Sprague burials elsewhere



                                                    Submitted by Marge Womach


Now we know that they are in some cemetery, somewhere........ These are the obits that are left over, not to my knowledge buried in Maccabee or Lakeview or Sprague Catholic and probably not in Edwall either, but did not specifically check, will likely do that when I update......Many of them are burials at Lamont, Gresham, Spokane, Etc.

So mostly it is names familiar to or previous residents of Sprague vicinity that were buried elsewhere or family attending funerals..... Sprague is situated in such a place as to have residents with farms/family over the county line in Adams Co, Spokane Co and Whitman Co.

                                     If YOU have any information on any of these people, please contact us.



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Eaton, Miss: “Record of Funeral: Miss Eaton. Charge to her estate. Funeral: Aug 31, 1919 at Eaton school house. Physician: Dr McIntyre of St John. Place of death: SW of Sprague 16 miles. Interment at Eaton Cemetery.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger)


Edmiston, Frank:  Frank M. Edmiston, discouraged over the loss of money at the races, took 16 grains of morphine last Sunday evening at his home in Lewiston, Idaho, and died the next morning after doctors had worked over him all night in an effort to save him from a suicide’s grave. Mr. Edmiston is well known in Sprague, having been city marshal here in 1897. He also worked at the carpentry business here, which business he was following in Lewiston at the time of his death. In 1890 Edmiston was warden at the state penitentiary at Walla Walla. With a change of administration he left the penitentiary and came to Sprague. He was 50 years old and leaves a wife and three children.” (Sprague Times: 10-24-1902)


Egan, B. F.:  “The body of B.F. Egan, the Great Northern superintendent who was lost in the mountains of Montana last fall while on a hunting expedition, was found Monday.” (Sprague Times: 6-05-1903, loose supplement, potential date error)


Ekins, Claude: “Claude Ekins known to many of the first settlers of the Sprague country died at his home in Spokane on Tuesday, June 29 and interment was made in Fairmont Cemetery in Spokane on Thursday last. His son Walter went up to attend the funeral. Mr. Ekins was born on June 12, 1832 in Mayo County, Ireland, and was 83 years and 17 days old at death. He emigrated to Canada with  his parents when 7 years old, came to Oregon in 1877 and finally settled on what is now the Fenn place on Sprague Lake in 1883. He removed to Spokane in 1896 and has lived there almost all of the time since. He leaves to mourn his loss one son Walter, on the ranch near Sprague an done daughter, Mrs. Myra Kik of Spokane. When Mr. Ekins first came to the Sprague country in 1883, settlers were few and far between. His son Walter recalls hearing him tell of Job Smith, Andrew McQueen, Pat Comaskey, Jack McElroy, Steve Devenish, Jack Harding and some other old settlers on Crab Creek.” (Sprague Advocate: 7-09-1915; edit: his former wife is Eliza Ekins buried in Maccabee Cemetery.)


Ells, Mrs. “”Mrs. Ells of Colfax, wife of Rev Ells and mother of Kay Ells, died May 26 and was buried at Colfax May 28. Kay Ells and family were called to their home one week before her death and remained with his people during her last days. Many relatives of the vicinity of Colfax, also Myrtle Ells of this place attended the funeral.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-13-1913)


Estep, John: see Tragedy at Tekoa, Sprague Advocate: 8-30-1912


Evans, Fred S.: “Fred S. Evans, a railroad laborer, fell beneath a freight train at Sprague Thursday afternoon, Sept 23. His right arm was cut off, between the elbow and shoulder, vertibrae of his spinal column was dislocated, and he was severely bruised about the hips and head. He died at 3 o’clock Friday morning.” (Harrington Citizen: 10-01-1909)


Ferland, Rev Father L. W.:  Struck by a passing automobile as he was crossing Hamilton street at Sinto Avenue, the Rev Father L. W. Ferland, age 72, was killed Friday evening. He was struck by a Nash car driven by Ed Conyou, E 2810-15th Avenue. Up to three years ago Father Furland was stationed at Sprague, WA, where he was in charge of the Catholic Church (Mary Queen of Heaven). He retired from the active ministry three years ago after suffering from a stroke and at the present time was Chaplain at the old peoples’ home. The accident was unavoidable so Conyou and his companions were not held after the investigation. The funeral was held Tuesday from Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Bishop Charles D. White officiating.” (Odessa Record: 7-08-1927)


Fitzgerald, Sarah:  “Mrs. Sarah Fitzgerald of Spokane, a resident of this city about 15 years ago, died in Spokane last Friday at the home of her son Joe. Funeral services were held at the church in Spokane on Sunday and the body shipped to Tekoa on Monday for burial. Mrs. Fitzgerald is highly spoken of by her Sprague friends. Her age at death was 83 years. Matt Brislawn and Frank Brislawn and wife attended the funeral in Spokane. She left 5 daughters and 2 sons to mourn her loss. All of the children were present at the funeral.”  (Sprague Advocate: 11-21-1913)


