Sprague burials elsewhere



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Now we know that they are in some cemetery, somewhere........ These are the obits that are left over, not to my knowledge buried in Maccabee or Lakeview or Sprague Catholic and probably not in Edwall either, but did not specifically check, will likely do that when I update......Many of them are burials at Lamont, Gresham, Spokane, Etc.

So mostly it is names familiar to or previous residents of Sprague vicinity that were buried elsewhere or family attending funerals..... Sprague is situated in such a place as to have residents with farms/family over the county line in Adams Co, Spokane Co and Whitman Co.

                      If YOU have any information on any of these people, please contact Marge or the Lincoln County Co-ordinator.



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Lane, John: John Lane, another Sprague pioneer passed away at Spokane July 4.  He came to Sprague when a youth as one of the earliest residents and was employed by the Northern Pacific here until the fire of 1895 and since then at Spokane.  He was born in Illinois and was 61 years old.  Death was due to heart trouble.  He had been ill about two months.  His parents used to live at Sprague but are both dead.  He is survived by two sisters, Miss Mary Lave and Miss Katie Lane both of Spokane.  He was a man of very good habits and a great home lover, maintaining a residence for himself and sisters in Spokane.  The funeral services were held at Sacred Heart church Tuesday.  Rev. Father McAleer, officiating.  V. Hertrich and J. F. Brislawn of Sprague attended the funeral. (added  by R. G.)

LaRue, Lillian:  “Miss Lillian LaRue, age 17, was drowned at Liberty Lake last Sunday. She was one of a party of employees from the Kemp & Hebert store and was with F. A. Harris. Two other members of the party stepped off a ledge into deep water and were rescued from drowning by Mr. Harris. When he had completed his task of getting the ones in danger to the shore, he failed to see  his companion either on the shore or in the water where he had left her a few minutes before. A search was made on shore but Mr. LaRue could not be found. The searchers then looked for her in the lake where she had last been seen and her body was found in about four feet of water. It seems probable that the excitement attending the rescue of her companions was too much for her and that she fainted where she stood, unnoticed by others who were also watching the rescue. Artificial respiration was immediately tried by physicians present and a pulmotor was hurried to the scene but without avail. The LaRues at one time lived in Sprague and Lillian was a pupil in the Sprague school. Lester, one of the brothers, lived on a farm near here some three or four years ago. J. B. Fry who was in partnership with Lester in the freighting business during the building of the SP & S Ry went to Spokane to attend the funeral which was held on Wednesday.”  (Sprague Advocate: 8-20-1915)


Lee, James:  “Mr. James Lee, died at the residence of Frank Rinquet last Friday, April 5, at the age of 79 years. Mr Lee was one of the oldest settlers in this county and his death will be regretted by a large circle of friends.” (Sprague Herald: 4-11-1889)


Lee, mother of W. R.:  “W. R. Lee received word this week of the death of his mother on Sept 29, at Bromptonville, Quebec. Mr. Lee was home two years ago to see her. She has been in failing health for a number of years.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-10-1913)


Lefevre, Peter: “Peter Lefevre, Spokane’s oldest pioneer, is dead. He passed away Friday at a hospital at the age of 83 years, one month and five days.... Mr. Lefevre was born at Montreal Nov 1, 1847.... The pioneer is survived by two cousins, H. J. Lefevre, here, and J. P. Lefevre of Medical Lake. A nephew, Emil St Michel, lives in Seattle. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, Hennessey & Calloway in charge. Burial will be in Fairmount Cemetery.” (long historic piece, scrapbook item, penciled Dec 7, 1930)


Lindley, Elmer: "Elmer Lindley, eight years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lindley, living five miles north of Sprague, died of rheumatism and heart trouble March 19th." (Citizen: 4-01-1910


Lipscombe, Mark:  “In a saloon brawl at Tyler Sunday afternoon a young man named Mark Lipscombe was shot to death by Theodore Thurman, a bartender. Mason, an eye witness of the tragedy, said, ‘There were about a dozen of us in the saloon at the time young Lipscombe, who seemed to be somewhat under the influence of liquor, was arguing with the bartender about something. I saw Thurman pick up a bottle and hit Lipscombe on the shoulder with it. Lipscombe grabbed the bottle and aimed it at his assailant. The latter ducked, drew his revolver and fired three shots in rapid succession at Lipscombe. One shot entered the latter’s left breast, another bored through his right eye and the third bullet went through the hat of Charles Freeman, who was standing nearby. Lipscombe expired in a few minutes. Without hesitation Thurman walked up to the till, warning the proprietor, Robert Gibson, to keep his distance. He took all the money in sight. He then left the saloon, hurried to his home and quickly saddling his horse, rode south for two miles, when he turned the animal loose and struck off on foot in a westerly direction.’ Deputy Sheriff Asa Brown of Cheney was notified of the murder immediately and with a posse left in pursuit of Thurman. Harry Draper and his bloodhounds ‘Sam’ and ‘Brady’ were brought in an automobile from Spokane to assist in the man-hunt. Quite a number of parties from Sprague, including Mayor Fish, Marshal Hall, J. T. Reams, Sherman Perry and others, this week joined in the man-hunt, going on south from Fish Trap, but without avail. It is now considered quite probable that Thurman made his way south and boarding a train, escaped to the coast. Thurman formerly lived in Spokane. He is said to have caused the officers considerable trouble. His wife lives in Spokane...” (Sprague Times: 8-31-1906)


