, Cornelius,  1879-1897,  TS-SE-119 (2 on 1) worn cement, etched


Sprague Catholic Cemetery, Sprague, Washington, submitted  October, 

2005 to the Lincoln County Washington GenWeb by Marge Womach

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