Florine, David: “David Florine, who lives a few miles east of this town, died Tuesday afternoon from injuries received by falling from his horse. The accident occurred Sunday morning, and while it was not witnessed by anyone it is thought that the horse fell and upon recovering, dragged his rider. Concussion of the brain, followed by hemorrhages of the brain and lungs, resulted and the unfortunate man never regained consciousness. Mr. Florine was about 35 years old and unmarried. He leaves aged parents, a sister and several brothers.” (Sprague Times: 4-15-1904)


Fogarty, John:  unsourced notes: Age 27, Died in Sprague, Dec 2, 1901


Frank, Dago: “Died With His Boots On.  ‘Dago Frank,’ the Italian vagabond, who was driven out of this city about three months ago, was shot and killed at Spokane Falls on Wednesday of last week by Thomas Eldridge in self-defense. Deputy Sheriff Fred Lee of this county was present, witnessed the shooting and arrested Eldridge. Lee’s friends in Lincoln County should be grateful to him that he did not act more promptly as the world is well rid of a worthless character. The coroner’s jury found that the circumstances attending the shooting were of an extenuating character.” (Sprague Herald: 11-14-1889)


Frink, W. L.: " W. L. Frink brother of L. E. Frink and a former Sprague man located at Nachez City died of typhoid fever at North Yakima on Sunday last.  W. H. Buchanan of the Shaw-Buchanan undertaking firm embalmed the body and sent it to Colby where the funeral was held.  Mr. Frink leaves a wife and two children. He was engage in the dray business when he was taken sick. Frank Carrey formerly of Sprague was present when he died. (Sprague Advocate, Jul 7, 1911) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Gadd, John:  “John Gadd, 65, working at Sprague, was killed late Thursday afternoon by a 40-foot fall from a coal bunker trestle on the SP & S railway at Lamont. A Sprague doctor was called but the man died before he could drive the nine miles. Little is known about Gadd except that his last address was Portland , OR . Gadd fell when he stepped on the end of a loose board on the trestle which he was helping repair.” (Odessa Record: 7-26-1935)


Gardner, A.:  “Mrs. J. E. Duff received a message Saturday apprising her of the death of her father, A. Gardner, a Walla Walla pioneer. Owing to illness Mrs. Duff was not able to attend the funeral which took place Sunday afternoon.” (Sprague Times: 1-12-1906)


Gardner, Ernest:  see Tragedy at Tekoa, Sprague Advocate: 8-30-1912.


Garvey, Louise Catherine: “#243, Record of Funeral: Louise Catherine Garvey. Mother of Mrs. W. S. Schell. Place of Death: east of Lamont. Funeral services at Iowa City, Iowa. Physician: Whitman Co Coroner, W. R. Georich of Colfax, WA. Cause of death: burned up in residence. Aged: 77 yrs 7  mos 21 days. Interment: Shipped East.” (Sprague Mortuary ledger; undated; order date on #242 was Sept 1, 1923; order date on #244 was Sept 26, 1923.)

Gaskill, Mrs. E R:  “Fatigue and excessive speed were blamed for the death Friday night of Mrs. E. R. Gaskill, 42, Stockton, CA, who was instantly killed when a roadster driven by Lawrence H Hayes, Modesto, crashed into boulders and turned over at the sharp curve near the Rothrock farm south of there, where Charles Morris, Portland, was fatally burned in an oil truck wreck last June.  Mrs. Hayes received slight scratches, while Mr. Hayes suffered from shock and exhaustion. The machine came to rest on four wheels. The driver had driven more than 900 miles without rest when the accident occurred. The body will be sent to California for burial.” (Odessa Record: 11-01-1935)


Gehres, F. J.: "F. J. Gehres, pioneer, early merchant, and former mayor of Sprague, died at Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane last Friday after an illness of several days. Mr. Gehres had been in poor health for several years, having experienced a fall which induced partial paralysis. He came to Sprague 38 years ago and lived here 22 years. The funeral was held in Spokane Tuesday, many from here attending. The Sprague business houses were closed during the hour of the funeral as a mark of respect.—Sprague Advocate." (Davenport Times-Tribune: 9-18-1919)


Gibson, child: “Mrs. M. Courtright and Mrs. Gibson of Cheney, sister and mother of W. E. Gibson, are here today attending the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson’s daughter.” (Sprague Times: 10-10-1902)


Gilhause, John:  “John Gilhause, a farmer seven miles west of Sprague met his death last week in a well he was digging alone. He was evidently going down when the fastings gave way and he fell to the bottom, breaking his neck and leg. The deceased was a German about 50 year of age, and was buried at Sprague on Wednesday.—Times.” (Northwest Tribune: 9-09-1886)