Loderer:  “From Sprague on Saturday of last week, Mrs. Loderer was taken to Davenport, and thence to Medical Lake on the following Sunday. Although a resident of Whitman County, her home was near Sprague, and it was considered best to convey her to Davenport instead of Colfax. Her mania is suicidal, and she has recently made several attempts to kill herself, at one time jumping into a well. She was taken to Davenport by her husband.” (Citizen: 8-09-1907; edit; mention of the surname Laderer is found in SLE on page 485 and 437-442, 636)  

Luckow, Wm:  Wm Luckow shot himself on  the 7th and was sent to Missoula. He died there Tuesday night of lockjaw. (notes from Sprague Herald: 9-17-1890)


Luiten, John Willis: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index: John Willis Luiten; d. 10-03-1915; 52 yrs; Greenwood Cemetery.)


Luvaas, Mrs. Peter: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index: Mrs. Peter Luvaas; funeral: 12-19-1918; 26 yrs. disinterred to Idaho.)


Main, Mrs. C. J.: “Mrs. C J. Main of Sprague died Saturday in a Spokane hospital, following several days illness with pneumonia. The funeral was held at Sprague Monday and burial took place at Hood River, Oregon.  Mrs. Main is survived by her husband, two young daughters and her father, C. J. Swift.” (Davenport Times-Tribune: 11-11-1937)


Marx, Myra Bernice: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index:  Myra Bernice Marx; d. 10-31-1919; age 17 days; d/o Herbert; cremated.)


Matheson, Duncan:  “Duncan Matheson, 49 years old, road foreman of the Northern Pacific, with headquarters in this city and for 28 years in continuous service of the company, died at his home E 1124 Illinois Avenue, Tuesday afternoon of Bright’s disease. Mr. Matheson leaves a wife, son and daughter. The funeral services will be announced later. Matheson was one of the oldest employees of the Northern Pacific railway, entering the service in the spring of 1882. He served as engineer, traveling engineer and road foreman. Six years ago, while making repairs to an engine at Ellensburg, he was the victim of a peculiar accident which deprived him of his arm. While reaching between the spokes of the drive wheel and tightening a bolt the engine ‘took steam’, wrenching the arm from the shoulder. He was a member of a number of railroad orders and of the Masons.—Review. Mr. Matheson came to Sprague about 1882 and lived here until the Northern Pacific shops moved to Spokane. He was a member of the Local Masonic Lodge and their flag is at half mast today. The funeral was held yesterday in Spokane. Fred Stips and wife attended.” (Sprague Advocate: 11-26-1909; see also Matheson family in Maccabee)


McCaffery, Frank: “Monday of last week Frank McCaffery, a pioneer of Lincoln County, died at his home near Sprague. Deceased was unmarried and leaves a brother and a sister.” (Citizen: Apr 10, 1908)


McCormick, Peter:  “Friday morning Peter McCormick died from the effect of the gun shot wound inflicted by Thos Smith near Sprague, and was buried the same afternoon. He commenced suffering a great deal of pain Wednesday last, and that proved to be the beginning of the end. He made such a decided rally and was so cheerful after arriving in Davenport and having his wound dressed that Dr Whitney thought he might recover. McCormick died while in charge of the overseer of the poor, and was buried by the county.” (LCT: 9-14-1900)


McCoy, - : “A telegram from Mr. McCoy to his wife Wednesday brought the information of the death of his mother Wednesday morning.” (Sprague Times: 8-28-1903) 


McCoy, Chas: “Chas McCoy, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo McCoy of South CleElum, was killed while switching in the railroad yards at El Paso, Texas, Sept. 18. Particulars of the accident could not be obtained, the mere announcement being received here by friends of the bereaved family. Charles was about 25 years of age and had practically grown to manhood in Sprague where he was well known. He had but recently completed a three year enlistment in the US Army, a part of which time was spent in the Philippines.” (Sprague Advocate: 9-29-1916)


McCoy, Tommy:  “Tommy McCoy one of the old residents of the city died at Salem, Oregon, on May 20. He was in the Sacred Heart hospital at Spokane for about 6 weeks this spring and left here about 6 weeks ago for Salem to visit at the home of one of his nieces, where he died.  Mr. McCoy was born in Ireland and came to America when a boy spending his early manhood at Charles City, Iowa. He came to the Sprague vicinity about 25 years ago. He owns a timber claim in the Coeur d’Alenes and some city property here. He leaves two nieces, Mrs. Mary Perry of Salem, Oregon, and Mrs. Maggie Dent of Amily, Oregon, and a nephew Thos Sullivan, who conducted a newspaper in this city some years ago. He was in his 75th year. Matt Brislawn has been appointed executor of the estate.” (Sprague Advocate: 6-06-1913)


McCoy, Mrs. J. W.: “Mrs. J. W. McCoy’s funeral was held in her son-in-law’s home, J. W. King of Dayton, mother of Mrs. Lottie King.” (SLE page 764, notes from Sprague Herald of Sept 4, 1903)


McCrossin, H.: “Harry F. Baer, who shot and killed a Spokane Falls tough named H. McCrossin about ten days ago, waived the preliminary examination and was held to the superior court in the sum of $10,000 bail, which was furnished by himself, his partner Dutch Jake, and a wholesale liquor dealer name Rosenbaum.” (Sprague Herald: 1-23-1890)


McCullough, Rev Fr Henry:  “Rev Father Henry McCullough who assisted in the Easter services here at the Catholic church died of congestion of the lungs at Gonzaga college infirmary on Sunday last.” (Sprague Advocate: 4-04-1913)


McElroy, Archibald:  “Archibald McElroy of Rockford, brother of Jack McElroy, died on Sunday last of locomotor ataxia and was buried at that place Sunday. He was born in the state of Maine 71 ½ years ago and came to California in 1873 where he remained until 1885 when he came to Washington locating in Whitman County in the Sprague locality. He lived there 5 years after which he settled at Rockford and has lived there ever since. His wife survives and had Mr. McElroy lived another three months the couple would have been married fifty years. Four children were born to them, Kenneth of Sprague, William of Badger Mountain, John and Mrs. Grant Hamilton of Rockford. Jack McElroy of Sprague is the only one of the family now left. He and Kenneth, the son, attended the funeral returning Tuesday evening.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-26-1917)


McElroy, Jack:  “A citation directing Tolbert C Hamilton, executor of the estate of Jack McElroy, Sprague pioneer, together with Kenneth McElroy, Bessie McElroy Hamilton, Bronson W Frazier and Henry Staples, devisees and legatees of the McElroy will, to appear in court at Davenport on June 23, to show cause why the will should not be annulled, was signed in superior court this week, upon  petition of Carl F. Nickerson, Harry G. Nickerson, Fred D. Gerry and Susie Wood, children of Jane A. Nickerson, a deceased sister of Mr. McElroy. The petitioners allege incompetency on the part of Mr. McElroy to make a will at the time of the one admitted to probate was signed, and undue influence on him by Tolbert C. and Bessie McElroy Hamilton and others. Mr. McElroy left an estate of $100,000 to be distributed among some of the nephews and nieces, but the petitioners were not legatees.” (Odessa Record: 6-09-1933) “Jack McElroy, 92, died at his home Jan 16. He was born at Thompson , Maine , Jan 1, 1840. He enlisted in the navy at the outbreak of the Civil War, was wounded and taken prisoner. He was later discharged from the hospital and ‘traded’ to the Union forces as disabled. He assumed another name and joined the army where he served to the end of the war. He sailed ‘around the horn’ to Mendocino , CA , in 1866 and came to Lincoln County in 1870 where he took up a cattle ranch south of Sprague. In 1892 he married Nina Frazier who died three years ago. Mr McElroy was the last member of the Grand Army of the Republic in this region. He was a Mason, having joined that order in CA in 1870.  In 1929 the Grand lodge of CA presented him a 50-year membership button.  Funeral services were held in Sprague at Community Church with the Masons in charge. Interment was in the Fairmount Mausoleum at Spokane . The Citizen editor and the late Mrs Bassett knew this ‘old-timer’ well.”  (Citizen: 12-16-1932)


McGreevy, Wm H.: “The demise of William H. McGreevy at Tekoa, WA, on Saturday, Aug 19, marks the passing of one of Eastern Washington’s native sons and also one of Sprague’s earliest pioneers. The deceased was the son of Cornelius and Ellen McGreevy and was born near Dayton about 37 years ago. Soon after his birth the family moved to the Sprague country in December 1879 and homesteaded a part of what is now the Elmer Hensel place, north of town. Later they took up their residence in Sprague and for a number of years conducted the hostlery now known as Hotel Clinton. Subsequently the McGreevys removed to Tekoa where the surviving members of the family still have their home.  At an early age ‘Billy’ as he was familiarly known, entered the employ of the Tekoa Meat Co where he learned the butcher’s trade and by whom he was employed for many years. Something more that a year ago Mr. McGreevy suffered an attack of rheumatism. He had not fully recovered from this when his trouble was further complicated by a severe fall from a horse which he was riding. From that time on, he gradually went into a decline which all the loving care of relatives and the best of medical attention were powerless to arrest. For some time past it had been known that he couldn’t recover, and the young man’s friends here were not surprised when word came that he passed away quietly and peacefully on Saturday. ‘Billy’ McGreevy was always of a jovial, sunny disposition and this couples with many other good qualities which he possessed won for him many warm friends during the course of his boyhood and manhood. In a word he was loved by all with whom he came in contact. The deceased was a nephew of Matthew, M. J. and Ferd Brislawn of this place. Mr. McGreevy leaves a wife and child, also his mother and several brothers and sisters to mourn his loss. The funeral was held from the Catholic Church in Tekoa on Tuesday morning, Rev Father Mertz officiating. Those attending from Sprague included Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Brislawn, Frank, Margaret, Molly and Matthew Brislawn Sr..” (Sprague Advocate:8-25-1916)


McLellan, Benjamin F.: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index: Benjamin Franklin McLellan; d. 11-06-1915; age 76 yrs; body shipped to Kent.)