Gillis, Mr.:  “Mrs. J. F. Hall accompanied by her niece, Mrs. W. C. Lyons, left Thursday evening for Dayton in answer to a telegram informing her that her father, Mrs. Gillis, was very ill. The following morning Mr. Hall received a message stating that the old gentleman’s death was expected hourly and he and Athol left that evening but failed to get there in time as Mr. Gillis died early Saturday morning. Mr. Gillis was widely known and  a well respected pioneer of the Walla Walla and Dayton country.” (Sprague Times: 3-09-1906)


Goodwater, Gertrude:  “Mrs Gertrude Goodwater, wife of Truman Goodwater, died at her home in Sprague on Friday last of endocarditis, aged 65 years 11 months and 24 days. She ahs been ailing for some time and the end was anticipated. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev Gaily of Ritzville officiating. The body was shipped to Shelby, Iowa, Wednesday morning, leaving on No 42, accompanied by a son, Eugene, and a daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Kessler, of Neola, Iowa, who arrived here last week. Mrs. Goodwater was born in Germany on Sept 11, 1847. She came to America in 1853 with her parents, who settled near Bellevue, Illinois, later moving to Iowa, where she lived until 1912 when she and her husband came to Sprague to live. She was married on June 18, 1865 to Truman Goodwater at Decorah, Iowa, and to the union were born seven children, six of whom survive, Eugene and Mrs. M. V. Simas of Sprague, Fred of Shelby, Iowa, Mrs. Amelia Zimmerman and Mrs. Gertrude Kessler of Neola, Iowa, and Mrs. Josephine Isaac of Walnut, Iowa. She also leaves a husband, one brother and two sisters to mourn her loss. The husband Truman Goodwater was at Sheridan, Wyoming, taking treatment for Asthma and at her death was in the mountains on a two weeks camping trip and could not be located. he will meet the party at Shelby, Iowa. Mrs. Goodwater was a devoted Christian and a good mother giving the best of her life to the service of her family.” (Sprague Advocate: 9-12-1913)


Gornall, Elizabeth Ann: (d. 12-22-1920; age 70 yrs; shipped to Bedford, Mass; Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Goss, Mrs. Anson: “A particularly sad death was that of Mrs. Goss, wife of Anson, the president of the Bank of Sprague, which occurred Wednesday morning. The old lady had been looking forward with joyful anticipation to the time when she could be with her friends and relatives in her home town, Bangor, Michigan. Had she not been taken sick, she and Mr. Goss expected to leave for home next week.” (LCT: 9-05-1902) "...same as above with the following added paragraph: Mrs. Goss was 58 years old.  She was a lovable lady, full of good motherly qualities which endeared her to the heats of her friends.  although her home was in Michigan she had spent two summers here making in that time a host of friends who sincerely mourn her demise, and to the aged husband, who for more than 40 years has depended upon her helping hand, the blow is indeed hard to bear.  The remains will be shipped to Bangor for interment. (The Sprague Times, Aug 29, 1902) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Gribler, Mrs.: “We desire to extend our sincere thanks to many friends who have long shown us great kindness during the illness and death of our mother.” (Sprague advocate: 7-06-1917)


Grinley, P. A.:  “Workmen on the drainage ditch at Cow Lake are having a disastrous time of it. On the 13th one man was killed by a premature explosion and another man was seriously injured. Last Friday the 17th, Geo Turner was killed in the same manner, ... Both P. A. Grinley, who was killed Tuesday, and Mr. Turner, were directly over the charge...” (Sprague Times: 10-23-1903)


Goss, Anson:  “The subject of this sketch came of the hardy pioneer stock of Ohio, in which state he was born July 29, 1834. Emigrating thence with his parents to the then wilderness of Michigan, the family first settled at Paw Paw, where the boy grew to manhood inured to the hard labor incident to the frontier settlement of that day. Having inherited a rugged and robust frame, he was of the Lincoln type, honest, dauntless and unconquerable by any adverse circumstances. With little opportunity for education he was thoroughly prepared in the school of experience for the activities of an eventful life. Having attained his manhood he removed to the vicinity of Gangor, where he acquired 40 acres of land in the heart of the forest where unaided he cleared and built the home that still remains a part of the family homestead. Here he was married to Miss Mary Jane Van Anken and in the little home built by their hands were born their four children, Oliver, Gurtha, Alfred and Olia and here they all grew to man and womanhood. The eldest son Oliver graduated from the law department of the State University at Ann Arbor and with a brilliant future before him he early sickened and died holding at the time of his death the office of County Attorney of his home county. Anson Goss was a man of keen perception and early saw the value of land in his vicinity and at one time owned 920 acres, added form time to his original 40 acres, 320 acres of which he still owned at his death. A banker by nature and instinct he was one of the early founders of the Bank of Bangor, in which he was still a director at his death. After having made business trips to Europe and various parts of the United States and Mexico, he came to the State of Washington in the year 1901, settling at Sprague he became president of and successfully financed the Bank of Sprague. Mr. Goss was a man of high integrity whose word was as good as his bond and he hated fraud and dishonesty with all the intensity of his strong character. It was here on Aug 27, 1902 he had the great misfortune to lose his faithful wife whose body was tenderly taken to the old home in Michigan for burial. From this misfortune he never fully recovered and after a long period of suffering he died in a hospital at Fern Hill, Tacoma, WA, June 19, 1909. His two daughters were at his bedside when he peacefully passed away. His remains were taken back to the old Michigan home for burial  by the side of his companion. A strong man has gone from among us. Peace to his ashes.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-25-1909)


Haas, Sebastian:  “Sebastion Haas of the Haas Mercantile Co. of this city died at his home in Spokane yesterday morning after a brief illness. He left here about two weeks ago with symptoms of grip. From this attack he seemed to be recovering and even the night before his death he talked of being up in a few days. Death was probably due to heart failure.  Mr. Haas was 64 years of age and a very active and energetic man. He came to Spokane 20 years ago and has a wide acquaintance in that city and surrounding country. From Sprague Times.” (Citizen: 2-17-1905) 


Ha___on, Frances Elizabeth: (dated 6-20-1925; aged 64 yrs; Lance Hills Cemetery; Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Hagarmon, Tom:  “Tom Hagarmon, a 16 year old youth of near Winona , is dead as a result of fooling with a revolver which was not loaded. Will there ever be an end to the list?” (Sprague Advocate: 4-16-1909)


Hall, Joel F.:  “Sprague, Wash., June 21.—Joel F. Hall, long intimately connected with civic affairs in Sprague and throughout Lincoln County, died here Saturday evening at 8:45 p.m.  He had been suffering with diabetic gangrene. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Community church, and burial will be in the Peace Abbey mausoleum in Spokane. Later in the afternoon the funeral party will go from here to Spokane by auto. Services will be in charge of the Masonic lodge, of which Mr. Hall became a member 50 years ago in Missouri.  Mr. Hall was born in Washington County, KY, June 28, 1853, being 71 years old at the time of his death. He came to the Dayton country in southeastern Washington about 1883, where he was in business, and in 1891 came to Sprague and established a merchandise store which was destroyed by the big fire of ’95. He was in the insurance business for about seven years. Since then he has been employed by the city as city marshal and city clerk, in which position he served for 20 years, retiring  last January. He was a member of the democratic executive committee of Lincoln County. He is survived by his widow, a son, W. Athol Hall, a sister, Mrs. Kate Wood, and a brother, Marion Hall, both of Smithville, MO.” (scrapbook item; penciled 1924) (edit: Sprague Mortuary ledger index shows: Joseph F. Hall, d. 6-20-1925, aged 71 yrs, shipped to Spokane.)


Hall, Minnie:  (Minnie Hall, d. 7-06-1926, age 51, Spokane Cemetery. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Ham, John:  (John Ham. d. 4-28-1918; 90 yrs; ship to Earlville, IA. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Hamley, Harry:  “The N. A. Hamley family desire thru the columns of the Advocate to sincerely thank those good friends and neighbors who have sympathized with them and rendered aid during the time of the sickness and death of the son and brother, Harry. Your kindness will ever remain in our memory as a reminder of the goodness of humanity.” (Sprague Advocate: 8-16-1912)


Hamley, (Getty) May “The community was saddened on Tuesday morning by the announcement of the death of Mrs. May Crane Hamley at North Yakima. Her death was caused by a ruptured appendix which occurred about two months ago. Later the difficulty became complicated with peritonitis and multiple abscesses resulting in death Tuesday morning. Dr Hamley and son Eugene have been in almost constant attendance at her side the past three weeks. An operation performed by Dr Hamley several weeks ago brought some relief but was not in time to cure the difficulty. Mrs. Hamley’s mother of Maquoketa, Iowa, ahs been with her daughter for some time. Dr Baker and wife went to North Yakima Monday evening at which time the patient was very low. The body was brought to Spokane Wednesday morning on No 42, accompanied by the mother, Dr Hamley, son Eugene and the Bakers. At Sprague a large number of friends joined the party. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’clock at the Smith Undertaking Parlors and the body was shipped Wednesday evening to Maquoketa, Iowa, the girlhood home of the deceased, accompanied by the mother. Mr. Crane, the father, is ill and was unable to come. Mrs. Hamley was about 33 years old and was born at Maquoketa, Iowa. She was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Crane of that place. She has one living son, Eugene, and two other children now dead. Some two or three months ago she traded for some property at North Yakima and has resided there since. Her last gift to her son Eugene was a Shetland pony which arrived a few days ago. The following Sprague people attended the services in Spokane: Dr E. C. Hamley and Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Hamley, Arthur and Bert Hamley, Dr Baker and wife, Mrs. S. Q. Elmore, Dr and Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Harry Miller, Mrs. Dave Young, Mrs. R. S. Rockwell, Mrs. J. F. Hall, Mrs. Wm Sanborn, Clark Long, Jas Conroy, Mrs. Masconi, Mrs. Arthur Brown and Mrs. T. E. Damrell.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-11-1912) “Resolutions of sympathy and respect adopted by Calanthe Circle No 418 Women of Woodcraft of Sprague, WA, on the death of neighbor Getty May Hamley. Whereas: The angel of death has entered our circle again and taken from us our beloved neighbor, Getty May Hamley.... signed: Lora E. Dutcher, Sarah Z. Smith, Minnie Sackman.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-18-1912)