McLoy, John:  “Mr. John McLoy, who resided 10 miles south of Sprague in Whitman County, died Wednesday. He fell off his wagon and was run over. He is single and his parents are in Canada. The funeral was here.” (Sprague Herald: 10-29-1890)


McNall, Rebecca Jane:  “Rebecca Jan McNall was born in Green County, TN, in the year 1852 and died Jan 29, 1913, at the age of 60 years, 11 months and 4 days. When about 10 years old she moved with her family to Iowa from there to Kansas, from Kansas to Benton County, Arkansas, from Arkansas to Oregon, overland in 1874. Here on 11th of July 1875 near LaGrande, Oregon, she was married to O. P. McNall. They moved from Oregon to their present location in 1880. She was raised and held to the Quaker faith. She leaves a husband, O. P. McNall, and brother, G. W. White, and 4 sons, E. P., E. A., E. E., M. M. McNall, residing in this vicinity to mourn her loss. She was a loving wife, mother and a kind friend to all.” (Sprague Advocate: 2-14-1913; edit: see SLE page 485, her grave was to be marked only with a lilac bush, and her husband, Orin Perry McNall, died Feb 27, 1938.) “Mrs. O. P. McNall of the Dewey district died Wednesday morning. She has been in ill health for some time. We have been unable to learn any of the particulars concerning her death or the funeral arrangements.” (Sprague Advocate: 1-31-1913)


McNeilly, Hugh Samuel:  “Hugh Samuel McNeilly, 81 years, greatly enjoyed a service held in his honor by the IOOF of Edwall Saturday night, at which time he was presented with a medal of honor of his 41st anniversary as an Odd Fellow. With his son he returned home in high spirits after the ceremony, was taken ill and died a few minutes later. McNeilly was born in Ireland and came to Pennsylvania when a small boy. In 1870 he came to Boise, Idaho, where he engaged in packing supplies to the mines, and he took pack trains into the Coeur d’Alenes n the early’80s. Forty-one years ago he took up a farm in Edwall, and excepting a short period while he was blacksmithing in Spokane at the time of the great fire in 1889 had lived at Edwall continuously. His body was received yesterday by Hennessey   & Calloway and funeral services will be held at their chapel Mr. McNeilly is survived by his son, Hugh, at Edwall; a daughter, Mrs. W. H. Weaver of Spirit Lake, Idaho, and a sister in Pennsylvania. His wife died at Edwall 19 years ago and is buried there.  Mr. McNeilly was formerly a Lincoln County Commissioner, serving two terms from 1898 to 1902.” (scrapbook item: penciled Feb 2, 1924)


McPherson, D. K.:  “Word reached the Fidelity National bank yesterday of the death in Los Angeles on Thursday of D. K. McPherson, a stockholder and for twenty years a vice president of the bank. J. McPherson, president of the State Bank of Wilbur, a son, left yesterday for Los Angeles and will probably bring the body to Wilbur for burial. Mr. McPherson was associated with the Fidelity National bank with George S Brooke for six years in  Sprague before the bank moved to Spokane and he continued in that capacity in Spokane for 14 years, until seven years ago.—Review. Mr. McPherson was also proprietor of the Sprague Roller Mills for a number of years.” (Sprague Advocate: 9-01-1916; edit: his wife was buried in Lakeview Cemetery, “Partheen McPherson, died Jan 18, 1893, age 42, wife of D. K.” as shown on her TS.” 


McReynolds, Penelope G.:  “On Sunday evening Mrs. Penelope G. McReynolds passed to the great beyond at her home on the Jas McCroskey ranch east of Sprague. Death was caused by the infirmities of age, she having passed her 76th birthday by 26 days at the time of her death. The body was brought to Sprague on Monday and shipped to Steptoe, where the funeral was held on Tuesday at 1 o’clock p.m.  Mrs. McReynolds was born in Eastern Tennessee, on Jan 27, 1838. In Tennessee several years before the war she married her first husband, Joseph Allison, who later became a Confederate soldier and was killed in battle, in 1864. Three children, Mrs. J. W. Hicks of Savannah, Georgia, Ralph and Robert Allison of Sprague were born to this union. About 1873 she was married to Wallace McReynolds, also in Tennessee, and two children, Mrs. Jas H. McCroskey of Sprague and Joe McReynolds of Colfax, were born to them. Mr. McReynolds died about 35 years ago. Mrs. McReynolds with her children came to Colfax in 1891 and resided there until about 3 years ago when she moved to her present home on the Jas H. McCroskey ranch near Sprague. All of her children are living and all attended the funeral except Mrs. Hicks of Savannah, Georgia. Mrs. F. H. McCroskey of Sprague is a niece of the deceased. J. H. McCroskey and wife, Miss Lucile McCroskey and Ralph Allison accompanied the body. F H McCroskey went over on Tuesday. Mrs McReynolds was a life long member of the Presbyterian Church. She was unassuming, totally unselfish and always more solicitous of others than of herself. She never forgot a kindness and was sincerely loved by all who knew her.” (Sprague Advocate: 2-27-1914)