Hamley, Myrtle May: “One of the beautiful flowers that grow amidst the bearded grain of humanity ahs been culled by the keen sickle of the reaper, Death. Little Myrtle May Hamley, aged three years, eight months and five days, was called suddenly from earth Monday night, April 30th, leaving a desolate home and hundreds in the city of Sprague to mourn her loss. So many knew the happy, light-hearted child, who carried with her a ray of sunshine and a cheery smile wherever she went, that her death becomes a personal bereavement to all with whom she had ever come in contact. For about a week Myrtle had been subjected to what was deemed a slight attack of whooping cough. The afternoon preceding her death she was observed playing contentedly about the house and yard. But shortly before 11 o’clock that evening she was seized with convulsions, and although everything possible was done for the sufferer, the little innocent life went out. Sympathy with Doctor and Mrs. Hamley is universal. Funeral services were held yesterday, Thursday, May 3rd, in the Auditorium, at 2 o’clock p.m. and interment was in Greenwood Cemetery, Spokane.” (Sprague Times: 5-04-1906)


Hampson, T. C.:  “Operator T. C. Hampson, who has been employed in the telegraph office here the past year and who started for California about 5 weeks ago, died in the NP Hospital at Tacoma on Nov 17, of paresis or softening of the brain. He was found in a demented condition on the streets of Centralia a few days after leaving here and taken to the hospital. The Order of Railway Telegraphers sent a representative to St Paul with the body where it was given in charge of a member of Mr. Hampson’s home lodge of Masons who accompanied it to Medora, Indiana, his old home, where burial was made. Mr. Hampson was a good fellow and had many friends here who were shocked to hear of his early death which came much sooner than was expected.” (Sprague Advocate: 11-24-1916)


Hand, John: (John Hand. d. 5-08-1922. 78 yrs. Fairmount Cemetery, Spokane. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)

Harrington, Elsie: “Mrs Elsie Harrington, wife of E. H. Harrington, bookkeeper for Hertrich & Moylan, and sister of W. C. Hoodymaker, died on Tuesday at their home in Sprague. Mrs. Harrington had a severe attack of pleurisy several years ago which left her in a weakened condition. She had apparently almost recovered but a severe cold brought on another attack which caused her death. Her illness caused her intense suffering and death came as a blessed relief. Elsie Hoodymaker was born at Almena, Michigan, almost 24 years ago. She was married to E. H. Harrington about 6 years ago at Kalamazoo, Michigan, and one daughter was born to the union. The daughter, Thelma, is now about four and one half years old. The family came to Sprague about three years ago. The body was taken back to Mattawan, Michigan, where interment will be made. The mother, husband and daughter accompanied the remains. Mrs. Harrington was a woman of beautiful character and her quiet, unassuming manner had won her many friends. Her death while not unexpected yet caused a shock to the community, for we all regret to see one so young and so well calculated to add to earth’s store of happiness, taken away in the morning of life. The sympathies of all who knew this lovable woman go out to those who mourn her early taking away.” (Sprague Advocate: 4-24-1914)


Harris, John J.:  “The terrible Heppner cloud burst claimed the life of at least one old Spragueite—John J. Harris, a tinner and plumber who used to be in the employ of Jensen, King & Co.” (Sprague Times Supplement: 6-19-1903)


Hays, infant of F. H.:  “Died.—17 months daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hays died Monday at Sprague from scarlet fever.” (Sprague Herald: 1-14-1891)


Heaton, John Edward:  “From the Wenatchee World: The funeral of little John Edward Heaton was held yesterday from the Sprague Undertaking Parlors, Rev H. L. Beightol of the Methodist church conducted the services. The death of the Heaton infant was pathetic. The father is principal of one of the Spokane schools. Two weeks after the birth of the child, eleven months ago, the mother died in Spokane. The child has been cared for since by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gibbons of this city. The family had gone to Wenatchee Lake to get away from the heat and the trip like a similar one to Entiat, seemed to be beneficial. The child died in the arms of Mrs. Gibbons while on the trip out from the lake. Professor Heaton in the past year has lost his mother, wife and child, and two years ago he lost his father.” Citizen: 10-01-1909)