Meagher, Thos Jr.: “Thos Meagher Jr., the sixteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thos Meagher, died Saturday morning at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. His death was caused by blood poisoning resulting from a bruise on his leg just below the knee. The Meaghers lived here until a few years ago, when they moved to Spokane, Mr. Meagher being the proprietor of the hardware store now owned by Wilbur Cochran. The funeral was held Monday, the following Sprague folks attending, Mrs. Mat Brislawn, daughter, Margaret, and son Frank, Victor Hertrich, George Troy and Mike Farrell.” (Sprague Advocate: 3-15-1912; edit: Thomas Francis Meagher was postmaster in Sprague in 1888-1892 and 1893-1897.)


Melcher, (Engineer):  “Monday evening last a number of NP engineers, together with other friends, congregated at the residence of the late Engineer Melcher to pay a last tribute to his remains before shipment East. Mrs. Pennington, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Blunt, Mrs. Thomas Block and Mrs. Dr Putman, were present. Rev Dr Koontz officiated, and paid a most beautiful tribute in language which carried a deep impression to the hearts of all present. Even the eyes of the sturdy men of the throttle moistened into tears as the pathetic words fell from the lips of the Reverend gentleman. Upon the conclusion of these services, and upon the suggestion of Rev Koontz, the party made their way to the residence of the late Fireman Burroughs, where they took a long and lasting farewell of what was left earthly of this unfortunate man. The ladies have been generally kind in administering consolation to the grief stricken families of Engineer Melcher and Fireman Burroughs.” (Sprague Herald: 1-16-1890)


Melville, T. R.:  “T. R. Melville, father of our townsman Jno I. Melville, died at his home at Rumdewan, Kettle, near Cupar, Scotland, on Oct 21. A copy of the Cupar News recently received says that Mr. Melville, who was an agriculturist, auctioneer and valuator, died from complications resulting from a cold contracted about a year ago. It further says: ‘He was connected with all the local Boards of Kettle parish and was a diligent member of the District Committee of the County Conci. He was a past president of the Hills and Howes of Fife Ploughing Society, and a member of most of the agricultural societies in Fife and Kinross. He was a staunch Unionist in politics, and often times presided at political meetings at Kettle and Kettlebridge. It will be recalled that for many years he fought against the payment of thirlage to the late Mr. Skene of Pitlour in connection with the ruined mill at Burngrange. He was an enthusiastic member of Clan Donnachaidh (his mother being a Robertson) and a regular attender at the Clan’s annual gatherings. Mr. Melville, whose portrait appeared in the Fife New Almanac some years ago as one in a four generation group which was made up of his father, himself, his son and his grandson, leaves a widow, three sons and nine daughters.” (Sprague Advocate: 11-29-1912; see also SLE pages 491-494)


Mengee, Herman T.:  “H. F. Mengee was notified yesterday by telegram that his brother Herman T., had died at his late home in Viles, Penn.” (Sprague Times: 11-20-1903)


Mielke, Caroline:  “Mrs. Caroline Mielke, aged 60 years, died in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Wednesday after undergoing an operation for the removal of gall stones the day previous. She had been in poor health for some time and the operation was used as the last resort but from which she had not the strength to rally. The funeral services will be held at the family residence, 10 miles north of Sprague, at 2 p.m. Sunday Aug 21. Interment in the neighborhood Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mielke came here 21 years ago and settled on their farm on Rock Creek. They have always been considered splendid citizens and many friends mourn the loss of an estimable neighbor. Mrs. Mielke leaves a husband and seven children, all of whom reside in this locality. The children are: Mrs. Roy Martin, Mrs. Jans, Mrs. Jacob Miller, Mrs. John Balmer, Charles, Harry and Louis Mielke. They are extended our sympathies.” (Sprague Times: 8-19-1904)