Heltzel, M. L.:  “M. L. Heltzel died at the family residence on Fourth Street about 1:30 o’clock New Year’s morning after a lingering illness of several months. Funeral services were held in the Methodist church at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. The body was shipped to Colfax Wednesday morning for burial in the IOOF Cemetery there. The local GAR post had charge of the funeral here and the burial was conducted by the IOOF lodge at Colfax of which the deceased was a member. Mr. Heltzel was 60 years of age at the time of his death, having been born in Indiana April 27, 1846. He later removed to Missouri where in August, 1864, he enlisted in Co B, 43rd  Missouri Infantry. He served throughout the war as a member of this company and was mustered out with it at the close of hostilities. In 1874 he removed from Missouri to Oregon, where he was married to Miss M. A. Kelly August 1, 1875. He settled on a homestead near Colfax in 1877, coming from there to Sprague in 1898. He resided here continuously until the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and five children, four boys and one girl. Mr. Heltzel enjoyed a wide acquaintance among the pioneers of Whitman County, who will be sorry to hear of his death. He was a man of many friends and few or no enemies. He was of sterling character; a conscientious Christian and patriotic citizen. If there were more men like M. L. Heltzel the world would be the better for it.” (Sprague Times: 1-05-1906) “Geo Brown accompanied the body of M. L. Heltzel to Colfax as the representative of the local IOOF lodge.” (Sprague Times: 1-05-1906)


Henon, George B.: (Geo B. Henon; d. 11-08-1919; 58 yrs; Eaton cemetery. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Heron, William: “Wm Heron, father of Geo and Walter Heron, died Sept 30 and was buried in the Eaton Cemetery the following Sunday.” (Sprague Times: 10-14-1904)


Herron, Mrs. Geo: (Mrs. Geo Herron, order dated 1-16-1916. casket to Lamont. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Het, Geoge: " Geo. Het who worked on the N. P. here before the fire as superintendant of bridges and buildings was found dead in a cabin at Sunnyside last Sunday.  He was employed by the Milwaukee on construction work near there.   Mr. Het was a member of the Sprague Masonic Lodge and their flag has been at half mast the past few days....The body was brought to Spokane for burial. The family home was in that city.  Mrs. Het and a son in law Chas. Simmons brought the body home. (Sprague Advocate Jun 30, 1911) Submitted by Barbara Curtis


Holland, Sarah H.: “Mrs. Sarah H Holland, aged 63 years, died Tuesday morning of tuberculosis, at her residence, 1610 Ide Avenue, Spokane. Mrs. Holland was the wife of A. W. Holland, a real estate man, and was a resident of this city for many years. Mrs. Holland leaves seven children, E. H. Holland, A. K. Holland, J. B. Holland, John Holland, George Holland and Mrs. W. J. Butler, all of Spokane, and Mrs. B. E. Koontz, wife of Rev B. E. Koontz of Hillyard.  Funeral service were held in Smith’s Undertaking Parlors, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Dr Lambert of the First ME Church, of which deceased was a life long member, conducting the services. Interment was made in Greenwood Cemetery. The circumstances surrounding this death are unusually sad. Mr. Holland has but recently recovered from a very severe illness, one son John, lies so low with typhoid fever that the news of his mother’s death has been kept from him. Another son, George is absent in northern Idaho and could not reach home in time for the funeral. Many friends in Sprague will be grieved to learn of Mrs. Holland’s death as she lived here many years. She and her husband and family were among the earliest settlers of Sprague. The family moved to Spokane in Feb 1896.” (Sprague Times: 10-30-1903)


Hollis, Clayton Wm: (Clayton William Hollis. d. 3-28-1915; age 64 yrs; cremated; Portland, Oregon. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Hughes, Andrew S.: (Andrew S. Hughes. d. 1-07-1926; 69 yrs; Spokane cemetery. Sprague Mortuary ledger index)


Hughes, Nancy A.:  “Mrs. Nancy A. Hughes Laid To Rest at Sprague. Sprague, WA, May 15.—The funeral of Mrs. Nancy A. Hughes, age 88, was held from Lee’s Chapel today, the Christian Science services being read. Mrs. Hughes was born at Akron, Ohio, and for 39 years made her home here. For the last three years she had lived at Kalispell, Mont. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Sawyer, Kalispell; Mrs. J. W. Shearer and Mrs. Fred J. Stipps, Sprague.” (undated assume Spokane paper, scrapbook item)


Hutton, Levi W.:  “Levi W. Hutton, Spokane mining man, capitalist and philanthropist, founder of the Hutton settlement, passed away at Sacred Heart hospital at 12:30 today. Death was due to diabetes and other complications....Born at Fairfield, Iowa, in 1860, young Hutton sought his fortune farther west, and most of his work was done in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. He was successively stevedore, locomotive fireman, locomotive engineer, mining man, real estate man, shoe man, bank director, property owner and philanthropist.... Both parents having died when he was very young, Hutton as a boy was sent to the district schools by his uncle, and his sympathy for orphans was stimulated by his own struggles...” (scrapbook item: penciled Nov 3, 1928, very long detailed account)

Irvin, Chas E.: "Chas E. Irvin, brother of Mrs. C. T. Service of Edwall, died at the home of his sister at Edwall, March 27th, inst." (Citizen: 4-08-1910)