Miller, Frank Theodore: “The following facts concerning the life of Frank T. Miller, particulars of whose death by accident was given by this paper a few weeks ago, have been furnished by our Rodna correspondent:  Mr. Miller was next to the youngest of seven children of the well-known pioneer, Mrs. Clara H. Miller. He was born at her present home 30 years ago, and was educated at Sprague schools. He entered a homestead adjoining that of his mother to which, by hard work and frugality, he added to the amount of 1000 acres, which he sold last year, and then purchased the old Aaron Harris ranch of 1400 acres. Mr. Miller married the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wright of Effie, WA, about three years ago, and was managing Mr. Wright’s ranch at the time of his death. besides his widow and a 20 months old daughter, he left a widowed mother, five brothers and one sister to mourn his death. He was buried at Pine City Cemetery.” “Frank Theodore Miller was born in Spokane County, about 20 miles southwest of Cheney, on Oct 19, 1883. He was married to Ardo Elizabeth Wright on Dec 18, 1911. Shortly after his marriage he moved to the northwestern part of Whitman County. He came to his death by accident on Aug 5, 1914.” “I wish to express my appreciation of the kindness and tender sympathy extended to me by many friends during my late bereavement in the death of my husband. Mrs. Frank T. Miller. The undersigned relatives wish to join Mrs. Miller in the above. Mr. and Mrs. James Wright, Mrs. Ardo Wright, Mrs. Clara H. Miller.” (Sprague Advocate: 8-21-1914, three items)


Miller, Jacob H.:  “Last Sunday morning at 6:30 o’clock, Engineer Jacob H. Miller died at his residence in this city, after an illness of some weeks duration.  Funeral services were conducted on Tuesday at the late residence of deceased Rev W. T. Koontz, after which the remains were escorted to the depot by Red Cross Lodge, Knights of Pythias, and shipped to Portland, Oregon, for interment, being accompanied by the bereaved widow and children.  Jacob H. Miller was born in Columbia County, PA, and was 53 years of age. He leaves to mourn his loss a sorrowful widow and two adopted children. He was a respected member of the order of Knights of Pythias and was held in high esteem by all his acquaintances. He was a member of the endowment rank of the above order which entitles his widow to an insurance of $2000. The Herald extends sympathy to the bereaved family on behalf of our citizens generally.” (Sprague Herald: 1-29-1890)


Miller, Mrs. John:  “The funeral of Mrs. John Miller was held Monday. Ceremony conducted by Rev Mobbs at the ME Church. She is survived by a husband and three children.” (Sprague Herald: 12-03-1890)

Millspaugh, Alma: “After a lingering illness, Miss Alma Millspaugh, aged 44, died this morning at the home of her sister, Mrs. L. B. Jay, E 1518 Fourteenth Avenue. She was a graduate nurse, and came from Prairie du Chene, WI, 10 years ago to make her home in Spokane. Funeral arrangements can not be made until it is known whether any friends in the east will be able to come to Spokane for the service. Two sisters reside in the east and a brother in Tacoma.—Chronicle. Dr J. E. Bittner and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brislawn attended the funeral Sunday afternoon making the trip by auto. Miss Millspaugh is well known to many Sprague folks having frequently practiced her profession here.” (Sprague Advocate: 11-09-1917)


Mills, H. D.: "H. D. Mills, pioneer of Lamont and Sprague, died Sunday in a Portland, Oregon, hospital following a short illness.  He first settled at Lamont, and came to Sprague 30 years ago.  He is survived by his widow at Sprague, and a daughter, Myrtle, in Seattle."( Davenport Times-Tribune, Sep 28, 1939) Submitted by Barbara Curtis.


Mitchell, Robert:  “Last Sunday morning the body of Robert Mitchell, who was drowned in the Spokane River just three weeks before, was discovered by a couple of mining prospectors, floating in the edge of the river, face downward, several miles below where the drowning occurred, just above Blake’s place.  Among those present at the investigation and at the burial was James Rowe of Sprague, a cousin, and the only living relative of Mitchell living in the state.” (Davenport Times: 8-24-1894) 


Mohrmann, Maria:

Mohrmann: "Word was received this morning of the death of Mrs Maria Mohrmann, mother of Dr E Mohrmann, at Lamont on Tuesday, Feb 4. Interment will take place at Sprague today." (Odessa Record: 2-07-1913)


Moran, Thomas: “The body of Thomas Moran, an old GAR man who died a couple of days ago, is at the undertaking parlors of Gilman & Co, awaiting the disposition of his Sprague friends.” “Thomas Moran, the GAR man who died in Spokane a few days ago, will be buried tomorrow from the Gilman undertaking rooms and interred in Fairmount. Mr. Moran is an old Grand Army man from Sprague.” (Spokane Chronicle: Jan 5, 1895 & Jan 8, 1895)


Morehouse, C. H.: “C. H. Morehouse, a pioneer of the days of ’78, died early yesterday morning at Rockford, Wash., of cancer of the stomach. He had long been active in business, having been a merchant, auctioneer and hotel man. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. today at Rockford, under the direction of the IOOF and WOW’s lodges. The body will be shipped to Spokane Wednesday and interred in Greenwood Cemetery.  Mr. Morehouse was a native of Hamilton, NY, born November 20, 1853. He was educated in Illinois and went to Colorado when yet a young man. He arrived in Spokane Sept 20, 1878. After two years of residence in this city, he removed to Rockford, where he has since resided. He owned much property in Rockford and Spokane. He is survived by his widow and five children. The latter consist of Mrs. J. G. Boyd of Spokane, Mrs. F. J. Schmidt of Sprague, and Victor, Ethel and Charlotte, who reside with the parents at Rockford.” (The Spokesman Review: Aug 14, 1906)