James, Minnie:  “Mrs. Minnie A. James, wife of Will James employed by Frank Monroe and residing here about a year ago, died at Marionville, MO on July 5, of lung trouble. Mrs. James had been in poor health for some time. Besides her husband she leaves a three year old boy and other relatives in Missouri. She was a member of the Sprague Circle Women of Woodcraft in which she carried $500 insurance in favor of her boy. Her age at death was 28 years.” (Sprague Advocate: 7-14-1911)


Jensen, Ethel M. Wood: “Mrs. Ross Jensen died in Spokane on Sunday, June 13, where she was taken for hospital treatment about two weeks ago. The remains were brought to Sprague Monday evening and kept at the Harry Jensen home until Wednesday evening when they were shipped to Lebanon, Oregon, the family home, for burial. Ethel M. Wood Jensen was born Aug 2, 1876 at Philomath, Benton County, Oregon, and was 38 years, 10 months and 11 days old at death. She spent the first 12 years of her life at Philomath, after which the family moved to Lebanon where they have resided ever since. She was married to Ross Jensen in May 1907. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband, two daughters, Theresa L Scherer and Oma Morris, also her parents, David and Sena Wood of Lebanon, Oregon, three sisters, Mrs. F. B. Jones of Portland, Mrs. Jno Custer of Lebanon, Oregon and Mrs. F. T. Ray of Airlie, Oregon, four brothers, David of Portland, Walter, John and Ray of Lebanon, Oregon. Her sister, Mrs. F. B. Jones and her daughter Theresa of Portland came for the services and accompanied the remains to Lebanon. Mrs. Jensen was a bright energetic woman and her death comes as a distinct shock to the community. The sympathy of friends and neighbors goes out to the bereaved ones in their time of sorrow.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-18-1915) (Sprague Funeral Ledger index; Ethel Jensen; d. 6-13-1915; age 38; Lebanon, Oregon.)


Johns, Winfield Roy:  “Winfield Roy Johns, son of Mary A. Johns, died at the Sam Thorsland home on Saturday evening, August 9, of tubercular perotonitis. The illness first developed, about nine years ago, at which time he underwent an operation. His health was fairly good since that time, permitting him to continue his work until last April, when his condition caused him to resign, in order to take medical treatment. Another operation was performed the latter part of May which did not produce the desired result. He took to his bed about ten days ago, the end coming rapidly. Mr. Johns was born at Perry, Pike County, Illinois, on August 10, 1883, living there until about nine years ago, when he came to this state to work at his profession, that of civil engineer. He was a graduate of the Scranton, PA, School of Engineering and has been employed for nine years in the Great Northern Railway Survey, the past two years on the Peach extension in this county. He was deeply interested in his work, was of a deliberate, conservative type and no doubt would have been highly successful in his chosen profession. He was the youngest of six children, his mother, one brother, James of Whitefish, Montana, and two sisters, Mrs. W. H. Buchanan of North Yakima and Mrs. Sam Thorsland of this city, surviving him. The body was shipped to Illinois for burial leaving here Tuesday morning, accompanied by W. H. Buchanan and Mrs. Thorsland. Mr. Johns was an exemplary young man, devoted to his mother and sisters and greatly beloved by them. He was temperate in all things and lived his life, along regular lines, winning the admiration and respect of all who knew him. His taking away at such an early age is a great shock to his loved ones. The thought that his life though short, was lived in rectitude and honor is their great consolation.” (Sprague Advocate: 8-15-1913) “Julius Asheim special agent of the Equitable Life Assurance Society was in town Tuesday and settled with Mrs. Mary A. Johns on a policy held in that company by her son Roy, recently deceased. Mr. Johns policy was for $2000 and with ten year accumulations amounted to $2600 which sum was paid Mrs. Johns, the beneficiary.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-10-1913)


Johnston, Charley: “The remains of Charley Johnston were brought to this city Wednesday night from Wm White’s ranch on the Okanogan River where he died last Monday of consumption. The remains were taken to Jones & Nygard’s Undertaking Rooms, where they were prepared for burial and from where they were conveyed to the cemetery yesterday afternoon.” (NW Tribune: 11-11-1887, Sprague column)


Jones, Pearl:  “On Monday in Spokane, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Weld, 2927 Wilbur St, occurred the death of Mrs. Harry O. Jones, wife of Harry O. Jones of the Bank of Sprague. The funeral was held Wednesday at one o’clock from the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Spokane, to which she belonged and the remains were interred in Fairmount Cemetery in that place. Mrs. Jones, formerly Pearl Weld, was employed as milliner in The Hub, in this city for several seasons and had many warm friends here. The young couple were married Feb 5, and Mr. Jones bought a house and was furnishing it for a home. About ten days after the marriage Mrs. Jones was taken sick and went to Spokane, to her parents to recuperate. On Thursday last, the husband was telephoned to come, as her illness was becoming critical. She died the following Monday of some stomach difficulty. She was 21 years old. The death of the young wife even before the honeymoon waned is peculiarly tragic and the sympathy of the entire community goes out to the young husband in his sad bereavement. Both banks were closed Wednesday from 12 noon until 2 p.m.  Cashier Rockwell of the Bank of Sprague attended the funeral.” (Sprague Advocate: 4-16-1909)