Morrow, Thomas: “Thomas Morrow passed away Sunday, May 19, at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, where he had been lingering at the brink of death for the past six months. He was buried Tuesday morning in Fairmount Cemetery, Rev J. G. Cunningham officiating. Mr. Morrow, or ‘Tommy’ as his old friends were wont to call him, was born in Ireland in 1828, emigrating from there to California when still a boy. He was a pioneer of this community, coming here and taking up a homestead in War Horse Hollow, six miles north of Sprague, in 1881. The ruins of a sod corral and sod barn still remain on his old place, as relics of the days of the pioneer. By hard work and honest living Mr. Morrow amassed quite a fortune. Throughout his life every working day found him employed at some task and every Sunday found him at church. Deceased is survived by several brothers in Ireland, and by four nephews in this country, Patrick, Robert and Thomas Morrow of Oregon, and the Rev Father Jones of Pasco.” (Sprague Advocate: 5-24-1912)


Morton, Wm: “Wm Morton, country surveyor’s assistant during the past summer has been bumming about town for the last two weeks and died at the Hirst House Saturday night. Poor Will is another victim of the liquor traffic.” (NW Tribune, Cheney Column, 1-06-1888)


Moylan, Dan:  “Dan Moylan, a brother of our business man, John Moylan, died Wednesday morning in the hospital at Spokane. His home was at Creston. For several months he had been in poor health and was finally taken to the hospital where every care was given him, but his disease could not be conquered. He was a well-to-do farmer and leaves a family at Creston. The funeral occurred in this city this morning (Oct 23), from the Catholic church.—Sprague Times. (Citizen: 10-30-1903)  “Mr. Moylan was a man who possessed in an eminent degree the qualities of character that win respect and confidence and make and retain friends.  He was honest and straight-forward in his dealings, his word good as his bond. He was industrious and enterprising, a good businessman and leaves a substantial estate to his family, now living on Bachelor Prairie. He was well known both in this community and about Sprague, his former home. He was a communicant of the Catholic church. Mr. Moylan’s family consists of his wife and two children. Mrs. Moylan was with him in Spokane. Besides these he leaves two brothers—John of Sprague and Dennis of Davenport.” (LCT:10-27-1903)


Mullett, Mrs. Moses: "Mrs Moses Mullett died after a short illness of heart disease, Oct 24th.  The funeral was held at St. Mary's Church, Friday .  (Sprague Sparks column of LCT: 11-03-1893; edit: SLE on page 59 mentions two Mullets attending St. Joseph Academy in Jan 1887, Louisa and Gertrude, and on page 60 Lulla Mullet received her Teacher's Certificate in Feb 1891.


Mumford, Myrtle:  “Miss Myrtle Mumford, for several months employed in the telephone office here, died in Spokane last Tuesday from blood poisoning following an operation. The body was taken to Ritzville Thursday for burial. She was born in the east but had lived in the west most of her life. For about 4 years she was chief operator of the Lamont exchange. She resided for some years at Hatton. Surviving relatives are two sisters, Mrs. W. O. Davis of Elberton and Mrs. Peter Gerten of Lamont.” (Sprague Advocate: 7-06-1917)


Munson, Eugene:  (Sprague Mortuary Ledger index: Eugene Munson; order dated: 5-12-1919; Eaton Cemetery at Lamont.)


Munson, Joan: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index: Joan Munson; d. 4-24-1920; 73 yrs; Eaton Cemetery.)


Munson, Wm: (Sprague Mortuary ledger index: Moses Munson; d. 11-26-1921; Eaton Cemetery.)

   William Munson, a former resident of the Dewey neighborhood ended his life by shooting himself with a .22 caliber rifle at Spokane last Saturday.  He owned a farm of 520 acres south east of Sprague which he farmed up two years ago but had been living with his niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Martin McNall, W. 1717 Carlisle St. Spokane, lately.  He had written a note to Mr. McNall in which he said, "Dear Friends.  I can't stand it any longer.  You will find my remains in the garage.  Goodby and God bless you."   It is thought he was sitting on the running board of the auto when he fired the shot and fell from there dying almost at once.  Ill health is thought to have discouraged him.  Besides his neice, Mrs. McNall, he also leaves a nephew, W. E. Munson.   The body was brought to Sprague Tuesday and taken from here to the Easton school house where funeral services were conducted., Rev. Palmer officiating. Burial was in the Easton cemetery. (Dec 1, 1921, Sprague Advocate?)


Murphy, Anna R. (Phillips):  “Mrs. A. R. Murphy, widow of the late A. R. (error-John W.) who died of cancer about seven months ago, peacefully passed away last Friday morning and her spirit winged its way to the Great Beyond to join that of her husband. Mrs. Murphy was 58 years of age. She came to this country from Missouri, 13 years ago. She was the mother of five daughters, four of whom, Mrs. Hazlett, Mrs. Thos King, Mrs. J. A. Folsom, and Mrs. Dock Folsom, reside in this neighborhood. The funeral services were held in the Gresham church Sunday afternoon. Rev R. A. Armstrong of the ME church preached the funeral sermon. Her remains were laid by the side of her husband’s in the Gresham Cemetery. A large crowd of sorrowing friends and neighbors paid the last tribute of respect to the departed one. Mrs. Murphy was a patient, loving Christian woman. With great fortitude she bore her own suffering and attended to the wants of her late husband. To her daughters and grandchildren, who have sustained this double loss in so brief a time, is extended the tenderest sympathy.”  (Sprague Times-10 June 1904)


Murphy, George:  George Murphy, a pioneer of Spokane, who served for six years in the court of Justice Geo Stocker as bailiff, died Sunday at the veteran’s home at Port Orchard. The pioneer, who was a war veteran, had not only served in the ranks, but had seen service in the navy. He won a medal in the war for bravery when, with a few men, he made a capture against great odds. The GAR will have charge of the funeral.—Review.  Mr. Murphy was a Sprague businessman years ago being associated with a Mr. Burns who was postmaster.” (Sprague Advocate: 10-31-1913)


Neff, Frank:  “There were three operations at Myrtle hospital Thursday. Tuck Campbell, who has been working for Ben Sirginson, was operated on for appendicitis, and Mrs. Frank Neff, whose husband died recently, had a tumor removed from her thigh. Mrs. H. C. Smith was also operated on in the afternoon.”


Newman, Isaac:  “Isaac Newman, aged 68 years, died at Sacred Heart Hospital Monday afternoon, after a prolonged illness, of general debility. Deceased was a native of Germany and came to Sprague, WA, in 1884, where he engaged in business as a general merchant. About eight years ago he went to Spokane and opened a boot and shoe store in the Marion building. Two years ago he sold out and moved to Addy, WA, where he again engaged in the shoe trade. His health had been failing for sometime and a few weeks ago he was taken to the hospital. He kept growing gradually worse and his death was not unlooked for when it came. He leaves a widow, two sons—Clifford and Jesse—and one daughter, Mrs. Lee Marx of Spokane. The funeral took place at 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon from 119 Post Street to Fairmont Cemetery. Rabbi J. Bloch officiated. Several members of the Sprague lodge of Masons attended the funeral. All of the old times here remember Mr. Newman as one of Sprague’s prominent business men before the fire and his many friends are grieved at his death.” (Sprague Times: 11-13-1903)

Nihoul, L. C.: "Mr. Nihoul, who was born in Spokane, died Saturday, March 21, 1998. In 1933, he graduated from Malden (WA) High School and then in 1938 from Wash. State College... He worked as the manager of the Sprague Grange Supply for 15 years before moving to Othello in 1965... After retirement, he moved to Kennewick in 1984 and then to Mesa in about 1992. His first wife of 43 years, Letha Nihoul, died in 1983. Survivors include his wife, Eileen; a daughter, Suzanne Lewis of Renton, WA; three sons, Lou Nihoul of Hayward, CA; Tom Nihoul of Hayward, CA; Tim Nihoul of Spokane and Tim Nihoul of Auburn, Wa; a step-daughter, Sandy Morgan of Puyallup, WA; 9 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Memorial service for L. C. ‘Chuck’ Nihoul, 82, will be at the Church of the Master Presbyterian church in Mesa. Bunkers Desert View Chapel, Mesa is in charge." (Sprague Advocate: 4-09-1998; Tim’s name is duplicated in the original)

Nixon, A. .E:  “Word was received at Ritzville last week of the drowning of A. E. Nixon in the St Joe River, Idaho. The accident occurred Thursday while the young man was enjoying a camping excursion with friends. He was at the time attempting to wade the river, but was drawn into a whirlpool. Mr. Nixon was a teacher in the Ritzville public schools and during the term beginning in September was to be principal of the schools of Washtucna. At the recent republican convention of Adams County, he was nominated as a candidate for superintendent of schools of that county. On receipt of the sad intelligence arrangements were at once made by J. W. Lansing to send the remains east. Deceased was a young man of high personal ability and accomplishments in his chosen profession. Professor Thompson, of Lind, has been named by the Adams County republican committee to succeed Mr. Nixon as candidate for the office of school superintendent.” (Sprague Times: 7-27-1906)


Nyhu, Charles:  “Charles Nyhu of St John, brother of Mrs. Ella Wright and Mrs. Jeffreys, died August 5, of diabetes, after an illness of over 6 months. His friends wish to extend their sympathy to the family for the loss of their beloved brother.” (Sprague Advocate: 8-15-1913)



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