Jones, Ralph:  The final report of Mrs. Veva Jones and Melvin L. Jones as executors of the estate of Ralph R. Jones, Sprague banker, was filed Saturday, with a petition asking that the estate, valued at $80,672.14, be distributed to the widow and two sons of Mrs. Jones.” (Odessa Record: 7-11-1946) “Retired Banker Dies Suddenly. Ralph R. Jones, Sprague, Succumbs En Route Home. Sprague, WA, Sept 23.—Ralph R Jones, 60, who retired a year ago from the banking business after approximately 35 years, the last 15 of which he served as manager of the Sprague branch of the Old National Bank, died today of a heart attack suffered at Pasco as he and three friends were driving home from a fishing trip to Celilo Falls. Mr. Jones, who was born at Walla Walla , was a member of the Masonic orders, Shrine, Lions Club and other organizations. Surviving are his widow; two sons, Melvin L. Jones, Sprague; Clarence A. Jones, Portland , OR ; two brothers, Albert S. Jones, Kennewick , and Frank F. Jones, Sprague. With Mr. Jones on the fishing outing were W. F. Eichner, Earl H Sibley and Dennis Corcoran, all of Sprague.” (Spokesman Review: undated scrapbook item)


Judd, Lillian A. (Robinson):  “Mrs. E. S. Judd was called to Spokane Sunday evening by the illness, which proved fatal at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon, of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frank E. Judd.  Typhoid fever was the direct cause of death of Lillian L Judd, who was 31 years of age, and the end came peacefully to her in the Sacred Heart hospital. The editor of this paper attended the funeral Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock. The burial service of the Episcopal church was held at Buchanan’s undertaking parlors, where a large gathering of the paternal and maternal branches of this union tearfully paid their last tribute to the departed, who leaves to mourn her untimely end, a husband, Frank E Judd, a little daughter of four years, Mable, a mother, Mrs. Florese, two brothers and one sister, besides the many relatives on her husband’s side of the house who thought much of her.  Lillian was a handsome, magnetic little woman who always met her friends with a winsome smile that was irresistible and her loss leaves a vacant place in the hearts of her dear ones that cannot be filled. The Citizen joins with the many friends of her loved ones in extending them sympathy in their sad bereavement. The little white coffin in which all that is mortal of her was literally buried in the choicest flowers of the season and she sleeps where the tall pines whisper.” (Citizen: 9-30-1910)


Keaton, John W:  “John W. Keaton, a pioneer of the Sprague district, died at Vancouver , WA , Monday at the age of 83, after having been an invalid for over a year. Mr. Keaton came to the Sprague district from Iowa in 1886 and while there acquired considerable property which he retained up to the time of his death.” (Odessa Record: 11-27-1925)


Kelly, Eva Marie: (Eva Marie Kelly, d/o V.; d. 11-05-1918; aged 14 yrs; Interment: Eton Cemetery; Sprague Mortuary ledger index)

Kinnear, Mrs. E. M.:  “Mrs. E. M. Kinnear, at one time a resident of Sprague, died recently at Santa Cruz, California.” (Sprague Advocate: 4-23-1909)


Kinney, J. P.:  “J. P. Kinney, a well respected citizen, former Justice of the Peace and Deputy Assessor of Sprague residing here until three years ago, died at his home at Kent, WA, on Dec 2.  The following obituary was sent us by a friend of the deceased. ‘Sergeant J. P. Kinney was born in Cambridge, Michigan, Feb 18, 1842, commissioned as Sergeant of Co B, Ninth Michigan Cav., Jan 21, 1863, moved to Kansas City in the fall of 1865, married to Miss Serina J. Balch, July 18, 1867, moved to Washington more than twenty years ago. To them were born four girls and one boy. Three of the girls, the son and the mother and three grandchildren are left besides a brother and four sisters. After a lingering illness, he died on Dec 2, 1909, and was buried at the Odd Fellows burying ground at Kent, WA. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev E. B. Sutton, also a member of Co B, Ninth Michigan Cav., from the eleventh verse of the ninety-first Psalm.  Comrade Kinney was a member of the Odd Fellow and GAR associations, a man held in high esteem by a very large circle of friends and acquaintances.’  Mrs. S. B. Burdass of this place is a daughter of the deceased.” (Sprague Advocate: 12-10-1909)


Kolb, infant of M. J.: “The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kolb died last Saturday and was buried Sunday.” (Sprague Times: 2-20-1903)


Krogstrait, daughter: “The little three year old daughter of Mr. Krogstrait, Sprague, died of scarlet fever this week Sunday. She was buried Monday forenoon.” (LCT: 7-13-1894)


Kuch, Hattie E.: (Sprague Funeral ledger index: Hattie E. Kuch; d.1-12-1915; age 65; widow; Pine City cemetery.)



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